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Eostia Isekai Story - Chapter 2

Seeing her in the flesh is so different than seeing her in CGs and animated PVs. The hair and eyes color are the same, but isn't she a lot more beautiful in reality? There is a beauty mark under her right eye though, so she has to be Claudia. Her skin is milky white, with a healthy pink hue to it, and looked really soft to the touch. Her innocent face is flawless and her pink lips are mesmerizing. She is still only a child, but Claudia is already showing signs of becoming a heroine-level beauty.

"Oh, you have come, Roland. Assemble! You damn brats!" Grave shouted loudly at the bunch of kids after nodding in my direction. Under his rigorous training for who knows how long, the group of about 20 or so kids quickly assemble into 4 lines of 5, standing orderly before us.

"This is Roland. From now on, he will be attending our morning class to learn swordsmanship. As he is the odd one at the moment, I will be his sparring partner." After the old man said that, the kids all look at me curiously while clapping. In return, I also smile and nod at them, doing my best to appear amicable to my soon-to-be classmates. It seems that Grave has finally let me study swordsmanship. Just, instead of training me in the privacy of our house, the old man has decided to mix me in with his students.

Which is fine with me too since I get to train with Claudia.

"You brats have 5 minutes to rest while I talk to our new classmate here a bit. Now, scram!" The kids immediately scatter at his command. Some find a place to sit while others are either chatting or drinking water. Meanwhile, Grave takes me to a side and kneels down to my eye level.

"Roland, do you know why I didn't introduce you as my son?" I was a bit confused with his question at first. But then, it hit me that Grave really hasn't revealed our relationship or my family name to the kids. In this hentai world which is still in a medieval-like era, only nobles had a surname. Civilians are only called by their given name unless they are adopted into a noble house. Even the protagonist Vult and the heroines Kaguya, Chloe, Maia didn't have a surname.

"…You want me to attend your class like a commoner?" Grave slowly nods at my answer before explaining in a low voice.

"If I revealed your status, the other students wouldn't dare to go all out against you. That would be bad for your growth so I thought it would be better if they didn't know." He has a point. I'm here to train to become stronger. If those guys let me win on purpose because they don't have the gut to hurt me, it will certainly hinder my growth. From the moment I set my goal to become stronger, I have already prepared to suffer.

There is a quote 'No pain, no gain' after all. So even though the thought of being injured doesn't sit well with me, I need to fight to gain proper experience in real battles to grow. So, looking into my father's worried eyes, I thank him sincerely with a slight bow.

"It's good that you understand. Now, go join them. It would even be better if you could build a relationship with them too. They are going to be your subordinates after all, well some of them at least."

Subordinates, huh.

The thought of building my own faction has never crossed my mind before. But now that I think about it, aside from my personal strength, having a powerful force behind me will certainly aid me in my quest. Aside from having subordinates do my works for me, they can also correct me before I make any wrong decision and damn myself to ruin.

And speaking of subordinates and assistants, isn't Alicia the perfect one? Young, beautiful, smart, and talented in almost anything. If the young princess hadn't been betrayed in the original Kuroinu, she would have given Vult a run for his money. Alicia is just born a few years ago though, so there's no point thinking about it... yet.

Picking up a wooden sword on a nearby rack, I give it a few test-swing before getting into a stance I remember seeing a lot in anime and movies. Right foot one step forward, I hold the wooden sword with both hands before me.

Yep, a typical kendo stance. Some might ask why the hell would I use a Japanese sword stance to practice using a standard, two-edge European sword. But that's the only proper sword stance I know. How can someone who has never even hit a gym before in his entire life like me know what a proper sword stance is?

Hell, I doubt even my current stance is any good.

"Your stance is pretty solid, but you can use some works…"

Called it.

A sweet voice said from behind me before I feel a small hand on my shoulder, keeping it in place while another hand pushes my lower back, straitening my posture. The unknown girl then lightly kicks my leg, narrowing the distance between my feet.

