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Wilde Cardz - Savage Territory - Chapter 23

Approach to the Dawn Brigade base of operations

Nick looked over the displays and nodded. "Either they cannot see this thing themselves, since we turned off the transponder, or they are not looking. Given what we know about the tech so far, I don't think they can see us without the transponder active, and then they'd only know we were on approach. Is everyone ready?"

Lizz nodded behind him. "Team one is ready."

Mike grinned. "Team two ready. Let's kick some specist ass!" A dark, nervous chuckle passed through the mammals aboard the aircraft.

Nick landed the craft just inside the fence of the rail station that contained the Dawn Brigade's base. Nick watched as he was one of only two mammals that could see them when using the suits. The other, they discovered by accident, was a young silver fox that no one knew had powers until he revealed that he could see the mammals in the suits. He was assigned to team one and was under the direct protection of Lizz. His only job, to tell her where the other mammals were that were using suits and were not members of the team.

Nick then lifted off and took them into the landing area inside an apparently abandoned warehouse in the center of the compound. The first thing they did was secure the second aircraft so that it could not be used to escape. They then fanned out and began to hunt down and stun or tranq the mammals present.

Everything went smoothly until they reached the inner section. They found themselves locked out. After a few minutes of trying to hack the access, they brought forward one of their empowered mammals who had an affinity for controlling electronics. Nick stood in front of the door to provide cover, being essentially bullet proof. After a few moments, the door opened and Nick took four rounds to the chest and one to the eye

Growling as he stood up and blinking furiously. "Damn it! That rutting hurt!" He then charged the four mammals as they opened fire on him again. The last one fired a grenade at him when he was only two meters away. Nick found himself looking up at the ceiling with Lizz and Mike looking down at him. The breeze told him that he had far less clothing on then he did a few moments before, while he could hear others checking on the guards, or what was left of them, given the sound of one mammal wretching. They found them all dead from the blast. Groaning, Nick sat up. "You'd think that, after getting hit with that many rounds without being hurt, they'd realize that a grenade isn't going to have any better effect. Did they survive?"

Lizz looked down at Nick with a grin. "No, and neither did your clothes."

Sitting up, Nick shrugged. "Not the first time, sadly. Let's keep moving forward."

At the next door, they found another few mammals hiding behind upturned desks and unloading lethal ammunition at them, along with NightHowler pellets. Nick took several of those standing in the doorway, looking over his shoulder at the others. "Do NOT follow until I tell you. They're also shooting NightHowler. We don't need anyone getting hit with that."

Mike looked at Nick like he was crazy. "Says the fox that Has been hit several times and has not gone savage."

Nick shrugged. "Yeah, well… After everything, and other nutters like these guys targeting Judy and I, we deliberately dosed ourselves with small amounts, building up a tolerance. Combine that with them hitting us with multiple different versions and formulations. I'm not exactly immune, but I don't lose myself. I do however lose any moral compunction that I might otherwise have." Chuckling darkly with a very unnerving, if slightly psychotic grin. "So, this is about to get messy." Reaching over, he takes Lizz's long knife from her belt. "Yeah, this should do nicely."

Lizz tried to grab the knife back. "Nick! What are you doing?"

Nick was already half way down the hallway, more splashes of purple appearing in his fur, and bullets flattening against him or bouncing off. "What is necessary."

They watch in fascinated horror as Nick quickly takes apart the four mammals, then easily forces the door, getting hit in the chest with another grenade, only this time he was holding the door frame and was not knocked back. He then disappeared into the depths of the facility.

Mike turned to Lizz, their teams staring at them both. "Should we try and stop him?"

Lizz shook her head. "I don't think we have the ability to. I remember overhearing Bogo talking to them once. It was after they got hit by a goat with some sort of NightHowler derivative. They beat him to a pulp. They were arguing with Bogo and the DA."


A year after the NightHowler incident.

Nick looked across the small outside table as Judy and smiled warmly back at him. "You are looking absolutely delicious tonight, Fluff. That dress compliments your eyes so well, and that necklace, is that the one I got you for solstice?"

