~As Close as Siblings~


Chapter One


Naruto laughed joyously as he ran through the grand castle of his new family, his hand holding onto a smaller one. He tilted his head aside and looked at her, taking in her beautiful crimson red hair, her big, toothy grin and the sparkle in her turquoise eyes as they ran-hand in hand-through the grand and illustrious halls.

His beautiful twin sister.

Heh, there were many things that Naruto suspected when he agreed to Kami's offer, but to end up with a clingy twin sister was not one of them.

When he was reborn, he could still feel the twinge of pain every time he thought back to the life he lost, the one that he could've had had Sasuke not killed him. But those dreary thoughts didn't last long.

The moment he experienced what it meant to love and be loved all thoughts of his previous life as Uzumaki Naruto vanished into the back of his mind, buried beneath the love of his parents, the love of his older siblings and the unconditional love of his twin sister.

He was Naruto Gremory and…he was happy!

"Onii-chan!" He smiled at the cute squeal of little Rias, "c'mon we need to run quicker, or he'll catch us!"

Naruto glanced over his shoulder and could not quite suppress the snort that escaped him at the sight that greeted him.

"I'm going to catch you, you little brats! Mark my words, I'm going to catch you for this!" There was just something cathartic about seeing his older brother in a state like this.

Sirzechs Lucifer-yeah, he was the little brother of freaking Lucifer!-struck quite the image as he chased after his little siblings. Even the servants that the three siblings passed during their impromptu game of chase couldn't keep their laughter in check at seeing the ruler of the Underworld running after the two troublemakers of House Gremory.

With his usually crimson hair a bright neon pink and his face covered in a clowns make-up.

'Yup, that-people-is the King of the Underworld alright, haha!'

"I swear you'll pay for this one!" Sirzechs cried as he sprinted after his younger siblings, his head comically big and a large cloud of dust trailing in his wake. "I'm gonna tickle you to death! Muhahaha! You hear that Rias!? That's right I'm gonna tickle you until you pee yourself from all the laughter!"

"No!" Rias squawked in fright and began to run even faster until she was the one to pull Naruto along behind her. "You're not going to catch me Onii-sama!"

Naruto only laughed joyously as he ran after Rias. He could overtake her again but decided against it and instead allowed her to lead him wherever. It was not as if they could outrun their older brother anyways. Sirzechs Lucifer was known as the most powerful Devil of the Underworld, Naruto was quite sure that if he wanted, he could've caught them long ago.

But that was just Sirzechs. That was their beloved older brother who enjoyed playing with them every chance he got, who never truly got mad at them no matter what they did, and who would always humor them and make a fool out of himself just to get them to smile.

Sirzechs was the way Naruto imagined the perfect older brother to be like.

Still laughing Naruto shouted over his shoulder, "that's what you get for sleeping in your office! If we didn't prank you then Grayfia-nee would've scolded, you and we all know which would've been worst!"

Rias giggled cutely, "Onii-chan's right!"

"There is no point in talking anymore!" Sirzechs cried dramatically, "shots have been fired, and now I want retribution!"

"You drama queen!" Naruto shouted back with a big toothy grin splitting his face, "if you want to get your payback then you'll just have to catch us!"

Then suddenly Naruto wasn't moving anymore.


He looked down to see that his legs were still moving along the motions of a sprint, but there was no longer any ground beneath them, he was just flailing them around in midair. He glanced at Rias to see that she was in much the same situation. She had her eyes closed tightly and was kicking her legs wildly, but it was no use for there was a hand that held her up by the back of her light-yellow summer dress.

This boded badly, didn't it?

Naruto glanced over his shoulder and winced when he saw his brother standing there, holding both twins by the scruff of their necks as if they weighed nothing, which considering that they were only five, they really didn't.

"What was is that you said little brother?" Sirzechs cocked his head aside and grinned at him. That clown make-up really made him look creepy.

"Uhm has anyone ever told you that pink suits you?" Naruto asked meekly while trying to wiggle himself free from Sirzechs grasp. "Because it really does! Goes well with the make-up."

When Sirzechs eye began to twitch Naruto realized that he done goofed, they were in for it now. So, he did what any overprotective sibling in this situation would do, he cocked his leg forward and let his heel fly back, right into Lucifer's unholy crown jewels.

Yes, Naruto would go down but maybe his little sister would make it to safety!

