The Summer of '69
By: MajorSam

Author's Notes: H'okay people, buckle up, haha. This baby is a bit of a wacky one! And to date my longest posted Timeless fic yet.

This takes place in a timeline where they've recently rescued Rufus, Jessica is gone, but Flynn lived, as did Rittenhouse, and the team is still going on missions. Lucy and Wyatt have NOT gotten together yet.

"So, where are we going?" Rufus asked as he jogged up to the computer banks, Lucy and Wyatt not far behind.

Jiya took a moment before answering, still relishing in Rufus' resurrection, the fact that he was back to even ask that question.

"You're off to Manhattan, June 26, 1969."

All eyes turned to Lucy.

"Greenwich Village?" she asked.

"Uh," Jiya squinted at the screen. "Could very well be, yeah. What's about to happen?"

"It would have to be the Stonewall Uprising."

Several pairs of eyebrows lifted in question.

"In 1969 the Stonewall Inn was owned by the mafia and catered to, shall we say, the marginalized people of the time. Gay, transgender, prostitutes, young homeless people… at 1:20 in the morning on June 28th there was a police raid that got out of control. Already high tensions erupted, and a series of riots were held over the next few weeks. Many people were killed. The first ever Gay Pride march happened in 1970 to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the riots. The Stonewall Inn was the inciting incident for basically the entire Gay Rights Movement. We're not exactly up to equality with gay rights yet, but there's certainly been massive progress. Without Stonewall…"

"Why would Rittenhouse care about that?"

Lucy turned to look at Wyatt. "Well think about it… they're all about the perfect, purebred society, right? Clean bloodlines and white power and all that. Can't exactly breed ideal Rittenbabies if they're free to be gay, get married, etc etc."

"First black people, now gay people?" Rufus shook his head. "Just when I thought these guys couldn't level up their evil bastard status any more…"

"It's atrocious," Mason frowned.

"My cousin is gay. I used to wear rainbow shirts and walk in the parades back home with him every year."

Everyone's heads turned to stare at Flynn for a moment. Various images of a rainbow clad, dancing Garcia Flynn filled their minds.

"What?" he shrugged. "I wasn't always a revenge fueled madman."

Denise Christopher mercifully interrupted the moment with a stern face and tense posture.

"I try not to make anything personal, but I think it goes without saying that on this one I give you permission to do whatever it takes," she said bluntly. "Whatever it takes."

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus nodded sharply. Flynn went so far as to grin in shameless anticipation of chaos. No gay rights movement meant no gay marriage, and the complete alteration of their leader's life. They'd already had to save that life once. They wouldn't let it be destroyed this time either.

"1969, huh?" Wyatt grinned. "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!"

"Hey!" Rufus smiled. "You have seen a movie in your life."

"Man, I've seen lots of movies. A normal amount of movies. Unlike you."

"Proud of it."

"The Brady Bunch premiered that year!" Mason laughed. Again, there were stunned and awkward smiles. "What? It was a delightful program."

"Also an awesome amount of music," Wyatt started up again. "I mean... Woodstock!"

"Aww man, I would have loved to go to Woodstock," Rufus whined.

"We still could," Lucy grinned. "Woodstock was in August, we're going to June."

"I mean, it would suck if Rittenhouse tried to screw up Woodstock," Rufus qualified, "But I sooo hope we get to go someday."

"If only we could use our vacation days to be Time Tourists," Flynn lamented. The group sighed. "That is if we got any vacation days," he added. "Ever."

Christopher snorted. "Okay people, enough. History needs saving, remember?"

A chorus of acknowledgment met her as the Time Team trooped forward. While they sometimes felt bad about stealing so much clothing and accessories, missions certainly got going faster without the need to go through Mason Industries' expansive wardrobe storage.

Mere moments later they were stepping out into the remotest area of Wildwood State Park, Long Island.

"We couldn't have parked any closer?" wondered Wyatt.

"There's not a lot of remote areas that are ideal for hiding giant time machines near Manhattan, Wyatt," scoffed Rufus. "Even now."

"It was more than a two-hour drive from where we landed in South Carolina to Port Royal and we had to do it on horses," Lucy retorted, referencing the mission they'd met Harriet Tubman. She rolled her eyes at Wyatt while Flynn laughed and agreed.