"…Also, you don't hold a one-hand sword like that." The comfortable aroma of lavender hit my nose as the girl walked out from behind me. Bright brown hair tied into a ponytail, and blue eyes, she is none other than Claudia. With a light slap on my left hand, she takes it from the handle, making me hold the sword with only my right hand while my left hand is still around the handle but not holding anything.

"Like this, you won't have any trouble swinging your sword. You can also easily switch hands or cast magic." Claudia kindly said with a smile that made my heart skip a beat. Even though I can't look at my own face, I'm sure it's glowing red right now.

"…Thanks." I thanked her after taking in a deep breath to regain my composure. I already knew she is beautiful, but seeing her up close like this, the word 'beautiful' suddenly becomes an understatement. She is so gorgeous and she is still a kid my age!

I know I'm looking like a lolicon for fussing over a 9-year-old kid like that, but I swear I'm not! I'm excited thinking about how gorgeous she will turn out in the future!

Damn it!

"You are new to the sword, aren't you?" Claudia asked, still with a smile as she brought her face closer to mine. The sweet aroma of lavender hit me again, but this time I'm prepared.

"Yeah, first time holding one. My… mentor wouldn't let me touch a sword, before. Wooden or not. The name's Roland by the way. Nice to meet you." I said, smiling amicably at the young girl as I slightly bowed my head, lowered my right knee, and did a gentle swing with my right arm while my left harm went to my chest. A standard noble's greeting that has been ingrained into me since birth. I'm not really worried that it would expose my identity though, because that's how you greet someone if you wanted to impress them too. Like I said, just a standard greeting, albeit a bit more nobly and properly a lot more perfect than ones executed by those wannabes. Seeing a flustered look on Claudia's face and the slight redness on her cheeks, I silently smile at my little success.

"...I heard Teacher introducing you earlier. Nice to meet you too, Roland. My name's Claudia. I don't know if I can help much but Teacher says I'm pretty talented. So don't hesitate to ask me for help if you have any problems." Claudia said with a kind smile and performed a pretty clumsy curtsy to respond to my greeting. I can see that she is embarrassed herself too for not being able to perform a curtsy correctly, and looking at that Claudia I have to admit that she is cute.

"Ara~Ara, already hitting on our new classmate, Clau? I can see that he is better than our boys here, but aren't you too fast?" Another girl, with long red hair, pulled into a high ponytail said with a coy smile on her face as she approached us. Hearing her words, Claudia's cheeks immediately turn bright pink as she takes a step back, creating a bit of distance between us. Not far enough to offend me though, and still close enough to hear me.

"Wh-what are you talking about Alectra… I'm just greeting him." The brown hair girl exclaimed, pretending to be calm while twirling a strand of her hair with flushed cheeks.

"Hmm? Really?" The redhead, Alectra snickers lightly before shifting her attention onto me, her red eyes narrowed as she looked at me from head to toe. Her blatant... ogling is rather discomforting since I don't even know what she is looking for or her intention, but I suppose I should at least introduce myself?

"My name is Roland. Nice to meet you, Alectra." I exclaimed as I greeted her the same way I greeted Claudia, but the reaction I got from her was only lukewarm as best. She only blinked in surprise a few times before greeting back.

"…Yeah, nice to meet you too, pretty boy. You have already known my name, so I'm not going to say it again. So, you train? Your body looks good, definitely better than the boys in our class."

"Yes, I train, but only my physics. I have never touched a sword or any other weapon before." I answered truthfully while mentally prepared to spew out Grave's bullshit about body, mind, and technique if she ever asked why. That question never comes though as Alectra simply smirks at me confidently, with a wooden spear in her hands.

"Either way, hope you won't drag everyone down or drop out too soon, pretty boy." The redhead exclaimed and walked away, leaving me confused over her words. For a moment there, I thought that girl was about to attack me. What's with her fierce expression and sharp eyes. Hmm... Is this the legendary 'fighting spirit' that I often hear mentioned in anime?

