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The two groups fought with great intensity and ferocity as Sara opted to deal with Dinah while Sam and Bucky had it out with Walker. The battle was fierce, relentless, and brutal while both sides stood firm in their convictions and beliefs, one side on the right path while the other side was entirely misguided.

The two Canaries exchanged roundhouse kicks, jabs, hand to hand, and brutal boxing moves upon each other while leaping and twirling around each other. Meanwhile Bucky and Sam battled it out with Walker as he swung the shield against them both while they simultaneously conducted a fast horizontal flip of their bodies on either side of him as they shot their legs in his direction in an attempt to take him down though Walker quickly crouched downwards to avoid the moves.

In addition they also sent a flurry of kicks and punches towards him which he countered though Sam struggled since he wasn't super strong like the other two men.

Soon they changed up their strategy at that moment and unleashed a double roundhouse kick against him, using both of their legs and taking him down for a moment though Bucky's kick naturally had more force within it. But Walker quickly leapt back upwards from the ground and he began engaging them both in super strong hand to hand combat moves with neither side giving ground.

Sara and Dinah were also fighting hard and fast on their end as well as they did flips and somersaults around each other while clashing their respective Bo Staffs together and conducting their own hand to hand combat moves. Sara on her part also flung her body upside down and sent a powerful kick from behind and upwards and against Dinah's chest which sent her to the ground to which the other woman countered by first leaping back onto her feet and then upwards while swinging her leg in a roundhouse kick and making contact with Sara's abdomen, sending her onto her back though Sara was quick to immediately return to her feet and jump back into the fray.

Bucky and Walker on their part were raining down tremendously powerful and brutal blows upon each other while the latter continuously slammed the shield towards Bucky who met it each time with his robotic arm. Sam on his part was currently in the air around them and he, after finding an opening, dived downwards and swung his legs against Walker's arm which held the shield and the strike forced the latter to relinquish his grasp of it and sent said shield flying to the ground.

Bucky then ran towards it and hurriedly reached out his hand to grab ahold of it but Walker barreled into him and they started wrestling mightily while the latter intermittently slammed his elbows and knees into the former's midsection. Bucky soon broke free and retaliated by swinging one of his fists into his knee, the resulting hard strike causing Walker to fall over on that knee due to the blow, and then moving behind him he curled his arm and jabbed his own elbow into Walker's back and then threw him downwards face forward.

Sara had also done a similar move on Dinah though the latter got back up and then Dinah leapt upwards and allowed her momentum to drive her downwards as she sent her curled fist into Sara's shoulder, causing the original Canary to stumble a bit from the blow. After which they began engaging in brutal open handed strikes and other highly advanced martial arts moves including Kung Fu and Muay Ti for example while also trading kick boxing moves and uppercuts.

They soon disengaged from their physical fight and Dinah then unleashed her Canary Cry towards Sara who responded with her own powerful Canary Cry, the resulting shockwaves from their respective cries sending them flying backwards, though not too far backwards, and onto their backs hard. They both took a moment to reorient themselves and then Dinah charged towards Sara and leapt upwards and flipping over her head landed onto the ground and using a dirty move, swept her leg and sent her falling onto her side.

Walker meanwhile having gotten back up had observed Dinah's move and decided to try something similar but more hands on. He also charged towards Bucky and grasping ahold of his shoulders, flung his own legs upwards and behind him and flipped over the other man's head. And after landing back on his feet picked up the shield which was lying nearby and slammed it into Bucky's abdomen and its resulting force sent the military veteran flying backwards and into a tree behind him.

Walker then turned his attention from him and suddenly Sam was upon him, having sent out a cable cord from his uniform with a devise attached to it which he used to clasp onto the shield, trying to pull it out of his opponent's hand while the latter kept a firm hold over it and refused to let it go. The struggle soon ended at the moment with Sam finally ripping the shield away from him and onto the ground after which he landed back down and quickly grabbed ahold of it.

Walker however, not to be deterred, jumped onto Sam and moved around him until they were facing each other and it led to the two men now both holding onto the shield determinedly while pulling it between them, trying to force the other one to let go. Eventually they fell downwards with Sam now lying on his back and in the struggle the shield fell to the side and Walker moved his hands and gripped the other man's mechanical wings and ripped them off of Sam's shoulders with a growl. He then took the shield and filled with anger and madness, plunged it downwards in an attempt to murder Sam.

Bucky however, who'd recovered at that point from being thrown against a tree, quickly hurried over and knocked him to the side before he could deliver the fatal blow against the former's friend. What then followed was the two super strong men then sending powerful punches against each other's faces and sides as they attempted to overpower the other.

Sara and Dinah at that moment were currently rolling around on the ground and wrestling intensely while kicking, jabbing, and head butting each other and causing bruises to form on them both.

Soon the heroes decided that enough was enough and it was time to finish this and so Sara rapidly moved behind her opponent and placed her in a firm chokehold, squeezing her neck and refused to let go despite Dinah thrashing her legs as she tried to break free of it until the latter's legs grew limp and she collapsed into unconsciousness. Bucky on his part placed his arms around Walker's waist and lifted him upwards while Sam leapt upwards and forwards and allowed his momentum to carry him towards Walker as Bucky threw him against Sam which resulted in him being rendered unconscious upon impact while also forced to let go of the shield followed by all three collapsing onto the ground afterwards.

The battle finally over and the shield now secured, Bucky, Sam, and Sara placed strong binders around the wrists of Walker and Dinah, the latter's consisting of meta-human dampening cuffs, and then Bucky lifting the former onto his shoulder and Sara doing the same with the latter, escorted them to the Quinjet and after strapping them in securely, flew off and returned to the Avengers Tower where they placed Dinah and Walker inside of the holding cells and waited until they awakened, the two of them sitting up and groaning.

