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"A love drug?" Christopher repeated sceptically.

"A love potion!" Rufus delighted.

"For lack of a better term, yes," Doctor Carter agreed. "It's like nothing I've ever seen before. It's not necessarily sophisticated. In fact it's rather crude. I'd almost say it's reminiscent of the recreational drug combinations people experimented with back in the 60's and 70's. All the wild times and free love and the like. I know it's a ridiculous thought, impossible, but still."

"How interesting," Jiya nodded with wide eyes, elbowing Rufus who'd coughed out a laugh.

"Yes, it is," the Doctor continued unfazed. "They are for all intents and purposes absolutely swimming in pheromones, mood enhancers, sleep suppressors…"

"What could explain the super strength?"

"Their systems are full of a wild cocktail right now. Pain sensors are dampened, adrenaline is running rampant… the human body is capable of a hell of a lot of things under extreme circumstances."

"Geez, if Lucy could throw Flynn up against a wall imagine what she could be doing to Wyatt!" Jiya snorted.

"Oh God, Jiya!" Rufus moaned. "Please do not say things like that!"

"Sorry," she cringed. "Although, I mean… get it girl."

"Anyways," Denise said sternly. "What's the solution, here? Can you make an antidote? How long till they're clear of it? Will it have any lasting consequences?"

"Unfortunately I'd say there's no real antidote, except to, well… let it run it's course."

"Run it's course…"

"Let them work it out of their system. Naturally."

"And how long will that take?"

"I'd say anywhere from one to three days."

"Three days?" Mason was shocked. Flynn scowl deepened even further than it had been.

"Soooo let me get this straight," Rufus started gleefully. "Your professional prognosis is that they're loaded on love potion. And your prescription is for them to screw it out of their system."

"Very delicately put," the doctor rolled her eyes. "But yes."

"They have to literally have a sexathon. For the sake of their health."

"Yes, Rufus, we've just established that," Denise chided.

"This is officially a movie," he crowed. "How is this real life?"

"Well look at what we do for a living," Jiya laughed. "anything is possible."

"Yes, it is," Christopher interrupted before they could say something that the doctor shouldn't hear. "Including one of you volunteering to go tell them the news?"

Silence reigned.

"I already took that plunge," Jiya put her hands up.

"I've got some terribly important paperwork," Mason shrugged.

Flynn stayed silent, stone-faced.

"Okay, me it is," nodded Rufus. "Jiya… may I plead your company? You can stay in the car, I promise, but I might need some emotional support following what will surely be an eye-ball and ear canal scarring incident."

"Fine." She made a big deal of huffing but gave him a gentle hug.

"Let's wait until morning though. They'll be okay till then, Doctor?"

The blonde woman nodded.

"All that adrenaline and happy juice won't be too much though, right?" Rufus suddenly worried. "They're not gonna give each other heart attacks or anything?"

"Oh my god Rufus," Jiya slapped his arm. "They're not gonna screw themselves to death."

"How can you know that? You didn't see them back in… on, the mission. The tension was so thick you'd need an industrial saw to cut through it! The release of that tension could overwhelm their systems!"

"They'll be fine," the doctor assured once more.

"No offense, Doc, but you don't know these two. If anyone could screw themselves to death it would be them. Trust me. I mean, dehydration can kill people, right?"

"Oh God, Rufus, give it a rest." Jiya tugged at him, pulling him away so the doctor could leave.

"Seriously! They need to remember to drink water. I mean, three days? With all the fluid loss that's bound to happen?"

"Oh GOD," Jiya gagged. "Shut up, right now. We are not discussing any possible fluid loss. Gross, Rufus, I mean… gross!"

"I'm just saying-"

"Your concern is touching but if you don't shut up right now, you won't be suffering any "fluid loss" for a long, long time."

Rufus shut up.

3 days later

"So, Mr. Logan. Is today the day? Must we return to reality?"

"I'm not sure, Ms. Preston. I think I might still be feeling a little feverish."

