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"For the record, I blame you Naruto." Sakura stated, giving her teammate an annoyed look, with her, Naruto, and Satsuki standing within a seemingly endless green void full of floating platforms, islands, buildings, and doors.

With all three currently standing on a platform within this strange realm, having no idea where they were, how long they've been there, or if there's even anyway to get out.

"Hey, come on, how was I-" Said Naruto, trying to defend himself, only to stop when Satsuki glared at him.

"Don't even try to say anything! You're the one who rushed in recklessly, like you always do, and got us sent to wherever the hell this place is!" Said Satsuki, refusing to let him try to get out of this one, when they all knew it was his fault.

"But…okay, fine." Naruto said, letting out a sigh, willing to admit that they were right and this was his fault.

With the trio having ended up here after their last mission from Tsunade, with it having just been the three of them, given Kakashi had been sent out on another mission. Plus, the mission itself wasn't too difficult. With it being revealed that they were just being sent to investigate and spy on some of Orochimaru's followers, that had been seen near the border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Hot Water. The three of them having simply been ordered to observe only and report back what they were doing.

It took them three days before they reached the location where the Oto Ninja had been seen, only to see them setting up what looked like a large seal on the ground. With none of them being able to tell what it was for, but knew it had to be dangerous if Orochimaru was involved. Which had led to Naruto suggesting they destroy it before they could complete it. The Uzumaki believing that the seal was like the Summoning Jutsu, given how he saw Orochimaru and Kabuto summon Manda before.

Only for Satsuki and Sakura to disagree; not wanting to expose themselves, since they weren't sure how many Oto Ninja there were or how strong they were. Nor what would happen if they interfered with the seal, given that while none of them were very knowledgeable in Fūinjutsu, they knew that messing with a seal could have disastrous consequences.

But Naruto refused to not do anything and instead sent dozens of Shadow Clones to attack the Oto Ninja, giving them the chance to destroy the seal. With this ending up exposing Team Seven, forcing them to come out and fight, but were thank that the enemies weren't that strong and were just the usual expandable, cannon fodder. Unfortunately, the fighting lead to the seal being damaged, while all the Chakra being used caused it to activate.

With it leading to a strange, swirling green portal opening up below them; sucking in Naruto, Satsuki, and Sakura. The three Genin soon finding themselves landing in this strange place, with both girls proceeding to chew Naruto out for his reckless actions. Before they began exploring the seemingly endless void, hoping to find a way back home or at least figure out where they were.

"So, where do you think we even are?" Naruto asked as continued exploring to try and find an exit.

"Who knows, we could be in a different dimension for all we know, with whatever the seal was supposed to do." Said Satsuki as she looked around, unable to get a feel for this place.

"Let's just hope we find a way out of here soon; this place is starting to really creep me out." Sakura said, shivering as she looked around, feeling like they were constantly being watched as Naruto and Satsuki nodded in agreement, also getting creeped out by the green void.

Though their attention soon turned to a strange noise nearby, making the three tense and ready, in case they weren't as alone as they believed they were here. Only to see what looked like sparks of green energy emerging from the air, before the Genin were surprised at the sight of a swirling green portal appearing in front of them.

"That looks like the same portal that brought us here." Stated Sakura as they went closer to the portal, careful to not get too close in case they were sucked in.

"Do you think it'll send us back to the Elemental Nations? Or should I try sending some Shadow Clones through to see if it's safe?" Naruto asked, given they had no idea where this portal could lead, if it would take them back home or somewhere else.

"No, given when we fell through the first one, it closed right behind us. So we shouldn't risk sending clones through in case it closes after they enter." Replied Satsuki, not wanting to risk the portal closing by sending clones through, especially since she doubted they'd be finding any other exit, anytime soon.

"Well, we should do something quickly, in case this one closes." Sakura said, not wanting to wait around and end up getting stuck here, even longer.

"I say we go through. Since this has been the first exit we've seen, since we got here, and who knows if other portals will open up. Or if we'll find some other way out. Plus, I'd rather not risk finding out if anything else is here, with us." Said Naruto, thinking they should risk going through the portal, if it meant escaping this place.

Trading looks with his teammates, Satsuki and Sakura soon sighed before nodding in agreement; neither of them wanting to risk getting trapped here.

With the three Genin looking at the portal before running towards it and jumping through, finding themselves soon coming out on the other side.

"Okay. We're still alive, but where…are…we?" Satsuki said, only to trail off as she looked at their surroundings, seeing they were in strange room filled with even stranger objects.

