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A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away... our story begins.

It has been 200 years since the fall of the Galactic empire. In that time the heroes of long ago have long since passed, and the New Republic has firmly set itself in the new age of harmony in the Galaxy.

However, all is not well.

For you see there has been a new rise of recent time. A rise of criminals throughout the Galaxy.

Thief's, murderers, smugglers, and crime lords of all shapes and sizes. All of them causing havoc of some level across the whole of the Galaxy. And the rise of activity continues to grow at a sudden rate.

No is sure how this uprise started. But so far measures have been taken by the New Republic to handle this threat.

But it's not enough.

The threat proves to be rising at a rate to fast to be dealt with or controlled. And republic authorities are forcibly stretched thin across the Galaxy. Something that everyone has taken notice of.

So as such, the people have turned to a more local form of dealing with the criminal activity.

Bounty Hunters.

Hired arms have been an all time high as of late. And the hired gun of the Galaxy have taken the ample opportunities that naturally came with the rise of criminal activity. From Assassins, all the way up to mercenaries, the Bounty Hunter career has been on the rise for some time now.

As well as the reputation of ONE such individual.

For months now, whispers of a new Bounty Hunter has been spreading everywhere across the Galaxy. Word of what any who had gotten a glimpse, a glimpse of a Mandalorian, hunting criminals across the Galaxy.

And rumors of his exploits have also spread.

Rumors of how he comes in from nowhere, like lightning from the sky, and as black as the void off space. And of the complete annihilation of any he hunts down.

This, and more, have soon lead all who have heard of him, to name him. A name fitting of the Mandalorian who has built a reputation of respect and fear across the Galaxy.

Black Bolt.


Amongst the various accomplishments that had been made across the Galaxy, not many match the city-orbit-stations. And Juro-1 is no exception.

The idea of the stations themselves came from the construction of former space stations created in the age of the Galactic Empire. Stations like the Death Star for example were a particularly large inspiration.

The facilities themselves were crafted for one singular purpose. Living quarters.

It had become apparent to all that the concept of space stations would be a necessity for certain sectors. As was the case for Juro-1, as it orbited a world for mining operations.

Said world in question was far too dangerous for habitable living. So stations like Juro-1 have set up shop around it in orbit.

Unfortunately while the benefits of these stations have proven themselves, the downsides have hit just as hard as well. He stations were so large, they were practically a breeding ground for criminal activity. And many criminal leaders have made their homes in these stations.

Thus once again proving the threat of criminal activity as of late once more to all.

Fortunately however, as of recently, someone has been cleaning house.

Sector 9. For those who have made their homes in Juro-1 this is one of the spots in the city station that people go to have fun.

Night clubs, bars, race tracks, and betting pools of all sorts. After a long and hard day of working in the mines and hauling the loads back into space, many of the residents come down to sector 9.

But this also includes the criminals as well.

One such individual was Guff Tiros. Big time Karkarodon criminal who recently made residence in Juro-1. The shark like crime boss has become infamous for stealing water supplies from the station. And once he obtains it he sells it back to the people he stole it from to begin with. Which in on itshas proven to be an issue. Unfortunately Guff has proven to show he also proven to know how to hide himself, as 3 weeks of his activity have passed by and no one was able to catch him.

That is until today.

You see, what Guff didn't know was that his day was about to take a VERY bad turn.

We go now to one of the more discreet parts of sector 9. The area itself is located on an area almost outside of security disposition.

A perfect place for smugglers or criminals to make their sales and get out.

And also a good place to get a drink at some of the local clubs that have set up shop in the district. For Guff however it was his usual hangout spot. As is the case with one particular club we got to now.

"I'm telling you I'm on the list!" Said a man who stood out in front of a neon flashing club called "Waterways."

In front of the man In Question would be the bouncer of the establishment. A large and muscular Rodian, who was much larger than the man in front of him. And didn't look even remotely intimidated by his shouting, looking more bored than anything else.