Lucy laughed and threw her arms above her head, stretching out like a cat on top of the mattress. The tousled sheets had been ripped and lost to the floor at least two days earlier. "Hmm, I might be feeling a little warm still too."

Wyatt set the glass of water he'd just fetched on the bedside table and climbed up on the bed to kneel beside her.

"Well," he posited. "That might be because you have far too many layers on."

She grinned impishly up at him as her fingers played with the cuffs of his light blue button-up. It was the only thing she wore, and only two buttons were done up.

"My my," she drawled. "Who's the professor now." She reached up and patted his cheek. "Such a smart boy."

"So smart I even have a suggestion to ease your affliction."

"Oh do you."

"Uh-huh." He reached out and casually undid a button.

Her voice lowered several degrees. "And what might that be?"

He undid the other button and grasped the edges of the shirt, peeling it apart with special care to not touch her. He let go of the shirt and she laid there, bare, vulnerable, open. Her body was covered with evidence of what they'd done, what she'd let him do to her. Her porcelain skin was smothered in bite marks and bruises, raw, red skin. Then there were the scratches. They weren't nearly as bad as the ones she'd left on his back, though. His mouth was dry at the sight of her, even after three days of her being naked before him. He blindly reached to his side and grasped the glass of water, knocking it back in a few seconds as she continued to smirk up at him. Managing to avert his gaze for a few moments he quickly surveyed the room around them. Then winced. Sorry about the bill, Homeland. They'd trashed the place. Broken chair, broken desk, broken headboard. Thank goodness the one bedside lamp hadn't started a fire when that was sent flying, along with the phone. The sheets had tears, one pillow was nothing but fluff, scattered across the floor. The shower curtain had been ripped off. They would definitely need fresh clothes delivered before they could leave. But hey, who could blame them? They'd been imbued with super strength and super, well, ardour. It wasn't their fault! Though apparently several phone calls had been made by other guests, even rooms away, about the concerning noises. Wyatt felt rather distinctly proud of the destruction. Oh yeah. All worth it.

"I changed my mind," he declared, dropping the water glass back on the side table and lying down on his side. "I can't help you with your fever."

"Oh?" she pouted, turning to face him, rising up to rest her head in her hand, elbow bent on the bed, running the other hand through his hair. "Why not?"

"Because," he took the shirt flap that had fallen to cover her and slid it back over her side to keep her bare. "I'd rather make it worse instead."

He gripped her waist and dipped down, brushing his lips across her breast. Every inch of her was hyper-sensitive, nerves alight, pushed far past their limits but somehow, she still couldn't stop. Wouldn't stop. She groaned and let him push her onto her back again. He grinned against her, sucking her already hard nipple into his mouth and gently laving it with his tongue. A hand tangled in his hair while she let the other fall back above her head, grasping at a pillow. He paid his respects to her other breast too before dropping wet, open mouthed kisses down across her stomach.

"This will never get old," she moaned as he finally settled between her legs, lifting them onto his shoulders and burying his face between them. Her hips rose off the bed and she gripped his hair harder as he gently lapped at her.

"I so agree," he nodded, biting at the juncture of her thigh, making her jump and let out a high-pitched squeal. "You taste so good," he murmured, soothing the bite and moving back to her centre. "And god, you're always so wet…" he opened his mouth wide, drinking as much of her in as he could.

"I'm drugged," she explained faintly.

One of their security detail had filled them in on the situation the day before when he'd very cautiously come in for a scheduled check to make sure they were still alive and okay. Upon finding them in a rare moment of not being entirely tangled up in each other, he'd told them they'd been drugged by a special tea, and that they'd be okay, the drug would wear off soon if they just "continued as they were."

"Is that all?" Wyatt smirked. Then he dipped his tongue inside of her, hot and fast, before grazing his teeth up to her clit, sucking hard.

"Fuck!" she moaned.

He sucked again.

"You!" she admitted throatily. "Wet for you. For a long time. All the time. Too much."

"Never too much," he protested, running his tongue through her, bottom to top. "Never."

"Too much talk, then" she countered.

"Fair point, ma'am."

