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Ever wonder how confusing it was to suddenly wake up when you were sure that you had died? Roland, an ordinary man living an ordinary life until his death was going through that process right now as he dazedly stared at the white, marble ceiling of… his room? Last thing he remembered was going home from work pretty late into the night and got hit by a truck at high speed. Forget about the imaginable pain that only lasted for a second or two, Roland was pretty sure that the bastard was drunk because he crossed the road when it was green. He also didn't hear the screeching sound when it braked or any horn as well.

Surely, that shithead driver was dead drunk while driving and instead of driving off a cliff and died alone, the bastard hit him. His death was instantaneous. Only a split second of pain before everything just… blacked out.

God! He hoped that bastard also died.

Or at least made him suffer a life-sentence in prison and another in hell.

A model citizen like him shouldn't have died in vain like this!

Sitting up while holding his aching head, Roland carefully looked around his luxurious room with a frown on his face. It seemed that… he had been reincarnated for a while now and just got the memories of his last life back. It was hard to explain, but Roland was quick to ascertain that he was still himself, Roland Levantein, but with the memories of his past life on Earth added. Like suddenly remembering something you should have known, and that was pretty much that. He easily accepted his death as Roland on Earth at the hands of a drunk driver, and accepted that he was now Roland Levantein, eldest son of Grave Levantein, a Duke of Eostia.

'Hm?' Roland's eyebrow shot up and he carefully recalled his background. In his current life as Roland Levantein, he was only a 5-year-old kid, so there was no information a 5-year-old shouldn't know. But the name of his father Grave Levantein, younger brother Klaus Levantein and especially, High Queen Celestine Lucross were enough to make him aware of which world he was in.

This was no ordinary afterlife, because he had been reincarnated into Eostia, the world depicted in Kuroinu, a famous Eroge and Hentai series.

Good news, there were plenty of hot chicks around, even side characters rivaled or even surpassed actresses and models on Earth. Because, why not? This was a hentai world so it was obvious. Bad news, he was not Vult, the main character, and Kuroinu was dark.

Very dark.

As much as Roland loved Kuroinu due to its superb art and beautiful heroines, he couldn't help but pity the female characters while jerking off at the same time. All nine heroines became sex slaves at the end of the story and their conditions were so bad that the term 'broken' wasn't enough to describe them.

Taking in a deep breath to calm down his suddenly raging heart, Roland decided to lie down on his soft bed and thought things through. First, he was now in the world of Kuroinu. But instead of being a renowned character in the series, or even better, the protagonist, he had become 'Roland Levantein', eldest son of Grave Levantein and older brother of Klaus Levantein. In short, he had become a character that originally didn't exist.

Second, Kuroinu was very dark, as dark as a story all about raping women left and right, creating a country where women were just sex slaves and breeding tools could get. Furthermore, war plagued the land, so Roland was sure that there would be a lot of bloody, gory shit even if the original game didn't say anything about it. In short, this world was dangerous and he could die!

Maybe 'Roland Levantein' actually existed but he died before Kuroinu started so he was not mentioned? Did that mean there was a death flag waiting for him?

A shudder ran through Roland's spine as he recalled all type of hideous monsters Vult had in his army. And then, there was also the existence of magic, something he had only read in books before. Strong, big monster and magic of mass destruction, wasn't this world a bit too dangerous? The protagonist Vult and his gangs made conquering a fucking continent and raping the main heroines easy, but wasn't that actually impossibly hard? Just how strong was that guy, and should he side with Vult in the future to have an easy life?

Would he accept him into his mercenary band? Could he even survive through the war though? That bastard was cruel and heartless, he would gladly send his men to death if it meant victory. Going to Vult was out of the question then, and that left Roland with the only one other choice available.

Siding with Celestine's losing team and opposed the protagonist of this eroge world.

That also sounded so damn impossible.

No point thinking so far ahead. Either way, this world was too dangerous so the first thing Roland needed to do was becoming stronger. If he wanted to side with Vult, he needed strength to negotiate with the bastard and gain a high enough position in Black Dog to not become cannon fodder. Or he could side with Celestine, then washed his neck and prepared to die when Vult came if he wasn't strong enough.

Anyway, his own personal strength was vital.

