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Floating in spirit form, right above my body is something I should have gotten used to by now. But this time, there's a short deviation in the norm, thanks to my capture at Hydra hands.

And there was no one else to blame, but me. It was my arrogance, my stupidity, that ensured my capture at the hands of the Germans, who then gave me to Hydra, instead of sending me to one of the Concentration camps.

If I had just seen the attack on us coming, read minds to ensure they're not just pretending to let Dubois go, then I would have not been captured in the first place. But well, no need crying over spilt milk now. At least, I'm not completely helpless.

After the talk with Johann Schmidt, when he injected me with a sedative, and I was blacking out, I did something, as a last ditch effort. I focused every bit of my control on my magic, as shoddy as it was, on expelling my Astral Form from my body.

Thankfully, I succeeded, and now, I was looking at Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull, standing in front of my body, as some scientists take my blood vials away, wondering in what ways should I kill him.

"Was it wise, bringing him into consciousness? We don't know much about his kind, he could develop a resistance to the sedatives now that he knows of our methods." Dr Arnim Zola, the scientist who was working on using my blood to recreate the Super Soldier Serum, which I'd previously heard no news of, says, as he enters the room I'm kept in.

If he's already desperate to recreate it, it must mean Dr Erskine succeeded in the United States, which means I missed the birth of Captain America, the Dance Monkey. Damn, I should probably utilize my Time Travel later to witness the amazing event. But not now. Fanboying later, survive now.

Schmidt barely glances at Zola, and says, "I have come too far to worry about him developing a resistance, Doctor. Just like our work with the Tesseract, the Wizard's blood is sure to grant us many gifts. Even Grindelwald must know this, why else would he stop pestering us?"

Dr Zola, who looks almost as if he's afraid of his own shadow, glances at my body, and says, "Even still, we should increase his dosage periodically, and keep him under. Now that he's healed, the power within his blood may turn to the only thing wrong it can find, the sedative, and try to get rid of it."

Schmidt turns around to walk out of the room, and says, "Do as you deem necessary, Doctor. Besides, the Wizards are almost useless without their pesky wands. Even if Sgt Aves wakes up, he will still have to get out of this base, get through me, without having access to his magic at all."

"I'll prepare the next dose right away then. Hail Hydra." Dr Zola says, and follows Schmidt out the door, leaving my ghostly self to float right there back again.

Okay, first things first, I wave my hand in front of me, and cast the Time and date spell. I frown, when nothing happens, and try again, this time really focusing on casting the spell, as if I'm doing it for the first time. I keep increasing the effort, and finally succeed on the 4th try. July 7th, 1943. Which means I've been unconscious, and captured for a month and a half.

I didn't fail to notice that it took a lot more effort to cast the simple time and date charm than it usually takes me, which means the drugs in my body also mess with my Astral form somehow. I did not expect this, I really did not.

Frustrated with the situation I stupidly brought myself in, I take a moment to really think, but not before spending a half a mo on really cursing myself out.

This could all have been avoided if I just didn't accept this mission. I could have faked an injury, I could have changed their mind forcefully, I could have brought in some help in the form of either James or Victor, there were literally dozens of ways I could have used to prevented myself from going to this mission, but no, I wanted to be a moral piece of shit, and keep their minds intact.

Now, I'm in a drug induced coma, my mind isn't working like it used to, and my control over my own magic is shot to hell. I completely blame myself for that, even if I also blame Schmidt, Zola, and Grindelwald too. Fucking traitor to Wizard kind.

And now, onwards to actually thinking.

I still have my Astral Form, but it'll only work this well as long as I'm here, in the Astral Plane. The moment I go inside my own body, it's back to lights out for me. I won't be able to return here unless Zola wakes me back up, and that's highly unlikely, judging by the way he's so afraid of me.

What are my choices? What can I do now, to get loose?

First thing first is to get rid of the drugs in my blood, and get the control over my magic and mind back. These drugs are also suppressing my Psionic abilities, so I can't even hear anyone's thoughts, despite being in the hub of all thoughts, the Astral Plane, which makes them priority number one.

