On an Earth where magic is real
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Branch Headquarters of Camelot Industries

January 12, 2021

Like the capital cities of many developed nations, the city of Port-au-Prince does not sleep with the arrival of the night. In fact one might say that the city becomes more lively as the lights turn on and the nightlife awakens. Workers who are excited for the coming weekend are out and about later than usual looking for something to enjoy the beginning of their three day break, students looking to destress themselves can be seen excitedly making their way to parties with their faces flushed from their 'pregame' alcohol, and many other types of people looking for a good time mingle out and about through the city with the excitement clear on their faces and paying no mind to the convoy black vehicles with tinted windows racing down the street.

Such a sight is not exactly rare in the city due to one of the main branch headquarters of Camelot Industries, one of the greatest corporations in the world, being located in Port-au-Prince. As a corporation that is involved from medicine to technology, such vehicles are seen quite often whenever the corporation has a new invention in the final testing phases, and with the announcement of Avalon, a new experimental technology with the potential to cure many diseases, the people of the city have been expecting to see black vehicles with tinted windows sometime soon.

However as the lead vehicle approaches the building, some notice that it has no intention of slowing down or stopping and immediately take out their phones in order to film. When the car reaches within two hundred feet of the skyscraper the driver leaps out of the vehicle, leaving it to smash into the building. Instead of colliding into the building as many expected the car instead crashes into a translucent barrier before exploding.

Unperturbed by the explosion even as it creates a ripple on the barrier, the driver of the vehicle grips his forearm and raises his hand up as lightning begins to crackle around the appendage.

Leaping at the recovering barrier, the man thrusts his hand coated in lighting into it, "Spear of Zeus: Triam!" shouts the man as a bolt of lightning falls from the sky and strikes him, empowering the lightning in his hands.

As the man's hand pierces through the barrier, the lightning discharges and the barrier flickers out of existence.

With the barrier down, the other people in the cars behind the lead vehicle get out and begin to make their way into the building. As the last member of the group passes by the driver he taps him on the shoulder and nods in acknowledgement before they too make their way inside.

Seeing a group of at least two dozen masked strangers dressed in all black three piece suits, the witnesses outside begin to grow hysterical as they go live on social media in order to post it.

Arriving within the main lobby of the skyscraper, the group begins to make their way towards the back where the elevators are located only to be forced to stop when a small bolt of lightning carves a small fissure onto their path.

"Oi, what are you idiots doing?" calls out a calm and laid back masculine voice. "Do you know how dangerous what you just did is? If I didn't take down the barrier the backlash of it clashing with a spell as powerful as Triam would have destroyed at least ten city blocks." says the man as the intruders look up at him.

Casually balancing on the railing of the fiftieth floor as if he were standing on the ground, with his hands in his pockets, is a handsome young man of around twenty years old. He stands at around six feet tall with brown skin, dark purple hair styled into dreads tied into a ponytail at the back, and crimson red eyes that seem to see the deepest secrets of everyone he looks at. Like the invaders below him, he wears a black suit but has discarded the suit jacket in favor of a vest while also rolling his sleeves up to his elbow. In his ears are two earrings and hanging between his lips is what seems to be a cigarette.

"Are you guys def or something? I asked you a question." says the young man when no one answers him.

Stepping out from the back and into the front, the last member of the group looks up at the young man with a sneer hidden behind his mask "Ramiel Prince, oldest member of House Prince's new generation and the most useless one. How they haven't killed you for your uselessness yet is beyond me." says the man.

Narrowing his eyes at the speaker, Ramiel balances himself on his toes and squats above the railing, "Do I know you?" he asks as he takes a puff.

"Ouch, did I have such little impact on your life that you can't even recognise me, son?" asks the man as he takes off his mask to reveal a handsome face with hazel eyes.

"Samael." says Ramiel with a voice dripping in hatred as his pupils turn into slits similar to a dragon.

"Oh, even you are capable of such an expression. Hahaha, look at this Ramiel the Unbothered can actually feel hatred." laughs Samael.

