A young man in his early twenties sits inside of a machine of some sort. He had short brown hair, blue eyes, and a tired look on his face. He was wearing armor of some sort with a helmet right next to him. His face was dirty and been stained with fresh tears. "I guess...it's been a while since I've done this with everything going on lately." He takes a deep breath and wipes the tears from his face. "If anyone sees this and I am dead, I have a bunch of logs about my adventures, but I guess for this I'll just do a recap for those who don't have enough time to go through every log. My name is Orion, and this is my story so far."

Orions Log #2022:

I have been through a lot. First I awoke on an island that was filled with dinosaurs. As if that wasn't enough I found I had an implant of some kind in my arm and had to fight not only the dinosaurs, but also a giant ape like King Kong, a gigantic spider that gave me nightmares for weeks, a motherfucking DRAGON, and a machine thing above the island called the Overseer. Around this point I had met other Survivors all from varying backgrounds, even a few assassins, mercenaries, and soldiers that helped train me to fight both dinosaurs and humans. During my adventures I had learned a lot about survival and about what happened through notes I collected from some of the previous Island inhabitants. Namely Helena Walker, Sir Edmund Rockwell, Li Mei Yin, and Gaius Nerva. I had a lot to think about as I survived. Thankfully Helena was a biologist that left dossiers on every creature, so that made it not only easier for me to tame each creature, but also the uses and resources that they had for me. But as I had made it to the Overseer, I had a surprising and horrifying discovery that the Ark was in space. But when I defeated the Overseer, something happened to me that terrified me even more and made me regret slaying the machine.

Apparently I went through this process called Ascending, where a Survivor would go from one Ark to the next. And I ended up in a desert wasteland aptly named Scorched Earth. God that was a shock and a half. Not only was I completely unprepared for the desert heat, which is something I especially hated, but I also wasn't prepared for the new creatures in store for me. Such as the Rock Elemental, the Wyverns, which I managed to steal a couple eggs from and raised them from hatching, to giant mantises that terrified me even more when I saw them using swords as they lunged at me. The worst part of that experience was the other Survivors. Unlike the ones on the Island, they were cruel, thieving, murderous scum that had nearly killed me multiple times. One time even going so far as to drag me to what they call the Death Worms. And just like the Broodmother, I killed it and it gave me nightmares. But I also learned more about Edmund Rockwell and Helena Walker along with two others named Raia and Dahkeya, the latter sadly dying a long time ago and the former being a very old woman.

It was also at this time that I figured out that every Survivor on the Arks, was actually a genetic clone of somebody who was alive in the past, but we weren't normal human clones, no. We had been given the ability to actually evolve at a moments notice. We could get stronger, faster, could carry more, and so much more. Nerva being from Ancient Rome, Raia from Ancient Egypt, Mei Yin from Ancient China, Helena and I from the 21st century. Yeah, I had a MAJOR existential crisis when I figured it out. But after a bit of calming from my pets and support of some of the kinder locals, I got through and found Raia. She thankfully helped me defeat the Manticore that acted as the Guardian of the Desert and I promptly left the unforgiving wasteland, believing the next place would be nicer.

I was dead wrong.

Instead I was taken to a broken Ark called Aberration. And that place was the stuff of nightmares as it was even more difficult to survive with radiation, Element, monstrosities, and even Rockwell himself, who had been corrupted by Element and turned into a god damn monster. I honestly thought I was in Hell at first. But like with the Island and Scorched Earth, I survived. I also found Nerva's body. He may have been a conqueror, but I understood what he was trying to do and I felt bad for the way he died. Dying from the Sun burning you alive? Nobody should go out like that. So I took him back underground and buried him. But luckily for me, I found out about people from the future, Mei Yin, and Helena and they had found a way to go back to Earth. I gotta admit I was excited, no, ecstatic. But Rockwell blocked the way out, so I had to deal with him. Unfortunately for me and everyone else in the future, I didn't kill him. No I only wounded him. But I made my way back to Earth.