Judy nodded with a slight blush in her ears. "It is. Thank you, Slick. You clean up pretty well yourself. I'm just glad you finally figured out what all those punches were about."

Chuckling, Nick shook his head. "I was complaining to Fin about them, and how violent you were sometimes when Agent Savage appeared. Don't know why he was there, but he was chuckling and handed me a note. It arranged a meeting. At said meeting, he explained what it meant when a doe boxes someone. To say I was slightly shocked is an understatement. He then began to quiz me on vixens. I can only assume he was not sure how to tell if Skye was into him or not."

Judy laughed. "Oh, she is very much into him. We've talked about our clueless males more than a few times."

Nick nodded. "As have Jack and I a few times since. I guess we both needed a bit of help to grow a clue that our female interests were in fact interested."

Giving Nick a bright grin as she sipped her drink, Judy sighed. "Yeah. We were all at least a bit clueless. I was shocked and mortified when I boxed you the first time. I couldn't believe I had done such a thing, to my best friend. I knew what it meant even if I hadn't admitted it to myself. That you didn't know at the time what it meant was actually a relief. I don't know if I would have survived the embarrassment if you had known. Now look at us."

Nick nodded. "Yes, now look at us. Moved in together. Thanks to your brother."

Judy frowned. "Nick. That so-called apartment was a death trap. Leaking pipes, no heat, cold, mold, and the list goes on. How many times did you show up to work with a bump on your head from one of those pipes? A burn from the steam pipe on your ears?"

Nick nodded. "Okay. Okay. I get it. It was less than ideal."

Judy gave Nick an, really, look. Complete with raised eyebrow, ear fallen half to the side and arms crossed. "Less than ideal, he says." Rolling her eyes she chuckled. "Anyway. I'm so glad I finally got you to drag me out on a proper date. You're a great cook, Nick, but Fin is better."

A deep voice joined them. "Thanks, Judy. At least one of you appreciates my skills. Here's your meal. Enjoy, and be sure to let me know if you have any suggestions."

Judy smiled. "It's all good, Fin. Thank you for hosting this." Indicating the restaurant that was full to the point that every table was in use and there was a small line waiting for a table to open up. Every single one was a group that was either an interspecies couple on a date, or a mixed species group of friends wanting to enjoy a night out without having to worry about looks or not everyone getting what they wanted to eat.

Fin nodded with a grin. "I have to say. I was shocked at the response. I'm booked solid for the next week with reservations, and the walk in area hasn't had a wait of less than thirty minutes since we started. I gotta thank ya for the idea."

As they were chatting, a goat walked up on the sidewalk. Stopping, he glared at the three mammals. Nick noticed and frowned. "Can we help you with something? If not, please move on."

The goat glowered and then grinned wickedly. "Disgusting. Not only have you sold out prey, but you consort with these pelts as well? You have this coming, you traitor!" With that he pulled a pair of paintball guns. Nick and Judy were moving as they saw him move, both leaping over the short wrought iron fence towards the goat, a collapsible baton appearing in both of their paws.

The goat got off about five shots from each gun before they were knocked from their hooves. He laughed hysterically as Nick and Judy landed, holding their chests. "Bwahahahahaha! That will finally end the both of you! This new formula will make sure you never come back. You will end your days as just the beasts you are!"

The goat was clearly not paying attention as he cackled, as he did not see the rabbit's foot that connected with the side of his head, nor the foxes paw that drove into his solar-plexus and blasted the air from his lungs.

Nick looked down at the goat, then over to the rabbit. "Fluff. For some odd reason, I feel like beating this specist piece of dung until he actually resembles a pile of dung. You game?"

Judy looked up at Nick and cocked her head to the side, both of their eyes slitted. With a simply evil grin, she nodded. "That sounds like an excellent idea, Slick."

The goat stood up with a groan. "What? How?" He did not get a finish as another rabbit's foot connected with the side of his head. The spinning back-kick spun him around several times before he fell to the sidewalk. The fox and rabbit then descended upon the goat like demons, kicking and punching him with looks of absolute glee on their muzzles.

