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Chapter Six

Choice of Danger

At dawn on the second day, Naruto was already awake. He'd hardly slept at all following his dealing with the girl in his trap. It didn't help that while likely better than what most of his fellow tributes were dealing with, Naruto's cave was anything but comfortable. At the least though it was dry.

After checking his traps and the perimeter around his hideout, Naruto chose to head out and forage for some kind of supplies. He had food stored up now, at least enough to make it for a while if he was holed up inside his cave. Still it was always better to have more supplies rather than less.

Making his way through the woods, the teen couldn't help but take in his scenery. The arena really was a beautiful piece of land. The fact that the Capital had the technology and resources to create a huge area of completely controlled nature, but chose to use it to make arenas for teenagers to kill one another would have felt shocking if he hadn't lived the entirety of his life under their thumb.

Foraging wasn't as difficult as he had expected. That is, it wasn't as difficult for someone who knew the edible and poisonous foods apart. This false forest was filled with as many berries, mushrooms, squirrels and birds as the real thing. It might have even been more verdant than the woods back home in District Twelve. There was even signs of larger game from rabbits all the way up to deer.

He contemplated tracking the deer, but decided against it. Even should he manage to track it down, which wasn't something he was especially skilled at compared to say making traps, what good would having so much food do for just himself over the course of the games. Even hunkered down into his hidey hole, he doubted he could eat even half the beast before it went bad without some way to lengthen how long it would be edible. Not that he expected the Game makers would let him remain hidden away and not give them some epic showdown with another tribute from time to time. Some sort of sporadic earthquake to collapse his cave and take away his food to force him into fights for more. Or maybe some sort of storm to flood him out. Either way he knew they had complete control here, and as little as he cared about giving them the show they wanted so bad. To go against the game keepers was the same as slitting his own throat. Though it would likely be less painful to simply kill himself.

Having been foraging for a good two or three hours, Naruto decided to make his winding journey back to his cave. No straight paths that could be easily followed and doing his best not to leave behind a trail to be tracked back either.

It was while going out of his way to cover up his own tracks that he found those of someone else. A smaller footprint, either a girl or one of the youngest among the contestants, traced with blood. Whoever it was had been badly hurt. They likely wouldn't live much longer if they were in fact alive now at all.

Internally his mind warred with itself on what to do. It could be a chance to collect some more supplies if whoever it was had managed to get things from the Bloodbath the day before. It also likely meant they wouldn't put up much of a fight if they were still alive, though he honestly hoped they weren't.

The issue was, he could be reading these signs completely wrong. The blood might not even be theirs. Perhaps it have been from some trophy or supplies pulled off the corpse of their last opponent. It also went without saying the longer he was away from his cave, the higher chance his small camp could be raided without him there to defend it. Even with the traps, no place was impregnable.

Clenching his eyes tightly closed for a moment to try and focus down on an answer when opened them again he was honestly a bit surprised with what he decided. He was a reckless person by nature but even for him this felt like an unnecessary gamble. Yet by that simple thought he knew his mind was made up. In the long run, the reckless decision would be to not at least investigate. It would be annoying to miss out on possibly life saving tools or supplies due to being too afraid to even check.

So, it was from there that Naruto began picking along the same path as this possibly wounded or dead tribute. Every few feet finding more and more markers of them passing by. Even at one point finding a wrapping from some bandages they had simply left behind. Whoever it was had definitely been injured. It looked like they had fled this way from the Bloodbath the day before. They'd been smart enough to not take a straight path but had left plenty of a trail that anyone paying attention could have followed them. Something that had Naruto even more fidgety about the situation he was getting himself into.

He might be the only one on the trail at the moment, but how long would that last? Was he even the only one trailing the injured tribute or was he walking into what amounted to a trap? Doubts and questions filled his head as he continued on. Every step feeling like he was about to walk into a pitfall and be trapped by the career pack. Looking back over his shoulders, again and again feeling imaginary eyes trailing his movements. Or at least imaginary eyes in the forest. He knew that hidden cameras all around him followed his every movement. The viewers seeing him hunting another person down. That thought made him stop for a moment as he faced the reality that he wasn't mercy killing another person or fighting to survive, but actively hunting an injured person down to kill them and take their things.

