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Third person

Percy Jackson, the two time savior of Olympus, had a secret, not a big one, a minor one, mind you. Percy Jackson, was a duelist, he wasn't even a small time duelist either, he was the youngest champion in America. After having won the championship in America, the young man, at the age of fifteen, was on his way to Duelist Kingdom, to take part in the tournament there, hosted by Maximillion Pegasus, the creator himself. He had to be down by the docks, early in the morning, for he would be leaving by a boat, he called up in the night, and using the mist, was able to fake papers, showing his ownership of the boat, the only ones who knew were his father, and his aunts.

Last night, after getting home from the party on Olympus, Perseus found a letter on his bed, oddly enough, his mother was nowhere to be seen, so he just opted to read the letter.


I am Maximillion Pegasus, creator of duel monsters, and owner of both duelist kingdom and industrial illusions. I am inviting you to take part in the duel tournament I am hosting. Also, if you wish to ever see your mother again, come to my island, win eight star chips, and defeat me in a duel, otherwise you will never see your mother again. I await your arrival, young champion.

Maximillion Pegasus, owner of Duelist kingdom, creator of the duel monsters card games, and president of Industrial Illusions."

Glancing down into the box, that came with the letter, there was only two other things, a glove holding two star chips, and a brochure, containing information about the island. Perseus, after looking over the brochure, decided to send a quick iris message to his father, "iris o goddess of the rainbow, please accept my offering, and show my Poseidon." after throwing a drachma into the mist that he had formed, he waited for a few seconds, and soon enough, the mist faded to show the Greek god of the Seas, and the ruler of Atlantis.

"Percy, how are you my son? Is something wrong? You seem a bit troubled?" the god asked his son.

Percy point of view

"You know about me being a duelist, right? Well I got a letter from the creator of the duel monsters cards, and he has challenged me. What's worse, he took mom, so I was hoping if you could let Zeus know that I won't be around for a while?" I asked him with a sheepish look on my face, while rubbing the back of my head.

"very well, however, do be careful, but do make sure to tell your friends, I really don't think Zeus would take to kindly to them bombarding him with questions about your disappearance, nor do I think he would be to thrilled with them showing up and attacking him because they think he killed you." dad said dryly.

I wanted to laugh, the mental image alone of the campers accosting Zeus was very funny. "yeah, okay I will tell them, although I don't know how long I will be gone, but I can't just let mom be held captive her entire life. I am getting sick of those who keep kidnapping my mother, it's pissing me off." I scowled.

My father just looked at me with amusement dancing in his eyes, "now, that this seriousness is done, what is this I am hearing about you and a certain somebody last night? Do you have a crush on someone Percy?"

I glared at him, feeling the heat in my cheeks, "shut up, pervert. You really need to quit smoking that underwater seaweed."

Dad just threw his head back and laughed, "ha ha, you should know my boy, nothing stays secret on Olympus, and there were some witnesses who caught the two of you together, however, I do have a few wishes. Just two of them I will explain right now, one of them is for you to live your life how you want, do what makes you happy."

I looked at him, and raised an eyebrow, "I can and will do that, and the other one is?" here my dad looked at me, and just smirked, "do use protection, I don't want to see any Percy juniors running around right now. Even if the idea of them giving Zeus, Hades, and Athena some aneurysms, is amusing."

I blushed a bit, before yelling at him, "YOU GODS DAMNED PERVERT." my dad just started laughing so hard, tears came pouring out of his eyes, I angrily swiped an arm through the message. I then pulled out another drachma, and tossed it into another made mist, calling out for the goddess once again, "iris, o goddess of the rainbow, please accept my offering and show me Camp Half blood, Chiron, and the campers." once the aforementioned people showed, I called out, "hey."

They all looked up, and Chiron just smiled while exclaiming at me, "Percy my boy, how are you? Is everything okay?" I just smirked at him and said, "I am fine, however I wanted to let you guys know, I have to do a quest to find my mom, and I don't know how long I will be gone for. So I won't be able to help if you guys need it, I am sorry." they just nodded and smiled at me, "it's okay Percy, we understand. Take all of the time you need. Although, if you need help, just let us know, and we will be there, okay? You are our friend." I smiled, and cut through the message.

