Chapter Eleven

Arthur stood straight and was about to give the report when Athos shook his head and pointed to his son "Agent Weasely I do not like to be kept waiting. Report Now!"

"Agent Weasely, present My report which is no way complete, nor conclusive is as such. We were fighting a rear-guard action and we only succeeded in slowing it down and pissing it off the at one point it razed the island right from under our feet." Ron paused and looked at his unconscious friend and frowned wondering if he should tell them what he really saw. "Most of the Unspeakables I thought were dead now only seem to have been incapacitated. However, if I had to guess I would say whatever was done was done by Harry Potter but when he wakes up short of giving him veritiserum and forcing him to talk he will downplay his role in the events. Going so far as to say he should probably retake his defense exam. That is all I can say at this time. Sir"

"Agent Weasely, There is no way in hell I will ever make Mr. Potter take this test ever again" Aramis said his voice hot "While Mr. Potter did not show a lot of knowledge in various topics I will bet my ridiculously high government salary that he knows curses and counters" Aramis reigned in his temper "I know for a fact he knows battle transfiguration, and snap conjuring as I saw examples as he fought he conjured then used the conjuration by transfiguring it mid battle craziest thing I have ever seen. Even crazier was the fact he and the Damn Dragon were working together."

'The Damn Dragon has a name' a voice was heard in all their head "Cerisuan is my name and I am looking for the one who activated the trident!"

Porthos slumped his shoulders and stepped out "I was the one who did it I was supposed to man the trident to keep control then make it go back to be into the deep when I was done."

'I am sorry Porthos, I overreacted' The dragon said sadly 'You were very close to my nest'

"Great lady I knew your nest was there" Porthos explained quietly "The four of us warded that island to prevent anything from ever harming your nest, anti-flood, anti-earthquake, anti-everything really. Your eggs will be the first horntails born out of captivity in almost 500 years."

'Thank you, Porthos' She said as she flew away "Visit with me sometime I can tell you stories, Histories long forgotten. In the meantime, take care of Stormbolt'

"I will great lady on both accounts" he replied watching her fly off "Dragons can talk"

A short while later Harry was taken to a medical facility.

Ron and Arthur sat out in the waiting room when a doctor came out "Family of Harry Potter?"

"Arthur and Ron Weasely" Arthur said "Not exactly family, Mr Potter is an orphan we are the closest thing he has to family in the world. How is he?"

"How is he you ask? He should be dead is how he is." The healer snarled "Our scans show systematic, Long Term Abuse, Both Basilisk venom and Phoenix teras circulate through his body and that does not count the fact that every bone in his body is currently powdered from an impact of some kind."

"Doctor Schimel from this moment forward you are not to discuss Stormbolt's condition in a public place "Janet said breezing into the waiting room "I heard what happened. I also heard it was minister Shacklebolt who requested the use of the kraken in a lower power capacity." She said to the pair "From Harry's description you must be Ron. I am Janet Frasier Harry's my godson. Any way Harry will be as good as new in about 23 hours the Unspeakables gave him something and he seems to be healing faster."

"Thank you for the update Madame Frasier" Arthur said looking his watch "WE should get home your mother is probably losing her mind."

"Alright dad I will take my portkey back to the ministry and floo home after Harry wakes." he said then turned his attention to Janet "I don't like leaving him here alone so I am going to stay until he wakes"

23 hours later

Harry struggle back to consciousness sat up and stretched "Thank Merlin you are awake Mate" Harry moved to get up only to meet by hug from Ron "Dad died today with many unspeakbales I saw his broken body Harry"

"I was hoping that was just a dream. How did that thing even get loose?" Harry asked

"The request came from the British ministry, from the office of the minister." Ron ground out

"Then Kingsley has a lot to answer for." Harry spoke and around the room things started erupting in flame. "I am only going to ask this once, I know the Weasley's do not take charity but will they take help from one who is considered a son. I want to make sure my family is cared for"

Ron looked lost for a moment they could have lost their home today land had been in their family six generations and it could have been lost today. "Yes, Harry we will" he said tears flowing down his cheek.

"I am sorry Ron sorrier than you can ever know" Harry said holding his brother in all but blood as he wept.

"Mr. Weasely, Mr. Potter welcome to the land of the living "A smartly Dressed woman stuck her head in "I am Samantha Ofenkil."

