Chapter 1, here we go!

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If there is one thing about the Galaxy that should be worth remembering, amongst all its knowledge and history that expands since the dawn of time, it's one simple fact that's more true than anything else in it.

Republics may fall, empires may rise. But the Bounty Hunter Guild stands strong.

It's true. Throughout the whole history of the Galaxy, bounty hunting has been something that everyone with enough knowledge of things knows about. For the last 7 centuries has the bounty hunters guild and all its houses stood strong. Throughout all the wars and democracies that have come and gone, the guild always remained vigilant all the same.

And lately on recent times it's no different. Yes, if anything, the recent scourge of criminal activity had only benefited the guild and its members.

In the last 6 months since the rise of the criminal insurrections, Bounty Hunters had spread out throughout the Galaxy more frequently than ever. Ranging from simple hitmen, to mercenaries, to the best hunters out there. There was no shortage of them as criminals dropped dead or rescues were made by those who were hired for the job.

Truthfully these acts had started to make any Bounty Hunter appear as a heroic figure in the eyes of the public, mainly due to taking care of any particularly bad individual out there.

While a Bounty Hunter wouldn't normally fall under such a category due to the life as one is basically just business and not much else, there was no denying their role in life now was a rewarding one.

Especially for a certain Mandalorian.

It was no surprise that Juro-1 had a guild house within its walls. Truthfully it would be a surprise if it didn't. The city station was so large and a breeding ground/local hideout for so many criminals that it was no wonder why it had something of the Bounty Hunter Guild in it.

It wasn't really much considering it was just a place to set up bounties for anyone looking for a target. And also for anyone to potentially sign up as well.

Such was the way of the BGH.

And today was no different, as an all too familiar Bounty Hunter hade made his way back to the guild stationed on Juro-1.

The guild hall was mainly located on the inner area of Juro-1. The reason for this was to not only set up shop in a more populated area, but to also avoid any unwanted company as well.

Not that anyone with or without a price on their head would try to start trouble in a place full of armed killers.

Anyway, let's go take a look inside now shall we?

The guild hall. For most stands and purposes it was a place for business. Specifically of the bounty hunting variety.

The BHG building itself was located in the more inner areas of Juro-1. The reason for this was for two simple facts. Firstly it meant that anyone on the station who had the skills and desire to join could come and sign up, and it also meant that any criminals in the station couldn't just waltz in and cause trouble for everyone as well.

The main hall itself was a large space able to fit about 50 people or more. All across it were various items or services designed for guild members, who were different species of all sorts, in a variety of ways. Tables for eating food from the kitchen before heading out. An upper room on a second floor for more private conversations and dealings. And there was receptionist desk for those who want to place a more direct approach to placing a bounty.

Speaking of which, across the room were different holo-tables. Various pictures of different bounties displayed and all having different prices in their heads.

All and all it was a well structured place.

However whatever the usual hustle and bustle being done in the Guild Hall was quickly silenced when a loud slam echoed throughout the hall. Making everyone inside spin their heads at the entrance way.

Standing at the entrance was a Jawa. Who looked like he had just ran 100 miles, and had a panicked expression and body posture.

The other members inside the hall all looked at him with curios expressions. Naturally.

"Hey shortie, what's the rush?" One bounty hunter called out.

And then without warning, the Jawa suddenly pointed out at the doorway and screamed out in a panicky voice, ("HE'S BACK! HE'S COMING BACK RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!")

Needless to say at the mention of "Him", there was a sudden uproar in the hall. Various bounty hunter members all had various reactions that most would call "freaking out," now that they were aware of HIM coming back to the hall.

However, a sudden slam emanating from the bar of the guild hall got everyone's attention. Looking over, they saw the bartender holding a pint on the counter and eyeing the Jawa.

"Drink Up." He said.

A few minutes later and the Jawa was already guzzling down his drink with gusto. Around him were some of the Bounty Hunters who had decided to gather around him.

"Alright short stuff, spill it" one bounty hunter said, leaning on the counter and eyeing the Jawa. "Is he really coming back right now?"

Finishing his drink and taking big gulps of air before speaking, the Jawa looked over and said "(yes. Black Bolt just finished his latest job and is coming back here right now. I saw it with my own eyes, truthfully.)"

Needless to say everyone had mixed reactions on that.

"Ah damn." The Bounty Hunter muttered as he put a palm to his face.

"He's done ALREADY? But it hasn't even been a whole day yet!" Said another not to far off. A look of disbelief adorning his features.

Another member of the guild, this one a Pyke, merely crossed his arms at that. "Well what do you expect? He's only been here for a month and everyone's already jumping at his shadow. Not that I can blame them, that guy scares the crap out of anybody."

"Yeah I know what you mean. Dude's reputation proceeds him in every sense of the word." Said another bounty hunter, looking more than a little nervous right now.

