Title: cotton candy and other treats

A/N: For the Lover's Encounter zine! I got to write Yukari and F!MC and wanted to give them a fun, fluffy festival date.

Summary: Yukari had planned out their date to the last detail, but she should have remembered that Minako threw everything off the rails. Especially when there was food involved.

There were many ways Yukari expected to spend the summer festival, but having her face pressed into an admittedly soft giant teddy bear was not one of them. While it was absolutely sweet that her girlfriend had won it for her (Yukari was the first to admit that she enjoyed being pampered), it would have been nice if she'd won something small and manageable. Or maybe won this at the end of the festival, when they were about to go home. Or hell, if there was a locker here that was big enough to take the bear that was approximately her size.

At least it was comfy. Whenever she sank her head into its fur, she just wanted to close her eyes and sleep. This bear was going to replace her pillow.

Peeking around it, Yukari scanned around for Minako. Auburn hair, a morning-glory patterned kimono, a red ribbon around her neck—it was never too hard to find her. She squinted as throngs of families passed by, as lovers held hands and lazily wandered. Not a single one was her girlfriend. That said, the crowds looked smaller than they had before—was the firework show starting already?

Feeling panicked, Yukari shifted the bear to one hip, wrapping her entire arm around it as she tried to fetch her phone from her bag. Try being the key word; there was only so much she could do with one hand.

"What're you looking for?"

"My phone, could you—" Yukari trailed off as she looked up and realized who she was talking to. Minako stood in front of her, a guileless smile on her face as she took a bite out of her newly acquired cotton candy. Of course she had disappeared to find food. If there was ever a constant in life, it was Minako and her appetite. "Tell me next time you're leaving! I can't see around this thing!"

"Sorry, the line was gone and I wanted to buy this before it came back." Minako held out her cotton candy, smiling sweetly. "Wanna bite?"

A bribe. Yukari had spent enough time with her to know exactly what she was after. Leaning forward, she took two big bites, the sugary treat melting on her tongue. "Don't think you're off the hook yet. What's the time?"

The way Minako laughed indicated she hadn't learned her lesson at all. Pulling out her phone, she chirped, "9:30."

"9:30?" Yukari paled, looking up at the sky. Despite the bright lights strung across the festival, she could just make out the dark sky. Keyword: dark. Sighing with relief, she turned back to her girlfriend. "We need to get to the field."

"What?" Minako cocked her head, perplexed. "Why're we going all the way out there? There's nothing there."

"For the fireworks. They start now but if we're lucky, they'll be delayed until we get there." Yukari explained, grasping Minako's hand with her free one. The bear was starting to feel heavy, after balancing it so long on one arm, but she had to put up with it a little longer. When they got to the field, she could spread out her blanket and—

And she'd forgotten the blanket. The ground was far too dirty to set down the prize. She'd just have to hold it till they got home then.

"There's fireworks too?" Excited, Minako started to lead the way, gripping Yukari's hand tightly as she weaved her way through the crowd. "That's so—"

An explosion went off above them and Yukari froze. Reluctantly, she looked up just in time to catch the glittery end of a firework before it disappeared. Shortly after, another one shot up and replaced it. "They started."

"Yeah." Minako looked up too and frowned. "This isn't a great view. There's too many wires and lights."

"That's why I wanted to get to the field." Yukari buried her face into the bear, resisting the urge to scream. For all of her planning, nothing was going according to schedule. Maybe she should have realized that earlier; Minako had always been a bit of a free spirit, all their dates went off the rails at some point.

"Yukari," Minako cooed, stroking her hand. "It's okay."

"It isn't," she mumbled, keeping her face pressed into the soft fur. This was childish sulking, she knew that. After all they faced, this was nothing. But this was their first night off in so long and she'd wanted it to be perfect.

"Look at me," Minako tried again. "Come on, please?"

"What is it?" Yukari asked, turning her head slightly to face her. The second she did, something hard plopped into her mouth, her teeth crunching on it reflexively before she could spit it out. Swallowing the crispy treat, she glared at her girlfriend. "What was that for?"

She grinned holding up a stick of peanut brittle. "Thought it might cheer you up." Leaning close, she kissed Yukari lightly. "Did you like it?"

Now Yukari wanted to bury her face in her bear for an entirely different reason. Her neck burned as she flushed and nodded. "W-warn me next time, okay?"

"Okay." Minako grabbed her free hand again, intertwining their fingers. She bumped shoulders before pointing at the nearby stalls. "We haven't tried that area yet, and there's still time before we have to go."

Her eyes followed Minako's finger to the new area in question, immediately spotting two foods stalls. One sold yakitori and the other sold takoyaki. Even from here, her mouth watered from the smells. She gave Minako a dry look. "You just want food."

"Guilty as charged." Minako stuck out her tongue playfully. "I'd win you another bear but I don't think you can hold it."

Yukari laughed despite herself. It was impossible to stay sad around Minako. "No, I definitely can't."

"There's that smile." Minako grinned, leaning closer. She started to lead them toward the stalls. "Come on, let's go. I'll feed you, okay?"

"You better," Yukari retorted, smiling. Above them, the fireworks continued to explode but she couldn't care less. There was always next year, after all.