He shut up and went to work. He managed to pull two orgasms from her before she pulled him up by his hair, swallowing his tongue into her mouth as she flipped them over to straddle him. His hands flew to her waist, lifting her so he could sit up before sliding down to grip her ass. She shamelessly rubbed herself against him, slick from his work. He groaned into her mouth, kissing her harder, squeezing her ass, unable to get enough of her, addicted to her. He reached around her and grabbed the collar of her shirt and yanked, pulling it down and backwards off her body but the cuffs got tangled around her wrists. Her arms were forced back, chest jutting forward as she was suddenly bound by the tangle of blue. Their lips parted as she gasped in surprise. He pulled back to stare at her, about to apologize, but lost his voice at the fire in her eyes. He experimentally tugged at her accidental bindings, glancing down at her breasts as they lightly bounced. His eyes reconnected with hers, silently asking her if this new situation was okay. If it was possible, her eyes darkened even further, and she flew at him, attacking his mouth with hers as if making up for the fact she could no longer use her hands to touch him. He was bowled over by the force of her, falling to his back. She laughed against him, rising up and using only her thighs to position him between her legs. Her gaze was pure lust as he tugged again at her bindings. She spread her knees and sank down onto him, taking him to the hilt in one go.

His hands flew to her hips, head tilting back as he shouted a rough "Fuck!"

She was wild as she rode him, trusting his grip to keep her steady. It worked until she undulated her hips just so and caused his body to jerk. She tipped off balance and fell onto his chest, the sudden angle change causing her to cry out, so close to the edge. He looped his arms through her bindings, holding her chest tightly to his as he sat them both up. They immediately found a new, perfect rhythm, Lucy bouncing in his lap, legs wrapping around him as he bent his knees and planted his feet flat on the bed, thrusting up into her every time gravity pulled her back down. Within moments they were screaming the other's name, sweat slick bodies convulsing as they tumbled over the edge together.

They fell to the bed, Lucy plastered over Wyatt's chest, head buried in the crook of his neck as she fought to breathe.

"Holy shit," the soldier finally stated. "Lucy, I mean… shit."

Her body shook with laughter against his as she groaned into his neck. "Oh yeah."

"Definitely top five. Top three. Maybe even top."

She bit down at the juncture of his neck and shoulder playfully, licking the wound before lazily rising up to look down at him.

"Three days and we already have a top ten list?"

His eyes were a vibrant, sparkling blue as he smirked up at her. "Well if you count how many times in the last three day's that we've…"

"Mmm," she agreed, leaning down to kiss him.

"We are just so good at this," he continued in wonder between kisses. "I mean, I always knew we would be, and Hollywood was incredible, but it just keeps getting better!"

She laughed again as she sucked on his tongue. "We are fucking amazing at sex," she agreed, drawing out the "f" and popping the consonants.

He groaned into her mouth. In the last three days they'd discovered and explored every inch of each other, inside and out, but he'd also become privy to the fact that, when she wanted, Lucy had a really dirty mouth. "You are so damn sexy when you talk like that," he admitted. "You're too damn hot for your own good anyways but if I'd known the professor could talk such filth…"

"And what about this?" she moved her still bound hands to the side, tickling his stomach. He reached round her back to still her hands, finally untangling them and pulling his shirt free. He tossed it to the side.

"You tell me," he said carefully. "I know it's not for everyone, and I would never ask you to do anything you weren't comfortable with. I know you need to stay in control, so if you are ever, ever not okay with something-"

"Wyatt," she cut him off, taking full advantage of her regained freedom to stroke his face. "You've never made me uncomfortable. Not with any of this." She kissed him softly. "You're right, I do usually need full control but with you? I feel safe. I trust you completely." She kissed him again then huskily said "In fact, if you liked it even half as much as I did, I think it's an avenue we should explore further in the future."

He stroked her back gently as he spoke. "So, we have a future, then?"

She sighed and laid her head back onto his chest. "Finally having the talk, huh?"

"Kind of have to."


But she didn't say anything more. She remained silent while a hand absently stroked his chest. When the silence continued to reign, Wyatt decided it was finally time to step up to the plate.

