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Chapter 2 - Gale Force Wind

Part 1

A couple of weeks have passed since Vale joined Fairy Tail. Romeo had taken him out on a couple more jobs during that time, with both working together to fight against various weak monsters to either diminish their numbers or harvest for materials.

Romeo noted that for some reason the members of Twilight Ogre seemed to avoid them ever since that incident with the Orcos Mages. It wasn't just the two of them either, but all of Fairy Tail had noticed this recent change.

Not that he was complaining.

Right now, the two of them were having lunch after completing another mission of theirs. With nothing else to do, Romeo started up a conversation.

"So you're from another planet?"

Vale continued to tear into the chicken leg he had in his hands. Eating at an impossible speed, the leg was soon bare of any meat as the bone clattered onto the plate below. Taking a second to gulp down a cup of water, the young boy continued to gorge on the large spread of food that took up the table.

Romeo just stared as Vale ate.

How does he pack away that much food? I'm pretty sure he just ate his weight in meals.

It wasn't until he finally finished did Vale speak up.

"Sorry, what was the question again?"

"It wasn't really a question," Romeo muttered. "But I'm curious, what's it like being from another planet? Does that make you an alien?"

"Depends on your definition of alien. It wasn't like I was taken from my world and dropped here. I was incarnated into this body."

That caused Romeo to blink in surprise.


"Surprise!" Vale reached down and pulled up his shirt, revealing a completely flat stomach. "My birth mother wasn't really big on the idea of natural birth, so she somehow managed to grab my soul and place it in a kind of homunculus body for me to live in. I'm technically human in all the ways it matters biologically, even if I don't have a belly button."

"Huh," Romeo continued to stare at Vale's stomach, specifically at the area lacking said belly button. "That's… neat."

"Wanna touch it?"

"I prefer not to, thanks."

"Suit yourself," Vale lowered his shirt. "Now, back to the question on whether or not I'm an alien. So I've already mentioned that I was born on Earthland, even if it wasn't a natural birth. Since my mother's not from Fiore, I'm technically an alien in the sense that I'm from another country. Though I've already applied for a permit to stay in this country, and the Council has it on record."

"You know, this was not what I was expecting when I asked if you were an alien or not."

"I figured," Vale giggled at that. "And as for being from another planet, it's not that strange. I mean, I've talked to a few Exceeds in the past before and we've discussed what it was like adjusting to a new place. Really, it's not that dissimilar to a foreigner settling into a new country. After all, we still end up dealing with new cultures and people."

"Oh yeah, I kinda forgot that they were a thing, to be honest. Exceeds tend to keep to themselves except for the rare individuals who join guilds or organizations."

The two paid for their meals and left the restaurant.

"So, do you still want to take another job tomorrow?"

"Nah," Romeo replied. "Dad wants to spend some time with me this weekend. Ever since you got enough money to live on your own, he thought it would be best if we spent more time together to bond more since you weren't going to be around the house anymore."

"One of my worst decisions as of yet," Vale sighed. "With how high the cost of rent is, I'm barely just making enough to allow me to eat. Because of that, I'm so hungry lately."

Didn't you just stuff yourself with eight people's worth of food?

Romeo was completely mystified by how Vale's body worked.

"Why not try taking on some of the other jobs on the job board?" Romeo suggested. "It's not like mages only fight monsters. We also do other stuff like helping investigate magical issues or escorting travelers to other towns."

"Are those jobs worth it?"

"Some of them are, you just need to know which ones to take."

Both of them stepped through the doors to the guild headquarters, where several others were mingling around. Romeo's face brightened as he saw someone.

"Speaking of which, I know someone who can help you figure out which request to pick."

Dragging Vale over to the request board, the two of them stopped in front of a man dressed in some tribal-looking clothes.

"Hey, Nab!" Romeo greeted the other man. "Still looking for a job to take?"

"Yeah," the other man answered. "Not sure why, but we've been getting a lot more requests lately, so I've been having trouble deciding which one to do."

Both of them stared at the small dozen or so requests on the wall before giving Nab a strange look.

"A lot more?"

"Relatively speaking compared to a few weeks ago."

"Whatever," Romeo jerked a thumb towards Vale. "This guy needs to find a job that gives a good reward. If possible, don't give him another monster extermination request."

"And what makes you think that I'll know what job to give him?"

Romeo just gave him a dead look.

