So this is my first original story posting here. It's an idea I've played around with in my head often, imagining the wasted potential of those other two Pallet town trainers that we learn next to nothing about, only to find they vanished completely by the end of Indigo, never to be mentioned again.

It's sort of a Semi-Self Insert, but also not really. There is a lot from the games and anime, my own expansion on some ideas. I am trying to add my own unique spin on ideas that have been done to death.

I already have plans in mind for my MC's team and the story, at least in the beginning, but feel free to throw me ideas if you'd like. Always looking for more inspiration.

Speaking of which, I got inspired to write this out after reading The Traveler, I Just Want to Travel the World, & Pokémon: Storm. Those are some amazing fanfics, probably far better than this one, so I highly recommend checking them out, especially if you enjoy mine.

Let me know what you think. Any suggestions or constructive critics are welcome. The only flames allowed here are from the fire types.

Also, just to point it out now, I'm still playing around with the gender consistency of the Pokémon. Sometimes I use it and other times I use their actual gender. Please let me know if this bothers and I'll try to be more consistent one way or the other.

And of course, I DON'T OWN POKÉMON. Never have, never will. I just made myself sad… Enjoy!


Chapter 1: A Beginning Of A Never Seen Adventure

David was cold, tired and frankly quite annoyed, even by the ever so flippant standards of a five year old. He was outside wandering the forest in the middle of the night, so dark and far away from the lights of town that he could barely see five feet in front of him. The moist air caused his entire body shudder like he was constantly having a bucket of ice cold water dunked all over him. Worst of all, he had yet to find a single Pokémon.

Part of him, the rational part, wanted to go home. Screw Nia. He didn't have anything to prove. Sadly, the other half of his conscience refused to go back to class the following Monday and let Nia make fun of him for ditching out after their little tiff in front of everyone. He'd made a deal with her and by Arceus he was going to win. Then her, Gary, and everyone else would know he wasn't joking around.

Why he made that bet in the first place, David had no idea. He normally wasn't so impulsive, but recently David found it harder and harder to keep a cool head, like his mind was being temporarily hijacked. It's how he found himself in situations like this, though to be fair, being called to the principal's office for disrupting class wasn't nearly the same as sneaking onto Professor Oak's property to take a picture of one of his original team members. Not of the ones who always hung around the lab. No, David had promised to find one of the few they'd never even seen before.

"Not that there are any around here," the five year old grumbled as he walked into a small clearing and sat down on a large, smooth rock. It had been over an hour since he'd snuck out, , but after wandering the forest for ages, David was still unable to find a single one. Heck, he couldn't even find a random Oddish or Rattata and those things were everywhere usually.

It seemed the universe was against him tonight. The ranch itself seemed so different at night. Nothing like the fun and lively place he visited nearly every weekend with his friends. It even made hanging out with Gary Oak more tolerable. Tonight, however, he was alone and starting to get worried. His mom had probably noticed he wasn't in bed by now and was either waiting for him to come home so she could punish him or rallying half the town to start a search. At least if his mother killed him then Nia wouldn't be able to make fun of him. He placed the disposable camera in his hands on the ground and sighed. This night literally could not get worse.

It was at that exact moment when David noticed that the rock he was sitting on was beginning to vibrate.

It wasn't just the rock, as his camera slid off onto the ground, but continued bouncing around like the earth was made of rubber. David gripped the rocks ridges tight as the world shook until the shaking stopped just as suddenly as it started.

Wobbling to his feet, David adjusted his glasses and reached down to retrieve his camera, dusting off some of the excess dirt that clung to the lens. He rubbed it hard, but something was stuck to lens that just wouldn't come off. He thought maybe it was something on his glasses instead, but realized that wasn't the case either after realigning them, especially as he took notice of the enormous shadow now leaning over him.

David turned and his throat locked up as he came face to face with a massive Aggron. He'd read about the Hoenn Pokémon in books and seen them on television before, but nothing prepared him for the monstrosity standing there now.

It stood nearly eight feet high and was covered from head to toe in silvery grey armor that could not only protect it from any attack with ease, but was used to absolutely crush it's foes underfoot.

It was starting to make sense as to why there were no other Pokémon around. What an Aggron was doing here, not just outside its native region, but on Professor Oak's ranch was another question David had no answer for. They were supposed to be mountain or cave dwelling Pokémon. Perhaps it was a new catch by one of the trainers Oak sponsored. None of that mattered now, however, as he might not live long enough to find out.

David didn't dare move as the steel type looked him over. He could feel it's hot breath on his face, fogging up his already misty glasses. Maybe if he stayed still and showed he was no threat the beast of a Pokémon wouldn't attack. Aggron were widely known for their aggression, but there was no way this mighty creature would consider a tiny speck like him a threat… right?

"AGGRON!" David shrieked as Aggron let out a monstrous roar with enough force to send the five year old stumbling back. It stomped forward, crushing David's dropped camera to pieces.

Fear was an excellent motivator and David was quick to react. He sprang to his feet and dashed away from the enraged Aggron. He didn't need to look back to know it was chasing him. The shaking earth was a clear indicator. David didn't even know which way he was running and frankly he didn't care so long as it was away from here.

He ducked, dodged, and rolled as fast as he could through the forest, being forced to listen as the Aggron demolished everything in its path, letting out an earsplitting cry every few seconds. The downed logs and rows of trees did little to slow the Aggron down and offered David few places to hide. He emerged from the forest and into a field full of different colored flowers, some glittering in the moonlit sky. There was no time to admire them, sadly as David was still fleeing for his life.

Unfortunately the legs of a five year old could only move so fast and David's couldn't outrun the Aggron for long. It swung a shimmering claw forward and while it missed his body, the force of the Metal Claw was enough to send the boy flying through the air, along with a good junk of the earth. David tumbled as he met the ground hard, spinning like a top until a sturdy tree got in his way. There was a loud crack as David collided with the thick trunk, the world for a moment turning sideways.

Vision now a hazy shade of grey, David tried to stand up, but a sharp pain in his leg put a stop to that. There would be no more running tonight. His body sunk into the flowers surrounding him as the Aggron slowly approached. It seemed quite proud.

Aggron squared off with the tree, lowering its head and aligning its horn with David's small form.

This is it, David thought. He was going to die at the ripe old age of five. He shut his eyes and heard the Aggron let out another loud roar as the ground quaked with its charge. David clenched, waiting for the pain to come, when another roar met his ears.