The mental image of himself doing that seemed so unreal, but looking at his situation, that was exactly what he planned. From the very beginning after finding their blood. He intended to kill whoever it was to make it easier on himself, even though he had enough to live off of, possibly for the rest of the games.

After doing his best to come to terms with that realization, and not truly succeeding, he pressed onward. The blood was far less easy to find now. Most of it being stopped by the bandages, no doubt. Still, whoever it was they had lost too much blood by now. They were stumbling through the woods. The path was just as clear as it was when it was outlined in red.

It didn't take much longer for Naruto to finally find the tribute he'd been hunting. She was worse off than he expected her to be but she wasn't dead yet. The girl stared back at him, much like the one from the night before. Too weak to resist whatever he decided. It was weird that the thought that killing her in this fashion, like releasing her from her pain, was something that made him happier. Not to have to kill someone but that it would be more of a mercy than anything.

Taking a knee beside the girl he looked her over a bit more carefully and could tell she probably got cut the day before during the scramble right at the start. She had hardly anything in the way of supplies except for a few more bandages and even a couple of water purifying tablets. To have been practically killed for so little gain seemed especially sad to him.

"Can you speak?" Naruto asked as gently as he could.

"Yes." She croaked, though her voice came out hoarse and harsh. Like two dry stones raking across one another.

The boy nodded at her before fishing out his canteen and undoing the lid gently lifting her head to drink a little of his water. He didn't have a lot. He'd need to filter more from the pond later, but he couldn't stop himself from giving her some kind of comfort.

"Did this happen at the Cornucopia?" He asked as he put away the canteen. His response was just a weak nod of the head.

"Who got you?" He asked again, just trying to keep her company and ease her passing he supposed. Or maybe it was more for himself.

"The boy from two, he cut me with a sword but had to fight someone else while I ran away." She replied after clearing her throat. Then gave him a raised eyebrow.

"Why are you helping me?" She asked.

"I'm not." He replied with a sigh making her tense up. "I can't I mean. You've lost too much blood. Even if you hadn't we're opponents you know." He continued somberly.

"Oh." She replied simply as she sagged, less in relief and more in resignation.

"For what it's worth I'm sorry. Probably doesn't mean much but it's all I have to offer, that and…" Naruto said as he shifted to fully sit next to the girl his knife catching the light to glint and show her just what he meant.

She said nothing and the pair simply sat for a time in the silence. Him staring off at the treetops, and her fighting to remain awake, rasping for breath.

"Do you have anything for the pain?" She finally asked, having grown so tired of the stings and ache of her wound and the exhaustion it brought with it. Funny how the rest of her body all felt so numb except for the part she wished did right now.

"I'm sorry, I don't. Just whenever you're ready I can...well I can make it as painless as possible." He replied looking down to meet the girl's eyes. At his response all she could do was let out a choked sob and nod her head.

"Just do it." She said quietly, clenching her eyes closed. Naruto took a second to look down at the girl and as he pushed his way up to his knees again he let out a long sigh.

"Okay." He said as he placed the knife in position beside the back of her neck. He mentally scoffed at his words. The last thing this girl hears in the world, an awkward 'okay', as he mercy kills her.

Pushing the thoughts aside he shoved forward roughly embedding the blade to the hilt in the back of her skull. Her eyes flew open and a strangled sound escaped her lips before her eyes rolled back and she went limp in his hands. Wrenching the knife free as carefully as he could, Naruto covered the girl with her jacket as he had for the one previously and nearly flinched at the sound of a cannon booming in the distance.

Collecting up the supplies he doubled back and around through the woods back to his hideout. He needed to wash some blood off him and purify more water, but what he wanted to do was curl up and rest for a while. He was full of energy still, but emotionally killing a defenseless girl was one of the most taxing things he'd ever done and now he'd done it three times.

Katniss sprinted as quickly as she could as the wall of flame behind her engulfed the forest at an unnatural rate. She had no doubt the game keepers were herding her. As terrifying as the thought of running headfirst into the career pack was, it was definitely more agreeable than being burned alive.

