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Chapter 8: The Extra

Class 1-A

Naruto Uzumaki was officially announced to be a part of their class as the extra twenty-first seat, a seat that hadn't been filled in nearly fifteen years. Upon entrance of the familiar blonde head of hair, the obvious tension across the classroom fringed in an unsureness.

Here was the now, number one ranked Hero student of the UA first-years, casually slouching next to their homeroom teacher who shared a similar bland stance.

A few had gotten word over social media about the masked blonde's internship with the number three Hero, Hawks, and the impressive showmanship he manifested as a subordinate in the Red Winged Hero's agency.

However, the silence was as short lived as a certain ashy blonde's temper. "EH?! Mask boy?! Really?!" Bakugo bursted from his seat, crashing an exploding palm down on his desk, scaring the people around him with the sudden bombardment.

Eraser Head sighed, looking to his left, he motioned Naruto to his side, as a formal introduction was needed. "Yes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Uzumaki will be bounced between the Hero courses from now on. Most of his time will be spent with us, such things as exams and provisional licensing, will be done with us. This is a way for us to balance the classes, seeing as how 1-B favors to load their theoretical exercises in contrast with their learnings in traditional subjects. Now… Naruto, go ahead and introduce yourself to those you haven't met already." The black haired Hero took a step back to give his student the spotlight, completely ignoring the concerned looks of his students at the prospect of having Uzumaki in their class at all.

The oceanic orbed teenager gazed at the nervously stricken faces of his soon to be classmates, obviously adherent to the reasons they were shaken. "Hello. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like a couple things…and dislike a few things," Some of the more exuberant crowd in 1-A sweatdropped at his opening, "I have dreams and goals… I'm looking forward to working with you all." He finished blandly, keeping his ever-lasting pose of his hands hidden away in his uniform pants.

A few whispers broke out amongst the classroom as everyone looked at him and each other oddly. Aizawa saw it as a good time to interrupt, "Does anybody have any questions for Uzumaki?" He voiced over the whispering, bringing the class to a halt, but only receiving shakes of heads in return.

"Good. Naruto, go on ahead to 1-B, I'm sure they're waiting on you. We have field processing at 10, make sure you're back by then." The blonde nodded at his sensei's order as he retreated to the large standing doors of the UA classroom.

Once the click of the door was heard in response to their newest classmate's absence, flurries of rambling questions were fired at their annoyed teacher.

"Sensei, is this some elaborate prank to motivate us again?" Mina Ashido groaned from her seat, getting several nods of agreement.

She didn't usually hold grudges against anyone, but for Naruto Uzumaki, she had a special place… right on her jaw! She still felt a pulse of pain when she thought about it sometimes, having the blonde in their class and having to train with him… it wouldn't be fun.

"What's the whole deal about being in both classes? Just stick him in with the crazy blonde dude from 1-B, he fits in better with them anyway." Hanta Sero's query was met with a shake of their teacher's head, pinching the bridge of his nose as he did so.

Kyoka Jiro frowned from the side, "I mean, he seems pretty chill, why does it have to be such a problem? You don't have to talk to him or anything." The Earphone Jack user tried to lighten the mood a little.

"You're right. He is pretty manly, but he still injured four of his new classmates to the point where Recover Girl had to fix them. Wouldn't he be better as a rival in 1-B, Aizawa-sensei?" Ejirio Kirishima made a decent point, one that definitely had some argumentative points behind.

"I met Uzumaki-san over the internship period, he's actually a decent person, albeit intimidating." Momo came to the blonde's defense considering she was the only one who associated with him after the UA Festival.

Mineta, however, had completely different thoughts. "This could be some kind of planned invasion! He'll come into our classroom and take out the rest of us he didn't finish off!" Beams of sweat filtered down the purple headed boy's face, drenching his uniform's neck and collar.

Shouta shook his head once more, wishing he could crawl up in his sleeping bag and wish the annoyance away. "I get the resistance, trust me, I get it. That being said, this isn't a matter up for discussion. Whether you like it or hate it, Uzumaki is your classmate now. Take this as a lesson for future improvement, you may have to work with others you don't particularly get along with, or even necessarily enjoy, but for the sake of your job as Heroes and civil protectors, skirmishes over trivial matters have no place in the line of duty and responsibility." Erasure Head paused to make sure his students were adhering his advice, which with a hidden smile, he proudly observed their attentive stares.

"Even so, I believe you all should at least put forth some effort into becoming acquaintances with Uzumaki, if nothing else. We've already learned the simple lesson of 'actions can be misleading', so at least give it some thought. Your relationships in this class are on your terms anyway, it's not like I have any say in it at all." Aizawa lectured at his class.

"Anyways, we'll be Quirk training today, so come prepared to enlist the new qualities of improvements you've been working on in your internships. I've talked to most of you already, but for those of you I haven't, please come up to get your assignments." The black haired teacher naturally flowed into their next set of arrangements.

For Izuku Midoriya though, he wasn't sure of what he felt when Aizawa announced Uzumaki's entrance to 1-A. Naruto Uzumaki was a challenge, maybe even more so than Kacchan, and because of that, he was scared. Maybe it was because he didn't want to disappoint All Might with more unsatisfactory results, or maybe it was because he didn't want someone to be such a high obstacle to surpass. Whatever it was, he spent too much time worrying about things out of his control, and even with Uzumaki's presence in his everyday life starting today, he would continue to improve one step at a time.

"Oi! Deku! You're next…" The blonde behind the One for All user, seethed at the teenager daydreaming, "OI! NERD! MOVE YOUR ASS!" Bakugo screamed belligerently into the green haired Hero student's ear, effectively shaking the 'nerd' from his internal monologue.

Midoriya rose from his seat in a blind rush, knocking over the work forms he had already sprawled out across his desk. Yet, in the moment, he was still reeling from his sudden motivation, 'Just wait a little longer All Might. I'll surpass them all.' He grinned to himself, striking a fist down to his side.

"DEKU!" Katuski lashed out aggressively, nearly bulging the already enlarged tick marks on his face.

"Yo Bakugo, chill man." Kirishima stated camly, trying his best to appease the Explosion Quirk user.

Although, this seemed to be the wrong thing to say as the vicious and snarling features of Katsuki Bakugo, shot at the seated Hardening Quirk user. "Fuck off Shitty Hair!" The ashy blonde exclaimed with an enraged vehemence.

"That's funny coming from you. Weren't you walking around Tokyo with a combover?" Kaminari snickered from the side of his red haired classmate.


Class 1-B

Vlad King had just finished the introduction of the new addition to his class. He was surprised at how well the Class took to the news, even with everything that had happened recently. He wasn't so sure about the Uzumaki boy still, but he'd make the best out of the situation. In this case, he already had a decent amount of exposure to difficult students considering Monoma was visible and present, both emotionally and physically, everyday.

"Wow! Isn't this great news Kendo? Your boyfriend is quite the hunk~" Setsuna Tokage teased the orange haired girl sitting a couple rows away from her own.

Unfortunately for the Big Fist user, the entire class heard the Lizard Splitter Quirk user, drawing some to look questionably at their Class Rep. "Boyfriend? Woah Kendo, you move pretty quick. It hasn't even been a week yet!" Tetsutetsu laughed jokingly at the girl, who by then, had a venomous glare directed towards the green haired Hero student.

"That is completely false. Uzumaki-san is just a friendly acquain…" Itsuka was cut off by another voice interrupting the conversation.

Kosei Tsuburaba smirked at Tetsutetsu's exclamation, butting into Kendo's denial as he did so, "Damn. That was fast, Class Rep, didn't we all just meet the guy?" The brown haired Solid Air Quirk user questioned innocently.

"There is no connection between us! We only talked a little bit at the Sports Festival!" Itsuka instantly became defensive, shooting a pointed glance over her classmates, seeing Setsuna laughing as she did so.

"Miss Kendo, if I may, if you are dating, then it is inferred that Uzumaki-san met you outside of school?" Shishida asked from the seat parallel to her own.

Kendo winced at the insinuation, even if it wasn't accurate in terms of what they perceived to be going on, it wasn't technically wrong either. Setsuna noticed the small flicker in Itsuka's miniscule startle, "You have haven't you? No way, I was only kidding at first! Are you saying that you actually met up with Naruto Uzumaki?!" Tokage was actually taken aback at the new knowledge. At first, she was only messing around, but it seemed like her accusation actually had merom.

The guffawing volumes of Setsuna's voice reached all edges of the classroom, effectively quieting all side conversation that was present. Before Kendo had a chance to defend herself, the one person she would have never wanted to hear her personal business, had the entire class's attention centered upon him.

Monoma turned his head with a slow and slightly disturbing twist, raising his standard eyebrow and tilting his chin upwards in conjunction. "What is this I hear about our lovely Class Rep's scandalous behavior? Hmm. HMM!" The Copy Quirk user raised both brows in a crazed manner.

"Alright, alright, enough." The bellowing tone of Vlad King drilled over the now silent classroom. The aftertones of shoes gaining closer towards their door echoed ceremoniously outside their class. "Your new comrade is here. Try to make a good impression, students." Ken sighed at needing to remind them of his previous inclinations before their recent mayhem.

A twist of the metalled doorknob opened to the Space Manipulation user, aching at its hinges and extending towards the adjacent wall. The lazily made pace of opening would seem dramatic to anyone who hadn't witnessed the idle nature of Naruto Uzumaki before.

The blonde 1-B was waiting for, came strolling uncaringly into the class, which happened to be five minutes later than the assigned time Erasure Head had given him. By then, the entirety of the class had their attention upon the Sports Festival winner, and one grateful Kendo, was thankful for the timing knowing she would have to give an explanation to her 'dating' rumors.

"Hello." The boy lifted one hand from his pocket in greeting to his sensei, nodding his head as he did so.

Vlad King, nodding in response, addressed the newcomer with a hint of ordinance. "You are late, Uzumaki."

"I apologize, sensei. You see, I ran into this pink haired girl on the way over, and she said she wanted to make 'babies' with me." The class immediately grimaced at the fault for his tardiness, even Ken respectively.

The military veteran sweatdropped minisculely, trying hard not to chuckle at the teenager's complication. "Oh, that is understandable. Miss Hatsume is… enthusiastic and oftentimes a tad eccentric when it comes to her inventions." Without divulging too much into the topic of Mei Hatsume's incredible, yet disturbing drive, Vlad decided to continue onwards. "Well. Enough about that. I'm not sure how you were introduced to your classmates in 1-A, but in my classroom, after you've covered the formal aspects about yourself, three of your classmates get to ask you a question." Naruto nodded evenly, muttering a 'troublesome' under his breath, which was out of range for most of the class.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I'm from Mustafu, my Quirk is…" 1-B leaned forward in his seat, actively showing interest in what he had to say. "…who knows." A sound of a head hitting a desk in the direction of Tetsutetsu's area broke through the silence.

"I have likes and dislikes. I have dreams and goals… and I look forward to working with you all in the future." The masked blonde finished off blandly, getting several varying expressions in reaction.

'That's it?!' The Class of 1-B collectively thought in exasperation.

"…thank you Naruto." Vlad King was a little perturbed himself. "Now, Kendo, pick out three of your classmates for questions." The sensei of 1-B instructed his Class Rep.

Even Itsuka, who was still somewhat used to Naruto's stoic and lazy nature, was left unsatisfied with the intro. Hearing Ken-sensei's order however, broke her from her trance. Looking around the room, she instantly saw the three people who could probably provoke a response out of the blue eyed Uzumaki. "Tetsutetsu, Tokage, and…Monoma will ask the questions." She happily chirped at her teacher, making sure to avoid eye contact with the masked blonde.

The Steel Quirk user rose from his seat with a sudden burst of enthusiasm. "Alright! Where did you intern at?…and a smartass remark, isn't an answer!" He pointed an outstretched finger at the tall blonde, making sure he got his point across.

If Naruto was going to choose a 'smartass remark' or not, he didn't show it. "I interned at the Hawks Agency in Fukuoka." The blonde stated with a hint of pride.

The looks of amazement crossed the faces of many of Naruto's new comrades. For most of them, instead of attending an agency because of their performance, most were sent for remedial lessons headed by Vlad King and Erasure Head themselves. So hearing Naruto Uzumaki attend one of the Top 3 Agencies in Japan was astounding.

"With Hawks?!"

"Yeah Hawks, you dipshit. He got first in the Sports Festival."

"That's amazing! All I got was a Hero with a spray bottle for a head."

"At least you had an internship! I had to go to training lessons with 1-A's sensei, and he's scruffy!"

Vlad King immediately silenced the classroom with a pointed glare. "Let's move on. Tokage, speak." The Hero with the noticeable daggered tooth, motioned for the green haired girl to continue obediently.

