Chapter 5

"Now if you all will please I would like to speak with my godson," Janet asked and in doing so all the air was sucked out of the room Neville's eyes grew large as he realized what was going on.

"I don't need an escort Ian is meeting me shortly." April answered with a smile "Lord Longbottom my cousin Samantha is very new to magic despite her age please look after her while Lord Potter is meeting with his godmother."

"Curse breaker and Miss Carter I Neville Longbottom offer you the sanctuary of my house. My home is yours; you will find Safety and succor in my house. Anyone who offends House Longbottom will be your shield." Neville said in a loud clear voice

catching both women off guard April recovered first and whispered to her cousin. "As the eldest, you need to accept." Then she whispered what she should say

"The house of Carter hanks, the house of Longbottom, and agrees to the terms you set for our protection and asks further that you help educate the heiress, Samantha Carter." Samantha had to stop herself from saying Potter as her last name whatever the potter curse was doing to her was both pleasurable and disturbing. "Is there a place where I can get Books on the various subjects of magics? There was also talk of getting a wand."

"Cousin you can have my school books all seven years I will have them boxed up and delivered to you at Longbottom Hall." Samantha looked confused April smiled for as smart as her cousin was sometimes the social niceties slipped past her "That's where you are staying dove. Neville just offered the protection of his house."

"Oh … thank you "Samantha stammered as Neville offered her his arm noting that Harry's eyes were glazed over Neville went over to his friend and touched his shoulder breaking him out of the daze

"She said, godmother?" Harry clarified "Are you okay escorting Samantha to flourish and blots and Ollivander's?"

"I have offered her houseroom the same goes to you until you get an idea of where you are," Neville said gently "You and I are Brothers in a way no one can understand you will always have a place in my home."

"Ahem the longer you take to leave the longer it will take me to talk to my godson," Janet said with narrowed eyes that made Neville grab the two ladies and lead them from the room.

Once they left Janet looked at Harry "I am sure you have any questions for me. The biggest one would probably be why. The simple answer is I was away at basic training for the Airforce when it happened and when I tried to travel back to Britain obstacles seemed to appear to keep me from coming here. I had orders to do a stint at the royal university in Scotland during your first year. They mysteriously lost my transfer papers. I tried writing to you many times" she reached in her pocket and pulled out a small chest enlarging it made it the size of a shoebox opening it revealed that it was full of letters dating back into the '80s Finally I decided the only way I was going to get around whoever was blocking me was to serve as the US representative to International Confederation of Wizards. Until a spot opened up all my knowledge of you was second even third hand. Though I Have seen memories of the first task of the Tri wizard tournament and I was worried. Now that I am here, I can see you might not need me …"

She was interrupted as the little boy in Harry the one still locked in the closet under the stairs finally broke the door open and lunged across the intervening space taking the smaller woman in a hug around her waist "I need you. I am lost in all this I was famous before and all I did was sit there in my nappy this time I did something most people could never do and it will be worse I can already feel people's eyes on me. The only question I have that matters right now is what do I do about Samantha." Harry broke off "Why did she have the book? Why didn't her father bring the book himself? Who blocked her Magic? And lastly, why are you pushing us together?"

"I cannot answer the first three those are a mystery for you to solve. The last I can answer and I hope you will understand but to tell you I need you to read and sign a confidentiality agreement I have brought with me "Harry took to read through it looked like a magical non-disclosure agreement saw the oath at the end he signed and felt a light scratching on his hand but he understood this was a legal document making it magically binding. Watching it glow golden, Harry sat back and listened as Janet told him about the Stargate and the Goa'uld, Sam's encounter with Jonas Hanson on the planet called the anvil, and how throwing the man through the stargate to earth with iris closed had effectively killed the man. "Samantha Carter has been my best friend for almost 10 years. I knew from her cousin that there was a contract with her family. However, I knew that was on the magic side. As far as I knew she was a nonmagical person… Until today. I thought maybe if you met her and struck up a friendship that maybe you might be compatible in a few years when your age would no longer be a concern to her."

"So, you were making an introduction?" Harry asked weighing it in his mind as Janet nodded "to what end?"