She had been trying to distance herself from the center of the arena by as much land as possible and clearly the powers at be hadn't approved of her decision. Now though as she ran they seemed to want her headed to a specific location as anytime she tried to veer off in other directions a random tree would seem to fall in front of her, or a deep ravine would suddenly appear where she didn't recall one being on her walk through the area earlier that morning.

Added onto the actual balls of fire that occasionally shot out of the pillars of flame chasing after her, and her situation was dire. Extremely so. It grew only worse when she dodged around a falling tree only to nearly catch another ball of roaring flames to the face. Instead leaning away just in time the ball of fire impacted against a wall of stone she had been running along splashing her with whatever fuel was used to keep the fire burning.

A hole had been burned into her pant leg, halfway up her thigh and the red and bloody meat of the leg itself had been seared painfully, some of the cloth of her pants burning into the fresh wound. Katniss couldn't even attempt to suppress her cries of pain from the wound as she screamed at the agony. The sizzling of her burn only making it that much worse as panic began to threaten to take hold of her.

Her first instinct was to grab onto the injury but she manged to stop herself with her hand hovering just above the wound. Hissing through clenched teeth and suckign in breath like she had just come up for air from under water, she managed to force her way onto her feet just barely.

The girl had to stop for a moment then. Trying to force up the will power to keep running with the pain coursing through her body making her want to do nothing but curl up and rest or tend to her injury. The Game makers would give her no such respite though. Hurling yet another ball of flames directly for her.

Katniss forced herself into a half leap, half drop from her place against the rock sending herself rolling down the small hill she had been forcing her back into motion. Managing to overcome, at least for now, the pain she felt, Katniss was on her feet and rumbling, or a sort of hobbled stumbling through the brush in front of her.

The thick foliage and haze of smoke made the woods into a maze now, but she couldn't stop running. The crackling roar of flames continued on behind her, no doubt closing in more and more. Onward she stumbled until finally she found a cold pool of water at the base of several rock outcroppings. The fire was a good distance behind her, and now that the smoke had begun to lift, likely was burning out thanks to the Game makers. They couldn't have a simple fire grow out of control and ruin the show after all.

Taking just a moment to try and rest and soother her leg in the cool water, Katniss nearly cried as she heard the sudden sound of voices nearby. She was already moving again by the time the Career pack rounded the bend and spotted her starting to hoop and holler as they chased raced to catch up with her.

Somewhere, no doubt the game keepers were prepping her cannon shot and portrait for the night's showing in the sky. The idea she could somehow fight off all four of them while they were already armed was laughable at truth being that she didn't stand a chance if she wasn't exhausted and injured. In her current state it would hardly be a challenge for the careers.

All she could do was run for it and hope, pray even, that something would give her an advantage or a distraction to slip away from her pursuers. She didn't even notice the bloodstained tree trunk and disabled trap nearby the rocks as she ran. Unknowingly taking a path that had claimed the life of another tribute already but was now safe thanks to their mistake.

The moment he had seen her fall into the pool beside his cave he had begun moving forward to help her. He wasn't sure why, they would have to fight each other in the end but he wanted to help her. That was enough, he supposed. He could tell by the way she moved she must have been hurt by that sudden firestorm just beyond the nearby river. He already was pulling out some clean water and bandages in case she needed them when he froze just after she did.

The voices of the career pack weren't quite clear enough for him to pick out what they were saying but he knew them the moment he could hear the sound bounce off the rock walls of his cave. Watching Katniss rushing to try and escape he began rushing to get a small pack around, shovin a couple ration bars the bandages and water along with his knives into place before stopping just in the shadows of the cave's entryway.

The shouting and hollering of the careers grew closer and closer until it was right on top of him. Then...they began to drift further and further as they gave chase to his fellow tribute from District Twelve. That was when he took off. Following after the four hunters tracking down Katniss, himself tracking them down. He wasn't certain what he would accomplish against four better armed and trained career tributes, but something felt like it had to be better than nothing.

Sitting in his cave and letting them hunt down and butcher Katniss just wasn't something he could allow himself to live with. The thoughts on why exactly would thankfully not come at the moment but when they did they'd crowd his head taking up all his attention.