The rest can wait until I'm healthy enough.

And thankfully, I'm in the one place that can help me regain my Psionics and my magic, even through the sedatives in my blood. The Astral Plane.

The magic of the Astral Plane, by itself, is really geared towards the Magic of the Mind and Spirits, which means the longer I stay here, basking in the Magic of the Plane, the more I should be able to heal my spirit, and then through it, my mind, and then my own magic.

So.. let's start, shall we? I have a revenge to plan.

22nd September, 1943:

Exactly 77 days later, I finally succeed, although not in the way I'd preferred. 77 days of constant meditation, with very infrequent breaks in between, is all it took for me to use the Magic of the Astral Plane to jump start my magic.

The frequent, repeated injections to my body didn't help matter, neither did them frequently taking my blood, while only keeping me on a saline solution. It made things worse, actually, by turning the clock backwards on the work I was actually doing, which is why it took me so long. Almost too long, since my body literally looked emaciated by now. But at least I have my magic back.

It isn't perfect, since even now it took my Astral form almost twice the amount of effort to cast spells, and since I wasn't in my body, I couldn't do anything too serious. I wouldn't be able to cast anything offensive at least, even if I bring my Astral Form out into the physical world. But, I should be able to cast Healing spells on my own body, using the connection my Spirit has with it as a channel.

And that's good enough for me.

Dr Zola would come in my room every day, without stopping, to extract 4-8 vials of my blood on each trip. And without forgetting, he would inject me with sedatives once more, trying real hard in keeping me unconscious. The sedatives doses had kept on increasing every week, which meant my body didn't stand a chance in waking up on its own.

I haven't just been sitting around meditating, because of that. I had other tasks to complete too, like finding out where my stuff is being kept. I found my Wand in Schmidt's office, right on his table, where he would try and cast spells with it at least once every few hours.

I wished, really wished, my mind was strong enough to possess him at that point, because I would have loved to teach him what happens to those who touch my wand without permission. Alas, his body was too strong, and so was his spirit, while my own Spirit was too weak. If I'd have tried, I would have failed spectacularly, and he would have known that I was spying on all of them while being unconscious on top of that.

As for my Mokeskin pouch, they had kept it in a drawer full of useless stuff in Zola's lab, not knowing what they had hidden away. The Mokeskin pouch had an amazing talent of hiding itself away when someone else looks at it, and it did so this time by transforming into a plain cloth pouch. Simply amazing, I didn't even know it could do that!

My weapons, meanwhile, were kept in a room 3 floors down, with some of the other weapons Hydra had access to. I was definitely stealing them later.

Then, I also had to make sure that the Summoning Ritual doesn't get to completion, and that Zola doesn't succeed in making my blood compatible with his Serum.

The first was the easiest, I just flew through a random Hydra person, that had a brush in his hand. That sudden flying through his body made him nauseous for a moment, which caused the stroke to miss, every time. Then, the guards killed the man, ordered a clean up, and took a break for 24 hours.

And then, I chose another random person, at another random time, to mess things up some more. And I didn't always use the same method either. I could also push my hand out of the Astral Plane momentarily, to physically push someone's hand or something, that could cause them to mess up.

And no one even suspected anything, since they immediately killed the person that messed up, before they can even give an explanation. Is it right? No, nothing gives me a right to decide who lives and who doesn't, which is what I was doing.

But on the other hand, I know that if the Ritual succeeds, it'll bring destruction on to the Wizarding World. Either it summons the Being it is supposed to, and they kill everyone on the planet, or Hydra leaks the Wizarding World's secret out, which causes a War that Grindelwald is looking forward to. Plus, they're literally extreme Nazis.

So, yeah. My morals are currently not in any equation I'm using. I just hope this doesn't have an effect on my Guardian's oath.

As for Zola's experiments, I couldn't do anything without them knowing about my spying, so I was allowing him his freedom for now. Not for long, though.

Currently, I was staring at my body, waiting for the Doctor to dose me up again, after taking 6 vials of my blood. There was a constant IV drip attached to my hand, for these 77 days, which provided me some of the needed nutrients, but not everything. I was definitely 10 kgs down, with only my magic ensuring I didn't lose any more weight.