Although the Lizard Splitter Quirk user was provocative most of the time, when it was time to get serious, the 1-B recommended student was instantly reliable. "Naruto Uzumaki, it was said that Erasure Head recommended you for UA even after knowing your previous affiliations. So, my question is—Why did you become a Villain in the first place?" Setsuna asked, drawing a few glances from her classmates at the seemingly personal question.

Naruto's eyebrows raised slightly, not entirely expecting the question. Even so, his reaction was quickly replaced by the normal stoic demeanor he fronted. "I needed money to pay rent." He casually responded, disregarding the slightly pouting face of Tokage.

Not being the response she wanted, all seriousness was completely abandoned instantaneously. "C'mon, really?! Where's the badass backstory like that one ancient dude, had a red sword thingy, and the black bucket helmet…—Manga!" Setsuna aimed her outstretched finger and shot it towards her classmate.

A visible 'GULP' sound effect appeared inside Manga Fukadashi's head. "Darth…Vader…?" The UA student said unsurely in an etherly tune.

"Ahh! That's it." The sharp toothed teenager turned her attention back to the masked blonde, who was still curiously looking at the Comic Quirk user's bubbled head. "How lame is 'I needed money to pay rent', I mean, Monoma probably has a better Villain backstory than you." The slick blonde laughed at the insinuation, letting his classmate go off on her tangent.

"This is an introduction, not an interrogation Tokage. Monoma, finish this quickly." Sanjiro quickly clamped down upon the rant that Setsuna was destined to go on.

Monoma cleared his throat with a cough, standing out of his seat as he did so. "If you could make a tactical team out of five people in 1-A and 1-B to battle with All Might, who would you bring?" The Copy Quirk user genuinely asked.

Naruto actually liked this question, if his unfocused stare at the back wall was any indication. "Does this include myself?" The ex-Villain replied after a few seconds.

"No." Neito calmy confirmed, leading Naruto back to his previous thought process.

After a little over ten seconds, Naruto addressed Monoma and the 1-B class as a whole. "Katsuki Bakugo, Momo Yaoyorozu, Yui Kodai, Neito Monoma, and Shoto Todoroki." The silent black haired girl sitting directly in front of Naruto raised her head confusingly.

Yui Kodai quizzically looked at the tall blonde in puzzlement. Being associated with four others who were probably some of the strongest in both of the classes, perplexed her tremendously. Yet, her face never left her usual blank look, instead, she gave a 'Hmm' in acknowledgment.

Vlad King was actually intrigued with his choices. Even with the conflicting personalities that would be at play, Uzumaki was known to piece together strengths and weaknesses rather quickly. "Why would you say that?" The Blood Control Quirk user questioned curiously.

"Bakugo for offensive assault, Yaoyorozu for technician and tactics, Kodai for practical support, Monoma for frontal hybrid, and Todoroki for raw defense. Though, I'm afraid in an all-out battle, All Might wins indefinitely through moralitive means." The blue eyed Uzumaki listed his choices with executive ease.

Itsuka sat silently through the explanation. She would've loved to be seen as strong enough to be a part of that group, but the Big Fist user couldn't refute Naruto's selections. Kendo was a predominantly hand-to-hand combat fighter and just the thought of fighting All Might up close, constricted her stomach in a sickening twist.

"Bakugo? Really? Actually, no I take that back. I would pay to see All Might bury that loser into the ground." Monoma cackled at the thought of it all.

"All Might would pummel you too, Monoma. What if All Might took you out first?" Sen Kaibara calmly stated, caving Neito's proud moment.

The class sweatdropped at Monoma's tendencies to go psycho when it came to anything rivaling Class 1-A. At least, that was probably the image their counterparts had of him. Most of the time, he was level-headed and intelligent in terms of relating his Hero practices into actualities.

There were some who even theorized that Monoma tries to manipulate others into making mistakes by constantly provoking them. However, the blonde's tactics aside, he wasn't so different from Naruto Uzumaki in the aspect of a Villainous persona, facade or not.

"Where does Yui fit into all this? I could envision everybody else in their own combative roles, but where would she come into play Uzumaki, I-I mean sir, Uzumaki sir." Kinoko Komori, the Mushroom Quirk user, shyly addressed the blonde.

Most of 1-B was used to the girl's shyness about anything unrelated to mushrooms, and as such, didn't show any shock for the 'sir' revelation.

They couldn't blame her, Naruto Uzumaki was intimidating to shy people.

Somewhere within Class 3-A, a dark shaded purple haired teenager shook in reigned terror at the universal warning for his well-being.

A voluptuous girl sitting closely by, noticed her friend's shaking, "Hey! What's wrong?" The unique shade of light blue hair ruffled in curiosity.

Suddenly, as if coming to a conclusion, the UA Third Year ceased his trembling. "I'm going home." Grabbing his bag, the Hero student made his way to the door evasively.

"Wait! It's only been twenty minutes since class started! You didn't tell me what happened!" The easily excited Hero student yelled after her friend.

As she went to follow, a face phased through the ground in front of her. "Ah, Amajiki-kun's leaving so soon?… At least it's better than yesterday!" The face receded into the floor of the 3-A classroom, effectively disappearing without a trace.

"There wasn't even any school yesterday!" The short teenager screamed at the floor in frustration, pouting all the while.

Naruto paused, looking at his newest sensei for clarification on the title. Sekijiro shrugged indifferently, nodding for the Space Manipulation Quirk user to answer. "Simple, honestly. She makes inanimate objects larger or smaller, and in tandem with Yaoyorozu's inorganic creations, they'd be a fairly troublesome duo." The Hawks intern concluded tiredly, finishing it off with another small 'troublesome'.

Everyone nodded in acceptance at the answer. It was definitely a unique viewpoint, and one that had strong hypothesized influences behind it.

Sekijiro looked over his shoulder at the clock reading '9:20' near the door. They had spent a little more time introducing Uzumaki then he wanted to. However, it seemed the boy was at his rope's end as well, seeing as how he appeared increasingly drowsy the more he spoke.

"Alright. Thank you, Uzumaki, for joining our class today. But, we should get started on preparing for our practical sessions this week. Everyone, let's thank Naruto for officially joining Class 1-B's ranks." An intermix of claps scurried in reply, leaving Naruto to awkwardly soak in the appreciation.

The muscular UA teacher pointed towards the designated 21st desk position. It was acutely situated between the 15th and 20th seats, where Manga Fukidashi and Hiryu Tin were placed.

"What a drag." Naruto yawned out as he walked towards the desk in a lazy strut.

Making it to his seat, the masked blonde smiled a bit, happily hidden away by the compressive fabric. He couldn't help but be excited for the future and what it would hold, not that he would admit that to anyone, ever. Not only that, but maybe he could enter himself into the social scene a tad, Hawks had told him that he needed to do so.

Supposedly training and sleeping weren't considered viable social traits in a High School student.

Naruto saw Itsuka across the room waving, a tinge of pink dancing across her tan cheeks. 'Why is she always ill whenever I see her?' The blue eyed Uzumaki raised his hand in a returned greeting, causing the orange haired girl to smile even brighter.

'This was a much warmer welcome than 1-A.' The blonde thought, not entirely surprised by the revelation.

"Now, I know before we broke off for Internships, we had just finished going over the brief History of controversial Heroes." Vlad King resounded from the front desk, drawing the attention of the Hawks intern. "Shoda, could you tell me the Hero who was frowned upon for his abuse of Quirk power and accused of pedophilia?" The ex-Veteran questioned Nirengeku Shoda, the Twin Impact Quirk user.

The plump UA student opened his notebook, trailing his finger down the page. Finally, he stopped searching and raised his head nervously, "Uh…Hisoka Morow, Ken-Sensei." Shoda answered simply, obviously hoping he wasn't in the spotlight too long.

"Very Good." Sekijiro nodded in praise.

A Month Later

It had been a few weeks since his UA career started officially as one of it's Hero students. He progressed massively in his studies, although he still preferred his sleep over taking lecture notes. He placed last in his class at the Midterms due to him missing the first couple weeks of the seasonal start, and the lack of knowledge on covered material. The grades weren't placed against him, that being said, his Final Exam would be worth twice as much as his classmates, knowing that would be his only practical Exam listed in his schooling.

There hadn't been many training sessions with All Might due to current units containing theoretical information in far more quantities than physical assessments. Observing his classmates from both 1-A and 1-B, he could tell the lack of expending pent up energy was getting to them all, especially those who depended on UA for training.

Unfortunately, his relationships in 1-A were merely kept to a bare minimum and most of them avoided Naruto when they could. The masked blonde wasn't the most approachable person nor did he give the impression he wanted any companions. Some of them were friendly towards his person, and often greeted him in the mornings or included him upon conversations. Yaoyorozu, Kaminari, and Kirishima, made the days more tolerable, but calling them friends would be a stretch.

Hanging around Kirishima resulted in numerous confrontations with Bakugo, who was enraged by the masked blonde's presence any time he was within the vicinity of the feral Explosion user. Kaminari, was… well… an interesting character, but not the sharpest which Kyoka Jiro loved to remind him of. And Yaoyorozu, she was a kind person, but she seemed hesitant to initiate any conversation, knowing that she was still probably afraid of him.

In 1-B, it was an entirely different story. He had made somewhat friendly connections, one's that made him proud of seeking out. They were more accepting of his idle personality, although he perceived that acceptance to be politeness. There were a lot more introverted and calmer students in the 1-B class, not that he was complaining. Monoma and his Cavalry group, Kendo, Tetsutetsu, and Tokage, included him into their group rather quickly. Naruto still assumed that it was because Monoma wanted his '1-A Spy' to be constantly feeding them updates on their rival course.

Tokage has become very touchy with the tall blonde lately, much to the ire of Kendo. Knowing his life wasn't threatened, he often allowed her to get close to him by removing 'Infinity', even if he didn't like it. She'd always hug his arm and tease him by calling him endearing names like 'Lazymaki' and 'Naru-chan', relishing in the fact that Naruto almost always shied away from human contact.

There was just a little under a month before the Final Exams. The obvious signs of stress were visible in most of the Hero students, especially since today was one of the physical assessments leading up to the semester ending event.

Sadly, it was decided that Naruto would be accredited to 1-A for the training exercise.

Ground Beta

The Industrial designed training area was set to host the 1-A students for their mandatory physical attribution. The sheer density of buildings and superlative street features, operated as an incredibly realistic simulation for students to adapt to the urban environment. Most Hero work was done within the confines of cities and supportive districts, making this course an extremely helpful tool for future success.

The Students of 1-A began to file out of their respective locker rooms, all dressed with current variations from their original designs. For example, Todoroki no longer incorporated the frost covered overlay on his left side, notifying those of his acceptance with his dual Quirk.

It had been a couple weeks since they'd been able to actively participate in informative drills considering their subsequent luck to being attacked by the League of Villains. Excitement precipitated amongst the crowd of Hero students, though some expressed their anticipation more vividly. Even with the feral configurations of Bakugo's face at the constant mutterings of their green haired, 'Super Power' Quirk user, the incontrovertible positivity held strong.

However, a single student that had been with them for a few weeks, had yet to be informed to the class of his inclusion.

"This is so great! We haven't been here in forever!" Mina Ashido cheerfully gushed at their current position.

The newly named Hero student, Red Riot, reared his fist to his chest, showing his agreement. "Man, I can't wait!" He yelled with enthusiasm, almost knocking Uraraka over to his left with his exaggerated movements.

The tightly suited girl, although nearly tipped over, raised her hands above her brunette locks, adding a 'Woohoo!' for good measure.

Beneath them, the ground began to shake as uneven quakes staggered their footing. If this had been a one-time occasion, the 1-A students would have been completely guarded with the mysterious rumblings. However, these resonating vigorations belonged to a certain enormous man, one who's enthusiasm they were all too familiar with.

Bursting out of the tunnel that led to Ground Beta, was the Number One Hero, kicking up a massive influx of dust. "DO NOT FRET YOUNG STUDENTS OF MINE! FOR I AM HERE!…AND I AM LATE!" The resoundingly deep guttural voice alerted 1-A to the arrival of All Might, carrying a suitcase in one hand and caffeinated beverage in the other.

The 220cm man was currently in his Silver Age suit, colored with the patriotic pallet of the United States of America. The billowing red cape, dramatically drifted behind him in a non-existent wind as he posed heroically, positioning his oversized hands upon his waist in a Front Lat Spread.

As Midoriya fawned over his idol, many of his classmates snickered at his fanboy tendencies around the burly blonde man. "Good Morning! I am thankful for your enthusiasm! Young Iida! Is everyone present?" The Eighth Successor of One for All greeted exuberantly, looking for the next Ingenium.

Tenya bowed at the waist stiffly, "Yes, All Might-sensei! Naruto Uzumaki is the only absentee." The tall blue haired teenager affixed his helmet to his waist as he reported.