And it was pretty clear those feelings of unease were shared amongst all of them right now.

Then however, one Bounty Hunter, a Doros, decided to open a can of worms.

"Hey. Doesn't Black Bolt have a bounty on his head?" He asked.

At that, everyone in the room suddenly whipped their heads at him. All of them giving him various looks. Most of which consisted of "are you crazy?!".

"What?" The Doros asked, looking around. "I'm just saying! The guy's got 500,000 put on him, and that's a lot of money ya know!"

"Are you high or something?!" A Twilek bounty hunter asked, giving him a disbelieving look, "you can't honestly be stupid enough to suggest one of us go and try to claim his bounty! That's SUICIDE!"

"Yeah! Last I heard, the last guy who try to do that came back in a box! What was left of him anyway!" A Nikto Bounty Hunter in the guild yelled out.

Sure enough, murmurs began to spread out throughout the guild. Sure it was true that since Black Bolt had been killing large scale crime lords as much as small ones, it was only a matter of time until some of those crime lords would be desperate enough to place a price on his head. Especially when Black Bolt started to kill off the Hutt crime lords and take their valuables while he was at it. Such actions are mainly why the black armored Mandalorian was so feared in the criminal underground. Because if he was capable of pulling something like that off and still get away with it after all this time...

Then what chance did anyone coming after him would have?


However, whatever thoughts anyone had came to a halt at that sudden noise. Looking over they all saw a Zabrak Bounty Hunter at the bar counter. Said Zabrak currently had a fist smashed down on a glass and an irritated look on his face.

"You're all a bunch of sissies!" He yelled out, standing to his feet. "You can all go crying to your mamas if you want, but I'm getting that bounty and be sitting pretty!"

Not too happy at that remark, another bounty hunter, another Bounty hunter shot up with a angry scowl. "Says you ya little runt! That pretty little head of his is mine, and the reward that goes with it!"

"Forget that noise!" Yet another bounty hunter yelled out, this one human and decked with a lot of weaponry. "Because while you all talk and talk I'll be pumping enough Blaster fire to level this whole building into him! Like THIS!" He suddenly yelled out and brought up a particularly big gun to bare. Making much of the other bounty hunters back off.

"You better put that thing away man!" The Zabrak from before growled out.

All the while, while the arguing continued on, a bounty hunting team of 4 currently just sat on a table enjoying their drinks. All the while watching the display with various emotions as the group consisting of a Human, Rodian, Twilek, And a Chadra-Fan

"So uh, that's happening" the only human in the group said as he looked at the group of hired guns arguing with each other. "So is this Black Bolt guy really as bad as they say he is?"

At that the other three members of his team all gave him a look.

"[Seriously? What, you've been living under a rock or something?]" The Rodian asked with a raised brow.

"Hey I'm new to the bounty hunting business, you know that." The apparent rookie said raising his hands. "But yeah, is what all those guys saying really true?"

At that the Chadra-Fan give his teammate a once over again before slugging down his drink and turning to him. "(Ain't no doubt about it kid. Take it from someone who knows a thing or two about a pro and a legend, because when it comes to Black Bolt... guys a force a nature. I've seen good hunters, and I've seen great ones... but when someone walks into a hut space and into a hut castle chocked full of hundreds guards armed to the teeth, and come out without even a SCRATCH not one hour later, and that really says something about the guy ya know?)"

"Y-Yeah... kinda does actually," rookie muttered, now looking more than a little nervous from hearing all that.

"Yeah, and here's the real kicker," the Twilek of the group spoke up. "Nobody knows where the guy even came from. One month into the Galaxy wide crime spree going on lately, and then suddenly POOF! A Mandalorian in Black armor suddenly comes from who knows where and starts kicking ass and making names."

"[Yeah so take it from us kid. They guys who put a price on his head may think it's worth the risk. But the truth is that when it comes to Black Bolt... it's more of a death sentence]," said the Rodian.

"Well if you say so. But still, it's hard to believe that-!


Whatever the rookie was going to say next was quickly cut short at the sudden noise. Looking over, the four were greeted with the sight of one of the arguing Bounty Hunters laying in rubble out cold. And a large Trandoshan Elite standing over his unconscious form.

"Get out my way!" The large reptile man hissed out as he stalked forward. The other Bounty Hunters becoming tense around him

"Back off man, you're not the only one who thinks he can take him on!" The Zabrack from before said, not in the least bit intimidated by the lizard man.

However he soon found himself crashing into another Bounty Hunter when the Trandoshan suddenly slammed his scaly first into his face. The force of the blow also sending him flying and crashing a few feet into the floor.

"AGH, YOU CAVED MY EYES IN!" The Zabrack screamed as he clutched his face in agony.

Satisfied with his work on him, the Trandoshan turned to the Bounty Hunter with the Blaster from before and began to make his approach on him.

