Three Months to Remember

Harry stood on the bridge Hermione and Ron behind him after he snapped the elder wand "What will you two do now?"

"Help with the clean-up," Hermione said 'exactly what I expected' Harry thought

"Go find Hermione's parents and bring them home" Ron responded quickly "Come back to Hogwarts to finish my education." Hermione looked shocked, harry looked impressed. "Hermione, I love you; I want to marry you so I need to be able to speak to your family" Ron explained quietly "Others can help with the clean-up. We need to get away even if it is only for a bit."

Hermione felt humbled by the emotions in her boyfriends "I guess we are going to Australia then. What about you Harry? What will you do?"

The moment of truth had well and truly arrived "I am going to talk to ginny depending on the outcome of that conversation I will be relocating outside of Britain permanently!" Harry responded the conviction of his voice surprised his friends "I will never know peace here you both know that. I will either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain in the eyes of magical Britain. It is up to Ginny if she is going to be a part of my life or not."

Hearing his reasons assuaged both their worries "I can't say as I understand. If that is what you feel you need to do, I will support you" Ron said looking at Hermione who nodded "We will support you!"

"I am going to go find Ginny now the longer I wait the harder it would get!" the raven-haired boy said at which the pair nodded "I will make your excuses if either of you needs anything let me know."

Harry walked for five minutes policing the dead as he went until he finally stood at the door of the great hall. Squaring his shoulders, he walked in and saw the Weasely family sans Ron and Hermione gathered around Fred. Molly and George openly wept over the body of his twin while the rest gathered around the pair. As Harry approached Molly looked up at him and she motioned him over grabbing him into a fierce hug "I am so sorry Mrs. Weaselly, I tried…"

"We know Harry we know," Arthur said supportively "How are you doing with all this?"

"Not well to be honest I had a sliver of Voldemort's soul in my head for nearly 17 years, Friends and family died this night and I have been hit with another Killing curse."

"Will you be attending the funerals?" He asked harry trying to gauge the young man's mind

"I want to but if I do, they will turn into a circus. Which is why I am here to talk to Ginny." Ginny hearing her name raised her tear-streaked face gone was the awe for the boy who lived and in its place was a young woman in deep grief "Arthur, may I Have a moment of Ginny's time?"

"Ginny, Harry would like a moment of your time!" Arthur nodded and Ginny inclined her head, "Harry You may raise any privacy wards you need however you may not obscure yourself with my underage daughter."

Harry nodded and extended a hand to Ginny who with some hesitation took his hand they walked 15 feet and Harry erected the wards that hid them for most of a year not caring if Arthur had a fit or not. "Well now that we are alone. Why did you do it?" Harry asked gently Ginny winced "Let me take stab at it you read the books written about my life and you fell in love with the Harry potter you knew from the books. But when you met me, I was different until I went down into the chamber after you?" Harry paused.

"I used it in hopes that would notice me. I am not exotic like Cho or the Patil Twins. I am not classically beautiful Like Daphne Greengrass. Nor am I proportioned Like Susan Bones or Hannah Abbot."
Ginny huffed blowing a strand of her hair out of her face that made harry smile "Was it underhanded yes. I did it once it was an experimental potion how was I to know it would last longer than I thought it would. When did it wear off?"

"How long did you expect it to last?" Harry Sputtered

"I thought it was going to last an hour two tops" Ginny stated "Now answer the question!"

"I asked First!" Harry ground out "Now answer or I swear on Dumbledores grave I will tell everyone what you did."

"Are you thick Harry I wanted to entice you" she said honestly looking defiantly in the eye. "I wanted to catch your eye long enough to earn your heart. Now please when did it wear off?"

"When I died!" Harry snapped quickly reigning in his temper "When Voldemort hit me with the cruse the second time."

"Well, I am not going to use it again." She said not sure how to ask the next part "Where does that leave us?"

"It leaves you with another brother except I won't comment on who you date." Harry declared "Seriously Ginny you all are family to me. Which is going to make the rest of what is about to happen harder for everyone. I am not staying for any of the funerals. I don't want them to become a three-ring circus."

At first, Ginny was miffed but as Harry went on, she grew thoughtful "I am sorry Harry in hindsight I should not have done it. However, I will never regret a single moment we spent together" She said her hands on her hips "I hope you won't regret it either because whatever the cause it was both sweet and innocent. Now as you are my brother, I need a hug there has been so much loss so much of it senseless"

Harry smiled when she said brother and stepped up hugging her "It will be okay Gin you will see!" with a wave of his hand dropping his wards to be confronted by an irate Arthur. Wincing "Sister I think I need you to explain to Dad that nothing is ever going to happen between us like that."

That took the wind right out of Arthur "Sister? Dad?" He asked the confusion evident in his voice.

Harry drew in a breath "You raised six sons and a daughter and you helped raise another son and daughter. "He explained lamely, however, seeing Arthur still struggling "If it were not for you and your family taking me and Mione in I doubt we would have survived. You and Mrs. Weasely have been my parents for the last six years and I have brothers and sisters. Please do not be angry father. Ginny and I were clearing the air about something she gave me back in my sixth year that did not wear out until recently."

Molly was saddened by his tone "So no wedding in the future?"

Both Harry and Ginny answered at the same time "No mum"

"Well, I still have hope for Ron and Hermione." Molly sighed as she gathered both Harry and ginny into a hug "You both scared me today. Please don't do it again."

Ginny sighed and Harry answered, "I am sorry mum, there was no other way. He had to cast the killing curse on me a second time to kill the Horcrux that resided in my scar."

A trio of gasps from behind them caused Harry to crane his neck around Seeing Professor McGonagall, Bill, and Fleur behind them. Seeing the horrified look on the two ladies' faces not to mention Molly's.