"Her words may sound… blunt, but Alectra is a nice girl. She takes Teacher's training very seriously and wants others to be like her too. That's why she appears like a bully even though she only wants others to put more effort into their training. It seems like she likes you though, I have never seen her talking so... nice to a boy before." I raised an eyebrow at that as I ignored Claudia's curious gaze and threw a glance at the redhead. Aside from being a bit blunt and straightforward with her words, she seems like a nice girl to me.

Sure she called me a pretty boy, but I will take that as a compliment.

Though I have only exchanged a few words with her, Alectra strikes me as a carefree, reckless, and competitive type of woman. And from my years of experience spent playing dating sims and eroge, these type of woman makes the best wives. They usually appear strong but they aren't really that good at socializing or expressing their thought and emotion in total. They are an insecure bunch that will devote their entire being to the one that understands them and manages to gain their love.

Alectra has deemed me worthy enough to become her rival because I'm better than the boys around here. But I'm not going to stop there. I want my relationship with her to be better than just rivalry or friendship. I know I'm being greedy here, but can you blame me for wanting to get myself a top-tier waifu like her?

Well, the first thing I need to do to get Alectra to fall in love with me is, once again, becoming stronger. I can tell that the redhead has a lot of pride in her talent and skill with a spear based on how serious she takes Grave's lessons. She is a warrior, through and through, proud and honorable.

Only someone who had beat her in battle and managed to gain her respect could hope to attain her heart.

And I intend to be that someone.

But not anytime soon though, obviously. Thinking with my dick can only get me so far. My current skill is shit. I need some proper training before I can even think of facing her, talk about beating her in battle. Looking at Alectra's lithe form dancing around with a wooden spear so fast I can't even make out head or tail in the middle of a clearing, I silently correct my earlier thought with a straight face.

Not some, but a lot.

Timeskip - 3 Years Later

There is a saying 'Time flies fast when you are having fun.' And even though I'm not really having fun with all the training I have to do, time sure flies fast. Three whole years have passed since I joined Grave's swordsmanship class, and I'm proud to say that I have, at least, become a decent swordsman now.

With a strong step forward, I thrust out with my sword after sidestepping a downward slash from my opponent. The sound of hardwood striking against hardwood rang out as the tip of my sword connect with Eric's armor, knocking him back a few steps. Common brown hair, green eyes, and a pretty good body with decent muscles, Eric is one of the top students in our class. Grave once said he would make a fine knight someday, and it would be best for me to befriend him early.

But unfortunately, I don't like him.

It wouldn't even be wrong to say that I hate his guts even.

And the reason for that is simple. He likes Claudia.

He hasn't said a word, obviously. But, how can I not notice it when the guy who is always scowling in my general direction suddenly turns nice and kind in Claudia's presence? I'm not really concerned though. First, I have been hanging out with Claudia since the first day I met her. Our relationship may be just friends at the moment since we are just kids, I'm still pretty sure she is much closer to me than any other boy.

Secondly, Klaus married Claudia in the original Kuroinu. If even that nerd of a brother I have can marry Claudia, without my existence mind you, how can I not when I'm actively trying to woo her here? Since the very beginning, Eric hasn't stood a chance.

Then lastly, we have Alectra, Claudia's best friend and my rival. I really wonder how they get along so well considering their different personality, but that's not the point here. The point is that Alectra is on my side and her words mean a lot to someone as trusting as little Claudia! I don't know if the redhead is doing that on purpose, but all her teasing has really brought us together.

I mentally thanks Alectra before bringing my sword up, parrying a sweep attack coming from Eric. Just one look at his scowling face and glaring eyes tell me that the guy hates me maybe just as much if not even more than I hate him.

"Beat him, Eric!"

"You can do it!"

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

"D-Do your best, R-Roland!"

