Chapter 2: First Meetings

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The four travelers were in awe and shock. A man was producing fire with his bare hands. They didn't know what to say or think, especially what to say or what to not do the wrong thing since a man that can control fire is obviously dangerous. Maybe it was nanobots, like what the magic turned out to be on Avalon.

The man seemed to notice the four travelers expression of surprise and said, "What are you four looking at! Haven't you seen a man firebend before?!"

"Of course we have." The Doctor quickly said, "It's been a while since we've seen someone, ummm… firebend."

"Must be from inland." One of the soldiers grunted.

"Yes, quite correct. We are travelers." The Doctor stated.

Then Kun produced a box full of coins, which was a meager handful. She handed the box to the tax collector while Haru looked on with contempt.

The tax collector grabbed the coins and said arrogantly as he and his solider's left the shop, "You can keep the copper ones." As he threw the copper coins onto the floor.

After the solider's left the shop, the blue-dressed ponytail boy said sarcastically, "Nice guy. How long has the Fire Nation been here?"

"Five years." Kun responded, "Fire Lord Ozai uses our town's coal mines to fuel his ships."

"They're thugs." Haru spat, "They steal from us. And everyone here's too much of a coward to do anything about it."

"Quiet Haru." Kun said a little angered at her son, "Don't talk like that."

"Why?" Ian asked as he didn't like bullies bossing other people around, "You can't let them boss you and other townspeople around."

"But they are firebenders." Kun exclaimed.

"Yeah. And with my earthbending I can stop those thugs from treating us as sub-human and make them go back to the Fire Nation." Haru stated vigorously.

"You should use your earthbending to do just that." The blue-dressed girl said.

"Exactly." Barbara said, "Why don't we gather all the other earthbenders as you call them in this town and drive these soldiers out. If you can call them solider."

"There are no other earthbenders in this town, not since the Fire Nation took over. They took all of them away, including my husband." Kun stated sadly.

"I'm sorry." Barbara said sympathetically, "My friends and I weren't aware of that fact."

"Also, how don't you and your friends know about bending?" The bald boy said.

"Well we are…" The Doctor was about to come up with an explanation, but Susan interrupted him with the truth.

"We come from another time, and another place."

"Did you get frozen in an iceberg as well?" The bald boy said half-confused, half-jokingly.

"Young man, this isn't a joke." The Doctor said sternly, "Susan it isn't wise to tell these primitives the truth."

"Hey." The older boy said aggressively, "Calling us that name is Fire Nation talk."

"Sorry, but my grandfather can be a little entitled." Susan said, "It's common from where we come from."

"Where do you come from?" The girl asked.

"Ian and Barbara come from Earth, while grandfather and I come from…" Susan said, but was interrupted by the Doctor.

"Where we come from isn't important right now child." The Doctor said aggressively, "What is important is to get back to the ship."

"Doctor, surely we must help these people anyway we can." Ian said.

"And how are we supposed to stop an occupation that has happened for five years?" The Doctor explained.

"Actually the war with the Fire Nation has lasted around a hundred years." The girl said.

"You've been at war for one hundred years." Susan said with slight shock, "I'm sorry but we've been talking with you and your friends for a while and we have not to know your names."

The girl responded, "Well, I'm Katara. This is my brother Sokka and this is our friend, Aang." Referring to the ponytail boy and bald, tattooed boy respectively.

"Pleased to meet you three." Barbara said.

"Likewise." Ian said.

"That's all well and good." The Doctor said, "But this is none of our concern, besides we got what we came for, so let's go back to the ship."

"Doctor." Ian said, "Can we at least stay here for the night."

"Outside of those Fire Nation thugs, this place isn't really that bad." Barbara said.

"Can we grandfather, please." Susan begged.

"Ohh, very well." The Doctor reluctantly agreed.

The time travelers, along with the gang, went to a farm where Kun and Haru lived. It was a decent sized farm, with a couple of fields on the property which sustained the two of food and money, even if it was bare minimum.

The gang decided to stay at the farm just for one night as well, mainly because Sokka was concerned of them being captured by the Fire Nation. Also the gang had two pets, a lemur named Momo and giant bison named Appa who apparently can fly. The Doctor simply diminished that, though his companions having seen a lot since the events at IM Foreman's Junkyard were more willing to believe the gang.

While the rest of the group were at the farm setting up for the night, Katara, Haru, and Susan decided to take a walk near the farm, as well as getting to know one another.

"Haru, I'm sorry for saying what I said earlier." Katara said, "I didn't know about your father."

"That's alright Katara, as well as you and your friends Susan." Haru said, "Its funny actually, the way you guys talked reminded me of him."

"Thanks." Katara said, feeling a little flattered.

Susan nodded sympathetically.

"My father was a courageous man. When the Fire Nation invaded, he and the others earthbenders were outnumbered ten to one. But they fought back anyway."