A sweet aroma filled David's nostrils, like a wave of fresh honey that kept growing stronger. His eyes squinted open, despite how his head protested, and managed to make out another creature on the scene standing between him and the disgruntled Aggron. It was nearly as large standing on all fours with thick green skin and giant leaves drooping off its back. A massive tree sprouted from the new creature's back with pink petals that glowed in the moonlight like the field's flowers, only even more hypnotically beautiful. It roared again and it was as if the forest had come alive, nature itself rushing to answer the call. It was also the last thing David remembered before darkness consumed him.


When David came to, he wasn't sure what to expect. The first thing he noticed was that he was no longer in the field of flowers and instead was in an all-white room. A hospital room, by the looks of it. The second thing that demanded his attention was how badly his head hurt as it pulsed a rhythmic tune. There was also a sharp pain in his leg and when he looked beneath the covers, David found his right leg was wrapped tightly in a cast.

"David!" He heard a familiar voice cry and felt two pairs of arms wrap around his tiny neck. A wave of brown hair filled his vision.

"Hi mom," he said weakly, muffled a bit by his mother's hug. David's mother leaned back and cupped her son's face gently.

"Oh my baby boy. Are you alright? Of course you're not all right? Your leg is sprained and you have a minor concussion, but how are you feeling?"

"Mom, I'm fine." David pushed his mother off, ignoring the immediate wave of pain that circulated throughout his body. "My head's pounding and my leg itches, but I'm ok." David had no idea if that was the truth, however, as even after his vision cleared, his head continued to thump away.

"Oh, that's good." His mother got oddly quiet for a moment. She then opened her mouth and all hell was set loose.


David suddenly wished he was a Whismur, then maybe its soundproof ability would block out his mother's shouting. He didn't even know she could scream like that. She was usually so laid back.

At least she's not as bad as Lusamine was to Lily and Gladion,David thought, seconds later wondering who the hell those people were.

David had no time to ponder his mental hiccup when the door to his room opened and an older man with grey hair walked in, wearing a pair of tan kakis, buttoned shirt, and white lab coat. This was no doctor, though.

"Professor Oak," David said with some surprise as the town's most famous and well respected resident approached his bedside. Another painful pulse zoomed through David's head and a number of words began to swim in his vision. No one seemed to notice as it only lasted a moment.

Despite the circumstance, Professor Oak wore a soft smile that couldn't help but put David at ease. At the very least, Oak's presence had ended his mother's rampage prematurely.

"Hello David, Rachel," Oak greeted kindly. "I'm glad to see you are up and… well not about, but you know what I mean."

"It's nice to see you again Professor," David's mom greeted with a slight blush on her face. No doubt he had heard her voice, even behind the closed door.

"And a pleasure as always," Oak replied. He then turned his attention back to David, brown eyes meeting brown. "So David, care to explain why you were trespassing so late at night? And with this I might add?" David winced as Professor Oak pulled out the crushed remains of his camera, amounting to nothing more than a few shards that easily fit in the palm of his hand.

David felt a rush of blood fill his cheeks and he wanted to look away, but found he couldn't break eye contact from the Professor's gaze. At least it was his cheap camera and not his glasses… or his head.

"I was… trying to get a picture of one of your Pokémon," he admitted lamely. "Ni… I mean… I wanted to prove that I could be a good trainer and someone said that I couldn't, so I thought if I could find one of your actual team members on the ranch that it would show them…"

David kept drifting off, half due to shame and half due to the way his head was pounding. He honestly didn't even know how to finish his sentence. Show them what? That he knew how to use a camera?

Neither adult said anything for a while, but David could see a myriad of emotions playing out on their faces. Finally Professor Oak let out a sigh.

"Well, you didn't have any nefarious intentions and the only damage was to yourself and the camera, but I still can't condone you actions. Even though most of the Pokémon at my lab are friendly enough, there are still some very wild and dangerous ones you have to watch out for. I hope you understand the severity of your actions young man and just how lucky you are."

"Don't worry Professor. Once David's free to come home, he'll be grounded for a month and have plenty of time to think about it."


"Want to make it two?" David immediately shut his mouth and pouted. The Pokémon Professor let out a laugh.

"Glad to see the Aggron didn't knock all the sense out of you. Thankfully Venus was there to protect you and alert me to your condition."


"My Venasaur," Oak explained. "He's probably the only one besides my Alakazam and Arcanine who hangs around near the lab. The others tend to stay up in the mountains."

David was shocked. He realized that he didn't actually know what other Pokémon Professor Oak's had, another glaring flaw in his plan. Arcanine was often seen running across the field, even letting them ride him now and then, and Professor Oak's Alakazam often meditated nearby. To think he actually did end up finding another. Boy was it going to be fun to rub that in Nia's face, whenever he managed to see her again.

"Was it you first Pokémon?" David couldn't help but ask. Professor Oak shook his head.

"No, I was just incredibly lucky to find one out in the wild after I first started my journey. My starter is one of the few who tend to keep to themselves. Even I rarely see him anymore unless there's a crisis."

Then it must be a Charmander. Why else would he have a Charmeleon in the movie?

David's head vibrated as thoughts that were definitely not his own, yet still were, vanished just as quickly as they had appeared.

"Are you alright?" David's mother looked on with worry, noticing his discomfort, and David quickly tried to get his facial features under control. The last thing he needed to say was he was hearing voices.

"I'm sorry Professor…" David said at a whisper. He didn't trust himself to speak. Thankfully Oak managed to hear him.

"It's alright. I would be lying if I said what you did tonight wasn't something I myself would have done in my more formative years…" He trailed off when David's mother turned her icy glare on him. "Anyway," Oak coughed out, "if you really wanted to meet some of my Pokémon, perhaps stop by the lab sometime in the future and you can have a proper introduction. After your grounding is over, that is."

"Yes, please," David said immediately. He had to thank Oak's Venasaur for saving him.

Oak nodded and turned to leave, pausing at the door before sending David another glance.

"By the way, I think you have one more visitor waiting to see you."

David was going to ask who, but when the door opened, a black clade bullet shot into the room. A weight crashed down on his chest as another pair of tough, but small arms grabbed him like a vice.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Nia kept repeating over and over into his chest, not caring at the stares from all those watching or the red faced boy she was clamped onto.

"You seem busy David, so perhaps your mother and I will go grab a bite to eat. What do you say Rachel?" David sent his mother a pleading look, but she just smiled serenely and joined the Professor by the door.

"I'll bring you a sandwich when I come by later David," she declared before leaving him alone with a still hysterical Nia.

David allowed his best friend to continue apologizing, not only because there was nothing he could do to stop her, but it also gave him the chance to think. Think about the new thoughts and memories circulating in his brain and where in the world had they come from.

That was the first of many questions David would have and one that he would not discover in truth for quite a while. Another equally important question that many would start asking the following morning, however, is why David's once brown pupils had suddenly turned a dark shade of pink.


The blaring of an alarm clock rang through the room as David's dark pink eyes shot open. He huffed in agony and rolled under the covers to escape back into his dreams. The monotone wailing continued to pester him, somehow growing louder even through the thick sheets. David knew it was his own fault for setting the damn annoyance for so early, but at the time it had seemed like a good idea. After all, who would want to be late on the day they began their Pokémon journey.

David had been looking forward to this day since he was old enough to understand the concept of what being a Pokémon trainer meant. Traveling around the world, seeing incredible sights and meeting all kinds of people? It was the most exciting thing he could imagine. And of course, being surrounded by all kinds of Pokémon. Who wouldn't be excited for such an opportunity?

Knowing that he'd have to get up sooner or later, David braved the outside world as he shoved his covers off and smacked his alarm clock with little remorse. He hopped out of bed and made for a quick shower, after which he pulled on the clothes he'd laid out the previous night and hurried downstairs.

The smell of pancakes and maple syrup was already wafting through the house when David turned the corner and spotted his mother placing a plate full of golden miracles on the table.

"Well if it isn't my little Pokémon Master? Finally decided to get up?" His mother greeted him with her usual teasing. David ignored it for the moment and grabbed a cup of water before sitting before his meal.

"Can you please stop calling me that?" he yawned, still waking up as he adjusting his square glasses. "I'm not like Ash you know."

His mother let out a small giggle, her long, brown hair swaying back and forth. Ash Ketchum was one of David's best friends and constant companions through his childhood alongside Gary Oak and Nia Clover. They'd all been inseparable ever since he moved from the Orange Islands to the small, but famous town of Pallet.

It was only so well-known because it happened to also be the home town of Pokémon Professor Dr. Samuel Oak and where his laboratory was stationed. The older man spent his time studying the various relationships between humans and Pokémon, so the large natural landscape and wide variety of Pokémon inhabitants made this location perfect for all kinds of unique observations.

While he loved all his friends, he couldn't completely ignore their quirks. Ash had this nasty habit of acting without thinking and constantly spouted off how he'd be the greatest Pokémon Master of all time, something that David wouldn't have minded too much if the kid could actually back up his claims. Sadly his test scores didn't reflect this determination, but they were just good enough to earn him a sponsorship from Professor Oak. It didn't help that was also constantly at odds with Gary.

He and Nia tended to stay out of their shouting matches, watching from the sidelines as their arguments quickly devolved into mindless screaming. David was always more of the quiet observer while Nia tended to enjoy the chaos, clearly hoping it would get physical, though it rarely ever did. She had tried to follow David's mature lead and break up their squabbling every now and then with little success.

The last time she tried, Gary said, "Girls can't be strong trainers anyway, so stay out it."

Sadly Gary forgot about Nia's legendary temper that could rival a Gyarados and that unlike the three of them, she already had a Pokémon, a Sneasel she'd gotten from her mother after her own Weavile had an egg earlier that year.

Her Sneasel also happened to be female. Let's just say Gary found a new respect for the opposite gender after that.

"But didn't you say you wanted to be a Pokémon Master too hon? You kept talking about how you'd be the greatest trainer ever," she asked after swallowing a bite of her own bowl of fruit.

"It's not like that…" David denied into his breakfast. "Being a Pokémon trainer is all I want to be, but what I'll do as one…" David trailed off, unsure how to finish his sentence. "I'll figure it out as I travel."

Training Pokémon was all David ever wanted to do since he first witnessed the intense battle between then challenger, now Champion Lance against the Kanto region's previous champion, Thomas. His dragons blew through the older man's fire types, a close fight, but in the end Thomas' experience couldn't do much against Lance's raw power as he became the first and only champion of two regions. That had been nearly three years ago, but the memory never left David's mind for long and he knew that someday, he'd stand alongside them. Traveling the world, raising powerful Pokémon, and testing his ability against the very best. Yes, that is what he wanted.

"Whatever you say hon," his mother chuckled, obviously humoring his ambition. "I'm sure you'll make a great trainer, even if you only compete this once. You'll certainly do better than I did with all the studying you've done."

David suppressed a sigh. She meant every word, he knew, but it was the same thing most adults said when he or any of his friend group talked about their future journeys.

Going out on a journey across a region was considered a rite of passage for most kids once they turn the age of ten. Many kids got a Pokémon before that like Nia's Sneasel, though only a select few managed to earn the opportunity to obtain a regional starter. Himself, Gary, Nia, and Ash fit the bill, though they did have the advantage of living in the same town as Professor Oak compared to the others that tested at their local Pokémon Centers or online.

It also helped that this year they were the only four that applied, which wasn't totally uncommon. Some years had dozens of people pining for a Bulbasuar, Charmander, or Squirtle, while some had not a single person apply or at least pass. There were a lot of unqualified people out there pretending to be real trainers, but most just did it for the heck of it. A few other kids in town would be receiving their starters from Professor Oak as well this year, but would undoubtably be getting something far more common, like a Pidgey or Rattata or if they were lucky, something a bit more exotic like a Nidoran.

After anyone receives their first Pokémon, they register it to their new trainer account. Many decide to take it a step further, encouraged by their families, to go on their very own Pokémon journey and take on the gym challenge. It would be a quest full of fun and adventure, where they get to experience the magical world of Pokémon, conquering the league by storm as the ultimate underdog.

They almost all gave up by the first badge.

While the Pokémon world could be both safe and hellishly dangerous at times, most ten year old children aren't prepared to brave the elements or raise a full team of six Pokémon that can level mountains or breath streams of fire, let alone take on a challenge that most veteran trainers struggle with.

David couldn't count how many times an ACE Ops member, one of the leagues hired forces, had to escort a new trainer back to Pallet within the first three months alone. There were even a few cases of someone returning their Pokémon to Professor Oak, since they couldn't manage to care for them properly.

Training Pokémon was much more of a process than many younger trainers expect. They see these powerful Pokémon on television and under the command of trainers with years of dedicated experience and immediately envision themselves with a Charizard or Gyarados of their own.

As if it were all that easy.

Many kids didn't seem to understand the struggles of actually developing a single Pokémon, let alone a full team, and tend to catch anything that moves with no idea how to train them. Sometimes it works and newbie trainers manage to muscle or luck their way through the first few obstacles, but eventually they reach their limits and drop out. Some decide to wait and train at home till their a bit older to try the gyms again.

