Knight of the Covenant - 01

"First Step"

Today is the day when he would finally achieve his dream of becoming a Huntsman, he will finally be able to prove himself to his family that he is worthy and he can bring honor to his forefathers. He looked himself over in the room's mirror as he adjusted his clothes. He wore a black jacket with a red shirt underneath, he also wore a dark blue trousers along with his tool belt, and lastly his black boots to rose just above his ankles.

Satisfied with his outfit, he then looked over his equipment placed on his bed, all of which he had bought with his savings from his service in the field. They looked a bit worn but otherwise presentable. He would have to make time to polish them after he entered Beacon. He started with his lower legs by strapping the greaves to his lower legs, he then followed it with his gauntlets, the rerebraces on his arms, the bracers on his forearms, the pauldrons on his shoulders and lastly with the breastplate which has a symbol etched on to the steel.

The symbol is composed with outlines of a sword pointed upwards, with an exaggerated blade and pommel, and two arcing wings that are arranged like a stylized flower lily. The symbol is also on the centerpiece of his belt buckle.

He double-checked his straps for issues and found none before he grabbed his bag from the floor and wore it over his shoulder. After securing his bag, he then looked at the last two equipment on his bed. The first is a plain roundel shield which he had bought to give himself more protection, and lastly is his personal weapon, Old Silver. Old Silver is a shortsword, but it has a hilt as long as the blade, which allowed it to be used as a short spear and a longsword. He picked up his weapon and heard the soft ringing he has long been accustomed to. He smiled before placing it in a customized scabbard on his left side. Likewise, he took the roundel shield and equipped it to his left arm.

He left the room before locking the door behind him. He walked down the hallway and then took the staircase to reach the ground floor. He reached for the counter where he surrendered the apartment key, paid the remaining fees and signed out. He then greeted guard on his way out before taking a bus towards the airship terminal.

The trip took about an hour to reach the port from the apartment block. He took a breath of air to calm his nerves before looking around to see other aspiring students like him heading into the terminal. He joined the crowd entering the building and followed the signs directing the aspiring students to the section for Beacon. He then picked one of the lines that lead to processing and waited for his turn. He pulled out his scroll and browsed his messages while moving with the line.


He looked up from his scroll as soon as he heard the teller and walked up to the counter while closing up his browser.

"Your ID please." The teller told him. He pulled out the ID from one of his pouches and then gave it to the teller who accepted it. The teller then placed it on a scanner before the checking the information that appeared on the screen. He felt a bit uneasy as the teller continued reading the information and typing in commands. He then felt some relief as the teller nodded and gave him back his ID along with a ticket. "All's good. Good luck at Beacon, Mr. Arc."

"Thank you." He replied with a small nod as he took back his ID, showing his name Jaune D. Arc, and walked past the counter.

He headed towards the waiting area where he can see other the aspiring students lounging around. He can even see some of the older students who occupied some parts of the room and separate from the aspirants. He took one of the available benches and then placed his bag and shield on floor. He looked around and observed some of his fellow students.

The first to stand out is a petite girl who looked like she is made out of snow with her pale white skin, white hair and matching white dress. She is currently speaking to her scroll but he couldn't hear what she is talking about. Beside her is an old man, probably her personal bearer based on his uniform, and a trolley of luggages which he found excessive.

The next thing that took his attention is a pair of students, or rather the orange-haired bubbly girl who kept talking to her silent partner. He could hear her speaking about Grimm, pelts and sloths which made him raised an eyebrow.

He then noticed a blond girl in a green jacket with a yellow top underneath that covered her chest but also accentuate her endowment. She laughed at what seems to be a joke from one of her friends before telling a joke herself, based on how her companions laughed.

He checked his scroll for time and found that there is still about an hour before they have to board their airship. He put back his scroll and brought up his left forearm to look at his bracer.

