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Naruto, Kurumi, and Daido spent a week getting to know one another. Daido was teaching them English so they could watch some of the English shows and movies he has as well as teaching them how to a fishing pole fish as well as other survival skills (like making campfires, how to make makeshift tents, etc.) and taught Naruto how to make bows and arrows so he train with them. Naruto was also having Kurumi take 50% of his chakra while giving him 10% back and he had Daido take 20% to be fully charged sooner. Giving him only 40% Chakra while also increasing his reserves since Kurumi's Chakra was more potent than his and his own training. Naruto relearned the Shadow Clone Jutsu and created about ten clones per day and had them work on the Chakra Control Exercises while he was learning from Daido. Naruto did all the cooking, and it was almost as good as the person that Zelretch mentioned with Naruto improving every time he cooked. Kurumi also gave Naruto the ability to sense negative emotions to help their survival rate when he becomes a Ninja. Naruto now going by Yuto decided to head to a weapon shop run by a clan named Emiya called Emiya Works to see if he can get a job there since he will need money for the Academy as well as room and broad. Plus, he can trace any and all weapons they have there for his UBW. Luckily, Daido has some recipes for things called MRE, some medical ointments and some recipes for other stuff that he could use to bargain if need be.

'You think they'll hire you?' Kurumi asked as she went to Naruto's mindscape where she had a nice 3-bedroom cabin with a luxurious bathroom in it.

'I hope they do. Otherwise, we will have to figure something else out. At least on the bright side I can trace any weapons they have.' Yuto said.

'Mentioning you can do the Shadow Clone Jutsu as well as some stuff that they could do to expend their business should help.' Daido said.

'Maybe. I do want to see if I can be taken on as a blacksmith apprentice.' Yuto said.

'Why?' Kurumi asked.

'So, I can create my own weapons.' Yuto said.

'I see. Since you are going to have trouble with the Projection part of Tracing and considering you'll only have access to 40% Chakra you want to create some good weapons that weren't created by Tracing to have on hand to use so you can conserve your Chakra. It's a good idea.' Daido said in approval.

'Still, it's a surprise that their last name is Emiya considering the person that helped Zelretch make your card last name is Emiya.' Daido said.

'Yeah it is. Hey, looks like we're here.' Yuto said as they have arrived. Yuto then took a deep breath.

'Well, here we go.' He said as he was about to open the door when suddenly the door slams open which hit him and knocks him down.

"On my gosh! I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking so I didn't see you! Are you ok?" The voice cried out in concern as it revealed to be a girl a year older than Yuto who was checking to see if she caused any injuries.

"Oww. It's fine. I heal fast so there should be no problems." Yuto said with a little pain. The girl helped him up.

"Still, I hope you're alright. Are you sure you're ok?" The girl asked still concerned.

"Yeah I should be alright. Thanks for helping me up." Yuto said. The girl sigh out in relief.

"It's no problem especially since I did knocked you down and hurt you by accident. Oh, I should introduce myself shouldn't I? I'm Tenten Emiya and my parents run Emiya Works." The now named Tenten introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you I'm Yuto." Yuto said.

"So Yuto is there a reason why you came here?" Tenten asked curiously.

"I came here to get a job and also to see all the weapons." Yuto said sheepishly.

"A job? Why are you looking for a job?" Tenten asked curious about coming here for a job and wanting to see the weapons.

"Well, I want to be a Ninja and while the 4th Hokage did set up some scholarships for orphans to become Ninja provided they have high enough grades in their classes to keep them I don't want to rely on that since I want to keep a low down on my skills so people will underestimate me which will help me in a fight. After all deception is a Shinobi's greatest skill." Yuto said while keeping the venom out of his voice when he was talking about the 4th Hokage.

"That is a good reason. So why do you want to see the weapons?" Tenten asked giving Yuto a little test.

"Many people only see weapons as tools to kill but for me weapons are works of art. Each one is not only different and unique but a lot of people who make put their hearts and souls in them. Plus, I have a special ability where I can Trace weapons." Yuto said being honest.

"Trace weapons?" Tenten said curiously.

"Tracing allows me to reproduce the shape and substance of an object, but also its entire history as well which includes techniques. Unfortunately objects I created with tracing are slightly inferior to the originals due to the fact that only so much information can be gathered by sight alone, and some weapons will be degraded by an entire rank." Yuto said.

"That is awesome yet terrifying. So that means you can also became the greatest weapons master and/or blacksmith if you want. Not to mention you can have an entire armory ready." Tenten said with some jealously and after realizing another reason why he came here was to trace their weapons a little anger.

