I got this request from Hi Hey Hello Its Me to do one where either Maya or Carina has a reaction to the Covid vaccine, and this is what I came up with. Also, I have no desire to hear about it if you don't believe in the Covid-19 vaccine so don't tell me about it.

It was finally time. After almost a full year, Station 19 was about to be fully vaccinated and Maya couldn't wait.

Carina had been part of the first wave of healthcare workers who received their first vaccines in December and the second dose in early January. She had done really well with both doses, complaining of a very sore arm after the first one, and the same, along with a mild headache and being extra tried after the second one.

She had strategically gotten her second one after a 24 hour shift so she had 48 hours off because many of her friends had been down and out for a full 36 hours after their second dose. Carina had slept for half the day after, though part of it was probably from working a 24 hour shift.

When she woke up, she was a little achy and just overall exhausted, Maya happy she was also off to just be there with Carina, getting her food and fluids and just curling up on the couch with her. They spent the bulk of those two days just curled up either in bed or on the couch as Carina rested and Maya doted on her. It had been nice to just have time together without feeling like they had anything to do, and because Carina wasn't feeling too bad, it felt like a mini staycation.

Maya was hoping that her own experience would be similar. If she had to deal with a day or two of feeling a little under the weather to get two days with Carina, that sounded fine to her.

The fire department had started the vaccination process in January. They had worked out a deal with Grey Sloan to have two interns go to Station 19 every day for a week at the end of shift, vaccinating the shift that was getting off so they had a full 48 hours off just in case they had any side effects.

They had all the firefighters from the battalion come to 19 just to make it easier for the doctors, spreading them out in the barn by station to maintain proper COVID protocols.

Maya was pretty glad they were doing it that way because she and about 75% of the people in the station had extremely sore arms for about a day after the first vaccine. A few people had other symptoms, and Maya herself felt tired, but she had worked a double before getting her vaccine so she wasn't sure the shot was to blame for the exhaustion.

They set up the same system set up for the second round so as soon as B shift arrived that morning, the members of A shift headed into the barn. They hadn't had any calls overnight, something that was always welcome but really rare.

Ben had been in charge of coordinating the efforts so when Maya walked into the barn and saw Carina there, it was a surprise.

"What are you doing here?" the captain asked, walking over to her wife.

"They needed someone to come do vaccines because apparently the interns all have their boards today, and I just got off shift and knew it was your day so I volunteered," Carina said, pulling her mask down a little as her wife did the same, exchanging a small kiss.

"Perfect," Maya said, smiling, "I will work in my office until you are done and then we can go home together."

"Sounds good," Carina said, "Now, go sit with 19 so we can start."

One of the perks of having the vaccine clinic in their station was that 19 always was first unless they were on a call at the end of shift.

Carina and a nurse who had come to help went over to the chairs where 19 was sitting. Luckily, none of them had any weird reactions to vaccines so they were all able to be observed for only 15 minutes.

Once everyone had turned in their consent forms, Carina and the nurse started working, having everyone done within 5 minutes.

"Alright," Carina said, "Now, all of you just have to sit hard for 15 minutes and then you can go."

"She means sit tight," Maya said, smiling at her wife under her mask.

"Si," Carina nodded, shaking her head, "Sit tight."

"Thanks Carina," came from all the members of 19 except Jack who said "Thanks Dr. Deluca."

Carina smiled as she went to get ready for the next group who had just started arriving.

"So, who has big plans for our next two days off?" Jack asked, looking at everyone.

"I have a hot date," Vic said, earning her a look from everyone, "With my Netflix account. I am fully prepared for this dose to knock me on my ass."

"Oh, can we finish watching Drag Race?" Travis asked, earning him a nod and smile from his roommate.

"Same," Ben nodded, "My wife was in bed the entire day after she had hers."

"My sister is coming over," Dean said, "But if I feel like shit, she is just going to hang out with Pru."

"Even if this thing doesn't knock me out, I'm not planning on doing anything tomorrow," Andy said, shaking her head.

"What about you Jack?" Maya said, looking at her lieutenant, "You asked, so do you have big plans?"

"Marsha needs me to do some stuff around the house," he said, "And I need to do the grocery shopping. What about you Cap?"

"I don't know," Maya said, shrugging, "Play it by ear. Carina was pretty wiped after her second dose so I'm kinda expecting that, but if I feel ok, maybe we will go look at more houses."