"The secretary of Magic for the USA. We will be meeting for the first time 59 minutes" Harry Held his head time travel really messed with you "I will be going there with an arrest warrant for the minister of magic for Britain Mr. Kingsley Shacklebolt. I would like you, Agent Weasley and the Ghost to Arrest and detain Mr. Shacklebolt for questioning before the ICW in Geneva. I will be carrying the warrant with me at the time of our meeting. I also want to give you these" she passed Harry an Id, and Citizenship papers, along with his Mastery of defense." Harry frowned and spoke out about it "I did not take the gauntlet though" he was clipped across the head by Ron and another turning he saw Arthur looking at him furiously.

"Harry to most of the world I am mild mannered person who believes that muggles use a form of ekeltrikity" Arthur explained his voice becoming mild mannered "Electricity is like magic in so many ways, you can even use it to power wards." He stopped again and shook his head "I digress though for years I did not think I earned my rank as a master Unspeakable. Today I know I did and know that you have been a Master of Defense since your fifth year now the everyone who is important will know it. You fought against an opponent not of this world and when it dropped you on your ass you got up again and kept fighting. Even if you had help from on high it was you who stood in the path danger you drew the Line, you stood on the bridge and you did not let evil pass. I have seen the memories of the four musketeers you show a broad wealth of magical knowledge You earned your mastery honestly"

"Thank you, Mr. Weasely," Harry began only for Arthur to stop him

"I think it is high time to call me Arthur" the older man stated "Though Molly and I did not raise you we consider you one of ours so Arthur or dad will suffice."

"Thanks Dad" Harry said giving the older man a hug "Dad, we have to arrest Minister Shacklebolt"

"I know" the older man said his voice hard. "I don't know Kingsley anymore, He tried Killing you today because even in a controlled environs men the Kraken should not have been used."

"Wow you guys just did a little thing all to yourselves right there." Secretary Ofenkil chuckled "In all seriousness I will meet with you in approximately 55 minutes. Here is your portkey back the receiving area and another back to the ministry you should meet with us and Captain Carter after she finished her NEWTS. Last but not least I need you to take the oath to support the United States before I can give you the last set of papers. Please recite after me..."

Five minutes later Harry was a citizen of the United States.

"Agent Stormbolt you have one week to report to the SGC for Duty. "Secretary Ofenkil stated "Now off with you, Agent Weasely and Ghost will meet you at the ministry "

Harry took his portkey to the boat looking at his watch it was one minute later than when he had originally left "You did good Potter, really good I and the other Unspeakables thank you for whatever it was you did to save us today." Aramis said coming out of the bridge "I am sorry for our part in today it should never have happened."

"I know Aramis, I don't hold you or the other Unspeakables responsible for the events of today." Harry said expelling a breath trying to let the anger he felt go "Kingsley Shacklebolt however has a lot to answer for."

"Good Luck Harry Potter!" Aramis said as Harry Potter activated his portkey "you are going to need it."

Harry appeared back in the atrium right from where he had left it. Eight hours had passed real time, 56 hours had passed. Despite the time spent sleeping harry did not feel at all rested he still ached all over from when the Kraken batted him from the sky. He knew that Samantha and the others should be finished with their tests however looking around he saw Sam's team and the American Secretary of Magic picking themselves up from the floor and the floor looked like someone dropped Bombarda between the two groups. Seeing Ron and Mr. Weasely com e in he almost missed the interoffice memo fly up to him. Grabbing it out of the sky he started to open it when it exploded open.

Shacklebolt's Baritone voice emanated from the note. "I tried to be supportive Harry but, your infatuation with Samantha Carter is unacceptable. If you want to see your friends you will surrender yourself to Ministry aurors. To be clear here you will never be in contact with Samantha Carter ever again. You have 5 minutes to comply"

All movement in the ministry stopped, Gawain Robards winced "Mr. Potter in the interest getting you to Minister Shacklebolt, would you like to surrender yourself to me?" the auror asked

"That will not be necessary Auror Robards" Samantha Ofenkil stated "Agent Stormbolt, I am activating your commission. Here is a warrant from the Chief Witch of the ICW for the arrest of Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt. Charges are abuse of power, attempted murder of nearly 300 Unspeakables, interfering in ICW sponsored gauntlet exam, and the near destruction of the world. Now we can add kidnapping, kidnapping a foreign national and extortion."

