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"Right then let's get to it. So let's talk about this Fate and DxD idea I had, more talking about a concept than the plot in this case. So, let's say we take Emiya Archer and put him into DxD as a heroic spirit/Counter Guardian. Since the magical system is different in DxD we could say his existence could change when he enters DxD. Following this logic when, let's say Counter Guardian Emiya, enters DxD his state of being changes. The world would try to fit Archer into an existing system yet can't find a match for him. So It takes what Counter Guardian Emiya is that is to say a force that keeps humanity from Ctrl, Alt, Deleting itself."

"Now it would construct his form, however, given Emyia's reality marble has so many weapons that contradict each other in nature such as holy and demonic it can't fit him into one or the other. Yet we know that Emiya wears a Holy Shroud on his person which by its definition is used to warp the body of a dead saint. So the DxD sensing this causes this entity to bring the spirit of a fallen saint. However, there is no saint that is similar to Emiya, so the spirit's physical manifestation is that of a figure wearing a red Saint's Shroud that hides its body from sight."

"In practice, let's say during the holy sword arc, this "saint" senses that humanity's existence is in danger he appears to prevent that. To any onlooker they see a being covered in a Saint's Shroud that uses the weapons of humanity's greatest heroes to safeguard humanity's existence. Now, this idea works as more of a one-shot in its present state. If any one of you feels like using something like this and making a story out of it feel free to do so. You don't even need to ask for permission."

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Now the story!

Rider stepped over the broken glass of her other self's home/restaurant. She never cleaned up after she had "arrived" in this world. However, the way she had left it would have been preferable to its current condition. Bullet holes littered the interior as if thirty armed men had been dumping a truck's worth of ammunition into the building for fun. It was quite amazing that the building was even standing. Some counters and seating areas had been smashed and other objects were cut in two. Almost all of the statues had been destroyed as well, though Rider didn't mind their destruction.

Rider sighed, if she was going to continue living here then she would have to do a lot of cleaning and repairing. It occurred to her that it might have been better just to clear away the building to its foundation and start over after she became the curator of course. Yet before she could do any of this, she turned to the unconscious man tied to one of the few intact chairs, she had to deal with him.


Rider could not shake the feeling she was being watched. Yet she could not seem to pin down her stalker's position. The streets of New York had always been crowded yet it was not difficult for Rider to separate the average bystander from a being that held some level of mystical power. Whoever was following her was at least skilled enough to hide from her sight and senses. Rider began to wonder if other servants had ended up in this world with her. It was a possibility given that she found herself here. It was possible that an Assassin class servant had picked up her trail, yet if this was an assassin then why wasn't their Presence Concealment keeping them undetected?

In truth, Rider had no interest in the current events happening in the world around her. She was content with just being another face in the crowd. Though she supposed it was only a matter of time before she would be found out. Rider considered that her stalker was the goddess she toyed with the other day, yet divine beings were often none too subtle about their presence. Rider had attempted to draw her stalker out multiple times yet no matter how isolated she made herself they did not seem interested in attacking her just yet.

As the sun had begun to set Rider started to become slightly annoyed with her would-be stalker. She had hoped to deal with them and get back to her hobbies. Leaving Rider with one option left to her. She had been staying in a small hotel in the city for her time here, yet returning to her other self's semi-secluded home might draw out the stalker if she had distanced herself from the city. It was when she had returned to the restaurant that her stalker made themselves known.

As soon as she had entered the restaurant and put down her stuff, the window overlooking the front of the building shattered. On instinct, Rider got into cover behind the counter as the sound of gunfire filled the area and bullets flew into the restaurant. Using her magical abilities Rider reinforced the counter she was behind, stopping the deadly projectiles from piercing the wood. While Rider was by no means largely familiar with modern firearms, she had still retained the information given to her by the grail about the modern age. She knew what firearms did and the basic premise behind the weapon, yet she did not know any specifics.

However, given how many rounds were being shot at the restaurant and given the fact her attacker had yet to let up their fire she assumed it was one of the larger weapons used by the modern age. Yet the choice of her attacker's weapon was odd. If this person was a servant, they should have expected to be attacked by an older means of combat, meaning this person was more than likely from this era. But why attack her?

Rider considered that if this world was still in the age of the gods then it was very possible that there were some humans that hunted creatures of the moonlit world. Given what she was, it was also very possible that was the reason she was being attacked. It was her encounter with Perseus all over again. However, she did not plan on letting the event turn out the same as last time. Sooner or later her attacker would have to reload or come to inspect the fruits of their ambush. With the reinforced counter Rider didn't need to worry about being hit.

Soon enough the gunfire let up.

Rider let her reinforcement drop and then stood from her crouched position. Her restaurant was very much in tatters, one swift kick to the walls could bring the whole thing down. Given how the bullets seemed to pass through the walls and everything else with else she could only assume a larger caliber of bullets was being used. The sound of a car pulling into the parking lot drew Rider's attention, the car's headlights were on, casting a bright light through the bullet holes and what was left of the windows.