'It's a bad mistake to lose your focus while exchanging blows with your opponent, Eric.' I silently thought as a mocking smile appears on my face when I see his eyes turn bloodshot when he hears Claudia cheering for me. With more strength than necessary, he bats my sword away and brings his sword over his head with both hands. I must look like a helpless person right now before Eric's imposing figure with my balance broken and sword holding hand too slow to react in time.

Even when we are all using wooden training swords with a blunt tip and wearing wooden armor, a full power overhead strike to the head can still cause us serious injury. Maybe realizing the seriousness of the situation, the students surrounding us take in a sharp breath, some of them even begin running toward us to stop the match. But they won't be able to make it in time… nor do I need their help.

I drop my sword since there is no point in holding it anymore when it's clear that I won't be able to bring it up and block Eric's attack in time. Then, using the slight momentum of Eric's earlier attack, I punch him right in the face with my left fist. A sickening crunch reached my ears as Eric's arms lost their power. He stumbles a few steps back, intending to get away from my melee but how can I let him? Grasping my chance, my right hand reach out and hold his arm. A kick to the leg later causes Eric to fall face-first and I have brought him down with me holding his arm on top of his back.

"Winner: Roland. Good job." Grave exclaimed curtly as he made his way toward the two of us. Our relationship is still a secret so I just nod at the old man and stand up. I'm fine for the most part, a bit exhausted but still better than my… less-than-happy opponent. I feel him though. I wouldn't be happy either with a broken nose signaling my dozenth defeat against the same opponent.

"Not only our sword but our hands and legs are also a weapon. Roland's decision to discard the sword and interrupt Eric's attack with his fist was good. On the battlefield, you need to be flexible to survive, remember that. Eric, you need to learn how to keep a cool head in battle. You lost because you couldn't keep a calm mind, riled up by... Roland's taunt and made a mistake. Furthermore, what if Roland hasn't made the right choice back then? You could have heavily injured a fellow classmate. I'm disappointed." Grave sternly said, looking at us in the eyes to make sure that his point was made. Hearing the old man's words, Eric's face darkens in shame as he tightly grips his fist in frustration and embarrassment. He keeps looking at the ground like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

This kind of teaching has been around for about half a year now. Once a week, mostly at weekends, we would be paired against each other in a spar. Grave doesn't care about who wins or loses. He uses our spars to measure our progress, point out our weaknesses, things to improve, and so on. I have to say that despite having turned into quite a... despicable, stupid old man in the original Kuroinu, Grave is one hell of a good teacher.

Well, he isn't called the Duke of Swords for nothing.

80% of old men in anime are legit badasses or hidden bosses. Anime logic.

"Claudia, heal Eric." After taking a look at Eric's bloody face, Grave threw me a glance with an unreadable expression on his face and called out. Seeing the cute and innocent Claudia slowly make her way toward Eric whose eyes lit up at the prospect of being healed by Claudia personally, my face darkens. I'm not concerned about Eric being able to woo Claudia, but I'm a jealous and greedy man. If it has been any other boy in our class, I wouldn't mind. But Eric is my fucking love rival here, not that he even stands I chance, and I'm not about to let him get close to MY beautiful Claudia.

"Since I'm the one who broke Eric's nose, I think it would be better for me to fix him up instead. It's kind of my responsibility after all." I spoke out calmly with a 'kind' smile on my face as I quickly made my way toward Eric. Ignoring his murderous scowl and furious eyes looking at me with such intensity that I would have been dead if eyes could kill, I kneel down and put a hand above Eric's bloody face.

"Heal." A beautiful green light emanated from the palm of my hand, lighting up Eric's face as his wounds begin healing at a rapid rate. Magic is a thing in this world. I haven't only been training my swordsmanship for the past three years, but also my magic. Obviously, I'm not at that level where I can just throw around Thunderbolts and massive Fire Balls yet, but I'm making progress, so my goal of becoming an awesome Magic Swordsman isn't implausible.

Eric roughly stands up after I finished healing his face and just walks away after glaring at me one last time. And he didn't even offer a thank you for my effort.

How rude.