"Point Me, Samantha Carter!" Harry incanted the magic streaked on and immediately descended Harry's perception followed the stream of magic down until arrived somewhere Harry wanted to see ever again. The Chamber of Death. "They are in the Death Chamber" terror flooded through Harry how could someone he looked up to become this. "I am going! Dad could you and Ron come with me. Get Hermione and the others. I will deal with Kingsley" he turned and ran toward the lift.

Samantha's eyes opened slowly she found herself bound in a chair the others were bound as well she could see the minister was facing what was obviously a portal "I am sorry it has come to this Captain Carter. Britain needs Harry Potter."

"I don't disagree Minister Shacklebolt." Samantha replied quietly "I came here on vacation as a favor for my father to give. Harry a book that his grandfather gave mine."

"Be that as it may Lady Carter, you represent quite the obstacle to Magical Britain and I am afraid that I cannot have that." Shacklebolt spoke menacingly his visage changed to from one of calm to one of anger "You see Harry has a streak of disobedience one that I am afraid that you fuel. His declaration that where you went, he would follow has left most of magical Britain in fear that they will not have their great defender."

"Oh yes Kingsley we have seen the articles in the profit, Shack" Harry's voice emanated within the chamber "Unfortunately for you magical Britain is no longer your responsibility. You are under arrest for abuse of power, attempted murder of 300 unspeakable agents from various nations, interfering in an ICW sponsored Gauntlet, the near destruction of the world, Kidnapping of a foreign national and Extortion. I will personally add interfering with the lawful succession of an ancient and noble house."

"You can drop the cloak Mr. Potter" a saccharinely sweet voice declared breaking her own disillusionment charm "Come now Mr. Potter, you did not honestly believe Kingsley here would turn on you without certain incentive?"

Harry dropped the cloak "Madam Umbridge you addressed me improperly I am both Lord Potter and Black. However, that matters not here as I can now bring you to justice."

"Mr. Potter it is well know you have not replaced your wand after giving it you your… Betrothed" the venom in her voice made harry angry "So I wonder how you passed the gauntlet. I suppose I will have to ask one of the senior unspeakbales. I wonder where I might find one of those." As she spoke four grey cloaked Unspeakables appeared between Her and Harry "The minister of Magic would like to know How it was Lord Potter was able to get through his gauntlet in which he faced the Kraken and I have it on good authority he was swatted like a fly"

Harry felt Ron and Mister Weasely brush by him toward the other hostages.

"Lord Potter was the first to engage the Titan after the senior unspeakable onsite gave him a battlefield commission. His spells were all recorded throughout the first three hours cast easily over 150 spells while outflying the titan." the unspeakable whose voice he could not quite place "on the fifth hour Lord Potter was indeed swatted out of sky and thought dead it was then unspeakbales around the world joined the fray. During the sixteenth hour the Unspeakables made a stand on Marwick's point the Titan Obliterated the island and many Unspeakables lives would have been lost had it not been for the reappearance of Lord Potter who ended the encounter by removing the creatures' arms and Killing it with Killing Curse"

Umbridge was shocked into silence her wand dropped to her side "Impossible, he has no great talent his mother… His betrothed" she was interrupted by the four Unspeakables

"Expelliarmus, Incarcerous, silence" each called out the wands appearing in their hands the fourth pointing his wand at Kingsley "Finite"

Shacklebolt lumbered over to Harry engulfing him in hug "Thank you Harry, she got me in my quarters at Hogwarts. I am so sorry."

The other Unspeakables turned to Harry and as one took down their hoods Harry should have been surprised "Stormbolt, unfortunate as it is we must take Shacklebolt and Madam Umbridge to Geneva for trial" Aramis said his easy smile covered his mood.

"Gentlemen if you will excuse me A lady should never be kept waiting." Harry approached Samantha vanishing her bonds "I am sorry this happened Samantha." He helped her out of the chair "I have something I want to ask you in light of events of my defense exam."

"What would that be?" Samantha quirked an eyebrow before stealing a kiss "You came for me!" the wonder in her voice.

It was that wonder that spurred Harry on "that I do not want my life without you in it. The last thought I had as the Kraken broke my body and broom. They were of you!" Harry swallowed hard thinking of earlier when they were leaving the house and bolstered himself "Samantha you came into my life at a time when I felt I had lost so much. You fell into my life like a star from the heavens altering my life forever. I don't care what hoops I have to jump through, how many enemies I have to vanquish, or how long I have to wait. Will you please do me the honor of being my wife."