Rider chose to hide on one of the support beams above the ground, she wanted to see who had attacked her before she dealt with them. The door to the car opened and then closed letting the servant know that her attacker was on their way. Summoning her changed dagger Rider prepared for her attacker to enter the restaurant.

Heavy footsteps and the clacking of equipment soon reached her ears, soon after the ruined front door began to open before it fell off its hinges. A pair of hands was the first thing she saw enter the restaurant, one holding a knife in a reverse grip while the other held a pistol. The latter rested on the former to provide additional support for the firearm. The weapon scanned the room before the rest of the body entered.

A man, who looked to be in his mid-twenties, his hair black, bushy, and was in need of a shower given how much oil clung to his hair. His clothes were also dirty and smelled, his blue t-shirt had a few black stains as well as his dark green jacket. He had a ruined brown belt that looked like it would fall apart at any moment. Blue jeans that looked a size too big and had seen much better days. He had on a pair of mismatched shoes, one white with blue accents while the other was green, both needing repairs. Thought that was just his clothes.

He had a type of leather strapping under his jacket, two swords lay sheathed to his back assumingly attached to this leather harness he wore underneath. An empty pistol strap was wrapped around his right leg, an empty dagger sheath attached to the left side of his belt with a few grenades dangling from the right side of his belt. She did notice a few glass vials filled with different colored liquids in poorly stitched slots.

Clearly not what she was expecting when she pictured her attacker. He looked like a homeless man rather than any type of monster hunter. She guessed that this might have been a new monster hunter or someone who didn't care about their appearance, a stark difference from Perseus who looked more like a warrior.

Rider watched the man case the restaurant, his shoes making cracking sounds as he stepped across the broken glass. She could easily jump down and kill the man easily enough, but she wanted to know why he decided to attack her. Using her magic to help conceal her presence she called out to the man.

"It's rude to attack someone without cause." Rider's voice echoed throughout the restaurant.

The man quickly began to scan his surroundings.

"The dozen or so people you turned to stone disagree." His voice was young but firm, assured but not overconfident.

Her other self's tendencies were now coming to bite back as it would seem, yet it was Rider who would have to deal with it. She could understand why she was being targeted now, her other self was uncaring of who she turned to stone. Sooner or later, someone was going to come after her.

"I see, then there is no reason for you to be here any longer. I already killed that woman." Rider lied, normally she would have attacked already but she had a feeling Sakura wouldn't have approved. So she would make the attempt to end this peacefully. "Her actions were drawing too much attention, so I took it upon myself to deal with her."

"If that's true then why are you coming back to this place?" He did not sound convinced. "If my intel was correct this place belongs to Medusa, thee Medusa. It makes me wonder how dangerous you are if you killed her."

'More than you know.' Rider thought to herself. "I mean no harm to anyone who does not seek to bring harm to anything that is important to me. As it would seem this is a miss understanding, I'm willing to put this incident behind us and for us both to go our own separate ways."

"I would like that, but I can't let something as powerful as you go unchecked in good consciousness."

Rider gave him his chance. Using her immense speed jumped down towards the man, her dagger aiming at his jugular. Just as her dagger was about to pierce his skin, the man shifted, moving his knife in the path of Rider's dagger. The force behind the attack sent him to the ground causing him to drop his dagger and scratch his hands on the broken glass, but he was still very much alive. The man quickly turned around and brought his pistol to bear. Rider easily dodged out of the way of the bullet and by that time the man had rolled back to his feet and began firing at her again.

Once more Rider avoided the projectiles dashing towards the man before throwing a kick at him. Her kick struck him dead center in the stomach sending him crashing through the counter. Rider stopped to inspect him but was surprised to see him getting back to his feet. Such an attack would have killed a normal human, as it would seem this human was either a magic user or his body was more durable than an average human.

As he was getting to his feet Rider noticed him reach into his jacket and pull a glass vile from his jacket, blue liquid sloshing around within. Rider would have moved to stop him if they had not made eye contact. Suddenly the man's once brown eyes began to change. As if his pupils had expanded his eyes had turned pitch back and reflective. In his own eyes she could see herself, or more of her true self, the monster Gorgon stared back. Fear began to well up inside her, yet she did not know where it was coming from. She by no means was afraid of the man. It was as if a primal fear had begun to steer within her, her other self was giving off the same feeling but with more intensity.

The man had popped the lid on the vile and quickly drank its contents. He grunted as he tossed the vile aside. The effects were quick and soon his veins became pronounced, taking on an irritated red color. Casting his pistol aside he drew one of his swords from its sheath, a silver-looking sword with many runes running down the blade.

"So, you were lying after all." He observed narrowing his eyes. "Round two."