Edgy Eric aside, I glare at the one who is responsible for this mess just because it's entertaining for his old bones. Grave Levantein, the cunny old man is smiling smugly at me with a face that just asking for a beating. Of course, he would know about my and Eric's affection to Claudia, there is just no way an old fox like him wouldn't.

And he would use it to spite me after I called him out on his weakness in magic.

Damn old man and his petty grudge.

Walking down the street of our Levantain Fortress, I smile lightly seeing the bustling street and the happy populace going about their daily life. When I first became Roland Levantein all those years ago, I was a bit uncomfortable and felt kinda out of place seeing rows upon rows of stands selling food and various other merchandise. It's no wonder when I'm used to going to the supermarket in my past life. But now, I have come to love it.

The bustling and festive atmosphere.

The peaceful scenery.

And the kind people.

"Oy, Roland, Claudia, Alectra! Here, take these apples."

"Thanks, old man Berner!" Taking a bite at the free apple I had just received, I nod at the slightly sweet taste. It's actually kinda hard not to get attached to this place after having spent most my admittedly short life here. Then, there is the fact that I'm about to become its Lord too.

It's currently noon after Grave's swordsmanship class for the day ended. I invited Claudia and Alectra out for lunch and they gladly accepted. Aside from deepening our bond through a simple meal and some conversation, I also want to ask them about our Grave's... homework for us.

'What kind of knight do you want to become in the future? Give me your answer at the end of next week at the latest.' If my guess is correct, then the old man wants us to set our sights on the future. He wants us to have a dream, whether possible or not so that we won't lose our drive to become stronger. Grave can make us stronger with his skill and knowledge, but if we don't want to, then the old man won't be able to help us.

For a grown-up adult like me, finding a dream to motivate me forward is rather difficult. I have already seen what the real world has to offer after all. If it was back on Earth, even my wildest dream would simply be 'Buy a nice house, marry a good wife, have kids, a boy, and a girl preferably, live happily and then die peacefully.' It's simple, but even such a simple dream was hard to achieve.

It's different now in Eostia though.

Since the first day I became Roland Levantain, I have already found myself a dream, a goal to chase after. That is to become the strongest knight in the continent and enjoy my blissful days with a harem full of beautiful women. Unlike back on Earth, where I stood at bottom of society, here, I'm born into a position of power, as Heir to a power Duchy. I also possess advanced knowledge from Earth and a vague idea about what will happen in the near future of Eostia. What's left is only my own effort and whether I have tried hard enough to realize my almost impossible dream.

A truly selfish and pervy dream, but at least, I have already had a 'proper' drive. But what about Claudia and Alectra?

Claudia became the strongest and youngest Holy Knight in the original Kuroinu, but nothing was said about her dream and idea. Meanwhile, Alectra never existed, so I have no idea about her either. Grave trains 20 boys and girls to become my subordinates in the future, but the choice to serve me or not is still in their hands in the end. I can't force them. Some may want to become Wandering Knights, traveling around the world in search of a worthy master or for the thrill of adventures. There may even some who want to become Mercenary Knights for money, the free, unrestrained lifestyle, and the constant days of battle. Those lefts would get to choose who they want to serve among the numerous noble houses of Eostia.

By the way, Claudia's occupation of Holy Knight is special. They are personally selected by High Queen Celestine to further train themselves in the royal palace. After that, they are to become her loyal guardians, only answering to her and no one else. I intend to become one too in the future as that's the fastest and safest way for me to have a chance at Celestine.

Back to the matter with Claudia and Alectra, even though the three of us are currently best friends, I can't say that our friendship will keep us together forever. That's why I need to learn more about them. Only after I have understood their dream, motive, and idea can I make enough preparation to scout them in the future. Business matters aside, I also wish to know more about them from a personal standpoint as well.

