Constantine: The Supernatural

John Constantine-Exorcist Demonologist and «Master» of the Dark Arts (full of Groping) joins the Winchester team.

John Constantine, an exorcist, demonologist, and "master" of the dark arts, was driving his old truck to Colorado to deal with the frequent disappearances.

John stopped the truck at the Ranger station and got out of the truck. He took his bag with everything he needed and went into the building.

— Is anyone here?" Constantine asked as he entered the room.

"Yes, how can I help you?" A man appeared in the doorway, a mug in his hand. He approached the newcomer.

"I'm John Constantine, from the Nature Conservancy—" In fact, it was an enchanted playing card of the six diamonds, which could take on the form that Constantine needed.

"Is that so?" But two of the conservationists have already arrived — «the ranger glanced at his ID.

"I see, they're probably my colleagues, I'm a little behind them," John lied, so as not to arouse suspicion.

— Well, they went to see a girl named Casey, whose brother was one of the missing people.

— Will you give me her address so I can catch up with my colleagues?"

The Ranger wrote down Casey's address on a piece of paper, which he gave to Constantine.

"Thanks, I'll try to catch up with them," John said, grabbing the paper and heading for the exit.

The man got into the truck and drove to the specified address. Upon arrival, he quickly found the right house. A young girl opened the door.

"Are you Hayley?" Did you file a missing person report for your brother?

- Yes, it's me, and who are you? Hayley asked.

Constantine took out the map of the six diamonds, and it again took the form of a certificate of nature protection.

— Two guys from the nature conservancy were already here.

"Yes, I know, I'm their colleague, I wanted to catch up with them," John said, and put the map away.

"I see, but they're already gone.

— Well, I'll go look for them, - Constantine said goodbye to the hostess of the house and left.

John decided to go to the bar and saw that Sam and Dean Winchester, the sons of his old friend, John Winchester, were sitting at one of the tables. The man decided to approach them.

John sat down at the Winchesters ' table.

— Who are you?" Dean glanced warily at the newcomer.

"My name is John Constantine, and I knew your father," Constantine said, eyeing his brothers.

"Dad told us about you, you're the exorcist he worked with," Sam said, also looking at the man curiously.

"Yes, it is. By the way, where is John himself? It's been a while since I've heard of him, «Constantine broke away from the guys for a second and picked up the menu.

"We don't know, he's missing, and we're looking for him," Dean said, relaxing a little.

"That's weird," John said thoughtfully. — If you don't mind, I can help you find him."

"I don't mind," Sam shrugged. - Dean? What do you say?

— Well, if your father trusts you, so do I." Dean muttered, finishing his drink.

"Well, that's fine. Where do we start?

"We were talking to a girl, Hayley, the one with the missing brother," Sam began.

"Yes, I know, I've seen her.

"She gave us a video that has something on it," Sam said, opening the laptop on his desk.

Constantine saw Tommy, the girl's brother, on the video. He was in a tent. At first, nothing happened, but then a shadow flashed behind him, which was difficult to see because of its high speed.

"Whatever it is, it's moving very fast," Sam said, — and we found the man who was attacked by what he claims was a bear, and we were going to talk to him.

- Well, let's go. No need to wait.

The Winchesters and John left the bar and went to their cars.

"You've got a cool car," Constantine said, looking at the Impala.

Dean patted the baby's door affectionately. "You've got an antediluvian one," he chuckled as he slid into the front seat.

"But it's reliable," John said with a grin, and got behind the wheel, too.

The Impala went ahead, and Constantine's truck followed.

Soon the cars stopped outside the home of Mr. Shaw — the man who had been attacked by the bear.

Mr. Shaw led the brothers and Constantine into the room and sat down in a chair.

"I don't know what to tell you, Rangers. It was just…

"A grizzly attack?" John raised an eyebrow, cutting the old man off.

- I don't know. You won't believe me. His expression turned sad.

Constantine, keeping a straight face, continued.