He suddenly disappeared and then reappeared in front of her bringing his sword down. Rider swiftly dodged the attack before sending her dagger back at her attacker. To her surprise the man had grabbed the dagger with his hand, blood began to seep out, but he did not seem to mind. With his sword hand, he sent a quick swipe at Rider's unprotected torso. The reborn servant summoned another dagger into her open hand and parried the attack. With an opening made she threw out another kick, however before it could connect the man quickly spoke something that Rider did not catch. Her kick found its mark but instead of her foot meeting soft flesh, it felt as if she had just kicked a thick wall of steel.

The kick had the effect of pushing Rider back as the man did not give way to the force of her attack. However, the man was already moving again, closing the distance between the two. Rider brought up her daggers to block the incoming attack. Using the chains attached to her daggers, Rider wrapped one of them around the man and the other around one of the support beams. Using her strength she pulled on the chains attached to the support beam pulling her into the air and twisting her body with her generated momentum. At the same time, she pulled on the other chain to bring the man with her. With her gathered momentum Rider flung the man back into the ground.

Just as the chain wrapped around him began to unravel, he grabbed the chain and used it to correct his body allowing him to land on the ground. The impact created a small crater in the floor and sent debris flying in every which direction. With the chain still in his grasp, he pulled on the chain hoping to pull Rider towards him. Seeing her attack had failed she quickly launched herself with the pull of the man. Spinning her body so that both her feet were pointed at him she drop-kicked him sending her attacker flying backward.

As he flew backwards the man pivoted his body and drew his other sword and stabbed it into the ground as his feet landed on the sword's blade. The normal-looking sword began to bend as it took the momentum of its master. As the blade bent back the man readied his silvery sword for a trusting attack. The sword's bend began to slow before it began to move back into place, turning the sword into an improved catapult for him.

With her attack flying back at her Rider only managed to barely dodge his sword, the blade's edge grazing her, cutting into her skin and drawing blood. As her assailant flew past her, she grabbed his leg and threw him back into the ground. This time her opponent had nothing to use to level himself out, he soon found himself flying face first into the ground at high speeds. The resulting impact created an even bigger crater than before, ruining the foundation itself.

Rider readied for a counterattack that did not come. When the smoke had cleared, she found the man lying face down in the crater unmoving. Cautiously moving towards him, Rider reached down and checked his pulse.

Still alive.

Impressive given that he should have been nothing more than a red smear after an impact such as that. Rider considered finishing him off then and there. However, a thought occurred to her. It was very possible that more people like him were out there. They knew of her, but she knew nothing of them. It was only a matter of time before the moonlit world came calling. She needed to know more about the magical world around her before she was caught off guard.

Picking up his blooded form Rider managed to find a chair that was still in one piece. After disarming him of any weapons, Rider uses her chained dagger to bound him to the chair. Being this close to him and not focusing on avoiding his attacks, Rider took notice of how bad he smelled. He needed a bath badly.

With her assailant properly secured Rider turned towards the bright lights of the car. While they did not obstruct her vision, they were still annoying. Rider walked outside and out of the car's brights. Before her sat a black-colored car with a sleek design. There were only two doors, the drivers and the passengers, but it looked like it had room in the back for more passengers. The rear tires looked slightly bigger than the front giving the car a slightly higher elevation in the back in comparison to the front. Opening the door caused Rider's nose to scrunch up, it was evident that her new source of information was living out in the car. Despite what the smell would suggest, the interior is clean. Reaching over to the ignition Rider removed the keys, killing the engine.

Returning back to the restaurant Rider waited for the man to wake up. Ten minutes had passed before he began to show signs of waking up. Slowly lifting his head, the man began to look around, blinking repeatedly trying to clear his vision. He soon discovered that he was tied to a chair as he weakly attempted to break out. After finding out that his bonds were not about to give away he stopped.

"Why am I still alive?" He asked.

"You don't sound grateful." Rider answered walking into his line of sight, she noted that his eyes had returned to normal.

"More confused than anything." Rider saw him still scanning the room with his eyes, his vision must have yet fully restored itself.

"What are you?" Rider asked cutting to the case.

"You don't know." He asked, sounding surprised. "That's a first, every time I see a monster's true form they all seem to know."

'So that is what that was.' Rider thought. A type of mystical eyes not unlike her own. For them to work on something like her they must be powerful. "It's my first time encountering something like you."

"Ah, that's why I'm not dead." The man pieced together. "I'm afraid I'm not much information, I'm not really deep into the hidden world."

"I'll decide that for myself."

The man's eyes suddenly locked with hers. "One question before we get on with the torture. From what I saw you're a gorgon, or some kind of lamia equivalent of one, how come you can make eye contact with people without turning them into stone?"

"I don't need to lay my hands on you to get information. I rather this proceeded without any more difficulties. To answer your question, I have control over them." Rider answered before adjusting her glasses. "These help lessen the effects even when they are not in use."

"I see, it must be nice. When my eyes do their thing monsters turn and run or just attack. Makes it hard to gather information when my eyes keep giving me away."

"What's your name and how long have you been following me?" Rider asked to change the subject.

