Jon VII:

I could not keep the smile off my face. I saw my city, my home, in the distance. Wintertown was close, I could see its grey walls and gate, manned by men which looked like little ants from so far away. Winterfell was faintly visible, but that was no matter for me. I would always be able to spot my castle even if I was blind. We rode in silence, Ghost next to me. Lord Tywin, whose legs had given out after being fired to walk much of the way here, was tied up in a wagon. He could still walk, but our punishment had made it exceedingly clear he was way past his prime. He had scarcely spoke, especially after he had been informed of my uncle's campaign in his lands.

Uncle Ned was still in the Westernlands, the last of what I'd heard from him being the fact that he'd taken both the Golden Tooth and Ashermark. Both had been left garrisoned, and now he was marching towards the Crag and then Banefort. After those two had been taken he was to leave all castles in the Westernlands garrisoned and leave a fighting force of at least 5,000 men in the command of whoever he believed it best. He would take the men remaining and march them back North.

Meanwhile, the Riverlands were still being ruled by my cousin Robb. After he had been named Lord of the Trident many Riverlander houses had not been happy, yet they had no other choice but to obey. I had left him with 10,000 men to hold the Riverlands, marching 27,000 back home. Last I'd heard Robb was sieging the Bracken's, who had refused to bend the knee to me after siding with the Lannisters. He had reportedly left men in Harrenhall to hold our border, and after finishing with the Brackens he would march south to take Maidenpool, the only other place which had refused my new rule. It would take time, but I had no doubt in my mind he would not fail me.

Snapping out of my thoughts I saw we were closing in on the gates. They opened for me and we went straight to Winterfell, riding through the wide roads. As we rode through people congregated to our sides and cheered, welcoming us back home. We got to Winterfell and the gates opened, leading us inside. A welcome party was there, kneeling for me.

"You may all rise."

They rose and Roose Bolton walked forward.

"Your Grace, we welcome you back to Winterfell. I am glad the southern campaign was successful. Queen Margaery is expecting you in the throne room."

"Then let us meet her my Lord."

I turned back towards my men and spoke.

"Take Lord Tywin to the Ice cells. Have the guards tripled on him. I don't want him escaping."

A couple of "Yes, Your Grace." could be heard, but I was already walking to the Throne Room. The latest raven had said my wife had already given birth to a son. My son. I was eager to see him.

We got to the throne room and I ordered the doors opened. There I saw her. She looked beautiful, sitting on her Weirwood throne. A crown made of bronze and iron was placed on her head, with several runes on it, though they were unreadable from so far away. She wore a blue dress, with furs on top to combat the cold. She looked stronger than when I had left, more northern. On her lap, I saw a bundle of furs, and my heart almost stopped. That was my son. She stood up and walked down the steps of the throne. She smiled and spoke, her voice a melody to my ears.

"Welcome home my love. Winterfell is yours. This is your son and heir, Cregan Stark."

She reached me and handed him over. I looked him over. Grey stark eyes, a tuft of black hair could be seen on his head. He gurgled and stretched his arms up as if trying to grab my beard. He was tiny, extremely so, yet he was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I reached towards my face, and I noticed my cheek was wet. I laughed, wiping my eyes quickly in a bit of embarrassment, and looked to my wife.

"Cregan Stark... a good, strong name. He shall grow to be a strong king as well."

I leaned forward and kissed her, the babe still in my arms. She extended her arms forward, as if asking for our son back, but I shook my head and smiled, kissing her again. I lowered him a bit, so Ghost could meet him. He sniffed around a bit and gave him a small lick, signifying his approval.

Straightening back up, I walked towards my throne, and took my sword and sheath off of my waist, carrying them in the hand that was not carrying my son. I saw Maester Aemon standing close to it, as was Lord Manderly and my aunt Lyanna.

I sat, enjoying the cold of the Winter Throne seeping into my skin. I placed Cregan on my lap and the sword at my side, leaning against the throne. Ghost settled at my feet. I gestured to Margaery, telling her to take her seat as well. She walked forward regally and took her place beside me.

Looking around, I tried to spot the others I had missed. Almost hiding in a corner, I spotted Arya, who was grinning ear to ear, probably due to my return. I would have to make some time for her. To the sides, I also spotted my aunt Catelyn, and my cousin, Sansa, who were both beaming, most likely due to Robb's appointment as Lord of the Trident. It had come at the loss of her brother, but she had most likely already mourned the loss, and was now celebrating her son's good fortune. Finally I saw Lady Olenna, who was standing with an unreadable look on her face.

Focusing back on the room at large, I spoke.

