Merlin was silent as he stared out of the window. A small part was mad at the fact that Arthur had decided that it would be better to put his life at risk. But, well, Merlin was proud of him. It showed that he was growing as a person.

His eyes drifted to the prince laying on the bed. A small smile formed as Merlin walked over to where Arthur was.

His hand drifted slightly through Arthur's hair. He would wake up soon enough.

The hour passed slowly; Arthur pushed his hand to the side where he could feel heat radiation from. An icy hand cruel over his hand, giving it a slight squish.

Arthur's eyes were slow to open, but when he saw Merlin, a small smile formed. But soon enough, the smile was replaced with a frown.

"What happened?" Arthur's voice was slightly groggy, and he wiped his eye out.

"You had passed out. Almost killed me. But you did it, love. You changed Camelot's fate. Angora said that when you drank the potion, you have shown you have a pure heart." Merlin trailed off. He didn't want to fight with Arthur, but he needed to tell Arthur how stupid this was.

"You are mad about what happened." Arthur easily stated it. Merlin had made it time and time again known that he didn't approve of what was happening in Camelot.

Merlin frowned slightly. He could see the way Arthur's hand clenched into the bedding. "I am, but Arthur, I am proud. You had right the wrong you had caused." Merlin tilted Arthur's head up slightly, placing a soft kiss on his chapped lips.

Arthur leaned up, chasing after Merlin's lips. His hand making a grabbing motion. Merlin gave a slight laugh as he leaned down again, placing another kiss on Arthur's lips.

He pulled away again before he pressed another kiss against Arthur's nose and then eyebrows. A small laugh made Merlin pull away. Blue met blue as they looked at each other. His hand gently ran through Arthur's hair.

"I am proud of you, Arthur." Merlin settled against Arthur.

Arthur lay his head down on Merlin's shoulder. He could feel a weight falling off his shoulder. He knows Merlin was mad about the fact that he had killed the unicorn.

"I am sorry." Arthur pulled Merlin's hand to his mouth, placing a soft kiss against his knuckles. "I am sorry for not listing to you. And I am sorry for killing the unicorn." Arthur closed his eyes.

"You are going to make me burst with joy today." Merlin's voice was filled with pride. "You will go far."

Arthur smiled slightly. He settled down, just enjoying being close to Merlin. "I love you." Arthur's voice was a mere whisper.

Merlin's eyes softened as he glanced down. He never thought that Arthur could gather the courage to say it. "And I love you, my prince." Another soft kiss against Arthur's head, and Merlin pulled Arthur closer to him.

They will learn as they go. And one day Arthur would be a great king.

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