Confirming Iida's account for the present Hero students and frowned confusingly at the vacancy of the masked blonde. "Hmm. I was told Young Uzumaki would be participating in 1-A's training regiment." The exceedingly tall Hero reached for his suitcase in search of his phone. The smartphone was comically small in All Might's hands as he thumbed around his contacts for Erasure Head.

Everyone looked puzzingly at one another. Aizawa-sensei hadn't informed them of Uzumaki's involvement recently, especially since the stoic ex-Villain had been enlisted with 1-B the entire week.

Nobody was upset at his disappearance, nor disappointed in his exclusion of sociality in their class. Most were indifferent to his presence, or outright hated his attendance, though there were still some who sought to befriend him.

An outline began to form in the settling dust enshroudment, a shape similar to their homeroom teacher's stature. As the figure walked closer, the evident features somewhat cleared, signifying the students to the identity of the constituent.

Fortunately, the need for the mobile device was eliminated as Naruto meandered out the Beta tunnel just a few seconds after their Foundational Studies teacher. The masked blonde's face was visible, yet an animal-influenced mask strapped upon the side of his head seemed to cover more than usual. Over his shoulder, the Hero students could make out the covering of a sword, decisively obvious because of the darkly wrapped hilt. (Kakashi's ANBU Fit)

Some of the more timid 1-A students shuffled in apprehension at the even more intimidating blonde dressed as a militarized assassin. "Jesus, why's he dressed like that? Great, now he has a sword too." Kaminari groaned, causing those around him to nod fervently.

"C'est nul." Aoyama said downtrodden, though none knew the meaning of what he said.

Midoriya observed Naruto silently as he strolled towards All Might. He whipped out his notebook and added to page 137 of his No. 13 Hero Analysis. 'Naruto Uzumaki - Hero attire,' the Ninth Successor quickly scribbled, muttering the efficiencies in each piece of clothing. 'Some kind of bullet proof armor, looks lightweight yet unmalleable. Fitted athletic pants, tied tight around the ankles with strengthening grip tape - most likely for more aerodynamic movements, why would that be associated with his Quirk? Steel bracers - Wow! I've seen that interlocking mechanism on a Pro Hero before! They're probably used for long-ranged projectiles - that's dangerous to defend against. Singular compression shirt, fitted with a built in facemask - not surprising. A mask for facial concealment - not surprising. And that short sword! It's well crafted and looks durable, easily attainable from the dark scabbard draped parallel to his spine; most likely right-handed from sword positioning. Skill Level with kenjutsu - Unknown.' The easily embarrassed UA student raised his head once more to the sight of everyone staring at him, giving him a wide berth.

All Might laughed heartily at his successor's habit, effectively dismounting the concerned looks thrown at the now red-faced boy. "HAHA! Do not be embarrassed, Young Midoriya, your attention to detail is quite impressive!" Izuku blushed, nodding crazily at the praise.

The blonde teenager to the right of the muscled Hero studied Izuku Midoriya absently. The green haired boy's mutterings were easily distinguishable amongst the silent crowd of his classmates. He was somewhat intrigued by the interpretations of his Hero costume and the ridicules of the others.

Perhaps he was overdressed for a training exercise. They had told him to wear his Hero outfit for today's outing… were they supposed to have alternative fittings? A handful of the 1-A Hero students had practical designs for their Quirks, though gazing a bit more, there were more than a few who didn't.

"What a drag…" The blonde graciously groaned.

A screen dropped behind All Might, on the screen were all of the names of the students alphabetically. "Alright my young students. Today will mark your 5th Training Exercise in Ground Beta. The assessment today will be…" A box with the categories of 'Search and Destroy','Hostage Retrieval', 'Capture the Flag', 'Investigation', and 'Free for All', rotated periodically until it stopped upon… "AH! Capture the Flag, perfect choice for what I had in mind today! Listen carefully as I go over the rules." The burly Number One Hero announced to the 1-A class as they gathered in a group.

"For this exercise, there will be 6 teams of either 3 or 4 of your classmates. Each team will be assigned a member of their group to hold onto the 'flag', however, the other team will not have knowledge of your holder and vice-versa. You will have 10 minutes to retrieve the assigned 'flag' from the other team without losing your own 'flag'. Once one team collects the other's flag, they will bring it to me as quickly as possible. That being said, if your 'flag' is taken, you can still have a chance to retrieve said item en route. If both teams have their flag at the end of the five minutes, wins will be decided by how many members are left standing on each team. It was designed this way to encourage confrontation because the team of four could hide due to their distinct number advantage, but the team of three would still pursue knowing of their disadvantage." All Might explained the rules while showing a few examples of the combat scenario from the previous years.

A glove seemingly unattached to anything raised nervously. "Um, All Might-sensei? How will the teams be balanced if there are only three on four battles?" Hagakure asked curiously, noticeably hoping she wasn't on a team of three.

Toshinori nodded at the question in acknowledgment. "Great question, Young Hagakure! This problem was solved by the Sports Festival's standings. For each team of three, our Festival top three will have a spot on each squad. Team 1 will have Young Bakugo, Team 3 will have Young Todoroki, and Team 5 will have Young Uzumaki. The rest of you will be randomly generated into the vacant positions of each squad." Bakugo excitedly smiled, barely containing glee at being on the underdog end. To those around him, a vicious grin had already plastered on his angered features.

"Now let's begin!" The names on the list spun like the categorical selection of the assessment. All the students stood nervously, hoping they would be placed upon a team where they could shine.

Team 1's name began to fill out, leaving a few to let go of a breath they'd been holding in. "Team 1: Katsuki Bakugo, Yuga Aoyama, and Ejirio Kirishima!" The red haired Hardening user raised a fist in victory, slapping the ashy blonde next to him over the shoulder.

Bakugo sneered at the listing. "Gay Boy and Shitty Hair …just great." The Explosion Quirk user snarled in anger. Although, in his mind, it could have been worse.

Team 2's name was drawn out in response, causing the first battle match to be finalized. "Team 2: Mezou Shoji, Minoru Mineta, Tsuyu Asui, and Toru Hagakure." Team 2 liked their odds with a decently balanced team, although they weren't too happy at facing Bakugo in battle.

Team 3 immediately followed with Todoroki's two teammates in succession. "Team 3: Shoto Todoroki, Koji Kouda, and Mina Ashido." The Half and Half user nodded in the direction of his teammates.

In comparison to Team 3, their opponents Team 4 blurred into focus. "Team 4: Tenya Iida, Fumikage Tokoyami, Mashirao Ojiro, and Rikido Sato." 1-A gulped at the heavily offensive team, Todoroki welcomed the challenge as the teammates shivered behind him.

With the final squad of three, Team 5 appeared on the board, "Team 5: Naruto Uzumaki, Kyoka Jiro, and Hanta Sero." The masked blonde could feel the uneasiness of his squadmates rolling off them in waves. However, the only thing he could focus on was that they'd be up against a highly skilled team, one that had four Third Round finalists on it.

"Team 6: Izuku Midoriya, Denki Kaminari, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Ochako Uraraka." Team 6 was by far the strongest yet and most of 1-A was happily hidden away by different opponents. The match would definitely be a great one though, considering Uzumaki was their opponent and he had incapacitated the other two, 3-man squad leaders.

"Man, what kind of luck does Team 6 have! Four finalists?! What kind of plot-armor…" Ashido blurted out, leaving some to shake their heads at her antics, even if they did agree.

All Might laughed at the luck of his successor. In all honesty, he wanted Midoriya to be on a team where he'd have to try his very best, but seeing as how the green haired youth was up against Uzumaki, the One for All user would be trying his hardest regardless. "I'll give you all a couple minutes to strategize. Use this time carefully." The 220cm man ignored the outings of his horned student, continuing in stride as if he didn't hear.

With Team 5

"At first I was actually okay with being on Uzumaki's team, but now… it's even worse." Sero whined, discreetly pointing at Team 6 huddled together.

Jiro twirled her jack around her finger anxiously, "Yeah, shitty luck I guess. All of them are pretty strong… even Kaminari." The violet haired Hero student admitted quietly, knowing she'd never get away with calling Denki strong if he overheard her.

Hanta glanced at Naruto walking their way, yawning as he did so. "Man, he doesn't seem as motivated either." Sero chuckled humorlessly, getting a sweatdrop in return from the Earphone Jack Quirk user.

"Remember though, he seems like a lazy no-good bum, but he's actually… you know. Maybe it's like a side-effect of his Quirk or something." Kyoka presumed, staring at the half-lidded eyes of the masked blonde.

The black haired teenager took on a puzzled stance. "Now that I think about it, Aizawa-sensei always has that same look on his face." Sero said, causing Jiro to squint her eyes in thought as she looked at the blue eyed Uzumaki.

Approaching the group slowly, Naruto raised a hand out of his pocket in greeting. "If I'm being honest… I think his laziness is in a class of its own." The petite 1-A girl raised her own hand with a tense smile.

The blonde had his own thoughts about his teammates, 'Kyoka Jiro, strong and underrated, probably one of the better students in class with Quirk application, but weak physically.' He studied the 7th Ranked Midterm student with a bored gaze, noticing she flinched at his stare. 'Hanta Sero, dynamically quick and overlooked. Although probably not the strongest there is, he has his fair share of accolades and experience against stronger opponents. He knows his limits, as well as when and where to apply his strengths. Battle IQ far surpasses his book smarts.' The blonde locked onto the 17th Ranked Midterm student, silently appraising his Hero Costume.

Closing onto the two Hero students, Naruto addressed his classmates idly. "Troublesome." He spoke with a resounding sigh.

"Good morning Naruto." Kyoka responded to the lazy blonde currently dressed in military apparel.

Hanta laughed a little at the blonde's greeting. Over the few weeks they had Uzumaki in class, it was obvious that Naruto wasn't too enthusiastic about many things. "What's the plan? I hope you're not too lazy to fight." The Tape Quirk user teased his 'Captain' light-heartedly.

The masked blonde shook his head negatively, "I'm fine. Just going over some ideal strategies in my head. We do start with a disadvantage, and considering that they are all strong individually, there are likely little weak points to jab at." Naruto muttered, looking past his teammates at Team 6 focusing his attention on Midoriya.

Jiro and Sero came to the same conclusion, a little perturbed at already fighting a losing battle. "However…" Both 1-A students observed Naruto's eyebrow furrow in concentration. "I believe we'll be just fine…" The masked blonde leaned in closer to his teammates as he began to lead them through step-by-step of their supposed plan.

With Team 6

Deku observed as Naruto Uzumaki leisurely strolled towards his own team. It didn't look like the blonde was even concerned for the match-up, but he knew better than to assume. Of course, underestimating the now number one UA Hero student, was a mistake he wasn't going to make again.

The One for All user was excited to have a very strong team, especially since the group they were going against were no slouches. Kaminari had great offensive abilities, which shown in conjunction with versatility of Yaoyorozu's Quirk placed Todoroki's team at the top of the standings in the Cavalry battle. Uraraka had an excellent showing against Bakugo where she stood her ground against an exponentially stronger opponent. From what Ochako had told him, she also picked up a few tricks at her internship. And lastly, Izuku had finally found a way to utilize his Quirk without endangering himself.

The Full Cowling style was a great addition to his capabilities. There was such a great feeling in being able to fight without hurting himself and being able to help people without needing help in return. It was just a short step, but also a gracious one in proving he was worthy of making All Might's Quirk his own.

"This is awesome! Yaomomo, Deku, and Uraraka on the same team! And with Momo's Quirk, I get to use my own to the fullest!" Kaminari broke Midoriya from his stupor with his exclamation.

The well endowed Creation Quirk user nodded in agreement, a small smile adjourned her face. "I too am excited with this arrangement. It helps that Uraraka-san and Midoriya-san have worked together before as well. However, even with our great chemistry, we still face a solid squad, even without a fourth member." The 1st Ranked Midterm student immediately brought their discussion to strictly business.

Deku nodded seriously, clearing his throat as he did so. His teammates knew he had a very keen mind when it came to Hero related endeavors, so they listened carefully for expertise. "I agree. We already know that we will have a tough time with Uzumaki, but we can't disregard Jiro and Sero too. I have a plan in mind, but it might be altered as we begin our match. We know that Naruto is excellent in strategy, so we should expect things not to go our way early on." The others nodded at Deku's words, having seen Uzumaki in action before.

"Right now, our greatest advantage is our strength in numbers. Uzumaki is their strongest member, by far, but I don't think we should target him first." Uraraka and Kaminari looked confusedly at the green haired, 'Super Power', Quirk user.

Ochako tilted her head in puzzlement, "But Deku-kun, shouldn't we get Naruto out of the way first? Wouldn't it be easier?" As the Ninth Successor went to answer, the leotard wearing classmate across from him answered in his place.

"No, I see what Midoriya-san is saying. That's too risky, if we target Uzumaki first, that takes away all the attention from Jiro and Sero, in which they'd be allowed free reign. Plus, it's more than likely it might take a couple or all of us to take Uzumaki down. Therefore, we should plan for single combat against Jiro and Sero, and two on one combat with Uzumaki." Momo said with a stern expression, remembering the devastation Uzumaki caused during the festival.

