"I summon Neo The Magic Swordsman, in attack mode, and I end my turn." Ishizu looked down at her card that she just drew, Shinato's ark, all she needed now was to draw Shinato, King Of A Higher Plane, and she could win this.

Percy then took a moment to consider his situation. 'This is not good. I have nothing that can stand up against her Dark Voltanis, because I have a feeling she has something planned for Blue Eyes White Dragon. Oh well, I guess I will just go with this.'

"I draw." looking at the card he just drew, Percy sighed, it wasn't going to help much but it could probably help a little bit.

"I summon Red Eyes Black Dragon, in attack mode." with a loud screech, a burst of red and black energy, the beautiful black dragon with it's scarlet eyes appeared, and took place on the field next to Blue Eyes White Dragon. Looking at his dragons, Percy let a small smile show on his face. After all, these two were his first duel monsters, and they were probably his favorite.

"I end my turn, after I place both Luster Dragon and Spear Dragon in defense mode." the young demigod said.

"I draw." the beautiful Egyptian woman said, as she picked up one card off of the pile. Upon seeing what she drew, (Shinato, King Of A Higher Plane), she smiled, and called out, "this one card will ensure my victory."

"I activate my ritual spell card, Shinato's Ark. By sacrificing both Dunames Dark Witch, and Constellar Virgo, I summon Shinato, King Of A Higher Plane." a huge dome of light shook the field, before the massive fairy took his place on the field.

"Of course, he can't attack this turn, so I will end my turn." the dark skinned woman spoke.

'Oh fuck me.' Percy thought, as he weighed his options. 'the only way I can win this is to get two cards, but what are the odds of me getting both of them, and getting them before she destroys Red Eyes Black Dragon?'

"I draw. I activate Graceful Charity, by drawing three cards, I discard two." he looked at his hand, in order to think on which two to discard, he had Hunter Dragon, polymerization, Meteor Dragon, and Luster dragon # 2.

"I discard my Luster dragon # 2, and my Hunter dragon. I then activate Polymerization, to fuse my Red Eyes Black Dragon, and my Meteor Dragon, in order to summon my Meteor Black Dragon." with a large burst of fire, followed up by a loud roar, the newly fused dragon took to the field.

"I end my turn." Percy said with a small smirk.

Ishizu narrowed her eyes. 'this whole duel has gone wrong. The millennium necklace never showed him having some of these cards. I was under the impression that there were only four Blue Eyes White Dragons, if so, how does he have one? Because the other four were all accounted for. I didn't expect this Meteor Black Dragon either. He really is unpredictable, isn't he? Perhaps now would be a good time to give him the cards? Marik would have no way of knowing. But is handing him those cards the right thing to do? Hm, what to do, what to do? I should finish this match first.'

"Very well, then, seeing as I have already lost." Ishizu said before placing her hand on top of her deck. She had forfeited, causing Percy's eyes to widen. He opened his mouth, about to ask why, when she beat him to the punch, "I have nothing in my deck that can defeat your Meteor Black Dragon. I don't know what your face down card is either, so really attacking would be a fool's errand. Congratulations, you won. That being said, I suppose I owe you some answers, don't I?" she told him.

"Don't feel too bad I got lucky with Graceful Charity. I honestly did not expect to pull off that win. If you're offering, then yes I do have some questions I would love to have answered." Percy told her.

"I never even saw that coming. My millennium necklace gives me the ability to see the past or even the future. The outcome I saw from our duel was me winning, yet somehow you completely disrupted and defied fate. You won, despite my visions of you losing." she told him. Percy didn't know what to say to that, after all, how do you tell someone how you can do something that you don't even know how you are doing?

"Well I guess that answers how you know who I am as well. Answer me this then, why exactly did you want to duel me? Somehow I don't quite thank it's because of anything Pegasus is offering." Percy asked her.

"You are right, Pegasus does not interest me in the slightest, at least not anything he is offering. I have no need for money or duel monster cards. No I came here because the millennium necklace was giving me visions of you, so I decided to come investigate. I also came to deliver a card to you, one that I want your word you will guard relentlessly. It cannot afford to fall into the wrong hands, am I understood? It's power is immense." she told him seriously.

"Okay lady, you are just giving me more questions rather than answers. Who are these people after this card, what is this card that you are so worried about? Why me? I am sure there are many other people who would be better off safeguarding this card, rather than me." Percy was honestly getting annoyed and confused.