"STOP RIGHT THERE! YOU FILTHY THIEF!" I snap out of my thought and glance at the direction of a busy street where I hear the shouting coming from. Peoples screaming and shouting as they quickly scurry to a side, making way for a large man chasing after… a kid? Noticing a nudge to my side courtesy of Claudia, I immediately understand her intention when looking into her worried eyes.

"You catch the kid. I'll handle the man." I whisper and walk toward the incoming duo, raising my eyebrow at the pinkish-red hair of the kid wearing only rags.

Hm, curious.

Shaking my head to get rid of the thought, I puff out my chest and stand my ground after the kid runs past me to intercept the charging man. He noticed me standing in his way and intend to run around me, but as if I will let that happen. An ordinary 12-year-old kid may be helpless in this situation, but not a 12-year-old kid who has been training to become a knight for 7 years.

The moment the man is about to run past me, I reach my arm out with a sudden burst of speed and hook my right arm with his left arm. Before the momentum from his charge can pick me up the ground and carry me with him, I kick his leg. Without anything to support his body, the momentum caused him to fall face-first while I nimbly position myself on his back, still holding his arm, effectively locking the man in place.


"Yeah, I know. I'm not blind, I can see."

"THEN WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME BOY? ARE YOU HER ACCOMPLICE?" What's with this man and his annoying shouting? Even in my past life, I have never liked people shouting at the top of their lungs like they're afraid others can't hear them. Living as a noble for almost ten years here, I have grown to hate it even more, especially when I'm at the receiving end. So I put a knee on the middle of his back, pressing him down even more while putting more force into my hands holding his arm, readjusting its position a bit. The man immediately grunts in pain.

"Can you stop shouting for just a moment and listen?" Seeing him nod his head rapidly, I loosen my grip a bit.

"If I didn't stop you there, what would you do to her? If 'nothing' is your answer, then I'll immediately dislocate your shoulder. Don't bother lying to me." The man closed his open mouth and looked at me with fearful eyes as droplets of sweat appeared on his forehead.

"…I plan to beat her into a pulp and...maybe... maybe..." When his voice grows smaller and smaller until I can barely hear anything, I strongly pull his arm backward. An agonizing cry reaches my ears as the large man struggle, trying to break out of my hold.

"I-I planned to drag her to a slave merchant I know for some easy money! Forgive me! Please forgive me!" My face darkens at those words and I almost accidentally dislocate his arm.

Slavery. Something that I once thought was nothing to worry about until I saw the true horror of it. Humans and Demi-humans treated as pets to play around with just because they had a collar on their neck or a brand somewhere on their body. I had had the 'honor' to visit the house of an Earl who had a decent relationship with my household some years ago. My father obviously went to talk to the Earl himself while I was entertained by his son, a stupid, fat slab of meat walking on two legs. The boy, no the beast was only a year or two older than me at most, but what he regularly played with on a daily basis was non-other than Dark Elf slaves.

I admitted that I'm rather interested at first. I'm a pervert after all so naturally, I'm attracted to the legendary Dark Elf with exotic beauty. But if only sex and slight torture were the ends of it. What that beast had shown me, what he had done to those poor Dark Elves as entertainment, and his exhilarating laughter...

It's savage, cruel.

It's... inhumane.

Taking in a deep breath to bring my emotion back under control, I can see that Claudia is looking at me with worry evident in her eyes as she holds the kid in her arms protectively. Standing next to her, Alectra is openly glaring at the man lying on the ground, her hands balled into fists. Shifting my attention onto the man again, I carefully consider what I should do next. I can't just leave him be, obviously. Slavery can't be demolished in just a year or two, but every little bit helps. If I can catch the slave merchant he knows then publicly executed him as a warning for others, it will at least hinder the other slave merchants a bit.

I don't have a guard with me at the moment though. My real identity is still a secret to Alectra and Claudia.

"What happens here?" Thankfully, heaven listens to me and sends me a squad of patrolling soldiers!

"This man attempted to kidnap that girl over there to sell to a slave merchant, but we happened to pass by and stopped him." I casually spoke. My memory is rather bad so I have already forgotten that he was chasing after the kid because she stole something from him. I didn't lie though, he really did intend to sell her to a slave merchant.