"Lucy… I know that we could easily pass this off as a "we were drugged" situation, and pretend it never happened and just go on with our lives… but I don't want to."

The hand on his chest stilled.

"It's probably the most unconventional way possible to start a relationship, but maybe this love drug thing was just a catalyst for what I think, or at least I hope, was inevitable. I know we've been through some crazy shit, and I've made some really, really bad decisions, and we'll need to talk a lot more about that, but Lucy, you were always the choice I wanted to make. For a long time now, when I imagined what my life would be like when we finally end this war, the only thing I thought of, still think of, is you. And me. Together."

He paused, giving her the option to say something. Anything. But she didn't. He sighed and closed his eyes, waiting for her to pull away from him. But she also didn't do that. He took a deep breath and plunged into his last stand.

"What I'm saying, Lucy, is that I meant what I said before, after Rufus… you know. I love you. I have for a long time. And if you're ready… I want to finally start this with you, properly. A relationship. A real one."

He nervously started tapping fingers against her back, unnerved at her continuing silence and starting to ramble just to fill the room.

"I'm not just saying it because I'm high on love drugs, or endorphins from the ridiculously good sex we just had, or whatever. I swear I've been thinking about this for a while, since before the mission. I want to be with you so badly, but I know I screwed up, and that it would take a while to earn back your trust, if I ever even could. I probably could have tried harder, but I didn't want to push you, or pressure you, and I totally understand if you still hate me, but-"

She finally cut him off, her body coming suddenly alive on top of him as she surged upwards and sealed his mouth with hers.

Several minutes later, Wyatt slowed the kiss down enough to pant out a few words. "So that's a yes, then? Is this happening?"

Lucy's hand rose to stroke his cheek, her thumb running over his kiss swollen lips. She nodded, her eyes suspiciously wet. "Yeah, Wyatt. It's happening."

Though he thought his heart might burst, Wyatt contained the shout he wanted to let free. He pursed his lips together and casually said. "Okay then."

Lucy of course saw right through the act, chuckling and shaking her head. "But when people ask, there is no way we're telling them we got together because of some damn love potion. Okay?"

"Deal. But what will we tell them?"

"I don't know. We can make something up when you take me out to dinner."

Wyatt grinned widely, his eyes bright. "I get to take you out to dinner?"

"Well, you're supposed to take me to dinner before the sex, you know. You now owe me like… a lot of dinners."

"Lost count of how many?" he asked smugly.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Do you remember how many?"

He wracked his brain but ended up frowning. "It was all kind of a blur at the beginning…"

"That's what I thought. Anyways, shouldn't it be about quality over quantity?"

"I don't know." He was back to smirking as a hand brushed down her back to run over her backside. "Why not both?"

"Well," she said, saucily, rising to straddle him again. "Considering our track record so far, I'd say we will definitely be enjoying both, love potion or no."

"We are pretty great at it, aren't we?" He cupped her ass with both hands and squeezed.

"Not to inflate your already giant ego, but… understatement." She leaned down, chest pressing against his and lips moving to brush over his ear in a sultry whisper. "We are fucking amazing."

He groaned as her tongue peeked out to tickle his ear lobe.

They didn't talk for a long while after that.

The team weren't sure what to expect when Lucy and Wyatt returned. They'd debated, with varying degrees of seriousness, the possibilities. As the couple descended the ladder they were met by all their friends, gathered in the common area to greet them. Each looked at the newcomers with poorly concealed scrutiny. Lucy, in a black turtleneck, rolled her eyes. Wyatt, in a black jacket zipped all the way up, rolled his as well. It was Rufus who took the dive and asked.

"So, uh… how you two feeling?"

Everyone expected them to at least be embarrassed, bashful, awkward. They couldn't have been further from the truth.

"Great," Wyatt shrugged casually.

"Brilliant," Lucy confirmed. "Never better."

"Oh… really?"

"Yup," she nodded. "It's amazing what a few days of mind-blowing sex can do for your mood."

