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Chapter 2

The only thing John had the shakes for other than facing the gallows was losing his sister, however the surgery to get his new limbs installed came to a close third. Luckily for them, his surgeon, Dr. Livesey Doppler, seemed quite capable.

They had cost a pretty penny but thankfully John had a sharp mind and pocketed a bit of drabloons from the cargo hold before his 'dismissal'. It wasn't much, in fact hardly one one hundredth of the amount he was owed, but it was enough. His arm had some added parts for his 'ship cook' job (their cover story) along with some extra slots so he could add in any other 'culinary' accessories he needed. His leg, however, was what John figured he might as well embrace the stereotype and got a peg-leg model.

Milah knew why he did that, the same reason why he ever did anything when she was around: he always believed a smile was more natural with her than a frown. So, when he wasn't wearing the mask of the 'ruthless and evil Long John Silver' he was just himself, her brother, her John.

That's what she had to remind herself as she waited for the surgery to be over with the small group of what remained of Flint's old crew: no matter what, it was her John.

"Thiss is taking too long" Scroop said with a scowl, which finally set off Milah's temper. "If you don't like it then do something useful like getting a ship!" she said making everyone flinch, a sign she was indeed blood related to John.

In the end, Scroop just held his tongue and waited by the door.

Finally, after six hours, the doctor came out with a kind smile and nodded, which got everyone, but Scroop, to cheer loudly. "Ye- yes! He's made it out of the hard part, but he will need rest before he can fully control his prosthetics" he said before handing a data pad to Milah who looked at it with concern: a registry.

They wanted her brother to be put on the Cyborg Registry!

"I- i'm sorry but we didn't agree to this" she said as the doctor sighed sadly "I'm aware, but the law was changed today: all Cyborgs must register for the tracing chip" he said but that only made the lady pirate scowl. That registry was made by biggoted stuffed coats because they feared cyborgs were 'more advanced' than full organics. They'd have as many rights as robots!

The crew only saw this in that he'd be retired from piracy and were outraged (Scroop subtly turned away to hide his smirk), some even reaching for their weapons. "I'm warning you all now, this is a violence free sector!" he said before backing away slowly "You … you're all not merchants are you?" he asked with his voice filled with fear.

Milah groaned, 'of course those morons would give us away' she thought as she reached behind her back, knowing they may have to fight out of a hospital. But before anything could escalate, a booming voice yelled "BELAY THAT!"

This was enough to shock everyone as they looked to the doors to see them wide open, John Silver leaning against them with his organic arm holding his robotic one and his robotic leg dragging behind him. "Belay …" he said in a more exhausted tone and looked to the doctor, who changed from fearful to worried. "Forgive 'em, doc … they're just scared" he said, ignoring their disapproving mutters. "After barely survivin Flint … they're as scared as I am about this" he said which got them all to stop muttering. After all, they knew he didn't scare easy, so either he genuinely was scared of this or … he was using his silver tongue.

The doctor seemed to hesitate but nodded. "I understand how you must feel, but I cannot go against the governor of this sector … but … perhaps" he said before pondering and licking his lips in thought. "There is a legend, mind you a legend … of a sector where not even the navy will follow if you try to escape … a quadrant that supposedly time stands still, unfortunately that means you'll be frozen in time forever, unless you can find the safe route"

Both Silvers looked at each other, thinking the same thing: Flint might try to go after them, along with the navy. If they thought they were dead … "how long will the registry run for?" Milah asked as the doctor pondered that "well, I mean most laws run for as long as the one who makes them lives then it's the next governor's turn … with the rate that goes … I say … fifty years, maybe a hundred" he said as Silver gave him a smile of gratitude then looked to his crew. "We have our heading"

/ / / / / / / / / / /

It took a month for John to get used to his new parts and gain control over the many uses his arm had, but in the end he could manage to get around smoothly without tripping.

Dr. Doppler, as it turned out, delivered more than he promised: not only a way for them to be safe from the navy and Flint, but also looked into the legend as well, tracking down as many leeds as he could find. Finally, on the day they decided to part ways, he told them a map that could help them was last heard of on Proteus 1 "You probably just saved my brother's life, are you sure you don't want to come with us?" Milah asked, but he just shook his head, flopping his dog-like ears "oh no, no … I've had enough adventure this past month … and honestly after this, I may get my practice revoked if I don't end up arrested" he said with a small smile before shaking her hand.

With a slight frown, Milah watched the doctor walk off back to his hospital just as John came up to her to watch and used his robotic hand to rub his chin, a feat in itself, before thinking of a clever idea to repay him. "Say doc?" he asked, catching Doppler off guard and turned to him "tis a shame yer hospital was vandalized by pirates to rescue their now cyborg cap'n ain't it?" he asked, making Doppler confused.

"I- I don't understand" he said, but Milah got the idea, as did some of the more intelligent crewmates, who already had their blasters and swords ready. "I mean no one was hurt … but it's not like ya had a choice" John said with a laugh as about five of the pirates ran back inside and started slicing and shooting the place, making the doctor flinch and look at the cyborg in fear that grew to understanding. Silver only grinned before turning away and, along with the rest of the crew, took off on a run to the docks.

Dr. Livesey Doppler, to his last days, would forever smile and be grateful for that day. Yes that day made it so he, nor any Doppler after him, would practice medicine again, but that day also saved his life. It caused him to return home to Montressor, where he decided on a quiet life and had a family of his own, all while regaling tales of pirates and adventure to his son and eventually, his grandson. On most nights he would often look up at the sky of endless stars and wonder if that kind cyborg ever found what he was looking for.

If the price he had payed, was worth it.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / /

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