Not willing to be lizard man's next punching bag, said Bounty Hunter immediately held his gun up at him. "Back off man, I ain't afraid to punch more than a few holes into you!"

"Yeah?! Just try it!" The Trandoshan elite barked out, while also pulling his own large LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun from his back.

"Hey! No fighting in the guild!" Said the receptionist, but unfortunately the two didn't look to be in the listening mood.

Everyone watching immediately tensed. Everyone not sure who would make the first shot between the two as they stared each other down, practically looking ready Kill each other despite the rules that applied to the guild.

However everyone was so absorbed into the scuffle, that other than the receptionist, they didn't notice an all too familiar figure walking into the guild hall. The Jawa from before however looked at said individual and immediately ducked underneath a nearby table out of fright. And then said individual suddenly walked between the Trandoshan and Gunman, making them snap out of their glaring contents and shift their attention to the person when they saw who it was.

Black Bolt.

Needless to say that at the sight of him everyone other than the receptionist immediately had looks of various forms of shock. Not many of them expecting him to just suddenly appear without them noticing.

"Oh! Welcome back sir. I take it your hunt went well?" The receptionist asked in a very polite tone of voice.

Black Bolt didn't say anything as he simply placed a holo-disk on the counter. Said disk lighting up and displaying the details of his work for her to see.

"Hmm. 40 deceased and two alive... okay then! Just wait here a moment and I'll go inform Zemo of your success." And with that, she then headed off to a nearby communication device to place the call.

However at that moment, the Trandoshan Elite from before then made his approach on the Mandalorian. "Well well, what do we have here? The infamous Black Bolt. Don't look so tough in person ya know."

However, Black Bolt didn't say anything. Didn't even twitch as he simple waited patiently for the receptionist. Though that didn't sit well with the Trandoshan.

"Hey! You deaf or something!?" The Trandoshan barked out, not happy with being ignored by the Mandalorian.

However when Black Bolt still didn't respond or even make indication that he heard him, the Trandoshan Elite snapped. With a angry hiss he then roared out as he pulled his arm back and prepared to punch Black Bolt right in the head.


Or he would have if the Mandalorian had not suddenly offhandedly backhanded him in the face so hard and so fast, the Trandoshan's face actually dented from the force. And to top it off, he suddenly went flying through the air SPINNING from how hard he was struck. And CRASHED into and THROUGH the wall near the entrance with a loud crash!


The shout was so uniform that it wasn't really clear who had shouted it, only that it had been shouted.

At that moment though, the receptionist came back.

"Mr. Black Bolt sir," She said, getting his attention. "Zemo said he wanted to see you in his office. He wants to give you the reward for the bounties you brought in in person."

"Got it." The Mandalorian simply said as he began to make his way out of the guildhall.

And all the while the many Bounty Hunters in it gave him a very Wide birth as he made his way out and disappeared from sight when he did.

Meanwhile, the same rookie from before could only gape and sputter from what he just witnessed. His teammates on the other hand could only somewhat grimace from the blunt force of the Mandalorian.

Nothing was said. Until the Chadra-Fan leaned back and lifted his hand up, "(Hey barkeep! Gonna need another round over here! Especially after what I just witnessed...)

The Penthouse Sweet. If there was one place that was free of most of the worries and problems of the space station of Juro-1, it be the tower like structure of the Penthouse located in the center of the city.

And it was this tower, were one would find Zemo the Hutt.

Zemo the Hutt was the owner of Juro-1, and was also the one who runs it. Unlike most Hutts, who were notorious crime lords, Zemo figured at some point in his life he'd be better off running a business than anything else. Less chances of anyone coming after him with a Blaster in hand.

So with that in mind, after long-term planning and business deals, Jiro-1 was constructed. One of many space stations built by Zemo.

And it was this very same Hutt that Black Bolt was currently riding the elevator to him.

It didn't take long for the black armored Mandalorian to make his way to the penthouse sweet and take the elevator up to see Zemo in his private office. Being the one who runs the space station, Zemo saw it fit to hire Black Bolt to handle any criminals that make their way into the station. And truthfully the decision wasn't one the Hutt regretted in the slightest considering the results.

Speaking of which, we go now to Zemo's office. A rather well made room fit for luxury. Which seemed fitting for a Hutt if one was to be honest.

Zemo himself was a decent sized Hutt. Not that much bigger than the average man but also not smaller either. He wore what one would best described as business man clothes, or at the very least one you would get for one being worn by a Hutt. And his skin was a sorta pasty green mixed with purple.

As the Hutt looked outside the large glass window of his office, sipping from a sorta decorated cup, he suddenly got a call from one of his droid guards outside his office.

"What is it?" The Hutt asked, not even turning from the window.

"Sir. Black Bolt has arrived as you requested"

At that, Zemo immediately twisted around, looking absolutely delighted from hearing that. "What? Well what are you waiting for? Bring him in, bring him in!"