"Nab, you're the person who always checks out all the job requests despite rarely finishing any of them. I bet you know all the best jobs based on how often you stare at them."


He looked indecisive, and Romeo was about to say more when Vale suddenly held up a hand in front of him. Giving him a look, Vale mouthed 'I'll take care of this' silently to Romeo.

"Hey, Mister Nab?" Vale smiled sweetly, a blush forming on his cheeks and his natural childish looks making him look more cute and innocent. "Won't you please help me find a good job so that I can earn some money? I've been so pitiable lately, I haven't been earning enough to keep myself fed."

Romeo's jaw dropped as he watched the scene before him.

"W-What…" Nab was blushing for some reason. "T-That's not good, a growing boy your age should have enough money to feed himself."

A fake tear rolled down Vale's face.

"I can't help it. I've just moved into this new apartment, but because I've only been earning a small amount, I couldn't afford a good place. Sometimes at night, I shiver from how cold the winds that blow through the cracks in the wall are. I'd pay to fix the cracks, but my wallet is always empty from buying just barely enough food to get me by."

Who are you and what have you done with my teammate?!

Romeo was witnessing Vale's acting skills for the first time since they met, and he was dumbfounded at how different he was being from his usual self. Nab, who wasn't as familiar with Vale's true personality, instantly fell for the act.

"F-Fine, I have some missions that I was thinking of taking. M-Maybe you can look through some of them."

Vale gave him the brightest smile he could.

"Thanks, Mister Nab!"

"Aw, shucks. You're making me blush."

Romeo finally gave in to the urge and facepalmed.


"Huh, a request for a package delivery?"

Vale could see why Nab thought it would suit him. Sure, it was quite a distance away from Magnolia. But as long as Vale stuck to the main roads, it wasn't exactly a dangerous job. Add in the fact that the reward money was quite large, and the request itself was quite good.

"Margaret Town… that's not too far from here."

If he recalled correctly, Margaret Town was the place where the guild Lamia Scale was based at. Maybe if he had time, he could swing by and check out some of the Mages there.

"Jura should be one of the Ten Wizard Saints by now, right?"

Even if he wasn't, his strength would at least be on part with one. It would be useful to see how strong someone on that level was like if Vale wanted a benchmark.

"Other than that, I don't really remember anyone else interesting from there."

His memories on the Fairy Tail manga were vague after so many years of not reading them. Digging through his mind, he sort of recalled that Gray's childhood training partner was also in the guild. While he couldn't recall what his name was, Vale was pretty sure he was also another strong mage.

"Lamia Scale should be one of the top guilds in Fiore now that Fairy Tail isn't at the top anymore," he muttered. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to at least pay a visit."


It was a few hours later on the open roads that Vale encountered something interesting.

"Nooooo, stop!"

A young woman laid helpless along the ground as two men rounded upon her, both sporting dirty expressions on their faces. The woman seemed to be unable to move as she continued to scream.

"Help, someone please help me!"

The moment Vale saw this scene, his immediate reaction was to just walk by past them.


Oh, he should probably explain his thought process.

I pity the poor fool who falls for this obvious scam, he thought to himself. Why in the world would a helpless woman be traveling alone this far away from town? And despite all the screaming she's done, the two bandits haven't even done anything more than hover around her.

He snorted loudly at that.

Seriously, only an idiot would fall for this trick.

A young girl's voice suddenly cried out.

"Stop it, you foul scoundrels!"

"There's actually such an idiot!"

His tsukkomi was ignored as he watched a small figure suddenly tackle the two bandits at once with a flying kick. The girl looked around his age with bright reddish-pink hair tied up in spiky pigtails.

"I'm not gonna let some jerks like you pick on a helpless woman."

She also looked somewhat familiar to Vale for some reason.

"Woah!" The woman suddenly stood up and began to praise her. "You're so amazing! You took out those two in only a single hit."

"E-Eh?" The girl suddenly seemed embarrassed at the attention the woman was giving her. "Who, me? Haha... thank you?"

"Yeah, it was incredible how you just— OH MY GOSH, WHAT'S THAT!"

Suddenly pointing to her right, the girl turned her head at her outburst.

"Huh? What's what?"

The moment the girl was distracted, the woman picked up a large rock and smacked it across the girl's head, causing her to fall unconscious.

Vale could only watch from a distance away as he witnessed the events before him.

"Hmph, stupid girl." The woman sneered as she dropped the rock in her hands. "Damn it, you took out my partners, so I really hope you have enough money to make all of this worth it."

