Most of our money went to Safe Houses. According to dad, you can never have too many. I disabled the alarms and walked the safe path across the claymore laden entrance. Ignoring the obvious stash of money and checking that the booby traps were undisturbed, I pried apart the drywall. Taking the gun case over the couch, I inspected the piece that would be part of an offering I didn't want to make.

She was gorgeous, expensive and eye-catching. Not unknown to hardship, as the scratched on her frame spoke of experience. Her form was framed in gold with curves in all the right places.

Mini Shiriou the White showed me a picture of Fiia and then giggled. I blinked and it dawned on me.
Well, I 'll be damned if dad doesn't know how to pick gifts.
I took a gun kit and started to service the weapon. Field stripping the wood stock, I started to use a long brush to clean the inside of the barrel.
Mini Shiriu the Pervert was far too amused for my linking.

The phone ringed and I put it on speaker, this gun needed to be in tip-top shape and I needed both hands for that.
-"Glad to know you are awake. How are you feeling?"

Rin's voice betrayed irritation.
-"What is this talk about expanding the family? I wasn't aware we were going to start choosing names anytime soon."

I scratched my nose with my dirty fingers, trying to think how to sell this. Mom's words echoed in my noggin'.
A lady loves when her better half actually listens.
-"Taking a page from your lessons in the importance of Politics."

That silenced her for a while, giving me enough time to think. Rin replied with amusement.
-"A marriage alliance with our unborn children? How sly of you."


-"Don't you dare to suggest selling one of my babies if you don't want to experience a Castrating Curse."

Maybe my childhood was messed up, but it filled me with pride to know that my wife held the well-being of our unborn children in such high regard.
-"I love it when you start with death threats."
Snapping the trigger in place, I started laying out my plan.
"Egypt. Poligamy. Fiia."
The line went dead and I feared that my wardrobe would be nothing but ashes on my return. Looking around, there was a change of clothes, a bit short for my current frame but needs must.
"Rin, rin...are you ok?"

Her cackling deafened me, the witchy laugh unsettling my nerves.
-"Why you?! How positively Magus of you!"
I let her blow it outta her system, since interrupting her would be for nought.
"I haven't laughed that much since Saku tried to smoke one of dad's cigars."

-"Oh, did she now? C'mere, share that juicy gossip."

-"Later, my dear brute. Now, let's focus on your ploy to stir turmoil into the upper echelons of proper society."

I finished my work on the gun and started looking for a fitting case, something in blue would be ideal.
-"Dad's idea actually."
Laying down the weapon onto rolled velvet, I uncorked the gunpowder horn and started to clean it too.
"I was against the idea of mixing houses and fires, but the old man talked me into it."

A huff came over the line.
-"Now now, no need to lie. Every man in your situation would leap at the opportunity of having access to both our lineages. Mixing even magical crests, being able to cross refe...-"
She coughed.
"... Everyone except you, my dear brute. I am still miffed about a certain assassination attempt, but I can see the potential gain."

I whispered cuz I couldn't trust my own voice.
-"You aren't mad?"

-"Shiriou, I am well aware of the nature of the Moonlit world. Equivalent exchange, everything has a price."

I paused, holding the fresh batch of gunpowder in my hands.
-"What do you want? Name it and it's yours."

Her voice affected her Prim and Proper persona.
-"As the Second Owner of the Land, it befits my station as a noble to state my claim for Jus Primae Noctis."