With the order given, the droids on the other side of the door where quick to open up the door to his office. Slowly they slide open, and low behold, standing outside and soon making his way in was Black Bolt. The Mandalorian as stoic as ever as he approached the Hutt.

"Ah, there he is! There's my boy!" Zemo said as he slithered over to the holo-table in the middle of the room. "So! I take it your mission went as swimmingly as I expected?"

"My mission is done Zemo. Nothing else to it." Black Bolt said, not missing a beat as he sat down at the Holo-Table.

"Of course, of course! I expected nothing less when it comes to you. Also a nice treat to see you didn't kill all the members of that gang. Sorta a rarity to you."

"No point shooting someone who won't shoot back." The Mandalorian replied stoically.

"Fair enough. Anyway, I got your reward money right here. Just give me a moment to fetch it for ya," The Hutt said as he slithered over a nearby container and pulled out a metal case. Sure enough, once he slithered back to the Bounty Hunter, he quickly placed a large pile of credits onto the table to him.

"There you are Bolt. Money well earned, and hopefully well spent. So, what you gonna treat yourself too with your reward money first if you don't mind me asking?"

Black Bolt didn't say anything. The Mandalorian simply counting over the amount he was given. "Supplies. Then move on to the next hunt."

At that, the Hutt could only let out a tired and exasperated sigh.

"Bolt, for the love of mike. You just finished the last one I gave you an hour ago. And the one before that 3 hours ago," Zemo said as he gave the Mandalorian an, honest to heaven, concerned look. "I know you're a man of your work but for heavens sake, would it really be that much of an issue to settle down for a day or two?"

"I stop when I'm preparing for my next hunt, or when I'm dead. You know that Zemo."

"Yes, yes, I know very well," Zemo said with a 'yeah yeah' gesture with his hand. But he quickly went back to a concerned body posture again, "but come on Bolt! Even you realize you can't keep doing this forever. You're not immortal after all. And in this business, people tend to find themselves expiring real quick you know. And despite whatever you may think, I do care about you beyond a valuable asset believe it or not ya know."

Black Bolt didn't say anything at that. Not a sound, or even a twitch. He merely continued to stoically and silently stare at the Hutt in his usual silence.

Immediately seeing he wasn't getting anywhere with him as per usual in this particular topic. Which only elected another sigh from the Hutt.

"Well. If you do so insist on doing your next mission, I actually do have something here for you that might catch your interest" Zemo said as he slithered over and pulled out a holo-disk and placed it on the table. Black Bolt simply eyeing it as soon as it came into view.

"A new Bounty?" The Mandalorian asked. Taking notice of the fresh condition that the disk was in. A clear sign of a brand new bounty.

"Yeah, and here's the funny thing. The guild didn't post this one. This bounty was apparently expressed for you and you alone for some reason."

"Do you know who it's from?"

At that, Zemo could only shrug. "You got me. But whoever they are they definitely know who YOU are at that very least. So might as well see what they want."

At that, Black Bolt eyed the Hutt for a moment or two just to make sure they weren't lying to him. And after reading his body posture and everything and seeing that he wasn't, he then reached over and placed the holo-disk into the holo-table and activated it. Making an image of whoever sent the disk appear into view.

The individual in question could be best described in his appearance in two simple words. Business Man. He was dressed in a neatly made suit that looked very expensive, and his attire was something of a classy sort. His hair was slick and his posture relaxed yet firm. And he seemed to be in a very chipper mood.

"Greetings to you Mr. Black Bolt," the stranger said, taking a bow to the Mandalorian in a police fashion. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Zaphros. And I'm here with an offer for you because you are the best that the Galaxy has to offer."

"Ha! Preaching to the choir there pal," Zemo said as he poured himself another glass of wine.

"Now, here's what I would like you to do. You see, recently a certain benefactor of mine required my services to retrieve a certain target for them." Zaphros said with his charm. Said charm immediately faded away when he suddenly developed a more sour mood. "However recent events have made that impossible, therefore I come to you to retrieve the target now. And if you're wondering what's in it for you, I'll have you know that if you succeed my benefactor has given me the means to pay you 1 billion as your reward."


No sooner was that last bit of info said, Zemo suddenly spat out his drink in shock. While Black Bolt... didn't really react.

"1 BILLION!?" Zemo shouted out, suddenly looking like he was having an epiphany, "Bolt! That's enough money to set you for a hundred lifetimes! Ohoho mama, who is this poor sap and who did he piss off to get a price that big on their head?"

"If you wondering who the target is I'm afraid I can't tell you that," Zaphros piped up as he continued talking.

Suddenly, the image of the well dressed man suddenly switched to the image of a planet. One that the only two occupants of the room were well aware of.