It's the older trainers that actually manage to make it past the first three gyms, averaging around 15 years old. The number of trainers who actually make it to the Pokémon League their first year is quite low, especially for the younger ones.

Most end up quitting entirely and settle back into civilian life as David called it. They would rejoin school and use what funding the league provided to catch up and find a career that didn't revolve around Pokémon, at least not as directly.

Another factor came down to funds. Unless you were obscenely rich or had someone funding your journey, traveling around an entire region for months on end and training/caring for a large team of Pokémon could get expensive fast. David could only imagine how much it cost to feed a Snorlax on a daily basis.

The league rules stated that trainers must give a small sum of Poke (the world's currency) after losing a battle so long as they had more than 1000 Poke on hand. The amount usually varied depending on the number of gym badges a trainer had, so even veteran trainers that had never participated in the challenge only had to part with pocket change while those more skilled more to lose and therefore greater motivation to keep sharpening their skills.

Many of the younger trainers ran out of cash fast, even with the discounted rates at Pokemarts and free use of Pokémon Centers, though the latter only lasted a week at a time before they'd be charge for the services. There was monthly funding from the league for those who actively participate in the gym circuit, but it wasn't enough for much more than the basics.

Pokémon Centers and Gym Leaders offered trainer tasks, small jobs that offered small monetary rewards in exchange for the services, which definitely helped the more financially challenged trainers keep going. One could even work as a gym trainer for a time to earn some spending money and gain experience. Still, a large number of participants dropped out due to low funds and could not afford to continue.

David, alongside his friends, were lucky enough to be sponsored trainers for Professor Oak, which not only awarded them a regional starter, but also some extra funding and full use of his lab. Instead of sending their Pokémon home, their Pokémon could roam the Oak laboratory, which was a perfect environment for Pokémon to grow and thrive.

Companies were also a good way to earn funding. The Devon Corp, Altru Inc, and Siph Corp were two big names in various industries around the world. One way to gain publicity was to have sponsored trainers working for them, both to help with their work and making a name for themselves on the gym circuit.

Other companies preferred quantity over quality, sponsoring dozens if not hundreds of trainers a year, allowing many to continue just a bit farther before dropping out or losing their funds due to lack of progress. After all, it was a business move, not charity. You had to be careful with which companies you worked with because of this fact.

Unlike the others, however, David would not be making use of that feature. He'd negotiated with the Pokémon Professor, an amusing sight to most, that he'd send his extra Pokémon to his aunt's home instead. She ran a large hotel on an even larger island and was a skilled trainer herself, meaning any potential team members would be well cared for and have room to roam.

In exchange for saving the elder Oak large sums in terms of feeding and care, David asked for little in return except for the opportunity to assist the Professor in his daily duties. He'd done as much studying as he could on his own and decided the next best step was learning from the smartest person in town. The best part was he didn't even have to lie about it, considering it was undoubtedly true. David made it clear he had no intention of half-assing his training and wanted to learn everything he could about Pokémon before his journey began.

Free labor and more funds for lab? Professor Oak couldn't say yes fast enough, which is how David began working at Oak's lab at the tender age of eight.

Convincing his mom and Aunt Luana was actually a much easier task than expected. His aunt was a no brainer, since she loved to spoil David as much as she did his cousin and was excited by the opportunity. His mother thought it would be a great learning experience and wholeheartedly signed off. The "test" the Professor provided was easy enough, even without David's non-memories popping up every now and then to provide answers.

That was another thing that had changed about David ever since his near death experience with the wild Aggron.

Sure, he'd been acting a little different at the time, a little more aware of his surroundings than a child of his age should be and a little more impulsive than normal, but after he'd recovered from the incident, something had just clicked within him.

He used to be just like his mother, they said, happy to play, but not interested in being the star. A child that sat on the sidelines and watched, always willing to support his friends, while Ash and Gary ran the show. Now, it felt like he was becoming someone else, but still himself, if that made any sense. It definitely was not an onset of early puberty.

Weird dreams began to plague his mind whenever he was asleep and his mind constantly berated him with information he just couldn't have known or in many cases didn't make any sense. These random thoughts about levels, fanfiction, manga vs anime, and sinister plots undertaken by evil groups that he knew nothing about?

David was always a smart kid and it didn't take long for him to figure out as more of these non-memories began to fill his head, that he was seeing the future, or at least, an alternate future from another world. Visions of an older, more experienced Ash Ketchum filled his head often as David watched his journey unfold, transforming from the childish fool with a big heart into the skilled trainer he'd always dreamed of being.

He saw others exploring regions he'd only read about, competing with criminals, and facing down living legends. He knew it wasn't all true, that certain aspects of the world he lived in differed from what he saw or experienced in these dreams, but it was too close to just be figments of his imagination.

As far-fetched as this sounded, even to his five year old mind, he did live in a world full of magical creatures, human psychics, and legendries beasts that could control space and time.

And according to his new memories, alternate realities were indeed a real thing in his world too.

It wasn't like he suddenly woke up and realized he wasn't quite himself, nor that his world was completely fictional. That's something out of a bad fairy tale. More like the knowledge and memories of another life were slowly being filtered into his own.

It did explain David's change in attitude as of late.

He knew then and there that he needed to go on a journey, to see how much of these memories were real or not. David didn't know what caused him to see these fractured visions, but he knew that to find answers, first he had to gain enough strength to travel and seek them out.

In David's opinion, it was his best chance to figure out what's happening and why it happened to be him of all people. Grow strong and find the truth, that was his secret goal. Then he could finally find the answers he wanted, no, needed to hear.

It was also why he kept these facts to himself. While David both loved and respected his mother and Professor Oak, he didn't know how they would react to such information. What if someone else found out and tried to extract what he learned. Psychics were a thing after all. On that note, he'd have to be really careful when visiting Saffron.

These weren't the only changes David was going through. It was definitely a change in lifestyle as David was force to wake up bright and early to assist with feeding the Pokémon all over Professor Oak's ranch, which ended just in time for him to attend school. As soon as the last bell rang, David was already rushing back over to the lab in order to continue his temporary apprenticeship.

It was a grind, but each day David learned something new, either through his own efforts or just by watching the lab techs or Oak himself. Even his non-memories only provided him with so much information, so David still had plenty to learn the old fashioned way.

David did get some days off, which he spent making up for lost time with Ash, Gary, who he actually saw quite a bit considering he lived at the lab, and of course Nia. Said female friend wasn't all too thrilled by how busy David was. She was even less thrilled when Gary's sister came to visit and they began working closely together. Why this was the case, David had no idea.