"I was hoping you would come back to the states with us." Janet answered honestly "I have been asked by the president of the United States and the secretary of magic to recruit you for the stargate program."

"When do you need my decision?" Harry asked hoping it was not soon

"The SGC is on stand down while we add a team of mind healers and psychiatric specialists to our team." Janet was sure this was the best way forward "In three months the SGC will begin to ramp up to resuming off-world missions."

"So, you need my answer by…" Harry did the mental math "August 3rd or 4th?"

"That's about right" Janet smiled watching her godson work it over in his mind "Now go find Sam and Neville."

"Yes ma'am" harry replied engulfing the smaller woman in a hug "Where are you staying there is so much I want to know."

"I will be staying at my family's ancestral home. My mother and second husband live there the Floo address is Silver Vale. You, Neville and will be added to the floo list this evening. Now off you go and if you can get Sam out of that robe you will like what's underneath."

"Aren't you supposed to warn me to not go too fast?" Harry asked, "To take my time and get to know a lady?"

"No, I am supposed to make sure you are happy!" Janet laughed "Trust me you will like the dress she is wearing."

"Okay" Harry quirked an eyebrow "I promise to take good care of Sam this evening"

"Lunch tomorrow?" Harry nodded smiling at the thought "Off with you I have a mountain of work to get through."

Harry left Janet alone with the box of memories, what he did not know was that she dreaded what she would learn about her godson.

Neville escorted April and Samantha Carter into the lobby and right into hurricane Luna. "Neville is Harry, okay?"

Neville rolled his eyes "Yes and no Lu!"

"Are you going to make me drag it out of you the hard way Lord Longbottom?" Luna said wiggling her fingers Neville looked fearful "Luna let's not be hasty" Neville side-eyed Samantha "I would like to Introduce the lady who will most likely be Lady Potter. Samantha Carter."

"Neville, I know her I have been seeing glimpses of her since I was nine years old." Luna growled at Neville "What I don't know is if Harry is okay. I lost sight of him the moment he put on the ring and I am worried for him."

"What do you mean you have been seeing glimpses of me since you were nine years old?" Samantha asked "Harry is with his godmother Janet Frasier, My best friend. He was in pain for a bit after putting on his ring. I assume Neville has some insight into that. To be honest I am a bit lost and having trouble believing in magic."

"Neville is it true Harry was in pain?" Neville winced and nodded "He resisted the curse." Neville nodded again "I hope you appreciate what he tried to do to protect you!"

"I Barely understand what exactly is going on." Samantha said honestly "I have known about magic less than 24 hours. I am a scientist and magic to me is just technology we don't understand yet."

"Harry put on his ring and whatever it does turn on both mage sight and sought out Samantha aggressively," Neville finally answered "He was in Immense pain and tried to stay as far away from Samantha here as possible he commented on her magical core being completely locked."

"I introduced myself and gave him a book his grandfather had given mine" Samantha took up the tale "I touched his hand because I thought he was being superstitious. I felt the change immediately. Neville, can you give me a moment with Luna we need to talk about girl stuff."

Neville gulped "Let's go to Fortescue's I will get us some ice cream and you can talk." Neville escorted them out of the bank April waving them off joining her fiancé. Five minutes later they were at Fortescue's a few minutes later Luna had raised privacy wards around their table and asked Neville to sit at a different table. Luckily Hannah Abbot and Susan Bones had come in and were keeping Neville company.

"Okay Samantha Carter, tell me all about it," Luna asked the older woman

"I touched it hand and something broke in me, flooding my entire being." Samantha described the event "then I had an orgasm and I did not even come down from the first when the successive orgasms made me need to change my panties, I still need to change them. Then the weirdest thing happened Harry wrapped an arm around me and they stopped I felt … Complete."

"I hear a but in there somewhere" Luna stated gravely "I am going to guess that you are hung up on the age thing?"

Samantha looked embarrassed "yes I am nearly 12 years older than he is." She groaned as she felt the process begin very slowly and very persistently "It is starting again and I am not sure why it subsided while I was with him."

"Samantha, Harry Potter is many things to many people. To me, he is someone I love, the man I gave my virginity to, the father of my twin son's because my husband is sterile." Luna watched Samantha look outraged until she heard the sterile "He is the best man I know and if I know him he wanted to give you the choice."