"Hm, it's not like I can get out of these things." He paused for a moment after slightly tugging at his bindings. "You specifically? Since you pulled that trick at the library. I started hunting for you, or at least what used to live here a few days ago. As to my name," He paused again. "Garret, Garret I-… Ugliano."

She raised an eyebrow at his sudden decision to hold his surname. Yet in the end, it didn't matter. Rider was surprised to learn that she had only recently detected him.

"How did you follow me without me noticing?"

"A concoction that hides my presence, I stopped taking it today to try and get you to retreat to your home so I could strike without people getting in the way. I already had my equipment set up on the hill over there for when you returned. If you went somewhere else, I would have marked that area and set up another ambush in case you were wondering."

"Are there any more of you hunting for me?"

Garret let out a humorous grunt. "No, just me. We don't tend to hunt together often."

"So, you're not human." Rider observed he did not seem to see himself as one at the least.

"More of a small subsection of humanity created to hunt down dangerous monsters. Or so I'm told."

"You're new to this life?" Rider asked, slightly surprised, but she made sure to hide it.

Even if their fight did not last long, Garret had lasted far longer than any magically inclined human would against a servant. If he was young that would mean more experienced humans like him might provide more of a challenge.

"A few years ago, you may have noticed I'm homeless from my clothes. Hell, the charger isn't mine. Killed a monster that owned it and decided it was better than walking. Took most of my life's savings to buy enough ammunition for the fifty."

"Fifty?" Rider asked not to recognize the term regarding a weapon.

".50 cal machine gun, it's what I was using to try and kill you."

'A firearm then.' Rider summarized.

"You said that your kind was a subjection of humanity. Does your species have a name?"

"Yeah many, as to what we officially call ourselves. Grimm, maybe you heard of us."

"No, I haven't." Rider replied, shaking her head. "You are some kind of monster hunter."

"Monster hunters, sociopaths with a license to kill, and everything in-between," Garret answered. "Don't ask for a history lesson I'm still learning as I go. The only thing I know is that monsters across all walks of life seem to be afraid of us and that we are supposed to keep monsters in check. Whether that's wiping out a family of them or killing the few that step out of line is up to them."

"You've killed families before?" Rider questioned, narrowing her eyes.

Garret looked down, remembering a bad memory. "The family of Canid-like monsters took to capturing humans and hunting them for sport and to remind them of the "old days". I found a little boy torn to shreds one day in a forest in Tennessee. Eventually, it led me to this family of canid monsters, that night I snuck into their home and killed each one of them. Family of seven, the father put up the most fight but after he went down the others were simple enough to take care of." He paused again, his expression turning regretful. "They had a baby too. Poor thing hadn't done anything wrong yet. I wanted to leave her, but she would have died slowly without anyone to care for her, so I ended her quickly. Make of that what you will."

Rider's expression softened. Rider have done the same if something like this family had turned up in Fuyuki City. Of course, she would have left out the fact that she killed a family when she reported back to Sakura and by extension Shirou. One did not always have the luxury of a moral killing when their existence was to protect something they held dear above all else.

"I'm not going to kill anyone that doesn't attack me first." Rider informed the Grimm. "The being that used to live here is gone."

"Then I guess this ends now." Garret said, closing his eyes and waiting.

"I'm not going to kill you." Rider clarified, causing Garret to open his eyes looking surprised. "However, you're going to help me clean this place up."

It was starting to become a little lonely after all.

"I feel there is a joke to be made here." Brian wondered thoughtfully as he leaned up against a brick wall. "But I can't seem to place it."

Standing on a building high above the druid was his so-called apprentice. Shirou had insisted on taking a moment to look around the city for any other ambushes that the fairies might have set. He had a feeling one would be at his house and other places he frequently visited, that much was obvious. However, there was also the chance that they had set up more ambushes around the city. Mostly likely at transportation services and other exits.

While well out of range of his normal senses, it seemed that the fairies seemed to have a similar effect around them that the monsters held. Normal people seemed to walk around them or completely overlook the non-human traits said individuals had. With Shirou's Hawkeye skill he was able to identify such persons from very far away. He managed to spot a few patrols and given how they were in a hurry and heading towards the industrial district, Shirou assumed they were fully aware that he had returned to New York. Shirou began to make his way down using the railings of the fire escape to slow his descent. He landed next to his new master, relaying what he had seen.

"Hm, I suppose we will have to be more creative with our exit from the city then." Brian surmised, pushing himself off the wall. "Given that we are right under the Greek's main base buys us some time, I give us a few hours before the more notable fairies start showing up."

"Punching a hole in their perimeter will just give us away," Shirou added to which Brian nodded in agreement.

"Turning this into a game of chase rather than hide and go seek. With them on alert now, we may need to hunker down for a few days and let things settle down. If we are lucky the Greeks will notice the gathering Fay's presence and do something about it. You wouldn't happen to have any safehouses would you?"

Shirou's fist clenched but he managed a nod. "Other than my workshop I have two others, one is out of the city and the other is in the ghettos."