For a moment, the Satan Lucifer just stood there frozen, then his eyes widened and bulged to the size of saucers. He dropped the twins like hot potatoes and his hands shot to his injured testicles and he bent over in pain.

"Oh…you kicked me in the…damn you…you little devil spawn…"

Naruto winced, "yeah sorry 'bout that, but you know." Naruto shrugged and turned to Rias, "c'mon Rias-chan!"

He grabbed the stunned girl and took off once more, however they did not get far before the twins ran into a solid wall of something before Naruto once more felt himself being lifted off the ground.

Curse his small and light frame!

"What do we have here?" Both Naruto and Rias grinned at their father who-like Sirzechs had before-held them up by the scruff of their necks. "Two troublemakers on the loose, and what happened to you Sirzechs!? Did you fall face first into a rainbow?"

Zeoticus looked to be struggling with keeping himself from breaking out into laugher at his eldest son's appearance, a struggle that he began to lose, and a few chuckles began to escape him.

"You know damn well what happened to me, old man!" Sirzechs glared up from his crouched over position, his eyes focusing on the two dangling children who were whistling innocently. "And Naruto, was that kick really necessary!?"

"Hey, I had to protect my sister from the creepy clown!" Naruto retorted with a cheeky grin on his lips.

"Why you little…"

"Okay enough you two!" Zeoticus cut in while gently placing Rias down in the ground and the little minx quickly scrambled behind her father's leg where she stuck her tongue out at her eldest brother. "Naruto apologize to your brother and Sirzechs…please go and wash yourself, you look ridiculous!"

"…thanks father, I appreciate the compliment." The current Lucifer muttered despondently before he straightened himself out and walked up to Naruto who was still held up by his father, "anyways I'm waiting little brother…let me hear the music."

The former Shinobi pouted at his older brother before muttering, "…sorry."

Sirzechs leaned in with a big grin splitting his make-up covered face apart, "sorry could you repeat that? I didn't quite catch what you were saying."

"I said I'm sorry." Naruto finally relented with a roll of his eyes, crossing his arms as he still dangled a foot above the ground.

"Now do that again but say it like you mean it, you little brat!"

Naruto stuck his tongue out at the King of all Devils, "that's the best you're gonna get outta me!"

"No respect!" Sirzechs threw his arms up, "you'd think that my little brother would idolize me, but no! No, he's a little brat hell bent on making my days as difficult as possible, even worst is the fact that thanks to you my cute little Ria-tan is becoming so cruel to me as well!"

Naruto's eyebrow twitched as he watched how his pink-haired make-up covered clown of a brother made a clown out of himself…

'Yep…that's my brother alright…that's my older brother who rules an entire kingdom.'

"Now to be fair Nii-chan, you're kinda asking to be pranked with the way you treat us." Naruto muttered, thinking back to all the embarrassing moments he and Rias had to live through thanks to Sirzechs.

"But I can't help it!" Sirzechs cried out, "I just have to show my love for my little siblings!"

"Okay that's enough." Zeoticus cut in sharply, "Sirzechs, go and get yourself washed. You're a busy Devil, you shouldn't be wasting your precious time arguing with your brother. And Naruto, if I am not mistaken you and your sister should be with your teachers right now, no? Do I need to remind you of what your mother would do if she found out that you two were neglecting your studies again?"

Both twins stiffened and broke out into cold sweats, even Sirzechs suddenly looked rather uncomfortable.


"Yes Rias?"

"Shouldn't we be heading back to our studies?"

"Yes, I think we should."

Rias grabbed onto her twins' hand-hooking her arm around his in a dignified and ladylike manner-before she began to walk away while dragging her brother after her.

Not that Naruto minded, he held his head high as he fell into stride with Rias leaving behind a chuckling father and miffed older brother.

"Brats…" Sirzechs muttered while trying and failing to wipe of the dusting of paint covering his face.

"Then why do you keep humoring them?" Zeoticus asked with a knowing smirk, slicking back some strands of his bright crimson hair.

"You know damn well why I do what I do father." Sirzechs smiled as he watched his little siblings walk away while acting as if nothing ever happened.

"That I do, you're a good brother Sirzechs."

Sirzechs looked at his father with his usually bright eyes dimming in the waning light of the artificial sun that streamed in through the large-several foot tall-windows that dotted the right-side wall of the hallway.

"I doubt that that will be enough."


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