"I don't understand that at all." Sam stated the confusion apparent on her face "Please help me understand."

"All of Harry's life has until the day before yesterday has been dictated by two old men one who wanted to control Harry and the other wanted to kill him." Luna was fuming now "Both using a prophecy to justify their actions. Both of those old men have caused irreparable harm to him. He has had no choice ever so it is no surprise when he tried to not let the same thing happen to you"

Samantha was horrified what had been done to her Harry that caused him to try and spare her what was happening to the point he was in pain 'her Harry' she thought and unbidden came pictures of him his hair an n elaborate mess, an east smile on his face. The poetry of motion when in the middle of a fight. The very thought made her hot "He is only 17" unbidden the tune from the Winger song 17 came to her mind she substituted he or her.

"If it is that big of a deal wait Just travel with him until his birthday" Luna told the older blond "Don't play games with his heart. He is my best friend and he has had enough heartbreak to last a billion lifetimes. If you hurt him, I will hurt you tenfold more. I guarantee if you open your heart and mind. You will find Harry will Move heaven and earth to keep you safe but also make you happy. I only have one thing to ask you."

Samantha felt a little insulted by the teenage girl threatening her "Oh and what is that?"

"Try to do what we could not," Luna 's voice face took on a sad look "Temper his predilection to sacrifice himself. He has given too much of himself I am afraid if he gets it in his head that he can save people by dying it will be his first inclination."

"There is a story there?" Sam asked wondering why she brought it up "Please tell me?"

"It is not my story to tell." Luna answered her "I am not even sure Harry has processed everything that has happened to him. When he does, he will need you. He has already taken steps to isolate himself he does not even realize it. Ask him and don't take no for an answer."

"I am not even sure how to relate to him at the moment" Sam answered quietly "You love him."

"You will figure it out" Luna smiled "Yes I do and you are lucky you got me. I shudder to think was Hermione, Ginny, or Mrs. Weasely would have said to you. Now I believe we have an appointment with Ollivander to get a wand." Luna Dropped her privacy wards and Neville said goodbye to the girls Luna leaned in and whispered in Sam's ear "Take him out dancing tonight the dress you are wearing will completely bedazzle him"

For the first time in hours, Samantha thought about what she was wearing and smiled

"My work here is done!" Luna surmised "I commend you back to my brother-in-arms Neville. Harry will be along in half an hour or so. Enjoy your evening"

Luna wandered back to the leaky cauldron leaving Sam with Neville "I can guess as to certain portions of your discussion with Luna "I will echo the one thing I know for a fact she said do not hurt him, do not play games with him."

"Neville you all are assuming that I know anything at all about dating since I have been a teenager, I have dated three guys" Samantha ranted "One cheated on me, one tried raping me. The third nearly destroyed my self-esteem and broke my spirit controlling every aspect of my life. The only thing that saved me was being reassigned."

Neville's face hardened "IF harry ever meets either of your boyfriends he will likely punish them" Neville admitted, "And I will help him."

They arrived at an old worse for wear building "We are here" Neville declared with an over-the-top flourish "I should warn you before we go in Garrick Ollivander is a very creepy old man" Neville then opened the door and guided her inside

"I did not think I would be seeing you so soon Mr. Longbottom and who is your lovely companion, "the old man asked before he got a good look at her "Dear me, your grandfather would not by chance have been Matthew Carter would he? April Carter is your cousin?"

"Yes, he is though from what I understand he died in mid-1945 during the last days of the war" Sam answered the old man "I am Samantha Carter. Somehow my magical core was completely bound a short time ago it was unbound and I am not at liberty to discuss it. I need to be fitted for a wand."

Garrick Ollivander smiled Matthew's granddaughter had come to him "let us get started then"

At the SGC General Carter and Hammond were playing Poker with T'ealc, Daniel, and Jack in the conference room when the phone rang without a thought Hammond answered "Hammond, Janet how are things going? He is how old? He signed the agreement? I am sure she will enjoy the opportunity. The packet will be there in the morning. Thank you, Janet, spend some more time with your godson it sounds like he needs you more than we do right now."