Jadite's Resume to the Empire

By: Jason Walters

Writers notes: This started out as a running joke right after Sailor Moon come out the first time on tv over in the states back in 96. I and a friend hashed out the idea of Jadite needing a new job after being beaten by the scouts and put on ice. The idea was after the Qween was killed by the scouts he would get out of the crystal and start looking for something to do so this is the idea for him of looking for a job with the Empire from Star Wars.

Name: Jadite, Former General of the NegaVerse.

Goal for Job: I am very much hoping to lead beings to glory and win you many victorys for your empire and I am looking for very challange for my job.

Past jobs:

The Negaverse, Former general and chief enegry collctor for the queen for at least 1000 years. the reason I left this job is that I had a falling out over the type of help that we had to work with and the people we where fighting didnt help much.

The Earth Kingdom, former bodyguard to the crown prince for about 20 some years. The reason i left that job was that the kingdom was over run the forces of the Negaverse. It was that or be unemployed.

Other skills.

I have a Masters in the fine art of tortre and breaking prisoners.

I have a Doctorete in the black arts and magic.

I have many other degrees in militry arts and leadership skills.

Many skills in the arera of covert ops also.

Other traits:

A willingnest to get the job done no matter how many people under my commande that i have to send into the breach.

The abilty to get my oppents to react to how i want them to.

I can also supply my own uniforms also.

Intral memo to the commander in chief Darth Varder.

This Human who calls himself Jadite shows a willingness to be a very good commander if he could accect that most of his problems are his leading troops and not everyone around him. We tried him in the commande trials and he was good, but anytime things would go wrong he kept yelling where where those dman sailor scouts. We do not know who they are but from they seem to be the ones that have caused him to be defected and but on ice by his former boss. If we do have him commanding troops we should put him someplace that will be someplace safe, say out with a small ship and out in the way outtter rim of the Empire. If not the best bet would be to pass him over and get someone else that is much better.

Admiral Redbeard the Third.