"Then we'll head to this ghetto hideout then. I'll follow you."

The two began to make their way to Shirou's backup hideout, using back alleys and Brian's magic to hide from the fairies searching for them. By the time they arrived the sun had fallen over the horizon causing the lights of the city to turn on. Shirou was quick to deploy his barrier after the two had arrived at the doors. It was a simple two-bed, one bathroom, kitchen, and living room apartment. A functional enough apartment if you could ignore the deteriorated state of the building. Shirou had stocked the pantry with long-lasting rations as he did not know when and if he would need to make use of this safe house. His time in war zones had gotten him used to eating only rations when more decent sources of food were unavailable. Though there were plenty of spices stocked so he would still be able to make something enjoyable. After all-

'Hunger is the enemy.' Shirou thought as he began to prepare dinner.

Shirou set the kitchen table once he had finished, Brian joining him soon after.

"Ah rations, that brings back memories." Brian humorously chuckled, taking a seat opposite of Shirou.

"What kind of memories?" Shirou asked as he began to bite into his food.

"With these rations, that would have to be the two world wars," Brian answers before taking a bite, his eyes went wide for a moment. "Though I must admit they did not give us something this good back in those days."

"You fought in the world wars?" Shirou asked slightly surprised, sure he knew Brian's age but he had expected him to stay out of mortal wars.

"Aye, I fought. Well, I was a combat medic to the normal humans around me." Brian explained now thoroughly enjoying his food. "In their eyes, I was just a medic that could seemingly patch anyone up. Granted being a druid I know a lot of healing magics, but it's easier when I'm on solid ground. To the supernatural, I was helping keep the dead down, and the monster's numbers low."

"I would have thought the moonlit world would have stayed out of it."

"Some do, others don't. During the second the Greeks had a little more of a role, but they tend to over exaggerate their involvement. The Tuatha Dé Danann were in the midst of a civil war when The Great War rolled around, they just used the war to make their fighting more "topside" as it were. Werewolves also took the moment to use both wars to settle some clan rivalries, and necromancers took advantage of the sudden abundance of corpses, and lots of monsters came clawing out to the scent of death."

"I see." Shirou nodded.

It made sense, he remembered hearing about the large number of dead apostles starting to pop up during the World Wars in his universe, it would make sense that something similar happened here as well. The same could have been said for the war he fought. He remembered Alaya whispering in his ear throughout the conflict. Shirou's mind began to drift towards the druid across from him, the fairy called him the crimson druid and he had seemed to speak it with some level of fear.

"That fairy called you the Crimson Druid." Brian stopped eating. "What does that mean?"

Brian looked away for a moment of remembering a bad memory and trying to find a way to put it into words.

"Aye, that's one of my more infamous titles among the unnatural world." Brian sighed, poking his food with his fork. "I suppose since you share your most closely guarded secret, I can tell you some of mine. It was around the year 12 B.C. The Roman Empire was still around, and I was a foolish man of eighty or so years. I suppose you could say I was still very naïve, until then I lived a comfortable life as a progeny druid. Nature easily bent to my will, I could grow food out of the ground in moments, and I had a comfy bed and plenty of women who were more than willing to share it with me. In my more drunken moments, I believe myself to be a god."

He sighed again, seemingly he de-aged a year at that very moment. "Of course, reality tends to put in a rude awakening to those who get too proud of themselves. As I would learn later, one of the many women I slept with was a witch. Apparently, she had serious grievances with the enclave I was part of at the time. She used my bodily fluids to create a spell that caused my magic to go out of control causing me to grow the surrounding forest out of control, turning it into a ravenous monster that devoured everything." He paused again. "Animals, monsters, … humans everything was on the menu and I was unwillingly along for the ride. The ground where the forest moved became dead both magically and physically."

Brian looked at his hand, it slowly became barky in texture while taking on a red tint. "It got to a point where the forest became so drenched in blood that the bark and leaves charged colors. When my enclave finally managed to bring the forest under control and broke me out of a prison of my own making… the death count was… very high. It was just so that my fellow druids freed me because the gods had taken notice and were beginning to make inquiries as to the moving red forest."

"It sounds like you were a prisoner in your own body," Shirou commented.

Brian's hand turned back to normal. "Hmm, even so, it's like claiming the "I was just following orders" excuse. It doesn't often stick unless certain circumstances are met. I wasn't just trapped in the forest, I was a part of it, it's heart if you will. I don't like to remember how long I spent trapped in that forest hearing the screams of so many as the forest ripped them apart or devoured them alive. Soon after I got out, I tried to rip out my own magical conduits, whether it was out of madness or penance I don't remember but the Earth Mother stopped me."

"The trail of death had scared the Earth Mother and left many powerful sources of power for darker energies."

"What did she do?"

"She forced the red forest into my body causing me to turn into a large red tree like a humanoid. A Tolkien ent if you will. The ground then opened up, swallowing me up and dropping me into a pool of molten metal, encasing me in pure iron. It then spit me back out, with the iron covering me I was cut off from the earth and my power. I could only draw power from the amassed power the forest collected. I was then put to work protecting the dead land the forest had created, keeping magic users that would use it for nefarious means away."