Taking a deep breath, Ramiel inhales the smoke and closes his eyes for a few seconds before opening them again with an exhale. "Ah, excuse my rudeness. It's just been a long day and I didn't expect to have to exterminate a nest of rats tonight so I'm a little agitated." answers Ramiel as his slitted pupils return to normal. "Now tell me, old man, what are you doing here? Don't you know that I have permission to wipe your existence from the Earth if you ever showed your stupid face around?" asks the young man as he takes the cigarette from his mouth and crushes it.

"The reason I'm here isn't your business. Just step aside or die." orders Samael.

"You're right, it's none of my business. However, I won't be stepping aside, not today." says the son as power flows through his body and arcs of lightning can be seen surrounding it. "You and I have unfinished business." says Ramiel as he disappears from sight with a crack of thunder and reappears in the middle of the group "Mjolnir!" chants Ramiel as he vaporises the majority of the intruders as well as the area they stand on with a punch to the ground.

As he and the survivors begin to fall through the hole created by his attack, the young man continues his assault by launching bolts of lightning at the intruders, killing them. By the time they land in the garage underneath the building only Ramiel, Samael, and the driver who attacked the forcefield remain. In the span of a few seconds only two of his enemies remain with the masked driver having already suffered a few injuries from Ramiel's assault.

"You're stronger now." comments Samael, seemingly unbothered by the decimation of his group.

"I have to be. What kind of older brother would I be if I couldn't do this much." casually replies Ramiel. "Those little siblings of mine have already cured my fragile body, the least I could do for them is get stronger and become their protector." he says as he cracks his neck and rolls his shoulders.

"It won't be enough, you know." claims Samael as he points his palm outwards and a spear slowly materialises into his hand. Grasping the weapon, Samael twirls it around his body with a smirk on his face.

"That spear…" mutters Ramiel to himself as all traces of casualness disappear from his eyes and his body becomes alert.

Smirking wider at Ramiel's realisation, Samael makes a show of admiring his weapon "That's right, this is The Longinus, the spear that is said to have pierced Jesus' side. While no one knows whether that's true or not, this spear possesses anti-evil and properties as well as enough divine properties to kill you, and despite looking like a simple pilum it's good enough to be wielded like a normal spear." explains Samael.

"I see." replies Ramiel with a heavy sigh. "You really are a hateful individual aren't you. You came here with the specific purpose of killing me, your own son."

"Hahaha, what makes you think that you're important enough for me to cross halfway across the world just to kill you." laughs his father.

"You wouldn't have come with that spear if that wasn't your purpose, especially since the last report about my location placed me in New York. Tell me, who told you that I was here? I want names so that hunting them down after this will be easy, I don't want to waste any more time." answers Ramiel.

Sighing, Samael rubs his face before answering "Ah, I'm so used to seeing you as a useless bedridden son that I forgot how smart you are. You're right, I did come here to kill you, but in my defense you keep getting in my way. Every time I create trouble for those genius siblings of yours so I can facilitate my take over of the company you're always there protecting them and shit. I mean seriously, would it hurt you to let one assassination go through. You're not even full blooded siblings cause I sure as hell am not their daddy. Seriously man, if you'd just let those bastards die we wouldn't be here right now." rants Samael

Hearing the words of his father, Ramiel closes his eyes and releases a deep sigh that exhales the remaining smoke that he had been keeping in his lungs. As the smoke is expelled from his body, a massive pressure falls over the garage, crushing the only remaining intruder to the ground and pushing Samael to his knees. As the pressure fully exerts itself onto the area the apparition of a massive winged serpentine red dragon with two mouths appears behind Ramiel and roars with so much bloodlust that Samael freezes in fear.

"I'm going to tear you apart, limb from limb and feed the pieces to that new wife of yours." says Ramiel with a growl as he slowly opens his eyes, revealing the red slitted pupils while the lightning shrouding his body increases. "When I'm done with that I'm going to find all of your allies and make them all suffer a fate worse than death." he continues as scale-like patterns appear around his eyes and the side of his neck.

"Heh, you really became scary." comments Samael as the spear in his hand lightly glows and protects him from Ramiel's aura. "Damn, if I didn't know any better I'd think that I was actually facing Osiris. Your sister is really a genius to be able to transplant that damn dragon's heart into your body while keeping all of its powers intact. Seriously what kind of thirteen year old can do shit like that." he says as he stands back up.