Sirens sounded in the background and shortly a half dozen squad cars appeared, at which point Nick and Judy stepped back from the goat, revealing a mammal clearly broken and beaten, both rabbit and fox giving a little giggle at the goats pained moans as he was somehow still conscious. The other officers looked at the two of them, then saw their slitted eyes and psychotic grins and took a step back, drawing down on both of them with their tranq's.

Judy giggled again. "Not to worry. We're not savage… Well, not savage like that anyway." Giving Nick a punch to the shoulder. "That was fun, Nick."

Nick nodded. "It was. Odd, I know we shouldn't have done that, but…"

Judy nodded, taking on a thoughtful look. "Yeah. Yet, that doesn't bother me." Picking up one of the paintball guns and removing a pellet. "He said something about a new formulation. Must have suppressed impulse control."

Nick stepped up to her and caressed her tail, before spinning her around and pulling her into a very, very passionate kiss. "I suspect that may be the case." In that moment, it was clear that the fact that they were in public with cops and patrons of the restaurant watching, did not enter into their minds, or if it did, it did not affect their thought processes as their making out was quickly going much farther than just a kiss.

Fin stood on one of the tables and yelled. "Yo! Love birds! You have jobs to do, so knock it off!"

Both turned and glared at Fin, then looked at each other and shrugged. They then turned to the officer in charge who was watching them in shock. Nick grinned with all teeth. "So, Officer Hendrix, I suppose you want a report?"

Hendrix watched the two for a few more moments, then nodded. "Yeah. Like, why did you two beat this mammal into a literal pulp?"

Judy shrugged. "Seemed like a good idea in the moment. Still seems like a good idea." With that, Judy and Nick started walking towards the EMT's trying to load the goat onto a stretcher without causing more damage. Judy laughed. "We didn't break anything, but may have dislocated a few things." The goat whimpered as they approached, clearly intent on continuing, both mammals stretching and cracking their knuckles.

Officer Hendrix bellowed. "Officers! Stand down!"

Both Nick and Judy spun, fixing their slitted gaze on the bull moose. "You will both provide a report, now, as to what happened."

Judy groaned and crossed her arms with a pout. "Fine! Spoiled sport!"

Nick growled and nodded. "He really is a kill joy. Okay, so we were having a lovely dinner, when the walking pile of dung appeared, threw around some slurs, then pulled the two paintball guns from his jacket. Judy and I leapt at him and disarmed him with our batons." The baton in question appeared in both of their paws again. "It seems he got off a few shots." Pointing to the deep blue splatters on both of their bodies. "After a few moments, him going on about how this new formulation was guaranteed to ensure that we ended our existence as savage beasts, we decided to first shut him up, and then agreed that he should be made to properly resemble the pile of specist dung that he is as a mammal. Then you guys showed up and spoiled our fun."

Looking between the two in shock. "So you were exposed to a very large dose of NightHowler, and are still sane?"

Judy shrugged. "I wouldn't say we're sane at the moment. I mean… I know we would not normally have done that to that pile of dung of a goat, but at the same time, I feel rather okay with what we did. Nick?"

Nodding with a slightly insane smirk, teeth on display again. "Yeah, that's about right. I also note that Judy's eyes are full savage slits, which I assume mine are as well."

Hendrix nodded then shook his head. "Okay. Last question, then I want both of you in a cruiser and on your way to the precinct to give a report to Bogo. I'm sure he will have you sent to the hospital to be checked out."

Judy nodded. "That's usually what happens. Then the docs all look at us like you are, wondering how we are not drooling monsters. Hazards of being us, I guess.. We've been exposed so many times we're kinda immune at this point. But only kinda."

Hendrix nodded. "That answers the question. In my cruiser, I'll drive you."

Judy and Nick shared a look, Judy laughing. "Yeah… No. We'll meet you there."