"That lasted about fourteen generations before the local druids were able to heal the damaged land. Once the last spec of land had been healed, the Iron released me, I had long since run out of magical power, and the tree monster I had become left behind what could only be described as a breathing mummy. Roots then pulled themselves out of the ground and stabbed into me and began to pump life back into me. That was a sensation let me tell you, it was as if the Earth Mother herself took me into her bosom and-"

"I get the idea." Shirou quickly interjected.

"Right sorry, anyways I had paid my penance to the Earth but not to the people. So, I spent the next five centuries being a healer, eh, got me in bed with Airmid one time." Shirou cleared his throat. "Yeah right, as to how I got the title, well, soon after I was freed from my penance to the Earth, I and a few other druids tracked down the witch that had done this to me. She was a part of a Coven called Daughters of The Paradise Bog, ever heard of it?"

Shirou shook his head.

"Well now you have, and you and I are the only mortals still around that know they ever existed," Brian replied quietly. "Let's just say that bog was metaphorically painted red, and the fact that all my magically infused wood turns to a red tint and those who remembered the forest monster that I created earned me the title Crimson Druid." He passed for a moment. "It's not something I like remembering."

"Were there any lasting consequences?" Shirou asked, things like that tended to leave a mark. He still remembered the night of the fire after all.

"Only what you'd expect, some sleepless nights, a sudden onset of immense guilt, and the occasional suicidal thoughts," Brian answered before perking up. "But you don't live as long as I have if you let such things weigh you down all the time."

"Sorry for bringing it up."

Brian shook his head. "Best you hear it from me then someone else."

"Still, I'm sure I ruined your appetite." To most, it was not much of a problem but to Shirou, it was almost a sin.

Brian laughed before taking a bite of his food again. "Normally that would be the case lad. However, this is so good I just got it back. Now I'm starting to think you're the offspring of some hearth goddess."

"I'm sure we will find out soon," Shirou replied, flicking the runes around his neck.

"Aye, lad I think we will."

When the two finished eating they both retired to their own rooms. Though the door to Shirou's room opened halfway through the night.

The bodies of multiple fairy warriors lay across the ground with swords and or arrows sticking out of their bodies. Others were in various states of disembowelment and missing limbs. Blood pooling around their bodies.

"We have received a report from our agents in New York City." Ginko Moss reported standing before his queen. The queen was looking into a painting, she nodded for her captain to go ahead. "The team sent to watch the warehouse was found dead this evening. The rest of the teams were put on high alert and reinforcements will discreetly be sent in to assist in Shirou's capture."

In an alleyway, six bodies of fairies scouts lay pinned to various surfaces by arrows or swords. All showing signs of a quick and merciless interrogation. The leader of the group, a once beautiful fairy, had her body reduced to a bloody pulp with her wings being torn out and pinned to the wall behind her. Her mouth was still open as if she were silently screaming. She had died slowly.

"Five hunter teams were found dead, clear signs of extreme methods of integration were used."

In another part of the city a larger, more heavily armored fairy lay up against a wall with multiple arrows jetting out of his body, mostly in the joints of the armor with a few piercing the armor itself. Two others lay on the ground with their heads missing, and one last fairy without a helmet and looking like he was of higher ranking was slumped over his armor heavily damaged. He bore many wounds, one puncture wound at the back of his neck had been the killing blow.

"Lord Arguses has yet to report in." Ginko paused for a moment. "We estimate at least 3/4s of the teams sent in are dead or missing presumed dead."

As the sun rose over the city that never sleeps, a figure wearing a blooded and damaged black body armor and a red cloak opened the door to his safe house. Bloody tracks followed him to the bathroom. The door closed soon after. The bathroom sink turned on letting the man clean his bloodied hands. After a few moments of scrubbing the man turned off the faucet.

"The council is begun calling into question the steps we are taking to apprehend the boy. Those who were against kidnapping the boy's father had gained some support in light of the casualties."

The red cloak disappeared, and the man began to remove his armor. His body bore many lacerations and puncture wounds that still dripped blood. Turning on the show the man stepped in not caring for the cold water. The runoff quickly turned red as the man showered, his wounds seemingly started to gleam as the gathered blood was washed away.

"What shall our next move be, my Queen?"

Shirou cleared the clouded mirror to look at himself. Golden eyes stared back at him, uncaring and unremorseful.

"Inform lady Viviane that I wish her council." The Queen answered.

"Just like a Sword," Shirou spoke to no one in particular. "I'm sure you wouldn't approve… Saber. I hope I am still worthy of you."

Shirou turned and left the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

"And we come to the end of the chapter proper. I hope you guys like it, I kinda had a feeling of overly high levels of edginess when I was writing the event that got Brian his title so I did my best to make it not seem like some edgy back story. If you guys think I need to do something a little different then just let me know because if you guys are not having fun I'm not having fun.