Compared to his other one, this bracer has decorative etchings that looked like flowing water or bellowing wind and formed flower lily patterns stacked on top of each other at end to end. A large crystal inlay, the size of an eye, is placed at the center and two smaller crystals, red and green, are placed on the top left and top right inlays. He took a deep breath and draw his aura from within and slowly directed them into the main crystal which began to glow softly with white light. He then directed the flow of his aura along the etching until they reached the two crystals. The two crystals began glowing with a soft glow of red and green as he felt the minute elemental energies being created.

He began channeling the elemental energies along the etchings, then across his hand, and he passed across his body towards his other hand. He played with the elemental energies as he attuned the device with himself.

He is so engrossed with his attunement that he didn't notice that someone was sitting on the bench across him and had been watching him until he heard a voice.

"That's one beautiful piece."

He snapped out of his trance as he looked up and saw someone that caught his breath, if for a moment.

Her long crimson hair shone under the light and tied into an elegant ponytail which complemented her golden eyes. She wore a polished bronze tiara on her head and bronze collar, made of segmented pieces, on her slender neck. Her armor is shoulder-less cuirass, shaped like a corset which emphasized her figure, colored like crimson like her hair with a long bronze section running down the center and bronze edges. She wore a black skirt, with black shorts underneath and decorated with a red sash across her waist, and greaves made of polished bronze that extends above her knees. She also wore long black gloves that reaches above her elbows, and she has a bronze vambrace on one of her arms.

He then noticed her smile becoming a bit strained, so he gave a small nervous smile before replying.

"Uh... Thank you... And sorry for looking." He said sheepishly as he sat up straight and placing his hands on his lap.

"It's alright. I was looking as well." She replied with a smile to which he blushed a bit at the possibly unintended implication.

"My name is Jaune Arc." He introduced himself. "What's your name?"

She looked at her curiously and examined his face for something he couldn't see. He seemed to pass a test of sorts as she nodded and spoke.

"My name is Pyrrha Nikos. Nice to meet you, Jaune."

Her name seems to be familiar to him but he couldn't put a finger on it. Then he remembered about the few tournaments he and the others managed to watch out in the frontier.

"Ah. The Mistrali Champion. Now I remember." He said to her which caused a change in her demeanor and seemed to be more reserved with him..

"Yes. I won four tournaments back in Mistral." Pyrrha said to him more formally.

"Quite an accomplishment then. What made you choose Beacon?" He asked, noting her change in demeanor. "You could have applied for scholarship back at Mistral thanks to your prowess."

"I wanted a change scenery after the championship. My status back in Mistral can be a bit... overwhelming. So I choose Beacon so I can enjoy my time while training as a huntress." Pyrrha relaxed a bit before looking at him. "What about you, Jaune? Why did you want to become a huntsman?"

"I see. Well I choose Beacon since I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a huntsman." Jaune answered before he continued. "I wanted to help people and to prove that I can be worthy to my forefathers."

"Do you felt pressured into becoming a huntsman?" She asked with concern in her voice and on her face.

"More... like the opposite." He replied as he gathered his thoughts. He sighed before he continued. "It's a bit complicated and I don't want burden you with my problems."

"It's alright. I didn't mean to pry." Pyrrha replied apologetically.

"You didn't know." Jaune gave her a smile to show she didn't cause any issue. "But in any case, I found a mentor who willingly took me in for training."

"Did your mentor also gave you that vambrace that you have been... tinkering with?" Pyrrha asked curiously.

"He asked someone to commission it. He only asked that I served the Garrison for a few years after graduation." Jaune answered as he looked at the vambrace as he withdrew his aura. The crystal inlays began to lose their soft glow and reverted back into looking like mundane decorations.

Pyrrha frowned at that as she asked. "Isn't that a bit exploitative?"

Jaune shook his head before answering. "No it isn't. It is the terms I agreed with before I entered training. He is also a member of the Garrison, and they are already quite generous for allowing me to go to Beacon."

"I see." Pyrrha accepted his word with a nod. She then looked at one of the lounge's screens to check the time. "We'll have to cut our talk short. They will begin calling for our flight within a few minutes."

Jaune checked the lounge's screen as well and saw that the flight to Beacon will be in a few minutes.

"Thanks for the reminder, Pyrrha." Jaune stood up along with Pyrrha. "Thank you for taking your time with me."

"Your welcome. I enjoyed our small talk. It's refreshing to be the one asking questions rather than the one being asked." Pyrrha then grabbed the extended handle of her luggage.

"It's a pleasure." Jaune replied. "See you at Beacon."

"See you there as well." Pyrrha then left Jaune as she headed for the gates.

Jaune grabbed his bag from the floor and shouldered it. He then grabbed his roundel shield and equipped it to his left forearm. The speakers then came to life as the announcer spoke.

"All passengers heading for Beacon, please head for Gates B-1 through B-4 for boarding. Please present your tickets to the terminal staff before boarding. I repeat. Please head for Gates B-1 through B-4 for boarding. Please present your tickets to the terminal staff before boarding. Thank you."

He took out his ticket and checked which one he should be heading to. He returned it into his pouch for safekeeping as he headed for the Gates. He also noticed the rest of the students already grabbing their belongings and heading for the Gates as well.

The airship is currently flying along the massive river that connects the Crown City of Vale to Beacon Academy. The river system that ran across the entirety of Vale is serving as the boundary that separates the Capital and the Residential District from the rest of the Kingdom. It is also what is connecting the Capital to the rest of the Kingdom. Jaune finds the passing scenery to be quite captivating. Untouched nature without the presence of Grimm, for the most part, where people can safely enjoy nature without fear.

Along the sides of the corridor he is in, there are holographic screens that are showing the current news. He ignored it for most part since much is about Council politics and celebrity interviews. The screens then blinked out as it is replaced by a hologram of a blond woman, wearing a frilled blouse, a short cape and pencil skirt, and started speaking to them.

"Hello and welcome to Beacon. My name is Glynda Goodwitch. You are among the privileged few who received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace. And as future huntsmen and huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and training to protect our world."

Goodwitch's hologram then blinked out and is replaced with the news broadcast once again. He then noticed the others heading towards the front and pointing at something out the window. He walked towards the front and take a look at what's the front of the airship.

He saw the silhouette of Beacon with the clear sky and the shape of the mountains behind it. It is very picturesque with its white towers capped with conical roofs and its network of arches and buttresses that connects the towers to the rest of the academy grounds. The academy shone under the sun like its namesake, a shining bastion of hope and strength. As the airship came closer, he could see the boulevard and plaza that connects the airship docks towards the Academy itself.

The airship slowly came to a stop before docking at the platform with a thud. The speakers turned on as the airship captain called for the passengers to pick up their belongings and disembark. He headed towards the economic cabin he is provided for his ticket which also served as his keycard. He passed by the blond biker girl he had seen earlier in the Terminal and then reached his cabin a few doors down the corridor. He swiped his keycard on the door scanner before turning the lever and entered his cabin. It is a small room with a sofa, doubling as a bed, doubling as a bed if needed be, a small table and a small cabinet. He grabbed his bag from the sofa and followed by his shield. He checked the room if he left anything behind or if something fell off. Finding none, he turned out and then left the room.

"Come on, Renny! They have hidden temples who knows what secret meetings happening in there! Just imagine what we can find!" Nora said as she made gestures with her arms.

"Let's secure ourselves in Beacon first before we take on adventures." Ren replied as they exited their cabin with their bags secured on their backs.

"I know, Ren. But think of the secret weapons they are hiding!" Nora replied excitedly. "They could even have swords that can smite Grimm! Or better yet, they have- OOF!"

Nora halted to a stop as she bumped into someone's large bag. She quickly took a step back as she sheepishly looked at the person who is now looking at them with confusion after he recovered.


