Chapter Seven

"Hem! Hem!" A voice interrupted the "I am Afraid Mr. Potter that will not be possible." He turned and saw Delores Umbridge, pink cardigan and all "I am afraid you have some explaining to do."

"Delores unlike when I was a student. You hold no power over me now! "Harry said softly.

"Mr. Potter you assaulted me in the courtroom in front of witnesses." She sneered motioning to four Aurors that were behind her "As such you are still accountable for your crime. Take Him!"

"Belay that order!" a voice came from down the alley Harry turned his head to see the minister of magic and his head auror flanked by four more Aurors walking down the lane toward them, Delores's eyes Narrowed she knew there was no way she would get Potter now at best she would lose her job at worst she would spend the rest of her life in Azkaban. She also knew she could take potter in a wand battle, but if the word was true and the blond American was the likely contender to be lady Potter, she turned her wand on Samantha Carter "Aveda Kedavra"

Harry saw Umbridge's wand shift direction to Samantha and begin to rise

Neville squared off on Rita Skeeter noting she shifted her attention to harry

Hearing the killing curse Harry jumped in front of Samantha conjuring a steel polished mirror catching the curse and reflecting it into Umbridge's face. Unfortunately, the force of the spell went all the way up his arms numbing his arms completely

Rita skeeter cried out "Crucio" at Harry her hate spiking as she remembered every bit of disrespect he and his friends had heaped upon her. Samantha seeing Harry about to get hit by something jumped in front of harry catching the curse that activated every pain receptor in her body

Delores Umbridge had no time to even move her spell reflected on her. She dropped like a stone dead from her curse

Neville seeing Samantha hit by the cruciatus retaliated with point-blank Reducto to Skeeters face

Harry heard Samantha scream "The next person who casts a spell is going to eat reductor curse" Harry yelled

"Aurors stand down!" the four Aurors lowered their wand "Lord Potter I am Chief Auror Gawain Robards. Aurors Stebbins and Dawlish send their apologies they were dispatched to the undersecretary's home. "He then knelt next to Samantha "Lady Carter, I knew your grandfather he was a good man. From what I can see the apple did not fall far from the tree."

"y… yo…you Knew my grandfather" Samantha stuttered "I would like to hear more about him."

"Harry… I swear I can't let you go anywhere!" Luna and the rest of the DA walked out of Weasely Wizards Wheezes, and the Weasely clan. Molly saw Harry Holding an older blonde and was prepared to march over and find out exactly what was going on when Ginny stopped her with a muttered: "Potter Curse mother … Luna and I talked about a little bit ago… She's the one!"

"Oh," she said and then gently approached the pair on the ground "Harry dear Luna is right we can't seem to take you anywhere. I am Molly Weasely" she reached out to help Harry get Samantha off the ground.

Harry shaking away the shock of the situation "Mum, This is Samantha Carter. Samantha this is my mum", My brothers George, Bill, Charlie, and Percy. This is my little sister Ginny. This Is Luna Scamander and probably her Husband Rolf. The Rest of these are members of the Defense Association from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"These" Neville motioned swinging his arm around "Are the people I was talking about earlier. The people who Harry Taught, almost three years ago."

"What are all of you doing here?" Samantha asked

"He is our leader if he is in trouble we have his back," Luna said airily

Janet had watched been watching the memories for over an hour now and in that time, she felt her hair starting to grey, Wraith, The Basilisk and Diary, the dementors, the graveyard, The atrium in the ministry, The loss of Albus Dumbledore, and everything that had happened in the last year made her want to cry he had done the impossible. It was almost like looking after Jonathon O'Neil She had just come out of the Pensieve and noticed there was a goblin waiting for her "Is there something I can do for you?"

"Your godson and best friend ask for your presence," the goblin said bowing low "In the ritual room."

"Very well I can use a break from the insanity of my godson's school years" Janet frowned "Lead on"

"I am afraid Lady Frasier; you have not quite escaped it yet there has been an incident with Rita Skeeter and Delores Umbridge I am afraid Lady Carter Jumped in front of a Crucio meant for young Harry while he was reflecting a killing curse meant for her."

"Ugh, Can I assume both people are in custody?" Janet asked carefully "please tell me they are"

The goblin shook his head "Delores Umbridge was killed by her own reflected curse. Miss skeeter was killed by a reductor to the face from Lord Longbottom"

"Thank you for coming to get me!" Janet said as she exited the bank looking down the block. She could see Harry holding Samantha and Aurors arresting other Aurors and bagging up some bodies she was at a loss. She approached them first looking to harry to ensure he was unharmed then to Samantha "I can't let the two of you out of my sight."

"It was my fault Janet," Harry said the embarrassment easily written on his face "I let my guard down."

"Harry, it was not your fault," Kingsley Shacklebolt retorted "We just found Auror Dawlish dead from a piercing curse. Auror Stebbins is in critical condition at St. Mungos. Cruciatus Overexposure."