"Please just tell us what you saw."

Mr. Shaw took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

— I couldn't see anything, he was moving very fast.

— He broke into your tent?" Sam asked.

A horrified expression crossed Mr. Shaw's face as the nightmarish memories he wished he could bury surfaced.

— He broke into our house, «he corrected. — I was asleep in front of the fireplace when he came in. I woke up to my parents ' screams.

Constantine cocked his head to one side.

John reached out and pulled the collar of his shirt down to reveal four large, deep claw marks on his shoulder.

— I know for sure… That the grizzly won't let it go.

The old man grabbed Constantine's hand and squeezed it tightly as he began to remember.

"Evil lives in these woods. He muttered softly.

John looked into Shaw's eyes and saw the fear creep into them.

Dean, Sam, and Constantine walked down the hallway of the old apartment, talking to Mr. Shaw and confirming his story. Now they were sure if they had any doubts. Something very terrible was happening in these woods. These were old woods, so God only knew what was hidden in the darkness, and no one saw it.

John took out a cigarette and lit it.

"Spirits are not supposed to unlock doors. If they want to get inside, they just go through them — «Dean sighed and shook his head. »And the demons don't need it.

"So it's something else, something tangible," Sam said.

"The claws, the speed at which it moves..." Constantine began to enumerate and threw away the cigarette, finishing it.

"There aren't enough fingers to count." His identity is still unknown.

"It could be a Black Dog or something," John suggested.

— Whatever we are talking about, we are talking about a being, and it is corporeal. And that means we can kill him, «Dean opened the trunk of his Impala with the weapons most hunters have.

— Yes, this is an arsenal; - Constantine came closer to the car, examining the weapons.

— Don't you carry a gun?" Dean asked.

"I usually do without it," Constantine said.

Dean propped the shotgun on the trunk lid and started putting the gun in his duffel bag.

"We can't let that Haley girl go in there," Sam said to Dean.

"Oh, yes?" What are we going to tell her? That she can't go to the forest because of a big scary monster? Dean asked sarcastically.

"Yes," Sam said, quite seriously.

"Her brothers are missing," John said.

— She's not just going to sit it out, and it's not like she'll believe us if we tell her, it'll only make things worse." She'll just think we're crazy.

Dean had finished selecting his weapons and was now looking at his brother. — We go with her, protect her, and look for our furry predator friend.

— You want us not only to look for our father, but to babysit someone else?" Sam closed the trunk.

"Well, I basically came here to stop people going missing, like this," John muttered.

The next day, the Winchesters and Constantine drove up to a search party that included Hayley, Ben, and their guide, Roy. Dean and John slowly stopped the cars and got out.

— Do you guys have room for three more?" Dean closed the car door.

"Wait, do you want to come with us?" Hayley asked.

"Who are these guys?" Roy asked, frowning.

"Apparently, that's all the wildlife service could muster for the search and rescue effort," Hayley said, rolling her eyes.

Roy looked at John's clothes. He was wearing a light green cloak. To his eyes, he looked like a detective.

— You look more like a detective." The man chuckled to John. "Are you a Ranger?"

Constantine smiled.

- Yes.

Haley turned to them, raising an eyebrow.

— And you go hiking in biker boots and jeans?"

Dean looked down at himself.

"Well, we didn't take the shorts," N walked past the girl with a grin.

- What? Roy asked, almost angrily. — Do you think it's funny?" It's dangerous out there. Her brother might get hurt. He looked at John.

Constantine's cheerful and self-confident expression turned serious.

"Believe me, if I didn't know that, I wouldn't have come here. I know how to do my job, and I'm not going to tell you how to do yours.

The group moved through the dense forest, Roy leading the way, and John, Dean, Hayley, Ben, and Sam trailing behind.

Dean walked over to him. — You said you hunted a little."

"Yes, more than a little," Roy said.

— What furry creatures do you hunt?"

"Mostly deer sometimes bears.

