Hello everyone. I haven't watched "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" but have watched clips and saw the scene in which John Walker brutally killed a guy and who I heard, while a thug, was not even the guy who murdered his good friend. And plus but as the series fans have said, he sullied Steve's mantle and legacy in our opinion.

That made me think of Dinah Drake from "Arrow" Season 6 who dishonored Laurel's mantle within that season and it gave the idea in that what if Walker and that season's Dinah teamed up and caused trouble and that lead to Bucky, Sam, and Sara forming their own team up to stop them and remove from them the mantles of Captain America and the Black Canary. And that's where this fic came from and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I don't own "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" or "Arrow".

Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and Sara Lance were inside of the Avengers Tower and observing the progress of their technical assistants Felicity Smoak aka Overwatch, Barbara Gordon aka Oracle, and Chloe Sullivan aka Watchtower as the three women were urgently tracking the precise whereabouts of John Walker, the new Captain America, and their former fellow hero Dinah Drake, the current Black Canary after Sara and her late sister Laurel and the latter sister having been a beloved hero before her untimely death. She had also been a member of a team of heroes known as Team Arrow which was led by Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow, another fellow hero of theirs and chief protector of Star City.

Sam had been given the mantle of Captain America by their close friend and fellow hero Steve Rogers, the original Captain and a legendary member of the Avengers, due to him retiring and deciding to live out the rest of his life in peace. But because of Sam's reluctance in accepting the mantle he and Bucky had given it to the government who in turn had given it to a man named John Walker, a government agent and someone who'd wanted to do the right thing.

Walker at first did a decent enough job but different events would lead him towards taking a version of the Super Soldier Serum and while it enhanced his body, giving him the same strength and endurance as the original Captain, it also magnified the darkness and rage that was already in his heart and created a darker and more twisted version of his new identity as the Captain. Things would eventually culminate into him brutally killing a fleeing criminal for the murder of his best friend and even though his victim wasn't directly responsible.

Following this, he had decided to hunt down other criminals and dangerous individuals and eliminate them while dealing with anyone else who stood in his way. And so embracing his inner darkness and growing insanity completely, he went on a worldwide killing spree in which he slew multiple members of the international criminal underworld.

During his journey he'd travel to Star City and come across Dinah Drake and as the two of them got to know each other they'd learned they had a lot in common. He learned that she'd lost someone she'd also cared for deeply, her boyfriend Vince, who'd been murdered by someone known as Black Siren. It had caused Dinah to become so enraged that she turned against the team and engaged them in a violent encounter that culminated in Black Siren's death, not even caring that the latter was working to clean up her act at that point and was on the road towards redemption.

Dinah's actions had also caused Felicity, who also worked with Team Arrow, to be shot because she got in Dinah's way and caused their friends Quentin, the city's deputy mayor and a supporter of the team, and Thea, Oliver's sister, to be placed in potentially life threatening danger due to her Canary Cry. Quentin himself had additionally received a beat down from Dinah when he tried to protect Black Siren and Diggle's hand was injured by the wayward vigilante herself during that entire mess.

After that and feeling betrayed by the team since they'd stood in her way, she'd broken ties with them completely and deciding to follow in the footsteps of her late boyfriend Vince, who'd also been a vigilante in his own right and actually happened to call himself Vigilante, she'd decided to prepare herself to unleash a lethal assault against all criminals and villains across the nation and worldwide while dealing with anyone else who stood in her way and even if it meant lethally. Her misguided belief that collateral damage, no matter how high, was necessary to win a war.

Walker on his part saw a kindred spirit with Dinah, which she reciprocated, and so began their partnership. And with her now accompanying him, the two of them worked together in unleashing a tremendous assault against the international criminal underworld and killing multiple criminals left and right. They not only targeted the most dangerous criminals however but also killed every single criminal they came across, slaughtering them indiscriminately, including those who crimes were very minuscule and had not even deserved the death penalty.

And it wasn't just criminals who were killed in their onslaught but quite a number of innocent people as well due to their willingness to murder anyone who stood in the way of their targets. It had not mattered to them if it were police officers, civilians, or whoever else it was. If they stood between the fallen vigilantes and those they hunted, they were put down without hesitation and no one could stand against them due to their respective powers.

Their entire operation was a literal bloodbath as so many were viciously slaughtered.

For example there was an incident in which a small group of five criminals and petty criminals at that were being chased by the Reverse Captain America and the Nightmare Canary, which was what the global press were now calling those new versions of Walker and Dinah, who'd taken shelter inside of a small motel in which its innocent owners had willingly offered them refuge. The refuge however was not allowed out of love for the criminals but because they were not hardened criminals and most certainly did not deserve the death penalty.

Plus the owners also opposed the methods of those two so called heroes and believed that everyone should have a right to a fair trial and also could not stand the collateral damage being caused and especially the excess amount of it.

Not to be deterred, Walker and Dinah took down the entire motel building with the former firing a rocket launcher while the latter simultaneously used her Canary Cry on it, sending the entire motel crashing down and killing not only the five criminals but also the hotel owners and the few innocent guests inside of it, leaving billowing dust in the aftermath. And they did not feel remorse over those innocents lost, feeling instead that they brought it upon themselves for harboring fugitives.