The third matter Roland needed to pay attention to was his father, Grave Levantein, a traitor to the Seven Shields Alliance in the original story. He was the man who betrayed Celestine at the last moment and used Claudia's kindness to capture her, leading to the fall of the Sixth and Seventh Fortress.

The reason? He wanted to knock his daughter-in-law up and had her bear his child. A pretty lame and stupid reason, but Roland supposed the man was just too frustrated with his only son, Klaus.

In fact, based on his knowledge, Roland theorized that if he became a competent son, which he planned to because he wanted to survive, Grave would be satisfied and wouldn't betray the Alliance.

In the original story, Grave was dissatisfied with Klaus because the useless shit was so weak that he couldn't even hold a sword properly when his father was one of the strongest in the continent. So the old man decided to put his hope on his unborn grandchild instead and trained the talented Claudia to become the youngest, strongest female holy knight in her generation.

He married Claudia to Klaus in hope that the child of an excellent holy knight and someone with his blood would at least be decent to look after the family. But much to his dismay, Klaus was also useless in that regard, and even after years, Claudia's belly was still flat. Grave's plan came crashing down and the man decided to make the extreme choice of joining Vult to protect his family's future. His choice ended poorly for him though, because Vult didn't honor his deal with Grave and planned to turn Claudia into another sex slave of his 'Cuntry'. The old man died while attempting to stop others from raping her. His son, Klaus went missing and probably died somewhere too, ending the Levantein bloodline. Poor Claudia then became a brain-dead living sex doll for everyone to use and giving birth to a child she wasn't sure a human.

Her fate was so tragic that Roland felt bad jerking off to her, an absolutely top-tier waifu both beauty-wise and personality-wise.

Things were different now though because Roland had appeared as the eldest son. All Grave ever wanted was a child who could support their family after his death, and Roland decided to grant the old man his wish. He wanted to become strong enough to survive Kuroinu anyway and the best way was getting training from his father, one of the strongest knights in the continent. The best possible outcome would be him becoming as strong as, or even surpassing the old man. And if that wasn't enough, Roland would fuck Claudia senseless after they got married and knock her up with some kids to keep him happy.

"That sounded like the perfect plan to me…" Scribbling down his dark thought with a creepy smile, the 5-year-old Roland muttered. Just like lots of other from the army of 'Isekai Reincarnator/Transmigrator' from Earth, he was writing down his knowledge about Kuroinu and making plans for the future. That was actually risky though because if someone got a hold of his notebook, things would become messy. But thankfully, this world used a different type of language entirely which was very different from English.

Looked like even the gods were on his side.

But wait…

…would he even marry Claudia though? That question suddenly emerged in Roland's mind, but soon, the boy resumed his writing. Well, as long as he kept being the better son than Klaus, it was almost guaranteed that Grave would marry Claudia to him. Probably. Just to be safe, however, Roland decided that he would stick to Claudia when she made her appearance. To ward off Klaus and all.

With the matter of his father temporarily solved, the last thing Roland needed to think about was how would he tread his path in the future. Back to the second problem he guessed. At that thought, images of Celestine the High Elf Queen and Olga the Dark Elf Queen crossed his mind. Kuroinu was a hentai world, and it was filled to the brim with beautiful, attractive, sexy women. With his identity as Grave's eldest son, getting Claudia was pretty much guaranteed in the future, and as one of Kuroinu's heroines, she was hot, extremely so. But as much as he loved her, Claudia wasn't his most desired heroine in Kuroinu. That honor belonged to the High Elf Queen Celestine.

If Roland had to rate the heroines of Kuroinu, Celestine would get the highest (S) rank, standing at the top with her only rival, the Dark Elf Queen Olga who was also an (S) rank. Next would be the Miko Kaguya and Princess Prim both at (S-) rank. Then come Holy Knight Claudia, Alicia the Princess Knight and Maia the Mercenary all at (A+) rank. Chloe the Dark Elf at (A) rank and finally, Lou Lou the halfling at (B) rank.

Obviously, the above list was only based on his personal preference. But the point was, they were all hot and sexy and Roland wanted to fuck them all. Not just Claudia, not just Celestine, but all of them. Huh? Was there really a need to have a reason for him to want to fuck them? They were beautiful, attractive, sexy and he was horny, wasn't that enough? This was a hentai world. Of course, Roland was aware that wanting to fuck them and actually fucking them were entirely different matters.

