Chapter 1: Arrival

I know I said I was focusing on "Danny and Wendy" but this plot bunny was in my head and I just had to write this. So be patient on the next chapter of that fic.

Anyway on with the show.

On a spot overlooking a mine and a nearby village, a blue box suddenly appeared from nowhere. If one were to look at the strange blue box, it had the words "Police Public Call Box" written in English. But it was not a Police Box as the writing on it would have you believe. It was called the TARDIS, which stood for Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

Inside the TARDIS, if one were to enter it they would see a large white room with round things on the walls, the entrance to a hallway leading to other parts of the ship, a monitor hanging on top of the ceiling, and finally at the center of the room, was a large round console filled with buttons and switches. In the console room were four people, two men and two women.

The eldest of the woman was named Barbara Wright, a woman in her thirties. She was tall for a woman, with brown hair and was brave and kind, as well as seeing in the best in people. Barbara was a history teacher working at Coal Hill School from London, Earth in the year 1963.

The youngest of the men was named Ian Chesterton, a man around the same age as Barbara. He was tall and strong, with brown hair as well. Ian was also brave and protective of his fellow travelers inside the TARDIS. He was also a teacher working at Coal Hill School as well, but of science rather than history.

The youngest of the women went by the name of Susan Foreman at the moment. A girl in her teens, though Barbara and Ian suspected that she could be older. She was an average height for a girl her apparent age as well as having short black hair. Though easily timid and shy as well being unearthly, she was also caring and kind. Susan was from another planet and another time from Barbara and Ian's, though Susan had yet to tell them where and when that planet was as well as its name.

The oldest of the men was a mysterious old man who only went by the name of the Doctor. He looked like a man in his seventies, though like Susan, Ian and Barbara suspected that the Doctor may be older than he appeared. He was dressed like an Edwardian gentleman with neatly flowing white hair and of average height. The Doctor was never cruel and never cowardly, even if he was beginning to learn that. He was also Susan's grandfather as well and cared for her deeply.

"Now then." The Doctor said, "We've appeared to have landed."

"That was quite a bumpy landing Doctor." Ian said.

The Doctor looked at the console and said, "We've appeared to encountered some form of turbulence in the Time Vortex Chesterton." He then turned on the scanner to check the radiation level and after a few moments saw that it was on perfect safety levels. After the visit on Skaro and nearly being killed by radiation poisoning there, one can never be to careful. The Doctor also checked the monitor as well and saw the landscape that surrounded them.

"The ship has landed where radiation levels are safe and the atmosphere is quite breathable."

The travelers decided to walk outside, now knowing that air was safe to breath. They were wanting to stretch their legs since the last adventure they had was being confined to an alien warship called Endurance, plus as well as being attacked by giant lizards called the Shift.

Susan was the first to run out of the TARDIS and said, "Wow, Grandfather, Ian, Barbara look at the view!"

The rest of the travelers stepped out of the TARDIS and saw the beautiful view of the valley and the ocean in the distance with a gorgeous sunset to add as well. They saw two villages, one big one at the coast and another smaller one in the valley. The smaller of the two villages was a closer walk down the rocky valley in an hour walk from where the TARDIS had landed with also what appeared to be a mine.

"What beautiful sight." Barbara said.

"Quite my dear. Quite." The Doctor said.

"Can we please have a walk down to that village in the valley grandfather." Susan asked.

"Hmmm. Why not. After our last adventure of being confined to a spaceship. Yes, I suppose a hike to the village will be good to stretch our legs. Especially since we don't know when or where the ship will land next." The Doctor said.

"Maybe we can also buy some food from the village." Ian said.

"Why? The ships food machine gives you all the nutrients and tastes you need." The Doctor said defensibly.

"But Doctor the small tablets that the food machine gives us is not the same as the real thing." Ian explained.

"Also it would be nice to cook a proper meal once in a while." Barbara added as well.

"Ohh, very well." The Doctor said in a slightly irritated voice.

After collecting some money inside the TARDIS, the four travelers walked down the rocky valley and into the village bellow.

After an hour of walking down into the valley, the four travelers reached the village.

The village itself had a rustic charm to it with people mostly dressed in green and minding their own business, such running their shops or buying things from said shops.

Ian and Barbara were in awe. The village reminded them of the many villages they saw on their recent adventure with Marco Polo, when he attempted to sell the TARDIS to Kublai Khan so he can get permission to return his native home of Venice. The Doctor and Susan were less in awe, but they were still impressed by what they saw in the setting they were in. Barbara couldn't tell which time period they were in, but she did speculate that they were in China in a rural area pre-revolution of 1911 or possibly even before the European spheres of influences.

That is until she and her fellow travelers saw what can only be described as a large flightless bird-like creature hauling a cart. Ian and Barbara were in awe at the creature, to them the closet comparison to the creature would be an ostrich which it was clearly not.