"But where I can tell you is where they are and why. They were recently picked up by space pirates around the rim of Felucia. They're currently making their demands as we speak and I imagine they also got a price or two on their heads as well. Furthermore the bounty disk has a tracker designed to pick up the targets bio-signature, so that should help you out. But with that said though, I'll wish you the best of luck Black Bolt. Have a nice day.

And with that said and done, the image cut off and the holo-table went dark. Leaving the two occupants of the room to stew in their thoughts of what was just presented to them.

But then Black Bolt picked sat up, picked up the bounty-disk, and in no time whatsoever he began to make his way out the room.

Needless to say, Zemo didn't need to ask where he was going. And simply remained silent as he watched him go. The black armored bounty hunter quickly disappearing from sight as he left.

When he was gone though, Zemo went back to drinking his wine.

"Well best of luck to you Blackie. Something tells me you're gonna need it."

Like a well oiled and maintained machine, Black Bolt had left Zemo's office and made his way straight to the space station's main hanger. All around him were various ships of various shapes and sizes. Most of them also being ships full of cargo or the ship of a bounty hunter from the guild.

But there was one ship that stood out the most in the whole hanger. And that ship was Black Bolt's.

A YT-2600.

Some time in the last three years, the YT-2600 marked the beginning of a new generation of YT-series freighters. The earlier YT-2500 series introduced following the Battle of Endor and its derivatives had run their course in terms of design and performance and CEC felt that it was the right moment to introduce their new craft. Relying on the recognition associated with one of the most famous CEC ships in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon, the YT-2600 used the basic hull lines of the popular YT-1300. Despite the classic look the new design was no slouch and represented a major leap forwards in performance over the older design.

A sleek hull and at the time of its introduction the fastest ship in the YT-series gave the YT-2600 a certain aesthetic as a high performance craft with a speed comparable to many starfighters of the Galactic Civil War era and one of the best hyperdrives aboard any freighter on the legal civilian market. To prove a point on their new product, CEC entered the YT-2600 into several speed trials and broke official sublight and lightspeed records, putting to rest any fears that the design's classic lines might be indicative of an archaic ship. Knowing their market, CEC made sure to sell the craft with as much modular capacity as possible, enabling owners to make extensive modifications to their craft should they desire to do so. A powerful generator ensured that buyers could easily upgrade any number of systems on the freighter for their purposes legal or otherwise.

The YT-2600 quickly became a favorite on the galactic markets and CEC had to sub-contract out to several smaller manufacturers to meet demand for the new ship. The stock configuration carried two dual laser turrets mounted on ventral and dorsal mounts, four point-defense laser cannons under the cockpit and powerful shielding though there were several more unused weapon hadpoints that could easily be filled with other weapons. Like many craft in the YT-series it was unusual to find any two craft exactly identical as many users upgraded and customized their craft to suit personal tastes and preferences. The success of the YT-2600 ensured that the new series of CEC light freighters would continue and plans were drawn up for several more designs within the YT-2600 lineage with speculation that CEC might make use of the full 2600 range and rumors that the first derivative design would be online before the YT-2600 had reached its five year anniversary.

With this in mind, for someone like Black Bolt this was a perfect ship for him.

And so after making his way through the hanger, he found his ship.

The Lost Light.

Making his way inside, the Mandalorian made his way through the corridors of the ship. All the while passing the Lost Light's second resident, a R6 Astromech Droid. Said Astromech being blue and purple in color

This was R6-E1. The personal astromech of the Lost Light.

The Droid was currently working on a council until Black Bolt came in and passed it on the way to the cockpit of the ship. However upon seeit he Mandalorian, it quickly began to follow him after closing the panel.

"Back already? Shouldn't be surprised really considering it's, well, you" it said in a feminine voice.

Black Bolt didn't say anything. Only sitting himself down on the cockpit seat and placing the bounty-disk he got from Zemo in the front dashboard.

"Got another one already huh?" Sixy said as she made her way over to the astromech panel and inserted an interface arm. "So. How much money you getting off this one?"

"1 billion."

"Oh is that all? Well that seems re- 1 BILLION?!"

Startled, Sixy suddenly jerked back and fell flat on her back with a loud clunk. The astromech struggled to get back up to no avail, and would have continued struggling until Black Bolt casually reached over and lifted her back up.

"Are you serious?!" The Little astromech shrieked out and whirled around to face him. "One BILLION?! Who the heck has a price that large on them, and furthermore, who even has that kind of scratch?!"

"That's What we're going to find out. Are the coordinates locked in?" Black Bolt asked, the bounty hunter warming up the ship, causing the engine to roar to life.

With a sound that could be the equivalent of a sigh for an Astromech, Sixy simply turned and plugged in her interface arm in the wall socket.

"Coordinates are set. So the only thing stopping us from going to Felucia (of all the planets...) is just you."

Then without even a word, Black Bolt got the Lost Light flying.