The easiest way would be to just lie down and let the story play out normally. Then join the Black Dogs Mercenary under Vult. After the man took over Eostia, all women would become sex slaves and Roland would be able to fuck anyone he liked. But he wasn't going to take that route, he even dared make a guess that no one in his shoes would just let Vult realized his ambition. Roland himself knew that he was no Hero. He was selfish, lustful, greedy, lazy and a bit evil, but even he still had a conscience. He wanted to fuck the heroines, knocked them up and kept them for himself, but he didn't want them to turn into broken sex slaves like they would in the original story.

Things would have been different if he was reincarnated as Vult. He would have let things play out naturally, but instead of breaking the heroines, he would keep them for himself. No lucky civilian would have a taste of Celestine's godly pussy, no random guard would get to fuck Alicia, and most importantly, that damn Shemuhaza guy would die before impregnating Kaguya's ass with his bugs. And all other shits he could do!

Too bad he wasn't Vult.

Instead, he was an extra! A mob who didn't even exist in the first place!

But there was no point in crying over spoiled milk. Since the easiest way was out, Roland could only tread his own path and hoped for the best. He would clash with Vult. Defeating the evil tyrant, saving the continent, and becoming a 'Hero'. Maybe in the process, he would capture the heart of the heroines too.

Sucking in a deep breath, Roland smirked with renewed vigor and closed his notebook. He was still only a 5-year-old kid. There was still plenty of time before the main story of Kuroinu started. If Roland had to give a rough estimate, he would have about 17 to 20 years to prepare. In that time, he would train himself using all methods available and become strong enough to survive and thrive in this world.

Eostia was unnecessarily dangerous for a world depicted in an eroge, but Roland was determined to realized his dream of getting all the main heroines. He would become strong, strong enough to knock the protagonist off the stage!

'Beware, Vult. You are no longer the protagonist of this story.' With that thought in mind, Roland ran straight out of his room and went to his father's office. There, he expressed his desire to become a 'splendid knight' to his father and wanted to receive training from him.

It was easy sweet-talking his good, kind father into training him to become a knight at the age of 5. The old man, while reluctant at first, had eventually agreed while shedding tears of joy, shouting that heaven hadn't forgotten the Levantein family. Since then, four long years had passed and a taller, larger Roland was sweating profusely as he did his daily morning set of physical training. Running several laps around his family castle with weight on both his arms and legs was hard, but Roland hated doing push-up upside down the most. His arms strained at the weight of his entire body while his waist and back muscles hurt trying to keep his body from collapsing.

His body was drenched in sweats, the plain white shirt and black pant he wore were so wet they clung to his body like a second skin. His body screamed at him to stop and rest, but Roland gritted his teeth and pushed on with sheer determination. It was only thanks to his perverted adult mind which constantly reminded him of his ultimate goal that kept him going on with such intense physical training.

"FIF…TY!" His elbow gave in at that moment and Roland collapsed. But despite the pain, there was a brilliant smile on his face.

"You have worked hard today, Young Master. Congratulation." A gentle, female voice called out and a young maid appeared in Roland's vision. Unblemished white skin and a beautiful face, snow-white hair which reached her shoulder and a pair of crimson eyes. She wore a black and white maid uniform that wasn't too revealing but fit her developing figure perfectly as it emphasized her slim waist, slightly wide hips, and budding chest. Her short skirt also did nothing but made her long legs clad in dark see-through stocking more enchanting. Since he was lying on the ground, Roland could even catch a glimpse of her black lace panty hidden in the darkness.

This was the world of Kuroinu, a hentai world, so Roland knew it was normal to see beautiful girls. But the maid in front of him was totally a Heroine-level beauty in the making, he figured she could even give Alicia or Prim a run for their money when she fully developed. And yet, she was also just a mob who didn't exist in the original game!

"I need to increase the intensity of my training if I want to grow." Roland said as he closed his eyes and relaxed as the maid helped him up.

"Even then, you don't need to push yourself so hard, Young Master. You are only 9 this year."

"But I want to." He answered after letting out a chuckle. Unlike her, unlike everyone else in this world, Roland knew the future and he was doing his best to change it. Not out of goodwill or justice, but for his own desire and ambition. One shouldn't underestimate perverts when they set their sight on something. Intense physical training was nothing if enduring it meant getting a harem full of smoking hot babes in the future. Maybe it was thanks to this mindset that Roland could endure his hellish training. He had never ever gone to a gym in his past life back on Earth after all.

