"I choose Obelisk, The Tormentor." Percy said to Ishizu. The dark skinned beauty nodded her head, handing over the card. Percy wasn't even paying attention, the card in his hands was radiating a decent amount of power. Ishizu, upon seeing his gaze aimed towards his new Egyptian God card, walked over and sat down on a rock, allowing Percy to gather whatever thoughts and questions he had. They had some time, after all.

'Why was this card giving me the strongest feeling? I felt drawn to Ra as well, but Obelisk pulled me stronger. Maybe I wasn't meant to hold onto Ra yet, if at all? Questions for the future I guess. For now, Ishizu needs to answer some of my questions, if she can.' Percy thought to himself, before snapping his gaze over to the Pharaoh's tomb keeper.

'So he took Obelisk. My millennium necklace was wrong, again. I foresaw him taking Ra today. Why has this happened? No one can defy fate and change their destiny, yet he has done it twice! Now the whole future has changed. Perhaps, he is more influenced by his previous life than I had thought? He has always been one to make his own path, and to challenge the Fates. Hm, I suppose checking the future again just to see what all has changed. My plans must be made accordingly.' Ishizu pondered her own thoughts.

Closing her eyes, she placed a hand to the millennium necklace she was wearing, causing it to glow brightly. Her mind was assaulted by many images. She saw many duels rage across the city, the city that appeared to be Domino, judging by the signs she briefly managed to read.

One duel, however, caught her attention, for on one side of the field, she saw the Winged Dragon Of Ra, in all her glory. The other side, had Obelisk standing tall, and right by him, coiled up, was Slifer The Sky Dragon, in all of her own glory. Focusing hard, Ishizu couldn't make out who the figure was on either side, the duelist. The one, on whose side stood Obelisk and Slifer, kept flickering between two people. She couldn't make out any details, though.

On Ra's dueling field, the figure there was obscured in thick shadows, leaving nothing visible to the human eye. Straining her eyes, and channeling more of the millennium necklace, and she was still rendered blind. Shaking her head to clear away the images, she was then bombarded by more images.

She was taken to an island, in the middle of the ocean, with a building on it. Several faculties sat hosted on the island, with buildings that could only be dorms located around as well. One run down filthy dorm had a red roof, broken windows, torn off doors, rotted floors, ripped and cut up mattresses, a rather decently, modest home had a yellow roof, clear windows, solid and whole doors, clean floors, queen sized beds, and the last two mansions, had pristine, brilliantly white, shining walls and columns, with blue roofs, wide, sparkling windows, large, double doors, leading to spacious, huge rooms, a massive dining hall, fancy, crystal chandeliers on the ceilings, hot tubs, pool tables, wine cabinets, an ice skating ring, nice, large bath tubs, an indoor pool, all in all? A home for snotty, rich kids.

Her necklace now showed her a duel taking place on the island. Three duel monsters were standing on a field, they looked like cheap knock offs of the Egyptian God cards. A person was standing across from them, holding a duel disk out. Before Ishizu could see anything else, she was taken to another vision.

Standing on the same island, she was now on top of the big building in the center of the island. Three people were at the top. She was unable to see their physical features, nor could she hear what they were saying, she did, however, notice they were all dueling. Evidently her necklace decided she saw enough.

'So many things have changed. Before, I could see anything and everything. Now the future is murky and unclear. What once was, is no longer certain. It was destiny that the Pharaoh would defeat my brother and cleanse him of the darkness. That no longer seems clear. Perhaps I made a mistake in handing over Obelisk to Percy? No I couldn't have. The card himself was reacting to Percy. There must be some other reason. But what could that reason be? Only time may tell. I truly do hope this was not error in judgment.' Ishizu thought to herself, her heart weighing somewhat heavy.

Opening her eyes, and fighting off the headache that had built up, she noticed Percy was standing in front of her, staring at her. She slightly blushed at the intensity of his unwavering gaze.