The Starship began to slowly hover into the air, then turned to exit through the Ray-shield of the docking station. And once outside and a good distance away from the station, Black Bolt activated the Starships hyperdrive and *WHOOSH!* they disappeared.

And so began the hunt.

It didn't take long for the two to reach their destination, far from it.

In fact, the amount of time it took the Lost Light to reach the jungle world of Felucia was the equivalent of 2 hours.

Which suited Black Bolt just fine. As the man didn't like to waste time.

As the ship lowered down through the atmosphere and Sixy scanned the planet for the life signal of the target in order to pinpoint their location on the fierce jungle world, Black Bolt was preparing for the hunt.

Westar-34. Thermal Detonators. A Beskad. And a Customized Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster. These were just a few of the items listed in his use, and he was going to use them to their fullest.

"Sir, I found the target. Their approximately 3 miles from where we're at now," Sixy suddenly radioed in.

"Good. Bring the ship to land here then. Better the Pirates holding the hostage don't know I'm coming."

"Got it. Bringing the ship to land now.

Sure enough, as he straightened out his jet pack and placed his helmet on, the Mandalorian could feel the ship landing. When that was done he made his way outside. And was immediately greeted with the jungle landscape of Felucia below him from their position from on top of a cliff.

Felucia, for those of you who don't know, is a jungle world. One filled to the brim with some of the most violent and ferocious creatures you can imagine. From the monstrous Rancor, to the deadly Ackley, and even the dreaded Sarlaac.

Truthfully, to live on this world you needed to be as tough as your environment.

And now Black Bolt had to travel through that environment.

This was a Tuesday. Without a doubt.

"Stay with the ship Sixy. And be prepared to come when I call you." Black Bolt said, the Mandalorian soon making his way to the edge of the cliff.

"Copy that. And do TRY not to get eaten by something out there." The Little astromech replied. Quickly closing the hatch of the ship shut tight.

And no sooner did she do that, Black Bolt pulled out the homing beacon and took to the skies. His jetpack roaring to life as he flew down into the jungle below and began to hunt down his target.


Meanwhile, deep deep in the jungle landscape of Felucia, a band of renegades had made their temporary home here.

A large compound was built within an opening of the dense jungle. Much of it cleared away with Blaster fire and flamethrowers. Along with whatever power tools could be used in the construction. Then a perimeter was made to surround the area and those inside it who resided in the camp surrounding a large ship. Guards patrolling the area to keep any unwanted visitors out. And weapon cashes along with deadly armaments were also being set up as well.

Meaning whoever bossed this band of pirates around didn't want take any chances.

Speaking of which, we go now to two good in particular, a pair of humans, who were playing guard duty at one of the electrified wall's entrances. The two pirates standing guard in relative silence until...

"Hey," the one on the left began, turning to the other pirate next to him.

"Yeah?" the other asked, turning back.

"You ever wonder why we're here?"

"It's one of life's great mysteries, isn't it? Why are we here? I mean, are we the product of... some cosmic coincidence, or... is there really a God? Watching everything? Y'know, with a plan for us and stuff? I dunno, man. But it keeps me up at night."

At that, the two continued to stare at each other in silence. Neither one saying anything. That is until the pirate on the left finally spoke up.

"What? I meant why are we out here, in this jungle, on this planet?" He asked, looking baffled by what his partner said.

"Oh, uh... yeah."

"What was all the stuff about God?"

"Uh... hm? Nothing," the other guard said quickly, clearly wanting to forget anything that was said.

"... You want to talk about it?"

"No," the other guard said quickly.

"You sure?"


"Seriously though, why are we out here? As far as I can tell, no one would want to be on this forsaken rock for a day. Especially with all the things that want to eat us here."


"The only reason that we set up a base here, is because of that thing we picked up from the cargo ship we busted a couple of days ago. Not to mention how much it's worth for too."

"Yeah, that's why the boss made us set up the base here," the other guard answered.

"Yeah no kidding. Speaking of which, the hell even is that thing we picked up anyway?" The first guard said, looking back towards their ship. "For the life of me I can't figure out what it's even suppose to be."

"Yeah what's up with that anyway? I mean, I signed on to fight and rob. Next thing I know, Chief blows up the whole star convoy, and I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere, fighting off a bunch of oversized bugs and stuff while the Chief plays negotiator for something we haven't even seen before."

The other guard opened his mouth to say something. However he was quickly interrupted by a loud and BOOMING voice.


Just like that, the activity in the camp went still as all attention was focused on the speaker of shouted out that. Sure enough they were greeted by the sight of their captain.

The infamous space patriate Sha-Korda.

Sha-Korda was a Herglic, a fairly big one too, which truthfully wasn't uncommon for his species. What parts of his skin that showed through his suit, which was covered in various ammunition and explosives, he was riddled with scars. His eyes were red and fierce, and his mouth was full of sharpened fangs. Not to mention he had enough muscle to spoof off just about anyone who got a good look at him.