With that the two of them walked off. Hendrix went to follow them when Fin spoke. "I wouldn't if I were you. Both those nutters are stronger, faster, and everything else, then you think they could possibly be. And given their current mental state, I'd say staying out of their way is the best policy. They're probably going to go screw each other's brains out and then will just appear in Bogo's office."

"And you are?"

"Finnick Desertail. Friend of both of them and I know a bit more about both mammals than most. The rabbit hits as hard as any wolf could hope to, and the fox as hard a tiger wishes they could. Either of them could have killed that goat if they wanted to, and without even trying. They may be crazy right now, but they are still mostly them. They'll show up."

-A few hours later, Bogo's office-

Bogo glared down his muzzle at Hendrix. "You just let two mammals clearly under the influence of some form of NightHowler, walk away from you?"

Hendrix looked quite terrified. "I'm sorry sir. They didn't really give me much of an option. The little fox, Finnick, distracted me for a second, and when I looked back up, they were just… gone. I even looked at all the dash cam footage, and it was like this just vanished."

Groaning, Bogo nodded. "I wish that were even a slight surprise."

Judy giggled from behind Bogo. "What's a surprise, sir?"

Both large mammals in the room jumped, looking to where the voice came from to see nothing. Nick's voice came from the door. "Judy, that was just mean. I'm proud of you!"

Their heads snapping around to see Judy and Nick standing in the doorway, eyes still slitted, looking slightly disheveled, and grinning like lunatics. Bogo dropped into his chair and rubbed his temples. "Hendrix. Go submit your report, and be complete. You two, have a seat." Looking up and seeing they were already sitting and giggling to each other, he shook his head. "Whatever this is has brought out the worst of your personalities."

Nick smirked. "Ah, Chief! You say the nicest things. You really are a big softie."

The DA, a pot bellied pig, burst into the room. "Bogo! What the hell is wrong with your officers? I've got a goat that was beaten within an inch of his life."

Bogo nodded. "A goat who attacked said mammals with some form of NightHowler. Thankfully, it was these two, and not some other officer."

The DA turned to see Nick and Judy then immediately turned back to Bogo. "The fox and rabbit? Seriously Adrian? They're clearly not savage, so I look forward to finally being able to put them both in jail and get you out of your job! You just handed me all three things on a silver rutting platter!" Giving a triumphant grin.

Judy moved up behind the DA and growled. A sound that was very much not something one expects to come from a rabbit. Spinning around in shock, the DA froze seeing Judy's slit eyes. Grabbing the DA by his suit jacket, Judy lifted him off his hooves. "Listen here you ignorant piece of bacon. Nick and I have been exposed to literally dozens of different versions of NightHowler at this point. No thanks to you! You have done everything you can to make sure that the sentences that the crazy mammals that keep doing this to us are as lenient as possible. Hell, you even managed to get probation for the one that dumped an entire five gallon bucket of the original formula over Nick and I. All that exposure has changed us and how we react to it. The fact is, right now, I'm inclined to beat you much the way we did that goat, and while I know, intellectually, that I shouldn't do that, I can't seem to find it in myself to really care." Looking past the DA to Nick. "What about you, Slick?" Tossing the DA at Nick.

Nick caught the DA with ease, still holding him up off the ground. "Nope. No issues with that at all. I think the only reason I haven't hit him yet is because Bogo is there. I know he has that tranq gas spay we gave him for just such a situation, and I do not relish the headache that would give me. So… Mr. DA. I guess the only reason you haven't already gotten a beating as good or better than that goat is because neither Carrots nor I want to get knocked out. I'm actually rather enjoying myself and that would really harsh my buzz, if you will."

The DA was terrified. Both of the mammals that had just lifted him up had no business being as strong as they were, and they were clearly both in some sort of semi-savage state. "H.. How? How can you be savage and still talk?"