"He sounds like a good man." Susan said.

"After the attack, they rounded up my father and every other earthbender and took them away." Haru said as he kneeled down, "We haven't seen them since."

"So that's why you hide your earthbending." Katara said.

"Yeah. Problem is the only way I can feel close to my father is when I practice my bending. He taught me everything I know." Haru explained with passion as he bended a couple of small stones.

Katara then sat besides Haru, "See this necklace? My mother gave it me."

"It's beautiful." Haru said after looking at the necklace.

"The craftsmanship on it is incredible." Susan said as she sat next to Haru and looked at Katara's necklace. Admiring the precision and crafting of the object around Katara's neck.

"I lost my mother in a Fire Nation raid. This necklace is all I have left of her." Katara explained.

"It's not enough, is it?" Haru stated in understanding.

"No." Katara said sadly.

"It's been while since I've seen my family, well besides grandfather that is." Susan said sadly, "But not a day goes by where I miss them every day."

"Where do you come from Susan? Since you and your family said they haven't seen bending before, which is weird." Haru said.

Susan began to think of her former life at home. Her family. The silver leaves and the orange sky. The beautiful Capital. But also the pressing reasons why she and grandfather left. Grandfather saying dangerous things and angering dangerous people. Taking a weird crate and stealing the ship. Fighting monsters and villains, such as the Soul Pirates, the Slarvian, and the Cold. Traveling to wonderful worlds, such as Iwa, Quinnis, and Earth. Ahh, Earth. Susan and the Doctor had already had so many wonderful adventures on that blue planet, even before attending Coal Hill, such as Jabalhabad, India in 1843, Berlin in 1932, and Paris in the 22nd century before settling in London 1963. Attending school as a normal teenager. Being followed by Ian and Barbara that one night, grandfather kidnapping them, and gradually getting along even now. Though she did notice the weird crate was missing since 1963, maybe she'll ask grandfather where it went.

"I don't want to talk about it. But it's weird that in your world you bend, as you call it, all four traditional western elements I assume. Fire, Earth, Water, and Air." Susan said not wanting to tell about her home, which Katara and Haru silently agreed.

"Actually the order is Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. At least that's how the Avatar cycle goes." Katara corrected Susan.

"Ohh, that is interesting. By the way, what is the Avatar?" Susan asked.

Haru then explained, "The Avatar is the person who could bend all four elements and used to bring balance to the world."

"Used to?" Susan asked curiously.

"The Avatar disappeared when the world needed him the most and no new incarnation hasn't appeared since." Katara explained.

"Though that friend of yours, Katara. He had Air Nomad tattoos. Is he…?" Haru asked but Katara interrupted him.

"No. Aang is an admirer of Air Nomad culture." Katara quickly explained though Susan sensed that she was hiding something about Aang.

Meanwhile in the barn, Sokka along with Ian and Barbara were setting up camp. Barbara was cooking food for both their gangs, while Ian and Sokka were setting up the sleeping bags, or in the case of the time travelers, straw beds.

Barbara wanting to get to know their new, well not exactly a friend as Sokka still viewed the time travelers with suspicion even though he was told the truth. More of a temporary acquaintance.

"So you and your friends seem to be travelers like ourselves." Barbara asked Sokka.

"Well we don't travel through time and space." Sokka said sarcastically.

"Look Sokka." Ian said, "I know that it sounds impossible, I didn't believe it at first as well. But we really do travel in time and space in a ship that looks like a Police Box that is bigger on the inside."

"Really? Police Box, space and time travel." Sokka scoffed, "It's just impossible."

"But we really did travel in time and space." Barbara exclaimed, "I know we cannot prove it right now but we did. We met Marco Polo, invented fire, and wandered through radiation filled forests."

"You made half of those words up." Sokka said slightly angered at being felled like being treated as a simpleton.

"Listen Sokka, I get it." Ian explained, "All these ideas are most likely new to you. Heck, some those ideas were outrageous when Susan began attending our classes back at Coal Hill, when telling us facts from the future and her unearthly behavior. But it got even more weirder when we the entered the TARDIS back on Earth in the junkyard"

"You're teachers?" Sokka asked curiously.

"Yes, I teach history and Ian teaches science." Barbara explained.

"But what about the old man who seems to be your leader?" Sokka asked.

"The Doctor? Barbara and I don't know much about him other than the fact that he along with Susan are from a planet different from are own." Ian explained, "He can be crotchety and rude like when you and your friends first met him. But really there is a heart underneath all that rudeness, though granted it did take a while for him to warm up to Barbara and me."

"I see." Sokka said, "And you two decided to go traveling with this Doctor and his granddaughter when you entered this TARDIS?

"Well, actually he rather kidnapped us from our own time and place because he was afraid that we might report them to the police or something of that matter." Barbara said rather reluctantly, not wanting to make their new friends seem bad to Sokka, who was already suspicious of them.