But when I got there, I was heartbroken. Earth was destroyed in a war and an outbreak of corrupted Element. It was infecting everything, turning them into beings belonging to a hive mind, making them into monsters that couldn't be saved. So I had to kill every one I saw. But it wasn't just infecting the creatures, it was also infecting people. Those who had been surviving all that they could died out or got corrupted and I had to put them down. It was all just...a lot. Then there were the Titans. Large beasts that put the largest things I have fought to shame. Large as a tall building and even stronger than any weapon I had ever made. Thankfully a guy named Santiago previously made schematics for what he called Meks and I was able to defeat and befriend the Titans. But then I got to the source of the Corruption. The Alpha King Titan. It was bigger than all of the others and a whole lot stronger too. It was like fighting an evil Godzilla. But again thankfully Santiago and the other Survivors managed to create designs for what is called the Mega Mek. I made it and put that Titan down.

I did what nobody else could have. I saved Earth and I managed to bring all the Arks back down to Earth to start purging the world of Element. I'm going to be honest, I cried when I did it because I was just one man. I got to finally meet Helena Walker and I managed to thank her for the dossiers she made. She told me however that my journey wasn't over yet and created someone to go along with me and to guide me. That someone was HLN-A, possibly one of the only ones I have ever gotten close to during my time surviving. And with that Helena sent me and HLN-A to what is called the Genesis Simulation on the Genesis Colony ship that left Earth as it was being corrupted. There I had met other survivors and did what I could to survive again while learning ways to fight like martial arts and proper weapon training, but this time with HLN-A by my side. But the good times didn't last too long. Over the next few months, people were dying and not respawning like they were supposed to. Instead they seemed to die for real and glitches were appearing all over the place that only HLN-A could really fix from inside the simulation. And then he happened. Rockwell not only survived our battle, but he had gotten on the Genesis ship and was infecting everyone that would die and try to turn them into his army. And he was taunting me every time he would hack into HLN-A. It wasn't until I was one of the last Survivors left that I was actually able to get to him to stop him. I defeated him inside the Simulation and managed to get out of it.

When I did, HLN-A appeared and got me a set of Tek Federation Armor that would let me survive the environments on the ship and give me a better chance to take on Rockwell, who was not only still infecting people, but was also making himself part of the ship. I was the only one that managed to get out and I was the only human alive on the ship because Rockwell had killed all of the crew members long before I arrived. The other Survivors, or colonists I should say, we're completely fine as they were outside of the ships rings where Rockwell couldn't reach. It was my biggest challenge yet as I had to not only survive possibly the largest thing I've ever had to explore, but also having to deal with the creatures that Rockwell had made. It was difficult trying to keep Rockwell from making any more of the ship part of himself, but HLN-A helped me out and encouraged me to keep going.

She told me I was humanity's savior, that every hardship I had ever been through had led me to this confrontation with Rockwell. That I could actually do it and give humanity a second chance, that I was the bravest Survivor she had ever seen. And I did it. I challenged Rockwell and defeated him for the final time. But it came at a cost. Rockwell was too deep in the ship's systems and that defeating him would end up destroying the ship. I knew what was gonna happen. And I didn't want it to. HLN-A had to stay behind and make sure the ship would go down while the clean ring was ejected to a nearby planet. I watched as the ship exploded, killing both my best friend HLN-A and my greatest foe and rival, Sir Edmund Rockwell, who managed to break free from his corruption at the end. And now here I am, sitting inside an Exo-Mech, watching Colonist Ships ejecting from the Ring and heading down to the planet. While I am automatically docking at the ring. Even after all I've been through, I don't even get a chance to meet any of these colonists and I'm alone once again. I don't know what's gonna happen to me when I get back on the Ring, but I do know this. HLN-A believed in me, and I am a Survivor.

Log End.

Orion sighed as he finished speaking and as the Exo-Mech finally landed on the Ring right next to the terminal that he had used with HLN-A to deal with Rockwell's attempts at sabotage on the Genesis ship. But now it was just a reminder and a way to check the Ring's systems. He climbed out of the Mech and made the journey to his base. It wasn't too long of a walk, only about fifteen minutes, but it felt longer without his companion by his side. Upon reaching the base he saw some of the creatures that he had tamed over the last few years. The base itself was made of Tek, the strongest metal ever made and it definitely helped him fend off creatures that would try and attack him, if they ever managed to get past the turrets at the top of his base.