Judy shrugged with a sadistic giggle. "No idea. We talked about it. Figure it's a combination of the resistance we have been forced to foster in ourselves, since we have one of these Bellwether nutters come after us every month or so. So we decided to protect the public by trying to become, if not immune, at least resistant. We have succeeded. We're still affected, but not like someone who's never been exposed. We get kinda, primal. Usually we can control ourselves to an extent. Yet, this time, something is different. Like Nick said. The only reason we haven't beaten you senseless is because Bogo would hit us with the knockout gas, and that gives us a massive headache."

Nick tossed the pig at Bogo who caught him. "Yeah. Probably best if you stay away from us. We really don't like you, and I see no reason, other than Bogo and that can of tranq spray he has, to not simply beat you nearly to death. But only nearly, like the goat. I mean, you're the DA. You're supposed to try and put criminals behind bars, instead you do all you can to make sure they get off. I get it when it comes to mammals like Koslov, I mean, I wouldn't want to be you and try and put him behind bars myself. At least not unless I had something absolutely concrete.

That said, you still let minor criminals off, arrange a plea deal for probation when a mammal should be in prison for years, and then when they violate their probation and go right back to doing crime, you excuse it and don't enforce the prison sentence. I could understand it if it were some nobody nip user. But we're talking mammals with multiple DUIs and you still let them drive. Armed robbers, and you let them off with probation, unless of course they're a fox, a raccoon, a skunk, or other small pred, then you throw the book at them.

So yeah, you're dung when it comes to being a DA, which gives us plenty of reason to hate you. You're a specist arse, who were it not for your position, I'd happily beat senseless. I really, really, hope that you are part of one of those anti-interspecies groups so I can have the immense pleasure of arresting your tail. I won't make the call, but I am quite sure that the press will be tipped off so we can frog march your tail in front of them.

I suppose you are lucky that both Judy and I have a strict code to not kill unless absolutely needed. Strangely, that still seems to be in place, but we made that pact together in much the same state as we are now."

The pig glared at Nick and Judy. "How dare you! I'll have your jobs! You don't get to talk to me like that! Rutting disgusting inter scum. You're just lucky that the laws against it were repealed or I'd have you both strung up and hung like they did in the old days! I don't care how many times you have saved this city, you're perverts and deserve nothing but the gallows! Hell! I have legislation in front of the council right now with provisions that will make you perverts and your relationships illegal and punishable by prison time. The council doesn't even know it's there so they're about to pass it." Laughing as he walked up in front of them. "And there is nothing you freaks can do about it!"

The wicked grins on both Judy and Nick's face as Bogo just shook his head making the DA take a step back. "You can't hit me. I'm the DA!"

Nick laughed as Judy brought her phone out in front of her, showing him the recording app. "Well, what can I say, except it will be your word against your word. Then again, when it comes to someone like you, just a recording isn't enough." Looking over to Nick who had his phone out as well now. "Fabine, did you get that on your end?"

The voice of Fabine Growley came over the speaker on Nick's phone. "I did. And we are live. DA Jacobe' Can you clarify your position when it comes to interspecies couples and your intent? Also, which piece of legislation is it that you have slipped the sections that will make such mammal's relationships illegal?"

Bogo chuckled darkly behind the DA. "Jacobe, I do believe you have stepped in it. Yes, they have both been exposed to NightHowler dozens of times with many different formulas. They have been truly savage several times because of it. The doctors say that there is something about those two that allowed them to build up a tolerance. Something that is being studied. Doesn't mean that they are not affected. If I've learned anything, it is that they get even more devious when they are like this, and it is best not to anger them. They know exactly what they are doing, they just don't have any inhibitions right now. Though I find calling you, Mrs. Growley, a fairly brilliant move."

The voice of Fabine came over the phone again. "Thank you Chief. Do you have a statement?"

"Not at this time. I will be sure to have the Public Relations Mammal reach out to you directly once things have filtered out and we know exactly what is going on with DA Jacobe."

Nick smirked. "Thank you for taking the call Fabine. We'll be sure to catch lunch some time later this week. Just remind us."

"I'll do that. Have a good evening, and get better."