Dean walked past Roy.

"Tell me, did the Bambi ever hunt you?"

Suddenly, Roy grabbed Dean's jacket, stopping him.

"What are you doing, Roy?" "No," he said.

Roy grabbed a stick from the ground and poked it into a bear trap that Dean would have stepped on if Roy hadn't stopped him.

"You should watch where you're going, Ranger," Roy chuckled, grabbing his stick and regaining the lead.

Dean continued to walk with the group, but was suddenly stopped by Hayley.

"You didn't bring any supplies," she said in a low voice that only Dean could hear. "You're not Rangers," Hayley said, grabbing Dean's arm. — So who the hell are you?" She frowned.

"Sam and I are brothers, and we're looking for our father. John is a friend of his who decided to help us. He might be here, we don't know. I just thought we were in the same boat.

— Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?" Hayley released the older Winchester's hand.

— I'm telling you now. Yes, this is probably the first time I've been honest with a woman. So everything's all right?

Haley paused.

- Yes.

— What do you mean, I didn't take the supplies?" Dean pulled out a large bag of M&Ms and stuck his hand in the bag as he walked on. Hayley waited a moment before following him.

Constantine sighed as the Swarm finally stopped in a part of the forest that was noticeably denser and dead silent. It had been several hours since they had begun their search, and the daylight was fading by the second. Soon they would have to stop and camp for the night. They hope to reach Tommy's camp before sunset.

Roy looked around at the group.

"Here it is. Blackwater Ridge, «he announced.

Sam walked past him and looked around the dense forest.

— What coordinates are we in? "What is it?" he asked.

Roy pulled out the navigator.

— 35-11.

Dean walked over to Sam and eyed the space in front of them suspiciously.

— Do you hear that?"

Sam nodded.

- Yes. There aren't even any crickets.

"I'll go take a look around," Roy warned, turning around.

"You don't have to go alone," Sam said, trying to stop Roy.

"That's very nice," Roy chuckled. "Don't worry about me," he pushed past him.

Dean glanced back at the others.

"All right, everyone sticks together. Let's go.

- Hayley! Over here! Roy shouted. Haley ran forward, back to where Roy had called her, and stopped on the ground near Tommy's camp, but she was disappointed: the torn camp, the claw marks on the tents, and the blood splattering.

"Oh, my God! Hayley gasped in horror.

"It looks like a bear," Roy said grimly.

"Tommy?" Haley walked around the camp, dropping her bag.

"Tommy! Tommy!

Sam ran to her.

"Shh!" He stopped her quickly, so that she wouldn't make any more noise.

— Why not?" Hayley asked.

"Because we're not alone here," Constantine said.

"Sam, John," Dean called to his brother and the exorcist from the other side of the camp. They walked over to him and sat down next to him to see what he was looking at. Footprints, dragging footprints in the mud leading out of the camp.

"The bodies were taken out of the camp. But here the tracks just disappeared — «he muttered something that only his brother and Constantine could hear.

They stood up.

— I'll tell you what: it's definitely not a Black dog.

Dean, Sam, and John returned to the camp and saw Hayley kneel down and pick up Tommy's cell phone, smashed and covered in blood.

Hayley felt John's hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, lap, people bleed every day. He might still be alive.

"Help me!" An unfamiliar voice came from somewhere far away, making everyone alert.

"Help me!"

Roy ran in the direction of the voice, everyone was standing behind him, but they left all their belongings, except what they had in their hands.

"Help me!" Somebody!

Everyone stopped and looked around at the place where the voice came from, but there was not a soul around, not a hint that anyone was there. They didn't even hear the voice, and everything was quiet.

— It sounded like it was coming from somewhere else, didn't it?" Hayley asked desperately.

Constantine thought about it and realized abruptly that they had just been fooled.

"Everyone to the camp quickly," he shouted, and ran back to the camp, with the others following.

