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Chapter 3

The Solar Ship that they acquired wasn't exactly the best compared to what they were used to, just a common sloop, but it was enough.

Though normal protocol meant a vote for who would be captain, it was unnecessary because the majority of the crew just looked to John as leader. Milah found that amusing because he felt she would be better, given how she handled everyone while he was out of commission.

While mostly true, she had to agree with the crew.

"Proteus 1" John said thoughtfully, leaning against the rails to look out at the Etherium. "Well I'm not sure about you, but I've never been there" he said which made Milah chuckle and joined him at the rails. "I'm curious as to how a map to navigate this … Never Space, wound up there"

Milah only shrugged at that as she thought in silence; rumor had it the Proteus system was riddled with smugglers and poachers, they would need a way to navigate through dangerous space undetected. When she presented that idea to her brother, that seemed to satisfy him somewhat "so … we go from pirates to poacher hunters?" he asked with a smirk and straightened up "well, if that's the case then best make sure the crew has their strength … how bout we break in this new hardware with some Bonzabeast Stew?" he asked mischievously as both Silvers laughed to the galley, and for good reason.

Bonzabeast Stew was a family prank passed down from generation to generation, an easy enough blend to make but somewhat thick for the purpose of the prank. Typically a part of the multi meat blend had one part cut up thicker so it looked like a part: a finger for a shape or just an eyeball from a fish usually, after all the 'old family recipe' needed the 'old family'. It always takes a few minutes before the 'part' floats to the top and that's when the fun would happen. Usually a scream or a jump out of their seat at the least, but it was always a good way to show the crew even if you were the most ruthless pirate ever, you still loved to joke and had the ability to smile.

And the crew loved it, not only was it good food but good fun. The only one who never got the joke was Flint, actually. Maybe that's why he was always terrified of John Silver, he feared he'd be in the stew next.

That night was the one they all needed: laughter and music, even John got a handle over his arm and used the gears to make shadow puppets to tell tales of ancient battles and beasts from beyond.

/ / / / / / / / /

The planet Proteus 1 was a curious planet.

Unlike others in the galaxy, this one was almost semi-transparent down through to the core which was not. The soil- if one could call it that- seemed almost springy and shifted like wet sand and the plant life even more so. There was no atmosphere so whatever life on that curious planet didn't seem to need air.

So a colony on Proteus 1? Forget it.

The only thing that had any sign of other life was a space port hovering in orbit above the planet, though it seemed crude as though it were made from spare parts from shipwrecks.

"Think the map might be there?" Milah asked, handing John back his spyglass who looked through it as well. "Aye, no 'official' lookin port would look like that. If those smugglers been pilferin' from the planet, any spoils be there"

"And what if they ssssold it?" Scroop asked, which was a very good question but John also knew it to be a test. He, unlike the rest of the crew, hated the Silvers and wanted any chance to show John was weak. "Then we get the information out of whos left; one way, or 'nother" John said with a glare which both startled and satisfied the spider/crab-like pirate.

When he was out of earshot, John looked to his sister "do me a favor, while i'm on that station, stay with the ship so Scroop don't try an' mutiny" he said which made Milah scoff, and rightly so. "You want me to babysit that spider psycho while you go off on your own?" she asked with a scowl and shook her head. "He's gonna be trouble one day, John … why don't you just get rid of him?" she asked but John said nothing. True he thought the same, but part of the cyborg felt he was responsible for all of them, even Scroop, no matter how much of a problem he was or will cause.

In the end, they decided to take a small longboat with a group of six (counting John) to pretend to resupply and John would try to barter with anyone who might be selling things brought from the planet's surface. If that didn't work, well … Milah told some of the crew to standby to release the solar sails for a quick getaway.

The port looked just as shabby up close, that was certain. John was lucky at least the floorboard was sturdy enough to walk on but he still watched his steps as he made his way to one of the few establishments there, the other being an Inn called The Spyglass.

The other building that wasn't a warehouse, which John was going towards, was a small shack-like supply store that honestly looked like a junkyard. Crates and ship parts littered the way so much that there was barely a bath to the door.

As he was about to reach for the door, it swung open and a being that looked like a cross between a lizard and a vulture came out. He wore ragged clothes and a long overcoat with a cloth blindfold over his eyes, swinging a long cane above his head and cackling madly. "Nah ha! You think you can sneak up on me, thief?!"

The man swung his cane to the left, while John was on the other side watching the blind man swat at the air going in the opposite direction and tried to rack his brain, this man seemed familiar.