He looked fairly strong in his stature as Ren observed him. A basic set of armor to protect his torso, arms and legs. He took note of the winged sword on the breastplate but didn't recognize it to be any group he knew of. He looked at the person's bag which is large enough for camping and he also noticed the shield on his left arm. Their fellow student laughed awkwardly and blushed in embarrassment.

"It's alright. No harm done. I'm sorry for blocking your way."

"My name's Nora!" She offered her right hand to him. "What's yours? Are you going to be Beacon like me and Renny?" She pointed at herself and Ren.

"I'm Jaune." He answered as he shook Nora's hand. "And yup, that's why I'm here."

"Great! Come and join us! We're all heading out anyways!"

"Sure. If it's ok with you two." Jaune looked at Ren for an answer to which Ren just nodded.

"Then off we go! Our great adventure is upon!" Nora proclaimed as she pointed forward,

The auditorium is packed with students as more continued to pour in from the outside. Jaune, Nora and Ren had already given their packs to the school staffs and are given the numbers for their lockers.

Jaune can hear Nora continued to speak out her various dreams and schemes. He listened with some fascination and patience for her stories. He could see Ren maintaining such zen while listening to Nora's antics that he had only seen some of the maesters back home.

The students quieted down as Glynda Goodwitch, the same one from the hologram back at the airship, stepped into the stage before the mic stand. Beside her is a gentleman with gray hair and wore a pair of black spectacles that are lower below his eyes. He wore a wore a black blazer with green sweater underneath covered by a black vest. He also has matching black pants and leather shoes. He held with clasped hands a black cane with a metallic hilt which added to his stature.

"If I could have your attention please, the orientation is about to start. And before all that, Professor Ozpin wish to share some words with you all." She nodded to the man beside her before taking a step back.

"Thank you, Glynda." He said as he stepped forward before looking at the crowd of students before him. Jaune felt the professor's eyes fell upon him which lasted a bit longer than it should. But before he could react, the feeling left as fast as it first happened.

"I will keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge. To hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you are finished, you plan to dedicate your lives to the protection of the people." He paused for a moment as he observed the students. Some smiling, some standing straight and many looking inattentive. "But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy. In need of purpose. Direction."

That caught many of the students off guard and many frowned at that statement. Jaune could see the white haired girl and the blond biker girl being amongst those who frowned. Beside him, Ren and Nora remained stoic but attentive. Ozpin continued on without breaking his stride.

"You assume knowledge will free you of this. But your time at this school will show you that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step." He finished his speech. He stepped aside and walked off as Glynda stepped forward to address the students.

"You will gather in the barn tonight. Tomorrow your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed."

At that, the students began to leave while others stayed for a bit as they spoke to one another.

"He seemed kinda... off." He heard the blonde girl speaking. "Like he wasn't even there."

He is inclined to agree but he couldn't get it out of his head that there is more to the professor than he seemed. He heard a soft tune ringing from Old Silver as he gripped the hilt. He sighed and gave a slight nod to himself. He followed Nora and Ren on the way out. There is one thing that stayed in his mind.

They're staying in a barn?

The barn doesn't really look like a barn that he knew of. It looked more like a small theater or gymnasium rather than a farm building for storage of tools and animals. It is currently night time and he had changed his clothes and armor for a simple pair of grey shorts and a plain white shirt.

Around him, he can see many students preparing to sleep for the night. Some are having a mock wrestling while others posing for the girls in the area, and some of the girls playing along while enjoying the free show.

He briefly saw Pyrrha at the other side of the room who also noticed him. He gave her a small wave to she returned in kind.

"Hi there."

He looked to his side and saw the blonde biker girl looking at him expectantly. She wore an orange tank top and black shorts.

"I'm Yang." She extended her hand towards him. "What's your name?"

"My name's Jaune." He answered as he shook her hand.

"So I noticed you in your lonesome so I came here to greet you." Yang said before she placed her hands on her hips before nodding to Pyrrha's direction. "You know her?"