Different media outlets across the globe, television and newspapers alike, reported on their bloody campaign and broadcasted images of dead bodies, both the innocent and the guilty, some of them severely damaged and mangled and sometimes with small pools of crimson blood near and around the bodies. And while the majority of the victims were guilty it didn't change the fact that the dead bodies of the innocent ones spoke even louder in regards to where Walker and Dinah stood in their morals or that the general public was crying out for their campaign of blood and fear be halted one way or another.

The corrupted heroes did have a slight semblance of a code of honor, as slight as it was, in that they did not harm children or very young teens but instead went out of their way to avoid casualties within that age range. Even collaterally. But that regrettably was their only red line.

Eventually they would find themselves in New York while laying the groundwork for the most massive operation they'd ever conducted. They'd recently heard about an event being hosted in Budapest and upon looking into and researching it thoroughly, they'd learned that nearly all of the major attendees were extremely corrupt individuals from across the international sphere and ranging from politicians, high ranking businessmen, intelligence officials, bankers, and dignitaries.

Plus their crimes included actively being on the payrolls or deeply interconnected with global human trafficking, international arms dealing, cruel and unethical human experiments, cyberterrorism, and terrorism.

Armed with this info, Walker and Dinah had decided to use this event to launch a significant strike against global corruption by eliminating all of those dangerous and highly powerful individuals in one fell swoop. The plan was for them to wire the building where the event would be held with explosives throughout its interior after which Dinah would use her cry to implode the building, sending it crashing down while Walker would be responsible for simultaneously detonating the explosives for maximum success.

What really made this plan so horrifying and also the darkest one they'd ever done was that scores of innocent guests, who included partygoers and news reporters, would also be present at the event and all of whom being unaware of the imminent doom that was to befall them. And even worse was the fact that Dinah and Walker knew but did not care, seeing them all as necessary sacrifices to ensure their future liberation of the global system from the corruption that shackled it.

Thankfully however but it would so happen that a 17 year old, and about to turn 18 in a few short months, Peter Parker was swinging through the city as he conducted his daily Spiderman patrols when he's happened to come across the infamous duo known to him as the Nightmare Canary and the Reverse Captain America. Wondering what in Earth they were doing in his side of town he'd cautiously ventured closer towards them, being extra careful so that they wouldn't sense him. Just hearing about them on the news made him shudder and he knew he never wanted to tangle with them. No pun intended.

He'd eavesdropped onto their conversation and his eyes widened in stunned shock as he absorbed all of the details regarding their upcoming operation. He knew he couldn't let this happen and not just because he was uncomfortable with the idea of merciless killing but also because of their target having the presence of so many innocents and he didn't want all of those people to die.

He'd hurriedly backed away and used his coms to dial Natasha Romanoff aka the hero known as the Black Widow, one of his mentors and closest friends and also the occasional friend with benefits which had started between them many months after his seventeenth birthday, and informed her as to the developing situation to which she was alarmed and had urgently enquired of him regarding any details and firmly insisted he not leave anything out.

He'd shared with her all he'd known but promised he had not heard as to where it would transpire. She'd then thanked him profusely for the info and instructed him to remain out of their way for his own safety and that she'd alert Sam and Bucky as to the unfolding situation, assuring him that everything would be taken care of.

Afterwards she'd done exactly that and informed them of everything Peter had shared with her to which they'd immediately gotten to work in tracking them and which Barbara, Chloe, and Felicity had been tasked with working on over the next few days. They'd also phoned Sara and apprised her about what was happening since she was the founder of the Canary mantle and had also been trying to locate Dinah as part of her own side mission though the latter woman had always managed to evade her.

She'd been brought to the Avengers Tower where she'd been further brought up to speed which led to where they were all currently.

"Okay guys. I believe we've managed to locate our wayward duo," Felicity proclaimed as she and her fellow tech members looked at the pertaining results on the screens before them.

"That's great to hear. And can you tell us where?" Sara eagerly asked and with slight impatience in her tone though it was understandable.

"It seems that Peter was right and they were in New York. But sometime later they hijacked a private jet and had its pilot fly them to Budapest. They let him live however though he's pretty shaken up. Can't say I blame him," Chloe spoke up and continued from where her friend and colleague left off.

"Yeah guys. And apparently that's where this event they're targeting is going to be located and from the info I've gathered it would seem that Dinah and Walker are correct in that the majority of its attendees are high level individuals within the global institution who're deeply imbedded in corruption including some of the worst and most horrifying crimes imaginable," Barbara continued next.

Bucky's eyes widened.

"I've actually been hearing about plans for that event though I didn't know who was going to be present," he stated as he remembered the media had been making mention of it. "It didn't even click when Peter told us about it until now."

"And apparently Walker and Dinah are going to go and shake up that party but in a more permanent fashion," Sam shook his head.