"Okay, fine, I'll stop complaining. Especially if we can find a 1967 Shelby G.T 500 to whip around in..."

Rufus and Flynn joined in the eye roll, but Rufus then barked out a laugh. "Eleanor!"

"Yup," crooned Wyatt.

"Eleanor?" Lucy raised an eyebrow.

"Gone in 60 Seconds," Rufus supplied. "Of course, Wyatt would watch car heist movies instead of classics like Citizen Kane."

"And of course, he now wants to live out his fantasies," Flynn mocked.

"What?" Wyatt shrugged. "It's 1969! The height of the American muscle car phase!"

Lucy also couldn't help but grin at Wyatt's boyish enthusiasm. It was weird how whenever he smiled, she felt the need to smile too. Things were still weird between them, but… she thought, she hoped, things were starting to improve. Their lives had been such a whirlwind, from their night in '41, to everything while Jessica was staying in the bunker, to the revelation that the not-dead ex-wife was now Rittenhouse and then Rufus' death. 100% of their focus had been on getting him back. Well, Lucy had also had quite a time trying to navigate the bizarre, space-time waters that was their interactions with their alternate, future selves and the journal they'd forced upon them. Regardless of what it all meant for her, and Wyatt, and them, they'd gotten Rufus back and for a while it was nothing but celebration. The planets had aligned for once and Rittenhouse didn't jump for a solid two weeks after Rufus returned. It was like the first vacation they'd ever had, and they'd made full use of it. Rufus had been rather baffled and out of sorts throughout, having no memory of ever dying and thus no context for their over-exuberance, but he'd rolled with their over-the-top outpouring of love. Especially Jiya's. A significant portion of the two weeks had been spent in their room. While it made things rather awkward sometimes, especially for Lucy and Wyatt, they'd all been too happy to have him back to let it really bother them.

The two weeks for the rest of them had been spent in a strange, familial way. It was like they were at a family reunion at a remote cabin somewhere, with nothing to do but play games, cook meals together, and talk. It was a way for them all to reconnect and recharge after so much non-stop madness. She and Wyatt had purposely avoided any relationship talk, but she was happy enough for them just to be talking again. For a while she hadn't been sure she'd be able to. He'd hurt her so badly, the pain and awkwardness getting worse with every day Jessica had been at the bunker. But Jessica was gone now. Seeing how destroyed Jiya had been by Rufus' death had, for a while, confirmed for Lucy that taking a chance and risking your heart was not worth it. But then seeing how happy Jiya was when they got him back... All the heartache and sadness had been worth it in the end. Could it be worth it for Wyatt? With the distraction of Mason, Christopher and Flynn she hadn't had an opportunity for a private chat with him even if she'd been ready for one. They'd been too busy learning a surprising amount of sometimes shocking facts about their teammates. There were some brief moments of Cabin Fever but in the end, the two weeks had brought them all closer together.

Then missions started up again. There'd been no sight of Jessica during any of them. It was usually a whole new team of goons, with the occasional glimpse of red hair. With her new position as head RittenBitch, Emma seemed content to send her lackeys into the line of fire while she waited at the mothership. They were prepared to soon lose all sight of her, assuming she was training a new pilot to take her place at the front line. She didn't have to risk her own neck anymore, so why should she? Lucy figured she'd still pop in every now and then, though. Emma liked the destruction too much and was still thirsty for Lucy's blood. She wouldn't let any goon have that honour.

Lucy sighed as they trudged their way through the forest towards civilisation and car rides. When would she be free of Emma? Of Rittenhouse? Would she only get a chance to talk to Wyatt, really talk, once everything was over? Would they ever find the right time? Or would something always get in their way?

Her musings went unanswered as before she knew it, they were hotwiring a Subaru 360, much to Wyatt's disgust.

"It's one of the worst cars in history!" he threw his hands up. "Seriously. Their American slogan was "Cheap and Ugly does it" For real. And people wonder why it failed..."

"We just need it to get us from A to B," Rufus stated.

"There there," Lucy fake pouted, patting Wyatt on the knee as they settled in.