"My sister, the smartest person on this fucking planet." answers Ramiel as he launches himself at Samael with a massive shockwave that is felt for dozens of blocks.

With wide eyes, Samael is barely able to stumble backwards to dodge Ramiel's punch. Following through with his assault, Ramiel launches a kick to Samael's side that he barely blocks with his spear. Unfortunately the kick is too strong for him to block properly and Samael is sent flying through multiple pillars. Not willing to give Samael the opportunity to recover, Ramiel races after the man at speeds impossible for him to keep up with. The only thing letting him know of his opponent's approach are the tracks created by his lightning long after he has already passed.

Appearing behind Samael, Ramiel raises a leg up and smashes onto his opponent's rib cage, breaking it and puncturing his lungs with pieces of his ribs. Gasping, Samael coughs out a mouthful of blood and guts while lungs fill up with blood.

Without an ounce of mercy Ramiel sends Samael flying with one more kick before once again pursuing. Before he can make it far out his chest is wracked with pain and he coughs out a mouthful of blood.

"What…?" questions Ramiel as he grabs his chest in pain and continues to cough out blood.

"Fi…Finally." says Samael with a cough from his position on the floor as he tries to get up with the help of The Longinus. "The poison is finally kicking in."

"Poison? What…what poison?" asks Ramiel in between coughs.

"The poison…in…your medicine." answers Samael as he stumbles towards Ramiel while placing a glowing hand over his chest that eases his breathing. "I knew that even with The Longinus it would be hard to kill, after all you were always ridiculously fast and I knew that with time you'd only grow faster. I can't kill you if I can't stab you and the spear doesn't boost my body to keep up with you. So I had someone create poison strong enough to affect a dragon."

"That's…that's not possible. Dragons can filter any poison out of their body through their heart. It's…it's only a matter of time." answers Ramiel as Samael stands in front of him.

"You're right, but that's because their body and heart are strong enough to survive the time needed for it to happen, and while you have a dragon's heart and your body is the strongest body outside of the dragons, the fact of the matter is that you ain't no damn dragon." says Samael as he stabs Ramiel through the stomach.

"Argh…I'll fucking kill, that's a promise." growls Ramiel as the spear burns him and slowly erodes his life force and he coughs out another mouthful of blood.

"No you won't, you'll be dead soon. If you don't because your heart bursts from working overtime trying to cure, then the spear will kill you." says Samael. "Do you wanna know how I poisoned your medicine?" asks Samael as he reaches into Ramiel's vest pocket and pulls out his pack of cigarettes and lighter.

Taking one, he places it into Ramiel's mouth and lights it. "Your brother made a new friend recently." he says as he sits in front of his dying son. "His name is Leo. That boy's a genius, not intellectually like your brother or your sister, but martially like you. The same way you mastered Pankration is the same way he mastered kung-fu. Not the showy, useless one of modern day, no I'm talking about the old school one made for killing. He even learned their alchemy." he says before pausing.

"Is…is there a point to this?" asks Ramiel with a raspy voice.

"So anyway, Leo's got a little problem, his daddy owes some bad people a whole lot of money and his mommy is pretty sickly. Too bad though the bad people don't give a fuck about any of that." explains Samael.

"Oh joy…, another shitty dad. You…you have a club where you meet?" asks Ramiel sarcastically.

"Yea we do. In fact it's where I met Leo and had his dad help me convince him to poison your meds. You see, it was bring your kids to the club day…" begins Samael only to stop as Ramiel purposely spits a mouthful of blood on his face along with the cigarette.

"Not possible…Eric makes my meds personally. No one…no one else knows the recipe. Only him, little sis, and me." refuts Ramiel.

"Ah, that's true. However, your little bro is smitten with this little psychic at his school. A little threat here, a little blackmail there and I knew every secret in that genius head of his, the recipe for your medicine included. From there I just had Leo make the poisoned meds and switch it with your stash." finishes Samael as he looks at Ramiel expectantly. "So? What do you think?"