One added bonus of working as an assistant lab tech was that David got to attend the Pokémon Summer Camp twice, the first time helping run it for another class and then enjoy attending it himself.

The first session was pretty laidback. All David had to do was watch the class and make sure no one wandered off, which of course became a challenge when he recognized one of the other visiting students by the name of Go. The kid had Ash levels of ADHD, but less of the charm. It didn't help that the boy got in David's face constantly, trying to interrupt or correct him every chance he got. David just figured he was jealous of the position he was in and wanted to impress Professor Oak.

He was thankful Go wasn't going to be in the next session and his time as a student was a lot more fun. It's also where he met another friend, Serena.

She was a sweet girl and from what David could pick up from his non-memories of her, very friendly, which only encouraged him to spend time with her until her early departure due to a leg injury. He'd found her lost and alone during the group scavenger hunt and brought her back to base just before Ash had managed to catch them.
Like with Daisy, Nia wasn't happy by Serena's presence in their team at first, but it took no less than two sentences from the shy girl to make Nia warm up. They became close and when Serena was forced to leave, Nia lamented the loss of her new BFF, best female friend. David didn't make the mistake of pointing out Serena was her only female friend.

Unlike Ash, David actually kept in touch with the girl and they had a very nice back and forth, usually emailing at least twice a week. Apparently in this other future, Ash failed to keep in contact with her too, something that left David feeling pretty miffed at the younger Ketchum for a week before he got over it. Sadly they wouldn't be able to stay in touch much during his travels, but that didn't mean he couldn't try to reach out whenever he found time. She was starting her journey next year being a year younger than them.

His mother was surprised at David's sudden change, going from a very laid back child to one that was constantly studying anything and everything Pokémon related. She definitely didn't mind him keeping in touch with a girl though. He had to endure quite a bit of teasing after she found that gem out.

Rachel Amara had never taken the gym challenge herself, at least, not with any genuine effort. Her family was originally from the Orange Islands, but when she turned then, they sent her off to Kanto. She made it to Pewter City with only her Meowth, but got decimated by its rock type specialty.

She was certainly broken up about seeing her darling Meowth so beaten up, so when she immediately dropped out and went back to classes no one was surprised. Said Meowth wasn't too put out by the decision, as it was lazy and spent most days just lying about in the sun.

David glanced up at the windowsill and spotted the aged feline doing just that, bathing in the morning rays. He'd tried in the past to practice training with it, but his mom's Meowth just ignored him in favor of doing literally nothing.

"So have you decided on which starter you want?" David's mother asked. David's lips curled into the largest smile he could muster.

"Bulbasaur," he answered without hesitation. His mother laughed at how confident he sounded and he couldn't blame her. It wasn't the first time David heard people laugh hearing his preferred starter choice, though unlike his mother it wasn't done in good faith.

When compared to the likes of a giant fire breathing lizard or a tortoise with water cannons, little Bulbasaur had a lot to contend with. While the Charizard line was built for speed and power and Blastoise was for power and defense, Vensasaur was kind of stuck in the middle. It didn't rely solely on overwhelming an opponent with raw power and it boasted far too many weaknesses to be a reliable defensive pivot most of the time, but the green monster had a variety of ways to whittle down their opponent's strength until there was nothing left. They were a Pokémon that required some higher level of strategy to really make the most out of compared to the others.

Sadly the Bulbasaur line ranked last in popularity nearly every year by Pokémon and MeMagazine and whenever there was a lack of trainers qualified to take a starter it was Bulbasaur that usually got left in the dust.

None of that mattered to David. Ever since Professor Oak's Venasaur had saved him all those years ago, he held nothing but respect for the gentle giant. That encounter was well worth the scolding and month long grounding he'd received as it made his decision much clearer.

David had just finished his last bite of breakfast when a knocking on the door grabbed his attention. Before he could get up to answer they heard the door swing open and Nia came charging in.

"Hey David, you're up! Great! Let's get going!" The black haired girl shouted as she skidded to a stop. She brushed some dirt off her t-shirt that was a size too large and blue shorts before turning to David's mother and bowed. "Good morning Miss Amara," She said much more calmly.

"Please Nia dear, call me Rachel. Miss Amara makes me feel old," David's mother said warmly, as if this behavior was nothing new. For Nia, it really wasn't. "Would you like something to eat before you two head over?" She added. Nia's pony tail shook back and forth behind her head.

"No thanks. I already ate. But enough about that! Come on David, we've gotta get their early!" Without another word, Nia grabbed David by the front of his shirt and dragged him out the door with ease, giving him only a moment to collect his packed bag sitting by the door.

"Have fun and don't forget to call me when you reach Viridian. I love you David!" He heard his mother call after them as they ran down the path out of town and towards the Professor's ranch. The morning sun was higher in the sky, lighting up the way with not a cloud in sight. A perfect day to start their journey.

They made it about halfway down the road before David managed to pry Nia off him.

"Nia, calm down. I know you're excited, but we don't need to rush. You'll get your Pokémon one way or another."

"You don't know that," she said with a scowl. Her footsteps turned into stomps as the moved at a normal pace. "There are only three starters. What if Professor Oak doesn't give me one since I already have Sneasel? You know how much he coddles Ash and you know how much I want Charmander."

Yes, David knew how much she wanted the fire starter all right. It was almost all she ever talked about. As if on cue, her pocket shook and a bright light blocked their path. It broke to reveal a small feline like creature that stood on two legs covered in pitch black fur. Her piercing red eyes glared daggers at her trainer as she flicked the red feather that adorned her head with great contempt. Nia was not amused.

"Oh don't you start with me Frost," she growled at the dark and ice type, who glared right back. "You know as well as I we need a team, A TEAM, in order to win the Pokémon League. A Charizard is one of the coolest, most powerful Pokémon ever and there is no way I'm missing out on having one. You'll just have to get over it."

David noticed the Sneasel's lips twitch and stepped away before she unleashed a weak Icy Windon Nia, who shrieked and fumbled for her pokeball, quickly returning the belligerent Pokémon in a beam of red energy. "I don't get why she's such a handful," Nia lamented, still shivering from the attack. "My mom's Weavile is way more tame and I've had her for nearly a year."

Nia's mother was a veteran of the ACE ops and semi-retired, stationed in Pallet with a few others to protect the professor's lab and research. Because of that, Nia placed a pretty high standard on herself and refused to be anything but the best. It's why she refused to let her mother help her train with anything more than the basics, which also explained the discipline issues she was still having with her Sneasel.