Constantine abruptly stopped in the middle of the camp, and saw that none of the backpacks were visible, everything just disappeared.

- Our things! What the hell is going on?

John exhaled and ran his fingers through his hair.

— This damn thing is smart. She doesn't want us to call for help, «Constantine muttered.

"Come on, some guy just stole all our gear," Roy said.

Constantine walked over to Sam and Dean.

— I need to talk to both of you." In private.

All three of them moved away from the group.

"John, do you understand what we're hunting?" Dean asked.

"Yes, it's a Wendigo," he said.

"Come on, John," Dean said, looking at the man. — I know that the Wendigos live in the woods of Minnesota or Northern Michigan. Dean shook his head in disbelief, and John lit a cigarette.

"Think about it, it's very fast, it has claws, and they can mimic human speech for a short time," Constantine continued.

Dean waved the gun. — Well, then, it's no use, is it?"

The Winchesters and John returned to camp.

"Guys, we have to get these people out of here," Constantine threw away his cigarette butt, stubbing it out.

- So, guys, everything has changed and become more difficult and dangerous. We need to leave.

Roy looked at him.

"Baby, don't worry. Whatever it is, I think I can handle it.

John shook his head and finally turned to Roy. — If you shoot that thing, you'll only make him angry." You have to leave, and I mean now.

Roy's eyes flashed.

"First of all, you're talking nonsense. Second, you're not in a position to give orders to anyone! The man raised his voice.

"Yes, but I'm in a position to try to save your carcasses," Constantine snapped.

"Calm down," Dean shouted to them, seeing that the situation was about to escalate.

Constantine ran a desperate hand through his hair and exhaled.

— It was a bad idea from the start. I should never have let you come here. I'm trying to protect you.

Roy came close to John.

"Are you protecting me?" I was hunting in these woods when your mother was still kissing you goodnight.

Dean suddenly saw that Constantine's shoulders were tense, and the tension around them was still strong enough to choke someone.

— This thing is a perfect hunter himself. He's smarter than me, you, and everyone in this camp put together. If you keep going like this, you'll just get killed.

Roy didn't take John seriously and just laughed at him.

— You know you're crazy, right?"

Dean walked over and grabbed Constantine's shoulder to pull him away.

- Stop it. Stop it. Everyone just stop. See. Maybe Tommy's still alive. And I'm not leaving here without him.

There was a long pause before Dean spoke.

— It's getting late; this thing is a good hunter by day, but an incredible hunter by night. We'll never beat him, not in the dark. We need to calm down and protect ourselves, «Dean said.

Finally, it was deep into the night, but their anxiety only increased, and the campers had no choice but to camp and hold out until dawn. John sat down on a log at the edge of the camp and stared into the darkness of the forest.

To prevent the Wendigo from attacking them, Constantine used magic to create a fireball, which he used to create a bonfire that would scare the Wendigo away.

Everyone was surprised at what John did.

— You've never seen magic before?" Constantine chuckled.

"Not yet," Dean said, shaking his head.

John began to draw Anansi symbols on the ground that would scare off the Wendigos.

"Help me!" Somebody help me! The voice that came earlier from the deep and dark forest rang out again.

Constantine shone the flashlight in the direction of the forest, but even in this light, he could not see anything, because the creature was moving too fast.

"He's trying to get us out of here. Just stay where you are, «Dean warned everyone and stayed close to the group.

"Inside the magic circle?" Roy chuckled derisively, but he was wary.

"Help me!" Help me! The voice was interrupted by a growl.

"Okay, it's not a grizzly," Roy said instantly, pointing the gun.

Hayley and Ben stayed close to John. The exorcist flinched and jumped back with them when he heard something rush through the bushes behind them.

"It's circling around us," Constantine said to Sam and Dean.

Roy fires at a rustle, then back into the bushes.

— I hit him!" "He screamed and ran into the woods to see who he'd hit.

"Roy, no! Dean shouted, but Roy was already gone.