Naruto was surprised he caught up to them as easily as he did. Even more so that they hadn't noticed him. Then again they were so concentrated on Katniss that he supposed that he shouldn't have been that shocked.

The issue now was what exactly was he going to do. He suddenly realized how useless charging in to try and take down all four would be. They'd kill him then they'd find and kill Katniss. It would be a useless gesture and they'd both be dead for nothing to show for it.

After thinking a moment he managed to come up with a better plan. Using the term better very loosely as it was essentially the same plan except for one main difference. He had no intention to actually fight them. He'd come in see if he could at least hurt one of the careers and run, as fast as he could, directly past them in a different direction from Katniss.

'God this is such a stupid idea!' He screamed at himself in his head as he picked up speed, drawing the largest of his knives at the same time that he burst from the brush behind the career tributes making them spin around and face him with shock clear on their faces.

"It's the other one!" He faintly registered the District One boy shouting as they all readied their weapons to fight him only for Naruto to suddenly shift course making a vicious swing with his blade at the closest of his enemies. The unlucky recipient of a large slice down her arm being the girl from District One.

Wasting no time the moment, Glimmer began screaming bloody murder, Naruto was turned and making a beeline for the tree line once again catching them off guard with his decision.

"Coward!" One of the boys screamed after him.

"You two stay after the girl, Clove and I will get him." Cato, the de-facto leader ordered before he and his fellow District Two tribute took off after Naruto.

The sound of his pursuers died down as the sounds of the woods took over. The rush of wind in the trees, his own breath and footfalls, and the snap and crack of twigs as he rushed through the greenery drowning out everything else. Everything except a familiar sound of metal cutting through air.

Unsure of what drove him to do it, Naruto spun on his feet coming to dead stop and narrowly dodged a thin knife by turning his head and inch to the side. Shifting his eyes to glare at the horrified expression of Clove as it became her turn to spin around and flee from the much larger boy.

With no sign of her partner and currently having the advantage Naruto gave chase after her. He was intent on playing to his advantage here. Adrenaline coursed through him as he suddenly felt like a hunter once again, trailing the girl. Believing her had cornered her behind some large fallen trees forming natural cover. Reaching back to draw out his knife once again, he only caught the sound of her jumping at him from behind at the last second. She twisted her body around his own acrobatically too tightly for him to swing a proper punch at her and keeping his hands off the pouch holstering his weapons. Trying to wrap a short thin rope, one he idly recognized had been cut from one of the packs at the cornucopia, around his throat, Naruto managed to get his hand in between the rope and his neck and keep his windpipe unrestricted. Using his free hand Naruto twisted around to grab the waist of the girl's pants and tear her off his shoulders while slamming her into the ground.

Knowing she had lost the small fight she rolled and flicked one of her blades at him only for the Naruto to lift his arm in front of his face to prevent the bullseye of her dagger embedding just above his cheekbone. It still was agonizing to suddenly have a knife hilt deep in his forearm, but suddenly filled with red hot anger, Naruto shrugged off the pain and yanked the knife free with a snarl.

Clove had already bolted by the time he pulled the blade free and was halfway down the ravine he had been chasing her in earlier. He was skilled with throwing blades too though, and with a flick of his arm he gave her knife back to her catching her in the back just to the right of her spine in her shoulder blade.

The girl screamed and crumpled to the ground from the wound and Naruto closed in to finish her, only for Cato to come to her rescue sprinting out to meet Naruto swinging his sword for Naruto's head hoping to make it a fast and easy fight. Naruto wasn't inclined to allow that though.

Leaning back to dodge the strike he kicked out his foot catching Cato in the chest and slamming him back into the ravine. Both boy's were knocked off balance and scrambled to their feet. Before circling one another. Exchanging a few blows with one another, Cato tried again to decapitate his opponent only for the blade to be stopped short as Naruto's reach was long enough to catch the his wrist.

Exchanging punches to the body with their free hands, Naruto suddenly snagged hold of Cato's elbow and twisted, intending to break his sword arm. Instead, the athletic boy from District Two spun with the twist, actually flipping and landing back on his feet facing the opposite direction.

