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~As Close as Siblings~



Was it over?

No, no…nononononono! It couldn't be! It just couldn't!

There was still so much he needed to do! So much he had yet to achieve! He needed to become Hokage to prove everyone wrong about him!

He needed to bring Sasuke back…even though he no longer wanted to. Still, he needed to fulfill his promise to Sakura-chan!

So why the heck was he floating here in this void!?

"Hey! Let me out of here damnit!" he cried loudly only to be greeted by the echo of his own voice and nothing else. "I said get me out of here!"

"Shh, calm down child."

Naruto's head snapped aside, and he gaped when he saw a woman floating in this accursed white void. The woman was beautiful, no that was too little a word, she was…divine. Everything about her was perfect, and the way she looked at him with those glowing golden eyes made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"W-who are you?" He asked and the woman floated towards him until she was just an arm's length away.

Naruto shuddered pleasantly as the woman threaded one of her hands through his golden-blonde hair.

"I'm so sorry Naruto-kun." The woman ignored his question and just continued to thread her hand through his hair, "you shouldn't be here yet."

"What do you mean by that?" He asked wearily and yet he only had to look at the woman t get his answer, "d-don't tell me…am I d-

"Yes, I'm afraid that you are." Naruto choked on his breath, and he felt his eyes begin to water, "you shouldn't be, in another timeline you survived and there you would be talking about going on a three-year training trip with the man you call 'Pervy-Sage ', but not in this one. Here Sasuke Uchiha killed you by piercing your heart and sending 100 000 volts of electricity through your body. In another timeline you tenant-the Nine-Tails-would've healed the damage and restored your heart to working order, here the fox refused and chose to wait the years it would take for him to reform."

"N-no it can't be…" Naruto felt tears streak down his cheeks, "it can't be true…please tell me that it's not true!"

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but it's the truth."

"Then please send me back!" He pleaded, "please, you can do that right? You must be Kami, which means that you must have the power to send me back right!? Please, I don't want to die yet!"

Naruto watched in shock as a lone tear escaped the woman's right eye and his heart clenched when she slowly shook her head. "I'm afraid that's not within my power or domain. Death is governed over by the Shinigami and not I, but even if I had control over the domain, I couldn't or rather wouldn't send you back."

"But why not…? You're Kami, what's stopping you from sending me back…especially since you said that I'm not supposed to be here?" He looked away from the woman. It was painful to look at her because despite his distress her mere presence seemed to soothe him.

He didn't want to be soothed though, he wanted to be angry at her and everything else!

"You make it sound so easy Naruto-kun." The goddess sighed wistfully, "I love every human equally, so if I had the power to reject every unfair and unjust death then don't you think that I would do so? We Gods and Goddesses exist by a strict set of rules, rules which were created by the ones that came before, rules written and anchored into the very fabric of existence. And among the more important of those rules is the one that declares that we divine beings cannot interfere in the affairs of mortals. You and your kindred humans are meant to be free, allowed to do and act as you please, whether that be good or ill is solely up to you."

"I…but I…" Naruto didn't know what he could say to that. He felt angry, sad, devastated and so many things more, but that didn't stop him from realizing that a goddess, a literal goddess was explaining herself to him.

"You don't want to die, I know, I understand, it's not easy to leave behind an unfinished and unfulfilled life but sometimes bad things happen to the best of us and there is nothing that we can change about it. We gods are not an exception to this either."

Naruto nodded with a heavy heart. He understood, well maybe not, but he knew that this was no fault of Kami's, it was Sasuke's. He just hoped that his death would at the very least mean something…

"But what now? Where will I go? What will happen to me?" He asked the goddess who was still softly threading a hand through his hair.

"What happens now is up to you Naruto-kun." Said boy looked at the goddess in confusion, a little comedic question mark floating above his head.

"What do you mean Kami-sama?"

"The reason for my actions is rather simple my boy. I find that your life was quite unfulfilling, wouldn't you agree?"

Naruto blinked at the godly woman, "Uhm, yes? I mean of course! There's so much I wanted to do!"

"Mhm, I agree. This is why I came up with a wonderful idea that would allow you to pursue and "fulfill at least some of your dreams."

"But I thought that you couldn't send me back. Did you change your mind or something?" His tone was filled with hope and longing, but it was shot down when the goddess shook her head at him.

"I can't revive you. I cannot affect the living, but I can affect the dead and those that are yet to be born. Thanks to the Shinigami handing your soul to me, I can now make you an offer."