"I take it you want your questions answered, yes?" Ishizu managed to get out. Percy nodded his head.

"I hope you are ready. I have a lot. Though, I'm not sure if you can answer them all. Why did you seek me out? Why did you give me this card? Who are you? Why did you even come here? What is that on your neck? It seemed as if you were praying to it, and using it for something. Why did Pegasus take my mom and my brother? What does he want? How do you know who I am?" Percy fired out, Ishizu, for her part, just sat back calmly and thought on how to best answer him.

"These answers may confuse you, I will do my best to answer them, as well as explain. My name is Ishizu Ishtar. My family has been, since the time of his passing, the tomb keepers of the ancient nameless Pharaoh. We have long since watched over his resting place, reading his life on the tablets. Waiting for the foretold day of his return. I believe that to be in the form of young Yugi Muto. He who wields the millennium puzzle. I dueled him, sadly, I was not impressed. I dueled Setsuna Kaiba as well, while slightly better, she left much to be desired as well. I came to find the third person on the scriptures, or rather the descendant of the third person, you. I wanted and needed to test your strength, for there is a darkness coming, one that was prophesied to be unstoppable to all but a few, you, along with Setsuna, and Yugi, were one of those few.

They failed, as I mentioned. Obelisk can and will help you, I do believe he will help you, the necklace sent me a vision, it does that, helps me see the future, I saw myself giving this card to someone, someone who would defeat me in a duel, here at duelist kingdom. I believe that person to be you, and Obelisk believes it as well, judging by his reaction to you. I do not know why Pegasus took your mother and brother. Perhaps his millennium eye has corrupted him, or maybe he wishes to take your millennium item as well, or he might want to hold your mother and brother captive, in order to get you to ask your Gods and Goddesses to return his wife to him. I know he wants the millennium items as well, so he could just use them to bring his wife back. As I have said, I am unsure of his true motives. He could simply be mad.

I know who you are, because of the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. While they don't have children, they do have followers still, and sometimes inform us of those who we need to speak to. Your name came up quite a bit, seems like they think highly of you. The Gods call you an honorable and respectful warrior, and the Goddesses seem to think you are desirable." Ishizu explained, with her last sentence being full of mirth. Apparently him being lusted after by Goddesses was amusing to her.

Percy put a hand to his forehead, "oh great, just what I need. Ancient prophecies. Battles against dark and evil beings. I thought I was done with all of that. Should've known. The Fates hate me, they truly, really do hate me, after all."

Ishizu, having finished her explanation by now, and listening to Percy ramble on about how the Fates hate him, reached over and handed him two star chips. Glancing at his gauntlet, she noticed he now had six star chips. 'That's over half. Soon, he will duel Pegasus. Maybe. The necklace wasn't clear on that matter either. I don't know if he or young Yugi will be defeating Pegasus. The image was to blurry. I just saw Pegasus staring down at his field, while on his knees.' the Egyptian beauty thought to herself. Noticing how dark it was getting, thanks to their duel and talk, Percy offered to share the camp with her, an offer she was happy to accept.

"It's getting pretty late out. Would you like to stay? Thanks to Hestia's blessing, I can summon food, and I can keep the fire warm, as well as summon blankets, pillows, or even a bed if you wish?" Percy asked her.

"That would be most appreciated, thank you, though there is no need to trouble yourself, just the bare, basic necessities will do." Ishizu answered him gratefully. Upon being answered, he closed his eyes, and thought for a moment, a fire formed in the clearing, and not to far off, a basket hosting several delicious home cooked, healthy meals, along with warm, soft, fuzzy blankets and nice fluffy pillows. She smiled thankfully at him.

'I can't wait to see what your future holds, Perseus. I have a feeling you will be the greatest duelist of your time. It will be wondrous to see your path, when all is written.' With her last thought drifting through her mind, she curled up in her blanket, and laid her head on her pillow, her eyes closed, and she was out.

Percy himself, crashed not to long after, grateful that he received no dreams or visions, he needed sleep.

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