"Harry that's some wicked magic you are talking about! It should not be discussed where just anyone can hear it." Bill said gravely "I have seen the Horcrux's of powerful pharaohs consume people in seconds"

"I destroyed the one that almost consumed our little sister. I got the wound from the basilisk to prove it" Harry said gently "I destroyed all the ones I could. Neville and Voldemort destroyed the last two. That reminds me, Bill I need to surrender myself to Gringotts for something I did there."

"No, you do not Harry" the deep baritone voice of Kingsley Shacklebolt broke into the conversation "I negotiated a settlement that the Ministry will pay. However, they are expecting you as there are many things in both the Potter and Black portfolios that need attention. However, you have earned a little rest they are expecting tomorrow afternoon."

The Evening after the Battle of Hogwarts

Samantha Carter stood under the hot shower the last mission had been brutal. Killing Jonas had been the hardest thing she had ever done it hurt her deeply to have done it but there was no other way he was quite insane.

"Carter you alive in there" the voice of her commanding officer rang out "And more importantly are you decent."

With a sigh, she turned off the shower and grabbed her towel "I am alive and will be decent in a few minutes." 'Please leave me alone' she thought to herself

"The general wants to talk to you before you go on leave." There was a moment of silence "I wanted to know if you were, okay?"

She quickly dressed in a pair of sweats and a hoodie and popped out of the shower area in a pair of flip flops "I am good to go Let's go get this done I have a flight to catch."

"Yeah? Where too?" O'Neil asked nonchalantly

"London Sir. My Cousin April is getting married I am the maid of honor."

"How Long will you be gone" his tone sounded slightly frustrated "You know I feel about Sykes. Please tell me it's only a few days."

'Ah, now we get to what is bothering "Jack, Brandon is not that bad you just intimidate him." She said with a smile "I will be gone for a month; Two weeks for the wedding. Three days for a symposium and then the rest I am going to bum around Europe. You have one schedules mission with him that's it then you Daniel and T'ealc are all on Leave"

"I barely talk to the man how can I possibly intimidate him" The frustration evident in his voice.

"Well, Sir there is this look you get on your face when I or Daniel go off on our descriptions kind of like you are doing now." She laughed a little he motioned who me? And she nodded her head and pointed "Sir you are rather intimidating to those who don't know you. Those who do know you, know that you are a big old softy. Thank you for checking on me Jack and delivering the message from the General."

"You are welcome, Carter! Have a good leave." Jack said a smile gracing his face "Now I am going to the mess. I want a piece of pie." he turned and left leaving Sam with a smile on her face.

Five minutes later she was at the door to General Hammond she knocked "Enter" the voice commanded Samantha opened the door and was surprised to see her father with the general "Captain Carter thank you for coming. It was decided after this last mission that your father be read into the program. Jack has Sarah and Daniel has Catherine Langford. You now have your father"

Samantha was floored "Dad, I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything," Jacob Carter said with a look of pride Samantha had never seen before. "I am very proud but also very worried. My only daughter is on a frontline combat unit that travels to other planets. Sam, I heard what happened with Jonas and I pulled some strings you are on leave three months you are going to be feeling so many things I do not want them compounding on you."

'Three months' she thought 'what to do I will miss so much' seeing his daughter try to formulate a sentence Jacob interrupted her "Sam the entire SGC is on stand down for three months, you are not going to miss a thing."

"Why is the entire command down?" Samantha asked

"Because we are vetting a team of psychologist, psychiatrists, and counselors," Janet Frasier said as she breezed into the office "I have been noting an up tic in Mental health issues among the ranks. I can't treat them and we cannot outsource this. I am sorry to interrupt General Carter," she said coming to attention and snapping off a salute.

"At ease Captain," Jacob said turning to his daughter "You are going to your cousins' wedding?"

"Yes, dad I am her Maid of Honor" Samantha replied, "Why?"

"What I am about to tell you may seem fantastic but I want you to keep an open mind and save your questions for after. Simply put there is a society of wizards that live separated from what they call muggle or nonmagical folk. The ones in Britain have had a rough time the last few years they were in a state of war" Jacob reached down grabbing a bag "My father was a wizard he fought in World War two against wizards who supported the Third Reich. He was killed helping Charlus Potter and Albus Dumbledore destroy the wizard who led the other wizards who supported Hitler's regime."

Jacob stopped and took a drink of water "Charlus gave this book to my father in hopes I would be able to use it, but magic never expressed for me. so I held onto it in hopes you or your brother would express magic." He said sadly "Unfortunately neither of you did. Three days ago, a childhood friend of mine let me know that was ended when Charlus' grandson killed the dark wizard and broke the opposition. I would like you to return the book to him."

'Magic really' Samantha stewed her father reading her again "Yes Samantha, I know you are a scientist but trust me. I have seen it in action both as a child and in my command. Please find the young man and return the book to him. Do you have anything to add Captain Frasier?"Jacob asked.

"Yes, I do." She held out a bracelet "This is a port key it is going to take you to the magic district to the bank there where a meeting has already been scheduled you and I will be going as I am America's representative to the ICW A panel form the ICW will be conducting a war crimes tribunal I am one of the judges"

"Magic, come on Janet there is no such thing" she was interrupted by Janet being replaced by an ocelot how had some of the markings and then transforming back "Any other questions?"

She was met by stunned silence

"Good we leave in six hours," Janet said as she was walking out "Get a move on Sam."

Authors Note: My muse has struck again and originally; I was going to put this in Imagination's station but have decided it has legs so I will run with it. A 29-year-old Samantha Carter Paired with an 18-year-old Harry Potter.

Edited due to stream of conscious writing.