"We will. While we don't' go full savage anymore, it still puts a lot of strain on us,physically. We'll probably sleep for several days once we get the antidote in us for this new version. The mammals that keep doing this are not sane. They are obsessed with a past that hasn't existed in literally thousands of years, maybe even tens of thousands of years. We know that mammals have been thinking and interacting, trading, etc… Even predator and prey making communities, for tens of thousands of years. So these insane mammals trying to prove that predators are still just mindless beasts resort to drugging them with something that effects all mammals, not just predators. Then they attack a predator with it, causing them to lose themselves.

What many don't know is that several of the predators that were drugged during Bellwethers initial attacks have committed suicide over the guilt from what they did while drugged. It wasn't their fault, and yet the guilt ate them up inside. If that doesn't prove these insane mammals wrong, I don't know what will."

The voice of Peter Moosbridge comes over the phone. "Exactly correct Mr. Wilde."

"WildeHopps, if you please. and Judy is HoppsWilde. We took each other's names when we got married."

"I remember, though we were trying to keep that off the air for you."

Nick shrugged. "Meh… More effect of the drug we were attacked with. I can't seem to care. Judy is more important to me."

Judy grinned, hopping up and kissing him on the side of the muzzle. "You're more important to me too, Slick."

Fabine chuckled. "You two are way too sweet, even like this. We'll let you go, as we need to go to a commercial break." Clearly looking into the camera. "We'll be right back with some analysis of the revelations about DA Jacobe and the legislation he was speaking about. Along with some statistics about Interspecies couples and a discussion on …" The connection terminated at that point.

The DA looked at the rabbit and fox in horror. "How? When? When did you have time to make that call?"

Bogo laughed outright. "Jacobe, you have never paid any attention to these two, and you should have. They didn't need the time. The moment you walked in ranting, they started the recording and dialed Fabine. When they are like they are now, there is nothing stopping their actions."

The DA stormed out of the office with a roar of frustration. Lizz Fangmeyer frozen with her paw up as if to knock. Bogo looked up. "What is it Lizz?"

Watching the retreating form of the DA. "Uhm… The doctors called and said they're ready to treat… Taking a step back as two pairs of savage eyes locked on her with twisted, cheshire grins. "To treat Nick and Judy. My gods, you two are actually savage, but not."

Judy bounced on her toes, a completely psychotic grin on her muzzle. "Hi Lizz. Yeah. A little bit savage, a little bit not. We like to call it primal."

Lizz nodded nervously. "Okay… So yeah, the docs are ready for you at the hospital."

Nick nodded in response. "I suppose we should go get treated, Fluff. As much as I am enjoying this, it does take a bit of a toll on the body."

Judy also nodded with a sad smirk. "You're right. Let's go." Looking up at Lizz. "You driving?"

Lizz looked warerily at the two clearly savage mammals looking at her. She knew to fear both of them in the sparring ring, but right now, they were the most terrifying mammals she had ever seen, and she had faced down an actually savage bear. No, them being savage, but still talking to you just took it to a whole different level.


Lizz's eyes focused back on the group of mammals listening to her story. "So yeah… That was before he was empowered and bullet proof. Grenade proof as it seems. What we should do is try and find some clothes for him and hope he doesn't kill anyone. I know neither Judy or him liked doing that, though they were more than capable, if you remember the ambush situation."

Mike groaned. "I don't think I will ever forget that. Even then, they managed to only kill like three of them, and that was more a case of the mammal in question moving into a shot that would have otherwise only wounded and incapacitated."

Lizz nodded. "That's what I remember."

The rest of the mammals looked at the two former cops in a mixture of fascination and horror as their eyes flicked back to where Nick had gone, the screams of terror of mammals, along with gunfire and the occasional explosion echoing through the facility. All of them clearly wondered if it was safe. No longer so much from the Dawn Brigade, so much as their ally, a fox that was now apparently savage, but still able to talk, and also immune to grenades. The combination gave them all serious pause.

