A/N: It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't written fanfiction in a LONG time. I deleted most of my work too, except things I'm decently proud of and/or want to turn into original content sometime. For those unaware, I wrote "Love is Strange". A super cringy and terribly written fanfiction when I was 14 years old. Yikes. But in celebration of Life is Strange: True Colors and the remastered version coming out, I thought I would make a new story to satisfy the hype. I'm excited to see Nathan, Warren, Max, Chloe, Kate, and the others again... in hopefully better graphics and animation. What's been going on since that fanfic I wrote all those years ago? Well, I didn't leave the fandom at all. I lurked, reading fanfictions and theory's. I've switched to AO3 for most of my reading, but still read on fanfiction the site. I've played Captain Spirit and LIS 2 and loved them both. I joined a discord community and now I'm a moderator! Check out Diaz Lobos on discord. I'm normally the one crying over Nathan Prescott, as usual.

Speaking of Nathan, I'm sure you're wondering what this fic will be about. I have some ideas and decided to merge them together. Let's just say this fanfic will be decently long (hopefully) and split into two parts/books within one. Think of actual novels that are separated with a page that's just labeled "part one" and "part two", as if it's a play with different acts. The story will be about Nathan and Warren, enemies to lovers slow-burn. If you're not into that... whoops. This is awkward now.

I don't want to give away a lot. I wrote most of this with my amazing friend and roleplay partner, Kim, and combined what we wrote, some ideas, and some ideas another friend gave me for this story. It's also an AU where the storm didn't happen and Max doesn't have her powers/doesn't tell anyone but Chloe. Either way, they're not important to this.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! I will also list some trigger warnings below. Keep in mind, the rating may change in the future due to violence or even romance. Ah hah ha... that's gonna be hard to write by myself. Also this chapter is short because it's just a little prologue/opener.

TW WARNINGS: Strong language, violence, drug/alcohol abuse, mentions and symptoms of mental health (depression, anxiety, ptsd, schizophrenia, bipolar), eating disorders, suicidal attempts, death, and possible sexual themes in the future.

Part One


Their hands grabbed me as I struggled to break free. Break free from not only their grip, but the weight of my life. I wanted to run and never look back. I wanted to have a clean slate and a better life. But the handcuffs on my wrists say different things. I hated when people touched me without my permission. I hated when people threw me around, as if I was some rag doll. I'm a person. I'm a human being with actual feelings. I was manipulated to do shit I half knew what I was doing. I never wanted to hurt the people I promised to protect.

I wanted to protect them against him but I couldn't. Instead, I made them run right into their arms like scared children.

I'm a monster. I can tell by how they viewed me. My glassy blue eyes looked up at the crowd, begging silently for help, only to be met with glares of disgust. Nobody wanted to help me. Nobody was there for me anymore. Not my father, my best friend, the girl with the stupid camera, or the boy with the brown hair. I was alone. An officer, who was gripping my arm tightly, roughly shoved me inside a car. My forehead slid across the top of the car, creating an ache of pain which grew over time. My jeans slid across my knees, making them burn with fire. I slid them close against my body before rolling over, properly sitting in the seat that'll take me away from this shit hole.

I kept my gaze down as the same officer slammed the car door, causing me to jump. I hated loud noises too. It reminded me of the screaming, throwing, and thrashing of the past six years of my life. My father used to pressure me to do the best when I was a child. Once I became a teenager, he began to get violent. He would scream and hit me until I was begging for him to stop; which he rarely did. It reminded me of how the young girl with the feather screamed for help as I watched bruises form on her tied up body.

The same body that I had to help bury.

The gentle touch of my fingertips together reminded me of him. How he would run his fingers through my hair, up and down my back, being proud of my accomplishments. Moments later, I would run away to get rid of his touch. I couldn't stand being around him; knowing what we both had done to innocent people. Everything I did reminded me of something. A gentle breeze would remind me of the blue feather in the wind. A camera shutter would remind me of him sitting in class; teaching a handful of students. The tightening of a suit tie would remind me of my fathers firm grasp around my neck.

I couldn't escape this hell.

I slowly raised my head and looked around me. Some of my fellow classmates were taking photographs and videos of me on their phones. It's what I deserve. A few people move along, quickly becoming disinterested in the situation. I blink rapidly, the tears falling from my iced orbs, as I meet another pair. His own eyes were a dark shade of brown but expressed so much emotion. He stood still, against the front doors of the main building, locking eyes with me. Even through my bad eyesight, I could see tears crawl past the dam wall in his eyes, causing the river to overflow and paralyze him from sadness, confusion, and anger.

What have I done?