Despite that, Naruto pried the sword from Cato's hand and suddenly the terms of the fight had shifted. Unlike Cato, Naruto wasn't used to such a long blade and his strikes were more clumsy. Despite that he managed to force Cato back before hurling the sword like a javelin and embedding it into a tree when the boy dodged.

Cato wasted no time charging Naruto again fully intent on beating him into submission but Naruto was even more in his element now, sliding one of his knives from his holster and spinning it up into an icepick grip and meeting Cato halfway. The pari exchanged blows once again, every punch from Naruto being met with one from Cato, save when he swiped or stabbed out with is knife as the elder boy evaded the cuts from the blade.

As they fought on though it became clear Naruto was the better fighter. His speed and strength of his attacks making it hard for Cato to block them and even harder for him to endure the bone shaking blows the other boy dealt. With the addition of his terrifying skill with the knife, flicking it mid air through the fight into his other hand and into different grips to make the attacks especially unpredictable.

After losing ground continuously, Cato was able to again take the advantage in the fight by slamming his knee up into Naruto's chest and pivoting quickly to place a kick right into his wrist sending his knife clattering against nearby rocks.

Naruto stumbled back and his enemy capitalized on the moment to slam another kick into his stomach and send him skidding backward into the wall of the ravine. He gave Naruto no chance to catch his breath as he followed up with a violent kick to the chest that left Naruto wheezing in pain as he briefly saw stars and what breath he had was forcefully expelled from his body.

He wasn't down yet though and bringing his arm up to stop Cato's follow up punch to his face Naruto snagged hold of his fellow blond only for the older boy to flip him over his shoulder and slam him into the ground painfully. Ignoring the bruising he felt all along his back Naruto twisted to his feet and wrapped his hand around the older boy's throat, choking him.

Cato growled at his opponent as he slammed a few body shots into him that went ignored. Changing tactics he jabbed his fingers into the stab wound caused by Clove's knife in Naruto's forearm and tore at the bloody hole with his bare hand causing Naruto howled in agony and slam his other arm into Cato and sending him sprawling once again.

Fully intending to end this fight now before he grew more injured, Naruto brought his foot down where Cato's head was, hoping to crush the older kid's head in a stomp. Instead Cato rolled to his feet and the two were back to exchanging body shots and punches, again Naruto yanked one of his knives free from the holster on his pack and added it to the fray causing Cato to try and put some distance between them. Just as Naruto had wanted.

Just as he hopped out of reach of the Knife, Naruto's foot planted itself into the center of his chest slamming him backward into the stone walls of the ravine. Cornering him with a knife wielding Naruto looming over him ready to end this once again. Using both hands Naruto plunged his knife down towards Cato's head, only stopping when Cato's own hands wrapped around Naruto's and struggled to hold him at bay.

Unable to fully stop the stabbing motion Cato was able to shift the weight of the attack to the side of his headstrikign the blade against the rock wall. Pressing on Naruto pushed his blade toward Cato's head once again making both boy's struggle down the length of the rock wall sending sparks flying as the blade carved a line down it's face chipping both blade and rock alike.

By now both boys were exhausted, panting and grunting in exertion but neither were willing to give in and allow the other take their life without a fight to the very end. Reaching the edge of the rock wall Cato pivoted under Naruto's weight and managed to knock him off balance long enough to slip passed him and grab at the hilt of his sword still stuck in the nearby tree. With a grunt of exertion once again, the boy freed his blade and turned to face Naruto, fully armed once again.

Now they began to fight both wielding their favored weapons. Naruto's quick and agile knife spinning and slicing through the air as he would parry and evade Cato's larger heavier slashes with the sword.

The blows sped up once again, sparks occasionally spraying into the air as their blades met and blood from bloodied lips and noses running freely along with that of the gaping hole in Naruto's arm. Neither could keep this up for much longer, and knowing that Cato's fellow careers could be coming to his aid at any time Naruto realized he had to cut his losses and make a break for it.