"No respect for decent vehicles," the soldier mumbled as he set them off on the road, continuing to rant under his breath for the first half hour of their ride.

They were nearing their destination when Flynn voiced a thought they'd all been having.

"So… interesting mission. Presumably to stop the Gay Rights Movement, Rittenhouse must stop this first raid on Stonewall Inn; Prevent the riots from ever happening. For once, Rittenhouse will be trying to save people while we technically have to ensure they die."

The trio shifted uncomfortably in their seats.

"If there was a way to make sure the protests happen, but not let them escalate to full riots…" Lucy trailed off.

The men stayed silent. Everyone knew it that would be nearly impossible.

"So," Wyatt broke the silence as he pulled into a parking spot in Greenwich Village a few hours later, the team decked out in full 1960's regalia. "How do we think Rittenhouse is gonna screw this up?"

"Interference with the police force," Lucy spoke. "They might have figured out who the first officer to incite violence was and plan to somehow get him off the task force, or…"

"Or?" Wyatt frowned.

"Or they cause a distraction somewhere else so that the raid never happens," she said quietly.

"So we have no clue what or when or who we're looking for," Wyatt summarized. She winced.

"Pretty much."


"Well, we do actually know who some of the officers on the raid were," she admitted.

"Well why didn't you say so?"

"Detective Charles Smythe and Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine."

"Okay, now we're talking."

"I don't know if Rittenhouse would target them, though, or the man above them."

"The man above," Flynn nodded with confidence. "They more important people they deal with, the more important they themselves feel."

"So what do we do?" Rufus asked.

"Split up," offered Flynn. "Some of us stay here and try to suss things out, some go downtown."

"I don't like it but I agree," nodded Wyatt, looking around. "Meet at that Café, Honey's, by 9pm tonight. The raid is tomorrow but it's definitely already organized by now. Rittenhouse will have to work fast, so they might not be quiet. Let's hope they mess up."

"What are the teams?" Rufus looked at Wyatt with a clear plea in his eyes.

Wyatt shook his head. "Sorry man, but you and Flynn take Downtown, try to find those officers' commander. Lucy and I will stay here."

Rufus' eyes plead harder.

"I'm sorry," Wyatt repeated. "But we're going into a hotbed of blatant alternative lifestyle. A highly educated black man and Mr. Tall, Dark and Accented over here would be way too distracting. They'll be too busy hitting on you to give you any information."

"Thank you? I think?" Flynn furrowed his brow.

"Oh, and Baby Blue Eyes won't be a target?" Rufus shot back. "And you don't think the butch ladies won't just throw Lucy over their shoulder and haul her off?"

"Wow, thanks for that image," Lucy shook her head as if trying to shake the thoughts right out of her brain. "Also, generalizing much?"

"We'll be fine," Wyatt assured.

"Well, for the record, I think this plan sucks."

"Not my favourite either," Flynn agreed. "A foreigner and said educated black man aren't exactly beloved by the police force."

"Great. You two finally agree, but it's in opposition of me."

"You brought this upon yourself," Rufus said sagely. "Have fun now. See you at 9. I hope."

Wyatt waved him off with a laugh, watching the two men disappear around a street corner before turning to Lucy.

"Well. Shall we?"

She nodded and smoothed down her dress. A classic, brightly coloured floral print dress that fit her figure perfectly.

"Like the one you wanted…" Wyatt murmured to himself as she started walking. She of course somehow heard him.

"What was that?"

"Oh, um, nothing."

"No, I heard you. "Like the one you wanted." What's that mean?"

He laughed and awkwardly scratched at his neck. "Um… just… your dress."

"What about it?" she crossed her arms, ready to defend herself.

"It's just like the one you wanted. Our first time in 69, going to NASA. Before Christopher shot you down and made you a secretary."

"Oh," Lucy blinked, surprised. "You… you remember that?"

"I remember all our missions."

"And my outfits for each?"

He coughed and avoided her eyes. "I'm trained to remember details."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Mmmhmm. Training. Sure."

She then mercifully turned around and continued to march her bright orange heels down the street. He couldn't see the grin on her face or the slight blush to her cheeks.