Izuku agreed whole-heartedly. "Right. If we plan on fighting Jiro and Sero with who we know has the best chance, then two of us can hold back Uzumaki until those individual fights are over. That leaves the question… who's fighting who?" He looked around at his team, trying to visualize who had the best chance against who.

Yaoyorozu's face twisted into a conspiring expression. "Well, this is a tough choice. All of our opponents are Long Ranged opponents, or in Uzumaki's case, All Ranges. I think Uraraka would be the best fit against Sero, his tape is hard to combat, but Uraraka's Quirk would effectively deny Sero's tape by making it weightless and impossible to control. From there on, she would be able to engage in close-combat, which Uraraka has improved tremendously in." The bubbly brunette blushed, but nodded in pure determination. "That also leaves me. I think I'd be the best choice against Jiro. I've seen her fight at USJ and the Festival, so I believe I have the best chance at beating her the quickest." Momo added as a suggestion, yet no one saw a problem needing to interject.

Izuku smiled at the insinuation of Momo's plan. "Yes, leaving me and Kaminari to fight Uzumaki. Having Kaminari's Quirk against Uzumaki will disallow him to use his 'attraction' part of his Quirk." He said energetically, liking where their strategy was heading.

Denki responded with a cocky smirk. "That's right! If he pulls me in, I'll shock him until he can't move. That means he's limited to his 'repel' and 'switch' parts of his Quirk!" Kaminari's impressive deduction left the group a bit stunned at his intellect.

Gazing at the perturbed looks of his teammates, Denki let out a frustrated yell, "Hey! I can be smart when I want to!" The snickers from the groups around them at his outburst however, ultimately left him embarrassed.

"Plus Deku-kun has his crazy strong wind attacks! If Bakugo can stop Uzumaki's 'repel' attacks, then so can Deku-kun. So even if his uses 'repel' and 'attract', he'll be backed into a corner using only his 'switch'." Uraraka continued, receiving positive approval from her crush.

Yaoyorozu saw the potential in the plan, but there were still some factors they had to consider. "It's a great strategy, but there are still a couple things we should expect. One, Uzumaki may have other components to his Quirk besides his already seen abilities. Two, he is still extremely adept in hand-to-hand combat, so getting in close with him will be dangerous as well. And Three, Uzumaki might try to interfere in his teammates' battles, so we must keep him isolated from them." The remaining members of Team 6 nodded in agreement.

"Time's up Young Heroes!" All Might boomed out in his thunderous voice, gaining the attention of his students. "Team 1 and Team 2, head to the designated location on these cards. That is where you'll find your 'flag'. GOOD LUCK!"

As Teams 1 and 2 raced off to their separate locations, the rest followed behind All Might in order to view the battle. Izuku glanced over at Team 5 seemingly ready and not rushed in any way. The three walked in stride, following along with their other classmates, Uzumaki's hands were in his pockets as Jiro and Sero chatted shortly to him and each other.

"We can do this, I know we'll win." Deku grinned in determination, noticing the equally resolute looks on his teammates.

15 Minutes Later

After watching the own difficulties of his classmates, Naruto was sure his team could solve theirs, if they didn't already. The last two matches went by pretty slowly, but it was obvious that both sides were trying to make an effort on applying the strategies learned in the classroom. It was a bit underwhelming to Naruto, where his fellow peers didn't seem to be living up to their battle potential, but it's understandable when you have powerhouses like Bakugo and Todoroki on your team.

There isn't much they could do besides providing additional support to the 2nd and 3rd frontrunners for the Sports Festival. It was actually quite surprising that Todoroki made an effort to include his teammates and even exchanged his usual leadership role into a democratic team process.

However, the same couldn't be said about Katsuki Bakugo. Kirishima and Aoyama stuck close to the ensuing blonde, doing what they could to cover his blindspots. It was obvious to Naruto that Bakugo was a tremendous talent, one that surpassed all of their classmates, excluding him of course. There wasn't any help to be needed as Bakugo took out Shoji, Mineta, and Hagakure early on.

He interrogated the weakest link of the three, which happened to be Mineta as he squeaked in fear at the nitroglycerin enraptured hands of King Explosion Murder. As the boy coughed up the location of the flag, he couldn't but grin minisculely at the embarrassed and annoyed looks of 1-A as they discovered that the 'flag', was actually a four inch bobblehead of the Number One Hero.

It happened to be situated with Tsuyu Asui who had swallowed the idol for a brief amount of time to ensure it wasn't stolen. Nonetheless, if UA didn't know yet, they sure would now… Katsuki Bakugo was a man of gender equality.

The ashy blonde discovered that Asui was in combat with his two comrades, and to what successful end, he didn't know. Arriving on scene, he immediately took in the body of Aoyama draped across the ground, incapacitated. Kirishima though, held Asui under one arm and calmly brought her to his team leader, making sure he had a decent grip on the green haired girl if she still had any last ditch effort in her.

The smile on Kirishima's face was instantly replaced by an abject look of horror when the Explosion Quirk user uppercutted the poor girl in the stomach, effectively coughing up the mucus covered bobblehead.

After that, there wasn't much to comment on as Team 1 returned with the 'flag', receiving congratulations for their well-earned win as they did so. They easily came out with a 8:13 run and positioned themselves with a difficult time to beat. Bakugo received the MVP and a 90/100 rating for his efforts, not that there was much to contend against his accolade.

The second went a lot smoother, with a bunch more team commision then the previous matchup. It came down to Todoroki versus Tokoyami and Iida, both very troublesome opponents for the Half Cold Half Hot Quirk user. Ashido and Kouda were eliminated by the teamwork tandem of the highest ranked members of Team 4, even after the Team 3 squadmates took out Sato and Ojiro with mild difficulty.

As expected from Team 3, the 'flag' was placed with Todoroki, and to their advantage, he had to distinguish whether Ingenium or Tsukiyomi had it on their person after not coming across the bobblehead before. The battle lasted for a few minutes, neither side giving up much leeway for the other to capitalize on their openings.

Whatever internal struggles Shoto Todoroki had before, they showed no visibility here as the teenager easily used both sides of his Quirk, stunning Tokoyami initially. Iida's speed and Tokoyami's brute force recessed the white and red haired UA student to constantly be on his toes. Although it seemed one-sided, it was noticeable in the Team 4 squadmates that they were both exhausted from the bouts with Todoroki, who lacked neither strength or stamina.

Iida used his Recipro Burst identically to the time in the Sports Festival and was immediately shut down. The armored knight must have believed Todoroki hadn't found a counter to his Ultimate yet, and he received concrete to the dome for his answer. Ice blindsided the new Ingenium, sending him through a building and knocking him out on contact.

Stunned at the easy dismissal of Iida, Tokoyami followed up with a lackluster performance due to his fatigue, and was incapacitated similary to the Engine Quirk user. At that point, it was a simple retrieval mission for Todoroki, in which he discovered the 'flag' to be hidden in one of the armored plates of Tenya Iida.

It was a substantially astounding victory and even Naruto found himself impressed with the improvements of Todoroki's capabilities. Coming in at 9:29, their battle ended with barely any time remaining. It wasn't a shocker to anyone when Endeavor's son was named MVP, and placed with a 87/100 rating, only a few moments later.

It came time for Naruto and Team 5 to follow suit with the 'upset' victories and the masked blonde found himself to be quite excited. He would be going up against Yaoyorozu, a meddlesome factor when she wanted to be, Kaminari, an effective 'stun gun' that had amazing offensive pressure, Uraraka, a mischievously cunning opponent, and Midoriya, the oddball who had devastating power, but hurt himself in the process.

"You ready Naruto?" Sero, dressed in his white and black suit, asked the blonde observing Team 6.

The apathetic Hero student nodded in response, returning his gaze to his team members as he did so. Jiro was a bit more casually dressed, but the evidence of sonic enhancers on her wrists and heels were not lost on the ex-Villain.

"Teams 5 and 6, make way for your starting points. Once you have collected the limited edition All Might collectible, the round will begin." The Number One Hero announced over the intercom. Both Teams, once given the confirmation, went in their respective directions.

For Team 5, this meant the northwest corner of Ground Beta, and Team 6, they were in similar accordance with the northeast. It was structured this way so that the training area was only damaged in a singular area, making it easier for the UA drones and reconstructive Heroes to repair.

It only took a few minutes for Naruto and his teammates to gather at their starting point. Inside the lobby of a mid-sized overhang, the familiar sight of the Japanese merchandise, stood with the signature pose of their country's largest Hero.

As the team walked over to the bench the idol sat on, each of them wondered who the flag would be assigned to. "This thing is randomly assigned, right?" Jiro commented, looking for clarification from her squadmates.

"I mean, I'd guess so. Like, All Might-sensei wouldn't pick anyway, he doesn't seem like the guy to play favorites." The black haired Tape Quirk user added shortly after.

However, thinking about favorites more, All Might did attend to Midoriya a lot, and more so than anyone else. The man must have noticed that Deku was one of the most notorious All Might fanboy's of their generation.

As the trio reached the bench, Jiro picked up the idol, receiving a shock in return, causing her to drop it. "Jesus! What the hell was that?!" The girl angrily glared at the bobblehead while massaging her palm.

Underneath the 'flag', sat a piece of paper, labeled 'NARUTO UZUMAKI, FLAG BEARER', 'This 'flag' was designed to only be touched by the flag bearer and the opposing team.' Hanta and Sero glanced at the blonde who seemed a bit interested in the outcome. Naruto reached out and snagged the bobblehead, amusedly watching as the head sprung back and forth without much effort. The masked sword user unclipped the button upon his thin pouch on his hip, placing the idol inside, which went in without much effort.

"Man. Bakugo and Todoroki also got the 'flag', can't say I'm surprised." Sero whistled at their luck. He was hardly disappointed that their strongest member would be in possession of their idol.

Kyoka grinned at the fortunate circumstance. "It doesn't change the plan at all either." The violet haired Earphone Jack user sighed in relief.

"Both Teams have got their flag bearers. The final match will start on my account." The deep bellow of All Might echoed throughout the streets of Ground Beta, turning Team 5 towards the source.

About a half mile away, Team 6 did the same. All four of their members crouched into readied stances, looking for a quick start.


Team 6 sprinted from their starting positions, forming a standard 'V' in their stances. They headed west, looking for an upfront confrontation with Team 5. Sticking to their strategy, they'd have Midoriya blast off a direct link of his Full Cowling straight at their group, splitting them up.

"Stick close! We might not see them first!" Izuku commanded his classmates, taking the lead upon his team, illuminating shades of electric green bounced around his limbs.

Uraraka smiled at the confidence of Deku, knowing he had the ability to take charge when it was needed of him.

Upon the reflection of the skyscraper behind the green haired UA student's head, two forms passed overhead, looking as if they were swinging by the rooftops.

"Deku-kun! They're above!" The Zero Gravity Quirk user pointed to the sky, catching Jiro hanging off the back of Sero as he grappled around the corner.

"They probably haven't seen us yet." Kaminari said with uncertainty, considering Ochako hollered loud enough for the entirety of UA to hear.

Momo shook her head, "No. We're exposed, there's no way they didn't see or hear us. It's a trap, they want us to pursue them." The First Ranked midterm student identified perfectly, gaining a nod of appreciation from Deku.

The group continued running straight, ignoring the subtle prod to pursue the Tape and Earphone Jack user. "We haven't seen Uzumaki yet. If we followed, he's more than likely waiting to ambush us when our attention is on his teammates. Still, now that they know where we are, we have to change routes." Midoriya summarization brought Uraraka and Kaminari into the loop.

Team 6 took a sharp right onto an alternate street, "However, we know which general direction Team 5 is in, so… we are attacking from a different angle." Deku looked back at the leotard wearing Creation user, "Yaoyorozu, can you make one-sided see-through, Tempered Glass. If we are identifiable in the street from the rooftops, then we need to disappear." Seeing the notion Deku was going for, the team took a pause, closely hiding to the side of a shorter building as she created it.

Turning away from her squadmates, Momo opened the top of her leotard in order to build a large enough mirror to hang overhead of their Team. The design would allow them to see the rooftops and produce a glare from the sun, blinding whoever was trailing upon the roof, limiting the visibility of their position.

After several seconds, Momo stood next to a 15 foot one-way mirror with a determined furrow on her features. Uraraka applied her Quirk to the glass with a light touch of her fingertips, allowing it to float as the opulent Hero student created a suction-cup tripod to keep it from drifting away.

Team 6 started with their running again, looking abrasively for any disturbances, but had found none as the timer continued. "Did we lose them?" Kaminari asked nervously, sweat dripping off his forehead.