As soon as Zola and his assistants leave, I begin with my work.

Floating down, I land on the ground, still in the Astral Plane, and spread my legs in a stance. Taking a feep breath, I go through smooth, delicate motions from Tai Chi, using my Spirit's motions to channel the spell.

At the end of a few minutes worth of such motions, I cross my hands in front of me, ducking my head down, and spread them apart with a snap, at 10 and 2 o'clock respectively. Almost immediately, two Tao Mandala spells form into existence on the palms of my two hands, soft brown in colour.

These Tao Mandalas are what I will use to cleans my body of any toxins it has, including the Drugs in my system. It was a healing spell that I'd worked out for myself, since there wasn't anything in the books I'd read, about removing toxins from one's own body while in the Astral plane.

Really inconvenient. Sorcerers should have really seen this coming.

Taking a step forward, I approach my physical body, and place my left hand's Mandala on my body's stomach, my hand not touching it. The right Mandala, meanwhile, I place on the metallic cot I was laying on.

Without saying anything, I spin the Mandala on my stomach counterclockwise, seeing the Sanskrit symbols spin with my hand. Slowly, a transparent energy starts leaving my body, at the point of contact between my Tao Mandala and my body, and then the same stuff exits out of the second Tao Mandala in my right hand, and flies through the cot, and into the ground..

This entire process happens only in the Astral Plane, with the only change in the Physical Plane happening to my body. The Toxins, after going through the metallic cot, will seek out the Earth, and disperse there harmlessly.

The transparent energy that was leaving my body, and going towards the ground is the matter to energy converted form of the Sedatives itself. Unfortunately, this process is too slow, which means it'll take me literally hours to completely cleanse my body.

But, I needed to do this, or I will die, and Hydra will succeed in their Summoning Ritual.

3 hours of constant siphoning of the Sedatives, and all the other drugs inside my body later, I finally feel it. My magic was returning to its former state, slowly, but it was returning.

Another half an hour later my Psionic Powers return completely, allowing me to listen to the thoughts of everyone inside the base. This also has a side effect of making me a little bit stronger while inside the Astral Plane, allowing me to speed things up a bit with the siphoning.

And then, in the middle of the 4th hour, it finally happens, and I feel it, the freshness. My body has been completely cleansed of all my sedatives. But my body is still too weak, and I can't take revenge this way.

Alas, I'll have to quit while I'm ahead, and return for revenge another day.

With a dive, I push my Astral Form back into my body, and force myself awake, with a gasp. Almost immediately, I hear alarms blaring, as many Hydra soldiers start running towards my room.

With a small snap of my fingers, the manacles binding me to the bed snap off, and I stumble off the bed.

As soon as I take a step forward, I drop back down on the ground, my body not yet strong enough to support its own weight.

With another purposeful snap of my fingers to direct my magic, and to give it purpose, I conjure a vial of Pepper up Potion from my Personal Dimension, thankful that I can access it once again, and drink up, immediately feeling its effects in energising me up.

Now, when I stand up, I am not the weak person they turned me into. I'm once again the Powerful Wizard that they tried binding to their will, even if I'm not as strong right now. And I'm not going to let them weaken me anymore, or let them capture me again. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Seeing Zola look at me with a lot of fear in his eyes, I apparate inside his lab, right in his face, and immediately cast a Colloportus, and an Impervious at the door and the windows.

"No.. no.. no! You were supposed to be in a coma! The sedatives were working, I know they were!" Zola yells, taking a few steps back at my sudden approach, sending a lot of files and papers scattering about.

Ignoring his blabbering, I hold him by the neck, and look straight into his eyes. "Legilemens." I whisper, while summoning my Mokeskin pouch back towards me from the drawer it was kept in.

By now, the soldiers were outside Zola's office, trying to get into the lab. So, I speed things up, and immediately copy all of his memories into my own mind. I'll go through them later, when I have the time. Along with that, I erase all of his memories of ever experimenting on my blood, or even seeing it. He'll know me, and he'll know what I did, but he won't know what I did it to.