"Alright, now we got this outtake idea what kinda popped up during some talks on the Discord. Here is what became of that."


It had been some time since Aphrodite and Hephaestus had been wed, and some time since Hephaestus had begun his new hobby of catching his "wife" and her lover Ares in the act of depravity. Most of the Olympian council paid little mind to the adulterous acts. Except for one, Hera had become increasingly dispersed with the outright disrespect for the sacred rights of marriage. She tolerated it enough from her unfaithful husband Zeus but now it seemed to be spreading evermore. She had done little to stop it as she had always been focused on her husband and his lovers. It was not until she had visited Hephaestus's forge to find the forge god crying in silence as he worked on another method to catch Aphrodite and Ares. Hephaestus was stone face as always but his eyes freely poured water onto his work making the forge steam up.

It was at that moment that Hera felt her motherly heart tug at her. It was no secret that she had tossed Hephaestus off Olympus for his appearance alone. It was no secret that Hephaestus held little love for his mother even if he no longer pursued his feelings of anger and betrayal. Though at that moment the ties between parent and offspring grabbed at Hera's heart stronger than ever before, to see her child bear so much pain silently.

Without a word she fled from Hephaestus's forge and rushed to Aphrodite's temple home upon Olympus. There she found the unfaithful goddess and the god of war flirting upon a luxurious couch. Without a word, she approached the goddess of love, grabbed her by the ear, and pulled her off the couch. The goddess cried out in pain causing Ares to get to stop the Queen. However, he was quickly stopped by Here's death glare that promised a punishment beyond all imagining. With the war god no longer moving to stop her Hera dragged Aphrodite by the ear into an adjacent room. It was there that Hera let go of the other goddess. Before the love goddess could get out a sentence the Queen spoke. She demanded that she stop her unfaithful acts and spend time with her husband. The love goddess was quick to argue against it. Thus began an argument that increase in volume until the noise drew the attention of a few other gods.

Mainly Zeus, Athena, Hermes, and Ares who were still hesitant to enter the room. Zeus demanded to know what had caused all the commotion. Once both goddesses made their explanations and their reasonings for their argument Zeus came to a comprise. Zeus declared that Aphrodite would spend at least twenty-four hours with her husband every year. Aphrodite quickly attempted to appeal to the king of the gods using all of her beauty and seduction to get out of the perceived punishment, yet Hera was quick to point out every attempt she made. Athena then spoke up suggesting why Aphrodite was so adamant about not spending any time, then necessary, with her husband that she would sleep with him at least once. That caused an uproar from both Aphrodite and Ares. Zeus however quickly silenced them before declaring Aphrodite would choose one or the other stated options given to her.

Despite herself, Aphrodite chose the quicker option to get it over and done with.

That night when Hephaestus returned to his room, he found the beautiful sight of Aphrodite lying on his bed in a scantily clad state. Although Hephaestus was a very ugly being, Aphrodite had a reputation to uphold. She would give the forge god a night he would never forget, and he would case after her for something he would never again obtain until the end of time. That would be her revenge for this humiliation. However, Hephaestus was quick to dismiss the goddess as his heart had yet to recover from her betrayals. This only served to anger Aphrodite even more as someone so ugly could ever dismiss her. Before the forge could even register the moment Aphrodite had grabbed him and tossed him onto the bed before straddling him. She declared in none too kind words that tonight they would sleep together tonight and whether he chose to enjoy it was up to him.

So that night Aphrodite and Hephaestus consummated their marriage. The goddess had left before the god had awoken leaving him alone again. However, a few months later led to a shocking discovery. Aphrodite was with child. Everyone was quick to believe it was Ares' but soon after the godling was born the three Fates arrived to declare the ascendance of the newborn goddess. The three fates declared the child was born between the union of Aphrodite and Hephaestus, causing the forge god to fall out of his throne for the second time in his life. The Fates went on to declare that the newly born goddess would preside over the domains of honor, perseverance, and metal. Hephaestus quickly declared that his child's name would be Artoria.

While Aphrodite was disconcerted over the new baby goddess, fearing she would end up looking like her father. Hephaestus on the other hand had completely forgotten about all the negativity in his life and showered his child with affection. The new goddess had quickly become known as a kindhearted soul like her aunt Hestia yet processed a warrior spirit that only the likes of Ares and Athena could match. She was very unlike her fellow gods as she found to be very reserved yet there was a distant longing in her eyes. As Artoria grew so did her beauty begin to become apparent to a point where it could rival that of her own mother. When she had grown into her adult form many began to fear another golden apple incident would arise, it became hard to tell who held greater beauty, the mother or the child.

As her mortal worshipers became more and more numerous the question came forth as to make the goddess a part of the Olympian council. Yet before a vote could be made Artoria herself rejected the position preferring to remain as a minor goddess. As time went on more than a few gods had taken fancy to the honor goddess, most notably Apollo and Ares had attempted to court the beautiful goddess. While the goddess herself easily ignored their attempts at courting her, Hephaestus had always been very protective of his daughter and the other gods learned fast that any attempt to get her to do something against her will was met with his wrath.