"Are we in the Land of Spring?" Said Naruto, thinking they were in the Land of Spring, with all the advanced technology around them.

"I don't think so. Looks kind of like a basement set up as a lab." Sakura said, looking around, which only confused the Genin more at where they ended up.

"Where did you come from?!" Someone shouted, making the three tense at realizing they weren't alone, before looking to see who else was here.

Seeing that there were three other people in the lab with them, three teenagers that looked a year or two older than them, with two being boys and the third a girl.

The first boy had brown skin, turquoise eyes, black hair, and wears black glasses. He was wearing a long-sleeve yellow shirt, green cargo pants with a black belt, and brown boots along with a red beret, along with a blue backpack on his back.

The girl has fair skin, violet eyes, and short black hair with a small ponytail at the top and at the back of her head held by a green hair tie. She also wears purple lipstick. Her attire consisted of a black choker around her neck, a black top that exposes her midriff with a purple oval in the center, black striped skirt with a green crosshatch design, purple leggings, and black combat boots. She also wears a pair of black bracelets around both of her wrists.

And the second boy, who also was the strangest looking, had fair skin that seemed to have a shadow cast over it, snow white hair, glowing green eyes, and a faint white glow surrounding his entire body. With him wearing a black jumpsuit with white boots, collar, belt, and gloves, while on his chest was a stylized white "D" and what looked like a "P" in the space inside it.

With all three looking at Team Seven with wide eyes, who also looked just as surprised to see the three strangers.

"Who are you?!" Demanded Satsuki, wondering who these people were.

"Who are we?! Who are you guys?! You're the ones that just came out of the Ghost Portal!" Retorted the white-haired boy, wanting to know how they just appeared like that.

"Do you think they're gh-gh-ghosts?" The hate-wearing boy stuttered.

"Ghosts?! Where?!" Naruto shouted, freaking out at the mention of ghosts.

"Do they look like ghosts, Tucker?!" Said the girl, looking at the now named Tucker in annoyance.

Before any of them could say or do anything else, they all heard a loud crash from the stairs as three more people came down, two adults and another teen girl.

The man was large and bulky, with black hair with some white in the back and blue eyes. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit with black gloves and boots.

The woman a beautiful woman with a curvy figure. She has violet eyes, shoulder-length auburn hair, and deep red lipstick. While wearing a blue rubber jumpsuit with long black gloves and boots. Her suit also has a black belt with one pouch.

While the girl had a similar facial structure and slender figure to the woman, making them guess she was her daughter. Having the same aqua blue eyes as the man and auburn hair as the woman, which reaches down to her hips. With her attire consisting of an aqua headband, a black long-sleeve v-neck shirt, aqua pants, and a pair of simple, black flats.

"Did someone say ghosts?!" Said the man as he and the woman pulled out strange looking weapons, looking around the lab before their eyes fell on the six kids, before focusing on the white-haired boy.

"Danny?!" The woman shouted, looking at the now named Danny in shock.

"What happened?!" Said the girl in shock and confusion.

"Ehehehehe, I can explain? Mostly." Danny said sheepishly, while looking at his parents and sister before at the still shocked Team Seven.


After everyone calmed down, with Naruto, Satsuki, and Sakura learning that the people's names were Danny Fenton, his parents Jack and Maddie, his sister Jazz, and his friends Tucker Foley, and Sam Manson. With Jack and Maddie proceeding to give Danny a checkup to see what was wrong with him, and what lead to his appearance changing.

"Well…what happened?" Danny asked, wanting to know why he looked different, with Maddie looking over the results.

"Hmmm, it seems that when you turned on the Ghost Portal while inside of it, the surge of ectoplasm merged with your DNA; resulting in you being turned into Half-Ghost/Half-Human." Said Maddie, not believing this was possible, while the others were shocked to hear this before Maddie rounded on her husband.

"Jack! What were you thinking?! How could you forget to turn on the power to the portal?! And why did you even decide to put the on button inside of the portal?! How will we be able to turn it off if we can't get to the button?!" Maddie demanded, with Jack scratching his head sheepishly.

"I, uh…didn't want the ghosts to get to the button, which they couldn't if it was inside the portal." Said Jack, with Maddie not looking amused at his answer. before she turned to Team Seven and smiled kindly at them.

"And who are you three exactly? Danny and his friends said you came out of the Ghost Portal?" Questioned Maddie with everyone else looking at the Genin.