"My Lords and Ladies, the war with the Iron Throne is over. Peace has been achieved. King Aegon Targaryen has agreed to peacefully part ways with the Riverlands and the northern half of the Westernlands. For the Westernlands, appointments shall be made in the coming days, while the Riverlands have been given to my cousin Robb Stark, who shall take a new name and sigil and rule over the Trident. The Ironborn raid our coasts, yes, but for now they have not provoked us enough for full mobilization. My uncle Lord Benjen is currently handling this threat to our coasts, and word has been sent to Lord Lonnel Seastark so that he may prepare to mobilize as well."

Gasps were heard throughout the room. To mobilize the Seastarks was not done lightly. They could see the writing on the wall. I continued on with my announcements.

"We have brought Lord Tywin with us. He shall be given the Blood Eagle, and then I shall give his remains to the Heart Tree. His sentence shall be carried out in a week's time. Finally, I would like to thank my council for helping my Queen rule in my absence, and I shall give my thanks to the Queen, for ruling wisely and giving the North its heir. All hail Queen Margaery!"


"I must say I missed you Husband."

"Did you?"

She glared playfully at me. We were sitting in our bed, both of us eager to feel each other's touch.

"I'm serious husband. I did, although I did not think it would happened all that much."

"Well, I must admit I felt that same. The campaign had lots of long nights. I had no doubt I would return, but... it was difficult."

I pulled her to me and kissed her, enjoying her touch. We pulled away and she spoke, a smile on her face.

"You are here now Jon. You won. You are... you are incredible. I never imagined I would marry such a man. You know my family wished me to marry Joffrey Baratheon. He is not half the man that you are."

She was trying to rile me up, I could tell. It worked though. I pulled her more roughly now, taking her lips and cupping her arse. She moaned into the kiss, reaching for my breeches. I smiled and let her. My pants fell to my feet and a hiked up Marge's dress. I started touching her cunt with my fingers, making her moan into me. She started stroking my cock while I worked her, warming me up for what was to come.

"I want it."

Nothing more needed to be said. I pushed myself into her. I moaned, feeling how hot and slick it felt, and my her moans she felt it too. I lost myself, slamming into her over and over and over. I pulled out of her and flipped her over, causing her to gasp in delight.

I went into her again, slamming into her arse. I tried to keep a steady rhythm, stroking in and out so she could enjoy it too. I could hear her moaning, so I kept at it, slapping her ass while I could slowly feel my limit arriving. I started stroking harder and harder, until I couldn't anymore. I let my seed out, straight into her, finally relaxing. I slipped out of her and threw myself on the bed, with her joining me soon after, resting besides me. I looked at her and spoke.

"I needed that you know. You look beautiful right now."

I wasn't even complimenting her. Right here, in the afterglow of sex she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I... I think I was close to loving her. She had given me a son. A boy who I would raise into a strong heir. She had held the North in my absence, and from what I had been told in the short time I had been here, had done a good job. Right now, with her by my side, I was happy. If only we could stay like this for ever.

"He's in perfect health Your Grace, a strong heir if I've ever seen one."

"I am happy to hear that Grandmaester. Anything I should be made aware of."

He smiled, amused at my question.

"I would recommend you maintain him from the cold... but he is a Stark. The cold for you Starks is like the heat for me, Your Grace. We feel it differently, do we not?"

I smiled.

"Aye, we do."

I bid my goodbyes to the Maester Aemon and took Cregan with me, going to the nursery where my Aunt and Lady Olenna were waiting on me, my guard trailing behind me. They had asked to see me and my son, and I had no reason to refuse her request. Word told it they had become fast friends during my absence in the war down south. Margeary had told me of how their conversations usually went about. Pleasant conversation, maybe some stories shared, a couple of small slights to see who had more wit, and then they would take breaks.

"Aunt, Lady Olenna, I greet you."

Lyanna smiled as she greeted me, though there was something else in her expression that I chose to ignore when she gazed at my guard Alaric. Olenna just extended her arms expectantly, waiting for me to give her her grandson. I gave Cregan to her and took a seat in front of them, taking a glass of whiskey as it was offered by Aunt Lyanna.

"I will never understand how you northeners drink that. Wiski, Huisky, Whiskey, even the name is peculiar. What is the appeal of this I wonder? Even Mace tried it a couple of times and he certainly likes his drinks if his belly is anything to go by."

"Hahaha! Its a proper northern drink my Lady. A northener who doesn't drink whiskey is no northener. And there's even something worse out there for those who truly wish to drink, as Tormun calls it. Goat's Milk."

"The Chief of Rudy Hall? He must be a wild man to drink that."

I smiled, amused.

"He is."