"Clean me, Grayfia." Roland ordered without a hint of embarrassment and let her support him to the bathroom. Life as a noble was great. After his talk with Grave Levantein, his father, Roland's living condition had improved drastically. First, he was named the heir of the family, which meant after his father's death, he would become the next Duke of Levantein. Then came his room which had been changed to a much bigger and more luxurious one to show his status.

His pocket money had also increased to an absolutely absurd amount and Roland, much to his embarrassment, didn't even know how to spend them all. So, he had had a long talk with his father, and the final result was no more pocket money. But as long as he had a decent reason, Roland could spend the family's money and resource however he wanted. He swore that wasn't his intention, but his father insisted, so he had no other choice.

The last change was Grayfia, his personal maid who would attend to all his needs. Apparently, she was only 12 this year and had been working as a maid for his family since 8. At first, Grave had given him 4 beautiful, adult maids in revealing outfit, but Roland had begrudgingly refused them all. While his mentality was that of a thirty years old virgin, his current body was only a young boy. Being surrounded by beautiful women who wouldn't deny him but not being able to do anything would be a tremendous torture to his horny, virgin mind, so Roland decided to pick just Grayfia.

She was young, still a virgin, and was a Heroine-level beauty. Their age was also not too far apart either so Roland thought he wasn't taking a loss. On a completely unrelated side note, his maid looked so much like that maid with the same name in a certain ecchi anime show that Roland wondered if she would grow up like that.

Because if she would, Grayfia would totally be on Celestine's level.

The bathroom connected to his room was large, luxurious and had a spectacular smell that screamed MONEY. In the middle of the room was a large pond used for swimming, with various types of flowers and herbals floating on the surface. On both sides were beautifully crafted statues, majestic pillars and tree pots for decoration purpose, a row of wardrobe at the side, along with several large mirrors. Then, at the end of the room was a large bathtub filled with hot water flowing down from a beautiful statue of Aquarius holding a vase.

Roland didn't know how much gold coins went into building this royalty-like bathroom, but it was even bigger than the average apartment he lived in back on Earth. After having himself stripped naked by Grayfia, Roland walked straight to the end of the room and entered the large bathtub. Immediately he let out a moan of delight as he relaxed his sore body. A few moments later, a naked Grayfia also entered the bathtub with a towel in her hand.

If there was anything that could beat having a good, hot bath after working out, that was having it with a hot maid serving him.

Silently, Grayfia moved closer to him and began cleaning his body. Roland could see her cheeks reddening the moment she undressed, but they had been bathing together for years now, so the girl had somewhat gotten used to it.

She ran her small hands across his body, cleaning him while also feeling his developing muscles with her palms. Unlike other boys, Roland's body was more developed due to his training. Being taller, larger and a bit more muscular than even some older boys. Poor Grayfia was already 12, the age when she was beginning to feel interested in the opposite gender, and Roland just happened to be the best-looking boy close to her age.

Short silver hair inherited from his father and a pair of enchanting amethyst eyes he got from his mother. Roland was handsome, even by 'Isekai' standard, and his training was only doing him good by turning his body into every girl's wet dream. Though he was still young, being only 9 years old, Grayfia was sure that her master would grow into a splendid man in the future. The thought caused her heart to beat faster and she unconsciously moved closer to him, pressing her still developing chest on his back. Coming back to her sense a moment later, Grayfia began rubbing his chest with her towel with a blush on her face, pretending that she was just trying to clean him from behind.

Meanwhile, Roland let out a content sigh as he enjoyed the feeling of Grayfia's soft body and relaxing in a hot bath. This was another privilege of being a noble, a privilege that made him look forward to bathing time almost every days. Like always, after cleaning his abs, which took an unusually long time, Grayfia's hands moved down to his crotch and got a hold of his harden member. She stroked it gently with a mesmerized look on her face before looking at Roland. But he shook his head and stood up.

Obviously, having a hot maid pressing her soft, budding chest onto his back while rubbing his body with her hands would result in an erection. Grayfia would always offer to release his 'stress' when it happened but Roland's answer was always the same. As much as he wanted those delicate fingers and sexy lips around his cock, his body was still too young for any of that. Though it was painful and frustrating, Roland decided to endure it for the sake of a healthy future.