The first he had seen was his Gigantosaurus, the beast queen Jewel. She was there from the very beginning with him at the Island. From battling against her with the two of them pretty much being rivals on the Island aside from the hostile Survivors, but he had eventually overpowered her and tamed her. Thankfully she had been transmitted with a Tek Transmitter so he was able to take her with him. The Giga walked over to her master and lowered her head for him to hug as she had noticed that HLN-A was not with him. "I'm fine." Orion said as he patted her head.

Next was Xena, the Reaper Queen that had been implanted in him by another Reaper Queen. After she burst out of his chest he had managed to tame her as he healed. Though he was still kinda scared of the Reapers even though he had one as a pet. Xena was tough and never backed down from a fight. Even when she was badly wounded, she wouldn't stop until her prey was dead and eaten. Orion walked over to Xena and gave her a piece of Prime Meat that she gladly ate up as he walked inside of his base.

Inside was all the stuff he needed to survive from places to cook, to places to smelt, to places to craft. He even had a few rooms dedicated to storage, weapons and armor, food, and his personal room in the middle where all the heads of the foes he faced were mounted on his wall. He walked up the staircase to see his Cold Storage where most of his tames were in cryo-pods because he didn't want to make his base any bigger than it had to be. At the end of his room was his Tek Sleeping pod. He took off his Federation Tek Armor and put it on a loadout mannequin before climbing in his pod and laying in it to sleep.

Orion was having a nightmare. It was the same nightmare he would always have. One where he was dying and no one would be there to help him, but this one was different, instead of dying to a creature he was dying by Rockwell's hand. He would look up and see the face of Rockwell staring at him and laughing."As I said Orion, I cannot be defeated by the likes of you. You should have surrendered and joined me when you had the chance." The man stated, his accent slightly distorted by his mutated form, as one of his tentacles grabs Orion and wraps itself around him as he is brought face to face with the man that has become his worst enemy."I will admit, you had great potential. You could have been a great asset for my dominance across the universe. But no, you had to defy me. And what was it all for? To claim the power that I have gained? To end me? To bring back some form of humanity deep within me and make me atone for my actions!? You were the one to go against me and look where that got you!" He yelled using a tentacle to lift a destroyed HLN-A. "You got the witless poppet killed because of YOUR defiance! A pity, I was growing a little fond of her, even if she was a shadow of Helena." He said tossing the destroyed AI aside.

Rockwell proceeded to impale Orion with a second tentacle and throw him to the ground. The Genesis ship stopped and Rockwell turned his head to see the planet that they had arrived at. "Well look at this. The starting point of my dominion." He then turned to face Orion, who was bleeding out on the ground and grinned evilly."Well I had fun battling you, even if you were a thorn in my side. But I have to get started on spreading my will across the cosmos, and sadly I must do it without you." He raises one tentacle up. "I'll be sure to not forget you and tell everyone about how you defied me and failed. Huh, I guess you did help me after all. You proved how it is fruitless to go against the great Edmund Rockwell. Goodbye Orion." Rockwell launches the tentacle directly at Orion's face as he screamed in fear.

Orion screamed at the top of his lungs as he tried to sit himself up, only to hit himself on the door of his sleeping pod. "Ow." He winced as he opened up the pod and grabbed his head in pain and sat up. He was breathing heavily and sweating hard with his hands shaking. He took a deep breath in an effort to calm down and walked over to a nearby window and opened it up. And he was glad he did as he saw something that terrified him. The Ring was away from the planet that the Colonists landed on. But that's not what scared him. It's where the Ring was going. It was headed straight to a black hole. "NO!" He yelled in a mix of fear and anger. He looked and saw every creature on the Ring was panicking and trying to make for shelter. Jewel and Xena looked towards Orion with fear evident in their eyes. His fear matched theirs as he felt the Ring being pulled into the black hole. As it happened memories of his life flashed. From the moment he first awoke on the island, to ending up in the desert of the Scorched Earth, to the horrors of Aberration, to heading to the actual Earth, to him meeting HLN-A and defeating Rockwell. All of his time surviving was pointless! He was going to die and he couldn't do anything to stop it!

There was only one thing he could do, and that was to close his eyes and wait for the embrace of Death to finally happen. A few minutes later, the Ring entered the black hole and was gone from the universe.