Making a final feigned kick toward Cato, Naruto managed to narrowly avoid the sword being plunged into his bicep, instead scoring a large cut on Cato's leg. Rather than continuing and possibly killing the boy though, Naruto had to lean backward to avoid a throwing knife sent spinning by his face. Clove wa sback on her feet finally having pulled the blade from her back and launched it at Naruto. Already she was reaching for more and Naruto, following his earlier instinct, turned and ran. Snatching up both his dropped knives from earlier and disappearing into the trees leaving Cato and Clove gasping and bloodied in heaps at the bottom of the ravine unable to follow at the same speed.

It took some time, but eventually Cato and Clove rejoined their fellow careers. They were less than pleased to find Katniss had managed to scurry up arguably the largest tree any of them had seen and taken refuge in the uppermost branches. Up there she was sheltered from the careers below by layers of the intertwined branches of other trees. A practical tree fort.

Glimmer had attempted to shoot her with an arrow but thanks to the wound Naruto had landed on her in passing she had lost any trace of accuracy she once had. What's more Cato and Clove we're too injured to do much either and Marvel simply couldn't climb well enough to make it more than a couple of feet off the ground.

Deciding to settle in for a pseudo siege, the four bedded down for the night and set up a camp. They had far more supplies than Katniss did and intended to simply wait her out.

Haymitch watched with a frown as both kids under his mentorship suffered from their painful injuries. However, unlike Naruto, who had currently returned to his cave to nurse his wound as best he could, Katniss had practically nothing in the way of supplies to treat herself and was trapped in the treetops with the metaphorical wolves circling below.

He felt useless as he watched her use a little of her water to try and clean her leg up. The teen seized up briefly from the sudden sharp pain of it. The Mentor couldn't watch any more pushing to his feet and moving through the sponsors gathered in the large courtyard watching the games in a viewing party that had been going since before the games even officially started.

He did his level best. Playing up Katniss's perceived personality to the Capital citizens and pushing the angle of her being an underdog against the big dangerous Careers. Even willing to shove the romantic story that had spun up around both his tributes in their faces. Who didn't want to give a hand to the two lovers after Naruto had risked life and limb and even been hurt trying to give Katniss a fighting chance.

In the end, it hadn't been all that hard. Naruto and Katniss had done most of the work for him. They were the sweethearts of the Capital this year. Not truly underdogs but far from being careers they also took the spotlight of being the most dangerous competitors. Filling both the role as the favorites to win and struggling against stacked odds with a larger career pack, they were a sure win for getting sponsor support.

That was how Haymitch managed to get the little parachuting container to drift down into the upper canopy of the tree Katniss was sheltering in. Just what she needed to turn the tables if she played smart and careful.

Katniss felt like she could almost laugh with joy, a manic smile on her face as she read the little note-card that came with the sponsor gift. A simple line of words telling her to apply the ointment she had been given generously and stay alive, signed by Haymitch. She took back all the terrible things she had thought or said about Haymitch in the past. He came through for her now when it counted and that was what mattered.

Doing as the card had said, Katniss spread the salve thickly over her wound and the change was almost instant. A cooling sensation followed by a numbness. It was soothing and for the first time in hours Katniss could breathe easily.

Within a couple of hours, the careers had fallen asleep, overconfidence leading to them to not even put up a watch rotation. Katniss for her part was too exhausted to capitalize on that at the moment. Instead she was forced to get some rest as well.

After all, in the morning she would have to find a way to either defeat all four careers or escape from them. No easy task even as injured as they were.

Hunger Games Hosting Booth


Caesar and Claudius, like the day before kept up their hosting of the games into the second day. The two talking heads making predictions and analyzing every thing that happened with the remaining tributes down to the choice to walk in one direction over the other.

Like the day before, and honestly the event overall, Naruto and Katniss remained the focal point for much of their conversation. Every action poured over and debated on. From the moment they woke up on.

"I see Katniss is continuing on away from the center of the arena and the other tributes as best as she can." Claudius pointed out in the early morning hours.

"Yes, that could be a smart strategy, however she needs to be careful because venturing too far from the others could lead to involvement of the game makers to keep her from the edge of the arena. We all know it's never good when a Gamemaker has to become involved in guiding a tribute back in. It's usually very brutal to remind them of why they are here." Caesar said with a slight frown.

"Indeed." Claudius nodded along with Caesar's words.