Though it had been noted that she had stayed her father's hand on more than one occasion when a mortal claimed to match her in some avenue of her authorities. Normally when such a thing happened, said mortals found themselves in the sight of the god they had challenged and suffered a terrible fate after they were defeated. Yet Artoria always showed mercy to those who had challenged her and implored them to hone their skills and face her again when they deemed themselves ready.

As the years went on goddesses like Artemis attempted to get to know the minor goddess better. Artemis wanted to take the honor goddess under her wing and teach Artoria the ways of hunting among other things, something her mother strongly opposed. However, it came as a shock to everyone when Artoria stated that Artemis' hatred toward men was "distasteful" in Artoria's eyes. Though it did not stop Artemis from trying to convince the honor goddess of her ideals. Artoria had remained a virgin and was beginning to be hailed as the fourth virgin goddess of the Greek Pantheon. Yet Artoria always stressed it was a code of abstinence than a want to remain a virgin. Despite her mother's attempts to find her "a suitable man". It had gotten to a point where her mother finally broke down and straight up asked her daughter if she would ever find a man she wanted. To which she answered with a sad and longing look in her eyes.

"I wait for a man who is searching for me, and I shall wait until he finds me."

Such a thing had sent shock waves through the whole of the Greek Pantheon as many began searching for this man Artoria spoke of. None of them found who she spoke off. The story soon spread to the mortals who began to depict the Goddess Artoria as a woman who waited upon a hill looking out into the distance.

When the Greek gods transitioned into the Roman gods, so did Artoria who became Myrmidia to the Romans. The Romans hail the goddess Myrmidia as a stern-faced goddess in armor who showed great mercy, and patience, as well as being hailed as the embodiment of steel. A minor goddess of law and order yet held a dedicated following. Mortal warriors who worshiped her strove to be honored warriors both on and off the field never partaking in the pleasures of the flesh until they had found the one they would love and no other.

When the Greek gods had moved the center of their power to western ideals which had been at current the United States had the goddess' demeanor began change. Her father and mother began to notice the goddess smiling more, humming a tune to herself when she thought no one was looking, she would often disappear for extended periods of time. This caused the two gods and a few others to begin looking into the minor goddess' activities. Yet no matter how hard they tried they could never seem to find out what was making the goddess so happy. When they finally gave up and asked what had caused her so much joy she simply answered.

"Soon my sheath returns to me."

A few gods managed to piece together that the man she spoke of was what she was referring to. When questioned as to how she knew that his "sheath" was getting closer, she simply placed a hand over her heart and replied that she would feel it. While her mother was overjoyed that her daughter was finally going to experience the wonders of love, she also began to lay down plans for trials this man would have to complete to even have her consider allowing him to court her daughter. Hephaestus simply planned to have a long talk with his man when he showed himself.

It was not until the return of Zeus' stolen Master Bolt had the stories of the Nameless Armored Saint began to reach their ears. The first god to encounter the mysterious individual was the goddess Artemis who had come to assist a group of demigods that had been sent to save two other demigods. It was there that she and her hunter encountered a tall man in rusted armor with a red cloak over his body. The armored man had slain the manticore attacking the demigods, but Artemis' sense told her that his boy was dangerous. When she demanded to know his identity, he answered cryptically.

"I am the one who searches for evermore. I am the sheath."

Most of the hunt had come to respect Artoria and was second only to their own patron goddess. Artemis would come to demand that the knight surrender himself to her hunt, as the very thought of losing Astoria to a man was unacceptable to the Hunt goddess. Only to have the knight answer.

"I cannot, my search must continue."

This sparked a fight to break out between the hunt goddess and the nameless saint. A fight had drawn the attention of the Greek pantheon. Soon after Artemis began to gain the upper hand and forced the knight to his knees. A light was shined between the two combatants and a force as to which Artemis had never felt before had thrown her back. Before he stood the goddess Artoria and the knight who was now kneeling before the goddess.

"Tell me," The knight spoke in a desperate voice. "Are you the one I seek?"

Turning towards the knight and reaching out to touch the sides of his helmet, Artoria answered.

"I have waited for you for a long time."

The rust on the knight's armor began to fall away. "Forgive me my king for I have been lost for many a time."

Removing the knight's helmet, she replied. "Now you are back where you belong, my sheath, and I shall never lose you again."

The two kissed, and the sheath had finally found its sword.

"And now we come to the end." Slim Prime announces. "A little cheesy towards the end if I'm honest but it was a fun little idea to explore. Hopefully, those of you who are dying to see Artoria and Shirou meet up again are a little satisfied until it happens in the story. It's coming so don't you worry. In my head I have lined up a few things to happen at some point in the story such as Shirou encountering Rider, Artoria and Shirou meeting, Shirou's godly parent reveal, and a few other things."

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