Orion groaned as he grabbed his head. Wait...he was alive!? He stood up and looked around his room. Everything was fine. But panic once again filled him as he ran over to the window. Xena and Jewel were completely fine, at least that's what he could tell by the slow breathing of the two asleep creatures. He looked around and up the Ring to see everything was completely normal. "Am I dead?" He asked himself walking over to the Loadout Mannequin and equipping his Tek Armor. He grabbed his many weapons just in case and walked outside. Everything seemed to be normal. And then he saw it. He saw Earth! But something was different..there was green all over the planet like how it was before Earth got destroyed by Element and something just felt very off to him. As if it wasn't his Earth. He needed to investigate. He used his armor's super speed to get to the terminal where he could use the Ring's probes to scan the planet.

And what he saw made him do a double take as he saw the impossible. His probes scanned the planet and he had gotten a lot of information on this world and it confirmed his suspicions. It wasn't his Earth because 1. It was alive and well. 2. It seemed to be early 21st century. And 3. There were superheroes. He couldn't believe his eyes as he saw this. He got names of these superheroes and even a few of the people that they fought, and he wanted to know more about them. Do he downloaded a map into his armor. "Superman and Batman huh?" He asked himself as he walked inside to get a cryo-pod. He tossed it out and his Voidwyrm, though he personally would've called it a Tek Wyvern because that's pretty much what it was, Solace appeared. He looked at his master as he climbed on the machine. "Come on Solace, let's go see what's down there."

With that, the Voidwyrm flew up and out of the Ring. Going faster than ever before and slowing down as they entered the Earth's atmosphere. Eventually the two entered in a city named Metropolis and landed on a building where they weren't seen. Orion didn't want anything to happen to Solace and he didn't want to be noticed so quickly so he put the Voidwyrm back into its Cryo-Pod. He decided to leave the armor on as it seemed to be pretty fine since there was an alien and a guy dressed like a bat running around. He looked around until he saw a man that can only be described as built like a goddamn tank in a mask with tubes attached to his arms and a metal man with a green rock of some sorts in his chest beating the ever living crap of what Orion assumed to be a teenage girl in a cape with long blonde hair and a skirt. He also noticed what seemed to be police cars turned over and destroyed with officers wounded. He pulled up the information of the three and found that he was looking at the villains Bane and Metallo and the girl is Supergirl, apparently Superman's cousin. "Damn she's getting wrecked. I'd better go help her." He said to himself as he pulled out his Tek Bow and selected Metal Arrow. He took aim at Bane and fired an arrow at his leg, causing the large man to yell out in pain and drop the teen. Metallo looked over at the source of the shot and looked directly at Orion.

"Well now this is getting interesting." Metallo stated as Bane also looked at the armored man. Bane started to stand up as he felt his leg burning as Orion jumped down.

"You are going to pay for that." Bane threatened. "I'm going to break you."

"I'd like to see you try." Orion shot back as he put his bow away.

"Cover me." Bane said to Metallo as he started charging straight at Orion as if he was a large truck. Metallo sighed but started firing Kryptonite beams at the new arrival. Orion saw the attacks coming and he couldn't really dodge both attacks at once, so he stood his ground as he prepared his gauntlets for a Super Punch for Bane, his right arm glowing blue as the Gauntlet charged the punch. Once the large man finally reached Orion, he threw a punch towards the body of the man and sent him flying through the air and straight into a building, creating a large hole in it.

"Impressive strength." Metallo complimented. "Perhaps when I'm through with you I can take your technology. Superman will have no idea what hit him."

"Sorry, but I'm not interested in sharing." Orion stated as he started charging at the cyborg. "Especially with freaks like you!" He charged the Gauntlet again and delivered a punch straight to Metallo's chest to knock him back into a wall. Metallo looked at his body to see that the punch had dented his chest and the cover for his Kryptonite power source was cracked open making him put a hand over it.

"You little worm!" He yelled before firing a Kryptonite blast straight at the downed Supergirl. Seeing this, Orion quickly jumped right in front of the beam and blocked it from reaching her. He grunted as the beam hit his Tek Armor. "So you're like the others. Willing to save an innocent life." Metallo taunted.

