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"Do you have to work tonight?" fourteen-year-old Ashlyn James glances up from her book to see her father emerging from the hallway with his white doctor's coat flipped casually over his shoulder.

"I'm really sorry sweetheart, but we're short on staff tonight and there was no one else available to fill in," he says before grabbing a set of keys and a clipboard off the kitchen table. "Stay safe,ok? I'll be back in a couple of hours. Don't leave the house, don't-"

"Don't worry about me, Dad, just go now or next thing you know you'll be halfway through telling me what to do, not realising that not only have you missed your shift, but it's also a hundred years in the future and you don't even need to tell me these things anymore because robots will be taking care of everything," Ash jokes. She grabs a banana out of a side bowl and pushes it into her father's arms.

"Well, when you put it like that, I should probably get going then." Winking at her, his brilliant blue eyes sparkle with mirth. As she opened the door to depart, cool air blows in and swirls through the room, cutting through the heat leftover from the day. "Just … be careful, ok? Tomorrow is your first day at your new boarding school, and we don't want anything to happen to you until then."

"Yeah, yeah, now go, otherwise it will be tomorrow before you even get there." her father chuckles and lightly kisses her on the top of her head before stepping through the doorway. A moment later, the faint sounds of the car backing up the driveway fill Ash's ears.

Left alone, the house is quiet. Ash sighs. Wandering up the hallway, she finds herself standing in the doorway of her bedroom. For a girl of fifteen, it was quite bare. Cream walls, like most of the house, and a drab grey bed, coloured with a variety of faded blue triangles. A wooden desk in the corner, decorated with a lone picture of a mother holding a baby in her arms. A tall, white wardrobe standing in the corner. Ash stares at the empty suitcase lying open on the end of her bed. She sighs again, her eyes leaving the suitcase and roaming the rest of the room, before landing on the wardrobe. Her brow furrows.

'The doors are closed.' She thought. 'I always leave them open.'

Suddenly wary, Ash creeps towards the wardrobe. Peers at it intently. Her father's warnings come back to her. 'If you see anything strange happen, anything at all, tell me immediately.' But he wasn't here, and Ash had only her phone but she knew better than to call her father on his way to work, let alone when he just left, he might lose it and be speeding the whole way home for Ash knew. Which for her wouldn't be a surprise. Assumed at the thoughts Ash was so caught up in the thought that she didn't realise that the doors of her wardrobe were closing by themselves walked over to her wardrobe, wrapped both hands around the On an impulse, she flings the double doors open and squeezes her eyes shut, fully expecting something - or someone - to jump out at her. Nothing. After a minute, she opens her eyes, one at a time, thinking it was all just a false alarm. But there was nothing in the wardrobe - no clothes, nada, nothing. Just empty dark space. She can't even see the wall at the back - it's shrouded by a thick gloom. But the gloom - it's drawing her in. she put her hand into the wardrobe and it was warm and it felt nice, with a sense of peace at hand. Pulling back to see that everything is still intact, she decides to step into the wardrobe. At the very moment, her foot touches the wardrobe floor and light bursts out, Ash has to shield her eyes. A cool breeze blows, and it feels like sunlight kissing her skin.

But it's the evening, there shouldn't be any light at all. She thought.

Slowly lowering her arm to take in the situation she couldn't help but suck in a breath. There was only one word to describe what she was seeing… Beautiful.

The sun is rising at her back making the dew glitter like diamonds on the perfect green grass. As she looks around she can't help but notice how familiar the landscape looks.

"Wow," is the only word that can come out right about now. Branches spread their limbs above her head. Looking around her she found that everything in what looked to be a forest was alive and healthy there was nothing dead at all. Then Ash was finally caught up with the reality around her, realisation hit her like a bolt. Her dad is going to kill her if she's not home when he gets home. Looking around to find the entrance she had just walked through only that a grassy hill, bushes, greenery were there, Ashlyn's only exit had vanished in thin air without a trace. Feeling a panic rise in herself Ash took a deep breath and had a look around, trees, trees and wait for it… more trees. The only sign of a way out was a wide gap\ somewhat path between the trees. Making up her mind to find someone to help get home she set off toward the break in the trees. She started to walk into the gap in the trees for only a few minutes when a rustling noise came out of nowhere.


Out of the bushes came a little ball of rainbow white fluff with enormous eyes, that made it look even more adorable. Startled as the little creature came hopping toward her coming even closer. As much as Ash wanted to hold and cuddle the little ball of fluff, thoughts were running through her mind on what could happen, automatically stepping away from the creature when the thought of the ball of fluff being some sort of monster in disguise like in the movies. Turning around to get away, only to slam herself into something an 'ooff' from the impact didn't just come from her,

'Clearly not a tree then,' looking up to see who or what she had bumped into, staring in disbelief, to see a tree moving in front of her, roots twisted and became legs, the same with the branches that turned into arms, muffled cursing what happened while trying to steady itself from the collision itself from the hard impacted that had been forced onto it.