"WHAT? NO-UGH." A quick punch to the face effectively shut him up.

"I see. We will bring him in and investigate the matter further. Thank you for your cooperation!" The leading soldier saluted me with a smile and gestured for his subordinates to capture the man. When I return to the castle, I will tell Grave to personally lead the investigation, but for now, my job is done.

"Good job out there. If I was you, I would have given him a beating though." Alectra spoke with a smirk and I only shook my head with a wry smile in response. Beating the man seems like a waste of my time and energy to be honest. After the investigation is done and he is found guilty, then I will just execute him instead. I'm not saying that to Alectra though.

"How is she?" I asked gently upon seeing Claudia healing the kid's injured knee and forearm, no doubt from falling mid-chase.

"She is fine, just some scratch." I nodded and looked at the kid again, observing her properly this time. Short, pinkish-red hair that only reaches her chin and a pair of matching color eyes, she has an attractive face that doesn't lose to Claudia at all although a bit dirty. Based on her height and thin frame, the little girl seems to be around 9 or 10 years old at most... I furrowed my eyebrows in thought as erotic images of a very similar-looking heroine in Kuroinu cross my mind.

"Kid, what's yo-" My question is interrupted by a loud rumbling noise that sounds suspiciously like what a very hungry stomach sounds like. The three of us glanced at the little girl in surprise as she nervously fidgets in place, too embarrassed to look at us, and bursts out laughing. The kid seems like she wants to find a hole to dive into as her face reddens and tears already begin appearing in her eyes.

"Well, let's go eating, shall we?" I suggested with a smile while pointing at a rather extravagant restaurant nearby with my thumb.

"Th-thank you very much for the meal, O-Onii-chan, Onee-chan." The little girl exclaimed before digging into her meal, her eyes shining in excitement. After literally forcing her into sitting with us, the little girl is finally comfortable enough to say anything. Next to her is Alectra who is currently biting into a chunk of grilled meat while sitting on the other side of the table are me and Claudia, each with a plate of beefsteak before us.

"Eat slowly and chew carefully, kid. It's not going anywhere." I calmly said while placing a cup of water next to her meal.

"So, what's your name?"

"Maia. I'm Maia, Onii-chan." The girl politely answered before stuffing her face with food again.

"Well, hello there, Maia. I'm Roland, this is Claudia and she is Alectra." Keeping up a calm smile, I casually introduce us to the little girl, watching her politely bow to each of us while my mind races. Maia, now that's a name I remember. How could I not though? She is one of the heroines of Kuroinu after all, a very sexy and attractive woman comparable to Claudia and the likes.

Actually, if it's not for my particular liking in... well-endowed women with short to average stature hence Kaguya and Prim being ranked higher, Maia may as well be the most attractive HUMAN woman in Kuroinu.

On a side note, Olga and Celestine are still the absolute number one on my desire list!

In the original Kuroinu, Maia was a Mercenary and once part of Vult's Black Dog Mercenary Band before leaving them later on. From the vague background story she was given, I can conclude that Maia was once a poor girl, living a tough life on the street until she walked down the path of a mercenary. She encountered Vult in her fresh days and was helped by him a lot which resulted in her falling in love with him.

Now, If Kuroinu was a proper romance eroge instead of what it really is, things would have been so beautiful.

But it's not so the story of Maia wasn't pretty. Calling it a tragedy wouldn't even be wrong either.

Years later, after the war between Vult's Black Dog Mercenary and the Seven Shields Alliance broke out, Maia decisively stood against her first love. But somewhere in her heart, she still wanted to believe that Vult wasn't as evil as everyone made him out to be. Her faith was shattered however when she fell into his evil hands, surrounded on all sides with no way out.