"Sir, like I've told you 7 times now, you are NOT on the list." He said as he showed him an electronic clipboard he was holding. "See, you're name ain't on here. Now beat it, before I beat YOU."

"WHAT?! You can't do, that! I have half a mind to call your boss!"

This little bicker could've continued and ended in a few different ways.

On one hand this could keep going repeatedly. On the other, the Rodian would've finally got fed up with the man in front of him and do his job. And those were only a couple of ways this could've ended.

But tonight? On this day right now? It ends in a different manner.

For you see, as the angry man continued to shout at the bouncer, a figure began to step out from the shadows. Slowly making his way towards the entrance of the club, the two bickering in front of it none the wiser to his presence.

It was only when the figure stopped just behind the man yelling at the bouncer was his presence made known.

The bouncer, who had decided to give the guy in front of him a piece of his mind. But then he saw the guy standing behind him. And suddenly he felt a feeling of pure DREDD course through his veins.

The shouting man suddenly took notice of the look of pure terror on the bouncers face. And then turned to look behind him to see the cause.

And immediately he understood why the moment he saw the guy standing behind him.

A Mandalorian. One wearing armor that was jet black in color. The only colors that weren't black was the silver on his visor, and the marks painted on two areas. On his chest, the symbol of Mandalor. And in his helmet, the image of what looked like a wolf. A proud and mighty hunter with fangs bared ready attack.

Seeing him, the man suddenly croaked out the strangers name.

"Black Bolt...!"

And just like that, he suddenly took off and bolted like hell on wheels. Running as fast as his feet could carry him.

That just left Black Bolt and the Rodian.

Said Rodian was looking like he wished to be anywhere else. Especially considering how the black armored Mandalorian silently stared at him. But despite his silence, the bouncer knew what he wanted.

"Y-y-you want to go in the club right?" He said with a stutter, "Well g-go right on ahead! I won't stop you!"

And he didn't. The bouncer stood back and pressed a few numbers on the door keypad, and sure enough the entrance to the club opened.

Not even paying the bouncer a second thought, Black Bolt walked right through the doorway. But before he did though, the Rodian suddenly called out to him from The entranceway.

"Hey!" He suddenly called out, making Black Bolt stop in his tracks. "Look, if you're gonna cause trouble in there, just- please don't wreck the place too badly alright?"

All he got in return was silence as the Mandolorian stood still.

"B-because you know... I need this job is all..."

Silence still rained for a few moments more between the two. But then Black Bolt continued onward into the club. Making the Rodian swiftly duck back outside and close the door behind him. Slumping to the floor soon after.

"Cripes...! I feel sorry for Guff and the rest of those Poor shmucks right now..."

Inside the bar however there was a large amount of activity going on.

One such activity of which was mainly drawn at a table. the first thing that happens is some kind of large blue (and six fingered) hand slamming onto a table. The hand belongs to a blue humanoid alien as he appears to be glaring at someone.

And that someone was none other than Guff. He was a relatively muscular Sharkman, with a mouth full of fanged teeth and wearing a tank top. Around his waist was an ammo belt, and a set of grenades and knives hanged on his waist. To top off his appearance, he also had a large amount of scars across his face.

He and the blue being (who was sweating) were currently sitting together at a table facing one another. And some of Guffs gang were around them both.

Then, Guff pulls up a knife in his hand, slowly raises it upward above the blue aliens hand... and then began to repeatedly stab the table area between his fingers!

Faster and faster did the Karkarodon stab downward. Until his hands were a blur in motion, the blue alien sweating more and more as he watched until...!


The poor guy suddenly yanked his hand back screaming in pain as the knife had punctured his flesh.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Pay up!" Guff said with a laugh as he turned towards a guy next to him. The thug handing over a handful of credits, before falling to the floor when the Karkarodon suddenly punched him in the face the moment he did. "We hit big time boys! So drinks are on the house tonight!"

That elected a cheer from all his men. All of them crowding the bartender of the establishment as he passed drinks along to them.