'Magic wardrobe, to adorable fluffy rainbow creatures and now human trees... Can my day get any weirder?' Ash thought as she sat on the grass under her stiffly watching carefully wide-eyed waiting to see what and where this thing came from. Failing at trying to balance itself, the tree creature falls over onto the grass, a muffle of laughter now came from the creature, the tree thing now looked more transparent, like an illusion. Just then the creature started to melt away like it was water all this time, and in its place was a teenage boy about her age. He had light brown hair, with dark-edged skin. Clearing her throat loudly trying not to make this look any weirder. He sat up seeing Ash, taking a good look at her before standing up to approach her, his dark brown eyes locked onto hers. Smiling warmly at Ash, offering her a hand, the boy asked "What are you doing out here all on your own? In the Ezera forest no less."

Ash didn't respond straight away. One because she didn't know what to say. And two what the heck was the Ezera forest, it sounded somewhat familiar, but nothing came to mind on why.

"What?" she asked, it was a genuine question if you don't even know yourself. But before the boy in front of her could say anything, distant noises of twigs snapping and the rustling of bushes came from the opposite side of them. Suddenly the noises came to a stilling stop until a from the bushes next to them another boy the same age jumped out at them. Unlike her companion, she wasn't quick enough to get out of the way, unfortunately, becoming the landing pad, because the next she knew that she was under someone very heavy. Looking up at the shadow above saw a boy staring wide-eyed at her, with his light grey-green eyes with a spark of mischief and amusement, with thin curly colourless blonde hair that sat on top of his head and waved in the wind. Trying her best to compress the heat from coming to her cheeks, pushed him off before he could make a big deal about it, instead as soon as she pushed him off and stood up she saw both her companions were still on the ground laughing until they were both crying.

Arms folded, foot-tapping Ash waited for the two boys to stop laughing, finally when they had calmed down, Ash cleared her throat and the two boys looked at her with mischief in their eyes and a wide smile on both of their faces.

"Sorry about that, Landon has a thing with being attached to certain things, girls being one of them," said the brown-haired boy with a smirk on his face, looking like he could watch that all over again.

"Hey, I'm not the one who thought it was a good idea to come into this forest!" the boy- Landon protested

"Ok, ok fine, it was my idea, that doesn't mean you have to come along,'' the brown-haired boy replied.

Ash just stood there watching the two boys, amused at the two obvious friends went at each other continued any further she decided,

"Um, hi my name's Ash." She said, "I'm kinda lost and well the last couple of minutes have been the most unfortunate. Do you guys know anything about Earth and how I can get back to it?"

The boys looked at each other and back at Ash in curiosity waiting for her to explain.

"Tell us what exactly happened," the brown-haired boy said.

Ash told the two boys about the wardrobe and its disappearance, after explaining the situation, she realised how much of it sounded like Nania.

'There better be no fawns here I swear,' Ash thought finishing up her story. Her attention was drawn back to the two boys in front Ash. Landon was looking at his friend who Ash found out that his name was Ezran or Ez for short, who had a hand on his head looking like he was trying to solve the world's first mystery.

"What do you have for us Professor Stirling?" Landon teased his friend for what looked to be the fourth time now.

"Bailey shut up or I'm going to hit ya over the head, but if you really want my real answer I think she's from-" he said while jerking his head backwards.

"Oh you think she's from like out there, out there?" Landon asked, earning a nod in response.

"Well, she is standing right here and has no idea what you're saying," Ash buttted in.

"Sorry Ash, the thing is a Freyan hasn't been seen in years, but basically means that the world that you call 'Earth' or what we call Freya has a twin which is this world, but we call it Medora, which is a little different from yours I think," Ez answered. Ash nodded from taking in the information given to her.

"Yeah it is relatively different, like you being able to turn into a tree and doorways through wardrobes," Ash decided looking up at the boys. "So what happens now, obviously I can't go home..."

"We might know a way," Ez answered. Although Landon looked pretty lost at what his friend was saying, until his friend said the word 'Marselle' did he understand, although yet again Ash was beyond lost, really in another world of lost literally.

The boys lead Ash through what they called the Ezera forest, explaining a little about themselves and what was in Medora. Turns out that the two boys had been friends for a lot longer than Ash anticipated. The trio came to a clearing in the trees. A huge building stood in the middle of the scenery, half looking medi-evil half from the future.

"Where, what, how?" there was just too much going on in Ashlyn's head. Where was she?

"Ashlyn James welcome to Akarnae the academy for the gifted," Landon said as he and Ez guided the new friend to the campus grounds.