Ignoring the banging of guns, and battering rams on the glass window, and even the bullets trying to take the window down, I drop the now unconscious Dr Zola on the ground, purposefully kicking him in the balls once. And then, I sit on Dr Zola's chair, and wait, playing with a small sparrow made of flames flying above my right hand. 10 minutes is all I have, before I run out of juice, so I'm going to make the most of it.

All the while, alarms blare all around the Base, and soldiers keep trying to get into the lab to no avail.

Their bullets hit the impervious glass harmlessly, dropping down on the ground, and a few that try with the Tesseract energy weapons mysteriously fire at their own comrades, causing everyone to stop using them immediately, and sticking to physical bullets.

But then, I see him coming, more like hear him coming, with the way he's yelling at the soldiers. Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull. As soon as he comes into my former prison, to look into Zola's lab through the window, I smile at him, already feeling satisfaction at the rage he's giving off. I cough right after that, feeling some of the weakness returning, and wave my hand at him.

He pulls his hands back, and punches with full force, the glass actually wobbling a bit.

As he frowns at the glass, I look him in the eye, cast the Legilimens spell, and as the Memories start getting copied, I say, "I told you I would get out. I told you I would make you pay the price."

I might not be able to possess him right now, or control his mind, but nothing is stopping me from copying his memories. Nothing at all.

Schmidt pulls out a gun from his hip, this one an Energy weapon charged with the energy of the Tesseract itself, and says, "You're still trapped here, Sargent Aves. And I am standing between you and your escape."

I smile, as he points the gun at the glass, and say, "Au contraire, Johann Schmidt, you're exactly where I wanted you to be."

And then, I apparate to Johann Schmidt's office, right before he shoots the Tesseract energy charged gun at the glass window separating me and him, and right after dropping the flaming sparrow on the pieces of paper, and the chemicals spread around Zola's Chemistry table.

As Schmidt fires his gun at the window, the highly dense energy bullet forces its way through the barrier protecting the glass window from the normal bullets, and then through the window itself. Just before the energy bullet breaks the window, however, Schmidt sees Sargent Aves disappear from the chair, in the same manner that Grindelwald would disappear from right in front of his eyes, and then, there's fire everywhere.

The energy bullet crashes into a beaker full of an alcoholic solution at the back of the lab, breaking the beaker, and sending the alcohol flying all around the lab. Coincidentally, some of it lands on the prone Dr Zola, as well as the flames having set to a stack of paper on the lab table.

The flames exolode with the chemicals, causing everything to start burning, even Dr Zola, much to Schmidt's anger. He throws one of his soldiers through the now open window, and yells, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, YOU FOOLS?! GET DOCTOR ZOLA OUT OF THERE!"

And then, he runs back towards his office, knowing that his office has something that the Wizard definitely wants. When he gets there, however, he finds not his office, but only ash, with everything in his office already burned down.

He stares at the burnt pile of ash that once used to be his office, and cannot help but punch the stone wall, creating a crack in it. Clenching his bleeding fist, he looks up into the air, and yells, "I'LL FIND YOU, MASON AVES! NO MATTER WHAT!"

After burning Johann Schmidt's lab, reclaiming my wand, my blood, and weapons, as well as clearing the Weapons room of its contents, I take a few stops in some other labs, setting fire wherever I go, and apparate to the place that holds the one treasure that trumps them all.

The Tesseract.

My weakened form sorely needs some energy, a lot of it, and the Tesseract is currently the only thing that can grant me it quickly enough. If I manage to absorb some safely that is.

The Tesseract was held in a siphoning tool, its energy being drained continuously into batteries. There were a few stacks of a dozen or so batteries each, some big enough to power a building, or even the advanced Panzers, and some smaller, suitable for the guns.

Ignoring the batteries, I approach the Tesseract itself, and move my hand forward to pick it up. But right before I can touch it, I get an intense feeling of wrongness from it, as my hand refuses to go forward. No matter how much I try to push through, my hand stays in its spot, refusing to budge forward. It doesn't stop when I try to retreat, however, and I understand.