"You guys are still thinking about moving?" Travis said.

"No, we aren't thinking about it," Maya said, "We are doing it, we just haven't found a place yet. The market is impossible right now."

They all chatted for a little while longer before Carina came over and told them all as long as they felt fine, they could leave. Everyone slowly trickled out as more people showed up.

"Come find me when you're done," Maya said to her wife who was getting the next tray of vaccines ready.

Carina nodded, Maya giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze before going into her office. Maya worked through her paperwork, almost losing track of time as she worked.

About three hours later, there was a knock at her door and Carina walked in.

"Hi Bambina," she said, smiling, "We are done, and Julia is taking the extra doses back to Grey Sloan. How are you feeling?"

"I'm already getting sore," Maya admitted, closing her computer, "But not too bad otherwise."

"Good," Carina said, "Let's go home."

Maya nodded, grabbing her bag before they headed out.

"I am going to go for a run," Maya said as they walked into their apartment.

"Are you sure that is a good idea?" Carina asked, "You should rest so your body doesn't get too worn out as the vaccine works."

"I feel fine," Maya said, "And I want to do it before my arm gets more sore."

"Fine," Carina said, shaking her head.

Maya pulled on her running clothes before heading out. She had a good run, her arm really starting to ache by the time she got home.

"Hey," Maya said as she walked into the house, having stopped to stretch on the bench out front.

"Ciao," Carina said, setting down her book, "How was your run?"

"Good," Maya said, nodding, "But my arm is starting to really hurt."

"Go shower and I will get you some ice," Carina said, nodding.

Maya went into the bathroom, getting in the shower. She was feeling a little achier than normal after a run, but brushed it off, climbing out of the shower, pulling on some comfy clothes, including one of Carina's sweatshirts, before going out into the kitchen.

"Are you ready for lunch?" Carina asked as she handed Maya an icepack.

"Is it already lunch time?" Maya asked, putting the ice on her shoulder, "Yeah, I guess."

"Are you still feeling ok?" Carina asked, noticing Maya seemed a little off.

"Just a sore arm," Maya said, "What should we do for lunch?"

"I have left over lasagna in the fridge," Carina offered.

"Sounds good," Maya nodded, deciding to wait until after lunch for the ice, "I'll make a salad?"

"I can help," Carina said, grabbing out the cutting board.

Maya honestly wasn't that hungry, something that happened more often than not if she was honest, but she knew she needed to eat.

Her father's strict control over her diet and food intake made Maya learn to just ignore hunger or not even feel it at all, meaning that there were time that she would just completely forget to eat for an entire day or more. It was something she knew wasn't healthy, but it wasn't like she did it on purpose. It was just how her brain was wired. Sometimes, when it got bad, she would set alarms to remind herself to eat.

She chopped some vegetables, Carina getting two bowls and adding lettuce before pulling out the lasagna, heating it up. Soon enough, they were at the table eating. Maya ate her salad, still not feeling very hungry at all.

"Is something wrong?" Carina asked, drawing Maya's attention.

"No," Maya said, shaking her head, "Just distracted, sorry."

"Don't be sorry," Carina said, shaking her head, "I just want to make sure you are ok."

"I'm good," Maya nodded, starting in on her lasagna.

Once lunch was done, they decided to go watch a movie, Carina getting the ice back out for Maya. T

hey curled up on the couch, Maya finding herself exhausted all of a sudden. Carina moved so Maya was in her lap, the blonde just relaxing as Carina played with her hair.

About an hour later, Carina went to ask Maya if she needed anything only to find the blonde sound asleep on her chest. She put a hand on Maya's forehead, feeling it was warmer than normal. She sighed, realizing Maya was already having a reaction to her second vaccine. She decided to just let the blonde sleep as long as she could, knowing that was the best way to feel better.

Carina let herself doze a little, having worked overnight the night before. She woke up about two hours later when she felt Maya moving around.

"Bambina," Carina said gently, "Hey, just relax."

"I don't feel well," Maya said, sitting up.

"You have a fever," Carina said, moving so she was sitting next to Maya.

Just then, Maya threw her hand over her mouth, running into the bathroom. Carina followed quickly, holding Maya's hair as she threw up.

"This sucks," Maya said as she finished, Carina grabbing her a cup of water.

"I'm sorry you are having such a bad reaction," Carina said, "Are you ready to go to bed?"