Constantine, Sam, and Dean ran after Roy, but found only his body with a broken neck.

The long night might be over, but they were far from safe. Sam was sitting off to the side, leaning against an old rotten tree stump. His mind wandered as he played with the string attached to the binding of their father's hunting diary, while John and Dean stood among Hayley and Ben by the torn tents.

"This isn't right, these things shouldn't exist," Hayley muttered.

"I wish I could tell you the same thing," Dean said grimly.

— How do we know he's not watching us?" Hayley looked around the woods, but of course she couldn't see anything.

"No, he's asleep now, and he's getting ready for another hunt," Constantine said.

— How do you know all this?" Haley looked at John in confusion.

"I've been doing this for a long time," Constantine said, lighting a cigarette again.

Sam joined the group.

- Hey. So, do we have a better chance in the light of day? I, for one, want to kill that son of a bitch.

"I don't mind either," Dean said.

"I would only be happy to," Constantine agreed.

Sam opened their father's diary to the page with the Wendigo. He pointed to the cave-like drawing on the monster page.

"'Wendigo' is a Cree Indian word. It means «the evil that devours." Sam explained from the book, and John threw the butt out of the way and stepped on it.

Dean walked past the group.

"They're hundreds of years old. Each of them had once been a man. Sometimes it was an Indian, and sometimes it was a miner or a hunter.

— How can a man turn into one of these things?" Hayley asked, turning to the boys and the exorcist.

— It's the same old story. During some harsh winter, a person finds himself hungry, cut off from supplies or help. Becomes a cannibal to survive by eating other members of his tribe or camp.

"Like at Donner's party," Ben said.

- Cultures around the world believe that eating human flesh gives a person certain abilities. Speed, strength, immortality — «Sam continued.

— If you eat enough, you become less and less human as you get older. You're always hungry, «Dean finished grimly.

— But if that's true, why is Tommy still alive?" Hayley said, beginning to fear for her brother.

"You won't like it, but...more than that, the Wendigos know how to survive a long winter without food. It goes into hibernation for many years, but when it is awake, it keeps its victims alive.

— He keeps them so he can eat when he wants to." If your brother is alive, then he is hiding somewhere in the dark and safe. We need to track him down there.

— Then how do we do it?"

"Weapons are useless, as are knives," John counted on his fingers. — From the very beginning, there was only one way - «he looked at Dean.

Dean picked up the lighter fluid, the beer bottle, and the rag he'd picked up.

— We must burn it."

Constantine put his hand on the tree, pushed off from the ground, and continued down the path. She led the little group through the woods, and they looked all around and at every tree, but hoped that they would not see anything for a while. John stopped and looked at the tree he was passing and saw something very sinister, bloody claw marks. Noticing this, he looked ahead and saw more footprints on every tree in front of them. Some were at eye level, while others were high up in the trees.

Constantine raised his hand to stop the group.

"Sam, Dean," he called to the boys, his eyes still on the trees.

— What's the matter?" Dean called back, but the only response he got was his pointing out the claw marks on the first tree he saw them on.

"John," Sam called to the exorcist, but the exorcist didn't move.

"You know, I was thinking, these claw marks, so clear —" he noticed that Constantine's eyes had become wary.

"They were almost easy to follow.

They jumped slightly at the sound of the low growl once more. He was really playing with them. Sam, Dean, and John turned at the creak of branches. Haley was standing by the tree, but looked up as blood dripped onto her shirt. She quickly jumped away from the falling corpse of Roy, who had apparently put the Wendigo there.

Constantine turned quickly to where he thought he heard a growl.

— We have to get out of here!" Let's go! He shouted, and everyone ran.

Ben fell and tripped over the roots of a tree, but Sam helped him up. He, Sam, and John separated from Dean and Hayley. Hearing Hayley's startled cry, Constantine quickly looked up. The three of them ran through the woods to where her screams had come from, but found no one in sight, or for miles. Dean and Hayley just left. Disappeared.

