this fic actually came from a one shot i put in for ginnyrules27's fanfic 'Truth or Fiction' in which John Silver from Treasure Planet is long lost uncle of Harriet, Harry, and CJ Hook. so you all get to endure this earworm.

I do not own any characters from Treasure Island, Peter Pan or Descendants.

That would be Disney, and the Mouse is all powerful.

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Chapter 1

Not all treasure is silver and gold.

A lot of times, it's what is most important to the person that is their treasure: a photograph of a memory long ago or a person. Family is also the big one, and the most dangerous. Unlike jewels, a person cannot be replaced, and when they're gone it leaves a void in the heart.

For a young space sailor named John Silver, that treasure was his only living family member he had left. His sister: Milah. Where John was stern and grumpy, Milah Silver always had a smile on her face, forgoing dresses for trousers, she joined her brother on his travels through space alongside the notorious Captain Nethanial Flint. However unlike Milah, John rose in the ranks of the crew, going from a lowly sea cook who knew nothing of their coordinates to Flint's own quartermaster.

The only other man Flint ever feared.

And what Flint feared, he aimed to do something about it.

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"Silver!" a voice called out, searching for the man in question. When the pirate found him, he saw that he was in the cargo hold tallying up the numbers for the latest plunder as what Flint liked to do every time before placing it in his 'trove', a vault where only Flint knew the location of, for he didn't trust his own crew.

"Oh aye, what'd you want, Scroop?" Silver said as he was sitting on a pile of drabloons on the right side of the door. The spider-like pirate only growled out "captain wants a word with the crew, that includes you" he said, scowling still when Silver only smirked and turned to him, his whole and undamaged face grinning like a mad genius "well then, we best be on our way" he said before starting to get up, asking help with his right arm outstretched and grabbed Scroops claw.

"Probably good yeh came to get me when ya did, almost lost feelin in me leg sittin so long" he said stretching his right leg with another laugh and started on his way up the stairs "Flint say anythin on what this is about?" he asked, but Scroop just shook his head "standard leave so he can hide the loot, most likely" he said, but Silver only scratched his chin in thought.

He had a feeling Flint was planning something, he always did.

As both he and Scroop arrived on deck, he saw his sister against the railings looking slightly stern which was very out of place. Following her gaze, he understood why: Flint had with him an android, a Bio-Electronic-Navigator. Something none of them ever needed when they had Flint's map, and even THAT they had no idea how to work.

"Are we all here?" The six-eyed captain said, glaring at the whole crew; over a hundred in all. "Good … lads, and lady" Flint said before nodding at Milah who just scowled. "We've plundered and pillaged and pilfered merchant ships and settlements alike. The loot of a thousand worlds!" He said, making the crew cheer, everyone but the two Silvers. But Flint paid no mind as he laughed as well, his first mate, Billy Bones standing next to him with his eel-like face smirking.

"We've had a long run, but now … now it's over" Flint said, making John's eyebrows knit together, the crew was, of course, clueless and just cheered on. John took the time to speak.

"Very grand of ye cap'n to acknowledge our combined accomplishment" Silver said, stepping forward and pretended to ponder "but ah … I can't help but wonder … the way you be saying all this … like … yer leavin?" He said in a false tone of curiosity.

Flint snarled with a slight flinch and continued smirking "you misunderstood me, John … I'm not leavin … you are" he said as the crew started muttering in shock at this revelation. "All of you dogs are!" Flint said with a snarl as he snapped his fingers and a large plasma cannon raised up on deck, normally pointed out now pointed to the crew!

Naturally it was pandemonium, the crew all panicked and some started jumping off ship down to the chasm below that they were anchored over on the planet. But Silver stood his ground, trying to use the fear Flint had for him to get the captain to back down "ye betray us?! After everythin we ever did for ya!"

"You would have betrayed me too … but I'm giving ya a chance to live … got some long boats fer some of ya to get off planet … those that don't well … that's why I brought this" Flint said, patting the cannon. When most of the crew looked to Silver on what to do, Flint knew he was right on how they would betray him, and snarled. "Fine!" Flint barked before looking at Milah and pulled out something: a tracking beacon and threw it with the cannon following it.

Luckily or unluckily, John saw this and ran towards his sister to try to save her. He was lucky in the fact he got her down, unlucky however in that the tracker found a target: John Silver's right side of his chest and the cannon fired.

The only thing John remembered next was pure pain, a feeling of being weightless, Milah screaming his name, tears on his face, and lastly the feeling of his whole body on fire. The pain was so much that John slipped into unconsciousness just as he saw a man in a surgeon's mask looking over him

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"Flint, are you sure?"

"We barely just got away"

"Will he live?"

John could barely hear full conversations or even make out who said them. He could barely remember … Why was he in such pain? What happened? Last he remembered was …

"Milah!" John cried out as he sat up panting. He looked around frantically to see he was in some sort of infirmary. He couldn't see out of his right eye or even move his entire right side. "Wha- wha-" he kept muttering, trying to form a single sentence and struggled to try to get out of the bed.

"Easy" a voice said as John swirled his head to face where it came from. His fears melting when she saw a puffy-eyed Milah come in and sit next to him, touching his chest gently to make him lay back down. "You almost didn't make it" she said in a hoarse whisper, an even more obvious sign she was crying.

"Milah … what happened? Why can't-" John said before hissing in pain when he tried to move again. When John told her the last thing he remembered was the cannon firing, Milah bit her lip in worry.

"John … the blast … it almost killed you, the doctors managed to save you but …" she said, still hesitating and seemed unable to say what she wanted to say. Tears even started to fall "oh John … they couldn't save all of you!" She said as though it pained her to even say it, though John wasn't sure he understood.

"What do ya mean they couldn't save all of me?" He said before looking down at himself, he was covered from the collarbone down in a hospital gown and lifted up his left arm and nearly choked on his gasp. His arm was completely scarred and almost unrecognizable. In a quick motion he removed his blanket and nearly screamed. His right leg had been removed all the way to the hip and his right arm at the shoulder socket. The only thing there was a charred stump on each of his former limbs. He gulped as he said the one word he was afraid to say, but had to: "mirror"

Milah hesitated but slowly, and tearfully, she reached over and handed him one.

If what he saw of his body was any indication he wasn't the same, his face was the sure sign. His left side was just as scarred; his nose seemed to have a chunk missing and they had to remake it with whatever was left. His ear seemed to be cut up too, even part of it missing. The only thing he couldn't see was his right side which was heavily bandaged up and began to unravel it. "N-no! John!" Milah protested but the pirate kept going until he saw what was underneath.

His right eye was missing and most of the side of his head, including his ear was blasted off.

John could only be silent as he saw what he had become in horror, only becoming aware of Milah's sobs when she sniffed louder than she meant. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" she said quietly looking at her lap as she sobbed. It was enough to jar him from his stupor and reach out to her with his good arm. Looking up at him, Milah saw the kindest smile her brother could muster and smiled sadly back.

"Yer safe and alive" he said to her, and that was all that mattered.