"d … did they cook this up together to get a shot at Harry" Sam could not stop the shaking it had only been a moment but it felt like her entire body was on fire "The green curse she threw at you... that was?"

"That was the killing curse," Harry admitted "and she sent it at you Love"

"Can someone run to the Apothecary?" Janet asked loudly "We a vial of Cruciatus remedy and a muscle relaxer"

Dennis Creevy nodded and took off at a fast run.

Harry was done waiting and cast a featherlight charm on Samantha "They can meet us in the bank. We are going to look over the betrothal agreement, tendered by her grandfather to mine. Shacklebolt did not like the sound of that

"Are you sure that is wise Harry?" Kingsley asked as if trying to will harry to answer his way. This is kind of fast don't you think?" He looked like he had more to say but a hand on the shoulder from professor McGonagall Stilled him he could now see Harry stood rigid

"Neville, could you take Samantha back into the bank I will join you in five minutes," Harry asked firmly "Sam, Neville will take and Janet into the bank I need to have a word with the minister and others." Harry surveyed the crowd the DA looked annoyed, the Aurors who came with Umbridge was looking at Harry fingering their wands. The Aurors who came with Kingsley had arrayed themselves in front of the minister and were looking ominously at Harry. Samantha nodded as Harry transferred her to Neville. He smiled dropping a kiss on her lips. Janet looked from Kingsley to her godson with narrowed eyes she did not like where this was going. She however followed Neville and Samantha into the bank

"Mr. Potter" Professor McGonagall started "Perhaps Kingsley did not phrase his question the best."

"Professor McGonagall we are going to read the betrothal and that is no one's business but hers and mine!" Harry gritted his teeth "Potter Curse or not I can easily tell that Samantha Carter is scarily smart and hilariously gorgeous, out of my league gorgeous."

"Harry we can get the unspeakbales to try and dispel the curse. You don't have to be saddled with a Yank" Kingsley sputtered "We need you here helping heal our nation."

Minerva began to shake her head and move away from the minister "Kingsley are you even listening to yourself right now?" Harry asked Incredulously "You sound like Scrimgeour and Fudge. My answer is no I have done my Duty. So have Ron and Hermione. Where she goes, I will follow."

Molly had been quiet throughout the entire discussion Shacklebolt thought she might be a possible ally "Molly how do you feel about this?" the minister asked

"I think Harry needs to find his own way now and we as individuals and a society need to get up off our duffs and do what is right not what is easy." Kingsley looked chagrinned and motioned the Aurors to stand down Molly took the man into a hug "Let them go and they will be there when you need them most."

Shack rubbed the back of his bald head "I am sorry Harry. This job is just so big" the big man muttered

"Kingsley I do not want what happened to Dumbledore to happen to me. I don't want to be headmaster, Chief warlock, or the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards. I Have been at the heart of this thing since I was a toddler. I am done being the chosen one unless It is Samantha who is choosing me. I don't want fame even though I am going to have it. I don't deserve accolades and the closest I want to be to your office is your fire-calling me when finding yourself in a true quandary."

"I never thought of it that way Harry," Kingsley said quietly before looking at Minerva "I suppose you are done with school as well?"

"Formalized school yes. However, I will spend the summer instructing Samantha in all things magical from first through the sixth year" Harry said distractedly "She has three months of leave so a year of work every two weeks."

"That is an ambitious schedule" Minerva replied looking at the son of her favorite students "I am sure there is a story if you find the time to bring her to the school, I would like to get to know her."

Harry stepped up to Minerva motioning to Kingsley and the elder Weasleys "When there is a Ceremony to be had I would take it as a kindness if you all were there Arthur and Molly as parents of the groom, Garrick Ollivander, and Minerva McGonagall as the grandparents of the groom and Kingsley I would like you to perform the Ceremony."

Minerva did something she wanted to do for years. She wrapped harry in a grandmotherly hug

"Samantha and I are going to look over the contract now. I hope we can make it to Hogwarts tomorrow for dinner"

Harry walked up to Gringotts doors which were being held by Neville "That looked intense for a few moments" His friend said softly "What was the minister's problem"

"Anxiety!" Harry surmised looking around "He has some big shoes to fill and I do not want to be the next Albus Dumbledore."

"Mate no one would ever confuse a runt like you with Albus Dumbledore," Neville said playfully shoving his friend." Samantha is inside looking over the betrothal go on and join her I will get the others home.

"Thanks, Mate, I will see you at Hogwarts tomorrow After the betrothal contract Samantha and I will be going for dinner what we do after Will be up to her but with the dress, she is wearing I imagine dancing will definitely be on the menu."

"I somehow think that will not be the only thing on the menu." Neville smiled at his friend "Harry I know the curse afflicted you worse than any other Potter in History. But you need to know this is not something you can walk away from if you go through with the betrothal and marry it will be for life. I guess what I am getting at is are you sure about this."

