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The sound of steel meeting steel echoed throughout the enclave. Sparks flew off the blades as they met one another. As Shirou had promised he had begun training Garret the next morning. He had offered to train with bokken but Garret insisted on using steel. In all honesty, the red-haired magus was surprised at Garret's skill. While his form was rather sloppy, it was by no means bad. Garret's method of swordplay was born from experience, not training. His opening strikes were a test of his opponent's fighting style, from there Garret began to change his strikes to counter Shirou's. He quickly learned about Shirou's method of leaving openings in his defenses to provoke an attack. He fell for it once and quickly learned not to attack the obvious openings.

Looking at his silver sword told Shirou about Garret's life as a Grimm. More times than not Garret was minding his own business before encountering a monster by complete accident. There were more than a few cases where Garret sought out a monster. These were generally rumors or murders that fit a monster's motivations. The steel sword told of Garret's encounters with normal humans, mostly gangsters or other people who deserved the business end of a sword.

The two locked their blades using their strength to push on each other's blades. Shirou broke the lock by shoving his blade up taking Garret's sword with it. Shirou's pommel shot out catching Garret on the nose. A cracking sound followed and Garret stumbling back was Shirou's reward as he continued to pressure his opponent. Going for the non-lethal blow, Shirou brought his pommel lower and struck Garret in his stomach causing the Grimm to double over. Shirou then rested his sword on the back of Garret's neck signaling the end of the duel. The gathered crowd began to clap as Shirou helped Garret to his feet. Blood flowed out of his nose, but he did not seem to pay it any mind.

"You alright?" Shirou asked as Garret blew his nose, sending blood flying.

"Yeah, I'll be fine, just let me get something from my stuff and I'll be good," Garret answered walking over to the equipment he had off to the side.

"You're far better than I was expecting." Shirou praised his pupil as Garret began to rummage around in his bag.

"Still got a ways to go if our duels are any indication," Garret replied pulling a vial with blood-orange liquid within. He undid the cap and downed the vile's contents in one gulp. "I swear it felt like I was fighting a knight, I thought you said you were self-taught."

"I was. My master was trial and error along with the teachings of a knight." Shirou answered with a half-truth.

"Yeah? Well, what knight was that?" Garret asked, walking back into the practicing field, his nose now healed.

"Artoria," Shirou answered, smiling to himself.

"Uh, never heard of her. You wouldn't happen to have the book or whatever it was that taught you to fight like a knight do you."

"Unfortunately, I lost it a long time ago, I've been looking for it ever since," Shirou answered, playing along with Garret's assumptions.

"That sucks, hope you find it. For what it's worth."

"Thank you." Shirou then summoned the married blades. "Let's work on your defenses. Ready?"

Garret sighed but raised his sword indicating that he was ready. The two continued their training until the evening when they stopped for the day. Brian had arrived an hour before they finished, he sat on the sidelines while he waited for them. With Garret's clothes covered in sweat, he quickly excused himself to wash up before a certain someone arrived. Shirou approached Brian dismissing his weapons.

"So the apprentice takes an apprentice, if I were a Sith I might be worried," Brian observed humorously.

"A what?" Shirou asked, confused.

Brian adopted a surprised look. "You've never seen Star Wars? Even some gods sing the movie's praises, lad."

"I've seen the original trilogy, but I never went beyond that," Shirou replied, taking a sip from a canteen.

"I see, then I won't waste your time explaining the joke." Brian relented. "I have finalized all the paperwork. So now you're a fully recognized member of the druid people, though as I'm not a part of any groves anymore we really won't have a rapid response."

"Something is better than nothing. Now that the fairies no longer have my father and they have an idea as to my connection to Avalon, can we stop worrying about attacks from them?"

"Unfortunately no, while they won't be coming at us at full force anymore, we can still expect small forces."

"I think I can deal with that."

"Yeah, I know you can lad." He answered. "To that end however I guess we should hammer out what I'm going to be teaching you besides the basics of the world. Is there anything else you want to learn?"

"Rune craft if you're able," Shirou answered instantly, he had seen the old druid use it numerous times and Shirou was interested in bringing his knowledge of it to the next level.

"Rune craft eh, that's something I can do." Brian chuckled slightly. "Part of me hoped you might be interested in a little druid magic but I don't blame you. Thinking about it now, I don't think we could because of the bond you'd have to make with the Earth Mother. If you tried she would probably declare you and that could cause an uproar with the Celtic pantheon."

"I doubt I would be able to learn anything, both my origin and element is a sword."

Brian raised an eyebrow. "I am aware of element affinity but what is an origin?"

"It's the starting point that defines one's existence and directs one's actions through life."

"Ah, you mean your nature." Brian summarized. "I suppose since your nature is that of a sword and your affinity is also a sword it would make it borderline impossible to learn anything magical that did not deal with swords. That's why you learned rune craft since language magic does not require a nature or affinity to learn."

"That's right."

"What level are you at lad?"

"Basic barriers, and simple use of elements such as lighting a candle."

"I see, well I can show you some more advanced symbols and get some more of the language understood."

"Thank you, master." Shirou thanked the ancient druid.

"No need to call me master, lad." Brian smiled. "I am well over the age of needing my ego stroked."

"As you wish."

"Ah, I also took the liberty of contacting the golems. Even with your standing with the fairies improving I believe getting them aware of us will be wise."

"I look forward to meeting them."

"And I'm sure they'll look forward to meeting you as well." Brian chuckled looking towards one of the buildings. "Say lad, what do you know about that Rider lady?"

"What about her?"

"My senses are telling me a lot of different things. Some are telling me she is divine, others are telling me she is a monster of the stone-turning variety." Brian clarified producing a smoking pipe from his jacket. He placed the pipe in his mouth and then made a hand gesture causing smoke to slowly rise from the bowl. He took a deep breath before exhaling the smoke through his nose. "Now I've never encountered thee Medusa but I've encountered monsters like her. Our Rider does lack the snake hair and none of us are stone after all."

Shirou began to consider what he should say about the reborn servant. Coming out and saying she was Medusa might cause problems. Though Brian claiming she gave off divine energy did strike Shirou as being odd given Medusa's legend. Though older legends tended to lose details as time moved on. Only Rider herself could clarify her own legend.

"I'm afraid you'll have to ask Rider herself. I don't know much." Shirou replied.

"You sure."

"Nothing that is my place to share."


The two became quiet as they each dove into their thoughts. The ground near Shirou's foot began to shift as if something was coming up out of it. Shirou jumped away from the area while Brian simply looked toward the disturbance. In the next moment, a brown stem-looking stone popped out of the ground, with the rest of it soon following. An imperfect and rocky hexagonal creature pulled itself out of the ground. It was dark blue in color and had a yellow hexagonal indent with a black center. Shirou believed this yellow and black area was the creature's eye or face. It was about two feet in height counting its "stem" with two rocky feet of the same color as its stem.

The creature looked around as if searching for something.

"Well… that was very fast," Brian commented, causing the rock creature to look at him. "Come on over lad, this little guy means no harm."

Shirou lowered his combative stance as he walked over to Brian. The creature also took this time to waddle its way over to the druid as well. Brian picked up the rock creature as it got near and placed it on the bench next to him. It began to make a grinding noise as if two rocks were being rubbed against one another. Brian seemed to pay close attention. The red-haired magus watched the creature "speak" to the druid, who nodded every so often. Eventually, the creature stopped "speaking" causing Brian to turn to Shirou.

"This is a golem, lad," Brian informed Shirou. "A young one, they tend to work as messengers, companions, and scouts until they get older. Don't let their small size fool you though they can rumble with monsters much bigger than them."

"Nice to meet you." Shirou greeted the small golem.

The golem made more of those rocky noises and lifted his feet up and down in greetings.

"He's happy to meet you." Brian translated. "Yoruch here, that's his name, by the way, was sent here in response to my message. The short end of what he said was that the golems can't officially meet us at this time. With the Greek gods up in arms, the Golems are mobilizing to prevent the crossfire from hitting too many humans. Until things die down they cannot meet with us officially. However, they are eager to meet you, lad."

Shirou raised an eyebrow. "They've heard of me?"

Yoruch began jumping up and down making more rock noises. Shirou had to admit… It was kinda cute.

"Apparently the work you did back in England has gotten around, and that night when you took down all those fairies has made you quite the subject among the golems. They were going to seek you out if we hadn't. Once this business with the Greeks settles down they will send an envoy to meet with us."

"I'd be honored to receive this envoy when they come." Shirou bowed slightly to Yoruch who waddled himself back and forth.

"Well, I suppose that's that," Brian concluded. Yoruch nodded before he jumped down from the bench and reentered the hole he arrived in. The ground fixed itself soon after the little golem left.

"Do you think the Greek gods will come to blows?" Shirou asked Brian after a moment had passed.

"It's possible, it would not be the first time, but if Apollo's words are to be believed the team sent to find Zeus' bolt are prophesied to succeed. Unless Zeus decides to fight Poseidon even after his bolt's return, but that is very unlikely."

"What's our next move then?"

"For now we will stay here and train while the situation with the Greeks calms down. Since the fairies no longer have your father we don't need to make any moves against them and I doubt they will risk attacking a druid enclave." Brian paused, squinting his eyes at Shirou.

"What?" Shirou asked after a moment passed.

"I'm just checking on the progress of your divine heritage. It hasn't progressed as much as I would have hoped."

"Is there something wrong?" Shirou asked, a little concerned.

"Not in the way you're probably thinking," Brian answered. "The amount of give I placed on the rune was enough that I should have been able to tell who your parent was by now. Yet, it's still far too small to give any direct indication. I've narrowed it down to about twenty different gods right now. You wouldn't happen to suddenly be very good at anything would you?"


"Shame, at this point I can only guess that your world has had a long time to infuse with you, it's making it difficult for the divinity to take hold. At this rate, it might be a year before we start to see any indication of your demigod side."

"I'm more interested in not being incapacitated when this rune falls off." Shirou countered. "I would rather not the Greeks get upset about a foreign demigod in their territory."

"I see where you're coming from. Having a world that can store legendary weapons just by looking at them is more than any demigod inherits. I worry more about the Greeks wanting you to join them rather than anything to do with you being a foreign demigod. We already have to worry about Hecate, once she reforms she will probably be coming after you."

"I didn't kill her."

"True, but she still had an interest in you." Brian countered, taking a long drag from his pipe. "But that is still far off and if we must, we can always travel to one of the pacific islands. Like Hawaii, most of its gods have long since faded and it is considered by and large as neutral ground. Lots of gods like to visit for vacations. Then there is Japan, of course, just don't start pulling any legendary weapons from there alright lad."

"I'll be sure to keep Monohoshizao where it is," Shirou replied to which Brian nodded.

"Let's go grab some food," Brian suggested standing. "I can imagine you are hungry after your spar with Garret."

"I could make something." Shirou offered.

"Ahah, even better!"

Percy was pushed back into his bed, as the beautiful purple-haired woman straddled him. She smiled devilishly down at him as she grabbed onto his arms keeping him pinned. The poor demigod's heart was beating a hundred miles an hour, he had no idea what was going on or how he had ended up in this situation.

"Such a naughty demigod~" The Beautiful woman straddling him cooed. "You couldn't keep your eyes off me. You must like these; you can't keep your eyes off them~"

Indeed Percy found himself unable to keep his eyes off the two fleshy orbs in front of him. Her smile got wider as she leaned down next to his ear and whispered.

"Wake up Percy."


"WAKE UP PERCY!" The woman yelled.

Percy's eyes shot open before he quickly sat up.

"Finally, where in LA." It was Annabeth, she was standing over him. Relaxation settled on Percy's face as he got up off the hay pile. "Were you having a nightmare? You were making a lot of noise."

Percy's face immediately reddened as his thoughts drifted back to his dream. "I uh, n-no it was one of those when you're walking around school naked."

"Really? I hate those." Grover spoke up.

Annabeth fixed her fellow demigod with an inquisitive stare. "You had a dirty dream didn't you."

"What! NO!" Percy lied on instinct.

"Hey, guys we need to go." Grover interrupted.

Annabeth huffed before she turned her back to the two boys while crossing her arms. After they had set the caged animals free, and Grover had given them his Sanctuary blessing, the three set out towards the gate to the underworld… or they would have. Just as they came upon a hotel the three attention drew to the sound of roaring. The next they knew a figure flew by them and crashed into the side of the hotel causing some of the wall to collapse.

A man in a gray battle robe pushed himself out of the rubble. His long hair was silver in color, and his skin was fair and lacked blemish. Dark silvery armor covered his vital areas. A sheathed sword hung from his hip along with a few oddly shaped symbols. His pointed ears drew the group's attention the most.

"Any ideas Wise Girl?" Percy asked.

"An Elf maybe but they don't come around to the states often, A fairy maybe." Annabeth analyzed her focus solely on the man.

The ground shook in a rhythm, as something larger approached. Turning their heads the group beheld a head coming over the hill, then another, and another. It didn't take a wisdom demigoddess to identify the monster now bearing down on them.

"Hydra!" Grover yelled, turning to run.

Percy and Annabeth did not need to be told twice as they quickly turned and followed the satyr. The three took cover behind a plumbing van that was parked off to the side of the hotel, popping their heads out from behind the van they saw the deadly monster advance on the sharp-eared man. The man however busied himself with removing the dust from his robe.

Seeing his disinterest Percy called out to him. "Hey, there's a hydra coming towards you!"

The man stopped his dusting and regarded the young demigod, before sparing a look at the approaching hydra and then returning back to Percy.

"An astute observation young demigod." He answered, taking one final second to dust off his clothes. "I believe dealing with it mayhaps be preferable." He paused for a moment as he looked around, his eyes then fell on the plumbing van and its open back doors. He pointed at the van. "Hand me one of those short pipes if you would."

"P-pipes?" Annabeth repeated flabbergasted.

"Yes, preferably one of the metal ones about yay long." He added holding his fingers around eighteen inches apart.

While Grover and Annabeth were stunned Percy scrambled to the back of the van and began searching for the aforementioned pipe. Finding a medium-sized metal pipe, Percy pulled it out and tossed it to the man. The airborne pipe seem to pick up speed, practically flying to the man who caught it in his right hand.

"Y-you're not going to fight a hydra w-with a p-pipe!" Annabeth stumbled over her words as the demigoddess' mind attempted, and failed, to make sense of his actions.

He smiled. "Hmm, I am quite fond of the saying, "The weapon does not make the man, the man makes the weapon." In the hands of a master, anything can be a deadly weapon." He finished brandishing the 'weapon' in his hands.

By now the eleven-headed hydra had reached striking distance, one of its heads shooting down its mouth open wide. The man sidestepped, narrowly avoiding the hydra's poisonous teeth. The man brought the pipe up with such speed that the onlooking demigods struggled to see it move. In the next moment, the hydra's head was sent stuttering back, its lower jaw broken from the pipe's impact. Another head came down turning sideways to bite its opponent.

The man dodged out of the way, spinning as he brought his pipe-wielding arm back into striking range. The hydra's head slammed into the ground as the pipe came down striking its neck just behind his head. A sickening crunch sound echoed throughout the area as the neck bone was shattered beneath the blow. The Hydra pulled its head back, yet with its neck bone shattered the head dangled on its neck while roaring in pain.

"Why isn't it healing?" Annabeth questioned out loud.

Percy looked away from the fight to his comrade before looking back. Sure enough, the two wounded heads were not healing. He did remember from the stories of Hercules that the Hydra he fought grew its heads back when Hercules cut one off. Percy began to wonder if the head had to be cut off for it to heal, yet from Annabeth's reaction he could only assume that it could simply heal back from any wound.

The sound of hissing brought Percy out of his thoughts just in time to see the hydra breathe poison out from each of its heads. The man snapped his fingers causing the poison to ignite, the fire traveling back up into the hydra's heads causing a small explosion from within its necks. The man then disappeared from sight, and the next moment the hydra was suddenly flung into the air with the man now standing where it had once stood. His free hand began to glow as particles of light seemed to form around it. After a few more moments the man threw out his hand towards the hydra, a beam of light shooting out of his hands moments after.

The hydra's body was consumed by the bright light, yet Percy could still hear its pain-filled cries. Soon enough the light died down and the now crispy hydra fell back to the ground with a crash. The man now began to walk towards the downed hydra. Its body was heavily damaged, having many black patches while its scales almost seemed to have melted off its body. Some of its heads were shriveled up blackened shadows of their former selves. Some heads were still moving as they twitched with their mouths a gape as if still screaming. One head, its immortal head, remained largely undamaged.

At the man's approach, the last remaining head struck out at him, yet a simple backhand with the pipe sent it back to the ground. The man approached the last head and began beating it over the head with the pipe, each blow creating a shock wave as the Hydra's head was pummeled farther and farther into the ground. After a dozen or so blows the man stopped and stepped back as if to inspect his work.

Percy stepped away from the van and began to approach the creature. It's head was about five feet embedded into the ground. Percy couldn't help but be mesmerized by the man standing before him. All but unharmed, having defeated a legendary monster with nothing but a pipe and magic. What did it take for him to get to where he was now? If Percy had been that strong he could have saved his mother. Percy couldn't help but wonder what it took to get from where he was to where the man was.

The man turned his head to look at the demigod. A smile formed on his lips.

"I was standing there once upon a time." The man explained. "Standing before someone who seemed so far above me that I couldn't fathom what she had done to get to where she was. Yet I strived to reach it." He paused to look at Percy more closely. "You have that same look, you have something you want to keep safe from the looks of it. Keep that passion, and I promise you-"

The hydra slowly pulled itself out of the ground, its immortal head and some of its remaining head turning towards the man with its back towards it. Gathering its energy for one last strike. All of its remaining heads rush towards the man.

"Even the gods will quake at your coming." He declared before he seemingly twitched.

Each head fell to the ground, its neck remaining stretched out for a moment before it too fell to the ground. The hydra lay dead, its body began to glow as other monsters did when they died, yet before it began to turn to golden dust the man spun in place and tossed the pipe into the monster's body. The hydra's body stopped glowing and began to shrivel up as it was being drained of its blood. The rest of the body began to burn away leaving only bone behind, soon enough the bone cracked and broke apart into nothingness.

The pipe fell to the floor with a thump. The man turned and began walking towards the pipe. Picking the pipe up the silver-haired man inspected it for a moment before he turned and tossed it to Percy. The young demigod barely caught the pipe with his hand. Percy noted that the pipe seemed to tingle in his hand.

"Something to give you a head start." The man told the demigod jokingly. "Whenever you get the chance, climb to the top of Mount Rainier and plant it in the ground. Tell 'em that Merihorn sent you." Then the man turned and began to walk off, waving as he went. "Good luck kid!"

The soft sizzling and boiling water was Shirou's white noise. He was in his natural habitat. The place where heat, blades, and cooking material came together to create a symphony of energy-giving life. Yes, this was a place of happiness.

"Shirou! I'm home!" His beloved sword called out.

Stepping out of the kitchen, Shirou made his way to the entrance.

He was greeted by a blond-haired woman. Green eyes locked with his golden. A smile appeared on his face by instinct.

"Welcome home, Saber." His words were faked.

Artoria sniffed the air as the smell of the kitchen reached her. "That smells wonderful, what are we having tonight?" She said as she removed her shoes and stepped onto the wooden floor.

"Rice, soup, and some salmon I got from the market today."

"That sounds wonderful, I can't wait." She had been waiting, and she would wait some more.

Artoria went and sat down at the table as Shirou returned to the kitchen. Artoria watched her treasure as he went about cooking their food, her smile still glued to her face. Soon enough Shirou called out that dinner was ready. Artoria got up from the table and began to set it as Shirou started to bring in food. Once all was prepared the two sat down and after a quick word of thanks the two began to dig in.

The two sat in silence as they each enjoyed each other's company. The food did not have a taste and the feeling in her mouth was wrong. It was cold, lacking the love her treasure put into it. Opening her eyes, Artoria saw that her treasure had disappeared. Their house had turned from its once traditional Japanese interior to a dark cave with torches providing light.