Sighing, I drop my hand, and say, "Yeah, yeah, I get it. I'm am not the person meant to carry your energy. Picky, aren't you?"

A little disappointed, but not disheartened, I take all the stacks of Tesseract batteries, put them in my Mokeskin pouch, and then apparate out of the base I was in, right outside its lands, in fact.

And then, I immediately drop down, resting my back on a tree, the cold ice underneath me not even bothering me anymore.

I had run out of energy, and I was just running on sheer willpower now. I had to get out of here, but I don't think I had enough energy to apparate outside Austria, let alone to England.

Knowing I'm going to regret this later, I down another pepper up Potion, and start spinning my hand, to create a portal to the Chamber of Secrets, as I feel some of my energy return, but not for long.

A second dose of Pepper up Potion is only valid for a minute or two, max, after which I'll be out of commission for a day or two, completely helpless. If I don't get any medical attention, I'll die, I know that, but I can't let Hydra experiment on my blood, not more than they already have.

I could still hear the thoughts of the soldiers panicking over the multiple fires I'd started in the base, as well as the missing barrels of my blooded ink. Red Skull was smarter than I'd given him credit for, since he suspected that I was close. He had already ordered a sweep over 50 miles, wanting to recapture me.

Well, I'm not waiting for that. As soon as the portal forms, and I see the Chamber on the other side, I jump through the portal, and drop down on the cold stone floor.

I could feel the Pepper up Potion having its toll, the second dose worsening the effects. Right before I could completely lose consciousness, I manage to whisper, "Blin..ky."

And then, I start to black out once again. Only this time, I know I'm completely safe, since I could see the tiny feet belonging to my lovely Elf friend Blinky appear right in front of my face.

I'm safe, that is what matters. It isn't over yet, but I'm safe.

When I next wake, I immediately jump down, summoning my gun in one hand, and my wand in the other. Seeing something move, I point both my weapons at it, and stop just before I can fire on instinct.

I keep staring at her, not believing in what I'm seeing, but then, my mind catches up to my memories, allowing me to realise where I am.

"Blinky." I whisper, looking at my faithful friend of a few years, and realising that I was in my bedroom, in Aves Manor, under Fidelius charm. Which means no one else knows where I am.

Looking down, I see that I was wearing nothing but a patient's robe, open on the back. I could feel that there was a small bandaged sticker stuck to my lower abdomen, near where my kidney is. This was my own invention, a filtration system for the body's digestive system.

The stickers come in pairs, one to be placed on the kidney, and the other in the toilet, or in a chamber pot enchanted to destroy everything. This makes sure my waste doesn't stay in my body itself, while food is given in liquid forms.

"Is Mason Sir okay? I felt your pain, and anger, but you told me not to come for you even if you're dying." Blinky says, for the first time in a long time, looking as if she's Blinky the House Elf once again, and not Blinky the Elf, my faithful friend. I did not spend 3 years improving her English, and teaching her the value of her life, just to endanger it all thanks to some stupid mistakes.

Sighing, I say, "I'm.. sorry, Blinky, for worrying you. I was hurt, not too badly, but I was."

Well, my physical hurt wasn't much, but the psychological hurt, that's a bit more difficult to quantify. For a few minutes, we both stay silent, as I think over what I'm going to do.

"What happened to you, sir? Who did this?" Blinky asks, her soft voice breaking the silence.

I turn towards Blinky, and explain to her about my situation, because if anyone else deserves to know, its Blinky. She had been in a similar situation, when she was with her last.. Master. She was completely helpless, forced to follow the orders of a Wizard.

On the other hand was I, captured by muggles, because of the manipulations of Gellert Grindelwald, drained of my blood everyday, so they can experiment on it, and seeing them try to use my blood in a Ritual. Something like this is horrifying enough to disgust even a pure being like Blinky, as evident by the tears in her eyes.

My strength hasn't fully returned though, and 10 minutes of talking later, I start coughing, my breath still short.

