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Chapter One

The beginning

Chris flicked his indicator to turn left as he turned into a deserted industrial road. His fists clenched around the wheel and his jaw clenched as his car rolled closer to it's destination. His destination. He would never admit it to any but himself- he was nervous. While preparing to move on the Winters' residence, he had received a text. There had been no number attached to the text and he had had no way of responding to it, but he had been on edge ever since.

The text had been from someone who, for all intents and purposes, was a dead man. Legally and almost every other way except for actually being dead- which, considering Chris had shot the man into lava, was nothing short of a miracle. That was neither here nor there though, the text had given a time and an address and a message of;

It is of the utmost importance we meet,


Now, contrary to popular belief, Chris was not as dense as he was made out to be. He knew exactly who the alias 'Whittman' was used by. He still remembered the nuggets of information he had been able to gather from Claire from back when she had still been denying her relationship with the man. Chris flinched at the memory as he turned into the driveway of a tall metal building.
Perhaps he was as dense as people thought him to be? Why else would he come, alone, to an industrial building in the middle of nowhere, to meet a man who had caused people so much pain, a man who Chris had killed. A dangerous man.

It is of the utmost importance we meet

The words replayed in his mind. The man had not been sighted in years, as far as the world was concerned, he was dead. He had been laying low and, considering how happy Claire was on the rare occasions they spoke, as well as Leon's monthly reports, the man seemed perfectly happy conducting private research and- as crazy as it sounds- enjoying life with his family.
The man had been making a real effort to ensure that people did not know about his continued existence and Chris had been happy to pretend that he was dead- until now, that is.

The utmost importance

He turned his car off and pulled his keys from the ignition. This was not going to be an easy mission to him. He had, initially wanted to ignore the text, to just fuck off whatever he had wanted, but a voice in the back of his mind had nagged at him, had egged him on- what if something was wrong? It was so unlike him to reach out and n because of this fact, Chris now found himself in the car, outside the building and trying to talk himself into getting out of the car.

He patted his side and felt a small relief that his baretta was nestled within its holster, it may be effectively useless against him but it still made him feel safer. With a shaky breath he un-clipped his seat belt and pushed his car door open. Leaves crunched under his feet as he pulled himself out of the car and he pushed the door closed behind him with a click. He looked around, scanned the surrounding area for any who were their to ambush him. After a few moments he continued forward to the building, satisfied that there were no snipers- that he could see- ready to kill hm.

He eyed the slightly rusted steel door, which matched the steel exterior of the building. It loomed over him, a breeze pushing against the building causing something to make a creaking sound. He shifted uncomfortably and reached for the handle and twisted it. He flinched at the screech of rust against rust. He could handle zombies and outbreaks, but apparently the creepy sounds of an old building still managed to get to him. Perhaps it was due to who he was meeting that caused his anxiety though. He pulled the door open and passed the threshold into the dark building. The light beamed through the open door, illuminating the room. Well most of it at least. Glancing around he could see odd papers littered across the floor and some old desks which had definitely seen better days.

Leaving the door behind him open, both for light and a quick getaway should the need arise, he took another step into the building. Where was the man? He took a quick glance down at his watch and grumbled inwardly. Of course the man would be late- probably another way to screw with his mind. There probably wasn't anything important and this was just silly scheme to piss him off, though even Chris had to admit that that idea sounded far to childish for Albert Wesker.

"Chris." Chris jumped higher than he would ever care to admit at the sound of his name being spoken. He turned to his left to see the source the, in his opinion, ever menacing vocal tones. "I am surprised that you agreed to come."

Chris took a moment to take stock as the other stepped out of the shadows and into the light. The man did not look very different from the last time he had seen him- well he looked less monstrous than he had in Africa, but physically, the man had not aged a day. Chris' eyes scanned over him, and he found himself noticing a few things;

His suit was less than impeccable. Chris had worked closely with the man for months, on top of the following years of knowing(fighting) the man. In all of those years, he had never seen Wesker dress in a way that was less than perfect… not that Chris had spent great lengths of time staring at the man in the past or anything like that.

His stance was off. Again, in all of the time Chris had known the man, Wesker had always had good- fucking perfect- posture. The man seemed to be slouching, not by much mind you, but enough that Chris' mind seemed to latch onto it.