"Yeah but unfortunately, I need Chakra to create them, and I haven't really practice much with the creation part of it, so my copies won't be very useful right now. That why I'm hoping if I get a job here I can get a blacksmithing apprenticeship so I can learn to create my own unique weapons to use so I don't rely on Tracing too much when it's not ready and when it is ready." Yuto said. Tenten nodded in approval since relying on one thing too much could lead towards your death on the battlefield.

'Yuto are you sure you should be telling her this much?' Kurumi asked worriedly.

'I'm sure. I feel like I can trust her for some reason.' Yuto said.

'Well, if you're sure.' Kurumi said not 100% sure about this but is willing to follow Yuto's lead.

"Well, currently my dad's out but my mom is here though so she can interview you to see if you can work here." Tenten said deciding Yuto was a good person who would be a good addition to the shop.

"Great!" Yuto said happy to hear that.

"Come on in." Tenten said as she opens the door. Yuto and Tenten walk in and Tenten went to the desk where her mom is. Tenten's mom look like an older and gentler version of her with light brown hair and eyes. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt and a long black skirt.

"Hey Mom, I got a potential employee." Tenten said.

"Really now and what's your name dear?" She asked gently.

"My name is Yuto." Yuto said respectfully as he bow to her.

"My what a polite boy. My name is Kagome Emiya." Kagome said.

"Now my daughter said you are looking for a job. Is that right?" Kagome asked.

"Yes I am." Yuto said.

"May I ask why?" Kagome asked. Yuto repeated what he said to Tenten a little bit ago.

"I see. Those are very good ideas. Hmm I will have to talk to my husband first before anything else, but I believe you should be a good hire. Since my husband won't be back for a couple hours how about we do a little trial?" Kagome said.

"A trial?" Yuto asked.

"Yes. This trial is basically you doing a little work here till my husband gets back. This is to see how well you can do here." Kagome explained.

"Sure, that sounds like a good idea." Yuto said. Over the next 2 hours Yuto worked with Kagome and Tenten. Kagome and Tenten saw that Yuto was a hard worker and were surprised that he can make at least 10 Shadow Clones to help out. Tenten was overjoyed when Yuto said he could help her learn it and that he has some scrolls that have some Jutsus, the 3 Chakra Control exercises, some Taijutsu styles, and some FÅ«injutsu on them that he willing to let her learn from. Both were interested about his gauntlets but all he said they were a gift but did showed them the Hidden Blades they had. They felled in love with the Hidden Blades since they were perfect for any Shinobi to have, and they were interested in hearing that there are modifications to the Hidden Blades that can be done and there was Hidden Footblades that they could put into their shoes as extra protection. Kagome like the idea of MREs since it was sometimes hard to find any food in places like the desert or it wasn't safe to go out and hunt if there enemy Shinobi surrounding your hiding place. So far both Kagome and Tenten were liking having Yuto around and while he was keeping some secrets there was no doubt the man of the family would no doubt agree with them on hiring him and taking him on as a apprentice. All he wanted was a blacksmith apprenticeship, a decent wage, room, and board in exchange for the ideas he has. They do have a spare bedroom and his ideas would help their business to expend and grow so it was a good deal.

"Kagome! Tenten! I'm back!" The man of the family called out. Both Kagome and Tenten went to him.

"Hello Dear./Hi Daddy!" Both of them said. Yuto saw that he was a mountain of the man wearing a standard blacksmith attire and had black color hair and steel grey eyes.

"How are my girls?" He said with a surprisingly gentle you would have never thought would come from someone as him as he hugs his family.

"We're doing alright Toshiro though I do have some news for you." Kagome said.

"What is it?" Toshiro asked curiously. Kagome then tells him about Yuto.

"I see. He does sound like someone who would be a good boon to our business and both of you agree that he is a good idea to hire and take on as an apprentice?" Toshiro double checking with them.

"Yes." Both of them said seriously.

"Let me meet him for myself before I agree." Toshiro said. Both girls nodded and walk with him over to Yuto who waiting patiently.

"Hello there. My name is Toshiro Emiya and my wife and daughter told me about you." Toshiro said.

"Good things I hope?" Yuto asked nervously.

Yes they were good things. Now before I agree to hire you I need one thing." Toshiro said in a serious tone.

"What's that?" Yuto asked still nervous.

"I need you to take off your visor so I can see your eyes." Toshiro said still serious.

"Why do you need to see my eyes?" Yuto asked.

"It's a rare talent I have. I can tell if someone is a good person or not by looking in their eyes. After all the eyes are the windows to the soul." Toshiro said. Yuto was hesitating because if he saw his birthmarks and eyes they'll know who he is. But it's not like he has any other options right now. He takes off the visor to reveal his eyes as well as his birthmarks and the Emiya family gasp. While his skin was tanned, and his hair was white there was no masking those whiskers marks and blue eyes. Yuto was Naruto a former member of member of the Namikaze and Uzumaki clans and the disowned son of the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze and his wife Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze.