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"Ah Crusader your back, would you mind helping R.O.W. with the thing running amuck on my ship?"

After slowly getting up and popping his neck, he quickly replied "Yes Sir!" Crusader pulled out a rifle and ran out the door.

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Shirou's heart hammered in his chest as he pushed himself to escape the goddess tailing him. No matter how much he reinforced his body, no matter how far he went, he could not seem to shake his tail. He had hoped that once he broke the line of sight, he could hide away until the god gave up the hunt. That proved wrong as Shirou's selected hiding spots were quickly found out as he spotted the goddess walking towards him every time he stopped to hide. Shirou had thought the rune around his neck kept him hidden from the eyes of the moonlit world, but his rune did not cover whatever she was using to track him.

Shirou considered the fact that he may have to face this goddess in battle. He could never have claimed to have bested a god or a godlike being in his old life. The idea of fighting a goddess in battle was not an idea he liked, even with his increased magic circuits. He supposed he could leave the city to see how far this goddess was filling to chase him. If it wasn't something important, then she might break off her pursuit of him.

When Hades gave him that heads-up, he panicked. Normally he would stay and try to settle that ever this god came looking for, but he knew the stories. The stories of gods having a moment of lust with a mortal and, in every instant, the mortal ends up with the short end of the stick. Even when the mortal refused or tried to get out of the god or goddess sight, they always caught up with them. If what Hades said was true, then his pursuer was following him because he had something she liked, whether it be his unique mage craft or his looks, her end goals seemed clear to Shirou. He was not about to cheat on his love. He would sooner fall on his own sword than even entertain the idea.

The words of a friend from his past life came back to him


Shirou stood leaning against the wall of an office in a 16th-century castle in Germany. His friend, a magus who operated out of Germany, was scribing into his notebook. Shirou had run afoul with the Clocktower and had to go into hiding and his friend offered him a place to lie low and rest without having to worry about being attacked. During such times when Shirou was hiding out at the castle, he and his friend would talk about many subjects, mage craft, swords, mythology, and when Shirou's friend had his way, the subject of his love. Lucky the last subject was not the one that they spoke of.

"They're going to find out eventually that I'm here." Shirou went on holding up the notice from the Clocktower. "I don't want to be the reason you and your family are killed. What are you going to say?"

His friend looked at him for a moment, thinking it over before sheepishly whispering out. "Nothing."

Shirou rolled his eyes. "You have to say something."

"Shirou, it is said there are two ways to say no to someone you believe to be stronger than yourself. The first is to say nothing and let time and inertia be your allies. The other is say no in such a kind and thoughtful manner it befuddles them." His friend chuckled to himself before becoming serious. "Naturally, if these two tactics fail, then one must relent… or to fight! And if you choose to fight, then you must also choose to win!"

"I will not hand your over to the Clocktower. They'd only kill you." His friend growled. "Who are they to deprive my inner circle of such fine and interesting man such as yourself?"

"And when they send a dozen enforcers down here, are you going to tell them no?" Shirou demanded, worrying for his friend.

"They do not call me The Wise for nothing, Shirou. I can fight the Clocktower if I need to. Like a spider, I have created quite the web to protect myself and you if I need to. Some of my strings are connected to very important pillars in the magus community. One swift tug and I can have the Clocktower by the balls. So let me stave off the Clocktower and you just focus on keeping that E ranked luck of yours from going off at the worst moments."

*Flashback End*

As it would say, nothing worked out for them in the end, as Rin and a few others got him out of trouble with the Clocktower. Though Shirou was not sure he could afford the same principles with the goddess that his friend took with the Clocktower. Saying nothing was not working and if mythology was anything to go by, gods and goddesses did not take no for an answer no matter how thoughtful he was about it. He was not about to relent, as that would mean cheating on his love so that only left him with one option.

He had to fight.

Shirou changed his path, heading out of the city and into the woods and countryside. The goddess followed him, not stopping for a moment to let up the case. Shirou had a feeling she could have caught up with him but chose not to drill in the fact that he could not escape. It was frightening, after everything he could do with his increased magic circuits, he still could not avoid a god. The idea of standing and fighting this goddess was becoming more and more frightening as he got further away from the city. Would he die here? Would he fail to reach his love after having another chance to reach her?

He skidded to a stop as he landed in a clearing far away from civilization. His senses told him that the goddess following him had also slowed down. Shirou turned to face the approaching goddess, readying his traced weapons for battle. He could trace his armor as well, but he did not want to seem like he was expecting a fight. So, for now, he kept on his normal clothing and calmed his nerves. Soon enough, the goddess in question entered the clearing, wearing the same clothing she arrived in.

She did not look angered by the fact that Shirou spent the last fifteen minutes trying to outrun her. In fact, she had a bright smile on her face, like he had been doing just what she wanted him to do all along. She seemed to take in every sight as him starting from his feet and ending with his head, saving every detail of him and committing it to memory. While Shirou knew he would be considered dense by most, even he got the idea when a woman was looking up to him with lust as he got older. While this goddess was differently judging whether he might be a threat, she was also looking at what he had to offer her sexually. He was often fine with women looking at him and feeling some desire to have sex with him, and so long as it did not go past that, he did not make it an issue. That changed when they tried to tempt him into doing such acts. He did not like there to be any miscommunication when it came to his relationship status. He was taken, and he made sure anyone who tried knew that by the time they parted ways. Whether he told them kindly or firmly depended on how hard they would press him on the matter.

"I must say I am impressed." The goddess began sounding pleased. "I assume you know who, or at least, what I am?"

Shirou nodded slowly, giving the goddess that neutral stare that Rin said her servant had.

"Since I already know your name, allow me to induce myself. I am the goddess Hecate, goddess of the Mist, magic, witchcraft, sorcery, crossroads, necromancy, night, and the moon." Hecate introduced herself with a tone of superiority.

Admittedly, Shirou knew little about Hecate other than the myth involving Persephone. She helped Demeter by using her magic to locate Persephone. She was the mother of Circe and shared many magical abilities, including the ability to turn others into animals. Shirou added another goal to this conversation, don't get turning into an animal.

Other than that, Shirou's knowledge of her was limited. Though he supposed the only reason she was interested in him was his mage craft as he doubted the goddess would have chased him all around the city just for his looks. Then again, this was a Greek goddess he was dealing with most of them were ruled by what was in-between their legs, with a few exceptions.

"Shirou Donovan, repairman." The magus answered neutrally.

The goddess's smile got wider. "Oh, we both know you're much more than that. I can sense that magical energy taken the shape of swords around you."

Shirou mentally cursed himself. He should have dismissed the blades he had ready to go as soon as he found out the goddess' identity. It was too late now, and he could only hope that Hecate wouldn't take offense at it. Pointing a weapon at a god was bad enough, but he had hoped that the goddess would take it as one holding on the handle of their sheathed blade.

"I think you know the punishment for pointing a weapon at a goddess if your expression is anything to go by." Hecate went on smugly. "I will look over the offense if you deconstruct them… and relax."

Despite himself, Shirou was in no position of power and did as the goddess asked. The weapons returned to his reality marble, waiting for their master's call once more. Shirou also did his best to relax, but years of experience would not let his body relax until the danger was gone. So, to give the illusion that he tried to relax, he took a deep breath. The goddess seemed satisfied with the attempt.

"I imagine you are wondering why I have been following you. You see, I discovered your unique magical abilities, and I became interested." Hecate began as she walked around Shirou like a predator stalking its prey. "At first your rune blocked your true nature from me, but as I can now look at you with my own eyes, I can say I see much more. So much more."

"It is hard to truly gain an image of it with the sun up, but being this close I can almost see it." Shirou's eyes open in surprise. She could not mean. "Your magic is so different as if it is coded into your being, yet it seems as if you are only using some of what you can truly do. I could be convinced to grant you some magical power if you show me."

Shirou was not about to show off his mage craft to anyone, much less a god. Mage craft wasn't something one did as a party trick. Acts like that landed one in a lot of trouble with the Clocktower. Besides, he knew that Hecate would turn on him if it meant she gained something, he knew her type. As of now, the only edge he had against her was his mystery to her. He could surprise her with his stronger weapons in his reality marble.

To anyone else, he would flat out tell them no. However, with a god saying no became tricky and no amount of time and inertia would help him here.

"With respect, lady Hecate, I am not one to show off my mage craft unless I need to," Shirou replied evenly, doing his best to seem neutral.

She stopped about thirty feet in front of him. ""Unless you need to," you say?"

Shirou realized his mistake and dodged out of the way just to have the area where he stood to explode into flames. Knowing what the goddess was after Shirou did not launch a counterattack. Hecate, on the other hand, had no problem firing another attack Shirou's way forcing the magus to dodge again. As it stood, Shirou could not risk attacking back even if he did not mind showing the goddess his mage craft. If he managed to wound her, she would no longer be holding back.

As Shirou evaded the incoming attacks, he attempted to think of a way to get the goddess to stop attacking him. He supposed that other gods might be able to detect what Hecate was doing however, given the nature of the Greek gods, he also surmised that they would not care if a god was attacking a mortal. Shirou would have to give them a reason to help him. However, being indebted to a pantheon such as the Greeks would be a bad idea. Hades already felt like Shirou owed him, so he would much prefer to stay indebted to just one god.

As the red-haired magus dogged another attack, the goddess called to him.

"Your ability to avoid my attacks is impressive, and given your speed and the way your magic seems to move around, I can guess that you are using your magic to improve your physical abilities beyond any mortal or dare I say, demigod." Hades observed firing another blast of magic energy. "But I am getting bored with seeing the same thing. Show me more!"

The goddess fired another smaller magic blast, however, this one seemed to lock on to Shirou and follow him. Shirou had to fight the instinct to call forth a shield to block the hit. It was only with his battle experience that he could dodge the attacks being thrown at him. He had to do something or soon or later he was going to take a hit, one he might not get back up from.

Just as Shirou was about to avoid the tracing ball of magic, another one slammed into him, creating a large explosion that engulfed Shirou. A second explosion caught Shirou in his back soon after the first hit. Shirou's body hit the ground, rolling a few feet before coming to a stop. His shirt had almost been destroyed, exposing his burnt and slightly bleeding torso to the air. His pants were in somewhat better condition but were still damaged.

Shirou shook his head as he pushed himself up from the ground. The world was spinning, and his body ached. It had been some time since he had been in a fight that resulted in him taking a hard hit, and while his body had been reinforced, he had grown used to ending fights quickly without his enemy knowing he was there. However, his past toughness soon caught up with him again and the pain had faded.

'To hell with it!' Shirou cursed to himself.

He was done running, he was done worrying about the big picture. It was time for him to deal with the problem here and now. He would deal with the other gods as they came. This goddess wanted to see what he could do. She was about to get more than she bargained for!

Pushing himself completely off the ground, Shirou shot the goddess sideways glare. The weapons in his reality marble obeying their master's silent command. Shirou's chosen weapon began to take form in his hand-


The distinct sound of something hitting the ground caught Shirou's attention, causing the magus to look down. There lying on the ground, was the rune Shirou had always worn. The rune that his father told him to never take off under any circumstances. The world seemed to slow as Shirou looked at the rune in shock.

A moment later Shirou knew only pain.

Hecate finally managed to hit Shirou with her magical attack. She had intended it not to hurt the boy too much. She might have overdone it a bit given how long it was taking for her to hit Shirou. Thought she might have put more power behind it as she was beginning to get frustrated with him. Luckily, the boy seemed to be more durable than normal as such an attack would have incapacitated or possibly killed a mortal. However, his shirt did not survive it gave her a chance to see his torso.

He was well built. She could tell he ate well, as he was not all muscle-bound. Despite what many believed, some of the strongest mortal men showed more fat than they did muscle. She did not find those men who built their bodies to show only muscle and as little fat as possible attractive. These men had low stamina as they built their bodies fully towards strength. So much muscle also had the effect of making such men look ugly as they looked like they had abnormal bulges all over their bodies.

Shirou's body, on the other hand, was the perfect balance between muscle and fat. Meaning that while he would be considered weaker than for mentioned bodybuilders, he would have far better stamina than they did. There was a softness to his body. The fat allowed a woman a soft place to lie against rather than a bunch of hard skin. Yes, she would enjoy him once they were done roughhousing as the mortals would say.

The boy shot her a glare that told her that he was done running. A smile formed on her face as she could finally see what he was magically capable of. She readied herself as she expected his first attack would be stronger than what he might open a fight with. She was fine with it. She doubted anything he had could truly harm a goddess such as herself.


The sound drew her attention to Shirou's feet. The rune's rope had been cut, causing it to fall from his neck. Seeing as the rune was no longer on his person, Hecate took the opportunity to look at him magically once more. What she saw was massive. It was almost like a world existed within his soul. A world filled with-

Suddenly, her sight was blinded by a rush of divine energy rushing into the boy's body. Like a dam had been suddenly removed, allowing all the water it held to rush forward. Shirou screamed out in pain as his body was suddenly assaulted by divine energy. At such a rate, his body might destroy itself.

She wondered how such a thing was happening. Was a god attacking him? No, a god would not flood a mortal with divine energy it was too dangerous. Was this some kind of magic ability? No mortal could call on divine energy no matter how much magic they could control, and even so, they would not do it like this. Whatever the case, she needed to stop it. At this rate, he was a raging inferno to the mythological world, a beacon that anyone with some level of mythological aptitude could detect.

Hecate tried to focus the mist around the area on some level to try to hide what was happening. However, with the amount of divine energy, she could do little to hide it. Soon the other gods would detect it, and some might come running. Just then a powerful being began to close in on their location, drawn to the divine energy rushing into Shirou. Though it did not come from the sky as most gods did, no, it came from the Earth, meaning only one thing.

The rune had to be put back on Shirou's neck.

Hecate rushed forward, the divine energy pushing against her mortal form causing it to bur but she resisted it. However, as she neared Shirou, something powerful knocked her back, throwing her into the trees behind him. She shook off the shock from the hit and looked back to Shirou, who was now on the ground spasming violently. Seeing as she would not get close, Hecate used her magic to tie the two ends of the cut rope then threw the now repaired necklace back onto Shirou's neck.

As if the dam had reappeared, the divine energy rushing into Shirou was suddenly blocked, causing the energy to dissipate. The being seemed to leave with it. The boy himself had lost consciousness and lay on the ground unmoving, aside from the slight rise and fall of his stomach. Perhaps it was time to bring him in and have him examined. The rest of the nearby gods must have sensed something was amiss. The goddess began to approach the unconscious youth. Once close enough, she knelt down beside him and moved to pick him up.

Pain shot through Hecate's shoulder, causing the goddess to stumble back. A black-feathered arrow was sticking out of her shoulder. Hecate looked up to see a woman standing on a branch with a bow pointed at her, another arrow knocked and drawn. She wore a type of green garb that held a pattern similar to that of leaves, giving the illusion that she was wearing leaves for clothing. Cross her breasts was a type of brown leather sash, and small leather pauldrons to protect her shoulders. Her arms were bare except for her left forearm, which was covered by a similar cloth to her garb.

Dark red pants ran into brown leather boots that came up to her shins, the pants grabbing onto her form closely. A root-looking belt hung loosely around her waist with a rune hanging down from it, the same type of rune as Shirou's. Her bow seemed to be made from antlers though shaped to be a functional bow.

Then there was her face. Her hair was red, similar in color to Shirou's but slightly brighter. Her eyes were bright green that seemed to pierce through Hecate. His skin was a sun-kissed white as if she spent most of her time in nature. Around her forehead was a type of wooden band with a strange pattern running around it.

Hecate let her sense flow out to try to understand this woman. Her eyes widened slightly at what she felt. This woman was no mortal, but instead a goddess of incredible power. She had a similar feeling to that of Artemis, yet this goddess did not have the same feeling of purity that she had. No, this goddess, no virgin goddess, yet a dangerous hunter and as of now, Hecate was her prey.