No one had the answer the question because they weren't quite certain of the outcome themselves

The silence that followed Kaminari's outburst instilled with the gentle breeze of the beautiful day, clamoring in conjunction with the multitudes of footsteps.

And then… a pang of anti-gravity sent pale accreditations throughout the faces of their squad. Surprise and antsy, was clearly evident in their features as they prepared for one of two outcomes.

For a moment, everything stilled after the identifiable factor of Naruto Uzumaki's Quirk.

Then, Uraraka was suddenly rifted from underneath the mirror, accelerating strenuously towards one of the smaller buildings roofs.

The girl screamed as she darted towards the source who waited with an outstretched hand. Midoriya immediately reacted, racing for the girl as she began barreling towards Uzumaki.

This in turn was a mistake as a soundwave riveted the intersection, hitting him head-on and blasting him into the roll down the street from which they came.

Yaoyorozu threw the glass to the side knowing it would interfere with Kaminari and her own Quirk. Upon instinct, she summoned her habitual shield into her forearm and the electricity insulated cover needed to defend herself from Kaminari's bursts.

"How did you know we were here?!" The Electricity Quirk user yelled at Team 5, who joined together. Sero had Uraraka wrapped up, her hands raised above her head, unable to get loose from her bindings.

Jiro scoffed at the shocked blonde. "C'mon, it wasn't that hard." The 7th Ranked Midterm student pointed to her earlobes, reminding the members of Team 6 of her survey abilities.

Yaomomo cursed their luck, "But, how could that be? I thought you could only search structures you were in yourself!" The black haired teenager shouted towards Jiro. Beforehand, it was stated by Kaminari that she could only sense a singular place at a time before it overloaded her sensitivity.

"That was the first week at UA! I've improved my abilities since then." Kyoka seemed a little offended that the others felt that she wouldn't have gotten stronger as their time with Quirk Training went on.

"Eh?! Get away from me you pervert!"

Naruto sighed as he searched the form of Ochako protesting against the bindings. "Uraraka doesn't have All Might's merchandise." The masked blonde ignored the accusations of his pervertedness after touching the usual bubbly girl, who was now glaring at his back.

A stream of green electricity danced below, putting itself between Team 5 and 6. Midoriya stood defiantly with minor scrapes and damage to his costume. An angry gaze met Naruto's passive one, "You knew where we were the entire time. You've been playing with us!" Midoriya accused with a small snarl.

"We needed to get you somewhere we could fight on equal ground!" The Tape Quirk user fired back, pointing towards the large intersection that benefited Team 5's long-ranged quirks.

Yaoyorozu held back a flinch at the exact setting of their current engagement. Although smaller buildings riddled the corners, the intersection left a wide girth, eliminating any interfering elements a narrower location would.

Naruto whispered to his teammates, who blankly looked ahead before dipping their heads in affirmation. Without a moment's notice, the blonde raised his hand in the form of Team 6. The destructive attribution of Uzumaki's 'repel' was intently directed for them all.

The familiar sounding Quirk activation notified Deku of the incoming onslaught. "GET BEHIND ME!" He yelled, preparing to strike the invisible wall head on.

As the attack began to enclose around their forms, Yaoyorozu and Kaminari braced for it's impact, trusting Midoriya to thrust through the 'repel'.

Feeding a bit more than 5% into his right arm, Midoriya reached back, his veins bursting with the crimson staticness of his acquired power. "DELAWARE SMASH!" He sent his own assault in return, intersecting the anti-gravity.

The ensuing chaos kicked up loose concrete, momentarily clouding their vision with stone shrapnel and dust.

Their visibility cleared quite quickly, leaving a sense of minor victory for effectively removing Uzumaki's capability to use his Quirk against them.

Elastic tape shot above them, alerting their senses to Sero entering the scene. "Don't forget about us!" The teenager swept by Yaoyoruzu, kicking off her shield making her stumble backwards and cringing at the rebound of pain.

Jiro landed to their right, pointing her extended fist interlocked with her jack at Kaminari. The shoulder length blonde haired student crossed his arms in an 'X', trying to shield himself from the intensified sound waves.

He too was rocketed off his feet, in which Jiro pursued his tumbling form. Midoriya went to intercept, hoping Kaminari would recover his balance quickly, however, another effect of anti-gravity connected into his side, launching him in the opposite direction.

With everyone separated from one another, their battles began with their individually chosen opponents.

Naruto stood over the constantly wriggling Zero Gravity user. "Sorry Uraraka-san, this training is over for you." The masked blonde raised his arm, focusing in on her nape.

The girl stilled, "Maybe. But, you wanna know something?" Ochako mischievously grinned, causing Naruto to raise a brow.

"…No." Naruto quickly chopped at the back of her neck, effortlessly knocking her unconscious.

Viewing Booth

"Wow. Dude didn't even give her the chance to monologue." Kirishima sweatdropped at the nonchalant attitude of Naruto Uzumaki. There was a cackle of laughter to his right, which made his eyes widen at the person it was coming from.

"HAHAHAHA!" Katsuki Bakugo guffawed in uncontrollable laughter, seeing pink cheeks get ended like that. Even if it was a mask boy, the ashy blonde couldn't hold back the hollering that escaped his mouth.

To the others though, they didn't share the same humor as their explosive classmate. "He was probably dropped down the stairs as a baby… many flights of stairs." Hagakure backed away from Bakugo as she commented on his loose screws.

"I too was dropped down stairs for training as a baby. Will I end up like Bakugo?" Todoroki asked seriously, holding one of his hands on his head. Although Shoto was usually stoic, his eyes shook in restrained terror at the prospect of becoming like the vengeful blonde.

The entire class looked over at Shoto, asking themselves if he was truly serious. 'Endeavor did that with all his kids. That is unfortunately, a true story.' All Might thought with a grimace.

Back in the Field

Naruto stared down at the fallen form of Izuku Midoriya staggering to his knees. It was obvious that the boy had gotten stronger over his internship, much to the evidence of him using his Quirk without stressing himself.

As Naruto jumped off the roof and met the concrete without injury, Deku raised his head to face his opponent. Both boys had a silent standoff as their costumes and hair swifted in the progressive rise of the winds. The distant sounds of exclamation and fighting was easily picked up in correlation of their combative squads.

Just within a couple minutes, the tide was turned in heavy favor of Team 5 after easily taking out Uraraka, and eliminating their advantage in numbers. With Sero and Jiro off fighting in their own battles, Naruto was left with the strongest member of their team, physically and mentally.

The masked blonde made a mad dash for the green eyed youth, shocking the One For All user into action. Naruto refrained from using his sword, deciding to start with hand-to-hand combat.

A haymaker was thrown for Izuku's head, although dangerously quick, it didn't lack any force behind it. The Ninth Successor leaned backwards at the waist, letting the forearm and Uzumaki swipe overhead. Deku instantly returned to fighting stance as he rotated on his back foot, raising his fists into a stance similar to his Master.

Naruto without turning around, launched his left leg backwards, pivoting on his right leg, aiming for the head of Midoriya. The 'Super Power' user raised his arms to the side to block the strike and was sent stumbling in response. The blonde instantly followed, giving no openings for his opponent to exploit.

Knowing Midoriya wanted to load up the power in his arm for a powerful punch, Naruto kept on the offensive, stabilizing the combat to a fast assimilation. Once more, the blonde raised his left leg to kick the midsection of the green haired Hero student, aiming for a solid hit on his Liver.

'Even with my Full Cowling, he's still too fast! -guh.' The blue eyed Uzumaki stole the breath from Deku's lungs as his Liver quivered under the ruthless maneuver. Yet, all the boy could think about was that his teammates were in trouble and, for their sakes, he didn't want them to suffer another humiliating loss at Uzumaki's hands.

Midoriya teetered horizontally after the hit, only to be left with a cross connecting on the left side of his face, knocking him back into equilibrium. 'I can't lose this… I can't… I won't.' Tears stirred in his eyes and his teeth clenched in pain, but he loaded One For All at 8% into his right arm anyway. He raised the appendage and fired a heavy strike like the ones he imitated from All Might, right at the 1-A and 1-B hybrid.

Seeing the collection of power in his opponent's arm, Naruto weaved his head to the side, allowing the burst of power to excrete over his shoulder.

'I missed!' Deku gasped, before Uzumaki answered his punch with his own, securing a deliberate hit to the Ninth Succesor's kidney. Upon instinct, he cringed and gripped at his side, completely leaving himself open to a frontal kick interloping his jaw.

The kick from the masked blonde lifted Izuku off his feet, sending him several feet away. His back delivered unrelentingly into the concrete, leaving the air left in his lungs to escape hastily.

Naruto watched as Midoriya rolled on the ground in obvious pain. Like the rest of 1-A, the 'Super Power' Quirk user lacked formidable strength for someone like him to be challenged. The blue eyed Hero student didn't even use any facets of his Quirk, nor his sword in single combat, and this was the result.

Walking closer to the Midoriya, the blonde lowered his body to incapacitate the Team 6 leader. Naruto raised his hand slightly as locked onto the neck of Midoriya…

"SMASH!" The hidden left arm of Izuku Midoriya shot from his side, straight towards the chest of Naruto Uzumaki. It seemed as if time slowed down and Deku watched his arm edge closer and closer to the blonde's exposed Kevlar armor.

However… The limb was grabbed at the wrist and pointed in the opposite direction of Uzumaki's location.

Izuku's eyes widened in shock at the movement, 'H-how? I-I w-was… I was so close. That's not possible!' The One For All user's face shivered at the sight of Naruto emotionlessly redirecting his punch.

A powerful shockwave resulted in the show of strength, except, it was a completely useless strike carading in a direction it wasn't supposed to go.

"I should've known you'd try to pull something. Your pain tolerance is incredible after all." The azure orbed Uzumaki pulled Deku off the ground by the front of his Hero costume. "For someone who constantly breaks their bones, this is nothing." Naruto slugged the bright green eyed Hero student across the face, clipping the boy's nose as he did so.

Without pause, Izuku received an uppercut to the chin, tripping up his already beaten stance. His ears began to ring, and the blonde's visage became duplicated in a blurry aftertone. Shades of purples and pinks shot sporadically through his vision, instantly feeling light-headed.

"You fight exactly like All Might." Naruto frowned at the combat stance used for someone who wasn't even near the same heavy-hitting position as the Number One Hero.

Deku gathered One For All into his right arm, his veins felt as if steaming liquid was filtering through them. The Hero student swung at the blonde once more, aiming to hit at least a limb on his body.

Naruto ducked directly underneath the wild jab. He grabbed the extended arm by the wrist and then snatched the nape of his neck with his left palm. The masked Hawks intern promptly slammed his opponent face first into the concrete below, breaking the boy's nose in a single gesture.

The green haired teenager groaned, feeling the warmth of crimson liquid begin to collect around his cartilage. It hurt… a lot… but nothing compared to broken limbs.

"Who has the 'flag'." Naruto grabbed the hoodie of Deku's costume, bringing him to his feet as blood flew from the boy's mouth and nose.

Bruising was beginning to take shape on his face, as blood gushed onto his fresh new outfit, staining it in the process. However, even in all his pain, Deku kept an angered, yet resolute expression upon his face. 'I won't tell! Even if it is a training exercise, we have to prove that we've been improving too!' The Ninth Successor sought out Uzumaki's arm, giving it a death grip in a showing of his resolve.

"I see. What a drag." The newly named Void, lifted the 1-A student over his shoulder and tossed him a few feet away, intending to move on to help his squadmates.

During their little fistfight, Naruto realized that Midoriya didn't have the idol. He would have protected his pouches on his garter belt if that were true, as well as, brought himself closer to his teammates for backup. The way he stubbornly held his ground, told the tall blonde everything he needed to know.

Deku raised to his feet, his green electricity caressing the outline of his costume like an exoskeleton. "I'm not done yet!" He charged his entire body with the Full Cowling 8%, and raced at the taller figure, who disregarded his presence.

'He turned his back on me…?' Izuku faltered in step, used to the feeling of being disregarded.

Viewing Booth

"Jesus. Shouldn't you stop this All-Might-sensei? Deku-kun's face is seriously gross right now." Mina Ashido grimaced as the green haired teenager spat a blotch of blood down his costume.

She would've definitely forfeited it had she had to fight that crazed blonde again. Deku was receiving the wombo combo, and Mina was silently thankful for her single kick loss compared to this annihilation.

All Might viewed the sequence with a frown. Young Midoriya knew his limits better than anyone else did, so there was no need for him to stop the fight at the moment. The boy had been through worse beatings, especially in the encounter with Stain. There were only a few minutes left in the match anyway.

It was destined to be over soon.

On the right side of the large display screen, the other fights were still relatively underway, although Yaoyorozu seemed to have a slight upper hand against Sero. Jiro and Kaminari were trading minor blows, which was nothing serious at the moment.

The timer upon the top of the board was at '5:45'and continued to count down. Deku was illuminated once more in his One For All energy shroud, taking after Uzumaki. However, the boy had taken some heavy hits to the dome and was destined to be fatigued with the damage caused.