"Almost in exact contrast to Katniss, our other District Twelve tribute is instead remaining relatively close to the center. His little fortress he's made out of that cave seems to have been perfect for him." Caesar said as screens changed to show Naruto starting the day.

"There is some risk there as well I think."

"I couldn't agree more. Between someone stumbling onto his hideout, having to leave for supplies right in the 'hunting grounds' of the District One and Two alliance, and not having anyone to guard his back in what amounts to hostile territory, Naruto really is playing a dangerous game." Caesar agreed.

As the two continued to talk on the change with Naruto finding another tribute's path caught their eye and they changed the majority of screens to catch him from multiple angles.

"Interesting, it looks to me like he is weighing the possibilities of following after another competitor or passing by back to his hideaway." Caesar contemplated out loud.

"We know that the District Eight female, Angelica is the one to have passed by there. Things already were not looking good for her. Her injuries from yesterday might not be what does her in though." Claudius added.

"Oh and there he goes. He's tracking her down now." The men watched on along with the audience as Naruto followed the path of blood and disturbed nature leading to the wounded girl.

"And he's found her." Caesar said with a serious tone.

The hosts remained silent as the teens spoke to one another and bowed their heads almost in reverence for the loss of the girl's life.

"Look at that, once again he's being as respectful as he can for a fallen opponent. This kid really is a softy down under that hard shell." Caesar pointed out, making the Capitol viewers and even many in the outlying districts grow in adoration for the boy.

The day continued on, the spectacle of the fire chasing Katniss and her narrow escape despite injury taking their full attention. They were so focused on Katniss fleeing from the career pack after finding the pool of water that they didn't even notice Naruto drawing near until he burst from the greenery and slashed at the arm of Marvel.

"Look at that! He's no knight in shining armor but when Katniss needs him Naruto seems up to the task. Now it appears he's leading a pair of her pursuers away. No doubt this will end in bloodshed of some type." Caesar said.

"I agree, Caesar. Naruto is surely hoping at a chance to pick some of his main competition in the way of the District Two tributes off while the same could be said for his opponents too. Right now they have him appearing to be on the run and outnumbered." Templesmith explained.

"Now they're fighting. She may have the drop on him but is seems to me that, yes he's broken free like I expected but that knife wound to the arm could spell trouble later on even if he can shrug it off for now." Caesar continued.

"Yes, and it looks like Clove is the one in danger now Caesar…" Claudius began as Clove fled from Naruto. Both men winced in sympathy as the knife embedded itself in her shoulder blade from Naruto's throw.

"In danger indeed! Naruto is closing in for the kill, but look there! It seems Cato is having none of that!" Caesar said.

"Such skill!" Claudius crowed at the sight of Naruto and Cato's battle.

"This is what it is to have two top of the running tributes go head to head. Arguably the most dangerous boys or even just tributes in the games this year and they are unstoppable when going all out." Caesar called.

"It's like an immovable object and unstoppable force coloring in real time Caesar."

"That it is. Now which is more apt to live up to such a name unstoppable force? That's the question we're wondering about here."

They continued to watch the fight even as Naruto howled in pain from Cato attacking his earlier injury and Naruto injured the older boy.

"It looks like Naruto has had enough for now. He's headed back to his hideout leaving an injured and exhausted pair of tributes in his wake. No doubt we will be seeing a rematch in the future though." Caesar narrated.

"It seems Katniss has gotten out of their reach as well. At least for the time being." Claudius mentioned.

"That it does and it looks like Cato's pack is planning to wait her out. They're setting up camp." Caesar said then tilt his head as the anthem played and the face of Angelica displayed on screen.

"Our only casualty for the day, Angelica from District Eight. Don't miss out tomorrow folks, I think we can safely say a resolution to the siege of Katniss' tree will be coming to an end one way or another. Till then I've been your host Caesar Flickerman along with my good friend Claudius Templesmith." Caesar ended the hosting for the day planning on heading home to grab some shut eye. He had an early day the next day doing the same all over again.

Alright so that was day 2! Before it's brought up, no not all chapters for the games will be a single day. Some might be less or some might be more it depends on what happens.

Anyway Till Next Time.