"Who are you?" Hecate ordered dangerously.

"I am a goddess, like you." The unknown goddess answered in a semi-hidden Irish accent. "I am here for the lad. Leave now."

"I have business with this boy, so I suggest you leave, and I may forgive this slight against a goddess of the Greek pantheon."

"Your business is concluded." The goddess returned, narrowing her eyes. "I have more than enough power to draw upon before I even tap into my own reserves. You're in my element after all."

A hunt goddess, to be sure, they were in the middle of a forest. With the sun up, Hecate was at a larger disadvantage, and she doubted the other gods would arrive in time to be of any help. So, she did the only thing she could do. A magic blast rushed towards the other goddess, creating an exposition as soon as the blast made contact. Yet when the smoke cleared, the goddess was nowhere to be seen.

Golden blood poured from Hecate's throat as she searched for the opposing goddess. She attempted to stop the bleeding. The damage had been done, and she felt her mortal form began to fall apart. Moments later, her body fell apart into golden dust as her soul returned to Tartarus to reform.

The remained goddess stood from behind the goddess she just dispersed. Her bow had been replaced with a long, elven-looking sword. She had left the illusion of herself while she made her way over to the Greek goddess to execute her as soon as she attacked. Her plan worked and now the object of her being here was laying there for the taking. As she turned, she found that her target was gone, with no sign of his energy nearby.

Mike passed back and forth in his shop. His son had not returned, nor had he returned his calls, something he always did. He knew something was wrong when he returned to find a human-shaped hole in the shop's wall. He had always feared this would happen, that one day Shirou would disappear. He had hoped that he would live a normal life, find a nice lass, get married, have a few kids of his own. He had hoped that he would never be dragged into the life of his mother. The rune around his neck was the only reason he had a normal life as it were. He made sure that Shirou knew he should never remove the rune around his neck.

He wished for a sign, but one sign, that his son was alright that he was just out with some friends and lost track of time. He wished that Shirou would come through the door so Mike could forget this ever happened, but as the hours passed, his wish seemed even more and more unlikely. He felt so powerless, there was nothing he could do to help his son.

Or could he?

Mike's head slowly turned towards the wall-mounted phone. He remembered when he first met Shirou's mother that she gave him her number after… well after they made Shirou. He never thought to use it, but at the same time, she never forbade him to use it. Ever since he found out the truth about her, he had been afraid to use it. Now, that fear fell second to the thought of losing his son. Maybe she would help, she could send someone to help or at least tell him that Shirou was alright. He did not care if she was lying, he just wanted some reassurance that his son was fine.

Swallowing the lump in this throat. Mike walked over to the phone. By the time he reached it he felt like he ran a marathon, his legs felt so heavy, and his heart hammed in his chest. Picking up the phone, Mike dialed up her number. Mike's finger stopped at the last digit, his finger hovering over the number like this call would seal his fate. Closing his eyes, Mike willed his finger to move forward. He felt his finger press up against the button. With all his might, Mike pushed his finger forward, pressing the button. Moments later, the tone began to play.

The first tone played.

Mike mentally prepared himself for the worst. She could make good on her oaths even if he wasn't breaking one.

The second tone played.

After all, she was on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The third tone played.

It wasn't like she could reach him through the phone…

The fourth tone did not play, but the sound of someone breathing faintly reached his ears.


"Why are you calling me Mike?" A female voice asked in a neutral tone.

He decided it would be best to get right to the point.

"Shirou is missing, and there is a human-shaped hole in my wall. I… I think he might have been attacked by something from, your world."

"I know." Came the quick reply.

Mike's heart stopped for a moment. "H-how-"

"That doesn't matter." She cut him off. "I will take care of it."

The line became quiet for a moment before the goddess on the other line spoke.

"You did well to keep him from this life for as long as you did. Though I wished it would never come to this, I knew it would happen eventually. Thank you for giving him a normal life to live for as long as you could. I will take it from here."