Nick was generally back to his normal self, or what passed for normal for a super-powered red fox who was still searching for his mate. One who everyone that knew red foxes expected to have folded up and died months prior. The securing of the facility after Nick got hit with the NightHowler was more of a mop-up situation on the part of the rest of the mammals on the teams. Many of the mammals that were part of the Brigade barricaded themselves into various rooms and surrendered to anyone they could, just so as to not have to deal with the fox that was savage, but wasn't.


Over the following two weeks, the coalition of Treetop, Busston, H&V, and Otterdamn, made contact with five other settlements throughout the city that had been targeted by the Brigade. Of those five, two were of the sort that a plan was made to go in and remove the current leadership, as they were essentially little kingdoms full of slaves. That they had mammals like Nick who could go in with little fear of the weapons that might be wielded against them when taking down the would-be dictators, allowed short work of things.

Using the two aircraft taken from the Brigade, they had also started to map the entire city and the rest of the communities that existed. Pockets of savages were identified as well as clear paths between the communities, paths that could be cleared, and locations that would make for good farming and the raising of chicken and bugs.

Plans were drawn up to evaluate the rest of the settlements discovered, to make contact with those that had the same inclusive ideals, to monitor and try to influence those that didn't, and directly intervene whenever a community was found where the mammals in power were essentially using the rest of the population as a slave labor force. Something they were finding painfully common.

The collection of communities maintained communication with the reimplementation of the repeater system for the ZPD's radios, as well as cleared and secured sections of the rail-lines and sub-way lines. By the end of the two weeks, Rabbits-Rage had happily joined the coalition that had come to call itself Zootopia 2. All the communities that made up Zootopia 2, embraced the original ethos of the city, where anyone could be anything, and all mammals were equal. Only, unlike the city before the fall, they sought to make it more than just a slogan, they worked very hard to actually live it.

The facility that had been used by the Brigade became the main training grounds for a budding Zootopia 2 security force. They accepted all mammals, empowered and not, and your ability to be part of the ZSF was based on your abilities and what you were good at, not species, or who and what you were before. The base was also where the council of communities of Zootopia 2 operated out of, being considered neutral territory.

Koslov was found with a lame leg from fighting off a savage polar bear in a community that was built within the walls of the Big compound. Mr. Big was still alive and leading a council of mostly former gangsters and criminals. However, despite their former lives, the community reflected the same ethos as the rest of Zootopia 2, and specifically an embracing of the credo of Judy to make the world a better place for all mammals. Their joining was all but a foregone conclusion, with a mammal able to heal others fixing Koslov's leg. The reunion of Fru Fru, , and Koslov was teary, and though he's not sure how, Nick ended up in the hug.


Nick was standing in the rail yard with David sitting on his shoulders looking down the line towards the direction of Bunnyburrow. Mike and Lizz walking up behind him, Mike chuckling. "So, Boss. When do you head out?"

Nick shrugged, causing David to bounce on his shoulders and giggle. "Not sure. It is going to be soon. We need to get a bunch of repeaters to take with us. That way we can stay in contact with Z2 and can allow contact with any communities we make contact with."

Mike and Lizz shared a look and grinned. "So, tonight then?"

Nick laughed. "I have no intention of just bailing. I do have to take David, and that means vehicles, and others to help keep him safe."

Lizz nodded. "Good. Then you should come with us. The rest of us are all packed up and ready. Plus there is something you need to hear."

Turning and following Lizz and Mike. "Oh, and what is that? You obviously know that David and I are already basically packed."

Mike nodded. "Yes, everyone knew that days ago. It was just a question of when you were going to take off."

"I promised that I wouldn't just bail, and I keep my promises."

Lizz grinned. "Good, then I look forward to you collecting on a promise you made a few years ago then.

They led a confused Nick into the communications room where he could hear conversation between the various communities of Zootopia 2. As they listened, he heard a voice come out of the speaker for the monitoring of channels not in use by Z2 communities or ZSF teams. He also recognized the voice, causing him to laugh and look back at a grinning Lizz and Mike. "Ursula? Oh, that's too good." Walking up to the radio operator he tapped the coyote on the shoulder. "I'll take it for a moment."