Wyatt's smug grin at Lucy's compliment would have put a cat who got the cream to shame. Lucy hummed, just as smug, and grabbed his face and pulling him in for a fast, hot kiss.

"Wow. Well then."

"Things are definitely looking up," Wyatt waggled his eyebrows at Lucy, who laughed.

"Oh god," Rufus cringed. "I thought the drug had worn off. Is this just you two now?"

"Just us two," Wyatt shrugged.

"So you're happening?" Jiya beamed. "You're finally happening?"

"Are you going to be like this all the time now?" Rufus worried.

"Who knows," it was Lucy's turn to shrug. "Just have to wait and see."

"And here I thought I was looking forward to getting back to missions…"

"I'm not sure I'll ever go on one again," muttered Flynn.

"Oh come on now, we won't be that bad. We can control ourselves on missions."

"Sure. Like you did in '69."

"We were fine! The mission was a success!"

"Yeah, after breaking a priceless piece of art, almost getting arrested, and spending half a night straddling a hot blonde in the club."

"Woah woah woah," Jiya interrupted. "Who was straddling who? I thought Lucy and Wyatt…"

"Remember how they made friends with the gay couple and the hot blonde, Barbara?"

"Yeah, but no one said anything about straddling. Wyatt, how could you?"

"Wasn't Wyatt," snorted Rufus.

"Wait… Lucy?"

Everyone in the room went suddenly quiet, turning to stare at Lucy with mirrored expressions of shock and intrigue. Surely this was the moment for embarrassment.

They were wrong again. Well, Wyatt got a bit of a glazed look in his eye but Lucy was unapologetic.

"What?" she shrugged with wide eyes. "We'd said we were open minded. She was hitting on me all day and then basically dared me to. I had to. To maintain our cover."

"Your… cover," Mason repeated sceptically.

The historian looked around at the gawking faces of her teammates. "Oh please, guys, we're from 2018, this should not be that shocking to you all."

"It's not," Jiya protested. "I mean, hello, Agent Christopher is the bomb, but… that's her, and you're… you."

"So? You don't have to be gay to kiss a girl every now and then."

"Every now and then?" Denise raised her eyebrow.

"Are you implying…" Mason trailed off.

"Oh for God's sake people," Lucy rolled her eyes. "I have a PhD. I was in college for a long time."

"Oh my," Rufus whistled.

The team turned varying shades of red, most studiously avoiding Lucy's gaze as they obviously fought to not imagine what a young Lucy could have gotten up to in her very limited free time.

"Now that I think of it, you were really excited to see Hedy Lamarr…" Rufus noted, lost in memory.

Lucy rolled her eyes again as Wyatt unexpectedly came to her defense.

"Undercover kisses happen, people. Give her a break. As she said, covers need to be maintained."

Rufus popped right out of his memory, eyes narrowing instantly in a suspicious frown. "You say that like it's not the only on-a-mission kiss that's happened. In the name of cover stories."

Wyatt clapped his mouth shut as Lucy shot him a glare.

"Oh my god!" Jiya squealed looking rapidly back and forth between the new, official couple. "When did it happen? Where? Why?"

"And why wasn't it in any of my reports?" Christopher crossed her arms.

Lucy smacked Wyatt soundly in the arm as he muttered apologies at her.

"It was 1934," Lucy bucked up and confessed. "Arkansas."

"Bonnie and Clyde?" Jiya gasped with glee.

The pair nodded. "We were pretending to be like them. A rogue duo. Wyatt and Lucy."

"Has a nice ring to it," Jiya grinned.

"Yeah, well. We realized Bonnie had the key we needed, was wearing it as a necklace. We were trying to get more information out of them. Trying to relate to them, and…"


"And Clyde wasn't having it," Wyatt finally spoke. "Kept shooting me these shady looks. So…"

"So you kissed her, then?" Jiya pressed, wanting all the details.


Jiya's eyes swung to Lucy. "And you kissed back?"

Lucy shifted uncomfortably. Technically there had been two kisses. And engagement stories. And cuddling on couches. And the sharing of a very wee bed. And talks of possibilities. But the team didn't need to know all the details.