"Do not worry Young Students, Young Midoriya is still standing of his own volition." All Might eased the room's speculation of Deku's well-being.

For the moment, 1-A trusted their teacher's response. Deku looked exponentially more determined to fight… There was still a chance to win against Uzumaki.

Back to the Fight

Midoriya sent a practiced punch towards the blonde with his back turned. A steady, but powerfully reinforced stream of wind rocketed at Uzumaki, who was seemingly unaware of the attack. The form of Naruto Uzumaki blurred for a miniscule time, a swish of wind was the only indication of what was to come.

Suddenly, Deku felt as if his body was squeezed thoroughly, and his surroundings blackened momentarily. When he regained his bearings, he found himself in a location different from his previous one.

Something slammed into his back before he was able to identify his position, shooting his head and legs back as it blasted into his lower back.

For a moment, he believed that something had interfered with his fight with Uzumaki, but the masked blonde wasn't in the same place as before. He was closer to the corner of the intersection than he remembered…

'Uzumaki used his 'switch' part of his Quirk before my attack hit him, and now… I got hit by my own ability! This is so embarrassing!' The green haired UA student righted himself in the air, landing into a skid while turning around.

"I can't let you leave." He said defiantly, standing 20 meters apart from the ex-Villain. Said figure, stoically gazed in response, silently taking in the freshly refurbished UA student.

Naruto brought his hand up to his scalp, grabbing the Dog Mask that had been ridden on the side of his head. With little effort, the blonde fastened it to his face, completely hiding any identifiable features. However, the azure orbs still lingered glacially behind the slits of the MI Ops mask.

Bringing his left hand out in front of his body, Naruto wafted the tips of his finger while his palm faced upwards, signifying the Ninth Successor to 'come'.

Whether he felt shaken up by the gesture or not, the green eyed teenager shot forward, using aglitic moves he copied from Bakugo's arsenal. Uzumaki stood his ground, never straying from the current posture he held.

Deku blitzed to Uzumaki's exposed right side, aiming a crosshot to his abdomen. He was met with instant interference as Uzumaki raised and swiped the punch away, interlocking his right arm onto the extended limb and delivering two palm strikes to his inner arm and rotator cuff on his shoulder.

Izuku ignored the pain in order to land an elbow on the collarbone of Uzumaki as it clearly entered in an unprotected position. As before, the Dog Masked blonde swiped the strike outwards, leaving Midoriya's entire body exposed. Instead, Uzumaki landed a headbutt to Izuku's face, making the boy reflexively grab his nose at the torment.

The One For All user forced himself to stay focused as he launched backwards, getting out of the grasp of his opponent. '…Close combat isn't a route I can take. He's better than me at that range… but even if I use my longer ranged attacks, he'll use his switch to redirect One For All against me.' He couldn't lie, he was getting a bit perturbed for a solution. Still, he was no stranger to receiving a beatdown before gaining winning grounds.

This left Midoriya with only a single option left. One that he was told to avoid, but for now, he would push past his limits with One For All, even if it hurt him.

Imagining the egg in the microwave, Izuku sent 20% throughout his entire body. Although his limbs felt as if they'd relent under the pressure at any given moment, the 4th Ranked Midterm Student pressurized the aura around him, making his eyes glow a low ethereal green.

Seeing the buildup in power, Naruto raised his eyebrows in slight surprise. Was Izuku Midoriya really willing to go this far for a training exercise?

With a guttural yell, Deku planted his feet into the concrete, cracking it into webs of dislodged mineral where it briefly levitated. The shorter UA student launched way faster than before, his fist already loaded backwards in anticipation.

'Shinra Tensei', with Midoriya's head on attack, the blue eyed Hero student replied with his infamous anti-gravity repellant.

Hearing the incoming wave of Uzumaki's Quirk, Izuku moved his fist forwards, escreating the pressurized energy. "SMASH!" He bellowed at the invisible wall.

The surge of explosive forces rocked the intersection, directing displaced concrete in bulleting motions and furrowing hurricane levels of wind into the surrounding buildings. The foundations of said skyscrapers ached at the onslaught as billows of dust encrusted the entire area.

Naruto stood in the same position, barely flinching at the chaos erupting around him. The blonde locks escaping from the edges of his mask danced swiftly in the air, accenting the untouched trims of his costume as debris flew by.

Izuku Midoriya was getting too confident in his ability to turn the fight around. 'I should've ended this quicker…' It seemed the 'Super Power' Quirk user was approaching Bakugo and Todoroki's level with his concentrated power.

Without second thought, Naruto barreled through the dust, heading for where he knew Midoriya was temporarily recovering from his injuries.

Viewing Booth

"This is like looking at Todoroki and Midoriya's fight again!" Iida exclaimed, pushing up his glasses proudly for Deku's vehemence.

"Deku-kun has gotten even stronger too, kero." Tsuyu added as an afterthought, knowing of Midoriya's improvement in his internship before most of their class.

Bakugo's teeth grinded together, his brows furrowing in pure rage. 'The nerd… how is he catching up so quickly? The gap between us is closing rapidly…' Katsuki refrained from exploding the closest thing to him. 'While I was being taught 'Manners', Deku's second rate internship actually improved his Quirk!' The ashy blonde growled, his teeth still ground together.

Unexpectedly, Naruto came rushing out of the blindinging billow of debris from Deku's blindspot. The green haired youth, who was massaging his arm, but still in relative readiness, didn't see the Uzumaki on the prowl.

"Shit! Behind you!" Kirishima screamed at the monitor, in hope of reaching Midoriya's ears. The others immediately joined in, not wanting to see Deku go down at the hands of the Top Student in the UA First Years.

Back in the Field

'He'll be coming… I know I only stopped his attack for a second… but whe-ugh!' Naruto delivered a critical hit to the side of the head of Izuku, sending him several feet away, his face snapping in the direction of the force.

The 1-A student tumbled into a prone position, coming to a stop by hitting one of the jagged upturned concrete slabs. Spit flew out of Deku's mouth as his back brimmed with pain, instantaneously relapping with an inaudible yelp.

He grunted bringing himself back to his knees, but unable to fully stand under his own empowerment. One For All's control wavered, but still roared lively in his veins, lessening the intensity of his injuries.

4:30…The overhead speaker notified the participants of the time.

"I was sure I knocked you out…" A monotonous voice progressively gained upon Midoriya's position, jolting the boy up to his feet. With teetering legs, Deku scanned the area around him, which was easier upon the dust beginning to settle.

Footsteps began to clamor, though at a slower rate, signifying a walking pace.

"I won't go down so easily." Izuku proclaimed in the direction the voice came from.

The footsteps quickened into a jog, then into the pace of speedily beating heart, approaching rapidly without pause.

Naruto Uzumaki form exited the dust cloud, his leg extended upwards, looking to destroy the place of Deku's standing. Fortunately, Izuku prepared himself and launched his body sideways to avoid the heavy attack.

The place where the green eyed teenager stood was obliterated upon impact, sending mineral shrapnel in different directions. The Ninth Successor immediately raised to his feet and sent out another impressive blast of One For All, intending to decimate Uzumaki in one blow.

As if ready for the 'SMASH', Naruto switched places blindly with Midoriya, leaving him to succumb to his own attack once more.

However, Izuku anticipated this reaction as he shot off from Naruto's original 'Amenotejikara' position and into a crouch. The green haired student composed himself into a jump-set position taught to him by Gran Torino.

The familiar sound of One For All's activation alerted Naruto to the form that shot at incredible speed towards him.

Even in the ridiculously difficult locality, Naruto performed a perfectly executed flip over the visage looking to spear him at the waist. As he passed overhead, Midoriya's eyes widened to saucers, beyond surprised at the inhuman reaction time.

'Again?! Not even Stain was able to dodge my fastest Full Cowling mode!' Deku said, skidding to a halt 10 meters away.

Naruto didn't allow the 4th Ranked Midterm student to gain his bearings, closing the gap into his superior range. His eyes were completely blank as he went for a simple hammer fist to the top of his opponent's dome, simply wishing to move onwards past his longest active fight since he came to UA.

'He's a great countering fighter, he exploits mistakes… that's his style. But he's also good on the offensive as well… I-I can't come up with anything!' Midoriya's frustration began to build, sending his usually delicate features into a scowl.

Naruto, within the action of a roundhouse kick, spotted Midoriya's rising displeasure in his face. He understood why, yet the blonde carelessly ignored his condition. The green costumed Hero student decided to fight him 1 on 1, he wasn't going to lower himself to those beneath his skill level.

His outerboot connected accurately on Deku's jaw, collapsing his body at the waist as it began to shut down from the unbearable force. The boy stumbled, trying to keep his arms up as his eyes dully unfocused.

The last hit from Uzumaki topped all the others. Midoriya could feel his body beginning to reject consciousness as the throbbing pain in his brain increased upon the bountiful impact. 'I refuse to lose…!' He protested against the edges of his vision darkening.

With his last strength, Deku swang with his entire body weight, hopefully chipping his classmate across the face or even connecting a single hit on his midsection. "I'm not done! Ugh- I still haven't… I still haven't hit you yet!" The 1-A student slurred as his feet tried to carry the burden of his body weight.

Naruto watched with a blank expression as Midoriya continued to walk forward, trying his best to stay conscious while fighting back.

He had to admit… Izuku Midoriya could take a hit.

"Sleep Now." Naruto palmed Izuku's head and twirled him around in his disorientation. He easily chopped the boy's nape, toppling him to his knees and eventually sideways onto the concrete.

Naruto sighed at the longest battle so far in his UA career. It wasn't difficult, just unbearably annoying at the duration in which he left his teammates to their own devices.

4:05…There was still plenty of time for him to back up his team and collect the idol. He wasn't fatigued at all from the minor skirmish, so he quickly ran for the fighting that was only about a city block away.

Kaminari and Jiro

Both 1-A students huffed at their fight moving nowhere. Each had their fair share of scratches and rips in their costumes, and previously unblemished skin spotted blotches and cuts.

For Kaminari, his body was taking a beating from the constant sound waves aimed at his taller frame. Over his Internship, he had learned to use his electricity more sparingly and concentrated it to shoot in a single direction. With a single well-placed hit, he'd be able to take Kyoka out in one swift motion, but he discovered electricity slowed in sound, causing it to flutter and spread for a practical surface. He was able to hit her a few times, not anything severe, but it was obviously causing her to slow her movements and jitter occasionally at the sharpness of his assault.

For Jiro, she knew a close-range with Kaminari would be an unwinnable battle, so keeping her strength at long-range was her only option. It was quite surprising that the jamming-whey idiot had survived the standoff with her and seemed to involve minor strategy in his movements. She was getting tired from avoiding his electricity, which lacked it's usual potency due to his lessened voltage, but still hurt and limited her movements nonetheless.

"You're strong Jiro-chan, but time is running out! You heard that explosion. Deku's giving it his all to hold Uzumaki back… I can't disappoint my team!" Gold streams of pure unbridled electricity surged around the yellow eyed teenager, protruding like lightning from his body.

Kyoka inhaled sharply, this was Denki's strongest attack… something she wouldn't be able to avoid or take head on if she wanted to win. "KAMINARI!" Jiro yelled as she inserted both her jacks into the aux ports on her feet, intending to meet the attack head-on.

"INDISCRIMINATE CHARGE! 1.3 MILLION VOLTS!" Countless webs of electric currents exploded from his form, racing towards Kyoka who stood preparing her own move.

Denki's Ultimate kicked up debris from the previous working, obliterating the obstructions in its wake. Cold sweat dew upon Kyoka's forehead, fearful of the attack hitting her. She had already been hit with the Ultimate during the Sports Festival, and that wasn't an experience she wanted to relive.

Amplifying her heartbeat, Kyoka redistributed the blasts to her feet, raising her right leg in conjunction with the buildup of sound. With barely any time to spare, she shot her foot outwards, trying to offset the voltage parading upon her position.

However, to her shock, the electricity was left unobstructed by her attack as it barreled its way through her Ultimate, seeking to incapacitate the violet haired teenager.

She immediately raised her other boot, kicking without pause, sending her next wave of sound at the vigorous force. Her face contorted in discomfort at having to deliver two blows above her limit, causing her legs to buckle at the strain.

Just like before, Kaminari's electricity resulted in no interference, breaking through and nearing her form.

The traces of gold reflected her dark eyes as the inevitable assault was meters away from making contact. The 7th Ranked Midterm student clenched her eyes shut, bringing her arms upwards to brace herself from Kaminari's Ultimate.

Unexpectedly, Jiro felt her entire body lifted off the ground by a counteractive force, ripping her from her rigid stance at neck breaking speeds. She watched her blonde classmate glance towards the direction she was pulled in with a stunned expression.