As her hand reached for the girl's body, a metal wire suddenly wrapped around her wrist.


Flicking the wire, Vale heard the woman scream as her body was flung into the distance. He sighed as he walked up to the unconscious body of the young girl.

"Seriously, I'm wondering to myself why I didn't act before things caught up to this point."

Honestly, the answer was that he was just amazed at how events unfolded that it took him a while to realize that he probably should have helped the girl not get tricked in the first place.

He gave out a heavy sigh at that thought.

"Now what am I supposed to do?"

Part 2


The girl slowly woke up from the small shade underneath the tree that Vale dragged her to. Blinking slowly, she took in her surroundings before her eyes widened. Raising her head, she took notice of Vale laying his back against the tree's trunk.

"What happened?"

"That woman was working together with the two bandits," Vale explained simply. "She knocked you out while you were distracted, and I knocked her out while she was busy trying to rob you."

"I see…" she said with a strange tone before giving him a curious look. "What happened to the two bandits?"

"I tied them up and placed their bodies to the side of the road. A group of guards on patrol came by and they decided to take them when I explained the situation. Don't worry, they also got the woman who knocked you out."

What he didn't mention was that Vale was forced to trek through the forest to look for the woman he tossed away in a fit of outrage. That was something he regretted when he finally found her barely conscious floating down the river, forcing him to carry her drenched body back to where everyone else was.

"I waited for you to wake up since I didn't know what else to do."

"Oh, I see…"

To his horror, tears started welling up in the other girl's eyes.

"H-Hey, what's wrong?!"

"I-It's just," she began. "I-I told my friends that I c-could handle a request on my own. But when I f-finally found the bandits m-making trouble in this area, I got taken o-out."

"Wait, this was a job request?" His eyes widened. "Shoot, did I interfere with your mission?!"

Because there were regulations that punished Mages for that kind of thing.

"I-It's fine," she said, probably knowing what he was thinking. "D-Don't worry about i-it. T-That's just like me, I g-guess. I keep f-failing and I'm always needing help from others."

She suddenly burst into tears.

"WAAAAHHHHHH!" she cried. "I'm a horrible Mage, how can I call myself a Mage if I can't even finish a simple job like this?!"

It was at this moment that Vale realized that he was now forced to deal with a young girl who just took a hit to her confidence.

This is karma for calling her an idiot earlier, isn't it?

"Hey, don't cry." He awkwardly began to pat her back. "That's not true, I'm sure you're an amazing Mage. After all, didn't you defeat those two bandits earlier in only a single attack? That must mean you're really strong."

"B-But that woman was able to take me out in one hit!"

"W-Well," Vale sweatdropped. "That's because she cowardly attacked you while you trusted her. So don't blame yourself for that."


Dealing with crying girls was not something that he was used to. Not knowing what else to say, an idea suddenly came to him as he recalled what Romeo did to him earlier.

"I know, how about I help you look for another job to do?" he proposed. "We can go to your guild and ask if they have any other good jobs for you to take."

"I-I guess…"

"Come on," he pulled her up so that she could stand. "Let's go to town and check out your guild's request board."

She sniffed before giving him a small nod.

"By the way, my name's Vale. What's your name?"

"Sherria," she answered. "Sherria Blendy."


In hindsight, Vale should have figured that Sherria belonged to Lamia Scale.

The two of them made their way towards the entrance of the guild headquarters, a large castle-like building with two lamia sculptures at the doorway. Passing the doors, Sherry suddenly grabbed his hand.

"The request board is over there!"

Vale was suddenly met with the murderous gazes of everyone as they noticed what happened.

"Is that Sherria?"

"She brought home a boy!"

"Do we have to bring out the shotgun?!"

"Quick, someone call her cousin!"

Please, he cried to himself. Stop it Sherria, you're going to make all your guildmates want to kill me!

The girl didn't seem to notice the reactions of everyone around her as she dragged him over to where numerous job requests covered a wooden board.

"Here it is," she told him. "Lamia Scale has a lot of jobs that deal with the local area, so it shouldn't be too hard to find something that we can finish by the end of today."

At least she was a lot calmer compared to before. Vale wouldn't like to imagine what might have happened had he brought home a crying Sherria.

"Certainly a lot more job requests than our guild," he muttered.

"What guild are you from?" she asked.

"Fairy Tail," he answered, holding up the guild mark on his left hand. "I just joined about a few weeks ago."

