Previously on 'What if…' Regardless of what the Library said, she turned the knob of the door to open it to see the other side.

"I can't believe you did that all without our help," Landon said for the sixth time. They walked into the Rec Room, they found a couple of beanbags and sat down, the softness welcomed through her body. Fletcher had done a miracle with her back he gave her a green vial which she found out was pain relief with a minty flavour. He rubbed a vanilla ointment onto her back to heal her back within a few moments though a few tender spots still there, it was enough to convince Fletcher that Ash was well enough to leave the word and go on her merry way or he would have to listen to Landon's singing some country song and Ezran's lecture on how to do his job.

"I fell off a wet rock and gave a knight his head back, that's it," Ash defended. Again.

She let go of the door's handle and stepped away from the door her head dipped, her eyes closed.

"You have made a decision?" The Library asked.

"Yes," Ash whispered.

The Library said nothing as another doorway appeared in front of her, the same one she had come through. She walked through to be greeted by wide eyed friends, her shoes and 'The Jewel of Medora' sitting on the table.

"Medora to Ash?" Landon said, waving his hand rapidly in front of her face.

"I'm back, what were we talking about again?"

"Well, we finished on that you didn't need my expertise going through the Library and it's many secrets," Landon explained, earning an eye roll from the two others. "And then me and Ez kind of got stuck on Gammy's pie and Kaladoras-"

"Kala- what?" Ash interrupted.

"You don't have Kaladoras on Freya!?" Landon exclaimed, nobody happened to be in the room at this time in the afternoon on a Sunday, surprisingly it still raised the caution inside Ash about throwing those words out in the open.

"So, what, you just have holidays and that's it? No presents, no decorating the Kaladoras tree, no Kaladoras dinner?!" Landon looked horrified at the thought that that this wants one of Ashlyn's traditions-

"Oh, you mean Christmas," she said. "It's basically your Kaladoras but there's also a belief system around it, it's called the Birth of Christ. A celebration that the world caught on a few thousand years ago."

"Wow, so what? You have gods in your world?" Ez asked.

"Well, we have many different religions around Freya, some believe in more than just one as others just believe in the one, most are to a statue, but some consist of just praying and singing to the open air."

"Wow," Ez simply said. Landon nodded in agreement.

"What about you?" He asked. Ash gave him a questioning look. "Do you believe in religion?"

"Not really, I'm happy that people have something to believe in but I'm not one for it personally," she said. Her friends just nodded, Ezran's ComTCD (basically your highly advanced phone) buzzed next to him. He flicked through before addressing his friends.

"Well, on the 'topic' of holidays, did you have any plans?" Ez asked, closing his device yet again and set it down beside him.

"Apart from staying here at the academy, no, why?" Ash asked, predicting with the smile on Ezran's face that her plans were about to change.

"Well, you're going to have to pack your bags because Dad says you're coming home with us and 'no' is not an answer," he said.

"And personally, I won't either," Landon put in.

Ash nodded, "Ok, who's gonna be home?"

"Well Landon has been coming home every Kaladoras since we met at Akarnae, I have an older sister and brother, my sister Amy is out of school and is doing an advising apprenticeship, my brother Sam in his first year of apprenticeships here. I also have a younger sister, Arie, who's in her second year of school." Ez explained. "And everybody is aware of your origins, so no uncanny backstories needed."

"Ok, though, what about your mum? What does she do?" Ash asked, she had heard a lot about Bear and saw him a lot as well but there wasn't a lot of mention about Bear's partner. Ez seemed to grow uncomfortable, the smile dropped off his face, he cleared his throat before looking for the right words to say.

"Well, I don't have a mum but my Dad has a partner." He explained. It took Ash a moment-

"Oh-" she said. "Ok."

"Will that be a problem or-"

"No, no, that's going to be fine, just unexpected," Ash confirmed. Both the boys nodded looking a bit more relaxed.

"Wait so, what's the situation with siblings and having two dads is it like-"

"No, no, all four of us are adopted, I don't know how it works at home for you, but when a child is adopted the one of the parents will give a strand of DNA off to the child. It's confusing but basically if they test for who you are (if that ever happens) the biological parents won't come up but the adopted parents will."

"Huh, is that why you look a little bit like Bear?" She asked. Ez nodded before Ash turned to Landon.

"What about you Bailey? You' have any siblings?"

"Nah, only child for life!" He exclaimed, holding his hand up for a high five. She rolled her eyes though she couldn't keep the smile off her face before slapping her hand against his.

"Ok then," Ash said. "Holidays start in at the end of the week exams and assignments finish up with SOSAC to hand in tomorrow and then-"

"Wait, we have SOSAC due tomorrow?" Landon suddenly looked panicked.

"Ah yeah, Casper Lennox said that in the last lesson didn't you hear-"

"Crap!" Landon shouted running out of the Rec Room and down the hall to the dorms.

"Isn't it-"

"Due on Friday, yeah but it looks like there's no stopping Bailey now," Ash said. Both friends laughed as the third scramble through his notes seeing how much he had actually taken down.