He was mainly known throughout the space waves a "Korda the Ruthless". An infamous pirate captain who got his kicks blasting unsuspecting ships to pieces as he robbed and looted anyone or anything inside in the most violent of fashions. And rather enjoys doing the acts as well from what most would know or hear.

In other words? One "Mean as Sin" looking S.O.B.

"I just got a call from that punkass, Zaphros. Said he wants to negotiate now," the oversized space pirate said as he eyed his crew. "Now while I'm doing that and making our lives set on easy street, don't none of you idiots let ANYONE into this camp ya hear me!"

With that said, as he turned to leave, one of the Pirates leaned over to his buddy and whispered "ain't that a double negative?" Which earned a quite laugh from them.

"I HEARD THAT!" Sha-Korda suddenly shouted out, making his crew flinch. Before relaxing when he ducked back into the ship.

But all the while though, none of them noticed a individual who was watching them from his position on a tree. And all the while looking through a zoom function as he prepared his weapon, and began to pick out a target.

While that was happening though, the two guards from before went back to there conversations.

"Heh, man can you imagine? 1 billion in cold hard cash and it's gonna be all ours" said the first one from before.

"Yeah but it seems to good to be true right now," his buddy said, looking nervous as he thought of something. "I mean, we set up this camp and got all these blasters. But I still think we're in for some serious bad company because of that thing we got on the ship."

However the first guard only seemed to scoff at the idea. "Oh come on, get over it already! We're in the middle of the jungle with enough firepower to blast anything we want to kingdom come! Not to mention our boss, who need I remind you, could wrestle 10 Wookiee's into submission easy! Who be crazy enough to come after us?"

"Black Bolt."

And like that, the first guards confidence drained away instantly.

"Oh. Right..." he said with a nervous grimace.

"You hear what happened to Forog?" The second guard suddenly piped up."

"How could I not? One of the meanest criminals out there and Black Bolt swoops in And shows him some humility before handing him over to the authorities. It was all over the cyber news."

"Yeah speaking of which, why he'd let him live? Don't that Mandalorian normally kill his targets?"

"Knowing him, or at the very least what anyone can understand about him, he probably did it to spread the word about himself. Intimidation tactics and all that." The first guard answered with a shrug.

"Yeesh... sounds rough."

And like that a silence fell over the two. Neither one in the mood to talk anymore about anything now. Especially considering the topic of, without a doubt, the SCARIEST person for any criminal in the Galaxy right now hovering over their heads.

And then, a nervous thought dared to leave the second guards mouth.

"You don't think he would really come here do you?," he asked with audible fear in his voice.

"Oh come on? Like he would go out of his way to-"


Suddenly without warning, an explosion suddenly rocked the camp as one of the weapons cashes exploded! The various pirates didn't have time to react though as another Cashe soon went off as well!

Followed by another, and another, and another! All of the, detonating and killing any who were in the wrong place at the wrong time as the armed explosives in the cashe's exploded!

All of these bangs though were seemingly happening after a gunshot was heard.

Then sure enough, one after another the Pirates were next on the target list.

As one pirate tried to help put out any of the fires set off in the camp by the explosions, he suddenly vanished entirely. Only his clothes remaining as they fell to the floor. Sure enough the same thing soon happened to the other pirates as well one after another. Each of them (figuratively) dropping like flies as an unknown assailant was seemingly killing them.

And that assailant was none other than Black Bolt.

The black armored Mandalorian was positioned on a tree branch not far from the camp. His Customized Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster in his hands as he used his helmets built in zoom function to scope out any targets in the camp. All of which continued to disappear under The affects of his weapons disintegration function. The Mandalorian not missing a single shot as he continued to fire.

This went on for a couple of more minutes, before he got to his feet on the beach he was on. Then he took to the air again as his jet pack roared to life, and quickly began to fly towards the demolished camp.

Sha-Korda meanwhile, having heard the explosions, stepped out of the ship to see what was going on. Only to be greeted by the sight of his camp in ruins and a small fraction of his crew remaining.

Needless to say he wasn't happy.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?" He shouted out in outrage as he stomped down from his ship. "WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!?"

As if to answer his question, all attention was suddenly focused on a spot not to far off from Sha-Korda, about 30 feet away from him. And all the pirates were immediately greeted by the one sight no criminal wanted to see.

Black Bolt.

The pirates could only watch in mute horror as Mandalorian quickly stood up from his landing spot. His body posture calm, yet carrying a tense feeling of danger to it.

However unlike his crew-mates, Sha-Korda didn't look all that intimidated by the bounty hunter.

"Heh, well well, what do we have here?" The Herglic said with a toothy smile on his scarred face. "The infamous Black Bolt himself! So tell me, you enjoy smacking my boys around bounty hunter?"