Lyanna signaled towards me, intent on asking me something.

"Nephew, tell me, what do you think of your son Cregan?"

"Yes, tell me what you think of my grandson. He's a sweet boy, but I don't know what you think of him yet. I haven't had the time to speak to Marge."

I looked towards them both, and a smile bloomed on my face. I couldn't help it.

"He's perfect. I know he'll be a strong heir. The Grandmaester has told me he is of perfect health as well, therefore there is no worry of any complications in his future."

Olenna scoffed.

"Bah! A strong heir he says. Is fighting the only thing you men think of?"

Lyanna smirked and responded for me.

"War is always on the horizon my Lady, and Winter is Coming."

I felt myself smile.

"He won't face any hardships alone Lady Olenna, the lone wolf dies—"

"But the pack survives doesn't it? You Starks and your sayings, House Tyrell only has our words, and they are not even that impressive if I am honest. Growing stronnnggg. Do you think they are fearsome Your Grace?"

I chuckled, amused at her comment.

"I don't think so My Lady."

She sighed, rocking her grandson in her lap while speaking.

"At least they have proved true. I dare say House Tyrell is as strongest as it's ever been."

"My goodbrother is a large part of that is he not? Marge has told me of him. He was the one who organized most of the betrothals in the Reach was he not, including his own marriage to his lady wife Talla Tyrell. He seemed an intelligent sort from the little I saw of him in my wedding."

"A good lad, crippled as he is. He may not fight, but he is certainly not worthless."

"Good, I wish to meet with him in the future. I think he would prove an interesting conversationalist."

"He surely would, he surely would."

We were left in silence after that, with Aunt Lyanna drinking her whiskey and Lady Olenna caring for her grandchild. I took a sip from my drink and noticed my aunt smirking in Olenna's direction.

"This is gonna be good!" I thought, eager to see what she would do.

"Lady Olenna, I have something to ask you."

She raised her brow in confusion.

"Go ahead Lady Lyanna."

"I do not wish to come as prying but…. there have been rumors spreading, some of which should concern you."

"Bah! And why should they?"

"Well, they say you've been seen multiple times in Maester Aemon's company my Lady. Surely you see how this could be misinterpreted as something it isn't?"

I swear my jaw must have dropped on the ground, and I turned towards Olenna to see her reaction.

"Bah! That old bat!? My dear if I wish to have a tumble I could certainly do younger don't you think?"

"Oh but Maester Aemon is a handsome man for his hundred years is he not? Hells he can still walk without a cane, a feat you yourself cannot claim. His dragonsblood must keep him young, and with his knowledge he could surely create some type of potion to allow you both to…. Interact with each other."

I couldn't hold myself anymore.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Lady Olenna, I hope you take no offense, but my aunt's jest is a good one if I've ever heard it!"

"Nonsense Your Grace! If he were 20 years younger I would have jumped his old bones already! We old women have our needs to do we not Lady Lyanna?"

Ah, there was the comeback. If my Aunt Lyanna hated anything it was someone reminding her of her age. I saw her with a brittle smile on her face, clearly hiding her irritation at Olenna's comment.

"Of course we do my lady."

Lady Olenna noticed this and continued, a smile on her face while she kept rocking Cregan.

"Why I've heard some rumors regarding yourself as well, though I am sure they are baseless. I've heard you have been seen in the company of a certain soldier, a Andrew? No.. Axel? Ahhh, Alaric if I remember corretly. Alaric Snow."

If mentioning her age was a sure way to get her enraged, mentioning her "friendship" with the captain of the Royal Guard, Alaric Snow, was about the only way to get her embarrassed. For a woman who prided herself in unwomanlike qualities, even refusing to marry, for those in the know, her relationship with Aalric Snow proved to be a subject of amusement for us all.

Some may be critical of their relationship due to his status as a bastard, not even a lord's bastard at that, but he was as trusted as anyone could have been outside of the family. He rose to his position after saving my father's life during the war, and after given the opportunity he had not failed to deliver, saving my father a couple of times and killing knights of renown in the name of the North, building a friendship with my father during the campaign against the Mad King. After the war, my Aunt Lyanna had fallen for him and had taken him into her bed. They were discrete, but it was known to most of renown in Winterfell.

Lyanna's face was a bit red from the embarrassment, and looking behind me to see Alaric's reactions, he was stoic as a rock, though a bit of nervousness could be seen.

"Ha! Lady Olenna, you truly are a breath of fresh air. Well, I will leave you now with Cregan, I have further business to attend."

I left it at that, exiting the chambers. Tomorrow Tywin Lannister would be given to the Gods, and the war to the South would be over.

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