Reunited after years of separation but the first thing Vult did was having his subordinates repeatedly raped her. The bastard wanted to turn her into a wonderful sex slave to satiate the lust of his men and secure their loyalty. As Maia suffered, struggled to hold onto her fading consciousness and thinning rationality, Vult only watched in mild amusement, not the least bit caring about her, even though he knew she loved him.

That wasn't the end of it though. Vult intended to turn Maia into his subordinate's cumdump and to do so, he needed Maia to lose her will to resist. He needed her to accept living as her new life as their sex slave. He needed her to break.


And so the bastard brought out a magic mirror and publicly revealed her affection for him to his men. They laughed at it, they mocked poor Maia while Vult creampied her with his big dick, possibly impregnating her with his child. But the bastard didn't even care as he just tossed Maia back into the waiting arms of his men after breaking her, letting them do whatever they want with her body.

Maia's story wasn't really the worst, but… the innocent girl sitting before me who smiles so bright just because someone gave her food doesn't deserve that kind of ending. Thankfully, meeting Maia so early on has given me plenty of opportunities to change her future. I don't really care about the so-called butterfly effect since my existence has already sent the story in a completely different direction.

Besides, isn't changing the fucked-up future of this world my goal


...I'm thinking very heroic things but, in the end, I just want to keep Maia away from Vult's grasp so I can make her mine.

Well, same result.

"What's this? A lost child?" Grave asked with a raised eyebrow while pointing at the little girl hiding behind my back. Yep, I brought her home, to the Levantein Castle. I have spent a long time thinking about what I should do with Maia during our lunch. But no matter how much I burn my brain cells, the best method I could come up with was keeping her from becoming a Mercenary in the first place.

In the original Kuroinu, Maia encountered Vult in her early days as a fresh Mercenary and fell in love with him later on, right? So, if Maia didn't become a Mercenary, all those things wouldn't happen. Simple.

Based on what I have gathered about her from her vague background story, the reason why Maia even became a mercenary in the first place must be because she needed money. If her blatant thievery today was any indication, then my conclusion must be correct. And knowing that, preventing her from walking down that path again was simple.

I brought her home.

I literally just kidnapped an innocent kid with the promise of feeding her 3 meals a day, giving her warm clothes and a place to stay. With that, she wouldn't have to stay on the street or struggle to get feed anymore. I can also give her some pocket money if she needs to buy anything. No desperate need for money means no need to become a mercenary.

Then, with her staying in the same castle with me, wooing Maia would be simple. I even suspect that the girl is already falling for me judging by how she is pressing her small body into my back.

How ingenious.

I'm so proud of myself.

"A poor kid I picked up on the street. I see some talent in her so I brought her home." That's bullshit. As if someone like me can actually see whether a person has talent or not. But in the original Kuroinu, Maia had managed to become one of the Seven Princess Knights personally chosen by Celestine, so she must be quite talented.

"Hmm…" Shifting his attention to the nervous girl still hiding behind my back, Grave's expression softens before he places a hand on my shoulder.

"I understand your decision, son. But do try to be gentle. She is still a kid." The old man said with a serious expression that also held some understanding in it. At first, I was a bit perplexed over his choice of words, but then it hit me that my own father was thinking that I brought Maia home to fuck her.



"I'M NOT A PEDOPHILE, YOU DAMNED OLDMAN!" Even though I'm not really a fan of shouting at peoples, I figure I could at least make an exception since my dignity is being questioned here. Joking or not, I, Roland Levantein, have standards. I won't stoop so low that I will touch an underaged kid. I'm going to fuck Maia eventually, that's for sure, but only after she had turned into an attractive, mature woman!

Well, me and my old man aside, Maia is quickly arranged to stay in one of the rooms reserved for my house's servant. Graves also agrees to train her, but only after he deems her worthy of becoming his disciple. As I make my way to my room after a long day, basking in the afternoon glow, a smirk emerges on my face when I think about my current progress.

Two downed, seven more to go...

...I also just remember that I haven't had that conversation about their future goal with Claudia and Alectra.

End of Chapter 2.

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