"I can't believe this!" Rufus scoffed, throwing his hands up in the air. "I'm getting interrogated by the police while you guys are off canoodling with criminals, playing house!"

"It was hardly a fun situation, Rufus," Wyatt grumped.

"Still! Now that I think back you were acting a bit squirrely on the way back to the lifeboat."

"Whatever, man."

"If you don't want to talk about it would you rather go back to talking about Lucy making out with girls?"

Wyatt glared at him, shifting uncomfortably on the couch as Lucy made a disgusted noise at their friend. When Wyatt didn't stop squirming she looked over at him. His pupils blown wide, pulse twitching down the length of his neck. She rolled her eyes, then smirked and grabbed his hand, standing them both up.

"While all this trip down memory lane has been fun, we're gonna go," she announced. "For a bit. See you… in a bit."

She confidently marched a red-faced Wyatt off to their room. "We'll try to be quiet, but no guarantees," she called over her shoulder as she firmly shut the door.

The second the door closed Wyatt had her backed into it, his arms braced against it, trapping her within their cove.

"Soo…" he drawled.

"You're not gonna let this go, are you?"

"In a word, hell no."

"That's two words."

"And you've apparently kissed two girls. Or more."

"Ugh," she groaned. "What is it with guys and the thought of two women together?"

"I think it's best if I don't answer that question. But how about a question for you?"

She raised a delicate brow.

"Hedy Lamarr. Is that why you were always so excited to see her? You, what, were crushing on her?"

"Crushing on her? What are we, in high school?"

"Don't avoid the question."

She huffed and pushed against his chest. He could easily have absorbed the blow but he let her push him back. She raised a pointed finger at him.

"Okay look, Wyatt. You know I get excited about all the historical figures we meet. My entire life has been dedicated to obsessing over them. It's literally my job."

"Yeah but-"

"And in the case of Hedy, she happened to also be a brilliant scientist, powerful female, and gorgeous superstar. All things which, of course, appeal to me, like they would to most sane people."

"So you're admitting it!"

She narrowed her eyes and step by step backed him up until his legs hit the bed. She pushed him again, forcing him onto his back before slowly crawling on top of him.

"What do you think, Wyatt," her voice was low and husky as she dipped down to nip at his neck. He shuddered and grasped her hips in his hands. "That night in her guesthouse…" she dragged her tongue across where she had bit. "If we'd invited her to join us…"

She didn't manage another word. Wyatt's mouth covered hers, flipping them over, and no more words were spoken for a good, long while.

To the immense relief of everyone else in the bunker, the new couple were indeed able to stay quiet. They even all got some work done, though everyone kept half an ear towards their room, ready to run to the bathroom and hide if things got bad again. It was another relief when Lucy and Wyatt emerged from their room, back in their customary wear of t-shirts and plaid. Wyatt's arm was around Lucy's waist and he was looking at her with a soft smile.

"Glad to see you didn't finally screw each other to death," Rufus muttered.

"What was that?" Wyatt asked, tearing his eyes from Lucy to look at Rufus as Lucy let out a laugh.

"Oh, nothing," Rufus assured.

"He said he's glad we didn't screw each other to death," Lucy countered, giving her friend a look.

"Oh come on," Wyatt snorted.

"Oh come on what?"

"Are you kidding? You guys seriously worried that we'd screw each other to death?"

"You were riddled with unknown psycho-substances! Who knows what strain that could put on your bodies?"

"What a way to go," Wyatt sighed dreamily.

Lucy smacked him. "The only strains we were put through were self-imposed and welcomed."

"Really?" the pilot approached them, pointing at Lucy's neck with his brows raised. "Cause Lucy looks like she was savaged by a wild animal."

The professor's hand rose unconsciously to touch her neck. They'd worn a turtleneck and high collared jacket back to the bunker on purpose, but it's not like they could wear only that for the time it would take for the marks to fade.

Rufus turned an accusatory finger to Wyatt. "And you don't look much better."

Wyatt shrugged. "I'm going to say this again. You are the one who's been trying to push us together forever."