The man was fucking pale. This could have been the lighting, but to Chris, Wesker seemed almost ghoulish, like he had not slept in years. At least, Chris would say he felt like he hadn't slept in years if he looked the way that Wesker currently did.

"Yeah, well, Colour me intrigued." Chris replied, almost cockily- he inwardly cringed. What was it about the man that brought out his 'Redfield sass'? He crossed his arms and looked at the man with a raised brow. Perhaps it was because of Claire that he was feeling more relaxed than he should have- when your sister holds the power to withhold sex- he sucked in a breath at the thought- from the man, it did give even the playing field a little.

"Oh?" Wesker replied coolly.

"Oh yeah," Chris nodded. "It's not every day that you get a message from a dead man." He continued to watch the man, and even though he could not see past the glasses, he knew the other was staring just as intently at him.

"Were there another option, I would not have contacted you." He replied in a tone that gave Chris pause, he had never heard that tone from the man before. It was strange.

"I figured that, so what's the problem? Claire put you in the doghouse- I ain't helping you get-" he went quiet and his eyes narrowed. He swore that he had just seen something pass the man's face. Some sort of expression, Chris could not name it, but he knew, knew, in that moment that something serious had happened.

"Your… associates…" Wesker began, something seething into his voice. "Are planning to dispose of a village in Romania?"

Chris' brow furrowed. How did Wesker know about that? "And?" he said evenly, wanting to know where this was going.

"You are going to… still that course until alerted otherwise." Wesker folded his arms across his chest. His fists seeming to clench.

"Any just why would I do that?" Chris snapped, who did the guy think he was? Dead men did not make demands, especially ones as ludicrous as that. "You want samples? Well tough luck ass-"

"A mutual associate is currently being held captive somewhere in that village." Wesker was being careful with his words.

Chris felt his chest tighten as the other's words. What was Wesker not telling him? Mutual associate? That literally did not narrow it down by much, they knew a surprising amount of people 'mutually'. That being said, there were only a few people that Wesker would go to the effort of pulling him aside to warn him about. Who was it? He felt his eye twitch, it couldn't be…

"Who is it?" he said cautiously, not sure if he wanted to know, but a piece of his telling him that he needed to. The way that Wesker was presenting himself said far too much about the situation- Wesker never looked this shit- putting it lightly.

Wesker said nothing. His body remained perfectly still as he stared down at Chris. Chris almost thought that he was not going to say anything before he caught the slight twitch of the other man's jaw, a tightening. The room's temperature seemed to drop a few degrees. A feat which could only be considered a miracle, given the fact that the building was made of metal and it was the middle of summer.

"No." Chris' fists clenched as his brain began to connect dots and jump to conclusions. It had to be them, why else would Wesker come to him with this ridiculous request? It made sense, given the man's current state of unrest. But surely not, no, why the fuck would she be in some backwater Romanian village? "If it's Claire you son of a bi-" he froze as he caught it, the light flinch.


His body began to shake. His fists became clammy and white as they clenched, he could hear the sound of his own blood thrumming in his ears. He took in a shaky breath and stepped forward. "You son of a bitch." He hissed. "Why the fuck is she in Romania!?" he waved his fist in anger. "What sick and twisted shit have you got her doing!?"

"Calm yourself Redfield." Came the hissed response. "Contrary to your fantasies I do not enlist the aid of Claire in my doings." He took a step forward and folded his arms across his chest. He paused for a moment, as though assessing his next words- the silence only served to fuel Chris' rage. "Jake was accosted, Kidnapped, by one Miranda."

At the news of Jake's kidnapping, Chris staggered back, the air being pushed out of his lungs. "J-jake…" he gasped.

"This was six months ago." Wesker continued, his voice not giving anything away. "Three weeks ago, I was able to get a fix on a potential location of Jake and Claire left." There was clearly more to the story, but Wesker was electing to keep it to himself.

"Claire…" Chris processed the words. "Why the fuck did you let her go!?" he shouted. "how the fuck did Jake get taken!?" Rage. Chris felt rage fill him to the core. Claire, his baby sister was being held- potentially dead- in Romania, and Jake… Fuck he hoped that they were okay.
"You…" he took a shuddering breath. "Bastard!" lunging forward, his fist grazed the other's jaw as Wesker moved away from the attack. Chris gave him no time to react before attacking again, this time his fist hit its target.