If Klaus's everyday bath was also like this and the boy couldn't control his urge, then Roland had found out the reason his younger brother become such a useless character in the future.

"Get me my normal clothes." Roland ordered after getting out of the bathtub. As a noble, he had a lot of clothes which he categorized into three types. One was work-out clothes which mostly consisted of plain, comfortable but durable clothes he wore for training. Another type was his formal clothes which mostly consisted of clothes he had to wear when attending ceremonies or visiting another noble house. What he was about to wear now, was his normal clothes which was just typical clothes he wore when going out. Though not as luxurious as his formal ones, they still costed quite a fortune for ordinary folks.

A moment later, Grayfia, still naked as the day she was born, returned with a set of dark blue clothes in her hands. Fitting dark blue pants, a matching long sleeve blue shirt, and a sleeveless black vest to wear over it. Roland smirked seeing the beautiful boy in the mirror smirking at him.

He was such a handsome son of a bitch.

'The old man told me to come see him at the training ground this morning. I wonder if he finally decided to teach me some swordsmanship.' Roland silently mused while walking toward the training ground located behind their large castle. It was true that he had been training to become a 'splendid knight' for four years now, but Grave had never let him touch a sword. According to the old man, Roland had to train his body first before developing his mind and technique. Body meant stamina, strength, and agility while the mind referred to reflex, instinct, and magic. In the morning, Roland would work out, then rest for noon, and began again in the afternoon. After that, he would read and practice a bit of magic at night before calling it a day.

Honestly, every day was exhausting. It reminded Roland of his days back on Earth where he had to wake up early and go to work every single day having only Sunday off to rest. But he wasn't going to complain. This was what he wanted after all. Besides, Grave was having a very high expectation of him and Roland was smart enough to realize that keeping the old man happy would make his life easy. Because, while he was living a luxurious life as a future Duke, his brother, Klaus wasn't doing so great.

As expected of the useless shit who couldn't even muster up the courage to try and fight to rescue Claudia when she was raped right before his eyes, Klaus was a failure. Even though he was a son of a Duke, born into a family with military tradition, Klaus was a weak and timid child with no talent with the sword. Once, their father had forced him into training together with Roland but the boy had given up halfway, complaining that it was too tiring and he couldn't do it with tears in his eyes. Grave never asked him to join their training again after that. Roland could see that the old man was extremely disappointed with Klaus.

Klaus's treatment was still the same, no new room, no new servants, no changes. It was like Grave had forgotten about his second son and instead of finding a way to prove himself and fight against the unfair treatment, Klaus was actually fine with it. No ambition, no drive, weak will, and a soft heart, Klaus was really pathetic. But after living with the boy for almost 8 years, Roland had found out that his brother was actually really smart.

…That didn't mean he stopped being pathetic though. Roland just thought he might have a use for Klaus in the future now. Smart but humble, talented but ambitionless, Klaus was the very definition of the word 'docile'. As long as Roland made Klaus feel that he was a kind brother who helped him out in his time of need, he would obtain his loyalty. And then, after Klaus had wonderfully grown up and become his capable right-hand man, Roland would dump all his paperwork on Klaus while he went on his way to enjoy hot, steamy sex with the beautiful heroines of Kuroinu.

Such a perfect plan to make the useless, pathetic side character of Kuroinu a bit less pathetic. Roland was really pleased with himself for that.

For his first step in grooming Klaus, Roland had spent a hefty sum to hire the best instructors available in their city to teach him. As expected, the boy whose wish to study had been granted was so grateful he cried in Roland's arms for a good 5 minutes. Grave heard the news, but he didn't say anything, so Roland thought the old man didn't object to it either. Well, even if he asked, Roland could just answer 'I can't leave my brother alone' with a virtuous face.

With numerous thoughts on his mind, it didn't take him long to reach the training ground located just behind their castle, right next to their garden. Roland took a look around and raised his eyebrow in surprise. Instead of fully grown knights, he saw a group of kids consisted of both boys and girls in plain clothing running around. And then, in the middle of them, all was his father Grave Levantein who was strictly watching over the kids.

'…Are they…' As the thought struck his mind, Roland carefully examined every girl in the group. A smile appeared on his handsome face when a girl with shoulder-length bright brown hair tied into a ponytail and sapphire blue eyes ran past him.

'Found you, Claudia!'

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