"Not really." Orion replied. "I just don't think killing a kid like that is a good idea." He says as he continues to take the Kryptonite blast. 'Need to think about this. My punches on him are effective but I can't really get any close, I can't use my suits leggings for speed because of the force of this thing and because he'd just fire it at another target, and I can't pull out any of my weapons without them getting knocked away.' Then an idea popped in his head. Maybe he couldn't attack Metallo, but he had a certain beast who can. He pulled out Solace's Cryo-Pod and threw it to the side.

Metallo noticed this. "What's that?" He asked continuing with the blast.

"Just a friend who's gonna join us." Orion said smugly as Solace appeared out of the Cryo-Pod. Solace looked towards his master and saw him standing between a metal man and a girl. "Solace, sic em!" Orion ordered the Voidwyrm. Solace looked straight at Metallo and let out a roar as Metallo stopped the blast and started to back away from the beast in fear.

"W-what is that thing!?" The cyborg exclaimed as Solace started charging up its beam. He didn't know why, maybe it was the shock of seeing something this large appear out of nowhere, maybe it was the fact that this man had already dented the cover for his power source, but he was afraid of seeing this beast before him.

"That's my pet." Orion said as he grinned under his helmet. Solace released a blast of electricity straight at the cyborg and he yelled out in pain. The attack completely frying him and his systems as he fell to the ground before Orion whistled to stop the attack, which the Voidwyrm did. He walked over to Metallo and stood over the enemy of Superman. "Now, I'd like to see that power source of yours." He reached for the chest and pried it open revealing the Kryptonite in it. "Now this is something." He went to grab it only for Metallo to grab his wrist.

"Please no! I'll die without it!" Metallo pleaded.

"So?" Orion asked in a not really caring tone. "You we're trying to kill people."

"Only because we were paid to! We were trying to get Superman's attention so we could take him down!"

"Yeah well I guess you're not going to get that chance." Orion said coldly as reached for the Kryptonite and was about to yank it out when he heard a voice.

"Stop!" A man called out making Orion look towards the source. He was a tall man who wore a blue outfit with a red cape and had an 'S' on his chest, it was Clark Kent, though he was known by everyone as Superman. "Please don't kill him." He pleaded.

"You're Superman right? Why shouldn't I? According to my files on him he has attempted to kill you numerous times." Orion snapped his attention back to Metallo.

"Because killing people for their crimes is not the answer." Superman said. "Let him face justice."

"And what about Bane?" Orion asked.

"Bane?" Superman asked in confusion only to hear a roar of fury as Bane came out from the building he was knocked into earlier. His eyes were green and his muscles were even bigger as the tubes were filled with a green liquid. Bane looked at the man who knocked him down and pointed at him.

"Now I break you!" He yelled charging straight for Orion. Superman was about to intercept when he saw the man before him pull out a large advanced looking rifle of some kind and fire straight into the uninjured leg of the large man. The rifle fired a blue energy Superman had never seen before and tore right through Bane's kneecap, making him fall down and yell in agony as his bone was heard shattering by Superman, which caused him to wince. Orion then charged at Bane and grabbed the tubes of the green liquid and yanked them out of Bane to get rid of the Venom he was using, causing the man to shrink and go back to normal.

"What was that you were saying about breaking me?" Orion rhetorically asked. Bane attempted to throw a punch at him only for Orion to grab his fist and slowly lower it down. Superman watched in shock as even without Venom, Bane isn't one to be easily held back by a normal person. "I think I've had enough of you." Orion stated as he threw one final punch to Bane's face to knock him unconscious. Orion turned and looked at Superman. "Happy?" He asked.

"It was better than killing him." Superman said crossing his arms with a smile. "Though I do think using that weapon was a bit overkill."

"I wanted to send a message." Orion stated calmly before going to a slightly more normal tone. "Anyway I do want to say sorry about my attitude. It's been a very stressful few weeks and I just lost someone close to me not too long ago and I just wanted to let out some steam."

Superman looked at the man before him deep in thought. 'So he's grieving. Well I can understand the attitude when someone lost someone close to them, but at least he's being courteous and apologizing.' Clark thought to himself before he smiled. "It's alright. I understand the stress of losing somebody. But that doesn't explain why you were about to kill John."