"What the fuck were you doing!?" he did not halt in his assault, he continued to swing at the blond, most blows missed but those that hit the target were hard. "Claire trusted you, fuck!" he lunged again, only this time Wesker grasped his wrists. His glasses slid down his nose as he glared down at the Redfield. His red eyes searing. Chris grunted as the other pressed down on his wrists hard enough to almost break them. The next thing Chris knew, he was flying though across the building. He let out a groan as his back collided with a wall, causing the building to groan unwholesomely.

"You will receive a message." Wesker's voice echoed through the building. "Until them, stay your hand from the detonator."

Chris let out a cough and pulled himself up to stand. He spat at the ground and looked up to retort, only to see that Wesker had gone- how he managed to do that, was a mystery that had always perplexed him. He grunted and ran to the door of the building and looked out. Nothing. It was almost as though he had never been there.

Breathing heavily, he thought over what had just happened. Wesker had come to him, effectively asking for help, because his nephew has been kidnapped… and Claire… Claire was gone too. He felt himself start to shake. What had happened- How had this happened? Miranda, Miranda had caused this. He staggered towards his car and pulled himself into it. He was going to deal with Miranda and do everything in his power to get Claire and Jake back.


Jake slicked back his lengthening auburn hair as he walked through the factory towards Heisenberg's office. It was quiet today, the soldat's did not seem to be making any noise- perhaps he had missed Heisenberg losing his cool at them? That was a bit of a shame, that was the one of the only things brining him any kind of joy in this hell hole.

It had been six months since he had been brought- kidnapped- here by that bitch Miranda. At least, Heisenberg had told him that it had been "about six months"; he hoped that the man hadn't been lying to him. He did not think that he was though, Heisenberg had been the nicest one to him out of the lords. At least, he didn't seem to try to hurt him- the same could be said about Moreau though, Jake frowned at the thought of the deformed man, that whole thing was a little sad.
Back to Heisenberg though, whenever it was his job to look after Jake, the man had given him free reign to do whatever he wanted- so long as it did not interrupt his preparations to murder Miranda- Jake was fine with that, he wanted to go home, and Heisenberg was working on a way to get rid of the main cause of the problem.
Jake reached the door to Heisenberg's main office. He could hear the now familiar sound of the man tinkering with something. He listened for the tell-tale grinding of the soldat's, but there was none- he wondered what kind of mood the man was going to be in as he reached up to knock on the door.

The door opened almost instantly after and Jake walked in with a confidence he did not have in any other part of the village. "Hey Mr.H!" he called out as he kicked the door shut behind him. As he walked further into the room, he discovered that he was correct in his assumption that the man had been tinkering with something.

Heisenberg was hunched over his desk, his 'shrine' to Miranda on display, complete with several knives littered across her photograph. The man did not respond to Jake's greeting, but a metal cup of water floated to the nine year old, informing him that he had at least been acknowledged. Jake accepted the cup and drank from it as he walked up to the older man. Looking over the tinkering man's shoulder, he noticed that the man seemed to be working on some sort of knife- a knife with multiple parts.

"What's that?" he asked.

"A multiblade, Kid." He replied as he pushed a button on the blade's hilt. He grinned as the other pieces seemed to snap to life and reattach themselves to the one main blade, as though magnetised.

"Check it out." He lifted the now whole blade and indicated for Jake to step back. When the child did as asked, Heisenberg himself stepped away from the shrine and held the knife up as though aiming it. He clicked the button again before throwing it at the picture. The blade broke off into multiple parts, each one landing on various parts of Miranda's face.

"That's… awesome!" Jake grinned, walking up to the picture. "I want one!"

Heisenberg walked back to the wall, grasped the blade's hilt and pulled it from the wall. He pushed the button and let out a chuckle as the other blades shot back to the main blade. He reached into his jackets pocket and pulled out a leather sheath, he sheathed the blade inside it. "Here kid." He held the knife out to Jake.

"Eh?" Jake's eyes bulged. "That for me?" When Heisenberg chuckled and nodded he grinned. "Cooool!" he gripped the gift in his hands before slipping it into his pants pocket. Miranda may have been lax in getting the boy's hair cut, but as least she was providing him with clean clothes. "Thanks Mr.H!"