Her eyes widened.

"You're part of Fairy Tail," she said excitedly. "I've heard so many stories about you guys from everyone in the guild! I didn't know that there was anyone my age there. I thought you guys weren't recruiting any more members."

A few members around them winced as they overheard her.

"I convinced them otherwise," was all Vale said. "So, job?"

"Oh, right!"

After a few minutes, he took a slip of paper and showed it to her.

"How about this? It's asking for someone to exterminate a giant lizard monster that's raiding the farms around town."

"That's perfect," she yelled. "We should totally do that."


Her face suddenly turned shy.

"Erm… I mean… sorry. I guess I forgot to ask if you're willing to help."

"I thought you wanted to do this by yourself."

"B-But you can just be there to watch my back," she stuttered. "You know, just in case."

There were many reasons why he could have said no. After all, doing this wouldn't get him paid and would only waste his time when he could have already been back in Magnolia by the end of the day.

But seeing the young girl across from him asking him nervously to help her…

Oh no, she's putting on the sad puppy eyes again...

He gave out a heavy sigh.

Me and my bleeding heart.

"Fine, I'll help watch your back."

"Really," she exclaimed. "Oh, thank you thank you thank you so much!"

"But I'm just going to watch over you," he warned. "You're doing this all on your own."

"Don't worry," she said with a grin. "I won't fail again this time!"


The farmlands outside of Margaret Town…


Sherria used her magic to create a vortex of wind to attack several flying monsters that had swooped down to attack them. The monsters cried out as they decided to give up and flee.

"Phew, that should scare them off for now."

"But we still haven't found the giant lizard monster that was specified in the request."

And since he never encountered a similar monster, Vale couldn't just use his magic to track it as he did with the Treants.

"Bwh," she pouted her cheeks. "We've already spent an hour looking, how are we going to find it at this rate?"

"Did the job tell us which farms it attacked in the past?" he asked. "Maybe we can talk to some of the farmers and figure out where its home is based on all of its past sightings."

Her eyes brightened at that.

"That's a great idea! Quick, to the farmers."

She dragged him around the area as they continued to talk to the various farmers that were willing to talk to them.

According to most of their testimonies, the giant lizard was mostly spotted coming from the forest whenever it emerged before fleeing back into it once it was done rampaging. Further questioning revealed that the lizard monster was also quite large and powerful, capable of tearing up the earth with its claws and having a tough skin capable of enduring the attacks of non-magic weapons.

"The guards probably have more details about it," the last person they talked to said. "I think they ran into it once or twice to drive it off the fields. You can probably ask more about it from them."

"Thank you so much," Sherria replied. "This is really useful stuff!"

"No problem," he answered back. "He's been attacking all of our fields so often these days. It's nice to know that you Mages are on the job."

"Don't worry, we're on the case!"

And once again, she dragged him to where the guards were stationed.

"Yeah, I heard about the monster from another patrol group." The guard turned around and shuffled through some papers before returning back with a single sheet. "Let's see here… says here that the lizard monster is probably located down south from here a little off the road. We've been meaning to investigate, but since it's a bit far from town, we've been having trouble justifying sending a large enough patrol to deal with it."

"Don't worry, Sir!" This time, Vale spoke to him. "The two of us are both Mages, we can deal with it."

"You sure?" He gave both of them worried looks. "Aren't you both a little too young to be going around fighting giant lizard monsters?"

"Yes," Vale replied. "Yes, we are."

The guard just blinked at that.

"W-Well, I must say I'm very impressed."

"Thanks for the info," Sherria cried as they left. Turning to Vale, she beamed at him. "This is great! We can finally find out where it is and deal with it."

"Can't wait for this to be over," Vale replied back. "I'm mostly used to dealing with culling large numbers of monsters, not looking for a particularly strong one. So this entire experience has been informative."

"Well, we're not just done yet. We still need to find it and fight it."

They soon found themselves at the location that the guard mentioned, soon discovering a few sets of footprints leading out to the forest nearby.

"Remember, I'll just be watching out in case anything happens."

"Stop worrying," she complained. "I told you, I got this! You might not know, but I'm actually a really powerful Mage. Those monsters from before were too weak to show off my true strength."

Both of them paused as they suddenly heard a low growling sound.

Pressing a finger to her lips, Sherria moved forward slowly while making sure to keep her footsteps quiet. Parting aside some tall grass, she pointed towards a certain direction.