Mere minutes later they were nearing the Stonewall Inn itself when out of the alley to their left, a dog suddenly bolted towards them. It tried to run between Lucy's legs but only succeeded in throwing her off balance. She let out a whooping cry and would have crashed hard to the ground if Wyatt's instincts hadn't gone into overdrive, leaping towards her and somehow avoiding trampling the dog while simultaneously catching her in his arms. They both froze, gaping at each other, posed as if he'd just dipped her at a dance. They were breathing hard, pupils blown with adrenaline, faces so close they could feel the others breath across their cheeks. Wyatt moved as if to say something but faltered and continued to stare into her eyes. Her grip on his shoulders tightened. She swallowed. Hard. He moved closer. So did she.

Then a sharp whistle broke the moment.

"Well helloooo beautifuls!"

Wyatt swiftly righted her, stepping back three paces the instant she'd gained her balance and shoving his hands in his pockets. She ran her hands down her dress fitfully and fiddled with her hair.

There was a raucous laugh.

"Oh you poor dears."

They turned to their interrupter and found a tall, slightly overweight man in his early 40's, dressed in garish bright patterns and very tight pants, shaking his head at them. The white Westie dog who'd tripped Lucy was in his arms.

"That is some serious tension to be bottling up, isn't it Chester" he said to the dog as he continued to shake his head. "It's not healthy, sweeties, trust me."

"And you are?" Wyatt asked stepping between him and Lucy.

"Oh don't mind me, honey, I'm not a threat to her," the man assured before giving Wyatt a long, sweeping look. "You, however. Yum yum. I don't suppose you swing both ways?"

Behind him, Lucy coughed in an attempt to smother a laugh, her hand coming up to cover her grin.

"Um. Well…"

"Damn. Had to ask."

"Hi," Lucy stepped beside Wyatt and offered her hand. For some inexplicable reason she felt like she could trust the man. The fake names still slipped out despite so. "I'm Ellen. Ripley. And this is John Connor."

Wyatt snorted a laugh as he shook the man's hand.

The man looked at them strangely, analytically, but then smiled widely and shook both their hands.

"Jimmy Benson, most pleased to meet you folks. Now, what may I ask brings you to my fine neighbourhood this afternoon?"

"Oh, well, my… my John, and I, are on vacation here in New York and wanted to see some shows, but, you know," she lowered her voice conspiratorially. "Not the regular kind of shows…" she winked. "And we heard the Stonewall had the best dancers around."

"Oh you've heard so, huh?" Jimmy crossed his arms and looked pointedly at Wyatt. "You wanted to see some… dancing, huh?"

"Oh, yeah," Wyatt nodded brightly, slinging his arm around Lucy. "See Ellen and I… we, well, let's just say we're very open-minded."

"Really?" Jimmy raised a manicured eyebrow.

"Oh yeah," Lucy nodded, trying not to think about how the weight of his arm around her, or why it felt so right. "Open minded."

Jimmy pursed his lips, analyzing them once more before giving a short, succinct nod.

"Well then you must come over for tea and meet my beau. I insist."

"Oh, no, we wouldn't want to imposition you," Wyatt started to argue.

"Nonsense. I couldn't stand myself if I let poor, beautiful tourists stumble about the city unaided. We New Yorkers have a certain brusque reputation that I'm trying my very best to uproot. We are decent, welcoming folk and it is my duty help you have as good a vacation as you can. Come along now, I'm not five minutes away."

He turned on his heel and marched off.

Wyatt turned to an open-mouthed Lucy. A silent communication of shrugged shoulders and wide eyes ensued, and they were off to follow their new friend.

To Be Continued…

And so the journey begins! What troubles will they get themselves into!? I hope you all enjoy this wild romp into the colourful 60's. I also hope everyone understood the timeline/ state of relationships!

The two officers mentioned are the real officers who were historically present. The character of their boss is not; totally made up by me.

Chester the dog is in honour of my sister's dog, Chester, the most perfect Westie in the world. Who, alas, is on another continent than me Honey's Café is for a place close to me that I love and adore. The maple doughnut is unlike anything you've ever had. Mmm.

Happy Lyatt Week, everyone!