In terms of numbers the gang itself was 37 strong. Various numbers of individuals, some human and some not, were all up and about doing something in the club to have fun.

The cause of their merriment was do to the recent mission they all accomplished.

Recently as of earlier today, the gang had stolen a large water shipment that had made its way to Jiro-1. Once word got out that the shipment was coming, Guff was quick to haul his backside into high gear and take the supply of water for himself.

The operation went off so well they all decide to celebrate. Hence the club.

Music, drinks, and partying of all sorts was everywhere in the club. And it would look like the festivities would continue on until everyone here collapsed from exhausting themselves or being to drunk off their rumps.

But then the sound of the door that lead to the club opened up, gaining He attention of some of the gang members who all looked over to see the newcomer.

And immediately felt like Darth Vader himself was force chocking them when they saw who it was.

Black Bolt.

The black armored Mandalorian stood at attention at the doorway as one after another the various gang members all went quiet and looked at him in shock and fear.

Sure enough though, After surveying the room for a bit, Black Bolt began to calmly walk his way through the room and towards the bartender.

All the while, the gang members around him were all muttering different things.

Which was ranged from as followed.

"This is not happening, THIS IS NOT HAPPENING.

"Slag it! Slag it!"


"Black Bolt!"

Needless to say they were freaking out. BADLY.

However as the Mandalorian made his way across the room, on the other side of the bar an Interesting conversation was taking place between two thugs.

"Oooohhh we are SCREWED." one of them said as he held his head in his hands. Now looking like he regretted ALL of his life choices right now.

His partner on the other hand just looked at him confused.

"What? I don't get it, who is that guy?" He asked.

His buddy on the other hand then snapped his gaze to him in baffled shock. "Wh- are you KIDDING me right now!? Monty how could you POSSIBLY not know who that guy is?!" He asked in a hushed Whisper.

"Well I'm sorry frank but I'm new to the gang. They don't tell me anything.

The named frank regarded him for a moment, before suddenly grabbing his glass and gulp the whole thing down in one go. Finally he spoke up.

"That's Black Bolt! THE Black Bolt! The same bounty hunter who's been whacking off guys like us across the galaxy! The same one that's been, you know, killing off the Hutt crime lords for months now!" He said in a panicky voice.

"Holy shi- THAT Black Bolt?! That's him right there?!" Monty cried out, a panicked looked etched across his face as he pointed at the bounty hunter. now understanding the situation they were in.

"Yeah, that's him alright. Never thought I live to see the day he cross my path, but here we are now..."

"I've only heard rumors about him..." Monty said, noticing how the Mandalorian had finally made his way over to the bartender. "All the damage that he does to the guys he's after. And now we're stuck in a room with him..."

Speaking of which, let's go back to Black Bolt now.

The Bounty Hunter had stood at the other side of the counter, quietly staring at the bartender who of which looked VERY uncomfortable right now.

"W-What would you like?" He asked with a stutter.

Saying nothing, Black Bolt pointed to a kettle behind him. Indicating that he wanted hot water.

And no sooner did he do so, the bartender was quick to give him the kettle and a glass. And as soon as the Bounty Hunter took it and walked off, the bartender quickly made his way out of the room as fast as his legs could carry him.

Kettle and glass in hand, the Bounty Hunter made his way over to a free table. Sitting down, he poured himself a glass as the other criminals in the room watched him, and began to take a sip as he slightly lifted up his helmet.

*SLAM!* "HEY!"

Or he would have had Guff not stomped his way over and slam his finned hand on the table.

"You got some kind of nerve!" He said as he glared at the Mandalorian.

However Black Bolt didn't seem to pay him any mind as he took a sip of his drink. Which only served to anger the Sharkman further.

"You hear what I'm saying? I'm talking to YOU!" He said with a snarl as he glared harder at him, "you got some GUMP coming up in here like you own the place! Ya know what I mean?"

He then leaned in close, practically face to face. "Better finish that drink quick," He said as he stuck his tongue in it before grinning, "because you might live much longer."