"What offer would that be?"

"A new start."


"I can offer you a new life. To be born once more, to a different family, in a different world. The life of Uzumaki Naruto might be over, but that does not mean that the story of Naruto has ended quite yet."

"But wouldn't I be reborn anyway?"

"You're a perceptive one, aren't you?" Naruto chuckled awkwardly with a small blush on his cheeks, "but to answer your question, yes, in time you would've been reborn naturally. You could be reborn tomorrow, in ten thousand years, or even ten thousand years ago, time is meaningless to the cycle of rebirth. But if you were to be reborn naturally, all that you now are would be gone. You'd be a blank slate once more; with all traces of Uzumaki Naruto lost and forgotten. I offer you a new start with your identity intact. A new start as the person you are right now and with that a chance for you to become who you were meant to be had your life not been cut short. But the choice is yours. You can take me up on my offer, or you can refuse, it is up to you, my child."

"So, if I'd take your offer, I'd still be me?"

"Yes, you would. Everything that you've experienced, all that you've done, and learned, it would all stay with you, that I promise."

Naruto took a few moments to think about it, but in truth, he found nothing bad about the offer, no matter how much he searched.

If he would be reborn anyways, then he would at the very least like to keep his memories. Even if his life had been short and painful, he would very much like to stay himself if that was a possibility, and he would very much enjoy a chance to fulfill his dreams.

He might have broken many of his promises already, but he was not one to quit.

So, with new determination shining in his blue eyes, Naruto nodded at the Goddess.

"I take you up on your offer, Kami-sama!"

"Wonderful! I promise that you won't regret your decision!"

The goddess smiled at him, and Naruto felt his vision begin to blacken and blur and not long after he was completely overtaken by darkness…

"You will do wonderfully Naruto-kun." The goddess smiled down at the unconscious boy, "you'll lead a good life, I'll make sure of it, but it will not be easy. You'll face many challenges, and you'll find your morals and character tested…but I know that you'll rise to the challenge…my beautiful child of prophecy."


"I still don't like this Zeo, I think you made a big mistake with that contract." A beautiful woman stated, crossing her arms beneath her ample bust.

The woman's appearance was one of such beauty that it was difficult to put words to it. Flaxen hair cascaded down her back and shoulders, framing a face of true feminine perfection. Eyes the shade of amethysts seemed to glow in the dim candlelit chambers and her shapely body was laid bare before the eyes of her husband.

But what stood out even beyond all her naked glory was the glow of love and happiness that seemed to seep from her every pore as her dainty hands stroked her swollen belly, her every caress soft and gentle, to not startle the growing babes within her.

"I know love, I know." Her husband allowed a long-suffering sigh to escape his lips, "believe me when I say that I dislike this contract as much as you do, but what would you have me do about it?"

The woman felt the bed she was lying on dip, and she could not keep the gentle smile off her face when she felt her husbands' hands join hers in caressing her pregnant belly, but her smile was not meant to last as thoughts of the contract her beloved had created came crashing back to the forefront of her mind.

"It's not fair." She whispered, "that their life is decided like that before they even had the chance to be born."

"I know." Her husband agreed readily, "but when have politics ever been fair to anyone."

Silence followed that statement, interrupted only by the sounds of their breathing and the shuffle of their naked skin against the silken sheets covering their luxurious bed.

That was until the husband's voice once more echoed through their chambers, "but it's not all black either my love. The little ones have time, and I'll try to buy them more if they should need it. And the contract will only affect the firstborn, the second born will be free to do as he or she pleases, which is more freedom than you, Sirzechs, or I had growing up."

The woman sighed before a smile, ever so small, bloomed on her face, "yes, I suppose that it could be worst. Still, I can't help but feel like we've failed them already…"

"That might be true, but I have faith in our little ones." The husband murmured with a thoughtful look in his turquoise eyes.

"What do you mean Zeoticus?"

Zeoticus Gremory leaned forward to catch his wives' lips in a chaste kiss, "it's nothing Venelana, my love, I just have this feeling that everything will be fine. Maybe that's my father's intuition speaking to me right now?"

A very much unladylike snort escaped Venelana Gremory's lips, "I don't think that it works that way, but yes, let's call it your father's intuition…but I think you might be right. I too have been getting this feeling that our babies will create quite the stir when they're grown up."

Neither Zeoticus nor Venelana had any idea just how right they were.

For a Bonafede Maelstrom was about to be unleashed unto the poor Devils of the Underworld.


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