- Hayley! Ben called for his sister, but no one answered.

"If he spares the lives of his victims," Ben said, standing behind John, who was still scanning the woods for activity, smoking a cigarette that he held between two fingers. — Then why did he kill Roy?" He looked at the exorcist.

"Because Roy shot the Wendigo," Constantine said.

Ben nodded. Actually agreeing with his answer, but looking around, Ben noticed something bright rising from the ground, when he looked down, he realized it was actually M he picked it up from the floor and looked at Sam and John.

"They went this way," he shouted.

Sam caught up with him, and Constantine followed.

"It's better than bread crumbs," Sam laughed.

A grin appeared on John's lips.

He tossed the candy aside, and the three of them set off on the M&Ms trail, Constantine tossing the cigarette butt aside.

They made their way through thick brush and small hills, Sam in the lead, Ben in the middle, and Constantine in the back, constantly looking over his shoulder every time he heard the leaves tremble. Sam turned his head and saw the entrance to the mine. Apparently, it was old. There was a small doorway with a rotten tree covering the left side of the entrance, with moss growing around it. Attached to the tree was a red sign that read: "Attention! Danger! DO NOT INJECT EXTREMELY TOXIC MATERIAL."

Sam looked at John again, and John shrugged.

— When the hell has that ever stopped anyone?" He commented, and without batting an eye, walked straight through the small opening.

Sam turned to Ben, shrugged, and followed Constantine.

The interior of the mine was dark, cold, and smelled strongly of mustiness and earth. The three of them kept to the trail, which was almost completely covered with mud. Sam was shining a flashlight, and John was using magic to create a fireball in his hand that lit up the long, dark corridor, but they could see nothing but a single light at the far end of the tunnel.

A low growling sound made them jump and stumble a little. Sam turned off the flashlight, and Constantine extinguished the fireball. John quickly grabbed the back of their shirts and motioned for them to follow him to the wall. Heavy footsteps and loud breathing came from another part of the tunnel. The creature cut a corner, and they immediately hit their heads against the wall to hide as far away as possible. Ben gasped and whined when he saw it. Sam quickly closed Ben's mouth and didn't let him make a sound, and Constantine held out his hand to make sure the boys were standing still. He stared at the Wendigo with stony eyes as the creature moved away from them, taking up another part of the tunnel. John breathed a sigh of relief when he was out of sight.

The three of them walked through the darkness and Sam shone the lantern, and Constantine again created a fireball, which shone into the corridor. The floorboards creaked beneath them, and the wood broke under their weight. John screamed as they fell through the floor and hit the ground with a loud thud. It was a wake-up call.

Ben looked up and saw a human skull right in front of him. He jumped back, but Sam caught him.

"Hey, it's okay, it's okay," he reassured him.

Constantine turned his head to the right and saw Dean and Hayley hanging from the ceiling.

"Oh, Shit!

Sam jumped up from his seat and hurried over to his brother. He grabbed him by the jacket and shook him.

- Dean!

Ben ran to his sister.

"Hayley, wake up.

Sam shook Dean again, and Dean finally opened his eyes, panting and moaning.

- Dean! Hey, are you okay? Sam asked him.

Dean squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath.

He grimaced.

John pulled a hunting knife from his back pocket. He reached out and cut the rope holding Dean to the ceiling. Sam and Constantine gently lowered him to the ground. Dean gritted his teeth and groaned in pain. Jon handed Sam her knife to free Hayley.

— We saw the Wendigo leave. So for now, he's gone, «Constantine said.

Hayley rubbed her wrists against the pain caused by the ropes. She looked up and, to her horror, noticed something. It was her brother Tommy. Hanging from the ceiling on his hands, motionless.

"Tommy! Ben pulled her to her feet, and they limped over to her brother as she began to cry.

Her voice faltered as she reached out and touched his cheek. His head jerked up, and Hayley screamed and jumped back. She grabbed her brother to hold him back and looked at Sam.