"Yep. Except that there's going to be a whole bunch of innocents there as well from media personnel, regular party goers, and others at this event and not knowing the terrible danger they're in," Felicity pointed out worriedly.

"All of those poor people. All of them about to die unless we stop our former friends," Barbara added with sadness in her tone.

"I just cannot understand the callousness of certain individuals. I'm sorry guys but it's really a tremendous tragedy when those once chosen to protect life suddenly decide to not only no longer do so but even worse have no regard for the lives of innocents," Chloe stated with disappointment and sadness, shaking her head.

"Very true, and that's why we're going to go and find and stop them before they can and especially since we've now ascertained their location," Sara said determinedly to which Bucky and Sam nodded in agreement.

"I'll go and prep the Quinjet now," Sam nodded in agreement as he went to do exactly that while Bucky and Sara meanwhile went off to suit up. Following that, Sam returned, also having suited up following getting the Quinjet ready, and the three of them boarded it while Chloe, Barbara, and Felicity wished them well and urged them to stay safe, the heroes in turn promising that they would. With Sam piloting the aircraft they made their way to Budapest and upon arriving inside of its borders, landed themselves in a field nearby where the event was and then disembarked and activated the aircraft's cloaking devise, rendering it invisible.

They then made their way towards the building where the party was being held and found it to be in full swing with plenty of raucous cheering emanating from it. Standing nearby and further in the distance were Walker and Dinah, the former holding a devise they assumed would be used to activate the explosives which meant that the building had already been wired with the bombs. The two of them were standing beside each other and conversing as to what they were about to do, no hesitance or shame in their voices.

"I can't believe we made it this far John. And now we're finally about to unleash the greatest blow upon our enemies who've corrupted our world. Maybe after this our old friends will finally realize why we've done all of this and regardless of the innocents who had to be sacrificed along the way and especially since collateral damage is a part of war," Dinah spoke as she bubbled with anticipation over what they were about to do.

"Yes Di, this will indeed be our shining achievement and why I'm worthy to wield Steve's mantle. I'm not denying he was a fantastic hero but he clearly did not see the big picture of what he could've truly accomplished if he'd shed his so called morals and gone all out. But tonight the world will not only see why our way of thinking is truly the best but also why I'm the one true hear to the legacy of the good captain," Walker replied to his partner in crime with a smile as he was also filled to the brim with anticipation.

"Let's do this then," Dinah agreed while Walker lifted up his hand which contained the devise to set off the explosions but suddenly a curved knife came twirling through the air at top speed and knocked it out of his hand. His eyes widening in shock, Walker with Dinah whirled around and saw Sara, Sam, and Bucky standing behind them with determined expressions while the former two saw that it was Sara who'd knocked the knife away.

"Sorry guys, but I'm afraid we can't let either of you go through with what you're about to do," Bucky firmly said to them.

"What he said. Your reign of terror ends right here and if you really think we're gonna let you continue sullying the mantles of Steve and my sister, you have another thing coming," Sara stated and just as firmly with her facial expression as hardened as steel as it took everything within her to not try and lunge forward and strangle Dinah for dragging her sister's legacy through the mud.

The dark duo looked at the three of them in disbelief as though they were the problem.

"Don't you see!? What we're about to do and all we've done beforehand is to better this world and all of you are the ones trying to ruin it!" Walker exclaimed, flabbergasted as to why no one except Dinah could understand his way of thinking.

"Better the world?! By killing so many including those who didn't' even deserve the death penalty?! Not giving any of your victims second chances?! Having a callous disregard for the blood of innocents?! If the two of you think you're still heroes with that mind of thinking and after all of this you're more deluded than we thought!" Sam nearly shouted and then proclaimed, very disappointed in them both.

"What you both have been doing isn't what a true hero does and especially by putting innocent civilians in harm's way and nor is it the epitome of what Steve and Laurel stood for. And you both need to put an end to this madness and look back at why you originally chose to become heroes. Please, stop this madness and remember the people you once were," Bucky pleaded with them.

Walker looked down for a moment, wavering ever so slightly and wondering if they all had a point, but then Dinah spoke up once more and her next words strengthened his resolve.

"I'm sorry but none of you are going to change our minds. When we blow up that building a tremendous amount of highly corrupt and dangerous individuals will be eliminated and humanity will be better off. And as for the innocent ones inside, at least their sacrifice will pave the way for a better future for far more innocent lives across the globe," she replied with certainty and then insisted.

Bucky, Sam, and Sara then turned to look at each other with grim expressions, united in their only course of action left.

"Then you've left us with no choice guys," Sam stated with resolve, his partners also having the same expression upon their faces as the three of them adapted battle stances to which Walker and Dinah responded by doing the same.

"Bring it on," Walker challenged while Dinah smirked and then the two groups charged each other and the battle between heroes vs fallen heroes commenced.

To Be Continued

A/N The idea of having Walker and Dinah be referred to as the Reverse Captain America and Nightmare Canary was an idea that I think came to me when I was writing this and I think it fits for the dark versions of them.

Natasha does survive the war with Thanos here and for fun I have her and Peter having a fling.

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