"There it is," she whispered. "That's the monster, no doubt about it!"

And indeed, Vale caught sight of a giant bipedal lizard monster walking around with a giant club in its arms.

"Alright, this is perfect! I'll attack it while it still doesn't know we're here."

"Good luck," he told her.

She nodded before jumping directly out into the opening and shouting at the top of her voice.

"Take this!"

Sending a dropkick right onto the monster's head, both of them were stunned when the monster simply turned around and grabbed her leg.


Grabbing hold of the caught limb, the lizard monster began spinning around causing Sherria's body to fly because of it.


"Sherria," Vale cried out in shock. "What are you doing?! Just use your magic!"

"I can't," she cried back. "For some reason, my magic won't activate."


Suddenly, he realized something and tried to activate his own magic. When he didn't feel his magic power working as normal, he began to panic.

"Something's suppressing our magic!"

"Gwhahahaha," the sound of somebody laughing caused him to look to the side. "Well, well, well. To think we'd actually capture one of Lamia Scale's Mages."

"Who's there?!"

A man suddenly appeared out of the trees, an arrogant look on his face.

"Witness the might of my power!"

"Ah," Sherria cried out even as she continued to be spun around. "I recognize that mark! You're part of Orochi's Fin."

"That's right," he shouted. "To think my trap would actually lure out not just one, but two mages."

"What is it with me and evil Mages," Vale muttered to himself, before shouting towards the man. "Hey! What's your deal? Why are you doing this?"

"Why else?" he asked. "To show that Lamia Scale is nothing before the might of Orochi's Fin."

So basically, this is because of a guild rivalry between the two.

Vale's face grimaced. Without his magic and the fact that Sherria was basically caught by an enemy monster, things were looking really bad.

But how was it that the other Mage was able to suppress their magic?

There was no other choice.

"I'm sorry Sherria, but you're on your own for a little while."


Without wasting another moment, he jumped up to the nearest tree and began jumping from branch to branch, hastily fleeing from the area.

"You jerk!" she cried out indignantly. "I can't believe you would actually leave me like this. When I get my hands on you, you'll be sorry!"

Vale winced as he heard that.

This is seriously going to bite me in the butt later.

Hopefully, she'll forgive him once he comes back for her.

Part 3

Meanwhile, back at Lamia Scale Guild Headquarters…

"Where is he?" the excited voice of a woman shouted out. "Where is that boy who came in with my baby cousin? I want to see what kind of love she's found!"

"Calm down, Sherry." Lyon gave her an awkward smile as he tried to calm her down. "This isn't something that you should get worked up over."

"I beg to differ," she said. "Oh, to think that my cousin will finally understand the joys of love! And already bringing a boy home, although I should probably see if he's good enough for young Sherry first before we make any big decisions."

"Aren't you making a big deal out of this?"

"Lyon-sama," Sherry cried out. "What would you do if you had a baby cousin that suddenly brought home someone of the opposite gender?! What if they're dating, or what if they already promised to marry each other?! They might even try to elope if I say no to their relationship, and Sherry will turn into a bad girl who's stuck in an unhealthy relationship who's forced to care for a bad husband and five ungrateful children!"

"That's…" Lyon sweatdropped at that. "I think you're overreacting just a little bit, Sherry. She probably just brought home a friend from school."

"I had a plan in case she brought a boy home," she cried. "That plan was supposed to make sure that the boy would be a perfect gentleman full of love for my Sherria."

"And you're ignoring me now." Lyon sighed. "You heard the other guild members, he's just another Mage from Fairy Tail. They're probably working together to solve an easy request for some experience. I'm sure there's nothing to be worried about."


"What is with that jerk!"

Tied up and bound tightly to a large tree was Sherria, whose cheeks were inflated as she continued to pout while complaining about her teammate. Next to her, the giant lizard monster kept guard as it continued to watch over her.

"Just when I thought he was an okay guy, he goes off and runs away at the first sign of trouble. Sure, he said that he wouldn't get involved. But I thought he was just referring to my fight against the monster. Who leaves someone to get captured by an evil Mage?"

"Hey!" Said evil Mage in question yelled at her. "Stop talking already. God, you've been complaining about the same thing for the past ten minutes."

"Speaking of which," she turned her head to face him. "What are your plans now? Why did you capture me in the first place."

"Hah," he laughed at her. "Do you seriously expect me to air out all my plans like some two-bit villain? Please, I'm not gonna fall for that."

"Oh no, whatever shall I do." She gave him a sarcastic look. "Me, bound up without my magic and stuck with nothing better to do. Since you're not open to conversation, I guess I'll just continue to complain about all my problems instead."

The other man paused.

"Well, when you put it like that, I guess I can explain my story."

Five minutes later…

"...and that was how I was able to control the lizard monster to lure you here. That's why I'm going to keep you hostage until more of your guildmates come by, and I'll take them out with my magic as well."

I seriously can't believe that worked, she thought to herself.

"So, how are you going to lure my guildmates over here anyway?"

"Well, I…" he suddenly paused. "Huh, I haven't thought about that yet. How am I going to lure the other Lamia Scale Mages here?"

He's actually an idiot!

If she could facepalm at that moment, she would have done so.

"But either way, you're stuck here while I figure out something. And since your friend ran away earlier, I'm sure he's already gathering more Mages from Lamia Scale to rescue you. After all, that's all cowards are good for."

Suddenly, she grinned.

"Is that really what you think?"


"Sure, I complained about him leaving me behind, but that was actually the best decision he could have made in our situation." She took a deep breath, before speaking again. "We needed to figure out what your magic was capable of so that we could find out its weaknesses."

"My magic has no weaknesses!"

"I noticed how even though you've told me your reasons for doing this, you still knew better to keep your magic a secret from me." She took another breath. "And that was smart. Still, I was able to figure out how you were able to suppress our magic in the end."

"You're bluffing," he cried out. "There's no way you could have figured it out."

"You're an Air Mage," she deduced. "I can tell, as someone else who uses Air Magic. Specifically, you specialize in Airspace Magic!"

"What, impossible!"

She took in another deep breath.

"Since Air Magic is normally hard to notice visually, other Mages wouldn't figure out that you're also using some kind of Nullification magic to vibrate the surrounding air around us. Right now, you're making it so that other Mages can't use their magic power."

"H-How," he asked. "How can you tell all of that from just being in my magic for only a few minutes."

"Don't you know?" She smirked at him. "My name is Sherria Blendy, a genius at Air Magic and one who has been granted the right to learn the ultimate Lost Magic."

She took in one more deep breath, and he finally realized that the air around them was somehow thinner.

"This is a distraction," he realized. "This was all a trick, stop her!"

"Sky God's—"

Giving a command to the monster under his control, the lizard monster roared as it raised a giant club and swung it at her.


A massive black tornado suddenly erupted from her mouth as all of the air she absorbed in the past few minutes expelled all at once. The lizard monster screamed as its body flew into the air, smashing to the ground a distance away unconscious.

"Hah… hah…"

Sherria had quickly figured out earlier that her magic was being suppressed due to the unnatural airspace being controlled by the other Mage. However, the airspace employed by him only seemed to prevent spells from being used and didn't stop her from utilizing her natural biology to use magic.

A God's lungs exhaled their element. That was the enchantment she learned to transform her body and give her the aspects of a God Slayer. By consuming the magic-charged air in her surroundings, she was able to temporarily overpower his spell and use her strongest attack.

That being said, it took her too long to absorb enough of the surrounding air to use that move. Currently, she was too weak to repeat such an action a second time, having used up almost all of her available magic power to overpower the other Mage's suppression.

"Phew, I was almost worried for a moment."

Although the lizard was defeated, the enemy Mage was still unharmed. Giving her a wary look, he raised his arms.

"You're too dangerous to keep around," he said in an angry voice. "I don't need you to stay awake to lure other Lamia Scale members here. Say good night before I put you to sleep!"

Suddenly, something flew at an amazing speed and blasted the Mage in the back.


The Mage screamed as his body was flung forward. Barely holding on to himself, he turned around.

"What was that?!"

A distance away, Vale watched the two of them from the tall cliff he climbed to observe them.

"Hm, it looks like I only managed to hit his side." He clicked his tongue as he picked up another rock. "Seems that Sherria was somehow able to use her magic. But his spell is still working, magic still won't work within a certain radius around him."

It took him a few minutes of experimenting with his magic to determine the exact area the enemy Mage's spell worked. Once he was able to figure out how far the spell extended, Vale found a way to get around the limitation and figure out how to fight from a distance.

Raising his arm, he poured a large amount of magic power into the rock in his hands.

"Enchant Type - Infuse Velocity Element."