After getting over the awe at seeing the creature, Ian said, "The TARDIS has landed on an alien world that like Earth it seems."

"Well it's not my fault Chesterton. You and Ms. Wright know that I can't control the ship on where it lands." The Doctor said defensively.

"I know Doctor. It's just I thought this was Earth during Ancient China and well, even this is not the right time period, it just felt good for me and Barbara to be on our home planet again." Ian explained.

"I understand Ian." Susan said compassionately, "As well you Barbara. Not a day goes by when grandfather and I want to return to our home as well."

"Thank you Susan." Barbara responded, "That means a lot to us."

Ian then said, "Well, we could be on some human space colony that simply abandoned the use of technology."

"Maybe Chesterton." The Doctor said, "But Susan and I have been to those type of worlds before and usually there would have been leftover technology of some sort from their spaceship and other such material. No, I think we have landed on a planet where the dominant native lifeforms resemble humans."

"You mean a type of parallel evolution, but on an another planet." Ian said astonished.

"Quite so my boy. Quite so." The Doctor said proudly.

"With many parallels to China." Barbara said in a little bit of shock.

The Doctor simply said, "Why not Mrs. Wright. Why this is nothing more than a more advanced forum of culture parallelism."

The group then walked into a nearby shop with only a middle aged woman that seemed to be running the shop. It was a simple supply shop with various of items, including food.

The Doctor then announced, "Good evening miss, my friends, granddaughter, and I are hoping to acquire food for our travels."

The shopkeeper responded, "The food is on your left. Do you travelers want supplies with that?"

"Thank you Mrs…" Susan answered as well as hoping to get the shopkeepers name.

"Kun, miss." The shopkeeper responded, happy that someone wanted to know her name this time.

"Do you have any ingredients to make some biscuits and tea? Maybe some for scones as well?" Barbara asked.

Kun said in confusion, "Scones miss?"

But before anyone can come up with an excuse, a teenaged boy came into the shop, who said, "Hi Mom."

Kun said to her son, "Where have you been, Haru? You're late. Get started on your chores."

As Haru was about to start his chores when a girl around Susan's age (at least by human standards) and dressed in blue (as opposed to the usual green the villagers wore) entered the shop and said, "Hey. You're that kid. Why did you run away before?"

"Uh, you must have me confused with some other kid." Haru said in what was obviously denial.

Then two boys around the same age as the girl entered the shop as well. The oldest was dressed in blue as well and had a miniature ponytail on him. The four travelers assumed that he was the girl's older brother. The younger one was dressed in orange and yellow robes and wore a conical hat that Ian and Barbara saw pictures of Asian people wearing back on Earth. They also saw, under his hat, appeared to have a blue arrow shaped tattoos on his forehead.

The tattooed boy said, "No, she doesn't. We saw you earthbending."

Kun and Haru then quickly closed the door and all the windows in a panic.

She then yelled, "They saw you doing what?!"

The four travelers were both confused and concerned. What was earthbending and why could it get you in trouble?

Haru responded to his mom by saying, "They're crazy, Mom! I mean, look at how they're dressed.", referring to the gang of apparent misfits, but forgetting the four travelers dress sense as well.

Kun then responded, "You know how dangerous that is. You know what would happen if they caught you earthbending."

"Sorry, to interrupt miss. But what is earthbending and why can it you in trouble?" Ian asked, as his curiosity got the better of him.

Haru then raised an eyebrow and said to Ian, "Your even stranger than those kids. I mean not knowing what bending is."

"But what is bending?" The Doctor said curiously.

But before anyone could answer, there was a knock at the door and a voice that yelled, "Open up!"

The blue dressed boy then looked out the window and said, "Fire Nation. Act natural."

The four travelers decided to follow his lead and pretended to browse the items of the shop. Susan decided to take a glance and saw red armored soldiers enter the shop. She saw the three younger travelers taking "act natural" too seriously as the bald boy fell into a barrel of water.

Kun then said sourly to the leader of the red armored soldiers, "What do you want? I've already paid you this week!"

"The tax just doubled. And we wouldn't want an accident, would we? Fire is sometimes so hard to control." The leader of soldiers said arrogantly as, to the TARDIS travelers shock, produced fire from his hands.

As you can imagine this a crossover of my two favorite shows. Hope you love this series I'm putting together. Yes, I said series. There will be more than one fic.

For the 1st Doctor and his companions, this story takes place between "Marco Polo" and "The Keys of Marinus", when the Doctor was, well, still learning to be the Doctor with the help of Ian and Barbara.

As for the Avatar-verse, if you can't tell by the characters and dialogue, this is set during the beginning of "Imprisoned".

Until next time, tofa.

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