Finally it clicked.

"Pew?" John asked right before the blind man spun around with lightning reflexes and brought his cane down at him. Luckily John had his cybernetic arm out to block it or that could have hurt. "skekPew …" John said in remembrance as the man finally stopped. "Now I remember, Flint threw you overboard when he thought you stole from him"

Hearing John speak seemed to get Pew to jog his memory as well. "Well well … John Silva, aren't you a sight for- erm- … hello" he said making John chuckle.

/ / / / / / / /

"I knew Flint would turn on ze rest of ze crew" Pew said, feeling out to navigate his way through his shop which looked more like a room with piles of junk in it. "Ze paranoid imbecile thought I stole from him just cause ze haul was a drabloon short, ha! If I wanted to steal from him, I would have tried for more zan just one!"

"Well now we're just trying to get away from everything till it's safe to go after the trove" John said before leaning against a purp barrel that he saw was rotted and got off it. "Speaking of, the reason I'm here is to find something. Ever heard of a sector where time stays still?" John asked making Pew scoff.

"Ze Dyesin Sector? Zat is just a legend!" Pew said, reaching his desk and managed to get around it "even if it was, you would rather be a statue in space?" He asked before tilting his head "how much?" He asked, much to John's confusion. "Ze cybernetics, how much of you was lost?"

Understanding, John looked down at his metal limbs and back at the former crewmate. "Half of me" he said almost painfully. Pew didn't say anything for a while, thinking, before sighing. "Zere was an explorer who came some time ago, spoke strangely and spoke of blessing bagpipes, whatever those are. He said he needed a more current map of ze quadrant … offered ze one he had for compensation, said it was over a thousand years old … if you can believe it … I didn't. Finally he parted with zat thing!" He said before banging his cane on a glass cage where a strange bird lay but when the cane hit it, the bird transformed into a pink amorphic blob.

Interested, John moved to get a better look at the creature. "What is that thing?" He asked, getting the creature to mimic his voice in a higher pitch before turning into a miniature version of himself! "A Morph! Ze planet below is littered with zem. Poachers come buy and sell zem for a fine price … I call him: Cap'n Flint! Hahaha!" Pew said, throwing his head back as he laughed cruelly.

"Not that I care-" John said but his face betrayed he did care. "But what does the blob have to do with anything?" He asked, making Pew scoff impatiently "Ze secta, legend says, freezes all who find it before zey can go through … however, zat blob can move like water around a rock, so to speak … finds the right route to go" he said making John understand with a grin.

"The little bugger is a compass through the sector!" He said, receiving a nod from Pew and finally found what he was feeling around for: a silver sphere; the map the navigator had traded, which had previous courses set it. With both the map and the way though on display, John exhaled. "How much for both?"

Pew only smirked darkly before putting the map in his robes. "I may be visually challenged, but I am not letting valuable treasure like this out of my sight … I go with you" he said, much to John's ire. The heartless Skeksis would be both an annoyance and a liability. However he really had no choice.

"Fine … but, I keep the blob" John said, earning another scoff from Pew, he seemed to do that a lot. "Rather not have ya holding all the cards, less they end up overboard" he said but jumped back as Pew was upon him like a bolt with his cane at John's neck. 'he may be blind, but he's fast I'll give him that' John thought.

"You do not trust me?" Pew asked, tilting his head.

"Pirate" was all John gave as an answer. After about a minute of consideration, that was enough for Pew. "Fine, take the useless thing … I was going to sell it afterwards anyway" he said, backing away as John gingerly walked over to the cage. And used his cybernetic hand to carefully open it.

The poor thing was a quivering puddle in the container, backing as far as it could from the door. "Here, now … it's alright little Morphy" John whispered, placing his mechanical forefinger close to it and carefully stroking it.

That seemed to at least make the puddle form a little and it's eyes gazed at the smiling cyborg before him. "'s alright … not gonna hurt ya" he said, watching the blob form a bit more and carefully floated over to the finger and sniffed it with a chirp. It must have decided John was okay because the next moment, it passed around the mechanical arm like a pink flow of water and was on his shoulder, chirping like a bird.

"That's right, Morphy, you can rest yerself there" John said with a chuckle and walked to the door with Pew feeling his way behind him, grabbing John's jacket just as he passed the threshold. "Morphy?!" Pew asked in disgust and scoffed once more "bah! Zat is a horrible name, I give it a week tops before you change it back" he said as they made their way back to the long boat.

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