Throwing as hard as he could, the projectile flew forward at an amazing speed as his magic made it fly as fast as it could. Even as the projectile entered the airspace around the enemy mage, the momentum behind the piece of rock still propelled it forward before it struck its target.

Once again hitting the Mage, the man cried out in pain.

"T-That's why he ran as far as he could?!" the Mage screamed. "To attack me from far away!"

"I won't miss this time!"

Picking up a particularly big rock, Vale began to layer as many enchantments as he could.

"Enchant Type - Boost Attack Attribute."

"Enchant Type - Boost Speed Attribute."

"Enchant Type - Infuse Control Element."

"Enchant Type - Infuse Velocity Element."


The speed of his newest projectile instantly surpassed both prior attacks as it flew fast enough to reach the Mage within an instant.

"Not this time!"

Dodging at the last second using a burst of wind, his smile soon faded when he saw the rock suddenly turn around midair and flew towards him.

"Oh shit!"

Striking him directly in the center, his body flew off into the distance as the rock carried him far away. The Mage continued to scream the entire time even as his figure disappeared from view.

From where she was tied up, Sherria gave a weak smile.

"Hehe… guess he wasn't so bad after all."


It took Vale a few minutes to climb down the cliff and make his way back to where Sherria was.

"H-How did you…?"

"Oh, this?" She gestured to herself, showing off her tattered state but somehow lacking any injuries. "Yup, my magic allows me to heal myself. One of the benefits of being a Sky God Slayer."

"You're a God Slayer!?"

"Hm," she tilted her head. "Did I not tell you?"


She laughed at his reaction.

"But wow, I was worried when you took off at first. I didn't think you were just trying to find a way to help out."

"I'm sorry about that by the way." He gave a deep bow towards her as he said that. "I couldn't explain to you what I was planning at the time, and I might have scared you with my actions."

"Eh~ I forgive you. After all, you did technically save me."

Her face fell at that.

"Once again, I couldn't solve this on my own. I needed someone else to help me again."

"Hey now," he gave her a reassuring look. "Didn't you take out that lizard monster in only one blow? And neither of us was expecting to run into another Mage like that. Besides, you shouldn't feel ashamed about relying on others for help. That's what friends are for."

Her eyes widened at that, and Vale winced as he realized that he might have overstepped himself.

"Erm… I mean… I kinda figured that we were friends. Sorry if I was mistaken…"

She suddenly burst out into laughter at that.

"Of course we're friends," she said. "But if you're really worried about something like that, let's do this properly."

She held out her palm towards him, a bright smile on her face.

"Let's be friends, Vale!"

He smiled back at her and took her hand.

"Alright then, Sherria."

Part 4

Upon their return to the guild headquarters, the two were met with an unexpected sight.

"Let me at him! I just want to have a small talk!"

"Sherry, stop struggling. You look like you want to murder the kid!"

Several guild members were holding back what looked like an older version of Sherria. Vale's face turned confused while Sherria's eyes widened at the sight.

"Everyone? What's going on?"

"Ah, it's nothing."

A young man with bluish silver hair walked up to them and gave the two an awkward smile.

"It seems your cousin is a bit… enthusiastic to learn about how your day has been."

"It was amazing!" Sherry had stars in her eyes. "We talked with a bunch of really nice farmers, and then this kind guard helped us on our job request, then I fought against a giant lizard monster."

"Huh, that sounds like quite the story." He turned to face Vale. "And who's this? A friend of yours?"

"Yup," she gestured towards Vale. "He decided to help me for the day when I asked. Be nice to him."

"My name's Vale," he introduced himself. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," the other man replied. "I'm Lyon, thank you for putting up with young Sherria. I know that she tends to be overboard sometimes."

"Actually, she was quite amazing today."

Lyon raised an eyebrow at that, even as Sherria gave him a surprised look.

"She was the one who gathered the most information when we asked others, and I didn't even help her fight against the monster. In fact, I fled at the first sight of it. But Sherria was able to take it out in one blow. She basically completed the job request on her own."

He was sort of stretching the truth, but technically he was right. The job request didn't state anything about taking out an evil mage. All it asked for was the subjugation of a giant lizard monster.

"W-Wait, that's n-"

"She's an amazing Mage," Vale interrupted. "I'm sure you must be proud of her as a fellow guildmate."

Lyon chuckled at those words.

"High praises, but I'm glad to hear someone else's perspective on what they think on our Sherria. And I completely agree with you, she is an amazing Mage."