"Uh, yes ma'am, we did. But we're not ghosts! We're completely alive." Sakura replied, not wanting them to think they were ghosts.

"This may actually be hard to believe, but we're actually not from…whatever dimension this is. We're from a place called the Elemental Nations." Said Satsuki, knowing the risk of telling this, but they didn't have any other options, much to the shock of the Fentons', Sam, and Tucker.

"Yeah, I'm Naruto Uzumaki! And these are my teammates Satsuki Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, and we're Team Seven from Konoha. And what we can prove it, Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto said before creating three clones, much to their further shock, while Satsuki activated her Sharingan and Sakura used the Transformation to turn into Sam before turning back.

"We ended up getting trapped in that…Ghost Zone place, after a mission we were on went wrong. We honestly have no idea how long we were in there, since we didn't have any way to tell time and we didn't feel any different, no matter how long we were walking." Satsuki said, Naruto and Sakura nodding in agreement, not sure if they were only in there for a few minutes, a few hours, or even a few days.

"Woah! You guys are like characters out of some Shonen Manga about Ninja! That is so awesome!" Said Tucker in amazement and excitement at meeting real-life Ninja with superpowers.

"Well that's…I don't even know what to say to that." Maddie said in shock, since believing in ghosts was one thing, but meeting three Ninja from another world isn't something she ever expected.

"If that's the case we'll need to look you three over. No telling what you may have come into contact with, while in the Ghost Zone." Said Jack, with his wife nodding in agreement as they gave the Genin checkups as well, to see if anything happened to them in the Ghost Zone or if they came into contact with anything.

All while Jazz was left dumbstruck to see that she was wrong and her parents were right; that ghosts were actually real.

"I…I was wrong? Gh-ghosts…are real? How was I wrong?!" Jazz said, having gotten used to being right all the time and having believed she was the most rational member of her family, but now she's learning she was completely wrong and her parents were right.

"Great, bad enough I was just seen as the kid with ghost-obsessed parents, that were actually right; now I'm Half-Ghost. I'm sure the others at school will really love this." Danny said with a facepalm, annoyed that he's now a ghost himself, on top of already being an outcast at school, making Sam wince at his words.

"I'm…I'm really sorry Danny, for making you go into the portal." Sam said, feeling guilty that her friend/crush was now stuck like this, not thinking this would happen.

"It's fine Sam, none of us could have known it would happen. Besides, if it wasn't me, then someone else probably would have ended up like this." Danny replied, not blaming her for what happened.

"Danny's right, one of us may have eventually checked the portal and the same thing could have happened. No need to blame yourself, Sam." Assured Maddie, knowing it would have eventually happened, if they ever tried checking the portal to see what went wrong.

"Yeah, relax Sam. Besides, how cool is it that our best friend is now Half-Ghost! Just imagine what he could do now!" Tucker said, eager to see what Danny can do as a Half-Ghost.

"I doubt I have any pow-" Said Danny, only to stop when blue mist escaped his mouth much to his confusion.

Before everyone's attention turned towards the Fenton Portal, as two octopus-looking ghosts emerged from the portal, shrieking as they did so.

"I'm so not in the mood for this!" Danny said, getting annoyed that it just seemed to be one thing after another, before flying straight towards the Ectopuses and punched one in the face, sending it crashing into the other one.

"Fire Style: Phoenix Sage Fire Jutsu!" Said Satsuki, releasing multiple mini fireballs at the Ectopuses, actually managing to hit and burn them, throwing them both around the lab, both of them freaking out at being on fire.

"CHA!" Sakura, shouted channeling some Chakra into her fist, having gotten a few lessons from Tsunade on how to channel her Chakra to increase her strength, and punching one of the Ectopuses in the face.

"Rasengan!" Said Naruto, having made a clone to make a Rasengan, slamming the Jutsu into the second Ectopus, sending both of them crashing into each other.

"Get lost!" Said Danny, throwing his fist out to punch them, only to instead shoot out a green blast of ecto-energy at the Ectopuses, with the attack sending both of them flying back through the Fenton Portal.

With the others looking on in stunned silence, with Jack and Maddie both being intrigued at seeing more of Team Seven's abilities, along with seeing that Danny did gain powers from his new Ghost-Half.

"That was so cool! You guys took those ghosts down like it was nothing, you're like real-life superheroes!" Said Tucker in excitement at what he just saw.

"Uh, thanks Tucker. But I think I'd prefer it if I knew how I could turn back to normal." Danny said, only to be surprised when two white rings appeared around him, before spreading up and down.