Blinky brings me a glass of water, from the table, and says, "Mason Sir should rest. Your body is still not completely fine. I healed you as much as I could, referring to your books, but I'm not a Healer, or a Medi-Witch."

Ain't that the truth. I am definitely not fine. I'm still missing 10kg of my previous weight.

I drink the water, and follow her order of resting up. Laying down on the bed, I ask, "How long has it been, Blinky? And did you tell anyone?"

Shaking her head, Blinky says, "I did not tell anyone, I didn't think you wanted me to. I thought of calling Ms White, who is staying in your Islington House for now, but ultimately, I couldn't even do that, as she doesn't know the Secret, and you weren't safe to be moved yet. And you came here 36 hours ago."

I sigh, thankful that it hasn't been too long, but worries still not over yet. I look at Blinky, and just stare for a moment. Blinky stares back, blinking in between.

She has improved so much since the days of her enslavement. Her English is perfect, her clothes are clean, and she had even learned to replicate most Wizarding spells and Wards, with her own twist to them. Of course, I also learned from her. Snapping my fingers to cast spells is something I learned from her.

More importantly, Blinky isn't anyone's servant anymore, nor anyone's slave. She's her own person, and she just stays with me because we haven't found a way to get rid of whatever bond she has with me. Heck, I haven't even found a way to feel out the bond yet.

I smile at her, and say, "Blinky, I want you to do me a few favours, please? Until I can get off this bed without falling down two minutes later."

"Anything, sir!" Blinky says, enthusiastic to help.

I frown, feeling a bit bad about this, but.. it's necessary. Until I can walk more than 5 steps without falling on my face, I need her help.

I say, "I want you to bring me a few things. You can find them all in my Potions lab, but if something is missing, then visit the Chamber for it."

Blinky mutely hands me a quill and parchment, and I roughly start writing the ingredients that I was going to need, along with explaining where she can find these things. And then, I sleep once again, my body desperately needing the rest.

The next day, after a healthy dose of rest, nutrition mixes, water, and some apples to get me used to actually food, I get to work with everything Blinky brought to me.

First things first, I need to get my health back, and I have the perfect Ritual for that, which will have two benefits at once.

I could use my Healing spells, or Potions to get my old strength back, but it will take time. A month at least, which I don't have. This Ritual will heal me back up within a day or two, at most, thanks to the gifts it'll give me.

There's a Ritual, designed to be used with an animal's Blood, bone, and flesh. Taking part in this Ritual fuses the properties of the animal's Magical gifts to your own blood, over a course of 3 very painful hours. But in the end, the gifts are merged perfectly, allowing the Wizard to use them as if they're his own, and not stolen.

During the era of Merlin and King Arthur, this Ritual was used to grant the strength of Re'em to anyone that wants it, and most of the Knights of the Round table had gone through the Ritual. Other than that, some had gotten the speed of a Unicorn, resistance (or strength) of a giant, and even flight from some birds.

Soon, however, this Ritual disappeared from the Wizarding World, and people began to drink a Strength Potion, made out of Re'em's blood, to get the same strength, albeit temporarily. There wasn't a limit over how many animals you can use for this ritual, but you need to wait at least 5 years before carrying on with another Ritual of any kind.

This is why I didn't go through with it when I first found out about it. Staying away from all Rituals, even those that don't affect me, is not something I could do just yet. But now, there's a desperate need for it. Not the strength, no. But something else.

I was going to go through the Re'em's Ritual later, definitely. But I didn't have a strong enough need for strength as of now. I needed Healing. And I had the blood, flesh, and bone, from someone who has an amazing healing gift.

I really hope Victor doesn't mind me stealing his Mutation, though. The Ritual was modified for Human's gifts easily enough, within a few hours at most. Thank you Room of Knowledge.

In the Ritual Chamber of the Aves Manor, I take the ink I'd stolen from Hydra, already mixed with my blood, and start drawing the Ritual diagram with a brush made of equal parts of the hair of thestrals and Unicorns, bound to a bone of a hippogriff.

A giant circle comes first, with the thickness of the line just centimetres, and the diameter of the circle at 7 meters.