The nickname was David's idea too. Not many trainers did it, but David felt it was a nice way to better connect with their Pokémon. At first Nia thought it was a waste of time, but when Gary had mocked it too, she immediately jumped on the idea and like David planned to offer all her Pokémon new personalized names.

"Well, they do say Pokémon take after their trainers," David chimed in, earning a hot glare from the Charizard enthusiast.

"And what's that supposed to mean jerk?"

"It means you'll be fine. We get to pick in order of our test scores. We both know Gary is only after Squirtle and I want Bulbasaur. Then it's your turn and after you, then Ash, so he's the one who should be sweating." That seemed to make Nia feel a little better, until David added, "unless I choose Charmander." A high pitched scream followed as David began running towards Professor Oak's laboratory with an irate Nia on his tail.

The truth was David was more than a little upset by the events of what he was calling, the Dream Timeline. After all, if his visions were truly an alternate future and some things needed to be changed.

Gary took his Squirtle, David took Bulbasaur, Nia took Charmander, and Ash arrived late to pick up a cranky Pikachu. Then while Gary and Ash go off on incredible adventures and reach the highest peaks of training Pokémon, he and Nia drop off the face of the earth. It irked him greatly that he saw next to nothing of himself in many of these visions, only the briefest of glimpses that told him next to nothing.

Sure, he knew what had probably happened, that the gym challenge proved too much for his quiet and hassle-free self. He had no clue what fate had befallen Nia, but it didn't matter.

They failed and gave up while the others made names for themselves. Ash, the pride of Pallet and Gary, the prodigal grandson of Professor Oak.

He refused to let that happen. He didn't care if these emotions came from memories that might not have been his. He would rise to the occasion and use this knowledge, whether it came from friend or foe, to make sure he succeeded where his other had failed.


They arrived at Professor Oak's home at 8:45 am. Professor Oak's instructions were that the starters would be handed out at 9 am and anyone who showed up late would lose their chance to get a Pokémon.

David didn't buy this for a second and knew it was just a little joke the Professor was playing on them, as well as a way to keep the sponsored trainers separate from the regular trainers that would be coming later that morning.

He did, however, keep this piece of information to himself.

The moment they entered the lab's main lobby, both kids were greeted by the youngest Oak in the only way he knew how.

"Well if it isn't the loser brigade, Odd Eyes and the Wild Girl. You two sure took your time," he snarked with a cocky grin. "And where's Ashy boy? Did he turn tail and give up already?"

David simply rolled his eyes at Gary's attempts to rile him up. He'd been calling David by that oh so creative nickname ever since they were five and it still wasn't very funny. Sometimes David wondered if Gary still remembered his name.

Nia's face lit up like she was about to unleash a torrent of flames, but instead settled for some choice words instead.

"The only loser I see here is you and once we get our Pokémon I'll show you just how out of your league I am." At this, Gary could only scoff.

"Please, you've had that Sneasel for a year now and I can still beat you once I get my Squirtle. And out of my league? You'd better be talking about your skill as a trainer because at least that might be true. I prefer girls that aren't complete barbarians."

It took a few seconds for Gary's jab to make sense and when it clicked, Nia's face somehow grew redder.

"As if I'd ever want to go out with you!" She screamed, seconds from lunging forward, but a gentle hand on the shoulder held her back. David looked at the taller boy and sent him a friendly smile.

"It's nice to see you too Gary, but can you please stop trying to antagonize her so much. You know she can and will kick your ass and no one's going to feel sorry for you when it happens."

"He's right you know," another feminine voice sing-songed and all three of them turned to see an older girl walking in. She was about five years older, her long brown hair reaching all the way to her elbows and she wore a pretty blue dress with while flowers. "They say every guy loves a girl who can kick their ass, so I think Nia will do just fine."

Gary huffed and turned away while Nia sent the older girl an appreciative glance. David just laughed, earning a light smack from Nia, who was looking at him with a mix of anger and curiosity.

This girl was Daisy Oak, Gary's older sister and part time Pokémon Coordinator when she wasn't assisting her grandfather with his researcher. Speaking of whom, Professor Oak was standing right behind her as they entered.

"Language," was the first word out of his mouth, though only David and his friends looked guilty. Daisy just wore the usual grin she always had. "And Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak! People call me…"

"What are you doing?" David couldn't help but interrupt. He'd heard the man deliver it countless times to the new trainers that managed to pass his tests and earn a starter. That was usually for younger kids who didn't really know who he was and the occasional teen that didn't care to know so long as they got a Pokémon.

"Gramps, why are you giving us your Pokémon World speech? You know we're all very familiar with you," Gary agreed.

"And the 'World of Pokémon'," Nia added.

"And the concept of being a trainer in general," David finished.

"Wha… yes, of course I know that," Oak laughed awkwardly, not convincing any of them.

"I don't think ya do," Nia snickered alongside Daisy.

"Oh Gar Bear, it looks like our grandfather has finally gone senile." Their snickering exploded into full blown laughter as Professor Oak's face scrunched up.

"Yes, yes, laugh it up. Perhaps I'll change the rules and give the starters to the next batch of kids to come through my door."

That got them to shut up and all three ten year olds turned to glare in unison. It was enough to make even the venerable Professor Oak back down. "Ok, ok, let's not all gang up on the old man. Your Pokémon are right here."

Professor Oak moved from the stairway and approached a circular device reaching his stomach and pressed a button. The glass top popped open and from the platform rose three pokeballs. Each one had a small symbol teched onto the top: A green leaf, a red flame, and a blue wave.

"Since you kids insist on skipping my big speech," Oak said with some obvious pouting, "we'll cut right to the chase. Within these three pokeballs are the three regional starters for the Kanto region, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle and…"

"Each of us may pick one. Yeah, we know Gramps. Let's just hurry this up," Gary whined impatiently.

"Fine," Oak shrugged, "then I guess I won't tell you what's special about these three in particular." Gary opened his mouth to speak again, but his sister was a step faster. She grabbed her brother by the neck and held him tight in a head lock.

"Don't mind him grandpa, please continue." If Oak was concerned by the scene playing out, he didn't show it.

"Thank you Daisy. As I was saying, normally each starter Pokémon is bred by an accredited league breeder, ideal for beginning trainers. This way we aren't sending out youngsters like yourselves with baby Pokémon that know moves far outside their ability. However, this time is different. Because I have such faith in you three and you've all proven yourselves well beyond the average beginners, I've managed to gather up three starters that each come with an advanced move."

With the bomb dropped, David and the others took a moment to process. Getting a regional starter was already a big deal, as they had incredible potential that even the worst of trainers could do wonders with. A regional starter with an advanced move was basically unheard of for trainers just starting out.