"Wait, he kidnapped you two? And you guys are okay with this man as your friend. If that's the case then why hasn't he taken you guys back to your home if his ship can travel anywhere in time and space?" Sokka asked, still suspicious of the two time travelers story.

"Well, the Doctor can't control the ship on where it lands and goes. It's basically random on where we land in time and space." Ian explained.

"Even if this story is true why should I believe you and your friends on this crazy story and that you're not Fire Nation spies?" Sokka said.

Realizing that Sokka had a point, Barbara said, "You saw how we reacted to the man controlling the fire back at the shop. If we really were Fire Nation spies sent after you and your friends would we have really reacted like that at all. Also with the conversation we're having now that would make us lousily spies."

Sokka conceded Barbara's point and accepted her reason. He then asked Ian, "Okay then I accept. But if you really are some science teacher then explain to me how your advanced science works then?"

Ian felted like he was back in the classroom again.

On the other side of the farm, Aang was meditating in total focus. The Doctor was watching him from a distance. He observed that this young boy must be from a culture similar to Tibetan and other such Buddhist cultures. So the Doctor decided to approach him.

"Young man." The Doctor said sternly, "Can I ask you a few questions about your culture. Judging by your mediation and dress sense you seem to come from a culture that values peace and harmony."

Aang stopped meditating and got up to face the Doctor. "Thanks, though there are so few of my people left to continue our beliefs and practices." Aang said with a twinge of sadness. The memory of Monk Gyatso corpse surrounded by the ones of Fire Nation soldiers. While a part of Aang was glad that his mentor came down fighting, but a part of him was also sad that his father figure had to violate the sacred oath of pacifism.

The Doctor felted a little bit of guilt and said, "Sorry, I can be a little bit aggressive a lot though the two humans that travel with me and Susan have been helping me lighten up a bit as those 21st century humans would say."

"That's okay. Some of the older monks at the temple were a little bit demanding like you were at the shop as well." Aang said.

The Doctor humphed. He then said, "Well, all is forgiven I guess. Tell me about the temple you grew up in?"

"Enlightening, as well as fun looking back now. Being taught peace and harmony, being taught how to be a master at airbending, and joy of getting my tattoos symbolizing that I am a master at airbending."

Though Aang still had the sense of guilt at running away from the pressure of holding the title of being the Avatar. Maybe if he stayed could he have saved his own people. No, now's not the time to think about that.

"What about you Doctor. Your granddaughter said you two come from another place and time, what's that place like?" Aang asked curiously.

The Doctor was heisted, but then decided to tell the boy about home, "My home was well, my people were powerful almost like gods, but also bureaucratic. Susan and I left because of pressing issues. But home was beautiful, the second sun would rise in the south, and the mountains would shine. The leaves on the trees were silver, and when they caught the light every morning, it looked like a forest on fire. When the autumn came, the breeze would blow through the branches like a song. But we had to leave due to… uhh, pressing reasons." The Doctor then realized what he had told this young boy about his own people. While he did miss home, as well as the rest of his family. He and Susan had leave for both their safety. The experience was so far fun, for lack of a better term.

Aang didn't know what the term god meant, but he assumed that it was a powerful spirit of some sort.

The Doctor then asked Aang, "Also earlier at the shop what do you mean by 'frozen in an iceberg'"? Surely this boy wasn't really frozen in an iceberg. Was he.

"I was frozen in an iceberg for around a century. For you see, I'm the Avatar." Aang replied somehow deciding to trust this man. This stranger.

The Doctor, not being native to this world had no idea what that title of Avatar meant. So he asked a simple question, "What is that suppose to mean, hmmm?"

Aang was a little put back by the fact that the Doctor didn't know what that title meant, as well as the man's rudeness. But Aang decided to explain anyway, "The Avatar is the only one who bend all four elements and bring balance to the world."

"I see young boy." The Doctor said taking in the new knowledge, "And you plan on ending this century long war that has engulfed your world."

"I guess that's my plan in the long run. But really my current plan is to go to the Northern Water Tribe so they can teach me and Katara waterbending." Aang explained, after all no rush it's not like he has a deadline or anything.

"But you said that you can, uhh… bend as you people call it, all four elements?" The Doctor asked a little confused.

"I've really only mastered air." Aang stated.

"I see." The Doctor said, "And how did you get to spend a century in an iceberg?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Aang said with guilt in his voice, "Katara and Sokka found me and Appa inside the iceberg and broke both of us free."

The Doctor decided that all Aang was going to tell him, so he decided to leave it at that. "Thank you, young man for telling you about your charming world."

