Chapter Trigger Warnings: Death

Chapter 1:

The Beginning

Voldemort stood in the entrance of the nursery. Lily faced him, standing in front of the crib.

The Dark Lord advanced. Lily pleaded. A green light lit up the room. Lily Potter collapsed to the floor, dead.

Harry, finally realizing it wasn't his father – or any friendly person – beneath the dark cloak, cried out, begging his mother to wake and grabbed the hand of his young sister, partially hidden behind him.

Voldemort pointed his wand at the boy. He shattered as the spell backfired, familial love protecting the babes.

The Dark Lord's soul attached to the Potter boy. The Killing Curse's power and effect, however, spread through entangled fingers. Matching lighting-bolt scars appeared on the siblings, though in different locations.

The encounter left both Potter children scarred for life…and orphans.