If the Mandalorian was upset with his drink's contamination he didn't show it. But then, Guff pulled out a data file from his hip and placed it on the table. Showing a picture of Black Bolt's helmeted head.

"The hutt's are offering 500,00 for your head. 500,00. That's a lot of money..." Guff said with a grin.

And then, all around the room, did the various members of his gang all began to get up from their spots and make their way over to the table.

One by one they approached. Each of them pulling out a blaster, or a knife, or just about any other violent weapon you can think of. Their previous fear of the Mandolorian seemingly gone due to their own greed as they surrounded him.

"And we mean to collect that money." Guff said as he pulled out a knife with a sadistic grin, "right about no-"


That was the last thing Guff ever heard.

Said sound itself being Black Bolt, who of which had suddenly MOVED and pulled out a Westar-34 blaster from his hip and shot the Karkarodon square through his grinning mouth and through the back of his head!

Then, quicker than anyone around him could react, he suddenly flipped the table over, jumped up and back flipped over the guys around him, and drop 3 grenades down at them before landing on his feet and jumping behind the bar counter just as the bombs exploded.

He then jumped back up from his cover and shot his wrist forward. Setting several gang members charging at him ablaze when he activated his wrist mounted flamethrower.

When he was done, Then he quickly pulled out a second Westar-34 and began shooting at every member of Guff's gang around him! Shooting them with extreme accuracy and hitting every one of them in the process as he jumped over the counter.

The barrage continued onward as blaster shots hit every target, and a concussion rocket fired from the Mandalorian's wrist gauntlet shot out and blew up a large number of them as well.

Instincts kicking in, he pulled his head back to dodge a shot aimed at his head, looked up, and saw a guy at the upper balcony with a blaster rifle. Acting quickly before he could get another shot, he threw his arm forward and a fiber cord rope shot out and wrapped around the guy's neck. And then Black Bolt grabbed the rope and PULLED! The force was so unexpected the guys head bent downward and SLAMMED into a railing with a loud CRACK!

Detaching the rope from his gauntlet, Black Bolt suddenly twisted around when a loud scream came from behind him. He was quick to see one of the remaining gang members coming at him with a blade and swung it down! Only for Black Bolt to grab his arm and with a quick twist snapped it, electing a loud scream from the thug. But he was quickly silenced when the Mandlorian grabbed his throughout with his other hand, picked him up and slammed him on the bar counter, pulled out a device that shot out a blade and slammed into his stomach before sending him sliding across the counter and into another group of thugs knocking them all to the floor.

Said thugs only had enough time to start getting up before a beeping sound reached their ears. One of them looked over, and his eyes widened in just enough time to see the device in the guy's stomach was beeping before-


-It exploded and blew them all to pieces!

And just like that, it was over.

Every single one of the gang members utterly annihilated in the span of only 5 minutes.

Black Bolt himself lowered his weapons at seeing that he had defeated his opponents. But then he heard the groan of one next to him on the floor and shot him not 2 seconds later.

With that done, he spun his blaster pistols in his hands before holstering them. And then began to walk over to a certain part of the room.

Once there, he moved a table in his way to reveal none other than Frank and Monty. Both of which looked like they were staring at death himself right about now.

"Hey hey, H-hold on a second here." Frank started, raising his hands up. "We don't want any trouble now okay? L-look, if you want something from us w-w-we got plenty of credits! Right from the boss, there yours!"

Monty nodded his head vigorously at that, "Y-y-Yeah! We never really liked Guff anyway! So I-I-If you want money we can give i-"

"I can bring you in hot. Or I can bring you in cold. Your choice." Black Bolt suddenly spoke up for the first time.

At that, the two crooks looked at him, then the destroyed room, and then all the bodies, before looking at each other before give him their answer.

"We'll go hot."

"Smart choice." Black Bolt said as he gauntlet made a click sound as he lifted it up at them.

Immediately the two thugs freaked, "No no, now look! You don't need to do that-!"


And just like that, everything. Went. Black.