Looking at his father with wide eyes, it takes Ramiel a few seconds to react "Hahaha, how fitting that a rare existence like me would be taken out by something even rarer." laughs Ramiel as he completely ignores the pain of his dying body. "Do you know how rare it is to find someone who not only mastered ancient kung-fu but also learned their branch of alchemy?" he asks.

"About as rare as finding a living dragon. What's your point?" asks Samael with a frown. He wanted Ramiel to despair in his final moments, not be excited.

"Not only did you find such a person, but you also found a goddamn psychic. You have more of a chance finding a dragon like Osiris than finding one of those. I should know, I talked to the damn bastard after my sister implanted his heart into me. Anyway, my point is that you didn't kill me. I was killed by two geniuses while you try to take credit for it like you do for everything." explains Ramiel with a grin that enrages Samael.

"Bullshit!" exclaims Samael. "I killed you. Me. It was my plan and my actions that killed you. Me!" he screams.

"Whatever you say old man. This reminds me of that time you promised me you'd teach me how to fight, but I had to get my own teacher to learn." replies Ramiel as he looks down at the ground.

"What does that shit have to do with anything?" questions a scowling Samael.

"Both times a promise was made. You promised that you'd teach me how to fight, and I promised you that I'd kill you." says Ramiel as he looks at Samael with an absolute savage grin that makes his stomach drop and overtakes his body with terror. "The difference between you and me, old man, is that I keep my promises." he says as lightning sparks around his body and overflows it with energy. "I may die today, but I'm taking you with me." he says as he releases his hold on the lightning causing an explosion to engulf the garage and the entire skyscraper.

Location: Unknown
Date: Unknown

"Ugh, what the hell." groans Ramiel as he finds himself waking up in a black void. "Why does it feel like the Thor Clan had a party in my head." he says as he tries to get his bearings. "The last thing I remember is… Ah right, I'm dead. Gotta say the after life is pretty underwhelming. Even fire and brimstone would have been better."

"You seem awfully calm for someone who remembers that they died." says a voice from the void.

"Please, I made it to the age of twenty when my birth itself was a miracle. I accepted my death since I could understand the concept." says Ramiel with a scoff. "My only regret is not being around two watch over those little rascals. At least I took down that bastard with me so most of their problems should be gone now."

"You're right. Once they get through the grieving they'll be alright." confirms the voice. "Now enough about them, we're here to talk about you."

"What about me? I'm dead remember?" asks Ramiel.

"I could change that if you want. All you'd have to do is fill out these." says the voice as he presents a set of documents to Ramiel with the words [Waifu Catalogue] at the top.

"Fuck, are you The Company? I want nothing to do with you bastards, just feed me to whatever eldritch abomination you use to torture people who don't fall in line." says Ramiel as he shoves the documents away from him.

"Oi, don't insult me like that. I don't have a 'make profit at all costs policy' alright. I do this strictly because I find you lesser beings entertaining and because you won me a bet against my older brother." explains the voice.

"A bet?" asks Ramiel.

"Yea. Being an outerversal being can get boring so my siblings watch lesser beings and bet on their life. He bet that Samael would survive while I bet that even if you lost the fight you'd take Samael down with you. Congrats by the way the bastard had it coming since he was ten." says the voice. "Anyway, in exchange for winning me the bet, and it was a big one, I'm offering you a new life through the omniverse."

"I see. However, that still doesn't explain to me why the docs you gave me are the waifu catalogue."

"I jacked it from The Company during my latest prank on them and thought I'd use that instead of some CYOA but with a few differences."

"Fair enough, how do we do this?" asks Ramiel.

"Normally I'd let you pick your companions, but I want to spice things up a bit so I'll create a random name generator. The only thing you get to pick is the location which you have to pick now." instructs the voice.

"Never been into gambling to be honest but let's give this a try. The world I pick is the Nasuverse, more specifically the Grand Order." decides Ramiel. "Nasuverse because the magic system is close to the one from my Earth, and the Grand Order because I have a chance to meet the most heroes there." explains Ramiel.