'Bansho Ten'in' Naruto's anti-gravity snatched the petite UA student from her unfortunate circumstance, being barely able to remove Jiro from her loss at Denki's hands.

Kyoka watched her Team 5 leader with surprise, clearly evident on her pale features.

Naruto Uzumaki stood 30 meters away, his body completely ridden of any indication of struggle. She couldn't identify any emotional status due to the Dog mask adjourning his face, covering more than his usual half-mask did.

"How long have you been standing there?" Jiro mumbled embarrassingly as Naruto's force dropped her on the ground next to himself. Kaminari stood adjacent to their position, trying to prevent himself from losing his pragmatic brain function.

"A minute or so. I didn't want to interfere with your battle." The masked blonde kept his eyesight on Team 6's offensive powerhouse as he responded.

It was true, Naruto allowed the girl a chance to win her individual battle as she wanted, however… things didn't end as she anticipated. Kaminari was a force to be reckoned with if not handled carefully, which was the reason for his near victory at the end.

The Earphone Jack user lowered her head in shame. Being saved was not a part of their plan, and she was adamant about being able to fight on equal grounds with Denki. But, even with the new abilities she developed over her internship, the dumb blonde still bested her.

"There's no time left to waste. Rest and prepare yourself for Yaoyorozu. I'll handle Kaminari." Naruto instructed the short UA student, relinquishing Jiro from her self-pity.

"W-wait! What about Midoriya?" She asked with an uneasy expression. Kyoka probably already knew the answer if their green haired classmate hadn't shown up alongside Uzumaki. Plus, there was an explosion or something from just around the block, yet Naruto was unaffected, physically wise, by whatever had happened.

The masked blonde shook his head, "He's unconscious. No need to worry." He stoically replied, leaving the girl to shiver at the tone.

Across the way, Kaminari was feeling the aftereffects of his 1.3 Million Volts fry the synapses in his brain. He could already feel himself losing his focus, and the usual amounts of derpiness ticked at his thumbs to be raised. And, to top it all off, it didn't seem like he'd have any backup with Uzumaki making his appearance.

"I can still beat yo—whey, NO, I don't even need my brain to fig—whey. GAH!" One side of the lightly tanned blonde's face raised stupidly, his eye crinkling retardedly.

Naruto was on the verge of sighing. "Hey Jiro-san." Said girl raised her head in confusion at the blonde addressing her. "Do you get nauseous easily?" Her perplexed look intensified at the question. What did being nauseous have anything to do with this situatio—

'Amenotijikara', Kaminari's half-whey form replaced the violet haired girl at his side within a split-second.

"Whey?" Denki wisely questioned, only to be rocked with a fist to the side of his face, knocking him out cold. Ignoring the startled yelp from the 19th Ranked Midterm student's previous spot, Naruto observed Chargebolt's thumbs inching out of his closed fists peculiarly even while incapacitated.

Viewing Booth

"That was…" Ojiro suggested, sighing at Kaminari going out in an anti-climatic way.

Mina huffed at the turn of events. "I thought Uzumaki-san was going to stay out of the fight. I'm kind of happy he helped Jiro-chan, even if he did punch Kaminari-kun a little too hard." Poor Denki had his victory completely flipped within half-a-minute.

"Yeah. I can't believe he beat Deku so badly too…" Kirishima added to the disappointed tone in the room.

Tokoyami nodded his head as if he discovered something interesting to only him. "Team 6 has succumbed to the darkness." The crow-headed teenager concluded.

"Yaomomo is still in! I think she has the bobblehead considering they haven't found it already. She could still win." Hagakure encouraged her classmates, hoping to see an upset at this time in the match.

A scoff was heard followed by a humorless chuckle. "Yeah right. Ponytail is already tired from her fight with Soy Sauce Face. She needs a damn miracle and a half. He doesn't even have a scratch on him, and If useless Deku couldn't beat Push and Pull Boy then she doesn't stand a chance." Bakugo's analysis was spot-on as usual. Most seem to forget that he was consistently in the top ranks for the smartest student in both the Hero courses

"These derogatory names are unbecoming of a Pro Hero in training!" Iida scolded the previous Number One UA First Year. The ashy blonde looked prepared to blow his top off at 1-A's Class Rep if the reddening in his face was any indication.

All Might decided to snip the in-fighting before it got rowdy. "Let's return our focus to the monitor, my Young Heroes." The golden haired Hero gained the attention of his class with his easily distinguishable voice.

The man briefly strayed the side of the screen where his successor was sprawled out on the destroyed concrete street. 'There are many things for you to improve on Young Midoriya. You have made amazing progress with One For All, even after the numerous setbacks. You cannot win a fight against someone who has already mastered their Quirk… but… Izuku Midoriya's time will come when it is ready.' He felt pride at the heart of Izuku to continue onwards, even after suffering an onslaught from a superior opponent that had easily won against his classmates.

All Might didn't evolve in a year. No, it took him more time than he'd predicted to arrive at his full potential. Heroes were not born overnight after all.

Back in the Field

Jiro's almost heaved at the sickening feeling of Uzumaki's Quirk. Well, she should be pissed, but, he did warn her… kind of. Plus, they didn't have to put up a fight with Kaminari any longer, even if he too was on his last legs.

The azure orbed Uzumaki watched the girl give him an understanding, but still slightly angered glare as she recollected herself.

Naruto scrounged the thin layers of his opponent's costume, finding nothing noteworthy. "Kaminari doesn't have the 'flag' either… That leaves Yaoyoruzu." The blonde muttered to himself, sort of surprised the girl could even hide it on her person given her costume's postulation, or lack thereof.

This was acceptable though, seeing as how the fight was now a 1 on 3. Naruto stood, signaling for Jiro to follow. If Sero stayed around his original centerpoint of his fight, then he would only be a block away as well.


Begrudgingly, he would have to sabotage Hanta's individual combat scenario in order to have a passing time. He doubted Sero was actually in a favorable position anyway, so of anything, he was doing his teammate a favor.

It would also hurt to take out Yaoyorozu herself. The beautiful girl had been distant, but still polite to him during his inaugural days of 1-A. But, as fate decreed, she was his opponent for the match and abiding by emotions would only lead him astray.

Naruto took off into a sprint, leaving his wayward partner to hobble awkwardly behind. "Uzumaki! Wait!" She screamed after him, seemingly being ignored as he turned a corner and disappeared out of sight.

'Why would he save me, just to leave me behind!' She whined as she continued her run.

Sero and Yaoyorozu

Hanta was knocked into a nearby wall after being blindsided by a cannonball. A literal cannonball! From an actual cannon! How was he supposed to defend against that now that his tape was reaching its final stretch.

His battle was going well at the start as he aggressively attacked any angle he could get, remembering that Momo handled pressure poorly. However, after the initial points of him wacking the girl around, and almost wrapping her in his tape, the voluptuous girl counterattacked by applying lubricant to her shield and limbs, making it impossible for him to grip her. Plus, the girl made a damn cannon on her arm, with live rounds that hurt like hell!

"It's over Sero-san." Momo loaded another round into the cannon and held it at Sero as he tried to climb to his feet. "Please inform me of the All Might bobblehead's location."

Momo was finally in the groove. She had made it past her stage of overthinking during combat, allowing herself to overcome her tape-shaped masked classmate. She wasn't the sharpest when it came to her senses, but Yaoyorozu was certain she heard an explosion and Kaminari's Ultimate within a minute of each other.

This led her to believe one of two things: One, Midoriya-san and Uzumaki-san's fight came to an end, with Uzumaki-sam most likely coming out on top. Kaminari defeated Jiro and was now in combat with Uzumaki. Or, two, Uzumaki beat Midoriya and Kaminari back-to-back and was now bringing a tired Jiro or just himself. In any case, she needed to end this now or she wouldn't stand a chance.

"No." The Tape Quirk user's visor was cracked, showing his panting, but still grinning face. "I don't think I will." He chuckled in amusement.

Even if he told her, it's not like she'd have much chance against its beholder anyway.

"I don't want to injure you, but I don't want to lose either… This is your last chance." She cocked the mechanism that fizzled the gunpowder into the revolving system, indicating it's readiness.

Hanta's face contorted into a serene expression. Even if he hated getting hit by the cannonballs, it hurt even more to betray his team. 'God I sound like Midoriya-kun.' The boy drooped melancholically.

"Sorry, Yaoyorozu-chan. I want to win too, it's been long since I've won anything at UA." He came to a conclusion, standing to his feet, destined to fight once more.

*BOOM* Yaoyorozu shot point blank at Sero, caving in his chest armor, and sending him straight into the wall he had just come from. The impact was so severe, that the black haired boy's body shaped itself into the damaged wall with cracked webs surrounding his limbs.

The breath had been knocked from his lungs, but overall, his road to unconsciousness was pretty mild and respectful. Upon no hesitation, Yaoyorozu inspected the black and white suit, focusing upon the only places the idol could be.

But, just as she assumed, Hanta Sero was not the 'flag' holder.

Her eyes widened in shock as the sound of anti-gravity pinged through the brief silence post-battle. Momo's body was seized out of her shocked stance. She levitated shortly above the ground before carading off towards the opposite direction of Sero.

Yaoyorozu struggled against the confines of Uzumaki's 'attract' Quirk, gaining enough space to raise her shield to above her shoulders, covering the back side of her head. Momo's protective measure mattered little as Naruto Uzumaki delivered a crippling uppercut perfectly positioned on her Liver, scraping the edges of her ribcage.

The red leotard wearing UA student instantly gasped for breath as she was propelled back towards the wall where her final stand with Sero was. Yaomomo rolled a few times, kicking up dust and scuffing the superlative layer of her skin, causing her lower body to bleed minisculely.

"You really did a number on Sero. Didn't know you would finish him off like that… thought you would have just cuffed him or something." The familiar monotonous voice of the Hawks intern directed their voice upon her.

Momo gradually returned to her feet, using her shield as leverage. "I didn't know I would either." The truth was, her lipid percentage was getting dangerously low after using around 15 cannonballs for her cannon. She couldn't make anything larger than her hand right now, so choosing to safely incapacitate Sero an alternate way gave her room to create a final object.

"Midoriya didn't have the 'flag' and neither did Kaminari… which leaves you." He stood unmoving for a second, eyeing her figure and the visual signs of her exhaustion. "Hand over the 'flag'." Naruto said unflinchingly, rid of any emotion, even the standard laziness he usually possessed.

Now that Yaoyorozu got a good look at him, the current Dog masked UA student didn't have a single emphasis of injury around his entire body. Not even the smallest of knicks. You'd think after fighting Midoriya and Kaminari, you'd at least have a mark on you somewhere, right?


"The match is almost over, I will lose either way." Momo created a flashbang within her palm, hidden away from Naruto's view. "I'd rather you have to take it from me."

Naruto frowned under his mask, eyes narrowing at the challenge. He expected her to say this… still… he didn't want to do this to her of all people. But, she insisted, so…

The Uzumaki exploded from his idle stance, lunging in accordance to the girl's unexpectancy of

his sudden directive. However, a projectile of some kind was thrown directly at him in her hasty response…

The shape of the device, the clicking of a timed mechanism… It was a flashbang!

Of course, he had the time to shield his eyes… but, why do that when she'd think he was at a disadvantage taking it straight on…

Momo's flashbang 'blinded' Naruto as he stumbled back from the disorientation.

"Ah!" Naruto's manipulative behavior came into play as he flailed his arms to his eyes, selling his fake.

Yaoyorozu grinned happily briefly afterwards, seeing a move working on someone who man-handled the entirety of the First Years at the Sport Festival. She resigned her giddiness straight away, looping around his side, looking to hit him from his backside.

Charging at Uzumaki's back, Momo aimed her shield to hit his nape, which would effectively take down the ex-Villain with ease. However, the masked blonde swung his right arm backwards, amining at the side of her neck. She was already in the process of completing her own hit, but his was performing quicker than her own!

How could he know where she was at?!

The offending limb chopped into her neck, immediately causing her to yelp in pain. She shuffled away from Naruto, caressing her neck gingerly only to have another limb presented right in her face.

When she was hit, she indirectly looked away from his attack, thinking the first hit was the only one she'd receive. However, the neck chop was starting the motion of a reverse roundhouse, and she wasn't remotely prepared for a more dangerous assault.

Yaoyorozu attempted to bring her shield to the exposed part of her body, but unfortunately, it was all for naught. Uzumaki's left leg, hidden cleanly by the first strike to Momo's neck, raddled the right side of her face, snapping her head violently in the opposite direction.

Once again, the ponytailed teenager was sent into a roll, coming to a stop eventually as her momentum lessened with each hit to the concrete.

Momo's entire body shook as she placed her arms underneath herself, trying to raise her upper body in preparation for Naruto following. The 1st Ranked Midterm student's breath heaved in heavy sequences and her vision blurred and refocused randomly, disrupting her equilibrium.