Then, inside the the circle, I draw an equilateral triangle, each with a side of length 73 meters, again, the thickness of each line just 7 centimetres.

The triangle divides the circle such that there are three equal parts of the circle that stay outside the triangle. In each of those areas I place a copper bowl, right in the middle. In those copper bowls, I place the blood, bone, and flesh of Victor, respectively.

Surrounding each bowl, I write the Runes denoting each ingredient, and their purpose in this ritual, using Latin terms. The Blood, Bone, and Flesh of Victor Creed will ensure that I get the full package deal, when it comes to his mutation. And there's a reason why I'm choosing Victor over James.

His healing, while inferior to James's, is still good enough to keep him looking in his 30s till he was 150. His senses, strength, durability, however, are all leagues better than James's. Which is why I'm choosing to take in his mutation, and not James's.

Besides, James's three claws aren't exactly subtle, whereas Victor's nails definitely are. He can hide them if he wants to, just like James, but he just refuses not to. His nails are also strong enough to punch through armour, bones, and his physical strength is enough to break a man's neck completely. So, yeah, I'm getting his Mutation package.

In between the bone and blood, and blood and flesh, and flesh and bone, I draw an identical Runic scheme, the Adaptation Runes, to ensure that this ritual works with a Human's gifts too.

Then, I draw lines going from each ingredient to the Adaptation Runes next to it, on both sides, such that they form a hexagon.

On the circumference of the circle, I place six beeswax candles, such that each of them are equal distance away from the next. Three of the candles are placed on the vertices of the triangle, and three in between them.

A few more Runes are written inside the circle, and even the triangles, but I keep an area empty right at the centre, for me to sit in.

And then, once everything is complete, I light all the six candles, enter the Ritual, and sit down with my legs crossed.

I glance at everything once again, to ensure that everything is correct, and then, I snap my hands together in a praying pose. 5 seconds later, I slap my palms down on the ground, and activate the Ritual.

Immediately, the three ingredients float up into the air, on their own, as a nonexistent wind blows around the room. The wind spins the ingredients in a clockwise circle, with me at the centre, and starts speeding up.

Once the ingredients reach a fast enough speed that they become almost a blur to me, I say, "Da Mihi Donum Huius Sanguinis, Caro, et Ossa "

As soon as I say Ossa, the flying ingredients slam into my body with full force, throwing me towards the back wall. The candles also burn out completely, and the Ritual ink burns into thin air.

I don't notice all that, however, as I was clenching my mouth to stop myself from yelling at the pain. I keep thrashing from place to place, my fists clenched, and me feet hurting from all the kicking I was doing.

Meanwhile, my body starts going through some changes of its own, as the mutations start merging with my body. And I could feel all of it, even the pain that came with my body changing so much without my own doing.

All the while, I'm helplessly trapped in my own body, the pain making it so I couldn't even expel my Spirit from my body. The pain wouldn't even knock me unconscious, since I needed to pay my own personal price for the Ritual, and the pain was it.

Slowly, bit by bit, the damage done to my body during my stay at the Hydra base was being repaired, thanks to the slowly merging Healing mutation. All the while, I keep on screaming, moving around thanks to the pain.

Finally, after 3 hours of constant pain, of constant thrashing around, punching and kicking the wall involuntarily, I black out, once again, the Ritual finally ending.

Once I wake up, I can take care of the HYDRA's summoning ritual, and my own revenge. No way I'm letting them off as easily, now that I'm on my way to healing completely.

A/N: There was another way I wanted to write this, but it didn't make much sense to me. I wanted Steve to rescue him, when he comes for Bucky, but I didn't want Mason to be a helpless person.

People will be furious, that he didn't have any more actions of revenge, but remember, he was weakened, malnourished. It was only his magic, and the Pepper up Potion, that kept him standing even for the small confrontation with Schmidt and Zola.

Once again, I'm not that used to writing helpless MC, in any situation, so please forgive me for any logical mistakes. If there's something I can do to fix those mistakes, feel free to comment, review or PM.

Thank you for your support! Tata!