Heisenberg ruffled the boys hair, chuckling when Jake let out a sound and tried to shoo the hands away. "Don't thank me kid- 'Mother Bitch' will be back soon, you'll probably need that." He pulled out a cigar before looking down at the boy. He frowned and put it away. He instead opted to raid his liquor stash. Bending to look under one of his tables, he grinned as he eyed his bottle of scotch.

Jake watched as the man poured himself a glass. His mind processing the news that he had just been given. Miranda was coming back. With his left hand free, he reached for his opposite forearm. It could not be seen due to his jacket, but his entire right arm was littered with marks from where the woman had attempted to infect him with the mold. Attempted being the key word, as, for some reason his body continued to fight and reject the 'gift'. He wasn't sure why, but he was grateful to whatever higher power was protecting him from becoming a member of Miranda's 'family'.

He liked Heisenberg well enough though. The man had no bullshit and so far had yet to lie to him. He wouldn't say it to the man's face, but he was nice- nice in 'the best out of a group of psycho's' kind of way.
Miranda had assigned times for each of the Lords to watch him, while she had been experimenting on him. So weekly he would be tossed to one of the houses, like some sick custody thing. Heisenberg's factory, by far, was his favourite place to stay, the man didn't care what he did and encouraged his dislike of Miranda- the fact that Jake was able to play with the cool stuff that Heisenberg made helped.
Donna's house was he next favourite, Angie was somewhat entertaining. But Donna's silence was unnerving at times and while Jake was mostly used to it by now, he still felt uncomfortable around her. The woman's affection for Miranda was also a bit of a deal breaker for him.
Moreau… well Jake just felt sorry for the guy. He didn't deserve what had happened to him and the man was the perfect example to the reason that Jake was grateful that his body kept 'rejecting' the cadou.
Then there was Lady Demicrescu, Jake did not like the lady- that wasn't even Heisenberg's influence. The woman was just a bitch. Her daughters were nice… as nice as crazies could be but at least they were bearable. Jake hated staying at her castle, he was always paranoid that she would eat him, or something similar. The woman had been strange lately as well, and her maids had been going missing over the course of a few weeks- it was making him worried that something was going to happen soon.

"Hey kid." Jake felt the cup float out of his hand, and he looked up to see Heisenberg grasp his right arm. He watched as the older man pushed the sleeve down to see the track marks littering his forearm. He let out a sound before stalking over to his desk and opened a metal container. He pulled out a jar and walked back over to him. "Was gunna drink this later, but you probably need it more.." He murmured as he popped the lid off and poured some of the liquid over Jake's arm.

Jake hissed as the liquid hit his arm. It wasn't the first time that he had had the liquid used on him, but it still stung each time. It made him grateful to the older man, he was the only one that bothered with his health- including Miranda, who supposedly wanted to add him to the family!?

"I want to go home…" Jake said quietly, looking away. He felt the older man's eyes on him and he started to shake. "I want my Dad, and Annabelle… I miss my Mum…" he let out a chocked sob as he thought about his family.

"Hey Kid…" Heisenberg said calmly as he lowered himself to sit on the floor in front of Jake. "I'm working on it, we'll get that bitch." From the tunnels below, the soldat started to rev up, causing Heisenberg to spit in annoyance. "Fucking shut the fuck up!"

He received a rev in response and he let out another swear.

Jake let out a laugh, a teary, slightly hysterical laugh, but a laugh all the same.


"Al, you getting the boss here?" Elle spoke into her headphones receiver as she held her binoculars over her eyes. She was sitting in a tree in the outskirts of the village. She shivered, it was cold, even in her thermal wear, she was cold. The sooner they found Claire and Jake, the sooner she could leave this hell hole.

She squinted as she tried to hear something that was said on the other end of the receiver. "Sorry Al, I didn't catch that." She hated this place, it was literally the middle of nowhere, and had she mentioned the cold? She scanned the village with, zooming the binoculars in to see some villagers walking around town, they seemed to be hurrying though as though they did not want to be out of their homes- Elle noted this with a frown, her understanding of body language told her that these people were on edge.