"Now don't get overexcited," Professor Oak jumped in before any of them could speak. "Just because they know the move doesn't mean they can use it quite yet. They aren't developed enough to make good use of it and will need a lot of work. Though having even a rough version could be a big help when starting out. Now," Oaks clapped his hands, making everyone jolt back, "who's first?" Gary was about to strut forward when David spoke up.

"Shouldn't we wait for Ash to get here?" He asked, knowing it wouldn't matter. Just because his Ash was supposed to be late didn't mean he had to be a jerk and forget about his friend. Thankfully Gary was there to do that for him.

"You snooze you lose and Ashy boy is already way behind right from the start."

"As much as I hate to agree with Gary," Nia said, the sour look on her face showing her distaste, "It doesn't really matter when he gets here. We're picking in order of our test scores, so he'd be last anyways."

"You do have a Pokémon for him, right Grandpa?" Daisy asked, her big sister instincts coming out to play.

"Of course I do," Professor Oak said with some hesitancy. Yep, he had a Pokémon all right. It just wasn't the most cooperative.

Oh well, David thought, I tried. And that was the end of that.

Gary wasted no time leaping to the front and taking his choice of starter, tossing the ball high into the air. A burst of white light erupted from the red and white container to reveal a small white and blue turtle with a large curled tail and brown checkered shell. It seemed a little confused at first, looking around at all the people staring down at it, before letting out a triumphant cry and puffing out its chest in what David presumed was some attempt to show off.

"Alright, Squirtle, I'm your new trainer. Nice to meet ya," Gary shouted in typical Gary fashion. "I plan on being the world's greatest Pokémon trainer and only want the best on my team. That sound good to you?"

The tiny turtle Pokémon's eyes shifted as it mirrored Gary's massive smirk. It let out another proud call and waddled over to Gary while nodding feverishly at his declaration. Gary's smirk widened further. Professor Oak walked up to his grandson and handed him some more items.

"Here you are Gary, your Pokedex and pokeballs. While the older Pokedex models were used to simply identify Pokémon a trainer encounters, these newer ones can also scan Pokémon and offer more detailed information, such as their gender and current move sets. Go ahead, try it out."

Gary nodded and held the Pokedex over his brand new Squirtle. Within seconds the device beeped and a list of data sprang forth about both the species and individual.

"So you're a boy? Cool." Gary's grin returned in full force as he read further down the list. "No way! You can use Aura Sphere? That's crazy!"

"I didn't even know Squirtle could learn Aura Sphere," Nia whispered in David's ear.

"Yeah, if bred with a fighting type who knows the move. Real question is how long do you think it will take Gary to try using it? I give it five minutes."

"Suckers bet, what do you take me for."

David rolled his eyes and stepped forward. A small, slightly evil part of his mind considered moving his hand towards Charmander's pokeball ever so slightly. The sheer look on Nia's face would be well worth the beating he was sure to receive, but the part of him that wanted to actually survive thought better of it. No, instead he went and picked up the leaf pokeball and gently tapped the button. Not everyone had to throw their pokeballs.

Another flash and a new Pokémon joined the group. This one looked like a weird fusion of a brussels sprout and a frog. It stretched out and yawned cutely. When it noticed there were others around, the tiny plant Pokémon froze and began to back away slowly.

"What a mess. Hasn't even left the lab yet and already terrified." David ignored Gary's comments and got down on both knees, trying to look small and mimicked the Bulbasaur's posture as best he could.

"Hi there," he said in the gentlest voice possible. "My name's David. It's nice to meet you."

It seemed to have the desired effect as the Bulbasaur stopped backing away and actually took a step closer. It tilted its head, as if curious to inspect this new creature. David wondered how many humans it had actually met when suddenly two vines emerged from Bulbasaur's side and began slowly feeling David over, tapping and poking and brushing his body.

"I'm hoping to travel and see the world, getting the chance to battle against all kinds of opponents along the way. I hope we can be friends and do it together. I'm sure I can help you grow into a powerful Venasaur one day."

At the mention of growing stronger, the Bulbasaur's timid nature immediately vanished and it jumped forward onto David's stomach, full of enthusiasm. David just laughed. "I'll take that as a yes."

The Bulbasaur smiled and retracted its vines. Like Gary, David gave Bulbasuar a quick scan, confirming it was indeed male and knew the moves Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, and much to his surprise and joy, Toxic, though he suspected Bulbasaur wouldn't be able to make use of the last move till much later. First they had to work on building up Bulbasaur's poison control and potency to pull off a move like that.

"So do you want a name?" David asked, making his new partner tilt its head to the side. "I don't think calling you by your species name is all that fair, so how about we come up with one just for you?" Bulbasaur's eyes seemed to sparkle and it began to jump up and down. Gary scoffed, but David continued to ignore him.

He sat down and put a hand to his chin running through options. Saur came to mind, his non-memories telling him of a Venasaur that went by that name, but he wanted something a little more meaningful. Maybe something related to the color green? Then it came to him.

"Deku," David said firmly. It came from a pair non-memories. One centered around a green hero that started off shy, but grew into a strong defender who always smiled in the face of danger. The other memory is one of a massive tree, a guardian to watch over all those who live in the forest beneath it. "A name for one who protects and will always stand tall."

Bulbasaur looked at him eagerly and butted his head against David's knee. David rubbed the tough skin, noting the slight wetness to it, before leading the newly christened Deku to the side. Deku sent Squirtle a friendly vine, but was met with an upturned nose.

It was now Nia's turn and the girl practically teleported, snatching the final ball and releasing the Charmander within. The orange skinned lizard appeared before them and let out an enormous yawn, showing off its many sharp teeth. The flame on its tail flickered brightly as it swung side to side.

"Oh it's so awesome. Hi Charmander, I'm Nia and we're going to be great friends." Nia was practically drooling at the sight of her long awaited Charmander, which was immediately undercut when another light emerged from her pocket and Frost appeared on the scene. David quickly picked up Deku and held onto the grass starter tight.

"Trust me," he whispered into its ear, "you don't want to be near this."

Frost approached the Charmander, ignoring Nia's complaints, and after looking the fire type over, scoffed. This did not sit well with the fire type, who went from tired to ticked in a matter of seconds. The flame on its tail grew twice as big and before anyone could stop it, the Charmander released a flurry of embers upon Frost.

Frost responded in kind with an Icy Windand suddenly the lab had become a battlefield.

"Nia, please put your Sneasel away. My poor lab can't take this kind of abuse," Oak shouted over the noise as he dodged a breath of freezing winds.