"Release him!"

Sam used John's knife and freed Tommy from the ropes. Tommy almost fell to the ground, but was caught before he could do it.

Sam handed the knife to Constantine.

Sam saw the signal pistols and took them, as they might help against the Wendigo.

Dean laughed and picked up the pistols.

They headed down the tunnel again in a desperate attempt to escape, Sam and Dean leading the way, John in the middle, and Ben and Hayley supporting Tommy with their arms around his shoulders. They heard a distinct, deep and ominous growl that echoed through the dark tunnels.

"Looks like someone's back for dinner," Dean said, his eyes wandering in the dark.

"You guys will never run away from him," Constantine said.

— But he can be distracted."

— I'll get his attention while you guys go out."

"Just be careful," Dean warned.

— Get out of here!" Run!"

Dean looked at Sam and Hayley.

- I'm fine. Listen to me. Sam and I will get you out of here.

- Come on!

Constantine had already disappeared into the tunnel while the Winchesters were leading Hayley and her brothers out.

"Hey, you brute, come here and try the damn piece of meat," John shouted to get the Wendigo's attention.

It turned out that the Wendigo was standing in front of Constantine, intending to eat him.

"Well, come here.

The Wendigo ran at Constantine, who cast a spell and opened a portal to Hell in front of him.

The Wendigo wanted to leave, but the power of the portal began to pull him towards it. The portal swallowed the Wendigo and closed.

Because of such a complex spell, John fell to his knees.

Constantine returned to the Winchesters when the ambulance arrived with the local police just outside the Ranger station. Ben and Sam told the police what didn't happen. Ben only described the monster as a bear, while Hayley and Dean were already patched up.

"So I don't know how to thank you," Hayley said. However, Dean grinned lasciviously, and she couldn't help but smile.

— You only have one thing on your mind?"

Dean laughed.

A paramedic approached Hayley.

— Are you going with your brother?" "What is it?" she asked.

Hayley nodded.

She turned to Ben.

"Let's get out of here."

Ben nodded and turned to Sam. Sam smiled and patted him on the back.

Haley stared at Dean for a moment, then leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"I hope you find your father."

"Thank you, Sam," Hayley said, and so did Ben.

John ignored them and was about to leave.

- Constantine! Hayley's voice drifted to his ears. He turned his head and saw that he and Ben were smiling and waving at him.

"Thank you!"

He doesn't do this job to be praised, but that doesn't stop people from thanking him for saving their lives, and to be honest, it was nice when it happened.

John smiled warily and waved his hand.

- Take care of each other!

Hayley nodded. She turned around, and her lips trembled. "Thank you," couldn't even compare to what she really wanted to say. No world could compare to the gratitude she felt for the fact that Constantine had saved the lives of her and her brothers. It was enough, though, and Hayley didn't mind. She jumped into the ambulance with Ben and sat down next to Tommy.

Sam and Dean sat on the hood of the Impala and watched the ambulance drive away, and Hayley was still watching them from the window.

"I hate hiking," Dean said, and Sam just agreed.

"Me, too."

"Sam, you know we're going to find Dad, right?" Dean turned to him.

Sam nodded.

"Yes, I know. In the meantime? Sam grinned. "I'm driving."

Dean froze for a moment, then gave up. He tossed his brother the keys.

Sam and Dean walked over to John.

"John, what are you going to do next?" Sam asked.

"I don't know yet," John said.

"Why don't you join us?" Dean suggested.

"Well, I don't have anything to do right now," Constantine agreed.

"Then let's go."

Constantine got into his truck, and the Winchesters got into the Impala.

The Impala went ahead, and the truck followed.

John Constantine-Exorcist Demonologist and «Master" of the Dark Arts (full of Groping) joins the Winchester team.

Will Konstantin be able to help the Winchesters find their father in the next chapter, John's old and tenacious friend Chas Sandler will appear.

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