Frog Dead Redemption 2

Chapter 5

Arthur ran into a nearby cave and was suddenly grabbed by a bitch. She knocked him out and held him for ransom (worth 20 absolut vodka bottles and 15 terabytes of jar jar binks smut fanfics) Luckily, Arthur already had 2000000 terabytes worth of jar jar binks smut fanfics in his satchel, and he had more than enough vodka. He tossed the vodka at the bitch and r360 no scoped the lock on the cage he was in. Then he ran back to camp and said "Hey guys, there was a whore in that cave over there, tried to kidnap me, she did. Stupid bitch got crushed by me lol, idiot!" he said, running into his room to write in his journal. Suddenly, some O'Pisscolls came in and tried to murder him, but Arthur managed to pull out his flame thrower and murder the cocks. When he walked outside, his wet footsteps sounded like sound effects from a porn film.