The Mandalorian in question didn't respond right away. He only placed his rifle on his back before rolling his neck and shoulders.

"Not as much fun as you and Forgo are gonna have," He said as he cracked his neck. "Smacking it up in that cozy cell they have for you."

THAT got a reaction out of Sha-Korda.

"Forgo...!" The Herglic pirate captain muttered, suddenly looking VERY panicked right now. "Aww no! I ain't going back in a cell with him! Aw no I got DIGNITY! I AIN'T GOING BACK, NEVERGOINGBACKIGOTDIGNITY!"

Everyone present at that point could only watch as Sha-Korda suddenly started to back away. Before turning around and running back into the ship in utter hysterics at speeds that were honestly impressive for a guy his size.

"Uuuuhhhh...?" One pirate went as he looked to the closets guy near him for clarity of what he just witnessed.

"You do NOT wanna know," was all the guy in question said.


At their leaders furious shout, the last of the pirate crew all immediately began to arm themselves and prepare for assault against Black Bolt.

Only to have just enough time to recoil in horror when they saw that the Mandalorian had closed the distance on them. With his Beskad gripped tightly in his hands.

The group of armed thugs tried to shoot him when he got close, but in one quick session of chops and slashes from the Beskar forged blade, and all the could do then was fall to the floor. Deep and fatal gashes and cuts covering their bodies in various places as the fell to the floor with whatever else the Mandalorian had hacked off them on his sudden strike.

Sure enough, with the leftovers mopped up, Black Bolt swiped the blade and flicked the blood off it and placed it back in the scabbard.

"Your crew is gone Sha-Korda." He said as he looked back at the ship the pirate captain had fled into. "I can bring you on live, or cold. You're choice."

There was a moment of silence. Then his helmets audio sensors picked up the sounds of heavy footsteps rushing through towards the entrance. Hearing this, the External Targeting Rangefinder on Black Bolt's helmet suddenly lowered down.

"Dead then if you don't survive this." He said as he leaned forward EVER so slightly.

And the rocket on his jet pack suddenly shot forward just as a ballistic Sha-Korda LUNGED out of the ship's entrance. The Herglic, decked with deadly weaponry and a violent looking axe in hand, didn't have time to notice the rocket heading straight towards until-!


With a mighty explosion the Herglic went flying through the air. Sent hurdling uncontrollably from the force of the blast until he hit the ground behind Black Bolt with a loud THUD!

Said Mandalorian took a moment to look back at the prone form of Sha-Korda. And then took notice of the groaning. Evidentially it would seem that the Herglic's armored body had prevented his death.

But that wasn't important right now. The pirate captain could be dealt with later.

Now was the time to retrieve the target.

Pulling out one of his blaster pistols and pulling out the BH-Disk, Black Bolt made his way into the ship. Once inside he began to follow the signal on the tracker. Step by step he made his way deeper into the confines of the pirate vessel until finally the tracker started to beep widely as he arrived at one particular room. And if Black Bolt had to guess, it was definitely Sha-Korda's personal quarters. Making his way into the open room, he pointed the tracker around until it pinpointed something in the room.

And what it was raised suspicion to him.

There, laying on a table in the room, was a silver pod. A hovering pram to be specific.

But that could only mean...

Putting his Westar-34 back in its holster, Black Bolt walked over to the pram. And gingerly pushed the open button on it to look inside.

And was greeted by a sight that would be engraved within him for the rest of his life.

For there, laying sleeping in that hover pram, wrapped in a blanket, was a creature he had never seen before.

It was small. Very small, and was completely covered in pure white fur around its body. It had paws and legs, along with a body similar to Canines. As well as a black nose and floppy ears. To top it off, it also seemed to be wearing a peach colored collar with a bone shaped tag. One, that he noticed, had a name written on it.


It was a child. He was sent to retrieve a child. No, just a child, but from what he could tell practically a BABY.

Speaking of which, said baby soon began to open its eyes from whatever nap it was in and let out a yawn as it awoke. Sure enough after waking up, it soon landed its eyes on Black Bolt.

But instead of shirking back in fear or any other similar response, the child let out a honestly cute giggle and reached out towards him. An adorable smile on its face.

The Mandalorian did nothing at first. But then he raised his arm up to his mouth and spoke.


After a moment, the Astromech spoke from the other end on the receiver. "Yes?"

"Bring the ship to my location immediately. This hunt is over."

"Already?" The astromech said in semi-surprise, "did you find the target?"

Taking a moment to look back at the... whatever Dorthy was, Black Bolt gingerly lifted his hand out to her (yes her. That seemed right to him), and allowed her to grab his hand with her little paws.

"Something like that."

And so it was. Throughout all the whole of the Galaxy, it wound be here, on this planet and in this time and in this very place, would a legend traverse through he sands of time for as long as the universe existed.

For this was the beginning... of what would be known as The Dalmatian Wars.