Water began to streak down the sides of Artoria's cheeks. She dropped her chopsticks, they shattered into nothing upon contact with the floor. The table was actively falling apart as Artoria set her bowl of rice down on the table, both soon fell apart. Without moving, Artoria's body shifted back to its original sitting position, her form changing from Saber's to Artoria's. The world began to fall away, returning to its original shape.

She was once again in a well-furnished room, not too dissimilar to that of a king's room in a castle. Wooden panels lined the walls and ceiling to hide away the hard rock just behind them. There was a large bed with a dark wooden frame with curtains hanging around the bed. A dresser and office desk set off to the side. She was seated at a table facing away from the door leading out of her room.

Artoria lowered her hand away from the magical orb sitting on the table in front of her. Reaching up with her other hand, Artoria wiped away the streams of water that seemed to scar her beautiful face. Another failure, another wound set upon her heart. She closed her eyes and began to take comfort in her old memories. They seemed to have faded now after so much time had passed. She focused on them every day to try and maintain their vividness. The orb helped, but it could only reach so far back. With each passing day, the orb became more ineffective, now it was all a simple act on her part.

Yet it was worth it, to see her treasure once again.

The sound of footsteps drew her attention away from her memories and back to reality. A young boy entered her chamber and dashed over to her. He bowed low and presented a folder to her.

"M-my lady, the recon team has reported back." He was nervous, he must have drawn the short stick and was selected to bring her the folder. Nice but terrifying, was the common description of her among the servants.

"Thank you young one." She replied being as soft as she could, it had become somewhat difficult to ease the dominating nature of her aura. She took the folder and undid its seal.

Her eyes began to skim the words. Artoria's time as a king had granted her the ability to skim through reports efficiently. Her eyes easily passed by the details of the recon team's movement and the steps they had to take to remain hidden. Soon enough her eyes reached the meat of the recon team's report.

Her heart stopped for a moment.

She read the few sentences again… then again… her mind checked each word making sure she understood it clearly.

'On our fifth day in the New World, we believed to have found the objective of our investigation. We located him in the city of New York. The subject had red hair, and golden eyes, and appeared to have Asian (Japanese) and European (Scottish possibly Celtic) descent.'

Artoria quickly flipped through the pages of the folder, and soon enough she came to the section containing the photos.

Her heart had stopped again for a few moments. There she saw her treasure speaking to an older male. A trembling hand slowly touched the photo of her treasure as if any more force could have damaged it. She gently touched the cheek of her treasure.

"Is-" Artoria stopped as soon as she spoke, the young boy quickly backed away in fear.

Her emotions had seeped into her voice. Artoria schooled her emotions, the boy had brought her great news and did not deserve to be fearful of her right now. No, he and the recon team deserved a reward for bringing her such news. With her emotions in check, Artoria stood up from her chair.

"My apologies young one," Artoria spoke gently as she approached the still-bowing youth. She placed a hand on his head. "You have brought me great news and I am most satisfied with them."

From her office desk, a paper came floating towards her. With a little bit of magic, words began to appear on the paper. Once complete Artoria willed an emblem to appear on the bottom of the page, her seal. The paper rolled in on itself before coming to a rest on Artoria's open hand. She handed the boy the rolled-up paper and spoke.

"Take this to your master, you are to be rewarded for bringing me this news young one." The boy raised his head, letting Artoria see his innocent hazel eyes.

Remembering himself he bowed again and thanked Artoria for her kindness and ran off. Artoria lightly chuckled at this, he would make a girl happy one day. Turning around, Artoria returned to the folder and began to read the rest of the report. She was glad she had sent the boy out because her mood darkened before she managed to regain control of herself.

"Rider." Artoria breathed sternly while suppressing a foreign growl.

The report further went on to describe a woman whose characteristics were shockingly similar to the servant she and her treasure had fought during the war. While the report did seem to indicate that her treasure was non-hostile towards the servant, her protective nature got the better of her for a moment. She began to think of the political situation of the New World. The Greeks and Biblical factions were in majority control of the New World. She would have to declare her arrival to avoid any unnecessary interference.

No matter, she would play the politician for a moment if it meant getting her treasure back. Turning towards her dresser she began to change into something more befitting of a being such as herself. After all, she had a reputation to uphold. She would have her treasure back, and woe unto those who would get in her way.

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