"The card, is an Egyptian god card. There are only three of them, and they are the most powerful cards in the world. My brother has been searching for them, he has found one, but he doesn't know I have the rest with me, he thinks I hid them, and I wish to keep it that way. Their names are Winged Dragon Of Ra, Obelisk The Tormentor, and Slifer The Sky Dragon. I shudder to think what would happen should to the world, should my brother get his hands on all three of them. My brother has Slifer The Sky Dragon, while I managed to secure the other two. I wish for you to take one. As for their being other more powerful duelists? Well that's debatable. Sure Yugi Muto has Exodia The Forbidden One, and Setsuna Kaiba has three Blue Eyes White Dragons, along with Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, but you are a powerful duelist as well from what I just saw, you give off a powerful aura, so powerful in fact, that you managed to bring the monsters themselves out of their cards, and gave them physical form, at least that's what my necklace showed me. Plus, the necklace has shown me handing you a god card, though I am not sure which one, because lately it has been blurred out, I could only make out the word Divine from the bottom of the card. My guess is because you are so unpredictable, that the card you receive from me, is also changing. So therefore I will ask you, do you have a preference? Here's both cards so that you can make up your mind.

Obelisk The Tormentor

10 stars

monster/DIVINE/Divine – Beast / effect

ATK/DEF 4000/4000

Requires 3 tributes to normal summon (cannot be normal set.)

This card's Normal Summon cannot be negated. When Normal Summoned, cards and effects cannot be activated. Neither player can target this card with card effects once per turn, during the end phase, if this card was special summoned, send it to the graveyard. You can tribute 2 monsters, destroy all monsters your opponent controls. This card cannot declare an attack the turn this effect is activated.

The other card was,

Winged Dragon Of Ra

10 stars



This card cannot be set. This card can only be tribute summoned by tributing 3 monsters. The normal summon of this card cannot be negated. When this card is normal summoned, spells, traps and other monsters' effects cannot be activated. While this card is on the field. The summon of this card cannot be negated. Control of this card cannot switch and it is unaffected by the effects of spell cards, trap cards, and other monsters. Your opponent cannot tribute this card. When this card is special summon from the graveyard, it is sent to the graveyard during the end phase. If this card is special summoned; destroy all card(s) your opponents controls. This card can always attack during the turn it is summoned. This card's attack and defense are equal to the combined ATK and DEF of the monsters tributed to summon it, respectively. You may pay 1000 Life Points to destroy all monsters your opponent controls. When this card is special summon you can use these effects:

●You can tribute monsters in order to increase this card's ATK by the tributed monsters' ATK. You can pay any amount of life points in order to increase this card's ATK by the amount of life points paid. This card can attack directly. If you use this effect, you can send one "De-Fusion" in your hand or under your control to the graveyard in order to reduce this card's ATK to 0 and increase your Life Points by this card's prior ATK also negated the attack.

●During either player's turn, you can pay 1000 life points, immediately transform "The Winged Dragon of Ra" into its Phoenix Mode. Until the end of the turn this effect is activated, the ATK and DEF of this card are reduced to 0 (the ATK and DEF of this card return to their respective values prior to this effect's use) and it gains the following effects: ● This card cannot be destroyed by battle, and you take no battle damage from battles involving this card. ● This card cannot be targeted and is unaffected by the effects of other monsters, spells, and traps. The effect of "The Winged Dragon of Ra" only affects this card for one turn.

"So Perseus, which will it be? Obelisk, or Ra?" Ishizu asked him.

"I choose….."Percy told her.

Well that's a wrap here guys. What do you think? Which god card should he get? Now obviously he won't use it for a while, I plan to incorporate the other god cards as well, like the Sacred Beast cards, and The Wicked God cards.

Now I know I will most likely face a lot of backlash from the effect(s) I gave Ra, well here's the thing. Those are apparently the anime effects, which is what this is based off of, so yeah, plus some of those I remember always being used in duels when I was younger and people would use The Winged Dragon Of Ra.

Yep, Percy's unpredictability strikes again. What do you all think about Meteor Black Dragon? Not going to lie, my original plan was to use Black Skull Dragon, then that changed to F.G.D, then that was scrapped as well. Should Percy get two other Blue Eyes White Dragons, so he can make his own Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon?

Still taking harem considerations, lol

Also, anyone interested in helping me try to incorporate some Greek mythology into card making? Just something fun for this fic, I think.

I am curious though, how do you think the Blue Eyes White Dragon's White Lightning would match up compared to Zeus' master bolt

I have an idea featuring Percy's duel monsters and the hunters, not sure how well it will go over though.