After dick meet superboy , roy thought it was a good time for him to meet Miss Martian.

They were driving through Rhode Island and they came across a mountain just outside of happy harbor, but inside that mountain, was the team's headquarters mount Justice.

The two boys looked out the window to see the huge mountain. As they got out of the car, dick was stunned by how big the mountain was.

Dick: whoa!

Roy smiles at him

Roy: dick, welcome to mount Justice, this is where the team will meet to be assigned for the missions

Oliver:we'll be back to pick you boys up later

Roy: ok bye Ollie

Batman and green arrow had to go to a meeting at watchtower

As they took off, the two boys went inside

Roy: come on, I'll show you around

Oliver: you think you kid will like the Martian's niece

Bruce: if he get superhero (Conner) to like him, I'm sure he can get along with Miss Martian

Oliver: well, Miss Martian can be a bit enthusiasm

Bruce: well so is robin

Back at mount Justice, after They finished the tour, they stumbled into the kitchen and saw that someone was baking cookies.

Roy/dick: huh

At first dick was frightening, but then Roy remembered why he brought him here for

Roy: oh (phew) don't worry, it's just-

He looks around to find Miss Martian

Roy: it's just

He searches the entire mountain looking for her

Dick: what are you looking for

Roy: Megan

Dick: Megan?

At first he was confused as Roy bends down and looks underneath the sofa, dick walks into the kitchen, but as soon as he comes in, he noticed three glasses filled with milk.

Dick: huh

He then saw the refrigerator door open, he walks towards looks around to see if anyone was there. And closes the door, and as he does, he was greeted by someone.


Dick: ah!

He falls backwards and Roy noticed, he runs.

He gets up and sees a female green Martian, with red long hair, a small headband on her head, she wore a short-sleeved white top with a red X on it, along with a blue skirt, cape, gloves, and ankle high boots.

Megan: you must be robin, Speedy was talking about

Roy: huh, oh there you are Megan

He looks down to see dick getting up

Roy: and I see you already met dick

Dick: huh?

Roy: dick, this is M'gann M'orzz a.k.a Miss Martian

Megan: hi

Dick: (nervously) hi

He looks at Roy, he smiles at him

Megan: when Roy told me we were getting a new teammate

She goes to the oven and uses her Telekinesis power to pull out the tray of cookies out.

Megan: I got so excited, so I had the place cleaned up and

She sets the tray down

Megan: I made cookies

They looked at the tray and at each other, they then take the cookies.

Megan: Roy's told me a lot about you, he talks about you a lot

Dick: oh he does

Dick looks at Roy, he gives him a nervous smile

Dick: well he told me, I was supposedly meet you

She nods her head

Dick: so you're Martian Manhunter's nieces

Megan: yes, and you're the boy wonder

Dick: yes but people just call me robin

Roy watches the two chat, then he gets an urgent message on his phone

Roy: well I gotta go so I'll let you guys chat for a bit, I'll be back

He runs off, leaving him alone with Miss Martian

Megan: can you fly

Dick: excuse me

Megan: can you fly you know since you're called robin, I assumed you can fly

Dick: sorry to disappoint you but I don't fly

Megan: oh well can you change Into a robin

Dick: no!

Megan: oh, so do you have the power to call robins

Dick: no, I don't have any superpowers, but I can do this

He gets on the counter and those a acrobatic jump

Megan: oh! I see you one of those non-power superheroes

Dick: yes

Megan: oh I'm so sorry, I thought-well you named after bird so I thought-I mean

Dick: it's ok

The two became quite between the two

Dick: so my mentor told we're supposed to be doing a team building exercise

Megan: ok

The two head to the living room

Megan: so what exercise do you want to try, trust fall, blind walk, partner obstacle course

Dick: about we try an ice breaker

Megan: oh ok

As the two sit down on the couch, dick was about to speak when something blasted at them


Megan/dick: ah!

As they got separated, they looked up and saw a black and red robot

Dick: who is that

Megan: I don't know

The two ran into a different room, locking the door behind them

Miss Martian was panicking as dick was changing, he wearer his costume underneath his normal clothes

Megan: oh what do we do, I think should we call the justice league

Robin: we could do that or...

She turns to see him in his costume

Robin: we could fight him ourselves

Megan: we should?

Robin: we're superhero's Megan it's what we do, now come on we're not gonna let some robot get the best of us

She smiles at him and follows him, and as the mysterious robot punches the door more, and when he finally breaks it open, he stomps inside only to find them gone.

As he walks around more, they were in the air vent, they saw him walked back into into the living room.

Robin: ok here's the plan, I'll distract him, while you use invisibility powers to go behind him and try to shut him down

Megan: oh I like that plan

As he gets out slowly, he stealthy moves towards the robot and jumps on him and covers his face with his cape.

Robin: now miss Martian

Megan: oh right,

She turns invisible gets behind him only to get punched into the wall

Megan: ah!

Robin: miss Martian

The robin then grabs robin by the neck, throws him across the room and slams against and knocks him out, Miss Martian went into the kitchen to hide.

She slowly peeks behind to see the robot picking up the unconscious robin

Megan: robin! Oh no this is all my fault

She felt awful for letting robin down

Megan: no, I must save him

She followed the robot carrying robin into the Waterfall Room.

Megan: (gasp)

She saw that he also attacked speedy, as the robot picked up speedy, he held the two boys above the water, he was about ready to drown them.

Megan: (gasp)

She hovers to him, and punches him, as he fell back, he lets go of the boys, she uses her Telekinesis to catch the boys and sets them down, and went to deal with the robot.

Megan: (grunts)

She punches him again and again

And as he tries to hit her back, ducked and camouflage, he scanned and area looking for her, she puches him rapidly

Thud, thud , thud, thud

As he fell down, she went to finish him when he smacked her down

Megan: ah!

As she falls down, he walks towards her getting ready to put her out when he felt a tap on his back

He turns and sees robin and speedy, punching him in the face, he falls back into the water, and short-circuits.

Robin/speedy: yes

As the two boys high-five each other, they ran to miss Martian to help her up.

Miss Martian: thanks guys

Robin: thanks for coming back for me

The two shared a smile

They heard someone clapping

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap

They all turned to see The Batman, green arrow and Martian Manhunter

Batman: congratulations you two, you passed the test

Megan: huh?

Robin: what test

Arrow: tell them speedy

The two turned to speedy

Speedy: (nervous laugh) well, this was a team trusting exercise, the robot was a test to see if you guys will work together to take it down and when it took dick, I pretend to be unconscious to see if you come back to save him and you too passed

Megan: oh I can't believe we did that exercise together, I was worried robin was going to get hurt

She hugs him tightly

Robin: oh well that's good

Megan: it also means that you and I will be seeing each other more (mwah)

She kisses his cheeks

Megan: well if the others will like you, oh I can't wait for you to meet Shiera

As they head outside, dick back in his normal clothes, wishes Megan goodbye, and goes to Roy.

Dick: well that was some trust exercise, an I going to do this with everyone

Roy: if needed

Dick: in that case, the next trust exercise, we should to the Blind walk

Roy: (chuckles)

The boys head to the car

Roy: let me tell you another thing about her, she has a thing for superboy

Dick: oh really

Roy: yeah