Maya nodded, getting up with Carina's help.

"Can I get you anything?" Carina asked, helping her into bed.

"Can you close the blinds and turn off the lights?" Maya asked, "My head is killing me."

"Of course," Carina nodded, quickly doing what Maya asked before leaving the room.

Maya's entire body ached from her hair down to her toenails. She groaned as the door opened again, closing her eyes against the light.

"Sorry," Carina whispered, closing the door again, "I got you some Pedialyte and Tylenol for when you're ready, and a trash can just in case."

"Thank you," Maya said quietly as Carina laid down next to her, "Everything hurts."

"Will I hurt you if I hold you?" Carina asked, wanting to comfort her but not wanting to make her feel any worse.

"No," Maya said, shaking her head.

Carina wrapped her arms around Maya, careful to avoid her arm. Maya shivered in Carina's arms, chills running through her entire body.

"I'm so sorry Bambina," Carina said, running her fingers up and down Maya's back.

Maya just laid there in her arms, body trembling for a long time before she finally fell asleep.

Carina carefully got up, going into the kitchen, glad she had stocked up on plenty of things to help just in case Maya got sick like this. She quickly started a pot of soup, hoping that the upset stomach wouldn't last too long.

Once the soup was cooking on low, she grabbed her phone, seeing she had a few messages from Teddy asking if she wanted to come out to Joe's tonight, something they were both happy they were able to safely do again. She texted Teddy back, telling her what was going on with Maya, and that she was going to be staying with her tonight. Teddy texted back quickly, telling her she understood and to tell Maya she hoped she felt better.

Carina then went back into the bedroom, slipping back into bed with Maya, the blonde instinctually moving closer to her. Carina wrapped her arms around her, kissing her forehead which was warm and slightly sweaty from the fever.

She wished she could take away the pain and discomfort Maya was dealing with, but as much as she hated that Maya wasn't feeling well, it was for the best. A day or two of feeling terrible was worth the peace of mind being vaccinated brought.

Maya groaned a little in her sleep, rubbing her face on Carina's shirt.

"Shh," the doctor said, rubbing Maya's back, calming her back down.

Carina allowed herself to relax as well, knowing it might be a long night if Maya continued feeling so bad. She wasn't sure how long she slept, but when she woke up, it was to Maya moving to get up.

"Is your stomach sick again?" Carina asked, quickly sitting up.

Maya responded by leaning over the trash can next to the bed, Carina immediately moving to rub her back.

"Ok Bambina," Carina said as Maya finished, "Are you done for now?"

"I think so," Maya said, leaning back in bed, teeth chattering, "God, I feel awful."

"I'm sorry Bambina," Carina said, removing the trash bag from the can, "I will be right back with something to help."

Carina quickly got rid of the trash bag before grabbing a bowl of cool water and a cloth, bringing it into the bedroom. Maya was curled up in bed, eyes opening slightly when Carina came in.

"Can I put a wet cloth on your forehead?" Carina asked.

Maya nodded a little, moving so Carina could.

"Cold," Maya said, shivering a little, "But also feels good with the headache."

"Is there anything you need or want?" Carina asked, "I'm just realizing that other than that cold we caught on our vacation pre-pandemic, neither of us have ever been sick since we've been together. One of the benefits of Covid protocols, I guess."

"Normally, when I'm sick, I just work," Maya said, sighing as Carina ran her fingers through her hair, "Though, I don't think I would through this. I feel so bad."

"Just relax," Carina said, brushing a hand over Maya's flushed cheek.

Maya fell asleep again after a little bit, Carina just continuing to rotate the cloth on her head so it was always cool.

Around 8 pm, Carina got up to go grab dinner. As she got out of bed, Maya groaned, eyes open.

"Where are you going?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.

"I was going to go grab something to eat," Carina said, going back to Maya's side, "Are you feeling up to something? I made some soup."

"Maybe just some broth," Maya said, "And some water."

"Of course," Carina said, pressing a kiss to her forehead, realizing she was still very warm, "Do you want me to bring it to you here?"

"Please?" Maya asked, not wanting to move.

"I will be right back," Carina said, getting up, "Is it ok if I turn on my lamp?"

Maya nodded, pulling the blankets closer as chills ran through her body. Carina went into the kitchen, grabbing a bowl of soup for herself and a mug of broth for her wife. She also grabbed some saltines and a glass of water before going back into the bedroom.