"We just met back at the terminal and talked a bit." He replied.

"So... Not exactly friends with her?" She looked at him curiously.

"Acquaintances at best." He told her. "Even met a pair back at the airship on the way to the auditorium." He pointed to the direction of Ren who is preparing to sleep with Nora now speaking more softly this time.

"No friends came with you?" Yang asked. He shook his head before replying.

"None of my friends were interested in becoming huntsmen. They stayed to continue serving as part of the Garrison."

"The Garrison, huh. Never heard of them."

"It's our community's defense militia. You wouldn't have heard of them since they're at the frontier."

"So where did you come from?" Yang now looked more curious.

He isn't too keen to give her more information as he had been told. Jaune looked at her and studied her for a moment but he only saw curiosity on her face.

"It's a town named Coroa. You wouldn't have seen it on maps." He answered before he emphasized his next words. "They prefer to keep to themselves. It took some effort for me to even be allowed to leave my position."

"Sorry to pry." Yang said as she rose raised her hands as a sign of surrender.

"Don't worry about it." He assured her.

"Will you two keep it down?" The white girl angrily said as she approached them. "Some of us are trying to get some sleep."

"Sorry there, princess. I didn't think we were disturbing anyone." Yang is the first to answer as she placed her hands on her hips once again while facing her. "I don't think we were even that loud."

"Well I, for one, can hear you two across the hall. And it is disturbing my beauty sleep." She told Yang with a scowl on her face.

Yang looked angry and was about to retort when Jaune interjected as he stood in between them.

"We're sorry for disturbing you. It is getting late anyway." He told her before he also looked at Yang. "We're going to need our strength tomorrow for the initiation. So we should get some rest."

Yang calmed down while the white girl merely nodded while lessening the scowl on her face.

"At least someone has some manners here."

She then left Jaune and Yang as she headed back for her bed. Yang sighed as soon as she is at a distance away before looking back at Jaune.

"Welp. Might as well. Good night."

"Have a good sleep as well." Jaune replied. Yang quickly left and headed for her own bed.

Jaune laid down into his sleeping mat before closing his eyes and began to drift to sleep.

Jaune had a fairly good start of the morning with the rising sun, chirping birds and the bombastic voice of Nora greeting the waking Ren. He is fairly certain everyone else had woken up by then. He took a good relaxing shower he had for a while compared to the one back in the apartments. He had a full breakfast while idly listening to Nora talking about plans to stay together.

He is currently by his locker, after some effort to find it again, and he is strapping on his armor pieces and making sure they're secured. All the while, he can hear Nora's voice from another set of lockers talking about sloth signals which he find amusing.


"Yes, Ren."

"I don't think sloths make alot of noise."

Jaune frowned in confusion as this is the first time he heard Ren speak. He thought back to all their, admittedly few, interactions and found he never did heard Ren speak.

Nora paused for a second before becoming excited as she spoke about it being the perfect plan. Ren closed his locker door and called for Nora to follow him as they headed for the exit. On the other side, he can hear Yang speaking with someone on her scroll.

"Quite a lively crowd we have today."

Jaune heard someone behind him. He turned around and saw a fellow aspirant. He wore long red coat with gold trimmings along the edges, buttoned up across his abdomen, and a grey vest with a white shirt underneath. He also has matching grey trousers and ended it with black boots that reached halfway up his calves. He also has an armor set on his left arm that started from his hand and ended at his shoulder where a large pauldron is located. On his back, he can see the handle of what seems to be a longsword based on how it is angled. He carried himself like a noble knight based on his stature.

"Good Morning." He greeted Jaune with a two finger salute.

"Morning." Jaune greeted back with a nod. He then grabbed Old Silver and strapped its sheath to his side before grabbing for his shield and closing the locker door. "Excited for the initiation?"

"There's alot of excitement for the day." His peer said before adding. "Plenty of disappointments too once the day is over."