Sitting in the chair, Nick grinned. "This is going to be fun."

Mike nodded. "We told them not to say much other than they were getting someone in charge, that they were only supposed to ID new contacts by scanning through the frequencies. Technically true."

Chuckling, Nick listened. From the radio. "Unknown operator, please advise again. You said you were getting a supervisory mammal? Can you advise ETA of arrival?"

Keying the mic, a grin on his muzzle. "Well, that depends, Ursula. Are you ready to pay up?"

Dead silence almost echoed over the radio for several seconds before an audible gasp. "Nick? Wilde? Is that you?"

Nick's grin grew as he keyed the mic again. "It is, Major. I represent a collection of communities here in what was Zootopia. One of which was the one Judy set up called TreeTop. You wouldn't happen to have seen her, or better yet, she wouldn't happen to be there would she?"

A happy and clearly tearfully watery laugh replies. "She came through here a few weeks ago. Nick, did you know…"

"That she is pregnant? Yes. Found out a few weeks ago when I found TreeTop and that I'm a few weeks behind her."

"She was only here a day and headed for Bunnyborrow to check on her family. Said it was some sort of rally point for you two."

"It is, and it is where I am headed, if ever so slowly. Keep getting waylaid by issues requiring me to deal with them. We can go into more detail when I stop by on the way through."

Mike tapped Nick on the shoulder. "Wait one, Ursula."

Mike smiled. "Nick. Something you might want to know. We are authorized to take one of the aircraft along with a select delegation, which includes Lizz and I, Fin and Amy, and at least one representative from all the other communities. Once you are done here, the council wants to see you to go over your new mandate."

Nick laughed with a wide smile and uncontrollable wag of his tail as he keyed the mic again. "Seems I may be heading your way sooner than I expected. Keep this channel open. We'll designate it for you."

A new, deeper, and equally recognizable voice comes over the radio. "WildeHopps? Is that you?"

Nick, Lizz and Mike all look at the radio in shock. Nick hitting the mic. "Chief?"

"It's just Adrian now, but yeah. Your bunny went through where Patricia and I were. There were issues in that community and all but Benny, a short tiger, headed here to Hairysburg-ZPA. Benny went with her to look for his brother and sister-in-law."

Nick laughed over the radio. "You aren't talking about Benny McGreggor, are you?"

"Yep. That's him."

"That's fantastic. And did I catch that Patricia is with you?"

"She is. I just wish we know where Ben was and if he was okay. Judy said everyone knew."

"We did." Looking over his shoulder to Lizz and Mike and nodding towards the other radio operators. "I'm sure he's fine. You just have to have faith."

The tone of the chief was sad, but confident. "We do, but with the state of the world, while I'm sure he is okay, I can't help but worry."

Muting the mic, Nick laughed. "Make sure Ben is here before we leave. DO NOT tell him why he is coming other than maybe I requested him."

Lizz giggled. "Absolutely. No way we're not making sure they get reunited. It'll be nice to see them show some PDA without worrying about whether others can see."

Nick nodded. "Agreed. Make sure that the message gets out to others, especially McHorn, and Delgato, once Ben is secure and where he isn't going to hear." Keying the mic again. "Great. Well, I need to go. When we get there, we will be bringing some information on the coalition of communities we are building here along with an offer to join, as long as you are willing to support the same tenants as the rest of us."

A laugh from both Ursula and Adrian could be heard. "Nick. If it is based on something built by you and that rabbit, I'm sure we'll be happy to sign on."

"Great! We will see you soon. I'll leave you to another operator to get some details worked out. If the chicken and bug farms that were near the ZPA are still operational, or can be made so…"

Ursula responded. "They are. We will see you when you get here."

With that Nick handed things off to the original radio operator, as did Ursula on her end. Nick turned and watched as Lizz made sure the mammal communicating with Otterdamn got the request to have Ben come to the base. He then headed to the council chamber, followed by Lizz and Mike.