"Oh." Orion said. "Well three reasons. One I figured I'd be doing you a favor. Two, he was about to kill your cousin. And three, let's just say where I'm from, people like him and Bane are killed without mercy."

'Where did this guy come from?' Clark thought to himself. "Well it sounds like you come from a terrible place."

Then Superman was surprised by what Orion was about to say next. "Oh you have NO idea!" He says chuckling out of the stress he had. "It's all one big never ending nightmare."

The two then heard groaning nearby as Supergirl was waking up. "Huh? What happened?" Kara asked as she grabbed her head. She opened up her eyes to see what looked like a mechanical dragon of some kind looking straight at her, causing her to jump back in surprise and maybe fear. Solace had been watching over her as the battle ended. "What is that thing!?" She exclaimed.

"Easy." Orion said getting her attention. "Don't worry he's friendly, just don't attack him or me and you'll be fine."

"What is he?" Kara asked as she looked over the creature before her. She slowly put a hand on its face and felt the cold metal and vibrations as it cooed at her touch.

"That's Solace. He's a Voidwyrm." Orion stated as he walked over to the two with Superman watching on in awe as he looked at the creature. "He's a bio mechanical creature."

"Bio...mechanical?" Kara asked in awe as she continued to pet Solace, who was enjoying the treatment he got from the Kryptonian. "So he's organic and inorganic?"

"Yep. He's something special." Orion said with a smile before he looked over at Supergirl. "By the way are you alright? You took quite a beating. If I didn't intervene you'd probably be dead."

Kara looked at the man and nodded with a smile. "Yeah I'm fine. Though my head is killing me." She then got a look of realization. "I never got your name and I can't really thank you properly." Superman looked at the two and had gotten that look of realization as well. Orion thought about it. He had just met these people and he didn't really know about them aside from the fact that they seem to be superheroes. But he didn't know if he was going to be staying in this new world long. But he needs something for them to call him.

'Why not have them call me what I am?' He thought to himself. "For now, just call me Survivor." The looks on their faces as he said that said their confusion.

"Survivor?" Superman asked. "Why that?"

"Because I only just met you guys and I don't know if I'll be staying here long, so I don't feel ready to tell you my name yet. So why not have you call me what I am?" Orion said getting them to nod slightly in understanding.

"You're a survivor? Of what exactly?" Kara asked with curiosity and intrigue. If that pet of this new guy is anything to go by, he must have been through something. Clark had the exact same thoughts, and with what this man had said earlier about a stressful few weeks and losing someone, it only made more sense to call him Survivor.

"You don't want to know." Orion said as he walked over to Solace and climbed up. "But anyway, it's been fun getting to know you both, but I need to deal with some things. Gotta make sure my pets are alright and well fed."

"O-okay." Kara said as Solace backed up from her and Superman.

"See ya!" And with that Solace took flight with his master on his back. Clark and Kara looked at him as he flew away.

"That was interesting." Kara said with a smile.

"Yeah I think so too." Clark replied.

"So who do you think that guy was?"

"I'm not sure, I think I'll leave that to Batman." He said going towards the two foes on the ground. "Speaking of which, I'm gonna have a talk with him about his villains in my city. He gets upset when one of mine are in his and I have every right to be just as upset." He sighed. 'Metallo and Bane. That's definitely a combo I don't need to deal with.' He thought to himself.

Kara smiled again as she looked up at the sky. "Although I did like that creature of his. I think it liked me."

Clark smiled as he went to hand over Bane and Metallo to the authorities as more police cars and some news reporters arrived.

And that is IT! Dear GOD this chapter is long! Probably the largest chapter I've ever actually written! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this first chapter of Justice League: Survival Evolved. The idea came from a question given to me by a friend of mine. That question being, "you have to write a fanfic of the last video game you played and the last show you watched. How good or bad does it go?" I got Ark: Survival Evolved and Justice League, and I gotta be honest, the more I had thought about this idea, the more I loved it. Because what is better than a genetically made and superior clone living among dinosaurs and creatures while just surviving and dealing with a corrupted and mutated man with a god complex, ending up in a world of superheroes? Anyway this has been fun to write and I'll see you all in the next chapter. See ya!