"Ok." Nia fumbled with her pokeballs and tried to return Frost, but the agile dark type was moving too quickly as it leapt around the room. David had seen enough and whispered into his Bulbasaur's ear.

"Deku, can you use your vines to pin Frost down?"

Deku let out an affirmative grumble and fast as a whip, two vines shot out of Deku's bulb straight towards Frost. The Sneasel was completely caught by surprise and had no time dodge as both vines wrapped themselves tightly around its small form. Struggle as she might, Frost wasn't going anywhere. It gave Nia just enough to return the disobedient Pokémon to her ball.

"Great job Deku." Deku purred under David's praise while Nia slumped down and groaned.

"I guess Frost and Blaze are going to take some time to get used to one another."

"Blaze?" David asked as he placed Deku back on the floor.

"Charmander's new name. What do you think bud?" The Pokémon formerly named Charmander walked over to Nia and let out another yawn. David took that to mean he liked it.

Nia collected her pokedex and extra balls from Professor Oak before joining David and Gary. She checked out her Charmander, who was also male, with her Pokedex. Blaze actually had two advanced moves, Flare Blitzand Dragon Rush. David knew compared to Gary and his own Pokémon, those were some high level attacks that could do some serious damage to an opponenet or in some cases the user if not done right. Nia would have to be careful not to overtax her Charmander early on.

Professor Oak turned back and gave them all a wide smile.

"With that settled, it's time you three head off and begin your Pokémon journey. I can't promise it will be easy, but no matter what course you follow, I can promise it will a journey worth taking."

"Heck yeah it will be. My debut as a trainer starts right now. David," Gary cried as he dramatically pointed towards the black haired boy, "I challenge you to a battle."

David chuckled. He honestly expected Gary to pull something like this. He wouldn't be Gary Oak otherwise.

"Hey, you can't just do that!" David appreciated Nia's concern, that is, until she continued saying, "I was about to challenge you!" Well it's the thought that counts. Gary just scoffed.

"Like you'd be a real fight. My Squirtle would wreck your Charmander and your Sneasel isn't much better." Nia was fuming at the insult to her Pokémon, so David stepped in.

"Ok Gary, you're on."

Gary's smirk grew as Professor Oak sighed and led the group to the back in order to preserve what was left of his lab. David felt the man was being a bit overdramatic, but hey, he just gave them all Pokémon so he'd keep his mouth shut… this time. That is why they were currently outside, David and Gary standing roughly thirty yards apart, with both Deku and Squirtle between them. David leaned down and scratched Deku behind the ear. He could feel how tense the little grass starter was.

"Don't worry Deku, you'll be fine," he whispered so the others couldn't overhear. "Just follow my lead and we'll show them just how strong you are."

Deku met David's eyes and David saw all the fear leave his body and a new, more determined look replaced it. He trotted forward and took a battle ready stance. The Squirtle simply gave Deku a stink eye, which made the Bulbasaur growl back.

"Alright, let's get this show on the road! Squirtle use Tackle," Gary commanded and without delay the tiny turtle Pokémon charged forward. Charged is probably a generous description as its legs were short and not meant for speed on land. Deku had more than enough time to jump out of the way. Squirle ran right passed Deku and struggled to slow its hard gained momentum.

"Knock him over with Vine Whip," David called and Deku was happy to obliged. Thin vines snaked through the air and struck Squirtle in the back of the shell before it could turn, toppling it over. "Growl now," David spoke calmly and Deku unleashed a high pitched roar that forced Squirtle to cover it's ears.

Gary was not pleased and called for a Water Gun. Squirtle shook his head and fired a blast of pressurized water at Deku, hitting the mark head on and pushing him back.

"Hold strong and take it! Wait for my call." Deku grunted and dug his feet into the soil, his four legs managing to prevent the attack from knocking him over. In fact, it didn't look to be doing much damage at all. Grass types were resilient against water attacks after all and Bulbasaur's line was built to take hits. Gary didn't seem to notice or care and just encouraged his Squirtle to keep going.

"Come on Bulba… I mean Deku, you can do it!" Nia cheered from the side.

"Ha," Gary laughed, "if that's the best you can do, then I almost feel bad. You'll lose if you just stand there, but hey, a wins a win. Don't let up Squirtle. Keep the pressure on until you wash that sorry excuse for a Pokémon away." Gary's Squirtle obliged and kept up the pressure.

"Leech Seed," was the only response David gave. His mouth curled into a grin as he watched Deku fire a seed from the tip of his bulb, which hit Squirtle right in the face. It stopped the Water Gun cold and David saw Gary pale when vines sprouted from the projectile, ensnaring the water type and sapping it of energy. Deku cheered happily as his own stamina began to replenish. The water had been quite refreshing too.

"Squirtle, get it off you! Do something! Rapid Spin!" Squirtle began to panic as it struggled in vain to follow Gary's commands. The Leech Seed continued to slowly drain Squirtle's remaining energy until Gary held up his pokeball and called it back, freeing it from the attack.

David was honestly surprised. He thought Gary would have kept going till Squirtle fainted.

"You got lucky," Gary snarled before heading back inside. "Next time we battle I won't go so easy on you," he called as the door slammed behind him. He was probably going to patch up his Pokémon with the Professor's personal healing machine. David was pulled from his thoughts by Nia when she leapt on top of him, nearly causing him to crash into Deku, who had come running up at the same time.

"That. Was. Amazing! You totally cleaned Gary's clock!" Nia was literally bouncing from foot to foot. Clapping filled the area as Professor Oak and Daisy joined them.

"Well done David. Quite a performance indeed. I have a feeling you'll go far."

"You think? I do feel a bit bad about…"

"Don't be," Daisy interrupted, he cute face turning ugly. "Gary's always had a big ego. Losing to you is just what he needed to get some perspective and remember he's not as good as he thinks. You just might be though with the way you commanded your Bulbasaur."

"Really, you think?" David blushed and let out a strangled laugh. Being told he had talent was embarrassing enough, but when a pretty girl says it…

"Excuse me," Nia chimed in with some heat, "But don't we have to get going?" She didn't wait for him to reply as she began walking down the hill towards the main road.

Her sudden departure knocked David out of his daydreaming as he quickly collected his dropped belongings and began chasing his traveling companion with Deku hot on his trail. Professor Oak and Daisy waved them goodbye and wished them luck.

Not a single one of them knew exactly what was in store for the future and even David would soon come to learn that his future was far less certain than he planned.


And there it is, the first Chapter of the Other Trainers. This is my first attempt at writing out a whole fanfic, so please be patient with me. Any comments are appreciated and I hope you all enjoyed it.

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