As he began to walk back to the barn, the Doctor begins to ponder about his previous adventures with his three companions. He starts to recalls the time that he nearly smashed a caveman's skull with a rock until Chesterton and another man (he couldn't remember who the other man was despite all his best efforts though he barely remembered the man being byronic in a sense) convinced him to spare the savage's life. How it was the first steps to make him a good man. As well as preventing the Daleks from wiping out the Thals. The time his companions helped him fixed the TARDIS from blowing up. The time when the time travelers travelled on the Silk Road with Marco Polo. Saving Avalon from Gramling's so called magic (in reality nanobots), visiting Ancient Egypt, meeting Eric the Red, and saving the Last Born from the Shifts. All those wonderful adventures in time and space since that November night in 1963 at the junkyard. Yes, he was starting to become a good man.

Meanwhile, near the mine. Katara, Susan, and Haru were continuing their walk when they heard a loud boom of rocks, dirt rising into the sky, and the yelling of an old man crying out for help.

"The mine!" Haru yelled as he realized the catastrophe that was happening as he ran towards the cries. Susan and Katara followed him.

Then they reached source of the yelling. They saw an old man, whose lower body was under a large pile of rubble at the entrance to the mine. Susan, Haru, and Katara tired to pull the man out of the rubble, but to no avail.

"It's not working! We have to get help!" Katara yelled.

"There's no time, pull harder!" Haru responded as pulled on the old man.

Then an idea popped into Katara's head, "Haru, there is a way."

But fear and guilt began appeared on his face, "I can't."

"Please, there's no one around to see you. It's the only way!" Katara stated.

"Haru, do the right thing!" Susan yelled with encouragement and compassion.

Haru then stepped back and made what appeared to Susan some type of martial art form. He then moved his hands in the direction of the mine and moved the rubble away from the old man, deeper into the mine.

To Susan, Haru's earthbending was incredible. The rocks and stones moving by Haru's will was just to her full of awesome power. Unlike with the tax collector, who used his bending for fear and intimidation, Haru's bending was full heroics and valor. In response she cheered as did Katara.

Later that night in the barn, Susan and Katara telling their respective groups of Haru's heroic deed.

"It was incredible. The way Haru used his bending to move the rubble." Susan told her grandfather and the rest of both groups.

Ian and Barbara were glad that Susan was able to convince Haru to do the good thing. Though the Doctor wondered if bending was the result of nanobots or something similar.

"I know Susan." Katara said, "It was so brave of Haru to use his earthbending to help that old man."

"You two must have really inspired him." Aang said with approval.

"I guess so." Katara responded.

"Everyone should get some sleep, the three of us are leaving at dawn." Sokka said in a demanding voice referring to his Gaang.

"Dawn?! Can't we sleep in for once?" Katara questioned.

"Absolutely not! This village is crawling with Fire Nation troops. If they discover you're here, Aang, we'll be eating fireballs for breakfast. Goodnight." Sokka responded in a commanding voice.

The time travelers wondered why was Aang so important, but decided that wasn't important. After all by the time they wake up, the Gaang would be long gone.

But the Doctor decided to intervene and say "Look young man, why are you in such a hurry? It's not like the Fire Nation knows where you are at the moment."

"I don't know who to trust, alright. Even if I trust you and your friends Doctor, I don't know who else to trust in this area under Fire Nation control." Sokka said, "Besides we already had a few fights with them already."

The Doctor decided to concede his point, though he also didn't care. So the Gaang and TARDIS Team decide to hope that they have a good nights sleep.

As the two groups slept a group of soldiers walked towards the farm of where they were at. They arrived at the house on the property and knocked on the front door. Haru answered with a look of concern, but was in shock upon seeing who was accompanying them.

"That's him! That's the earthbender!" The old man yelled. The same old man that Haru saved earlier today.

As soon as the old man finished talking the two soldiers closest to Haru garbed him and took him away.

Whelp that's it for now. Anyway maybe I should get back to writing Danny & Wendy, currently having a huge writer's block on that project.

Also the nanobots reference is from the Virgin Missing Adventures novel "The Sorceror's Apprentice", which Team TARDIS (of the 1st Doctor, Susan, Ian, and Barbara of course) arrive in a land of magic and fantasy, but this being Doctor Who, Clarkes Third Law is in place when the fantasy land turns out to be an alien planet, the humans there are descended from space colonists, and the magic turns out to be, of course, advanced nanobots.

The byronic person that the 1st Doctor remembers is the 8th Doctor, a reference to another novel, "The Eight Doctors". Where an amnesiac 8th Doctor has to recover his memories from his past selves, which he meets his original self when he was planning smash the caveman's head with a rock, but 8 convinced 1 not to. But if you watched Part 3 of an "An Unearthly Child" it shows Ian is the one to convince 1 to not kill the caveman. I'm going consolidate the two stories that both Ian and 8 simultaneously convinced 1 not to do it.

Any other Doctor Who references I made in this chapter feel free to PM me.

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