The other guild members around them seemed to agree as they listened to their conversation.

"Sherria taking out a giant monster on her own?"

"Really, that's amazing!"

"She really did a job request on her own? Without messing up?"

"That's incredible."

Sherria's face was completely bright red from embarrassment.


"Oh my goodness!" Sherria was suddenly enveloped in a big hug by her older cousin. "To think that you've grown up so much! Oh, we must celebrate this!"


While everyone was distracted, Vale quickly snuck away from the chaos and began to leave the building. Unfortunately, Sherria was able to catch sight of him running away before he could disappear.

Struggling out of her cousin's arms, she ran after him.


Vale paused as he turned around to see Sherria hurrying to catch up to him.

"W-Wait for m— KYAAA!"

Tripping over an uneven part of the stone pathway, Sherria's face painfully impacted with the ground as she tripped, causing Vale to wince as he witnessed it. He hurried over to where she was and offered a hand.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Ahahaha…" she shakily stood up with his help and laughed. "Guess my newfound sense of confidence still hasn't cured my clumsiness."

He gave an awkward chuckle at that.

"You should go back to celebrate with the rest of your guildmates."

"Bwh," she pouted her cheeks. "This is all your fault! Why did you have to make it seem like I did all the work? You helped me too!"

"It doesn't matter," he told her. "Nothing I've said was untrue, you really did accomplish something amazing. Don't make light of your own accomplishments."

"Ugh…" she looked embarrassed. "I'm not too sure what to do with the attention."

"Bask in it? Indulge in their praise?"

"You're not helping!" She suddenly smiled at them. "But… I guess this is just how our guild shows their love."

A look of hesitation crossed her face.

"I have a question," she began. "That last attack against that Air Mage, his Airspace Magic was still up when your attack suddenly curved at the last second. How were you able to use your magic under the suppression effect?"

She thought about it on the way back. There was no way he should have been able to control his magic that precisely from so far away, not while also fighting against the Air Mage's suppression effect at the same time.

"Huh?" He gave her a confused look. "I thought that was because of you? Didn't you absorb the surrounding air and weaken his spell because of that? That's how you were able to fire off an attack, wasn't it?"

"Y-Yeah," she answered. "Oh, I guess I never thought about that. Sorry then, that was a silly question."

Vale looked up and winced as he saw the orange glow of the setting sun.

"I should be getting home now, I still need to get back to Magnolia by the end of the day."

"Oh," she looked disappointed at that before her face brightened up. "I guess this means goodbye. Do you think we'll see each other again?"

"Sure," he replied. "I'm sure we'll run into each other if our luck is good."

"That's great!" She beamed at him. "I'm going to keep on learning how to be the best Mage I can be. The next time we meet, I'll show you how much I've grown."

"That's a promise."

She nodded at that.

"Alright, that's all I wanted to say. See ya later!"


She turned around and began to leave before she paused to look back at him to wave enthusiastically. Finally, she turned around once more and headed back inside her guild.


As Vale watched Sherria left, his smile dropped. He recalled her earlier question about his last attack against the Air Mage.

He gave an excuse saying that she was the reason that he was able to accomplish that feat. But in truth, it wasn't as if she specifically tried to disrupt the other Mage's spell. There should have been no reason for his Airspace Magic to have stopped working.

A bitter smile came to his face.

"Of course, a suppression effect only works if an enemy's mage is stronger than his opponent. If the opponent's magic is strong enough, it can ignore the effects of suppression."

To think she noticed that.

It was dangerous to mistake her for an idiot. As someone who was able to master the Lost Magic of Sky God Slaying Magic, she was a rare genius able to perceive things that others might have missed.

The chances of her discovering his true strength would increase the more he hung around her. He grimaced as he realized that his only choice was to make sure to limit their interactions from now on.

"Shame," he said as he turned around. "I really did want to be friends with her though."

But the mission came first.

Whistling a tune to himself, Vale began to make his way back to Magnolia.

And with that, that's the end of Chapter 2. Most of these stories are ones that I've come up with in less than a day, which is why I'm able to churn them out at a speed that's quite fast for my standards. So expect another chapter to come out soon since I've already got few story ideas in my head.

Now that I'm writing a Fairy Tail story, I realized that there is surprisingly not a lot of information on monsters. Most of the enemies in the story were usually other mages or sometimes demons. So because of that, I'll mostly be using vague descriptions to describe monsters, while sort of focusing on more human enemies.