'Bansho Tenin', without mercy, Naruto used the 'attraction' facet of his Quirk, pulling Yaoyorozu off her feet. The voluptuous UA student limply flew through the air, enduring the pain of being in combat with the number one UA First Year.

The Vice President of 1-A met an outstretched hand at high-speed. The masked blonde palmed her face, using the leverage of his hit to slam her into the concrete aggressively.

The fight was nearing its end as Momo lay gasping for the last of her breath forcefully leaving her lungs. She had challenged the strongest student to take the 'flag' from her, and this was the consequence of trying to bite off more than she could chew.

What was she thinking?! How could she have thought she would have had a chance in her state?

"Hand over the 'flag'." Naruto's intimidating masked persona draped over the girl's face, causing Momo to shrink in on herself. However, she was too dazed to move anything recently, so she did the only thing she could do…

The black haired girl talked in a raspy undertone, coughing as she opened her mouth. "It's…*cough*… it's in my hair…" Her body shook at each cough exiting her mouth.

Silence reigned for a few seconds as Naruto continued to stare at the downed girl. Finally, he crouched down, reaching up towards her hair, gently brushing the long strands of hair ponytail. Inside the surroundment of hair in the Hero student's hair tie, was the All Might bobblehead, secured gently around the underside of it's plastic neck.

The blue eyed Uzumaki tenderly removed the 'flag', lifting Momo's head up as support. Naruto placed the bobblehead within his beltline, signifying the acquisition of Team 6's flag.

He held her up into a sitting position, snaking his other arm under the pits in her knees. With a small grunt, the Uzumaki lifted her off the ground, carrying her bridal style. He slowly walked towards the underside of a building, intending to place her there while he finished the training exercise.

"What…what are you doing?" Momo whispered from the position in his arms, silently admonishing the firmness of his structure. Although her head pounded relentlessly and her eyes blurred, Yaomomo's consciousness remained.

Azure orbs focused upon her face, remaining half-lidded as they usually were. "The match is over. There's no one left for me to fight. It may seem cruel to keep you awake, but being knocked out hurts much more after waking up." The Dog mask returned it's attention forward as they arrived at their destination.

Naruto lowered Momo kindly to the ground, pushing her back up against the wall behind her. "I'll finish the training exercise quickly so that Recovery Girl can heal you faster." The blonde stood to his full height, looking down at the (most likely) concussed girl.

She tried her best to smile in her active state, but the result came out a bit awkward and crooked. "Thank you Uzumaki-san." She said calmly, causing the blonde to scrunch his brows in confusion.

He just beat the holy hell out of her, and now she was thanking him? Red Flag…

"That's the last thing you should be saying to me right now." Naruto scoffed lightly. Seriously, he just single handedly defeated her entire team without any difficulty.

Yaoyorozu chuckled mirthlessly. "No, I meant… I meant that you reminded me that I need to get stronger. I didn't stand a chance against you… that's not acceptable for me." Tears brimmed at the corner of her eyes. "Just you wait. I'll get stronger, and next time, I will make you sweat… that's a promise." The girl droned off, tears slowly dripping from her face.

The clamoring of footsteps alerted Naruto to his teammate finally reaching his location. It was mildly surprising since he thought she would've taken longer given her physical state.

Jiro rushed right to the side of her blonde leader, huffing at the waist and cursing lowly. She glanced at the Team 6 member sitting against the wall, tears streaming and the inconsistent inhales of a person in pain. "Wow— I didn't realize Sero was this brutal… say, where is he? Don't tell me he ran off with their 'flag'." Kyoka asked, nearly whimpering at having to run more if Hanta had gotten a head start.

Naruto pointed his finger towards the building behind, where a sleeping Sero sat with his mask destroyed in his lap. "Yaoyorozu beat him… I just finished the job." He tapped on the bobblehead near his pants line, getting an 'Oh' moment from the violet haired teenager.

Well, at least Yaoyorozu's battered form made sense now. "Shall we end this then?" She suggested, causing Naruto to nod.

The masked blonde took one last glance at Yaoyorozu. The VP's head tilted towards her shoulder as the fatigue and adrenaline finally caught up to her.

While his eyes lingered behind, his body already decided to scurry towards Sero. There was still enough time for them to complete the training exercise within the time limit and he was fixed on doing so.

As he threw the slightly slower student over his shoulder, Naruto craned his neck to the side to peer at Kyoka. "Jiro. Do you want to be carried as well?" The blonde asked innocently, pointing towards her legs still faulting from the Kaminari tussle.

"I am perfectly able to walk on my own."

Viewing Booth - A Minute Later

1-A stood behind All Might as Naruto dropped Sero and Jiro from his shoulders. Although the girl initially prevented the blonde from carrying her, she finally relented. It would have been a carelessly stupid reason to lose the time differential because Jiro didn't want her teammate to relieve some of her pain by providing transportation the rest of the way.

Both squadmates hit the ground with a thud, where Jiro yelped in aggravation, while Sero only groaned in his passive state. The blonde 'flag' holder acted as if nothing happened, deciding to focus on the burly red, white, and blue suited man.

Motioning for the student to come forward, Naruto approached the Number One Hero with Team Six's bobblehead. The man smiled at the Sports Festival winner, taking the 'flag' as he did so. Jiro held Sero up by putting her arm under his shoulder, receiving only a grunt as thanks.

"Congratulations Team 5! You arrived with a minute to spare, which gives a final time of

8:52. While not the most perfect match, you all handled yourselves quite well." The board behind them transitioned to their team fixture with their ID photo. A decal of 'Winner' in bold and showering confetti, dramatically encased the monitor.

The screen changed again to show only the headshots of Kyoka and Hanta. "Young Jiro. You were on the verge of losing your battle with Young Kaminari. If it wasn't for Young Uzumaki's interruption, even if he had been observing for sometime, you would have been beaten. You need to work on your physical attributes and broaden your Quirk capabilities. There were too many times within your match where you used the same move repetitively. A knowing Villain will take advantage of this, and will easily be able to counter. Besides that, your tracking abilities through the usage of sound was a key factor to your team's strategy. Good Job, Young Hero!" Jiro soaked in the criticism and praise professionally, glancing backwards at the monitor as she waited for her match grade.

Match Grade: C+ - 79/100, Ranked 5/7 in Match 3

The girl winced at the lower grade. Also, being ranked fifth wasn't where she expected to be, leaving Kyoka disappointed with herself.

"Young Sero…" All Might sweatdropped at the boy barely able to respond. "You lost your individual battle with Young Yaoyorozu. Even with the initial shock factor, you failed to gain the upper ground. You are entirely too dependent on your Quirk, which Young Yaoyorozu exposed by eliminating the sticky adhesive of your tape. I advise you to find different ways to combat opponents without the use of your Quirk. That being said, you did a fantastic job at setting your team up with the strategic high-ground. This maneuver led to the capture of Young Uraraka and the elimination of her ability to inflict her Zero Gravity on your Quirk. Good Job, Young Hero!" Sero gradually raised his head to the screen, awaiting his results.

Match Grade: C+ - 77/100, Ranked 6/7 in Match 3

Considering he lost his fight and had to be carried to the finish line, Hanta thought the rank was very generous. He was embarrassed with his performance, even if his team had won.

The monitor switched to the masked face of Naruto Uzumaki. "Finally, Young Uzumaki. You incapacitated Young Uraraka, Young Midoriya, Young Kaminari, and beat Young Yaoyorozu. You also suffered zero damage throughout the entire entire battle strategy was of your creation, predicting the actions of Team 6 to enable Midoriya as their pseudo-leader and trying to separate you from your teammates. You bested Young Midoriya in 1:36, Young Kaminari in :13, and Young Yaoyorozu in :21. However, you also caused collateral damage to Ground Beta, predominantly in your fight with Young Midoriya. You also abandoned Young Jiro when she was in need of aid, whilst also observing her near loss without interference. While I too understand the honor of respecting 1 on 1 combat, that could have been the life of a comrade in the field who narrowly escaped death. Overall, you did great for your first time working in a team at UA. Good Job, Young Hero!" Naruto removed his Dog mask, placing it back to its original position on his head. He glanced at Jiro and Sero, giving them a nod, before looking at the screen for his Match Stats.

Match Stats: A- - 93/100, Ranked 1st in Match 3. (MVP)

Match Stats (Team): B- - 83/100, Ranked 1st out of 6 Teams.

The blonde bobbed his head at the results, ignoring the enraged shout from the crowd behind him.

"Team 6's will get their results after Recover Girl has attended to them. For now, you can all return to Erasure Head and go over the requirements for the Final Exam. Until Next time Young Heroes! HAHA!" Steam began to arise around the Number One hero as he instructed them to return to class. Before anyone could take notice, All Might dashed away, leaving in the same chaotic way he entered. 1-A sighed at the man's need to leave so quickly after every training assessment.

Although, they couldn't blame the man. He was THE All Might, it's not like he could stick around to train with a single kid for hours on end…

With the training session finally over, Naruto's usual slouch returned. The blonde's hands found their way into his pockets as the rest of the class stared at each other dumbly.

However, this silence was short-lived when Katsuki Bakugo had something larger on his mind.

"MASK BOY!" The 'mask boy' slowly turned his head, giving a bored gaze towards the sure voice of the Explosion Quirk user. "Don't think you're better than me! This system is rigged and everyone knows it! I should've been first in both!" He snarled at Naruto, trying to break through Kirishima holding him back.

"You think you're hot shit because you won a Sports Festival?! I'll kick your fucking hidden buckteeth down your throat!" Bakugo screamed, getting progressively angrier the longer Uzumaki stood unmoving and seemingly bored with the insults. "I don't care if you're strong right now. I'll destroy you and everyone in this damn school on my way to becoming the Number One Hero! I won't come in second forever, that's the destiny of a Todoroki, not me!" Shoto raised an eyebrow at the statement, but still largely unoffended.

The ashy blonde pushed the Hardening user away, glaring venomously at the surrounding classmates, and then finally Naruto before turning heel. Katsuki stormed out of the room, small explosions crackling in his hands with his hair overshadowing his eyes.

Naruto peered around the room. All of his classmates were isolated away from him. Though not worded exactly like Katsuki, they too didn't want to be a consolation prize when Naruto was involved in anything.

It was depressing… sort of. He continued to make a bad impression on 1-A, and yet, he couldn't tell what he was doing wrong.

The Next Day: Class 1-B

"So you're telling me that you beat 4 of the strongest 1-A losers by yourself?" A psychotic grin began to itch upon the Copy Blonde, Neito Monoma's face.

Seated in between a few of his 1-B classmates, or friends, Naruto nodded his head lackadaisically.

"HAHAHA! That's the lame Class 1-A for you!" Monoma cackled madly.

Kendo, Tokage, Tetsutetsu, and Keibara ignored their classmate per usual, choosing to continue the conversation of 1-A's training exercise.

Itsuka smiled upon the realization that 1-A had done the same assessment 1-B did near the start of the school year. "We did the same thing awhile ago. Unfortunately, Monoma got MVP in his match and the highest score overall." On the day of the USJ infiltration, their class had been participating in a CTF event.

"What were your Match Stats, Lazymaki?" Setsuna asked from the row over, causing Naruto to turn towards the teasing girl.

The blonde sighed, bringing his hand up to rest on the back of his neck. "I got a 93… but it was such a drag." He groaned, closing his eyes with trepidation.

The group was taken aback by the nonchalant response. They looked at each other with appalled expressions, silently surprised by the phenomenal score.

"Dude, no one in our class even got close to 90. Even Monoma had an 84." Tetsutetsu laughed at the blonde's casual dismissal. Uzumaki didn't seem enthusiastic about a lot of things, but Kendo and Tokage had at least broken him a tad bit from his perpetual on-guard personality.

Itsuka shook her head with a smile. "When is something not 'a drag' for you." The girl mocked his monotonous tone.

The masked blonde stared back blandly with his half-lidded eyes. He withheld the usual 'troublesome woman' response, knowing Itsuka and Setsuna would only bother him more.

"But seriously, a 93? Did you save a school bus full of children while you were at it?!" Kaibara snickered, getting a round of laughs from their circle.

Suddenly, a twitch in Naruto's pocket notified him of a phone call. Pulling out his smartphone, the blonde looked at the number, but left ultimately confused because he didn't recognize the area code.

"Hello?" The UA student said into the device, stopping all the laughing around him.

The Uzumaki could pick up a minor scuffle as it seemed the phone was being raised to someone's ear. "Hello Naruto-kun… It's been awhile." A gravelly voice uttered quietly.

However, the tone was all too familiar to Naruto.

Naruto's eyes raised past their usual set position, amounting to the surprise of getting a phone call from his once neighbor. His throat instantly dried and his fingers nearly shook in excitement or relief.

The blonde's 1-B friends watched as their usual lazy classmate sat straighter in his chair, eyes widened from whatever was on the opposite end of the call.



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