"What the-?!" Walker exclaimed as he took in his surroundings.

"Where are we, and why are we currently wherever here is?!" Dinah questioned and then demanded to know, both of them feeling very upset over being inside of what was clearly some sort of confinement.

"You're both currently confined to a holding cell in a location we won't be disclosing to you and you'll be kept here until it's decided what to do with the two of you," Sara explained in a matter of fact tone and with her arms crossed.

Walker's eyes widened.

"Are you kidding me guys?! You can't do this to us!" he almost yelled in stunned

"Actually we can and we just did," Bucky replied to him firmly but with a bit of pity mixed with disappointment towards him and Dinah over the two of them making negative choices which put them where they were now.

"Just so you'll both know but the people you were going to kill today? We had some friends of ours dig up information regarding them and after uncovering evidence of their crimes and general corruption we had the mass info leaked to the media and it's led to all of them being exposed and rounded up by the appropriate authorities," Sam added and revealed to them with a smile. "It's all over the news and making explosive waves as the greatest and most massive exposure of corruption against the highest echelons in power worldwide and across the entire international institution."

"Are you really that naive? You know it won't stick and they'll all just be out in one day and many of them have diplomatic immunity," Dinah protested and complained. "They're just too powerful."

"That may well be. But even in that case their power will doubtless still be taken away from them and they'll more than likely be closely observed in their own countries so they can be caught when they inevitably make even the slightest misstep," Sam countered coolly. "Plus those friends we mentioned? With permission from both A.R.G.U.S. and the rebuilt S.H.I.E.L.D. we had them drain out all of their bank accounts and they're so broke they're control over the global system is now a shell of what it once was.

"You see, the world is now a significantly better place and especially with most of the corruption now erased and just as you wanted. But done the right way and especially in that no innocents were harmed. Just thought I'd let you both know all of that and I hope it will cause the two of you to stew over your decisions and hopefully come to realize the error of your ways and what it actually means to be a hero. Oh, and another thing I almost forgot to add but the exposure of those corrupt individuals has caused them to be publicly shamed humiliated and frankly but I think public humiliation can be a far worse punishment than the death penalty. Food for thought eh?"

Following his words to them he, along with Sara and Bucky exited the cell and left while closing its door behind them without waiting for a response from its current occupants.

A few days later and after negotiations with multiple nations worldwide over how Walker and Dinah's case should be handled, it was decided that S.H.I.E.L.D. and A.R.G.U.S. together would decide their punishment. And so in a private trial presided over by A.R.G.U.S. director Lyla Michaels, S.H.I.E.L.D. director Alphonse "Mack" McKenzie and former director and deputy director Nick Fury and Maria Hill respectively, and also Oliver himself since he'd given Dinah the mantle that once belonged to Sara and Laurel, the five of them found them guilty and sentenced them to four years in prison while the last two years would have them be subjected to hard labor.

None of them, Sam, Bucky, and Sara included, wanted to give up on them and so decided put Dinah and Walker under mandatory therapy and intensive counseling for the duration of their sentence.

Originally they'd considered sending them to the Raft to serve out said sentence but it was later decided that it wouldn't be a good idea since that place was considered to be inhumane by some and more importantly, they did not want the two prisoners potentially anywhere near a morally corrupt Secretary General like Ross since who knows what he'd use them for under the name of protecting the country.

Instead they'd locked them both away inside of an extremely secure S.H.I.E.L.D. base that served as a prison for high risk inmates though they kept them away from the other prisoners and placed them in solitary confinement. And there was also a section inside of it which served to neutralize Walker's strength.

Their time in confinement gave them time to think, reflect, and meditate upon their actions and especially since they had nothing else to do and two years is a significantly long time to think. As those two years passed and combined with the counseling and therapy, they slowly yet steadily began to recognize the error of their ways and Walker especially due to Bucky and Sam visiting him often, sometimes taking turns and sometimes together, doing all they could to get through to him. It was hard but they finally did and it was worth it.

Of course it had also helped that his counseling sessions had softened him up a bit to be more receptive to them.

Dinah on her end was a tougher nut to crack as well and while it took Walker one year for his eyes to be opened to how far he'd fallen, it had taken her almost the entirety of the first two years before she'd see reason, a significant part of her seeing reason having to do with Laurel's ghost paying her a visit in a dream. But like Walker she'd also experienced genuine remorse and was brought to full repentance over her own actions while vowing to put more of an effort into her therapy and become a truly better individual.

Following the first two years of incarceration, she and Walker commenced with the very hard labor they were assigned to and did it without any complaints since they knew they deserved the punishments they'd been given. One year after that first year however and due to how much they'd both changed from the people they used to be, A.R.G.U.S. and S.H.I.E.L.D. commuted the hard labor sentence to that year only and set them free but only on probation for the final year of their sentence and replaced the hard labor with community service.

The community service consisted of them helping both agencies with certain operations for one year while supervised the entire time, Bucky and Sam acting as Walker's supervisors while Sara and Natasha acted as Dinah's supervisors. And they were also required to continue their therapy and counseling for the foreseeable future, not wanting them to backtrack on their progress.

They both proved themselves to be valuable assets while relearning and recovering what it truly meant to be heroes. And after their probation they'd chosen to continue working with the agencies, Walker with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Dinah with A.R.G.U.S., while becoming heroes in their own right instead of with the mantles of Captain America and Black Canary.

They also ended up being even better heroes than they had been when they'd started down that path and a few decades into the future and as seasoned vigilantes, Dinah and Walker helped train the next generation of heroes and, among other things, trained them to not make the same mistakes or do the terrible things they themselves had done in their past, not to give into the darkness while warning them in no uncertain terms that the road to hell was paved with good intentions, and to always remember what it truly meant to be a hero.

The End

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