"Yeah I heard about few only made it past the initiation." Jaune replied, having read some articles about the initiation which worried him a bit.

"That comes with being a huntsmen academy. Only those worthy can enter its halls."

Jaune merely nodded at that before his peer left and headed for the exit. He took a deep breath before releasing it in a deep sigh. He shook his head before leaving the spot himself.

Pyrrha is adjusting her bracer to make sure it is fitted and secured to her arm. Beside her, she can hear the heiress of the Schnee Family who began making her pitch.

"So Pyrrha, have you given it any thought whose team you would like to be on. I'm sure everyone must be eager to unite with such a strong well-known individual such as yourself."

Pyrrha turned her head away before rolling her eyes having heard similar proposals from others. She faced the Schnee heiress before she simply answered. "I'm not quite sure. I was planning of letting the chips fall where they may."

"Well I was thinking maybe we could be on a team together." The Schnee heiress pressed on.

"Well that sounds grand."

"Great!" The Schnee girl happily exclaimed as she thought to herself.

"This will be perfect. The smartest girl in class combined with the strongest girl in class. Together we will be unstoppable. I can see it now. We'll be popular. We'll be celebrities. We'll get perfect grades. Nothing could come between us now."

Pyrrha, unaware of the Schnee's thoughts, internally bemoaned her situation. It looked like her championship status has reached all the way from Mistral. She then noticed the blond knight she met back at the terminal approaching.

"Morning, Pyrrha." Jaune greeted her with a wave of his arm.

"Good morning." Pyrrha returned the greeting with a wave of her hand. Beside her, the Schnee heiress frowned at the interruption and turned to confront the intruder. She then stood in between Pyrrha and the blond.

"Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" The Schnee girl sharply asked.

The blond knight paused as he looked at her with discerning eyes. He then answered. "Yes. Pyrrha Nikos, the Four-Time Champion of the Mistrali Fighters Tournament."

"So you do know her. And you think you could just approach her like that." She replied in a patronizing manner.

Pyrrha frowned at that comment while Jaune merely raised an eyebrow.

"I only came to say hello. Nothing wrong with that." Jaune responded. "And who are you again?"

That snapped the heiress out of her bearing. With a scowl on her face, she introduced herself to him.

"I am Weiss Schnee. Heiress of the Schnee Dust Company. The largest producer of all kinds of Dust and the largest distributor of all of Remnant."

"The SDC huh. Yeah I read about them." Jaune replied. Pyrrha noticed that he brought his hands together which also brought his round shield to the front, as if to cover something. She remembered that he has a special vambrace underneath that shield. She took note of that for the future. He then introduced himself. "I'm Jaune by the way. Jaune D. Arc."

Weiss ignored him as she turned her back to him and addressed Pyrrha. "C'mon. The initiation is about the start at any moment. We don't want to be late."

She started walking away while Pyrrha apologized to Jaune before following behind Weiss. Jaune is soon left alone as he watched them walked towards the exit. Once they left through the doorway, he gave a small snort as he shook his head.

That didn't go well as he had thought. The heiress was quite opposed to his presence but at least Pyrrha is still amicable to him. He then heard a soft melody emanating from Old Silver. He nodded and smiled as he gained some confidence. He then heard Goodwitch's voice from the public speakers.

"All First Year students. Please head for the Initiation Grounds. The Initiation is about to begin."

"No time like the present." Jaune thought to himself. He then walked for the exit with the few remaining students as they headed for the Initiation Grounds.

After some guidance from the older students, serving as chaperones, Jaune finally reached the open grounds beside a cliff and beyond that is a beautiful landscape. He could see the mountains at the distance and the trees that filled the land below.

Near the cliffside, he can see the professors, Ozpin and Glynda, holding large scrolls in their hands while looking over the students present. He can also the students forming a crowd before the two Professors. He takes a breath before taking his first step into becoming a Huntsman.