"Well not even I could have anticipated it would be in such a dramatic fashion."

"He's right," Jiya nodded, appearing from the hall and sidling up to him. "Only you two could have gotten yourselves drugged like that."

"It's not like we asked for it!"

"We know that," Jiya assured.

"But boy did you run with it." Rufus shook his head.

"With all your protesting you're almost sounding jealous," Wyatt teased.

"Yeah," Lucy grinned. "You guys want in on the action or something? Did the doctor take all the tea away, or…"

"Oh no," Rufus emphatically shook his head. "No no no. Say no to drugs, kids."

"Yeah, definitely gonna pass on that one," Jiya nodded.

"Besides," Rufus puffed up and slung his arm around Jiya's shoulders. "We don't need drugs. We get along just fine on our own, thank you very much."

Jiya rolled her eyes but patted him on the chest and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "That's right."

"In fact, if you guys now get to disappear for canoodling breaks at random…" Rufus trailed off, looking pointedly at Jiya.

She grinned, then said "There's a technical journal in our room," with an exaggerated nod. "I think we need to go study some mechanical functions."

"Hmm," Rufus nodded sagely. "Sounds important."

"The fate of the next mission could very well depend on it!"

"Lead the way, great savior!"

They grabbed each others hand and hurried off, giggling, to their room.

Lucy and Wyatt shook their heads fondly at their escape, Wyatt shyly grabbing Lucy's hand in his. Funny how something as simple as holding her hand seemed like such a big deal, given how they'd spent the last several days. But while sex was an important part of any romantic relationship, it wasn't everything. Not even close. They were both looking forward to figuring out everything else that came with it.

"So I've been thinking," Lucy piped up as they wandered over to the couch.

"When do you ever stop?" Wyatt joked as he sat down, guiding her to nestle up beside him, arms wrapped around her.

She harrumphed at him but settled in.

"Jimmy and Simon."

His hand started running up and down her arm, lightly, as he thought about the couple. "Yeah."

"They drugged us."

"They did."

"But…" she turned wide eyes to him. "I'm not really as angry as I'd have expected."

"Neither am I."

"I mean… I guess we should be. Right?" she mused as she rested her head on his chest. "We were drugged, against our will! If anything bad had happened…"

"But it didn't," he reminded. "Not really. Minor scuffles."

She laughed, the huff of breath warm against him. "Yeah. I guess it does no good to think of what could have happened."

"And I don't think the guys meant any harm. At all. I think they were genuinely just trying to help us. Probably thought of it more as a favour, a gentle natural solution to help us on our way."

"They weren't exactly subtle about wanting us to, what was it, relieve our tension?"

They both laughed this time.

"If only we could somehow let them know they succeeded," Lucy mused.

"Well, we could-"


"But Lucy!"


"Haven't you ever thought about taking the lifeboat and just-"



"It doesn't even matter if I have or-"

"HA!" Wyatt fist-pumped the air in victory. "You totally have!"

She glowered at him. "As I said, it doesn't even matter if-"

The whir and clink of machinery that underlaid everything in the bunker continued to hum on as it always did, the new couple's relationship status making no difference. Rittenhouse was still out there, needing to be stopped. History was out there, needing to be saved. The team would continue their missions as always.

In the meantime, the bunker might just get some new soundproofing on the doors to the personal quarters.

The End

And there it is. I hope The Summer of '69 was good to you. It was ever so much oodles of fun to write.

Including little bits like the blue shirt in this chapter, in the hotel room. Direct reference, in my head, to the scene in Abigail Spencer's first episode of Suits; season one episode 7. With Harvey's blue shirt… Mmmhmm. Even if you don't watch the show (I never have) you should go watch Abby's episodes. You learn enough about the other characters and goings on to understand enough to enjoy, and Abby as Scotty… it's just something that EVERYONE should see. Phewwwww. Fire.

Thank you endlessly and with great walloping passionate emphasis. It means the world that people out there still want to explore the brilliant and endless possibilities of the world of Timeless, and Lyatt. If you want more… Please let me know. I'm here for you.

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