"Wow, no getting your feet wet first, no dallying, just straight into the belly of the beast. I can respect that." compliments the voice. "Now for your origin, Let's Roll!" exclaims the voice as a random name picker appears and quickly cycles through the various choices.

"Uh, Drop-In. Not bad, considering that Ritsuka is just a vehicle for the players in the game that's probably the best option." says Ramiel with a nod.

"Oh, by the way waifus and perks still cost 'credits', which you have 955 of, and if you go over the limit you'll have to pick drawbacks to make up for it."

"Sure." shrugs Ramiel.

"Now, for the type of binding…" "Wait" interrupts Ramiel. "Do I have to pick a binding?" he asks.

"Yes, you can choose whether to use it or not but you gotta have one. Now Let's Roll!" exclaims the voice.

The random name picker once again cycles through the options quickly before eventually stopping at the Shroud of Power.

"Ah, that's the best one. Let's go to the next category." cheers Ramiel.

"For lures you only get two. Let's Roll!" says the voice.

Looking at the results Ramiel nods his head in acceptance "Faerie Feast and Sticky Fingers, I can deal with that."

"Now perks, you only get three. Let's Roll!" calls out the voice.

"Everlasting Talent, I didn't really need that considering that I'm a dragon, but I'll take it. Science Talent and Soul Talent, that'll put me close to my sibling's intellectual level in those areas, ironic." comments Ramiel with a chuckle.

"Now for defenses you also get three. Let's Roll!"

"Oof, Soul Defense, Trace Defense, and Destiny Defense. A lot of skills and Noble Phantasms just became useless against me."

"What's with this absurd luck." whispers the voice. "Alright, for the Other Perks category you can roll for as many as you want, but be mindful of your credits."

"Can I roll for my companions first?" asks Ramiel.

"Sure, the rules for waifus is roll as much as you want but you have to keep whoever you get. Let's Roll!" calls out the voice. "First we have, Raven Branwen. Good luck with that, you might need it." says the voice sympathetically.

"She's not the worst from that world I could've gotten to be honest. Better than Cinder Fall. Let's go again."

"Next up is Francis Drake from the Nasuverse. That's a good draw."

"Yea, let's roll again. In fact, don't stop rolling until I say stop." says Ramiel.

"Alright, if you're so sure about that Let's Roll!"

"Terumi Mei"


"Emma Frost"


"Boa Hancock"

"Black Widow"



"Susan Storm"

After a few rolls, Ramiel finally tells the voice to stop while looking at the results with mixed feelings.

"Oof, that's a stacked list but it's also got problems. A lot of these women are in love with someone. The only ones that aren't are Raven, Drake, Mei, and Black Widow, and even Widow is an iffy one." comments the voice.

"Can I pick which versions of each one I can have as a companion?" asks Ramiel.

"I'll let you do it for half of them."

"Alright. Esdeath before she sees Tatsumi win the tournament, Boa before Luffy arrives on her island, Karin from Boruto, Susan Storm from the Ultimate Universe, and Tsunade from the Fourth Shinobi War while she's recovering from Madara cutting her body in half." says Ramiel.

"Heh, you're a sly one aren't you" comments the voice. "Now to Other Perks."

"Paper Trail, not bad. I'll even make it so that it only costs you 10 credits for you and your companions just because I'm that generous." says the voice. "Next up is… Talent Sharing (Soul Talent), lucky bastard. But seriously though, isn't your luck a little too good?" comments the voice.

"Not bad. I'll take it. So how does this work exactly?" asks Ramiel.

"Well, I'll teleport you to the Nasuverse one week before canon starts along with your companions, which by the way are not going to be clones. All of you will have the knowledge of your backgrounds in your mind. So you'll have one week to acclimate yourselves to your backgrounds. Speaking of your body by the way, do you want any changes?" asks the voice.

"No, I'm good. I do have one request though, can you make it so that I have an unlimited amount of my meds?" asks Ramiel.

"Why? Don't you want me to remove that flaw for you?"

"Nah, it'll be something to remember those little rascals by." explains Ramiel.

"Alright. Bye-Bye." says the voice as he snaps his fingers before Ramiel can even say anything else.

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