"Neville, I have never been surer" Harry stated bluntly "about anything in my entire life" harry left Neville behind as he was escorted back to the room Janet had set up her office in when he opened the door, He saw Samantha reclined in a chair sleeping. Janet was missing and Harry could see the contract sitting on the table. He picked it up and sat down in a chair by Samantha and started reading.

This Betrothal Agreement between House Potter and House Carter on May 4th, 1945

A Daughter of House Carter will offer herself for consideration to the Heir of House Potter within a year of his Majority.

She will be educated in either Magic or science. She will be intelligent, be able to discuss a myriad of concerns, and she will be willful and untamed. she will if needed help educate the Heir of House Potter. She will never denigrate or abuse the heir. Instead, she will Cherish him and support him in whatever he endeavors to do within reason

The heir will be kind, compassionate, He will be at the forefront of any fight against the dark forces, he will be pure of heart. He will never denigrate or abuse the daughter of House Carter instead He will cherish her intelligence, educating himself to be worthy of her, and support her in whatever she endeavors within reason.

From the date of signing of this agreement, the heir and bis betrothed will court a year and a day. If on the day ending the year and a day, they have no love in their heart for the other then the contract can be nullified with no forfeiture nor will it pass to future generations.

If they have love in their hearts for another in the time before the end of the courting period they may be wed anywhere in the world by a priest, druid, Judge, or perhaps Elvis in Las Vegas in the United States.

House Potter offers 15000 Galleon bridewealth

House Carter offers Carter Manor in Northern Scotland as Dowry

The having and rearing of children will be up to the bride and Groom at their leisure However Both house Carter and Potter ask that you try to provide an heir either by birth or blood adoption.

We realize that there will be arguments and times where it may seem like your marriage is a burden Both abuse and Infidelity will sever the marriage and heart and will exact a great price on the perpetrator that is all we will say on the matter.

Harry reread the document three times wonder why this seemed less like a business agreement and more like two families intertwining. He looked at his grandfather's signature seeing how elegant it looked on the paper. Groaning inwardly, he placed the document on the table. Janet came into the room escorted by Dennis and Neville.

Harry watched as Janet managed to wake and get Samantha to drink the potion and he smiled at her disgusted face. He motioned to the betrothal agreement "I was expecting flowery language and a list of demands or privileges followed by a whole world punishment in the clauses." Harry stated quietly "What do you think?"

Samantha smiled "It sounds like they just wanted us to find our own way" she looked into Harry's eyes "Those curses the Cruciatus and the Killing Curse you have had both of them cast at you?"

Harry nodded and Samantha leaped out of her chair groaning in pain slamming into Harry who fought to keep them both upright "It's okay Sam it is not like you were the one who cast them on me." Harry explained rubbing her back "I was more worried about you, to be honest."

"Is it alright if we spend a night in and maybe go dancing another night?" Samantha asked

"Yes, as long as we are spending it together!" Harry admitted turning to the contract. Signing his name, he felt the blood quill scratch his hand he then handed the quill to Samantha who signed and looked at the quill like it was evil she looked like she was going to break it when Neville deftly snatched it from her grasp witnessing the document before handing it Janet who looked at them

"Are you both sure?" when they both nodded, she signed with a smirk "You two are well matched. Harry, I have a packet coming for you it should be delivered tomorrow."

Harry was about to respond but Samantha beat her to the punch "We will pick it up at noon"

Harry approached his godmother and gave her another hug "Thank you for coming, defending me just thank you." Harry whispered in her ear "Don't watch all the memories today you will have nightmares. One last thing how do I address you?"

"How did you Address Padfoot?" she asked honestly wondering

"Umm I referred to him as either Snuffle or dogfather" Harry admitted embarrassed

"Aunt Janet sounds good in a pinch you can address me as Janet" she replied as Samantha looked at her expectantly "Well Harry it seems like someone wants some private time with you. Off you go!"

"See you tomorrow Aunty," Harry said grabbing Sam's hand they practically bolted from the bank to the leaky cauldron.

The remaining wizards in Diagon Alley smiled at the bright faces of the pair as they left. If Harry Potter could find happiness then there was still a bit of alright left in the world. Before the pair left the pub, they took the robes off and Harry was treated to the sight of Samantha Carter in a very hot Halter dress He quickly shrunk the robes. They hailed a cab and went to the most expensive hotel in London and enjoyed a night in.

Authors Notes: I have received a few reviews lately one where I had too much content occurring in one day. Another where the reviewer insisted that a relationship between Sam and Harry would not work
due to the age. I want to be clear I am all for true constructive criticism. However, Armchair authoring is a pet peeve of mine. I am not a serious author, I do not get paid for doing this. I do it because I and some others enjoy my works for reasons I do not know. I don't care if you (the generalized you ) don't think the pairing will work if there is too much content. You are going to have to live with disappointment because I am not changing the story to make any one reader happy. What you see is what you get.