With Danny soon looking the way he did before, with fair skin, black hair, and blue eyes. And wearing his regular clothes consisting of a white T-shirt with a thin red collar, red cuffs, and a red oval in the middle, light blue jeans, and red-and-white sneakers.

"Huh, that's better." Stated Danny, glad to see he can transform back to his human-self; figuring he just needed to want it.

"Okay, that's enough of…everything for today! Danny, you and your friends still need to get to school, I'll drive you." Jazz said, having enough of this, seeing how her parents irresponsibility had resulted in her little brother being mutated, with him now fighting other ghosts.

"Can't I just call in sick? So I can just…take everything in?" Danny asked, preferring to not go to school today with everything that's happened, nor did he really want anyone to see him; before he suddenly turned intangible, causing his pants to fall off.

With Naruto covering Satsuki's and Sakura's eyes, while Tucker covered Sam's eyes.

"Oh man." Muttered Danny now really not wanting to go to school if that will happen.

"Ugh, fine. But don't think you'll be getting out of going entirely. At least, not until you can stop…that from happening." Said Jazz as she motioned to his fallen pants, not wanting him to suddenly turn invisible or intangible around people.

"Besides, it may be better if we only had to focus on getting these three more integrated to our world, without worrying about your powers acting up. Plus, getting them signed up for school." Jazz added while motioning to Naruto, Satsuki, and Sakura, with the Genin immediately looking at her at the mention of attending school.

"School?! Why do we have to go to school?! There was nothing about going to another school!" Said Naruto, not liking the idea of attending school again, with Satsuki and Sakura agreeing with their teammate.

"We've already graduated from the Academy, we really don't need to go to school, at all." Satsuki added, not wanting to attend another school, when they already graduated from the Academy.

"Yeah, there's really no need. We're more than capable of just learning more about this world to get better integrated, so we really don't need to attend school. And we're already seasoned Genin that have gone out on missions and can take care of ourselves." Sakura said, not wanting to go to another school either.

"Well that may be the case in your world, but here you three would be expected to go to school until you're eighteen, at the very least. Besides, it'll help you get better integrated here, by attending school to learn more about our world." Said Maddie, making Team Seven grumble in annoyance.

"Is it too late to go back to the Ghost Zone?" Naruto asked, now willing to take his chances with the ghosts.

"Yes./Unfortunately." Sakura and Satsuki replied, also considering going back but knew that'd only be temporary.

"We'll make sure to bring you back the homework and work you'll miss, dude." Tucker said to Danny since he and Sam still needed to head to school.

"Good luck Danny, and hopefully you'll get a better handle on what you can do." Sam said, with Danny nodding at his friends.

"Thanks guys and yeah, hopefully." Replied Danny, not wanting his powers to act up randomly around other people.

"Come along you three, first we need to get you registered as citizens of the United States, so no one will get suspicious of you being here; then we'll get you enrolled." Maddie said, motioning the Genin to follow her, which they reluctantly did.

"I'm heading to school as well, be safe Danny and try not to do anything dangerous." Said Jazz while waving to her brother, who returned the wave before their father wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

"Then it looks like it's just you and me, Danny my boy! We can see what else you can do, while I teach more about the family business!" Jack said, making Danny sigh as his father dragged him along.

Though unknown to everyone, not long after they all left the lab, another ghost soon came out of the Fenton Portal.

The ghost was a woman who had green skin, white hair, and red eyes, with a faint white glow around her body. While wearing the typical outfit of a school lunch lady. With her being the Lunch Lady Ghost, or just the Lunch Lady.

"Someone has changed my menu!" Said the Lunch Lady, sensing that someone had changed the menu, before she took off flying to where she sensed the change.

So, what did you think, good. Yep we see Naruto, Satsuki, and Sakura in the Ghost Zone and learn how they ended up there, due to their last mission having gone wrong. Though they eventually find an exit when the Fenton Portal opens up in front of them, with it just so happening to be the moment when Danny first got his powers, leading to a commotion between Team Seven and Danny and his friends, one that gets the attention of his family that has them learning about Danny's Ghost-Hald from the start, along with their new guests from another world. Finally we see Danny and Team Seven fight the Ectopuses, taking them even faster than in canon, before Danny is allowed to stay home to get a better grasp on his powers while Team Seven learns they have to go to school, again, all while none of them are aware the Lunch Lady is out and looking for who changed her menu. So, review if you liked go away if you didn't.

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