I looked at the clock, and decided to go and grab a quick bite to eat, and then sat down, and sorted through my cards, to decide on what deck(s) to take with me. Cards, I had spent years gathering and playing with, some more so than others. I picked up my favorite card, the very first one, my Blue Eyes White Dragon. I stared at it, lost in the memory of when I found it.


a young child was running down the street, trying to escape from a giant one eyed man, who had been chasing him all day, ever since he left school. The giant and stupid beast was lumbering towards him, chuckling hungrily, salivating for it's would be rather juicy morsel. The young boy tripped, and fell down in an alley. The beast slowed down, enjoying the young child's fear. The boy whimpered, and covered his head with his arms, scared and not wanting to see its devourer's face.

"what's the matter, sea spawn? Why the long face? Don't worry, you won't be long for this cold, cruel world. Once I devour you, you will be put out of your misery. Once lord Kronos and lady Gaea arise, the rest of your demigod brethren, will soon join you in being our food and entertainment. This world shall be ruled by the monsters."

All of a sudden, there was a bright white flash, and a loud roar. Percy looked up, only to be blinded, by a rather beautiful and majestic beast in front of him. A gorgeous white dragon, with blue eyes. The dragon opened its mouth, and a massive blast of white, blue ringed energy came barreling out, and hit the cyclops directly, bursting it into a pile of dust.

Percy looked up, dare he to hope? The monster was gone, he beamed up at the dragon, somehow just knowing it wasn't going to harm him. The dragon lowered itself, and then gave a fanged grin, before sticking out it's tongue, and licking the child on the cheek. Then with a glimpse of light, the dragon was gone. Glancing down, a card was laying on the ground, with the front facing up. Picking it up, the boy's eyes widened, for on the card, was the same dragon that just saved him, he smiled, before putting the card in his pocket. The boy left the alley, and on the road to his house, he fell unconscious, he was exhausted, due to being chased by the monster all day.

His eyes snapped open, staring at the sea blue ceiling of his room, at his home. His mom, sitting next to him, just smiled, happy that her son was awake. The boy looked upset, reminiscing that the dragon was all a dream. A tear slowly made its way down his cheek. His mother asked, "what's wrong, baby?"

"it was a dream, a nightmare that became a dream. I was being chased by a one eyed monster, who was about to eat me, and then this amazing and pretty white dragon came out and blasted it with lightning. It was like BOOM. But then the dragon disappeared and left behind this card. It seemed so real. But it was just a dream, I must have made it all up, I guess the heat and excitement of the day got to me." Percy said excited, but then sadly.

Sally, just smiled down at her son, and said, "I wouldn't bet on that, did the card look like this?" she then pulled out a blue eyes white dragon card. My eyes went big and wide. It was!

Mom just smiled and handed me the card. And thus begun, not only my path to become the god of games, but the god of dragons, warriors, duels, battles, and monsters.

Flashback end

Glancing down, I smiled, happy and thankful to the blue eyes, my oldest friend, who appeared at my side, in spirit form. The duels we went through, and all of the other cards I bought, or won. I looked down, thinking on the decks I need to build and use, as well as strategizing, adding spells, magic, and trap cards.

Now, the notes

1.) this will take place after the second titan war, but possibly before Gaea, percy had turned fifteen when he defeated kronos, he won't turn sixteen for quite a few months

2.) this will begin in duelist kingdom (obviously) and will eventually take place in gx

3.) pairings. Most likely going to be Percy x multiple females, and some not human, why? Because I can, and some might be rare, lol

4.) not sure how the ancient egypt part will play out, or the supreme king, or the great leviathan, with Percy being here, lol

5.) yea, so far Percy is the only demigod duelist, lol

6.) a lot of cards Percy will use won't be out yet, so meh

7.) not sure how mythology is going to play into this

8.) need help building some decks for Percy, lol

9.) some things will come up later, lol