"Can you take the water?" Carina asked, having it precariously balanced in the crook of her arm.

Maya reached for it, wincing as her injection site screamed in pain.

"Thanks," Maya said, taking a sip.

"Here is your broth," Carina said, handing it to Maya.

The blonde went to take a sip, only to set it down on the nightstand.

"What's wrong?" Carina asked, taking a bite of her own dinner.

"I don't think my stomach will handle that right now," Maya said, shivering a little.

"Oh Bambina," Carina frowned as Maya put her head on her shoulder, closing her eyes, "I can go eat in the other room if you want to go back to sleep."

"Don't wanna be alone," Maya said in a quiet voice.

"Then I will be right here," Carina said, kissing Maya's forehead, "Do you want to try to keep down some Tylenol? It will help with the fever."

"My stomach is currently fighting me on the water," Maya said, shaking her head, "Nothing else."

"Sorry you are so sick, Bambina," Carina said, frowning.

"It's worth it," Maya mumbled, "Not having to worry about catching this virus every time I go to work, to stop living in constant fear. I would feel like this for a week if it meant I didn't have to feel like that for another year."

Carina nodded, knowing exactly what Maya was talking about. The Carina finished her food before getting up, taking all the dishes into the kitchen, quickly washing up before going back into the bedroom.

"Let's get ready for bed," Carina said, going over to Maya, "Why don't you go brush your teeth and then we can call it a night."

Maya nodded, moving to sit up. Carina helped her to the bathroom only to have Maya fall to her knees in front of the toilet again, throwing up for a third time.

"Ok," Carina said as she finished, "Just sit for a minute."

Once Maya was feeling better, Carina helped her brush her teeth before guiding her back to bed.

"Wake me up tonight if you need me tonight," Carina said, tucking Maya into bed, "Even if it's just because you are hurting and can't sleep."

"Thank you," Maya said, closing her eyes as Carina climbed into bed.

The brunette wrapped her arms around her wife. Maya moving closer to Carina.

"Sleep Bambina," Carina said, running her fingers through Maya's short hair.

The night was a little rough, Maya waking up twice with a sick stomach, and another three times because she was in so much pain.

Around 7 am, Maya's phone started making noise. It was a sound the Italian had gotten used to over the past eighteen months. She grabbed it quickly, Maya groaning a little in her sleep before snuggling back into the blankets.

Carina carefully got out of bed, going into the kitchen. There was a 5 alarm at the docks. Carina had no idea if Maya was required to be there so she called the one person she knew would be the most help.

"Maya?" Andy said, answering the phone.

"No, it's Carina," the doctor said, "I was just calling because I saw you all got called in, but Maya is really not doing well right now from the vaccine. Will she be in trouble if she doesn't come in?" "

No," Andy said, shaking her head, "Not at all. 5 alarm means everyone that can respond does, but if you are calling me, she clearly can't respond."

"Yeah, it is hitting her hard," Carina sighed, "She had a fever and upset stomach and I think she mentioned everything including her toenails hurting."

Carina left out the part that when Maya said her toenails hurt, she was sobbing in her arms because she was feeling so bad around 2 am.

"Yikes," Andy said, "Yeah, keep her in bed. Jack already texted me saying he's not gonna make it, and Miller just texted now and said he spent the night with the shakes and a fever so he's not coming, and Vic told me last night she was feeling terrible so I doubt she'll come either. I need to head out, but tell Maya I hope she feels better."

"Grazie Andy," Carina said, "Be safe."

"I will," Andy said, "I'll keep you guys updated."

Carina hung up, starting some coffee because she was tired from being up all night with her wife. Once Carina had her liquid energy, she headed back into the bedroom, finding Maya starting to wake up.

"Hey," Carina said softly, "How are you feeling?"

"Horrible," Maya said, rubbing her eyes, "Did I hear my phone earlier?"

"Si," Carina nodded, "There is a 5 alarm, but I called Andy and told her you were not coming."

"I should go," Maya said, sitting up, only to realize moving that fast was bad, leaning over the trash can again.

"That just proves you should not go," Carina said, shaking her head, "Your immune system is in overdrive right now which is good in the long term, but bad right now. You need to rest."

"I guess maybe your right," Maya said, falling back into her pillow, "Just thinking about trying to put on my turnouts makes me want to cry right now."