She hung up after she finished leaving Mike to stand there frozen. He had failed his son. Now he was going to be dragged into a dangerous world that he was not ready for.

Atticus would consider himself blessed. He had a decently successful bar, a loving wife, and three children who he raised to the best of his ability. Yes, indeed he was blessed… and greatly burdened, but his burden had not arrived when he normally would meaning that he would not come today.

The door to the bar was flung open by a strong force enough to raddle the rather bulky-looking wooden door. A shadow loomed in the doorway before it stepped in. The smell of smoke filled the room as if the figure had walked through fire. The only thing that could be seen as the figure wore a one-piece black coat with a hood that almost looked like scales.

As the figure stepped into the light, the patrons beheld a giant of a man easily seven feet tall. With his coat on, the only thing that could be seen was his brown boots of unknown make and a bit of his beard. The man walked over to the bar taking a seat at one of the larger and sturdier-looking stools as if it was built for him. The man settled down and removed his hood, showing his red hair and yellowish-orange-colored eyes. He had a rugged face with a signal scar running down from the side of his mouth and down his neck.

He also did not seem happy, something Atticus feared to see when he came to visit his bar. The owner/bartender approached the man with a nervous smile.

"The normal?" Atticus asked in the friendliest tone he could muster, despite his fear.

"No," the man's rough voice replied. "the harder poison."

Atticus forced smile fell. The only time he ordered that was when he had a particularly rough day. The bartender turned and walked into the back room, where he kept some of his harder drinks. Drinks that were not given to normal humans unless Atticus wanted the police knocking on his door. He poured different liquids into the large mug. Once he had finished, he reached up to the top shelf and took a small class vile from behind other less dangerous liquids. The only warning the vile in Atticus hand had was a small cartoonish image of a hydra. Atticus undid the cork and did his best to keep his lunch down as he tipped over the vile. Just before the liquids within spilled over into the mug, Atticus stopped.

"How many drops?" Atticus called to the man.

There was a short pause before the man answered.


That was two less than what he normally had when he was in such a mood. Carefully, Atticus let three drops of the liquid fall into the mug before he replaced the cork and placed the vile back where he had gotten it. He took the mug in his hand and carefully made his way back to the man, setting the mug down in front of him. The man took the mug and held it to his nose, and smelt it. He left out a quick grunt before he took a long sip. As soon as he finished, he slammed the mug on the counter, making everyone in the bar jump.

"So," Atticus began carefully. "What happened?"

The man looked at him for a moment, debating on where or not to tell him or not.

"That daughter of mine is up to her old antics again." The man growled in annoyance. "Sometimes I wonder if she even knows the outside world exists! By my horde, when I was her age, I had killed my first god and fucked my first woman! But no, all she does is sit in her cave, sulks, and take long walks! She burned the last welp I tried to introduce her to, and that was no small feat, mind you. I owe that welp's father because of her."

Knowing who the man spoke of as he had the honor of meeting her once, Atticus replied.

"That doesn't seem like her, she seemed nice."

"Nicer than she should be to a lesser race." The man growled, taking another sip from his mug.

The man let out a burst of nervous laughter.

"It doesn't help that I'm the only one to try to correct her!" The man went on. "I swear, sometimes I think her mother encourages her actions. I get seen as the bad dad while she gets to keep up the image of the fun mom. I can be fun too, damn it!"

'By fun, you mean charging headlong into anything that may put up a fight.' Atticus thought as he refilled the man's drink, minus the drops from the vile.

Then came the inevitable effects of the drink. The man slammed his face down on the counter, tears freely pouring out of his eyes.

"I want my little sweet girl back!" The man cried his demeanor doing a one-eighty. "All she used to want was a chance to ride on my back! I miss her trying to steal from my horde to add it to her own! What happened to my little girl?!"

The man began crying like a baby, causing Atticus to sigh and lay a comforting hand on the man's shoulder as he wept. Yes indeed, Atticus held a great burden that he was never thanked for. He was one of the few true friends this man had. Thus, stopping many bad things from happening. Atticus hoped he could retire one day.

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