"You'll be how long- sorry Al the reception is shit, hang on." She let go of the binoculars and they hung around her neck. She pulled herself up to stand on the branches of the tree before climbing higher. Once she had reached the highest point of the tree, she shivered as the air seemed to become frostier- if that were even possible.

"Is that better?" she asked as she shakily reached for her binoculars again. She took a quick look at the village and noted that the people were now gone, the streets were empty. She scanned the surrounding area, her eyes focusing on two black vans driving though the forest. She frowned and followed them with her eyes. What was that? The vans seemed very out of place in the area. They were too new, too clean to belong to the village.

"We're en-route, we'll be another ten hours, give or take." Al's voice crackled through the headphones, the reception was still bad, but it was better than it had been a few minutes ago. "Any sign of them?"

Elle frowned as the trucks started to swerve, what was happening? "No sign of Claire or Jake… but…" she trailed off as one of the vans crashed into a tree, the other following suit. "…something's happening.." she leaned forwards, as though that would give her a better view. She watched as a figure, a woman leaped from the van, she had something in her arms.

"The fuck…"

"Elle, status report."

She watched as the blonde female seemed to control roots around her, the tendrils lashing out at the men, soldiers, from the van. So this was Miranda. She frowned as she watched a fire start, she saw Miranda flee the scene, clutching her prize to her chest- what was it?
Knowing that there was nothing she could do for the soldiers, she followed Miranda as she ran through the forest, she seemed intent on heading towards the village.

"Elle, status, now!" the voice in her ear sounded more insistent.

"Sorry," she replied quietly. "I've got eyes on Miranda, she just killed a bunch of soldiers." She blinked. Miranda was gone. But she had just been watching her- where had she disappeared to? How did a person whom, she, she, had been watching just suddenly disappear without a trace? By all accounts it just made no sense.

"Scratch that Al, she's gone."

"What do you mean gone?" A new voice, Wesker's pressed.

"Gone boss," she scanned over the village. "Gone as in, she just vanished. How, I have no idea. Want me to stay on the line for a bit longer? In case something happens?"

"Do it."

Elle hummed in response and continued to look over the village. Something was wrong, she couldn't name why, but she could feel it in her very core. It was some twenty minutes later when she was rewarded for her worry. Her eyes widened as she caught the sight of it, figures, large bodies, leaping through the town.

"Boss…" she said quietly. "Somethings happening…"

"Elle?" Al's voice seemed to convey his worry.

Her mouth hung open as she watched the creatures tear through the village, taking people to where, she was unable to accurately discern in the chaos. She did see some of the people get dragged under the houses though. She watched as the creatures pinned the fleeing villagers to the ground, the creature's teeth ripping into their flesh.


She reached behind her and unclipped her sniper rifle from her back. Carefully maintaining her position on the tree, she aimed her gun. Looking through the sight she scanned for someone who may need some help. She found a young lady with an older man- probably her father- who were backing away from one of the creatures. She took aim and fired. She watched with great interest as the creature seemed to dissolve into some sort of grey powder.

"Sherry answer me Dammit!" Al's voice was panicking.

"Sorry Al." she replied as she concentrated on finding more targets. "The village is being attacked by monsters, I'm trying to help the people- I'm okay, so far." She lined another shot and fired, her lips curling up as she downed another one.

"We'll be there as soon as we can- don't do anything stupid."

"I'll be careful. You know me, the very picture of care." She saw a larger creature, with white hair and a large hammer, at least it looked like a hammer. The monster was massive in comparison to the others and was swinging it's weapon at the villagers, taking them out like they were ants. She lined the shot… and fired.

"Shit.." she watched as the bullet, though hitting its mark, did practically nothing. She hastily reloaded her gun before looking back through the scope. "Shit." The creature was looking in her direction, she was not sure if it could see her- she was pretty far away, but the fact was, she had alerted them to her existence at least. She fired again, and again the bullet barely damaged the creature at all.
The creature jumped at a villager who had also fired at it with their gun. Elle let out a breath, hopefully they would think that her bullet had come from one of the villagers and they wouldn't come looking for her.

"Al, you and the boss need to get here asap…" she decided to dedicate ammo to taking out some of the smaller monsters, to try and save some people who could at least hide from the big one. "Some serious shit is going down here…"

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