"Andy said half of your team isn't going to make it today," Carina said, getting the trash can cleaned out, "Now, can I get you anything?"

"Can I have another cloth for my head?" Maya asked, yawning a little.

"Of course," Carina nodded, going into the bathroom, grabbing another wet wash cloth, laying it across Maya's forehead before climbing into bed with her.

The blonde fell asleep again quickly, Carina just staying with her, working on her charts. Luckily, Maya slept for the next eight hours, Carina rotating the cloth on her forehead and keeping the blankets up when the chills got worse.

Around 3, Carina went into the kitchen, making herself something to eat after realizing she hadn't eaten all day. As she was sitting at the table, reading a new journal article, she heard the bedroom door open and saw Maya coming out.

"Hey Bambina," Carina said, smiling as she got up, going over to her, "How are you feeling?"

"Better," Maya said, leaning into Carina's hug, "Still a little achy and tired, but I think the fever broke, and the pain is mostly gone."

"Good," Carina said, kissing her forehead, sighing when she felt how much cooler it was, "Do you want something to eat?"

"Can we take a shower first?" Maya asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Of course," Carina nodded, guiding Maya into the bathroom.

They showered, Maya allowing Carina to wash her hair and body, the brunette taking special care not to hit the red, slightly inflamed injection site that she could tell just by how Maya was moving was still sore.

Once they were done in the shower, both of them dressed in pajamas before Carina guided Maya to the couch, the blonde insisting she didn't want to go back to bed.

"Do you have any more of that soup from yesterday?" Maya asked as Carina handed her a blanket.

"Of course," Carina nodded, "Would you like some?"

"Please," Maya nodded, leaning on the couch, "And some Pedialyte?"

"Of course," Carina nodded.

Within a few minutes, they were both settled on the couch, Carina handing Maya a bowl of soup.

"This is so good," Maya said, taking a bite, "Thank you."

"I am just glad to see you eating again," Carina said, smiling at her wife, "I was worried I was going to have to get IV fluids for you if you kept being sick."

"I don't know that I have ever felt that bad," Maya said, shaking her head, "I was prepared to not feel great, but that…that was bad."

"I'm sorry," Carina said, kissing her temple, "But now it is done."

"Was there a 5 alarm this morning?" Maya asked, not sure if that was an actual memory or a dream.

"Si," Carina nodded, "Andy texted an hour ago. They are getting more control, but it is still only 60% contained I think."

"Maybe I should go down there," Maya said.

"No," Carina said, "No, you need to let yourself rest. You will be no good to them. You are still tired, and you need to get rehydrated and get your nutrients back up."

"I guess you're right," Maya said, yawning a little, "I think I would maybe last three hours before I had to tap out."

"How long can you normally go?" Carina asked as Maya settled against her.

"They make us take breaks," Maya said, "But on a good day, I can go 12 or more hours, no problem. I mean, that's with small breaks for water and air tank changes and stuff."

"You are truly a superhero," Carina said, shaking her head.

"We all can do it," Maya shrugged, "It's how we are trained."

"Superheroes," Carina said, kissing her forehead, "Now, are you feeling up to some TV?"

"Sure," Maya nodded as Carina flipped on something, the two of them spending the rest of the evening just relaxing together, letting Maya's body continue to just get back to normal.

"Let's go to bed Bambina," Carina said as Maya slumped against her shoulder around 9, "One more good night of rest, and you will be back to your normal self."

The blonde nodded, checking her phone after she brushed her teeth and seeing that the fire was now 90% contained and most crews were being sent home, including 19.

"All good Bambina?" Carina asked, coming out of the bathroom.

"Yeah," Maya said, "My team is going home. No big injuries, just some heat exhaustion for our probie and Andy, both of whom probably should have skipped the fire today because they had fevers, but they got fluids and are alright."

"Good," Carina said, getting into bed with her wife, "Now, let's get some sleep."

"Thank you for taking such good care of me these past few days," Maya said as she cuddled close to Carina.

"Of course," Carina said, rubbing her back, "I will always take care of you, no matter what."

What did you think? I was fortunate enough to get vaccinated in March/April, and the second dose knocked me around, but not quite like Maya. I don't ever remember being that tired before in my life though. I am so happy to be fully vaccinated and able to see the people I love without fear again. So if/when you can, get vaccinated. It was easy, and totally worth it.